Terri; Nailed In Burgundy Polish

Mom and I were having another one of our discussions, this one was getting a little more intense than previous dialogues. Our parents had five children, me being the youngest. Unfortunately for me all of my siblings are female ranging from one year older to four years older. If Dad had been around I maybe would have had a fighting chance. Dad was one of the unlucky ones, killed when he stepped on a mine in Iraq. He and seven of his unit lost their lives or were wounded badly that day.

My Mom was devastated, the loss of her husband, with five children to raise. Her sister came to help for a while, during the funeral and the month after helping to sort through the insurance, getting titles changed and a new will put together. My sisters and I were also lost, although we saw more of Mom than we did Dad, he was there for us when we needed it, at our achievements and our disappointments.

I felt like I had lost my only connection to masculinity. My sisters and Mom are females of the girly girl kind. No tomboys here, dresses and miniskirts are the norm, makeup all the time and hairdos sporting curls and ribbons were there favorites. To say I was living in an estrogen environment, would be quite an understatement.

The insurance policy was a hefty one, but it did take almost three months before they paid off. All of the children were young adults, or approaching adult hood. I was the youngest at eighteen, then Beth at age nineteen, Cheri at age twenty, Sue at age twenty-one and finally Nancy at age twenty-two. You can see a trend her, Mom was definitely busy for those five years.

Fast forward a few years from my dad’s death, Mom had her business and it was doing well. Mom had spent the insurance money on the nail salon when Dad died, hoping to have something for later in life and to be able to help us through college if we needed it. Before they married she was a cosmetologist, so she was well qualified to run the business. It did well right from the start, giving her a steady income for expenses and things for us.

All of my sisters had helped Mom in her business for spending money during the summer and after school the rest of the year. Beth decided to join her in the business after high school. Nancy, always the studious one, had earned a four year scholarship for college and was approaching her junior year. Sue was going for her doctorate in Sociology and Cheri was already working, her upstart internet business taking off right from the start.

I had just graduated high school, full of hope, wanting to earn some money for a car. Even before graduation I had filled out countless employment applications all over town, at every spot I could think of to apply. So far nothing, not even an invitation for an interview. I was getting desperate, all of my sisters had earned money working in Mom’s nail salon during the summer, maybe a possibility for me.

When they had found a car and had half of the purchase price Mom would match it and buy the car for them. But I couldn’t even get a foot in the door for a job. I didn’t want to work in a nail salon, much too girly for me, but that seems like the last chance for me. If I can’t find employment elsewhere the nail salon would be my only chance. Maybe I could sweep the place or stock the shelves, anything to make that first step toward my dream car.

If I had saved some of my allowance during the years, like my sisters had, I would been closer to my dream. There were too many temptations that I couldn’t pass up, hence the discussion with Mom again about how I could get a car. I was desperate, willing to do almost anything to achieve my goal. I whined about not being able to get a job, about how she had employed my sisters, but would not do so for me. This was a frequent discussion between us, in fact it happened so often my sisters would leave the house when I started the whining, not wanting to listen to my bitching again. I really didn’t know what to expect from the discussions, I guess a miracle somehow. I presume I was just hoping for the impossible.

Several weeks ago a chain of salons approached Mom wanting to add her salon to the chain. For almost a week Mom and Francine from the chain exchanged phone calls on the subject. Then a couple ladies from the chain came to visit, Mom went out to dinner with them a couple of times and then Mom announced on a Friday morning that she had joined that chain. She would be a franchise holder, still owning and operating the salon, but now a part of a larger chain of salons.

Mom gained some financially, so I figured the time was right for another attempt at sharing the wealth. It was after dinner on Friday night when I approached her asking if we could talk. I usually got a scowl from her, she didn’t look forward to these discussions, but tonight I got a big smile. I stepped back a couple of feet, this was new and unexpected. Beth had just got home from a late appointment and was giggling at my reaction to Mom.

When you get a feeling that things are not what you expect, most sane people back off, maybe another time might be better for this discussion. Well-being the idiot that I am I ventured forth with gusto. Mom was quiet as I laid out my case for some help in getting some money for the summer. I told her several times that I would do anything if she would just help me out. I tried to lay some guilt on her, she had helped my sisters why can’t she help me. Nothing but quiet, finally she asked where I had applied for jobs, wanting me to name them. Luckily I had saved a list of who I had applied to, so after retrieving if from my room, I handed it to her.

She looked it over very carefully, taking a few minutes to think about it before she responded. I thought she was softening, so I added one more I will do anything. Beth had been eating at the dining room table, giggling quite often at my antics. Mom gave in finally. “Be at the salon tomorrow morning at eight AM, dressed nicely and I will fill you in on what your job will be if you decide to take it. You can ride in with me or Beth that is your choice. But you have to stay until one of us can leave for the day, most likely five or six PM.”

I hugged her thanking her profusely, she pushed me away a little, remember what I said I am bending the rules a little for you, so be damn sure this is what you want before you accept tomorrow. Once started this is your job for the summer and beyond. I will not have you changing your mind like you have done in the past. If you accept, it is yours for the summer no excuses.

Beth was waiting by her bedroom door for me, wanting to talk to me a little. “I think you are going to be greatly surprised tomorrow, so keep an open mind and what you are working for in your sights. You can do the job, but I am not sure you will want to. Things at the salon have changed with the merger, we are doing a lot more business and have expanded our customer base quite a bit. Just be sure this is what you want, okay Sis.”

I am often referred to as Sis by my sisters, they know it annoys me, always bringing a smile to their face when they use the greeting. I went on down to my room and picked out a nice pair of slacks and a polo shirt for tomorrow. I turned on my stereo and put the headphones on and zoned out for a while. Maybe I could get a car at the end of summer that would be so neat if I could somehow manage that feat.

I hadn’t thought about college, I had decent grades, but I was not a fan of four more years of schooling. I had briefly thought of maybe a vocational school, maybe something in the computer field. I enjoyed using them, but knew nothing about them other than surfing the net or doing homework on them. Since I was getting a headache, no more thinking for tonight.

I got ready for bed an hour later, taking my shower tonight so that I would not hold them up in the morning. I was always a sleepy head in the morning, usually Mom or one of my sisters having to push me out of bed. I set the alarm for an hour earlier, determined to be on time for a change. With a goal of mine in sight I dozed off quickly the alarm in the morning waking me from my dream. In my dream it was red, had a supercharger on the hood and a horse on the rear fender, my perfect ideal car. I need to stay focused, a healthy Mustang needs lots of dollars to acquire and feed, much less insure.

I ended up riding with Beth, Mom had already slipped out to the salon before I got out of bed. I was all smiles as I rode with her, her warning me one more time about being cautious about what I agreed to. When we got to the salon I literally bounced inside, anxious to see where I will be working. As I came in I noticed how big the salon was now, I had heard about it, but in my mind it was this small beauty shop type of place with three of four technicians working there. Imagine my surprise when I walk in and there are almost a hundred techs and customers in the salon. And this at eight o’clock on Saturday morning.

I stopped short taking in the sights around me, then scanned back to that last image I saw. An obvious male getting his nails done, as I turned around some more, he wasn’t the only one. Now I was perplexed, when did all of this start? At school we had some male goths with black nail polish but these customers were getting clear polish or shades of pink, at least, the ones that I could see the color. Beth came up behind me and pushed me to the office at the back of the salon. Mom was finishing one of her customers, telling me she would be with me in a few minutes.

Whoa, this is way more than I expected. I just sat there lost in thought until Mom came and closed the office door behind me so we would have some privacy. I was quiet as she did some things on her desk, still trying to process what I saw. I had never been to the salon before today, the size the principal mind blower. This was big business, I now have a better appreciation for Mom and her business sense.

“Well Terry here is the deal, your one and only chance to work here. I need a receptionist, someone to answer phone calls, make appointments and ring up the customer when they are finished. You can work forty hours a week, with a starting pay of 8.50 an hour. This is the exact same job your sisters had when they worked here. When not busy you have to restock the supplies for the techs, keeping them full and complete. It will be necessary that you have a manicure, anybody working in the salon has to have well-manicured nails. It is our best kind of advertisement. You will be treated exactly as your sisters, I wouldn’t want to have any sibling rivalry because one got some special treatment. I mean exactly like your sisters.”

I need your decision, Beth will give you your manicure if you agree and Shirley the other receptionist will show you what she does during the day. You will be on your own tomorrow, so you need to pay attention to what she says. I told her yes, and she pushed a stack of papers for me to sign for my deductions and employee files. I was to go over each page and sign after I had carefully read and understand what each page implied.

Once finished I was to go to Beth’s station and she would do my nails. I figured some shaping and clear polish and that would be it. I was so thrilled, money at last, a possible car now in my future.

I finished the paperwork and left the stack on Mom’s desk. I made my way to Beth’s station and sat down in the chair in front of her table. My hands are placed in two bowls of bluish water while she gave my arms a massage with a cream. While they were soaking she removed my shoes and socks and placed my feet in another container of bluish water. I looked at her funny, but didn’t say anything.

She took my hands cleaning around the edge of the nail. According to her she was removing my cuticle. The nails did look better after she had done that. Let’s face it I had never taken care of my nails. Usually they broke before I had to cut them, saving me the trouble and time to do so. My feet were removed from the water and placed one at a time on a stool beside her table. The same thing was done to my toenails, quickly and confidently. Then the other foot and I was ready for the polish. At least that is what I thought I was ready for. She picked some plastic pieces out of a box on her table, matching them up to each finger. Then it dawned on me what she was going to do.

I tried to withdraw my hand but she firmly held on to it. My mouth opened and closed several times, each time nothing came out of it. She leaned over a little closer, speaking in a lower voice. “Remember me telling you to be sure of what you are agreeing to, all employees of the salon have to wear colored polish on their nails. You have to have extensions applied and at least two nails on each hand have to have nail art. All toenails are to be visible and painted in a colored polish. One of the papers you signed stated that fact in bold print. Now sit still and let me finish. You can do the job just like I told you, it just has to be done with long beautiful nails.”

I closed my eyes trying to make all of this go away somehow. I felt Beth working adding the extensions to my nails, the smell of some type of adhesive and then a light breeze of air from a box where my hand had been placed. It cast a purple glow over my hand, when the hand was removed the longer nails looked just like my own. Oh shit what have I done? I opened and closed my eyes several more times hoping this was all a bad dream. No such luck, each time the eye opened the long elegant nail was there sticking out past the tip of my finger by half an inch.

I jumped when Mom came by, placing her hand on my shoulder. “Your hands look very feminine, they will be good advertisement for the shop. Beth let’s use a deep burgundy color on them, with delicate white butterflies on the tips.” I groaned and Mom walked off her job complete in teaching her son a lesson. I knew I saw a smile as she walked away probably giggling too but she was too far away for me to hear.

Beth just smiled, you will live through it, but maybe you might investigate a little more next time before you jump into the pond. I sat there mute as I watched her convert my fingers into works of art. Three coats of polish, after a base coat, then a clear topcoat. While all of that was drying she worked on my toenails, shaping them and adding the same coats of polish. I was furnished a pair of thongs, commonly referred to as flip-flops to wear. My shoes and socks placed into a bag to take home. There was no mistaking my feminine hands and feet, the slacks and the polo shirt looked funny but my hair in a ponytail did nothing but help the feminine look.

Once the butterflies were added, there was no doubt. Terry the youngest sister will be following in her sisters footsteps at the salon. I thought of giving up, but I had pleaded, begged for the chance, if I did change my mind I knew any future requests would have no chance of success. I went up to the front, my eyes glued to my footwear, the dark burgundy color on my toenails making my feet look smaller and delicate.

As I approached the front desk a young female was looking my way. She had on the smock that the girls wore in the salon. I introduced myself, not knowing what to say about my nails. I got a hug and she pulled up one of my hands to look at the nails. “Those are gorgeous, I wished mine looked that good. Your fingers are so dainty and delicate, I am so jealous.” I meanwhile was blushing a deep red. She showed me where everything was, how to answer the phone and about the appointment book. I was booking an appointment with someone that had called in, at least trying to. If I could just get my fingers to do what they normally did but the nails were determined to make it very difficult. Shirley had returned to see if I did it right, laying a stack of clothing on the shelf to the side of the desk.

She stayed with me as I learned the procedures and steps necessary to do my new job. When it calmed down a little she opened the bag and removed my own smock. The technicians had pink smocks with white trim, Shirley and I had white smocks with pink trim. Looking at the difference between the two, ours were more frilly and cute, in Shirley’s own words. By the end of the day I could, at least, write legibly with my new nails. The last two hours I was left up front while Shirley stocked up the manicure tables. I did get a brief lesson in re-stocking, but the front end procedures were more important to learn today.

I was pooped when I got in Beth’s car for the ride home. I needed to go to the bathroom, but the one at the salon was labeled female, I really didn’t want to get caught in there. When we got home I made a mad dash for my bathroom, Beth giggling up a storm. Mom was right behind us, she had swung by and picked up some Chinese food for tonight. I came back downstairs and helped set the table. Both of them were staring at me. Mom made her way over and felt my forehead. “It doesn’t feel like you have a fever.”

“Can’t I help some if I want to? You always get after me to help, so I try and you give me grief.”

Beth broke out in laughter. “It is way past a fever, we should take her to the emergency room instead.”

I, of course, was blushing all colors of the rainbow from the remarks. Today was not too bad, after a couple of hours the novelty of the nails wore off some, they still made my life difficult trying to write or pick something up, but I had gotten used to seeing them when I looked at my hands or feet. I couldn’t understand why I was accepting them so easily, a masculine male now with long beautiful nails and no outrage, hissy fit, no real objections to the trick that was played on me. Mom did get me good, I will probably never live this one down.

I did a lot of thinking that night, I did get a job for the summer, now a car would be possible later in the year. I however shot myself in the foot, any friends I once had most likely to be abandoned, how does a male explain to his male friend why he has long beautiful nails and works in a nail salon. Since I would not see most of my male friends at the salon, that was one advantage, but then if some of my female school friends came into the salon what could I say.

I am just working here to make some money, the long nails and the cute smock mean nothing to me. I doubt I would be believed much, but I am sure that my fame would spread quickly to everyone that I once knew. Right before I went to sleep Beth showed up with the bag of clothes from the salon. The other bag contained my shoes and socks from today. She told me to hang the clothes in my closet so the wrinkles would fall out. I got up to do that laying the other smock on my chair for tomorrow.

The next item in the pile was a short dress, I hung it up, not thinking much about it. Then four more hung the same way. The lights began to come on and I looked at Beth with a look of sheer terror on my face. With a straight face she informed me of the uniform requirements of the salon. “Saturday and Sunday are smock days, since we are so busy. Monday thru Friday are dresses, and heels that expose the toes inside the stockings. Everybody wears the same outfit regardless. You and I will shop for heels tomorrow morning as we go in to work, Mom is getting you panties and stockings along with a garter belt to hold up the stockings. I hurriedly dug through the paperwork for the day, looking where it stats that. Sure enough on the same page as the extensions, and the polish part in bold print is the dress code. Stupid me had even initialed the clause before signing at the bottom.

I began sobbing, long deep sobs of frustration, stupidity, terror, and you name it I was crying about it. Beth took me in her arms hugging me tightly to her. She didn’t say much but let me get it all of my system. It was several minutes later when I finally stopped with the tears. I looked up at her, hoping for her to provide a way out of this mess I had made for myself, but the smile she returned told me it wasn’t going to happen.

I mumbled something to her, but she wasn’t that good at understanding brother mumble jumble. She made me look in her eyes, and told me to repeat, but this time speak clearly. “Beth what am I going to do, I can’t do this what will everyone say?

“You will do exactly what Nancy and I did. Get up in the morning, put on the required uniform and go to work. You will still be you underneath, but in a nail salon appearance is everything. Although a lot of males have their nails done, our customers prefer that they are waited on by a technician that appears female. Image is everything in a nail salon. You are not going to be comfortable having your nails done if the one doing it has no polish, broken nails or dirty nails. It is just not done.”

“Yes, Mom did let you walk right into this, something she should have done years earlier. Up to now you have wasted your life, no plans for the future and even less money to do anything with. You have a job, one that hundreds of young females would kill to have. So think about it, make something of your life starting now, forget the clothes and the nails and start doing something about your future. Who knows you may like this and enter into the business with Mom after a while. Just don’t overreact for once, one day at a time and let things happen. The dress doesn’t happen till Monday, so don’t worry about it till then.”

I got a big hug and a kiss in the cheek and she was gone I took a look at the dress again and then slipped into the bed with just my boxers on. I dreamed about the dress all night. No one to blame for my predicament but me. I woke early again, although the salon did not open till eleven on Sunday. I was quickly dressed in a white pair of pants with a dress shirt underneath the smock. It didn’t help with the gender thing, but also not as bad looking as yesterday’s outfit. I rode in with Beth again, she smiled often on the trip, knowing I was sweating bullets again. Today I was on my own, Stephanie was off and I had to handle the receptionist duties all day by myself.

Mom had gotten me the money for the register from the safe so I set that up and made sure I had what I needed at the front desk. At eleven the first customers came in, the techs came to get their customers and took them back to their stations. I received lots of calls in the next thirty minutes people looking for last minute appointments for today. We were booked up except for two late afternoon time slots, of which I filled before noon. It seemed to go better today, nobody stared at me, I was addressed as Ms. often and was kept quite busy all day. At four o’clock it slowed enough for me to do some stocking, I managed to get half of the stations ready for tomorrow before quitting time. Mom showed me how to run the end of day report and made me count my drawer.

When I eventually entered Beth’s car I was mentally drained. The first thing I did was to look at my nails to see if I had chipped any polish. When I looked at Beth to see why she had not backed out of the parking lot she broke out giggling. You are such a girl, a hard day at work and you just have to check your nails before we go home. That is Terri right, an eighteen old female coming to terms with her gender. I stayed quiet as she backed out and headed home.

A stop first to get me my heels. Surely a sentence worse than death. At the shoe store we browsed the aisles looking for shoes that had an open toe, Beth suggested a three inch heel since it would help make my legs look better. With a couple of sizes to check to see what would fit the best I sat down and put the footie that Beth gave me on. At the salon I had worn the thongs again during the day. Even though the footie was short, it felt so good as it hugged my foot and ankle. I slipped my foot into the heel, a size nine seemed to be a good fit. I got the matching shoe on and tried to walk in them. Immediately I had to reduce my stride, then Beth suggested that I put one foot directly in front of the other. It helped but I could feel my butt swaying a little as I walked.

I didn’t have much problem with the heels, that size seemed comfortable, the angle of my foot and the tightening of my calves made my leg look good. I had rolled up my pant leg some to see if I was going to have any trouble walking in the shoes. We picked three pair, Beth suggested that because I still had to break in the shoes. If I wore them until they started to hurt and then switched to another pair, I could probably make it through the day. All three pair would go with the color of my dress. The color of my dress was totally opposite from the color of the smock. A pink dress with white lacy trim, the more I thought about it, the more I worried. I doubt there could be anything more feminine than that combination.

I wonder if Mom had went to all of this planning just so she could trick her son into this girly feminine world. I wouldn’t put it past her. We did make it home, another mad dash to the bathroom, dropping the heels on my bed as I flew by. As I returned from releasing a flood in the toilet I noticed the items that Mom had apparently laid there for my use tomorrow. Packages of panties, several bras, two garter belts and many packages of hose. All of the hose in a suntan color. I stood there and shuddered, I will be wearing them tomorrow and to work. What have I done to myself, no don’t answer that. I am sure in future history books my name and idiot will be underlined. I may even make the hall of fame, I know for sure I will be nominated for the honor.

I returned to the kitchen and set the table and made some iced tea. I got the looks again but no comments today. Mom had made some potato salad last night that along with some hot dogs broiled in the oven was the bill of fare for tonight. Once the tea was done I got three large glasses of ice and the necessary accouterments for the hot dogs. Beth brought the potato salad and the buns, Mom bringing the sizzling hot dogs to the table. Dinner was quiet, the food was good, with Mom’s potato salad always exceptional. Nothing but the sound of forks on plates and the jingling of ice cubes in the glass could be heard.

When we finished Beth cleared the table Mom holding my hand wanting to talk to me. “Are you going to be okay with the dress tomorrow?”

I had been doing a lot of thinking during the day. I did get myself into this mess, but it was not as bad as I first thought. If any of my friends found out I would be humiliated, but I doubt if it would be the end of the world. I smiled at her and told her I will be fine, although I could use some help with my hair and makeup if she could be so kind. Beth was across the table from me, a huge smile appearing on her face. Mom just hugged me and started to cry.

“After all the planning you went through to get me into dresses and now you are upset and crying, come on Mom get real.” I was then squashed in a group hug, there for a minute I felt my insides were going to be squeezed out of me. It did calm down some, I asked Beth if she could help me into my clothes for tomorrow, a trial run to see if I am doing it right. I did tell Mom once I was dressed I would let her see her youngest daughter. Another damn hug, I will be lucky if I have any ribs left after this.

The trial run went okay, the only problem is the clothes, silky and form fitting, I was almost exploding several times. I did make my way downstairs to show Mom her newest daughter. This time she nearly cracked a rib, the hug was so intense. As she eased up a little I leaned on her shoulder, enjoying the intimate embrace. Beth behind Mom gave me a wink, knowing that I was enjoying the loving from Mother. I stayed in the clothes until bedtime, trying to get to the point that rubbing my hands over the fabric of the dress didn’t send me over the edge. I practiced in the heels, on my feet all day tomorrow bound to make my feet regret it with a vengeance. It did get easier maneuvering in the heels, by bedtime I was doing pretty good.

I slipped out of my dress and assorted underwear, even taking them off sent shivers through my body. I took my shower again that night, a lot more to do in the morning than usual. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was sound asleep. I had set my alarm, so by the time Beth came to check on me I was dressed in my underwear. I got a good morning hug from her, then she helped put my hair in a ponytail and we went down to breakfast. Orange juice and a small pastry was all.

As I was being led out of the door, I managed to ask about makeup and my hair. Beth smiled. Mom arranged for you to get your hair done and also some makeup lessons. I immediately put on the brakes, but in the heels I was still being dragged out of the door. On the way to my appointment I asked Beth if all these new additions to my girliness are reversible.

I think we both know the answer to that, but think about it for a while then come to your own conclusion. I was dropped off at a salon, bearing the same name as the nail salon. Beth suggested that I venture forth, they are expecting you. When you are finished they will call our salon and someone will come and pick you up. Remember one day at a time, what you have not experienced maybe something you will like. I made my way to the door and then entered. I barely got out my name and was escorted to a treatment room in the back.

My technicians name is Jennifer, a bubbly super enthusiastic individual that had me naked within minutes. I was helped up onto a table and a cream was being rubbed all over my front side before I could respond to her. She was complimenting me on my nails as she waited for the cream to work. I was blushing, not used to being naked around anyone, much less this gorgeous female. Quickly she asked if I wanted any other services today. Well being naïve I asked what all they offered.

The list she pulled out was extreme. “You are scheduled for basic makeup lessons, hair washed and conditioned and set in a feminine style. Of course, the hair removal that we are doing now. You might consider breast forms, a vagina, and maybe pierced earrings for today. Then on your follow up appointments we can get into some of the other treatments we offer.”

At that moment part of my mind snapped, maybe I will try that, nothing ventured nothing gained. “Okay sign me up for those three things, will I be able to get back to work my noon. That is when I need to replace the receptionist for lunch.”

“Yep no problem, I can get one of the other techs to help out so that you can be on time.” She went off to arrange my new additions, I did have second thoughts, but they quickly disappeared. Once my backside was bare from any hair, I was turned back over and a tech worked in between my legs as Jennifer glued on my breast forms. From my vantage point they looked huge, but looking at my lack of any masculine bulge pretty much stopped any thought about my breasts.

The walk from the table to her styling chair felt funny, bouncing breasts and nothing between my legs so different. A cape over my naked body, then the chair leaned back and my hair washed and conditioned. By the time she was finished I was almost in lala land. The chair put back in an upright position as she ran a comb through it to get out any tangles. Another tech approached and four pops later I was sporting earrings, two in each ear.

I actually smiled a little, they looked cute on me, boy what a change a day or two can make. Jennifer worked fast on cutting my hair, her comment that mainly she was taking off any split ends. After a few days in the new style she could alter it to whatever I might desire. All of this just taken in by me as if it is an everyday part of conversation. The hair was wound on curlers, then I spent thirty minutes under a dryer. Not sure why I was doing this, until a couple of days ago I was a male, at least, I thought I was.

She removed the curlers, brushed out my hair and a younger version of Beth was staring at me in the mirror. She instructed me in basic makeup application, had me do my face once and promised more help later on my maintenance appointments. My clothes reappeared, and as I dressed I realized I liked the new me, The bra I had on earlier was now full, maybe peaking over the front of the cups some now. The panties fit much snugger now, nothing to stretch out the crotch anymore. That should have bothered me more, but it didn’t. As I slipped the dress over my head, the image was now complete, Terri the youngest sister was now present, and quite attractive in my opinion. I called the nail salon and told them I was ready, I was told someone was already on their way to pick me up.

I walked up to reception, sitting there waiting for my ride. Two ladies complimented me on my nails, one suggesting that her son was available, if I needed a date. I blushed even deeper and that is how Beth found me when she entered the salon. She appraised my looks, raised an eyebrow or two and I was dragged to her car. Nothing was said on the trip back, I was not sure what I felt, much less what to say to her. She parked in her spot, wanting me to go right to reception and take over. Let’s see how long it will take for Mother to realize that her son is now officially gone.

As she waited to hold my hand as we entered the salon I got a you did good Sis from her. A compliment I was proud of, even if I hadn’t realized why I did the things I did today. Of course, the salon was extra busy as soon as I walked through the door, a line at reception to be waited on and the phone ringing off the hook. I pitched in, answering the phone and accepting payment from several of the customers. Shirley finally able to slip off to lunch, thirty minutes late. As soon as she left the salon I was inundated again, but managed to get through this barrage by myself.

Mom approached with a customer, took one look at me, and then smiled. Nothing more she had a customer waiting for her at her station, so she couldn’t take time to hug her daughter. A couple of hours later that was not the case, I was restocking the stations and I was attacked, an unprovoked attack on my person. I was giggling as Mom was exploring my new curves, grabbing and pinching. I tried to squeal some, but a male needs lots of practice to pull off that effect. Twenty minutes till closing things calmed down some I had everything restocked, Shirley was doing the drawer tonight so I was looking for something to do.

I took the dust mop and was sweeping the salon when Beth grabbed me as I passed by. I was pulled down on her lap, and tightly held. Her next comment got me blushing, did you cut it off, or just tucked away. Instant red all over, my reaction confusing her some. I leaned on her shoulder, whispering in a little girl voice, just tucked away. She smiled, I knew if you let some of your inhibitions loose the female in you would show itself. So, is that Terri with an I now?

The job was enjoyable, even the second day I was eager to get dressed and get to the salon. It was noticed by both Mom and Beth, but not commented on. Today I was the only receptionist, Shirley had the day off. I counted in my drawer, then made sure the stylist’s supplies were all full up. I grabbed a broom and swept the salon, cleaned all the mirrors, replaced a couple of burn out bulbs around the mirrors and even cleaned the glass in the front door. Mom was standing back watching, shaking her head and smiling.

Then we got inundated with customers. Several walk-ins looking to get their nails done, regular customers with appointments and several vendors looking to sell some merchandise. Mom had me get the information from the vendors and she would call them if interested. By that time some of the ladies were finished and waiting to pay for the services. I often received compliments on my looks or nails, a lot noting the similar looks between Beth, Mom and I. For once, I was proud to look good, to be considered beautiful like Beth and Mom.

It did calm down later in the afternoon, Beth dragging me to her chair and changing my nail color. This time she went with a deep salmon, just as noticeable as the color I was wearing now. A couple pieces of nail art were added, and two jewels to spice up the manicure. Back to reception a new batch of customers now finished with their appointment. One noticed my jewels asking if she could get two for her nails. Her manicurist came up found out what she wanted and applied them to her little pinkies. Once dried she tried to pay for them, but we had a rule that add-ons after the manicure are done, are free. We always made up for it on the next appointment with the customer wanting additional services or in this case more jewels added to their nails.

After we closed I counted down the drawer, amazed at how much business the salon was able to generate. I made out the deposit, myself and another would take it to the bank on the way home. Life was sure different, better in most ways. I had pleaded for the job because I wanted to be able to get my dream car eventually, now content to just work and enjoy my new life. For once I seemed to fit in, where before I stood out like a square peg amid a bunch of round holes. I found the work interesting, learning as much as I can from the technicians. Beth and Mom both taking a little time each day to teach me some part of the business. As of the moment I planned to stay working at the salon, much more enticing than further schooling.

I guess the real turnabout was when I asked Beth if she would go shopping with me for dresses and lingerie. The squeal she cut loose loud enough to ruin some ones hearing. I had been saving my money, the car not that important anymore, but looking nice when I go out had taken priority.

One of the new technicians and I had spent a couple of evenings out, just a movie and a pizza. We got along real good, wanting to know all about each other, but no romance or hanky panky at the moment. The extent of our interaction was some kissing, she is very good, but I am learning her technique. I did divulge my current true gender status, her only comment, so.

It has been several months now since I started at the salon, Terri is here to stay. Being the female Terri is almost ingrained in me now, makeup, dressing in lingerie, working in the salon, so automatic, I don’t even think about it anymore. I seem to fit in now with my sisters and Mom, like maybe it should have always been this way. I am loved and love back in return. My relationship with Jenny is slowly developing, we seem to mesh easily in our desires and attitude.

I have started studying the textbooks to get my own license, Beth teaching me the hands on part some every day. I have gotten confident enough to do Beth’s nails now, something I didn’t ever think I would be able to handle. For my birthday I was given a fifteen percent interest in the salon, once I get my license it will increase to twenty percent. Both Beth and I have been told that when she retires the salon is ours.

Jenny and I are getting serious, we have even checked into renting an apartment together. She loves the Terri I portray, the more feminine I become the happier she is. We go shopping together, out for a nice meal once a week and lots of time spent cuddling each other. We plan to keep junior around, maybe some children later, someone to pass the salon too later in life. Beth found someone she couldn’t live without and I got to be her Maid Of Honor. It was so fun, both Jenny and I part of her wedding party. Jenny has assured me when we marry I will be the one in the white wedding dress, although she has agreed to wear a dress for the ceremony. Besides you have the prettier nails, a necessity for a beautiful bride.

My breast are now my own, seven hours of them being sucked from my body. Jenny needed something to play with, my official reason for agreeing to their addition. Confidentially I like them being played with, I would have gotten them sooner if I had known how much pleasure they can deliver.

I never did get the Mustang, clothes, makeup and earrings much too important to me now. I have been able to put some money aside, more in the weeks that the stores do not run ads of items that I am interested in. When it comes time for Jenny and I to look for a house I should be able to handle it with ease.

Quite a change from that whiny male I used to be. I remember back when I pestered Mom to let me work at the salon. At the time I didn’t realize, that soon, I would be Nailed In Burgundy Polish and loving it. Thank you Mom for bringing your errant son into the fold. A fulfilling live with some future, way better than my previous existence and so much fun.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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