Millicent; Living The Dress Code

I was getting dressed after a relaxing hot shower. I was savoring a recent encounter with Cassie. We had met at a company office party for the holidays. I had reluctantly went to the party, my supervisor insisting that I attend; so I made my appearance, planning to leave early. When I saw her, I was immediately fascinated by her, a blonde, fairly tall with a well-proportioned figure. Translation: gorgeous and stacked! I made a point to introduce myself, she was cordial, but no bells ringing or fireworks going off for her apparently. The introduction was one sided, I introduced myself and she shook my hand, that was it as she walked off talking to someone else.

She worked in advertising, preparing the weekly ads for our store. According to others, she was good at it, already impressing the higher ups. The reason I had not seen her around much was she had only been working for the company for four months. A little detective work on my part and I found out her name was Cassie, single and living alone. This information was obtained from some of her work colleagues, carefully and surreptitiously.

However, I was devastated when she showed no interest in me at the party, since I was already hopelessly in love with her. It’s true about love at first sight, but also true about how painful it can be if not returned. In many ways, I have always been a romantic, unfortunately very few women have responded to my efforts, or shared in my romantic thoughts and actions.

For a couple of months nothing much happened, I watched from afar, hoping and wishing for another meeting or confrontation. I worked in personnel, writing company rules and behavior for employees. We were a large company, having over three thousand employees. There were constantly issues popping up that needed to be addressed to insure that proper decorum was maintained. Sometimes a simple few words, other times a few pages to address the issue.

My next meeting with her turned out to be at a gathering to discuss the new company dress code. The one we had was archaic, probably written during World War Two. I had several of these meetings scheduled to find out what the employees thought of the dress code we had tentatively drafted. My boss and I were representing the company, but I had written the proposed dress code. Jennifer was my boss, but she usually let me do my own thing knowing I would do my research thoroughly, and not just arbitrarily decide on something.

A few minutes into the meeting, Cassie seemed to take over the employee’s side, confronting me on several provisions of the new dress code. I discussed it with her, could see her point on a few matters, but also stressed the need for some concessions to insure we offered a professional appearance to the customer.

We are a chain of retail stores selling mainly female fashions and home décor. I know a female these days feels more comfortable in slacks, but it is hard to sell dresses and skirts when you are not wearing one. The same with makeup and jewelry. The discussions stayed pleasant, we continued to exchange ideas and opinions, but we’re still miles apart on a compromise. The present employee group at the meeting asked Cassie to represent the employees in any further discussions. My boss approved, since Cassie had been courteous, even though she represented the employees, she was respectful of the company’s viewpoint too.

Over the next few weeks, we met often, hammering out some changes to the dress code. Cassie was pleasant to work with; we talked, sharing our opinions and disagreements. It was coming down to the time to make a final draft of the dress code, when Cassie asked to have a meeting with my boss and the CEO of the company. I agreed immediately, maybe they would settle on something between the three of them, making my job so much easier. The meeting was set-up for a few minutes after quitting time, since Cassie had a newspaper ad to get ready, and my boss had meetings with employees all day right up to quitting time.

The meeting was in the CEO’s office with all of us appearing by five after. I let everyone read the latest draft of the dress code, my boss smiling, but not saying anything. The CEO asked some questions, she was very intelligent and had worked her way up from sales clerk to where she is now. Cassie stated her concerns, while conceding some for the company. Then she dropped the bomb that would turn my life upside down.

She wanted me, the creator of the dress code, to live as a female, obeying the new rules to the letter for a month. She would even concede to the implementation of the new dress code now, as long as I obeyed the rules for a female. She also wanted me down on the sales floor in that role, working in an office was not representative of most of the female employees. I stared at her, where did all of this come from? I swallowed hard as the CEO asked Cassie and me to step out of the office for a minute while her and my boss had a little conference. Apparently Cassie had blindsided them too. My only thoughts, ‘Oh shit’!

Cassie and I walked out to the outer office, she smiled at me, then told me it was nothing personal, but most of the females resented a male writing the dress code. She understood that a female writing the dress code for guys would have the same problem. When she suggested this to her fellow females, they all agreed that if I could handle the new dress code as an everyday occurrence, they would concede to its value. I had a new respect for her even if it meant me being shoved in front of the bus. We were out there for almost thirty minutes, a lot longer than I anticipated. I had an idea the talk was all about this plan of hers and how it would impact me. Their fear could have been, how this would impact me. Cassie was summoned first, that did not sound good for me. Thirty minutes later, I was called back in.

The CEO started by saying, “We have come to a decision that all here have agreed to. It will have the most impact on you that is why we have taken quite a bit of time to try and address these issues. First, if we can come to an agreement that will allow you to do this without affecting you negatively, would you consider doing it?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative, my mouth suddenly unable to form words, much less speak them. During my exile in the outer office, I tried to figure out if I would agree to the idea, or if I should just refuse and walk away. I felt it would probably negatively affect my job if I refused, since I did write the dress code. If I had so little faith in what I wrote down that I would not back it up, that could transfer to my ability to do my job. The big problem is that I am a male and the contentions with the dress code are dealing with the female presentation in the workplace.

Looking at me, she continued, “Wait till we cover all of the things we have come up with so far, and we can discuss them later. Now, since most of the females in the company have signed a petition formally advising us of this plan, we feel it deserves a chance. Cassie has followed procedures, making sure it is not just the opinion of a few. She has presented us with the petitions with no formal demand behind them, just the wish that this be tried so that management might see their viewpoint. If you agree to participate, you will be transferred down to the sales floor, spending a week each in jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie and women’s fashions. The one reason they had picked on you is that you could probably pass as a female, therefore, not jeopardizing the reputation of the store as this is tried.”

“As far as the company is concerned, we want this not treated as a joke or prank. We will provide you with adequate support so that your impersonation will be fairly realistic. That would include any beauty treatments necessary to give you a female appearance, a wardrobe befitting a sales associate complying with the new dress codes, and any support necessary to help ease you into this role. Cassie has suggested that you move in with her for the month, she has a two bedroom apartment and plenty of space. That way she can advise you in appearance and behavior. She has assured us that you will be treated as a female roommate and nothing more. That help might be critical since you have not lived as a female or dressed as one for any prolonged period of time. The fact that you do not have a girlfriend or wife suggests that the added help might be quite necessary.” Those last sentences delivered with a little smirk.

“To keep from subjecting you to possible ridicule from within the company, I suggest we treat you as a new hire, changing your personnel file as to your gender and name. That way, only the four of us will know your true identity and what is being done. Your paychecks will reflect your new position, later, we will compensate you for the difference. During Cassie’s discussions with her fellow employees, your name was never brought up, just that a male member of management would be asked to spend the month as a female sales associate. To cover your absence in personnel, you male self will be transferred to one of our distribution centers. There is actually some problems in the distribution center, having to do with maximum loads lifted so that should provide adequate cover. There is very little contact between the center and any of our sales associates, a likely believable excuse for your absence.”

My head was spinning as she continued, “The dress code will be implemented, but our supervisors will be told to go easy in enforcing it except for you. You will be expected to adhere to the proposed code explicitly. That way we can get a truer read on its benefits or disadvantages. I know this is far out, but we think a lot of good can come from trying this. Of course, the end decision is strictly up to you. Why don’t you take the evening to think about this, a hasty decision often is a wrong one, and we can reconvene here in the morning? Since you two will be interacting a lot, maybe a dinner paid for by the company might make both of you feel a little more comfortable with each other.” Jennifer did ask if I had any questions on what has been presented so far, since my mind was in a molten state I could not come up with coherent thoughts, much less a question.

I nodded my head, still at a loss for any verbal output. Cassie came over as we were getting ready to leave, suggesting a restaurant and a time. I agreed, finally managing to get out a ‘yes’. I drove home in a daze, my whole world upended. I took a shower, letting the hot water run over my body until I had used every drop of it. It did help, my mind was actually functioning by the time I had put on some clothes. I drove over to the restaurant, meeting Cassie in the lobby. I received a hug, surprising me, her excuse is, “That females hug all the time.”

We were shown to our table, in a more private room separated from the main dining room. She informed me that she eats here a lot, her cooking skills nil. I thought if we do cohabitate my cooking skills might be enjoyed by both of us. We ordered, then talked about work. She apologized for cornering me in this scheme, but honestly thought management did not understand some of the female’s concerns. Even if nothing of the new dress code gets changed, the females feel that at least the present management listened to them for a change.

I could see right there where I had initially messed up. If I had scheduled the meetings before any new dress code was put on paper, it might have gained some support instead of the way I presented it. Live and learn, I imagine I will be doing quite a bit of that in the next few weeks. It was an enjoyable meal, both of us having chicken salads, the chicken seared over a grill. We split a decadent chocolate mousse, so good and quickly disposed of. She invited me to her apartment so that I could see where I would be living. Away from others, she is very personable, extremely cooperative and quite funny.

I followed her to the apartment, a nice two bedroom townhouse type located near a park. I was shown the bedroom I would be staying in, then we returned to the living room. She made some tea for us, we sat on her couch sipping the tasty brew as she asked me what I thought of the situation.

“It surprised me, something that would have never crossed my mind. Maybe it will make me aware of some things. I first have to get over the gender change that I have to submit to. For a male to suddenly live as a female for a month is pretty radical stuff.” She nodded an acknowledgment. It is an unusual way to approach the problem, but up to now management has listened but ignored any complaints or suggestions that might make the dress code more palatable to the employees. Thinking back on the recent meetings what she is saying is completely factual.

She also suggested a salon in town that could help me prepare for the month long life of a female. She had already contacted them on the company’s behalf, now they were just awaiting for a call from me for an appointment time. She told me the salon will furnish everything, including the clothes, or I could do my own shopping elsewhere. That said with a devious little smile and giggle.

I had been formulating a reason for all of this, seemingly random things have been somehow pulled together into an elaborate plan. It appeared way too coincidental. I think everyone was severally underestimating Ms. Cassie.

“I sense there is something more to this than just a concern over a dress code? Would you care to elaborate on the real reason for all of this?” I asked with a straight face.

I got a snort, a giggle, then a huge smile came across her face. She placed her cup on the coffee table and moved right next to me, I mean right next to me. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue invading my private space. I opened my lips a little allowing her greater access, her tongue probing the depths of my throat. I could taste her lipstick, and thought to myself, ‘maybe this won’t be so bad’.

It did throw a wrench in my thought process, now everything that might have been considered conventional thought suddenly tossed out the window. I was going to say more, several questions now begging to be answered. Instead, I withheld, time will take care of the questions, a few of the answers I may not want to hear just yet.

After the first kiss, she withheld any further rewards, the giggle and smirk telling me that any further rewards would have to wait until I was feminized. “I have standards and can’t be seen with just any male.” I presume that would allow me, dressed as a female, to be seen with her.

We resumed normal male female interaction, her being somewhat aloof, tantalizing close, but no touching. We discussed the splitting of household chores, dressing as a female also coming with chores and duties. I would buy the groceries and cook. She will do the vacuuming, dishes and trash duties. We will both do the bathrooms, since there is two, one for each of us. We will do our own laundry, with me doing the towels and incidentals for the kitchen and bathrooms.

She suggested a week to make the transition, getting used to new feminine attachments, clothes and acting like a female requiring more than just a few days to be convincing. The idea was not to disrupt the store’s business or reputation in any way. I got a hug as I left, many things on my mind as I made my way home.

The next morning, at the office, we met again and I told them I would do it. I was awake most of the night, trying to figure out if I was going to do this or just run for the hills. Cassie was smart, the way she presented this it made it almost impossible to refuse participating. The company agreed on a week’s vacation so I could get into the role, then start at work the following Monday in the cosmetic department. In each department, I would be shown what to do the first day, then the remainder of the week, test out my skills while dressed as specified by the new code.

I made the call to set up an appointment for my transformation, and was given one later in the day. I was surprised at the quick response, but figured it was better to get it over with. I cleaned up any projects I was working on, assigning them to others to be worked on. My boss changed my personnel file making me a new hire as a sales associate. A female name was assigned, Millicent Ann Templeton, and I got my first shock. My new pay rate was only half of what I was getting now, I suddenly realized how difficult it would be to live like I had been on that meager salary. I also found out that I would be working fifty hours a week, the minimum for salaried employees. I left her office in a daze, I still have on male clothes, but the female life has already intruded on me hard! I bid everybody goodbye, keeping up the story of my transfer to a distribution center.

Next stop, the salon. My first impression of the salon was comical. My mouth was open as I walked in, the place was huge. I am sure I looked comical with my mouth agape taking in the scene before me. Customers and stylist everywhere, probably a hundred people all together. I was expecting some small shop with a couple of ladies, not this feminine mega world.

I was taken to a treatment room and stripped of my clothing. I had already been informed of all the changes specified by the company when I called for an appointment, so that part was already handled. I signed some papers showing that I was fully informed of my treatments. Apparently Cassie and my bosses had contacted the salon initially with what treatments I would need setting this all up. With that completed, I was laid back on a table and cream spread all over my front side. No area was missed, even my privates were slathered in the cream. Usually something creamy applied would have caused a stirring down below, but not today. Shock and humiliation having its effects on my equipment. Thirty minutes later, the technician used a towel removing all of my body hair. The backside was handled the same way; now, I was totally hairless from the neck down.

Although most of their customers were supposedly male, from what I can see there are few if any males here now. Surely they can’t be so skilled in turning males into females. I asked my technician about their customers, she confided in me that most here now are males, just in varying stages of their transformation. Another look around and I knew I would blend in easily when I left the salon, probably too easily. Very unnerving to an insecure male, that thought his masculinity was strong enough to go through the change and still appear male. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

The next few hours were very stressful for me. They knew what they were doing, it was me that couldn’t keep up with the changes to my body. My ears were pierced, two holes in each ear. Then my eyebrows were removed, well almost completely done away with. Now two highly arched thin lines above my eyes, way too feminine in my opinion. My hair shampooed and conditioned, then partially dried. When she started sectioning my hair and applying a paste to the separated sections then wrapping them in foil. I knew my looks would be drastically different when she finished. My natural blonde hair would now have brunette highlights blended throughout, making for a rather feminine look. Management felt that was necessary to assure nobody would be able to recognize me as my former male self.

As that was being accomplished, my nails were being worked on, the long extensions that had been glued on to my nails were sure to make my work at the store harder than I envisioned. The new code did require long polished nails, just not the length that was being applied to my fingers. I am sure though the overall look will be quite feminine. I got bright pink polish, way too many coats of it, guarantying some female looking hands for weeks. I tried to touch my ears to feel the earrings that were swaying against my neck and almost poked a hole in my ear at the same time. Until I could get used to them, they were a dangerous weapon, at least to me. The nails, jewelry and makeup are part of the new dress code so having these things done was just preparing me for next week.

My body was not to be ignored, breast forms were glued on and my male apparatus was glued away behind a lovely fake vagina. Both the breasts and the vagina were very realistic, almost undetectable. My eyes were drawn to the vagina in particular, then I would blush and look away embarrassed at my unnecessary interest. I soon found my breasts to be just as much of a problem, every movement of my arms touching or rubbing against one or both. Not a comfortable feeling for a male. I guess that should be former male, my image in the mirror, showing no signs of a male, only a desirable female. As my arm brushed one of my breasts I felt the touch. How can that be, a blob of silicone and I can feel as if it is touched? My tech seeing my questioning look told me that the breast form uses sensors in the form to transmit touch to my nipples primarily, then that is spread to the rest of my natural breast.

My hair was finished, the highlights had taken, now my hair was almost a work of art. Instead of curlers a spray was applied to the hair then a curling iron was used to set the curl. The spray a new development of their company, the curl now would last for months, just brush it into place and you are ready to go. All I heard was ‘months’, since my highlights were dyed in they too would be around for quite some time. Somehow my one month as a female on the sales floor had morphed to something more. Cassie again? Who knows, something I need to follow up on though. I hope her plans for me don’t include me getting pregnant with her child. A wild thought? Maybe not so much at the rate and degree of my feminization up to now.

Once my hair was coiffed in the latest style, I was shown how to brush it back in place. I came to the conclusion that my coiffure would be with me for quite some time, after I saw how easy it fell back into place. Makeup was applied, some stains and tints lasting for much longer than regular cosmetics. Let’s face it, Millicent is going to be around for far longer than a month.

I was taken next door to their clothes store, and seven outfits were picked out for me, business professional all meeting the new dress codes. This was for my one week of training and acclimation. When my feet were slipped into the heels. I knew I had shafted myself right away. At the time four inch heels were popular and almost a standard with professional women. But a former male in four inch heels, that is another story. It wasn’t fifteen minutes and my feet were aching, but since I had written it into the dress code that was the shoe of choice. As all of my outfits were being bagged for me, guess who shows up. Yep, Cassie with the biggest shit eating grin plastered all over her face.

I was hugged and a cheek kiss, then she literally dragged me from the store. We had to return to get the rest of the bags, but Cassie was on a mission and apparently it was a time sensitive mission. I managed to slide into her front seat, the new skirt I was wearing keeping my legs tightly together. I no sooner got my door closed and she shot out of the parking lot. At every light I was appraised and then with tires squealing we headed further down the road after the light changed. I was watching how she was driving and not where we were. Soon we pulled right into her garage, the door closing right behind us. She got my door for me, and with a death grip on my wrist, I was wrestled into her bedroom.

Clothes were coming off rapidly, mine seem to be disappearing faster than hers. I was pushed back on the bed and her mouth found mine, her tongue wasting no time in probing my throat. I was giggling at her antics, then she grabbed hold of one of my nipples. I felt it, not something I thought possible with breast forms, but these seem to be quite special. She pulled on the nipple elongating it as her mouth continued its probing of my mouth. The feeling of the nipple being manipulated was attacking my mind, wave after wave of pleasure hitting me, but making me feel so good. I could taste her lipstick, maybe it was mine, whatever, it tasted so delicious. I was somewhat aware, but also lost in the sensations that had consumed my body.

When she removed a dildo from her nightstand drawer, I swallowed hard. Before I could protest it was inserted in my new vagina, my body reacted in an explosion of feelings. I had experienced a male orgasm before, several times in fact, but unfortunately not with a female. This was so much more than that, bells ringing, lights going off, muscles contracting, and then a tumultuous release of fluids.

I was embarrassed, just the insertion of the dildo had done this to me, no pumping, no squeezing, just one swift long stroke and I exploded in bliss. Cassie’s mouth had found one of my nipples, sucking on it as I came. The good feelings lasted after the dildo was removed, small quakes still vibrating through my body. I was spent, totally spent. She cuddled me for quite some time, my need for doing something about the liquid leaking from my vagina putting a stop to the cuddling. I was a sight as I waddled to the bathroom, one hand over my vagina trying to keep some of the liquid inside. Talk about humiliated, this had to be the worst case of it known to mankind.

If Cassie had not been giggling up a storm, I might have suffered through it a little better. I set on the toilet, my first time as a female, cleaned myself as much as possible, then took the time to pee while I was there. Then I had to wipe myself again, the moisture all over my nether regions. I was still dripping from my vagina, Cassie watching from the door, giggling away. She handed me a pad, something a female would use during her period. I shook my head no, a blush already spreading over my face. Then she opened her other hand offering me a tampon instead. I took the pad, placing it in my panties as instructed. Of the two choices, the pad is definitely the lesser of two evils.

I pulled my panties back up and returned to the bed. I set on my side not knowing exactly what to do. I didn’t want to lay back down, possibly inviting another situation. I was still not used to her apartment, do I go to my room, just what is appropriate after being ravaged?

She brought me a nightie, slipped it over my head, then laid me back on the bed. She climbed over me, spooning me from behind, her arms pulling me tightly against her. A few minutes later I heard her relaxed breathing, she was sound asleep. I turned partially, being able to kiss her cheek, but barely. Then back to where I was as I contemplated what had happened today. Eventually, the day’s happenings caught up with me, and I slipped into dreamland too. It was late the next morning when I woke, Cassie had already left for work, leaving me a note and a spare key to her apartment.

She suggested a shower, washing my nether regions to remove the last vestiges of my sexual escapade. Even reading that as written causing a blush to spread over my face. The shower did feel good, I washed down there thoroughly, not wanting to smell any odors from my encounter. The note also suggested me dressing as complete as possible in my female persona and getting out for a bit, maybe the mall.

I did just that, very aware that I needed to be out and about as a female if I was going to pull this off. The more practice I had, the better my chances were of going undetected. I took a taxi to the salon to get my car then drove to the mall. Driving in heels is a new experience, I vowed to get some flats for driving, then change into the heels when I got to where I was going. I walked the mall from one end to the other, window shopping, watching other females and trying to imitate their movements. I spent three hours there, even found a dress that I just had to have. I did not try it on, not near brave enough to do that yet. It was a sweater dress, the length looked long enough to satisfy the dress code, the neckline very code friendly. I know we sell something similar, but that will take quite some time before I am confident enough to shop in our own store. Maybe after working there for a while, but that is a definite maybe.

I was getting hungry, but did not want to risk my voice or mannerisms. Maybe with Cassie at my side. I made it back to Cassie’s, so far so good. I cleaned up a little, if I am going to be living here with her, I am going to do more than my fair share. There was no laundry yet, so I headed to the kitchen to see what she had for dinner. Lots of things for a salad, so I made one for each of us. Looking through the cabinets I found some canned ham, deciding to broil some of it with a brown sugar coating in the oven set low, for at least an hour. That would allow the sugar to seep into the ham, instead of just coating the surface. I found ingredients for a ranch dressing and made my own, something I normally did for myself anyway.

I set the table, then made some tea, a deep and rich black tea seeped slowly so the full flavor of the tea would come out. I returned upstairs and changed my outfit, playing around with my makeup some. Since most of it was stains, only lip gloss and mascara were required. I did alright this morning, but barely sufficient, especially for a fashionable female. Let’s just say that there was mascara where it didn’t belong, and the lip gloss was on more than my lips.

A male dies not realize how hard it is to stay between the lines when applying makeup. I had to redo my lip gloss twice and even after I had applied the mascara I had blotches instead of even coated lashes. I heard her come in, her giggling, ‘I am home honey’, heard throughout the townhouse.

She was ecstatic about dinner, her salad disappearing long before mine. She asked what brand dressing was served tonight. When I told her I made it, she came over to my side of the table, put her hands on either side of my face and laid a long one on me. I was breathless as she released my head. After the month, you are not going anywhere, we are getting married and you are stuck with me for eternity. She wanted me in bed, but I wanted to clean and straighten the kitchen before we left. She reluctantly agreed, but I could see a small smile hidden in there somewhere. Maybe she was envisioning me as the perfect little housewife. I knew better than to guess what runs through her mind though.

The next few days were a repeat of today. Off to do some shopping and observe who I was to imitate. The second day, I served hamburgers. A full half pound burger on bakery rolls fresh from the bakery this morning. I broiled the hamburgers in the oven, loaded with spices, a little Worchester sauce and chopped up onions and peppers mixed in with the meat. Slow broiled so the flavors could blend, and then turned once to insure an even brown. I had an assortment of toppings ready to be devoured, and added the cheese slice when she walked in the door. The fries had been kept warm in a crock bowl, nicely brown and ready to be dipped in ketchup or mayonnaise.

Cassie said it smelled so good so I would get my kiss now. I was laid back and deep throated, her tongue was wicked and quite capable of amazing things. Again, leaving me breathless and woozy, she sure knows how to ring my bells. She made me sit on her lap as we ate, taking turns feeding each other. It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal. I again cleaned up, she just parked herself on a bar stool watching me. She did assist me as I worked, every time I passed by she would grab me, kiss me and pinch my ass before I was allowed to continue. It took much longer than usual to get the kitchen straightened up, believe me.

The next day again around town, the mall and even back to the salon. I had been reading all of her fashion magazines at home, and convinced myself that I needed a newer trendier hair style for work. When I checked at reception I could get a stylist in an hour that gave me time to browse the hair style books looking for the perfect curly do. I found one that would work with my hair length, the end result would be tussled curls framing my face, with longer tendrils at the neck. The tech saw the picture of what I wanted and then shampooed my hair adding a straightener to offset the setting lotion used last time.

This time I got one of their permanents, another one of their discoveries. Regular permanent rods were used, the paper the hair was wrapped in more of a silk material. Each curl was wrapped tight, then saturated with the permanent solution. Under a dryer for over two hours, the heat turned down low. No neutralizer needed for this type of perm, when the permanent rods were removed soft curls exploded from the rod. The texture of the curl was silky like the material used to wrap the hair with.

For dinner that night I made spaghetti and meatballs. I made the sauce myself, slow cooking it with lots of spices. I used canned tomatoes, but not sauce, cooking it down until I had the desired consistency for the spaghetti. I rolled the meatballs and broiled them with spices, onions, peppers, and garlic mixed in the meat mixture. I had the broiler on low, so the meat would cook slowly allowing the flavors to mix. Turned over several times to insure an even brownness. The spaghetti boiled in water with some oil and spices added to enhance the flavor. I drained the water off and mixed the sauce in with the spaghetti. The meatballs were added on top, so they were not soaked in the sauce. Of course, I did some garlic bread, five grain bread, with butter and garlic added then under the broiler for a few minutes.

I am home honey, was heard as the door closed and then I was ravaged as I was trying to get the garlic bread on a plate. She took her fork grabbed a meatball, moaning and groaning as it was consumed. Then I was dragged to the table for another session of feeding each other. When we finished she pulled me even closer, hugging me very tightly. Her next words surprised me.

“Why don’t we get married this weekend, I love everything about you, you make me so happy and I want you in my bed forever more. If necessary I will get a second job so you don’t have to work, I want to come home to you, to ravage you and to treasure you from now on.” Then I saw her take a box from the end of the table, opening it and taking the ring inside and sliding it on my finger. She looked up into my eyes and gave me her puppy dog look. “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.”

I told her yes, but I need time to get used to the new sex. “I presume you want the Millicent and not the male from before. Let’s work through the four week dress code test and then we will make some plans. I do love you and want to take care of you so much. One thing though you have to have the kid, I will be a mother, but you have to do your part, dear.” Further words were impossible as someone’s tongue was half way down my throat. I never got an answer about her doing her part.

I had one more day to roam as a female, then take care of my hubby. That is why the name hubby/Cassie was given to her. She didn’t care, as long as I was on the other end of the greeting she was happy. I was planning to serve the remainder of the spaghetti and meatballs, but when I looked in the refrigerator they were not to be found. I looked instead in the sink, finding the container I put them in last night there surprisingly empty. Cassie again, if this keeps up I will have to get us both signed up at a gym or neither one of us will fit in our clothes. Cassie will definitely have a head start in that regard though.

So not having much time before she got home I did the wifely thing and ordered some pizza. I did rummage through the refrigerator looking for some additional toppings that could be added to enhance the flavor. I found some cheeses, some peppers, and some sausage that will suffice. From her meagre pantry I found some canned olives, slicing them up ready to be applied when the pizza got here. The delivery guy got here a few moments before Cassie, I paid him then added the extra ingredients and slipped it into the oven.

Honey I am home came from the front door as the timer went off on the oven. I moved the pizza to the table, adding some iced tea to our glasses. I got kissed, something I found I was looking forward too now. She saw the delivery box and looked disappointed then I asked her where the spaghetti and meatballs disappeared to. She smiled, and rubbed her tummy, giggling a little as she did so. I had two slices of the pizza, she finished the rest off herself, splitting it between now and another late evening snack.

We spent the weekend enjoying each other, my nipples were very hard and sore come Monday morning. Of course, I gave as good as I received, I am sure her nipples were also well worked over as she donned her bra. I dressed in one of the outfits I picked out from the salon store, fluffed up my hair and added a coat of lip gloss. We each drove our own car to work, our schedules were similar, but she got off two hours earlier than I did. At least this first week I was working five ten hour days, having Wednesday off and having to work Saturday. I expected that since it was normally the store’s busiest business day.

My boss in cosmetics checked my appearance, even finding where I had not worn the appropriate earrings as per the dress code. I had to go to the jewelry department and purchase a pair that complied with the new dress code. I became painfully aware that I would not be shown any favoritism in this one month trial. I was not allowed to sign in to the computer until I had complied with the dress code, so I would be working an extra twenty minutes tonight before I could leave the store.

By lunch my feet were killing me, the heels just too much. I did get to eat lunch in the store restaurant, one of the other sales associates seeing me rubbing my feet suggested that I get another different pair of heels, sometimes just wearing a different shoe would ease the pain of higher heels. So I went to the shoe department and purchased another pair of four inch heels, this time a block type of heel with an open toe.

When I got back to the cosmetic department I was late, now another thirty minutes tonight to make up the time. I was also written up for not having polish on my toes, since the new shoe was open toed. That would require another hour later in the week to work off the faux paux. I did sell quite a bit of cosmetics, even received a couple of compliments from customers.

So a little after seven I managed to make my way out of the store. I headed to Cassie’s place, parked in her garage and walked into her kitchen, my heels in my hands. I caught my stockings on the door frame, sending a large run right up the stocking. That was it, I set down on the floor and started crying, everything today just adding to make my life miserable. That is where Cassie found me. I was helped up and taken to my room. She helped me out of my clothes and laid me back on the bed, then crawled in next to me and held me tight.

That is where I found myself later, my need for the bathroom forcing me to leave her loving arms. When I got back she was sitting there, some fruit in a bowl in one hand and a large glass of iced tea in the other. I was hand fed, then when all the fruit was gone she helped me into a nightie, one that I do not remember buying. The covers were pulled over me and a passionate kiss on the lips was delivered. She then resumed her cuddle, holding me tighter this time.

The alarm the next morning meant I had to leave her arms again, I had to try and get to the salon before work to get my toenails polished so I would not get another write-up. Breakfast was a long lingering kiss from Cassie, then I had to get going. The salon could work me in, thirty minutes later I was heading to the store. I was checked closer this morning, by the department head, every inch of my appearance was gone over carefully.

I became aware that I would get by with nothing during this month, two days into this week and I was already written up twice. Yes, another write up today, my skirt was not the proper length, it being at my knees and the dress code requiring at least four inches above the knees. It was one of the new outfits, but I had not tried it on, the skirt longer than I anticipated. No extra time for this deficiency, but a copy of the write up placed in my employee file. I am sure when Jennifer sees the reprimand she will have a good laugh.

Unfortunately for me, it was much more than a laugh at my expense. I was called into her office before I started work the next day. She had me close the door behind me, not a good sign that the meeting might be favorable to me. She asked about the write-ups, and what I was planning to do make sure there were no more. One more reprimand and I would be formally warned by personnel of rules violations. Three more and I would be let go. Since I had written the dress code she did not expect me to violate some of the guidelines. I tried to defend myself, saying that the department manager was being extra critical.

She reminded me that it was clearly stated in prior meetings that all my managers would do so, so that should not be a surprise. We thought we could start a higher level with you since you were aware of all the rules and policies. You do remember writing the new dress code don’t you? That assumption apparently is a mistake. So starting tomorrow you will attend the new employee classes one hour every work day before you go to your previously assigned department. That will extend your time as a female, now you can count on spending three months before the trial period is over. Maybe the extra time learning what you should have already been aware of will stop the write ups that you are accumulating. I will notify all the parties involved of my decision, now go to cosmetics and do your job. Tomorrow you will attend the first new employee class, and then every work day thereafter for the required thirty classes. I want perfect attendance and I want you to behave, if I hear otherwise I will make the necessary corrections to your behavior. Now get to work.

I made my way down to cosmetics, this was not starting like I hoped. To be sent to the new employee classes, a definite slap on the wrist for my behavior. I don’t blame Jennifer, she is just reacting to what I have done. The problem is I have no idea why I have made the mistakes, I do know the dress code backwards and forwards, but the hem length of my dress totally escaped my mind that day. When I looked in the mirror that morning, I didn’t even look at the hem of my skirt.

I did manage to make it through the day, without out any more write-ups. As I drove home after work I was seriously depressed. None of this was going like it should, it was like I was sabotaging myself. After the first meeting with Jennifer and the CEO it seems I have managed to do a pretty good job of it, I am definitely my worst enemy. When I got to Cassie’s I went right to my bedroom, got undressed and pulled on a nightie. I crawled under the covers and closed my eyes, hoping that somehow all of this will end. That is where Cassie found me, since she was also in pajamas she just scooted me over and cuddled me. I don’t remember a thing after that.

I had to get up earlier, attending that new employee class was going to be sheer torture. I dressed carefully, checking myself often to make sure all of my clothes were dress code friendly. I drove to the store, then made my way to the classroom on the third floor of the store. That is where the executive offices are housed, with the store on the first two floors of the building. Believe it or not my appearance was checked carefully, then the instructor wrote me out another violation. My lipstick was not applied properly, plus a color that was prohibited in the store. I was told that a coat of gloss was necessary after the lipstick application as per the dress code, section 1 paragraph 5. I had to sign the write-up and then sit through the one hour class.

After the class, instead of heading down to cosmetics I was sent to personnel. When I knocked on Jennifer’s door, she called me in asking me to close the door behind me. Oh gawd, another black mark, I doubt I will be out of female clothes in this century, if I am even still with the company after today. She looked at the write-up, than at me. I had to look away, I was so embarrassed at what had happened. I had wrongfully presumed that I could change my lipstick before I went to the sales floor, it was just a class away from any of our customers. Then I remembered that the dress code is in effect when any employee is within the store or offices. Some help that was, maybe remembering before I get caught might have been a better idea.

Jennifer did not say anything, I am sure she is pissed at my behavior, her faith in me as her assistant quickly vanishing. I finally received a few words from her, given a card for the salon with a day and time written on it. “Since you have shown us nothing of your past behavior and knowledge I am having the company pay for some more permanent changes so that you can still remain employed here. Since we all agreed to try this I feel partly responsible for your transformation hence the appointment to make the changes more lasting.”

“You no longer work in personnel, your time there was obviously a big mistake, since you have seemed to learn nothing from your time spent there. I doubt you can handle a job much more complicated than a sales associate. There is an opening in ladies wear where you will be assigned. You still need to attend the new employee classes, maybe something will sink in. If you refuse this last attempt at keeping you employed, you will walk away with nothing, your services will no longer be needed.”

I tried to say something to her, but she pointed to the door and I walked out. It was like my whole world came crashing down around me, nothing seemed to work, everything I did was wrong and picked upon. I doubt any employee of the company has received four write-ups in less than a week. I made it down to cosmetics, after checking my appearance in the rest room. I made sure I was dress code complaint, even checking twice on a couple of things. The really hard part was trying to keep from crying, I knew if I allowed myself to start I would be sobbing within minutes.

When I got there, the department head told me I had already been transferred to ladies wear, so I needed to report there. I was few minutes late since I had to walk from cosmetics to ladies wear. Luckily that was not noted by my new boss. She showed me around and instructed me on my job for the first few days. That was to hang up all the clothes that had been tried on and left, then hang up the new arrivals. It was a tedious job, very hard on the feet, my heels making my feet ache all the way up my leg. I worked through lunch, trying to make up the time I was not in the department earlier.

I did manage to get everything hung before it was my time to leave a major feat in itself. Although the job was boring and repetitive, it wasn’t but a couple of hours later that I was holding things I liked against me to see what I looked like. I knew it would be awhile before I could afford any of the items on my new pay rate. If Cassie doesn’t let me stay with her, there is no way I can afford my apartment on my new pay rate. I need to check on that, and somehow end my lease on my old apartment before I end up owing more than I can possibly pay back.

When I entered Cassie’s apartment she was standing there with hands on her hips. Oh shit, more trouble. I decided to start crying right away and beat everybody to it. Believe me it was only a minute with her staring at me and I was sobbing. I was taken by the hand and led to the living room and seated on the couch. She left to get us something to drink, then returned and sat right next to me. I was handed my drink, then through waves of tears sliding down my cheeks I told her everything. I was comforted some, but even she was withholding her affections some. Of course my mind started working overtime, she was going to kick me out leaving me in a low paying job, an apartment I can’t afford and without anyone to comfort me and love me. I was surprised at the last part of that, love me, a phrase never used in connection with my name ever. Well, my new name.

She pulled back some away from me, my heart almost stopping. Oh gawd not now, please not now. She made me face her, even holding my head some so I had to look at her. “Now you know what a female goes through every day. Will she do okay at her job, will her appearance be satisfactory, her appearance so much more important than a male’s look. Will she meet someone to help her get through life or will she be single and lonely forever. Will her new boss be supportive or will they just find more things wrong with what she does. Now add in a young male’s changes to the dress code, making life even more difficult for her. I think you are beginning to see what it is like to be on the other side.”

“You need to forget the past, you are just a female trying to make a living in this cold hard world. Do the best that you can at what you are assigned, forget the dress code and live the female life enthusiastically. You are a lowly sales associate in women’s wear, a starting point for you. Learn from the new employee classes, something new during each class. Apply it to your job and maybe just maybe you can come out of this on top. I will wait patiently for what is buried deep inside of you for a few weeks, then if you continue on your self-destruction we will have to part. I still have feelings for you, but can’t see you throwing everything away for something that you think you want. Now we are going to fix dinner together, eat it and clean the kitchen then we are going to cuddle on the couch until you get sleepy. Tomorrow is a big day for you, you need your beauty sleep then I will tuck you in and give you a kiss on the cheek. No more delicious kisses until you face reality and your future.

It was after I ended up in bed before all she had told me finally sunk in. I guess I was living a dream, a male’s dream, thinking that I was better than everybody, put on some female clothes spend a month doing that and then return to my job as if nothing happened. Well it all got knocked out of me, now I am a sales associate, with no immediate future. Not enough pay to sustain my former life, and on probation with someone that cares for me. I made several decisions that night, the first canceling my lease on my old apartment. I debated about picking up my male clothes, but really didn’t have the time or resources to get them to Cassie’s apartment. I figured I could clean the apartment on Sunday, my day off, throwing out my male things, only a few kitchen things making the trip to Cassies.

To my utter delight Cassie came with me, making the job go twice as fast. A neighbor at the apartment complex, took my male clothes, thus after we finished cleaning two boxes of kitchen items is all we brought back to the apartment. As I thought about it later, I could have dressed again as a male and got another job in town as one, maybe escaping some of this. It never occurred to me, I knew if I could make it through the next few months I would have a job here, even though it was as a female. The pay also never really entered my mind, I think sub-consciously being with Cassie was what was steering my decisions.

I prepared for work every day with considerable effort. I checked my hem, the amount of cleavage showing, my jewelry, nails and my shoes before I ever left the bedroom. On Saturday night I was thrilled, a whole week with no infractions against my name. All during the week I applied myself enthusiastically to every job I was assigned. Later in the week I was handling customers for the first time showing them where they could find what they were asking for plus other possible combinations that they could coordinate with their selections.

I did see Jennifer around some, she was cordial to me but not overly friendly. One of her secretaries got promoted to my old position, they did make some changes in the dress code I had written making all concerned happy. I worked my way up in ladies wear, now the assistant department manager. My sales figures were always top notched, even surpassing the department manager during most weeks. Then three months after my assignment to the ladies wear department I was called to the executive offices, specifically the CEO’ office.

As I entered the office, I noticed who was waiting for me. Jennifer sitting to the side of the desk, the CEO behind the desk and Cassie to the other side of the desk. This can’t be good for me. I was told to sit in the chair in front of the desk and a huge file on the CEO’s desk was opened. I presume it is my file. Every item in it was gone over by the three ladies, even Cassie getting involved in some of the discussions. I wasn’t really ridiculed just reminded of every instance and what had happened. Then Sharon the CEO asked what should be done with me.

All she received from me in response was Huh. Jennifer suggested that I might be used to fill the ladies wear department manager position that is soon to be vacant. The other two vetoed that proposal. Then Cassie suggested that maybe I could be utilized back in personnel, Millie has learned a lot since she was assigned there last time. Jennifer and Sharon said no, rather emphatically. I was almost in tears, nothing showing yet, but right on the verge. Sharon cleared her throat, looked over at Cassie, saying it is all up to you. Whatever you decide that will be fine with us. I looked over at Cassie, a look of hope on my face.

Wait a minute, what has Cassie got to do with my future here at work? I stared at her, trying to figure out what is going on here. I started to get up from my chair, maybe I need to get some fresh air.

“Millicent you need to sit back down and listen. Do you know my last name?” I shook my head no as I sat back down. “It is Henley, does that have any significance with you? Again another head shake no. Then it dawned on me the company name is Henley’s, that can’t be. Is she the daughter of the founder, known throughout the company as C. Henley? I stayed with her, I kissed her, cuddled with her, oh gawd how dumb can I be? Don’t answer that.

Cassie smiled at my realization, then spoke of where I will be working now. “I think I will have Millicent working in purchasing for a while. Hopefully she has learned what sells and what items we need more of. Then when she has placed her orders she can be my executive assistant, handling all matters that pertain to company operations. When Sharon retires later in the year she can be the new CEO. I will personally see that she complies with the company dress code. We have had trouble with her in the past on that same topic.” Does anybody here have any objections to that line of thinking? Jennifer and Sharon were quiet, but I raised my hand. Cassie looked at me, put down that hand Millicent, your opinion does not count.

Everybody got up and left, Cassie taking my hand and dragging me after her. Through a door, and into an even more lush office. I was pushed up on her desk, laid back and kissed like never before. I put my arms up around her neck and pulled tight, not ever wanting to let Cassie get away.

It turned out the whole mess was staged to get me experience in areas I had no knowledge of. The write-ups even to make me feel like one of the lowly sales associates to experience some of the things they go through and are subjected to every day. Cassie was the mastermind behind most of it, but I understand Jennifer had quite a bit of influence in things. I did progress, eventually taking over for Sharon when she retired. A year later Cassie and I married, it is a family owned business you know.

I never forgot that dress code, often going back and re-living some of the things I experienced. Yep, living the dress code was a very fortunate occurrence in my life. It did change me in other ways too. I remained committed to the dress code, still do adhere to it explicitly. How can you require your employees to dress accordingly when the boss doesn’t, besides I feel so uncomfortable in male clothes anymore.

The final reason for dressing as a female is that Cassie would have me committed if I appeared dressed as anything else. I have easily adjusted to that line of thinking, gorgeous clothes, beautiful lingerie and the love of my soulmate, what more could a gurl like me want?

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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