Stephanie; Long Beautiful Nails

My appointment was in forty minutes, and I still had to drive across town. This is the first time that I had actually made an appointment at a beauty salon to get a manicure. In fact, the only reason that I had made the appointment is the salon is owned by my next door neighbor Jennifer. We pass in the hall of our apartment complex often as we go to or come back from work. Mostly small talk about the weather or what projects we are working on at the present.

In our conversations, I found out she owns a beauty salon over by the mall. She has had it for a couple of years and has built up a considerable base of customers. She works six days a week from eight in the morning to six at night in order to keep her customers happy and to make ends meet. Her only other employee is a manicurist that rents a station from Jennifer. Jennifer has told me that she would like to add more employees, but the cost of insurance and more equipment is prohibitive. This has caused her to postpone any expansion of her business.

Since she found out I was in the insurance business, she has asked me countless questions about what insurance she should carry, and who the best company to get the coverage from. Since I pretty much work the same hours as she does, we often meet in the hall as we dash off to work or rush home after a long day.

I am an insurance adjuster for a large conglomeration of companies and pretty much work for myself, setting my own appointments depending on the volume of business that is passed down to me. I specialize in small to medium businesses, handling almost any type of claim for these businesses. These claims include losses from burglaries, property damage, and worker compensation cases.

I keep my appearance very neat and professional usually wearing pants and a sports jacket as I evaluate these claims. I usually don’t sell insurance, but I do have a female friend, who is the wife of one of my bosses. She has an insurance agency. When I get a special request for insurance, or a business is looking for additional coverage to protect against claims, I refer them to her.

Quite often, I sell the needed coverage to them and have her write the actual policy. Although I have not ever asked for any compensation for selling the insurance, she has recently started paying me a commission for any coverage I sell.

In my conversations with Jennifer, she has asked that I come to her business to evaluate her insurance coverage. I agreed to perform an insurance evaluation for her business and look to see if she had any noticeable risks that were not covered. In exchange, she offered to give me a manicure to enhance my professional appearance, thus my appointment at her salon.

Due to my last customer, I was going to be late for my appointment at five-thirty. I called her on the phone to let her know that I was running late, but that I would be there. She informed me that she had several last minute customers come in and not to worry for she would be at least another thirty minutes till she finished. When I finally got to the address she had given me, I am pleasantly surprised at the appearance of her business.

A well-maintained building, painted a very provocative shade of pink, with a spacious parking lot greeted my eyes. Apparently, her last-minute customers were still there since several cars were still in the parking lot. I parked, then made my way into the salon, the name emblazoned on the windows stretching across the entire front of the building.

She called her business Turnabout Gurl Salon, a franchise she bought into a couple of months ago. Actually the owner of the chain approached her offering her a franchise at a quite reasonable price. The interior of the salon is drop dead gorgeous as seen through the front plate glass windows. As I walked in, there were full-color posters of women getting their hair and nails done all over the salon, accented with gorgeous tropical plants. The interior walls are painted a dark ivory color trimmed with the same pink that is on the outside walls of the building.

Jennifer told me she would be awhile and told me to take a look around while I waited. I walked around the salon and am truly impressed by its size and how well it is laid out. Very little wasted space and everything strategically placed to be available and efficient. I returned to the front and set in the front reception area to wait for Jennifer.

She was doing a set of nails for a very elegantly dressed lady, apparently in preparation for a night out. I watched with great interest as she applied the false nail on each finger. She then shaped each nail and applied a clear polish to each nail. After that had dried, three coats of a rich red polish were applied. Then Jennifer moved an ultraviolet light to the workstation, and the nails were allowed to dry under the UV light.

The whole time that Jennifer worked her magic on that lady, my eyes were glued to her ministrations. For some unknown reason, I was utterly fascinated by the addition of long elegant fingernails to this customer. I even caught myself looking at my own nails a couple of times, thinking how they would look with these additions.

After finishing up her customer, she then applied some nail polish to another lady who had been waiting for her. After the ladies nails had dried, Jennifer waited on them at the cash register, both ladies being together. When the ladies left, Jennifer locked up and turned off some of the lights in the salon. She ran her reports on the cash register and then came over to sit next to me.

She is anxious to know what I thought of her salon and ended up giving me a tour of the rest of the salon that is behind a partition towards the back of the salon. It contained a waxing room and several shampoo stations. We entered her office, and she asked me to get comfortable. She went out to the front reception area and made a couple of calls and then returned.

I told her how much I liked her salon and complimented her on its layout and decor. I asked to see her insurance policies and she retrieved them from a file cabinet in the corner of the office. I looked at them and took a couple of notes and then asked her if I could use her computer to get the rates for her new policy.

I logged on and entered her desired changes and then printed a copy of these changes and her subsequent bill for them. I showed her how she could save quite a bit of money by changing to companies that offered more protection for the basic price, where she was paying extra for that same coverage. I suggested that she increase her liability coverage because of the kind of services she performed. Her basic coverage on her equipment was also a little low with the figures that Jennifer furnished me. I advised her to increase those amounts since her equipment value is quite high.

I asked to see her lease since the policy she had was offering coverage on the building she leased. After she had retrieved the lease, my suspicions were confirmed, since her lease had built in coverage that was mandatory since her landlord did not want to depend on coverage supplied by whoever leased the property.

I showed her where she was paying twice for the same coverage and changing that would save her quite a bit of money. After re-figuring her policy with the new coverage amounts and eliminating the dual coverage, I managed to save her almost twenty-six hundred dollars a year. She asked me if I could write the policies she wanted and I confirmed that I could, plus I could terminate her old policies as the new ones took effect.

There was a knock on her door, and she went up front to see who it was. A couple of minutes later she returned carrying several boxes of take-out food. She hoped that I liked Chinese since that is what she ordered. I remembered that we had discussed our mutual like for Chinese several times in our impromptu meetings in the hall. She asked me to open the containers, and she would get us something to drink and some utensils. We sat and ate as we discussed her business and her problems as she tried to get the business to show some profit.

It had taken her almost six months to build up her following to a level that would allow her to at least meet expenses most months. Renting a station to the manicurist helped with expenses, but she found the girl to be undependable and lost more business than the rent of the station offset. As of this morning, she had told the girl she would not rent the station to her anymore. Now Jennifer is doing the manicures too when needed.

The franchise she obtained for Turnabout Gurl has helped her quite a bit, but she doesn’t have the money to expand like some of the other franchise holders. Francine, the CEO of the chain, is going to be here in a couple of weeks to talk to her and see what they might workout. She wants to expand, but mainly lacks the confidence to do so.

The Chinese food is really good, and soon we had polished off the take out containers of food. Jennifer gathered up some of her manicure tools and suggested we adjourn to her apartment where she could take her time and give me a proper manicure. I tried to tell her this was not necessary since helping people with their insurance is part of my job. She is glad that I am offering my services for free, but I had saved her a lot of money, and she wanted to repay me for my effort.

She picked up a few more items and then turned out the lights. I walked her out to her car, and I followed her in my car to our apartment complex. After arriving at the complex, I offered to carry her satchel of supplies and tools as we walked the short distance to her apartment. She unlocked the door and ushered me into the living room. She went to the kitchen to make us some tea while I got comfortable on her couch.

In less than five minutes, she had returned with our iced teas and sat next to me. She made a comment that I seemed to be fascinated with the acrylic extensions that she was doing on her last customer. I stammered a little because I didn’t think that Jennifer had picked up on my fascination with the fake nails. I tried to excuse it off as I have always admired long nails on women and tonight is the first time that I had seen them applied.

I asked her how long they last and if they were hard to handle once they were glued on. She told me you get used to them after a while, but how long they last depends on how rough you are with them. Most women manage about four to five weeks since the first week is spent getting used to them. I asked her long it takes to apply them and what upkeep, is necessary to keep them looking nice.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow on that question, giving me a knowing glance. She told me it took about an hour and a half to do a set of nails, with the maintenance taking about thirty minutes about once every ten days. She explained about filling in, as the real nail grows out leaving a gap at the back of the fingernail. I asked her how much she charged for a set of nails. She was all smiles now with a little giggle starting to surface. She told me it depended on the quality of the nail applied and the type of bonding used.

A set would run from a low of thirty-five dollars to the premium sets at about eighty dollars a set. With a big grin, she asked what set I am interested in and what color polish I am contemplating using. I blushed several shades of red not figuring that Jennifer would infer that I wanted a set of acrylic nails. I guess my questions were too involved and showed more interest than a male is supposed to have. I was just extremely interested in the process for some reason.

It is occupying all of my thought processes, and I could not get over how beautiful and awesome that ladies nails were at the salon I finally told Jennifer how fascinating those nails had been to me and how I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Jennifer listened, then got up to fetch her satchel from work.

She asked what kind of schedule I had for the next few days and if I had to go into the office. I told her that I rarely went to the office and that most of my work is handled on my computer through the Internet. My boss and I only seeing each other every few weeks, doing most of our communication on the Internet or phone. She suggested that she add extensions to my nails that were temporary and used tape to hold them on, for a few days so that I could experience first-hand what it was like to have long nails.

You would be surprised how little people notice about other people, especially if that person is not embarrassed or self-consciousness about it. If I really liked them, she could give me the better quality ones on Saturday afternoon or remove them if I wanted. I started to refuse and deny that I wanted to try them, but she cocked her head, saying just try them for at least a day. I know you will be happy you did.

I started to get my money out to pay her to do them, but she let out a girlish squeal and said no you don’t. I owe you besides I can’t wait to give you long exotic fingernails. You will truly love them. She rounded up the last few utensils she required, and had me come to her bedroom sitting at her vanity.

She performed some of the same steps as she had done to the lady at the salon after she had picked out the nail tip that best fit my fingernail. These nails used double faced tape to adhere them to my fingernails so that they could be removed if necessary. She was meticulous in her work and seemed to take forever as she applied each nail. I was apologizing for tying up so much of her time, but her only words were you talk too much.

She wanted to do a superb job on my nails giving me something to be proud of. Besides, I am getting as much enjoyment out of this as you are. It felt weird as each nail is applied to my fingernail with tape. When she had finished my right hand, I stretched my fingers and was fascinated at the length and feel of the nails. I was concerned at the length of each nail since it seemed to be much longer that what I had seen Jennifer apply to the ladies hand at the salon. She told me that the fake nails come in a long length, but most women wear them a little shorter than the standard length.

I couldn’t get over my fascination for these nails. My eyes were glued to her as she worked on my nails. A most unmanly interest in something so feminine. When she finished my left hand, she had me do a few simple tasks to see if I would be able to handle the long nails. I was able to write a few words, but it was definitely a new experience. Picking up a coin or pencil from the counter is nearly impossible. She asked me to remove my wallet from my back pocket, not too difficult but when she asked me to remove my driver’s license from the wallet that task was left undone.

We talked for a while, and she watched how I moved my hands and made a few suggestions. The movements she suggested were very feminine in nature but did allow me to perform a few more tasks without a lot of difficulty.

She filed the nails into an oval shape taking off about a quarter inch in length. She suggested that I leave them at that length so I would adapt a little faster to the nails. That left the nails extending past the ends of each finger by three-eighths of an inch. She wanted to make sure I still wanted to try them. Although I could see many problems, I am so fascinated with them that I readily agreed.

She wanted to me to pick the color of polish that I wanted from the selection that was on her vanity. There were reds, pinks, blues, and purple, my mind already overloaded from the feel and sensations of the new nails I told her to pick what she thought was best. She picked a clear polish that she said was a base coat and applied two coats over my nails. When each of those coats had dried, she applied four coats of a pink polish that really made my nails and hands stand out.

I gulped a couple of times, thinking that I had really made a mistake letting her do my nails. The nails were so feminine and made my hands seem smaller and daintier but most of all they seemed so obvious. What was I thinking, I have to do my job with these nails on and how will I handle any personal contact with the people I meet. I could picture writing up a claim and getting a compliment from the customer on what beautiful nails I have. Just the thought is making me nervous and blush.

Jennifer sensed what was going through my mind and told me to sit still, and she would be right back. I chuckled to myself since I doubted I could even get my keys out of my pocket to gain access to my own apartment. Jennifer had gone into her walk-in closet and was rummaging around for something. She returned carrying a pair of brown fabric gloves and a leather satchel, sometimes used as a briefcase when there were not a lot of things to carry. She made sure my nails were dry and then she had me try on the gloves.

The fit was snug, but my nails were adequately covered up. Her comment was that since I was now in a panic over my new beautiful, exotic, and sexy nails, this would allow me to get through the first day or two. After I had got more used to them, she thought it would be best just to tough it out and proceed as if nothing is different. I could not see me doing that, but maybe the gloves would work for a while. I loved the fake nails but could not see me wearing them in the long run. It is way too feminine, and too radical for a male.

I asked her where the satchel came into the picture, and she said that was my purse. My eyebrows went up, as I repeated my purse. Stop and think about it; it will be lots easier to get keys and a wallet out of a purse then out of your pockets especially with gloves on. She had a point there; I relaxed a bit since she is obviously trying to help me through this. We grabbed my purse and wallet and adjourned to the living room.

Sitting on the couch, we talked for another four hours. When I saw the time, I told her that I had to get going since I had an eight o’clock appointment in the morning to adjust a claim. She gave me her private cell phone number, telling me if I had second thoughts or any trouble; I was to call her anytime day or night. When we got to the front door, I asked her if she could help me get my keys out of my pocket since I didn’t really want to spend a lot of time in the hall getting my apartment door open. She reached into my pocket and retrieved my keys easily, even with her own long nails. I did notice a smirk as she took a little longer than necessary to retrieve my keys.

At the door, she reached up to me and gave me a short but sensual kiss. I was floored but was at a loss on how to respond. Apparently, a lower object of mine made itself known and gave Jennifer the response that she is looking for. She told me that she hoped that I would want to spend more time with her and that she really loved my nails. Not being totally stupid, I managed to ask her if I could meet her at the salon about six tomorrow, and we would find something to do for the evening.

I wanted to take her to dinner, but with acrylic extensions, I was not sure if that is a viable option for me. She squealed her enthusiastic response, and I told her I would see her tomorrow at six. I managed to get into my apartment without a lot of difficulty and put my purse on the hall table. My keys also went into the purse, and I let out a huge sigh.

Long acrylic nails in a beautiful shade of pink and a purse, of course, adding in a beautiful, loving woman like Jennifer made the purse and nails a lot easier to adjust to. I am at a loss as to why Jennifer is attracted to me, especially a feminine me. She seemed to be more excited about me getting the acrylic extensions than I was in getting them. The sensual kiss with a hint of more to come is definitely something for me to savor and enjoy.

While I am taking a shower, after finally getting out of my clothes, I discovered that the nails could also be dangerous, as I stabbed myself repeatedly. The real danger came in going to the bathroom as I tried to handle my male appendage without drawing blood. I did manage, but barely, to go to the bathroom.

Instead of slipping a t-shirt on for bed I decided to go naked. Less interaction, less chance of injury. I do have to confess to lying in bed, admiring my nails as they reflected the light from the bathroom. I kept running my fingers over the polished surface feeling the slickness and extended length. My nails, I don’t know if I will ever get used to that.

The next morning started with an eye-opening experience as I rubbed my face with my hands forgetting that I had long talons on each finger. Luckily nothing is stabbed or popped out. I even had a difficulty in turning off my alarm clock since there is a lot of something between my fingers and the alarm button. After finally getting a little quiet in the room, I managed to take a long look at my new nails.

They still looked quite exquisite, with the pink polish reflecting light from the bedroom window. I made my way to the bathroom and was able to finish my ablutions in a relatively short time. Next, I decided to see what I could wear that would look okay with the gloves and my new purse. I looked through my closet trying to see what would go together that would not stand out if I had gloves on and am carrying a purse. I failed to see anything that had even the remotest chance of helping.

Suddenly my eyes landed on a shirt that I had bought years before when unisex was at its peak. I slipped it on and was amazed at the ambiguous figure staring back at me from the mirror. Did I have enough courage, translated to how much balls, to dress in the unisex look and not wear the gloves? I found a pair of bell bottom slacks in the back of my closet and slipped them on.

There in the mirror is a gender neutral person, looking neither male nor female. I looked pleasant enough, not scary in any way, just not dressed in the typical manner. At least the not being scary part, although I am obviously dressed in a fashion that went out several decades ago. I decided to try the look at my first appointment, and if it didn’t work, I had time to come home and change.

The sound of my doorbell broke my concentration, and I went to open the door. After I had swung the door open, I remembered that I am not dressed as I usually was, too late now. Luckily it is Jennifer to check on how I was doing. As she scanned me from head to toe, the smile on her face became more pronounced. She leaned in and gave me the biggest hug while kissing me in the same manner as last night.

She blushed a little, thinking she might have been too forward, but I returned the kiss with a little extra thrown in. She asked if that is what I was going to wear today, and I told her that I was going to try since my other clothes with the gloves looked more out of place. She dragged me to her apartment and to her bedroom vanity. She pulled the scrunchie out of my hair and brushed it a little adding more volume to my hair. She then added a little mascara to my eyes despite my protests and turned me around to the mirror. I looked even more unisex but still quite innocent.

I looked at my watch, noticing that I would be late if I did not get a move on. I thanked Jennifer and gave her another quick kiss and headed for my apartment. I checked my purse for everything I needed and put the files in it of the clients that I would be seeing today. I hurried out to the car, waving to Jennifer as she was getting into her car and headed out. It was about a twenty-minute drive to my first appointment with me arriving a few minutes early.

I took a deep breath suddenly remembering I am dressed pretty much like a woman or a very feminine man with long acrylic nails going to meet my first client of the day. I snickered to myself, Stephan what have you got yourself into, this is just plain crazy.

A car pulled in next to mine and a young woman got out of the car. I presumed it is my client, and I exited my car and greeted her. We made our introductions her name being Patricia Walker, and I told her my name is Steph. I had just caught myself before I blurted out Stephen and was suddenly aware that I am talking in a softer and a little more breathy voice. She made her way to the front of the building, unlocking the door and turning on the lights.

The large window next to the front door is boarded up showing where the point of entry had been when the business had been burglarized. I looked around the inside of the store noticing where things had been damaged and where merchandise had been, now obviously missing. I asked her if she had a list if missing inventory, and a list of current inventory before the burglary. She went to her office and retrieved both lists and rejoined me in the main part of the store.

Her eyes seemed to be glued to my appearance, and I was expecting some derogatory remarks. I finished checking the inventory lists as to what was listed as missing and what is still supposed to be here. I got out her file out and started making out the claim. She carried a very good policy, and it would completely cover her losses.

I am writing slower than normal because of the nails, but I did manage to keep my writing legible. I informed her that her policy would allow an upgrade to the window, and both front and back doors to make them less vulnerable to a break in. She seemed to be surprised at that and asked what I recommended to stop further break-ins.

I told her to call AAA glass and window and ask for Robert. He is very knowledgeable about what to do and tell him that Steph had recommended him. Note to myself I needed to call Robert and tell him that Steph, I really don’t know where that came from, is sending over some prospective customers and to treat them right. I know from a couple of other customers that he had some glass with sensors in the glass that would notify the police if broken.

The doors were also made with the same glass, and since she is already equipped with an alarm, it would be fairly easy to add these to the alarm system. In this case, the burglars did not trip the alarm until they got to a counter that had some jewelry in it, thence having some time to accumulate their goods. I finished up the paperwork and had her sign agreeing to the payments and settlement of the claim. I gave her copy to her and hoped she is satisfied with her policy and the settlement of the claim.

She said she is quite pleased with the service and policies. I thanked her and started to leave. She asked if I had a moment to talk, and I immediately feared that all was going to come out now. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me where I had my nails done, she said they were gorgeous and made my hands look so feminine. I thanked her not really knowing what else to say that would not open up more to questions. I quickly told her that Jennifer of Turnabout Gurl had done them and to please tell her that Steph sent her over.

These nails are temporary ones, so I could try them out to see if I could function with them on. If I decided on wearing long nails, Jennifer would do my permanent acrylics this weekend. She thanked me for the info, and I could see another question on her mind, but she was obviously trying to figure out how to ask. I smiled and just told her to ask the question, that I would not bite or die from embarrassment.

She quickly drew in a breath and asked how long I had been dressing as a woman. I smiled back and told her that this is my first day. That took her by surprise; she told me she thought I had been doing it for years. I ask her what gave me away; she giggled saying that what I am wearing is not in fashion anymore, and no self-respecting woman would be caught dead in fashions from ten years ago. I laughed out loud telling her that my whole closet should be condemned then.

We talked a little more with me telling her about how I got the nails, and what I decided to do today to try and minimize the radical nature of them on a male. She told me other than the clothes she would not have guessed by gender. Your voice is relatively neutral, and your features are not masculine. I guess that is a compliment, at least she meant it as one. She applauded me for my wish to experience something that I obviously enjoyed and told me to ignore other people’s comments and live the life I want to.

She asked if I wanted to pursue this a little further. I didn’t quite know what to say, but I told her that the experience has been pleasurable so far. She dug in her purse and handed me her business card telling me that she owned several more stores, one being a lady’s boutique. It was called Patricia’s Closet, and she carried some clothes that would be perfect for me. Give this card to Sylvia when you arrive and you will receive an employee discount.

I told her that she did not have to do this, but I appreciated her gesture. She put her hand on my arm and told me that women must stick together, and that is a way to thank me for my courtesy and advice. I told her that I would think about it. She asked when my next appointment was, and I told her about twelve thirty depending on when the client could get loose. She told me that it is settled then and pulled out her cell phone and called Sylvia.

She told Sylvia that she is sending me over and told her I needed everything from the skin out including forms and to make sure that she got hold of what I am wearing and see to it that it got burned. Obviously, both Sylvia and I got a chuckle out of that comment. Sylvia apparently is giggling at the other end, and Patricia said you would see what I mean when Steph gets there. She told Sylvia to give me an employee discount and make sure that I had least two complete outfits.

Patricia closed out the call and said now that is settled let me give your directions to get there. I am at a loss for words; she is very nice, but I am not sure that this is the best course of action. She saw that I was wavering and told me that if I didn’t take her up on the offer, she would feel compelled to call my office and tell them about my exceptional service. I visibly swallowed, and Patricia suddenly knew that my office is not aware of my dressing. She reassured me that she would not out me, but I do need to get a better wardrobe.

I relented and told her I would go and see Sylvia. We exchanged hugs, and I got in my car. Patricia drove off, and I just sat there for a minute. This is escalating faster than I can handle it, nails and now a female wardrobe. I have only had the nails for a few hours, now dresses and lingerie. At this rate, marriage is a definite possibility. Then I thought of Jennifer; she probably wouldn’t mind.

It turns out that her boutique was not far from Jennifer’s salon and only about ten minutes from where I am now. I arrived at the boutique and set in the car for several minutes before I finally found the courage to go in. If I hadn’t misjudged Jennifer at least, she would appreciate my new appearance. I opened the door and went in asking for Sylvia. She came out of the back and greeted me warmly. She dragged me with her, and we went to the rear of the store, and she showed me into a quite large fitting room. She looked me over and then took a tape and got some rough measurements around my waist, chest, and hips. She asked me to remove my clothes except my underwear and put the clothes in the trash. She would be back shortly with my new clothes.

Within five minutes she was back with a handful of clothes although mostly lingerie. She handed me a pair of panties and told me to turn around and slip into them. I removed and put my boxers in the trash since I was sure that they were just as outdated as the rest of my clothes. The panties were very basic but fit me like a glove making goose pimples appear on my legs as the satiny fabric slid up my legs. She said that was a good fit and told me to turn around, and she placed a bra over my arms and after having me turn around again, she fastened it for me.

I was in shock since I did not try to stop this insanity as it progressed. Next came a garter belt with six straps hanging from it. She looked at my legs noting that I did not have much leg hair, but told me to be sure to have it waxed off before I wore any skirts or dresses. She explained that most women do not wear stockings with pants, but she wanted to allow me the pleasure that stockings provide. A pair of stockings in a light brown color was next, the package noted that the color was suntan. Sylvia showed me how to roll them up and stick my feet in them and then unroll them up my leg. Next, was attaching them to the garters and that was more difficult than it seemed.

Of course the nails entered into the picture again, in fact, I was lucky that I didn’t punch a hole in the stockings when I was putting them on. After some considerable frustration, I managed to get the garters fastened. As I stood up, the feeling of the hose on my legs and the pull of the garters almost caused me to lose it. Sylvia was watching and extended a hand to steady me asking me if I enjoyed the feel of the stockings. I moaned that the feel is wonderful.

She next handed me a pair of slacks in a rose color that were obviously cut to fit close to the body. It took me a couple of minutes to slide them on, but the feel of the pants just added to my pleasure. Next came a blouse that was all frills and lace that buttoned up the back. After Sylvia had checked the fit, she asked me to remove it again.

She reached for a box that she had set on the shelf in the dressing room and removed two flesh-colored objects from it. As she set them on the shelf they wiggled, then she picked them up and slid them into my bra cups. Like with the ladies nails at the salon last night I was mesmerized by the look and feel of them. As she released them in the cups, I felt a considerable weight pull on the straps of my bra. I kind of shook my head to gain some reality, since the words breasts, bra, and stockings plus the fact that I was wearing them, was slowly seeping into my brain. Sylvia adjusted my bra straps to make it fit better, and some of the pull in my bra straps went away.

After checking the fit, she removed the breast forms and coated the backs of them with a liquid. She allowed it to dry and then reinserted the forms into my cups. She checked the fit and look of them in the bra and then took a hair dryer from the counter and applied heat to the forms. She told me that she was making sure the forms were dry. It took her about twenty minutes to get the forms up to the temperature she wanted; the form felt quite warm to my skin where it was touching. She then had me slip on the blouse and pronounced me done.

She told me to come with her, and she would find me another outfit to wear. I told her it was not necessary, but she informed me that Patricia would have her butt if she did not do as she instructed. She dragged me through the boutique as she searched for the next outfit. She found a sweater dress that she thought looked good on me and found a pair of leggings to go with it.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without shoes, and Sylvia had two pair picked out. The first she had me try on was a pair of wedges with a three-inch heel. They were black patent leather and had a small bow on the side of the shoe. They threw my balance off but after a few steps, I was able to keep from falling on my face. The next pair was a loafer that looked somewhat like some of my shoes at home. They fit well, but as I walked around there was quite a pain in my arch. I mentioned that to Sylvia, and she said that limited me to heels.

She went to their stockroom and brought out a couple of boxes. The first a pair of pumps with a four-inch heel. They also fit well, but the extra height added to my wobble. The next pair she showed me actually took my breath away. They were a platform shoe with a five-inch stiletto heel. I loved them as soon as I saw them but I looked at the heel and shook my head. No way would I be able to walk in them. Sylvia slid them on my feet and buckled the ankle strap.

I tried to stand up, and once I had my feet more directly underneath my body, I was able to get up without much trouble. I took a couple of tentative steps and found that I could walk in them quite easily. They felt so good on my feet, and after Sylvia told me about taking shorter steps, I am able to walk in them with no trouble. My old sneakers that I had worn in joined my clothes in the trash.

That brought me to the realization that I was now dressed totally as a woman and my male clothes that I had worn this morning are now in the trash. Suddenly aware that I am committed to the rest of the day as a woman, not just an ambiguous person. I might be able to go home and change after my next appointment if everything proceeded as planned.

I could not see me wearing a dress, but I figured that the sooner that she completed her instructions the sooner, I would be able to leave. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the look and the feel of the clothes, I kept telling myself that I am a man and that men don’t wear dresses, bras, and stockings. Finally, Sylvia seemed content with her choices, and she rang me up. I was surprised that the total was only two hundred fifty-seven dollars. I paid her and thanked her for the help.

She handed me a boutique club card entitling me to thirty percent discount on future purchases of a hundred dollars or more. I placed the card in my purse, but I didn’t expect ever to use it. Before I left, I took advantage of a mirror by the checkout and took a look at the new me. I am astounded at the very feminine looking woman that stared back at me. I guess the old saying that clothes make the man is true. The feminine clothes made this man look like a beautiful woman.

It is coming up on twelve o’clock, and I had to get to my next appointment. I opened the door to my car and tried to enter as I had always done. It was not graceful, and it seemed to put a strain on all of the seams on my clothes. I guess the tight fitting pants really hugged my body a little too tightly. I had watched Jennifer a couple of times as she got into her car and I exited my car and tried to emulate her actions and movements. I sat on the seat and then swung my feet into the car. It is a lot more comfortable doing it this way, and I noticed less pulling on my clothes.

I drove to my next appointment, about a twenty-minute drive, and waited for my client to arrive. At ten minutes to one, my client showed up, the time to see if this would blow up in my face had arrived. He was a real estate broker that had his own agency and owned quite a bit of property on the side. I was meeting him at one of his apartment complexes that suffered some wind damage from a storm we had about a week ago. He greeted me, and I introduced myself as Steph, and he shook my hand. He led me around to the back of the complex where the damage had occurred. The wind had torn part of the roof loose and had damaged some of the awnings over the patios.

I got out my files and assessed the damage and made a couple of suggestions to him about having the whole roof in this building replaced instead of just having the damage repaired. He thought that was a good idea but was afraid the cost would be prohibitive. If he extended the roof to where it covered the patios that the awnings were used for the money for the awning repair could be used to cover the additional expense in replacing the roof. I showed him the estimated claim coverage for these repairs, and he agreed that should cover the new roof.

I got him to sign the claim form and gave him his copy. I told him payment should be forthcoming in a few days. He shook my hand again and thanked me for my help and ideas. He said that he would call the office and tell them that they had a very good and conscientious employee I thanked him for his compliment and headed back to my car. I was afraid that I would soon be receiving a call from home office about the woman doing my claims.

As I headed back into town for my next appointment, my cell phone rang. I pulled over to the side of the road and answered the phone. It was my boss, and he wanted to know how things were going. Since that was how he usually started telephone conversations, I was not overly concerned yet. I filled him in on my two claim adjustments today and what decisions had been made.

Of course, I failed to mention about the boutique. He was pleased that I had sold some extra insurance to Patricia. He had noticed that I was doing a lot of that recently and is pleased. He asked what my next appointment was, and I looked in my files, seeing that my next appointment was close to the office about an hour from now. He said he would meet me there; he frequently liked to observe me in action. He has had a habit of doing this every once in a while and the fact that I am dressed as I am, just my bad luck.

I figured that things would eventually come out anyway if people were going to call the office and complement their female employee handling the claims in an efficient manner. I told him the appointment was at two-thirty at the employee’s workplace. The claim is suspicious since the employee had hired a lawyer as soon as the injury had occurred. He is back to work, but with limitations on what he could do and lift. Paul, my boss, said he would stay out of it, but wanted to see how I would handle it. I told him I would see him at two-thirty and hung up. The fact that I had been using my softer and more feminine voice had not occurred to me until then. At least, he didn’t seem to notice or made mention of it.

Just great, I would be probably be fired over this and just when things, in general, were beginning to come together. I really did enjoy my job, and the freedom in scheduling with a great job diversity made things quite rewarding. I had a knack for helping clients find a better way of seeing things which usually saved them money or time. I faced up to reality and drove over to my next appointment. The sooner all of this was over the sooner I could hunt for a new job.

I arrived at two-fifteen and made my way inside. Paul is waiting for me in the lobby and seemed to recognize me right away. He shook my hands and told the receptionist that we were there from Global International to see David Hunt. Nothing is said about the way I am dressed, and he didn’t stare or seemed concerned about the way I looked.

The receptionist told us that David and his lawyer were in one of the meeting rooms, and she would show us back. When we entered the room, I introduced everybody to each other since I knew the lawyer from some previous clients. The lawyer was a little puzzled that I knew his name, and he didn’t seem to recognize me.

I had told the receptionist before she left that I needed the client’s immediate boss and somebody from their human resources department present at this meeting. I told David that this was a preliminary interview to establish facts and to make sure that all the proper procedures were followed. The lawyer started to question why we couldn’t just settle the case and be done with it. I asked him what additional requirements his client felt that he deserved.

I knew he was claiming some permanent injury that would limit what jobs he could perform in the future. The lawyer slid over his claim for damages and loss of use of his arm. I briefly scanned it and then placed it with my other case papers and went on. The lawyer was obviously upset that I had sidelined his request and is getting impatient. I started asking David about the events of his accident and made sure several of the questions were asked twice but in a different way.

I was taping the conversations, after informing all participants before we started. I glanced over at Paul several times, but he just observed without comment. I asked David for the report from the Doctor we had asked him to see stating his injuries and any permanent disabilities. I knew that he had not seen our Doctor but had seen the Doctor that worked with the lawyer. That Doctors opinion had been proven inaccurate several times in past court appearances. The lawyer got a little pushy telling me that his client had seen a doctor, and that report is available.

I ignored his statement and asked David’s boss, who had come into the room shortly after the meeting had started when David had first reported his injury. He gave me a date then I asked David why he had told me today that the injury happened on a different day. David looked over to his lawyer, but there is no response from him. I asked David again on what day did the injury occurred. He stuttered for a minute but finally gave me the same answer that he had given earlier. I asked him if he is absolutely sure of the date.

He said he was and that he did not report it immediately since it first did not seem to be very severe. I reminded him of the company’s handbook that required all injuries to be reported immediately. David told me he was unaware of this provision. I then asked the HR rep to show me David’s employment file. He gave me the files, and I thumbed through the pages till I found the receipt of receiving and reading one company handbook. The lawyer started to object till I circled the paragraph on the receipt that states that all injuries will be reported immediately to the employee’s immediate superior. I slid this over to the lawyer, and he conferred with his client. David said he did not remember reading this clause. I asked him again the exact date and time of his injury and to whom he reported it to. He stuck with his story, and I reminded him that I am taping all questions and answers.

I then asked the HR rep to pull down his time card from the time in question and to make a copy of it and give it to me. He left the room to perform the task and about five minutes later he returned. He gave me the copy of the time card, and I glanced over it. I then slid it over to David and asked him if this card was his, and he told me yes it was. I told him to tell me what time he punched in on the date in question. He looked at the card and got very red in the face, while his lawyer grabbed the card from him to look it over. The lawyer then put his papers back into his briefcase and got up and left.

David was stunned since he had not worked the day that he supposedly got injured. I suggested that David leave now and drop the matter and highly suggested that he find employment elsewhere without using this company as a reference. I will suggest to HR that your file just show that you quit for no reason. He got up and left without any comment. I just smiled since everything had just fallen into place with me having very little to do with any of the events leading up to today.

The HR man thanked me for saving them a lot of money and litigation and departed also. Paul just smiled and asked me when my next appointment and I told him that I had not made any further appointments since I really did not know how long this was going to take. He suggested that we catch a cup of coffee at the shop down the street before he headed back to the office. I figured that was where he would tell me that my services were no longer needed. I agreed, and we exited the building and walked about half a block to the coffee shop. We found a little booth over in the corner and took our seats. The waitress took our orders and then left.

I knew that he would not waste any more of our company’s time and make quick work of the adjustor dressed in women’s clothes. I was almost in tears as I really did not want to lose my job but I had violated several of my own company’s rules. He told me that he had several phone calls about me today, all of them good but all referring to me as Steph. I swallowed hard knowing that this was it. He applauded how I had handled my last claim and asked if today was an indicator of how I usually handled my job. I told him that I tried to be fair to the client but made every effort to settle the claim with the company interest in mind. He said that was apparent. The waitress brought us our coffee, and we each took a sip. When she left Paul resumed his conversation.

He asked me if I knew that he was being transferred to another division. I told him that I had not heard that but since I am not in the office much I am usually the last to know. He asked if I felt that I was capable of training other adjusters in the same manner that I handled claims. I told him yes, I could since it is pretty much just placing yourself in that client’s shoes. After you do that keep in mind that the company should be looked after by either eliminating future claims or by upgrading the customer’s policy to earn additional revenue for the company.

He asked with regards to David what is your thoughts on how to handle this type of employee. If the claim is legitimate, there should be no delay or hold-up, but when a lawyer or additional doctors appear on the scene, red flags should cause extreme caution. I just tried to clarify all the facts to make sure all the stories were the same and then look for any discrepancies that showed up. I told Paul that I had run-ins with the lawyer before and that he took cases before checking them out and that his preparation of clients is usually very poor.

In other words, he was only looking for a quick settlement but was not interested in the cases that took years to settle. Paul was nodding his head in agreement. He was silent for a few moments and then it looked like he decided to do something that he was thinking about.

He told me that a new position was opening up in the company that involved some training of employees and being their supervisor. It was essentially his old job but with a lot of responsibility for training added. I asked him if they were going to promote Neal into the job. He smiled, since Neal was his part-time assistant and usually filled in for Paul when he was on vacation or otherwise occupied doing other things. Paul asked me if I truly thought that Neal was right for the job.

The right politically correct response was yes, he would be a natural for the job. In other words, you back me up and I will back you up later. However, I responded that Neal couldn’t train anything much less supervise. Paul broke out in laughter causing several patrons of the coffee shop to look our way. I glanced at my nails thinking about how nice they looked but Paul resuming the conversation brought me back to the subject at hand. He smiled and told me that I presented a very professional appearance while being confident in my actions and ideas.

He asked if I could work this way from now on, would I be interested. I looked at him obviously puzzled at what he meant, and just replied HUH. To phrase it in a different way would Steph like my job with the additional responsibilities. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that I would be most likely fired, only to find out I could get my bosses job. I did not hesitate in answering yes, but what about my appearance. The job would be for Steph, not Stephen since she is the real person that I am looking at. Stephen was good at his work, though he never seemed to be able to relax or unwind.

Steph is the real person here, a genuine female that is smart, attractive and performs her tasks with great skill. In your last appointment, I saw Steph acting as a natural woman performing her duties in a professional and timely manner. You were relaxed and extremely confident, taking appropriate actions as you saw necessary.

We talked about the duties of his job and the additional responsibilities imposed because of the training. He gave me an assessment of the people working underneath him including Stephen. That assessment was eye opening for it really showed just how much I was forcing myself to be something that I really was not.

He covered the salary that I could expect and the bonuses that I would be eligible for if the numbers from my division were good. He requested that I go the office tomorrow and speak to HR, he has already filled them in on my situation and got all my paperwork in order. This brought him to the real reason that he wanted to meet with me today, that being my vacation and an excessive amount of sick time. According to him, I had 42 days’ vacation built up and 103 days sick leave. If I have guessed correctly, you might need some time to get Steph’s life and wardrobe in order, and you definitely need to reduce those unused days to a more reasonable level. I suggest that you do that as soon as possible, possibly starting tomorrow after you see HR.

He would watch over my group while I took some time off, and then upon returning, he would introduce me to everyone, and I could start. He suggested that it might be better if I was introduced as Steph and not as Stephan that has had SRS. The company has a reputation of hiring in people from outside the company for supervisory positions, so Steph filling his job would not be unusual. However, that decision was up to me.

He asked if I had any other questions. I was truly shocked from all that had transpired but managed to thank him for the promotion and his confidence in me. His only comment was it took a hell of a lot of time for Steph to come finally to the front, but he is extremely happy to have her on his team. He shook my hand and asked in a low voice if it would be alright to give me a hug. With tears coming to my eyes I told him that I would love it. I got that very special hug, and then he was gone. I sat back down at the table and tried to process everything that had happened today.

I was interrupted by my cell phone. It was Jennifer asking if I was still coming over tonight, I told her yes, I am planning on it and had lots to tell her. She told me her last appointment had canceled due to being sick, and she is now free. I told her that I was just down the street at the coffee shop, and I would be there shortly. She wanted to come to the coffee shop, but I declined, for I did not want her to see me all dressed up knowing that she would probably have lots of enthusiastic comments to share with me and everybody else.

I took the bill to the cashier, but Paul had already paid it, so I started walking down to Jennifer’s salon. I kind of strolled along instead of the brisk walk I normally used trying to figure out how to describe to Jennifer everything that had happened today. I quickly covered the two blocks to her salon and pushed open the door. She approached me telling me that she was closed for the day. I then realized that she had not recognized me, causing me to smile. Then the recognition hit, and she launched herself at me with unexpected zeal. All the time muttering OMG, look at you, OMG you look fantastic.

As I was trying to get some words out of my mouth, she kissed me like a mad woman. Her hands were roaming all over my face, neck and back causing goose bumps to rise where I never expected them. She pushed me back to get a better look at me, then grabbed me again in a tight hug. This happened several times until she finally began to wind down. I asked her if this meant that she was glad to see me, causing me to receive another hug.

She started a barrage of questions leaving me no time to answer her before she asked another question. Among her, questions were where did I get the clothes, and how did I suddenly grow breasts and hips. I just smiled causing her to swat me on the arm, frustrated that I was not talking to her and answering her questions.

She grabbed me and led me back to her office and pushed me into her chair and told me to spill the beans right now or she would resort to violence to withdraw the truth from me. I chuckled thinking that even if I told her everything she would probably not believe me. I told her that it started at my first appointment and snowballed from there. Apparently, the galaxy, stars, karma, and whatever else you want to call it, want Stephan as Steph and not just for a while but for all eternity. She nodded her head up and down saying that is fine with her.

I told her of the lady that was appreciative of my help and sent me to her dress shop. Of the help at the dress shop where Sylvia picked these outfits out for me, and where I acquired the new figure that I now possessed. Then I told her of my boss calling, today of all days and wanting to sit in on my last appointment. She kind of figured the possible outcome of such a meeting and then became quite somber and quiet. She mumbled do you still have a job, and I told her that I no longer am a claim adjuster for my company.

I tried to act sullen and depressed, but a small smile tried to creep out of my mouth. She started to shed a couple of tears knowing that she had kind of pushed me along this road, apparently very guilty about her actions. I hugged her and told her it would be alright since I would finally get a little free time for myself now. I guess I am laying it on a little thick, but it is the truth I would get some time for myself, thanks to my vacation and sick days. The tears were freely flowing now, and I tried to comfort her.

She was blabbing about everything being her fault and that she should not have forced me to go along with her wild ideas. I told her that all of my decisions pertaining to my appearance were of my own accord, and the responsibility lies with me and no one else. She wanted to know what I am going to do now for a job, being that the job market is so tight now. I told her that I am going take some vacation time and maybe go on a cruise to see if I could find a sugar daddy to love and support me.

She backed away and looked carefully at me trying to see if I am serious about this. Her comment being you can’t be serious about this. I told her that I had quite a bit of time built up, and the company still had to pay me for it. Since I still wanted to dress like this, I figured I would probably have to either find a man to marry and support me or become someone’s mistress. She is obviously thrown by this line of conversation, and I could see that she felt very guilty about the situation.

I smiled and told her she did not need to worry that I already had a new job as Steph and that everything is going to be alright. Her face showed real anger for a minute and then softened as she clobbered me in the arm. With tears running down her face she told me I was never to tease her like that again, and that is an order. I am her woman if I would accept, and I was never to forget that. I held my hands up to her, and she launched herself again at me giving me a really huge and enthusiastic hug. How she can being standing one minute and then in my arms the next covering two to three feet with apparently very little effort, I will never know.

I suggested that we eat since I had very little to eat during the day and then adjourn to her apartment to discuss the day’s occurrences. She locked up, grabbed her purse and then we walked several blocks to an Italian restaurant that we both have eaten at, but not at the same time. She seemed very happy as we walked down the street with her arm intertwined with mine. I was thrilled that I had been lucky enough to find her as a friend and now apparently as a partner in life.

When we reached the restaurant, the Maitre’d greeted us and led us to a secluded booth with a terrific view of the enclosed patio with accent lights glimmering among the grape arbors loaded with vines. A very romantic sight, on this special evening. I really felt alive more now, with more feelings becoming known. I was happy to be with Jennifer, but especially as Steph. It just seemed right for some reason on so many levels.

The waiter appeared and took our orders, we both got fettuccine Alfredo and decided to share a salad and an order of bread sticks. I am suddenly very hungry now that things are winding down a little. Our drinks and bread sticks were brought out, and as we munched, I tried to tell her about the day’s activities. The dress shop particularly was of interest to her, and she was really jealous that someone else got to dress me up instead of her.

Apparently, that is a job that she was looking forward to. She wanted to know about the clothes, and particularly the figure enhancements. I told her about the breast forms, and her eyes got wider when I told her that Sylvia had used a blow dryer to set the glue. She stopped me at that point and asked if Sylvia had said anything to me about the forms. I thought back, and I don’t remember her saying anything except that this size seemed to be a perfect match for my body.

Jennifer got this really big smile on her face, similar to the Cheshire Cat, and hoped that I would not change my mind about dressing as a woman since forms that have been attached that way are good for six to eight months before they loosen. My mouth was ajar since I realized that I would indeed appear as a woman for quite some time despite how I am dressed. I guess it was fate that had Paul offer me the job since I was destined to appear as a woman for months to come. Breasts of this size pretty much dictate the sex of any individual. Of course, Jennifer is ecstatic over this development and told me she could not wait to get me home and undressed.

I finally got around to my boss coming and observing my last appointment and his meeting with me afterward. I told her that I would be training adjusters in addition to pulling down his supervisory duties. She translated that to mean that I needed to shop for a lot of very feminine business-like outfits and suits. She told me we needed to start tomorrow for it would take several days of shopping to find the perfect outfits.

I asked her about her salon, and she said that I would be required to be there for most of the day since she had to bring my hair into line with my new appearance. I was told that my eyebrows would require a lot of work along with my skin and, of course, a more permanent redo of my nails. She would perform her magic on me in between her other customers. Then as soon as she finished, we would head out shopping.

The waiter brought us our entrees, and we ate in silence for a few minutes, since we both seemed to be fairly hungry. Jennifer seemed to be lost in thought for several minutes then surprised me by asking me to move in with her. I was trying to get my emotions and feelings back to a stable point and found myself telling her that I would love to. Steph is taking over, and Stephen had no say in things. She is very happy, to say the least, and hugged me as much as possible when dealing with a booth in a restaurant. We finished our meals, and I paid the bill using a credit card that had Stephen’s name on it. It was not noticed, or if it was, it is not mentioned. We walked back to the salon and took our respective cars to the apartment complex.

When we arrived, she dragged me to her apartment and pushed me inside. She started grabbing my clothes and very soon I am down to my birthday suit. She took in my new body with great interest and examined every nuance of my new breasts. As she touched my nipples, I got a tingling sensation as if they were real. I had jumped a little as she touched them and she watched with great fascination at my response. She noticed that I had some feeling, and said this is going to be so much fun.

It all started with the long beautiful nails, but I could only see a life ahead as a female, with Jennifer at my side something to look forward to.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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