Katrina; With A Twist Of A Lipstick

I was out shopping at my local mall, just finishing with the anchor store near where I parked. I wanted something to nibble on and was on my way to the food court. I noticed a large crowd up ahead, more than is usually congregated around the food court. As I approached, it seemed to be one of those survey groups, a lot of young people carrying clipboards actively engaged with customers of the mall as they shopped.

What caught my attention, the most was one of the group who appeared to be a male, had on bright pink lipstick. I slowed up and watched the goings on from a distance. Apparently I was not far enough away from the group, as one of the young ladies found me and asked if she could talk to me for a minute. I nodded and she went into her spiel.

“My name is Sandy, we are doing some gender research in conjunction with our psychology courses in college. If a male embraced one item of a cosmetic nature, what effect would it have on his psyche and his interaction with friends and family? The Turnabout Gurl Salon is funding this study, any participants will receive a cash reward every day they stay in the study. Those rewards are quite significant, but we can only divulge them to active participants. The cosmetic item is bright pink lipstick, would you be interested in learning more about our research?”

I looked again at the presumably male researcher and his bright pink lips further down the mall. He wasn’t getting laughed at, although there was some giggling from some teenage females. I decided to find out more, so I nodded my head in the affirmative. For someone who is fairly outspoken, I suddenly found myself tongue tied in this instance and very bashful. I also was wondering why I had asked for more info, was I even considering wearing lipstick.

Sandy continued. “After we get your personal info, you will be given a tube of lipstick, a compact mirror so that you can touch up your lips as necessary and a small handbag to carry them around with. You can use your pockets if you wish to carry the items, but there is an extra payout if you use their small purse. We will randomly check your appearance during the day, at your work, or at home, or while you shop. This is done with your phone as you take a selfie and send it to the number calling. It has to be done right away, so there is no chance to put the lipstick on after receiving the call. You are asked to freshen up your lipstick at least once every two hours, to keep your lipstick fresh and to keep your lips from drying out. The only time you can be without it is at night while you sleep. We will furnish makeup wipes to remove it in the evening. The study is for four weeks, a personal appearance required at the conclusion of the study to fill out our questionnaire and answer questions from the researchers.”

“The financial reward is deposited directly to your bank account daily after successful check-ins. Other than the initial check-in, the money will be deposited after the last check-in of the day. Would you like to sign up, you can quit anytime, the rewards will stop however when you don’t check-in appropriately?”

Again, I looked at the young male ahead of me, he was talking to a couple at the time, the girlfriend giggling a little. I wonder what Renee will say if I signed up. Girlfriend and boyfriend for two years now, both of us content to just enjoy each other’s company leaving anything more for later in our relationship. We do spend a lot of time together, movies, eating out and some shopping from time to time. She might be embarrassed if I showed up wearing lipstick when we go out. When not engaged in the former, we are at one of our apartments doing things together or just cuddling. Today she has an interview for a new job, so I am on my own for the majority of the day.

What the hell I might as well, a little extra cash always comes in handy. I had heard of the Turnabout Gurl Salon, in the electronic newsletter I receive about up and coming businesses. All the experts expected great things from them, their accomplishments so far nothing short of fantastic. I agreed to sign up, actually managing to speak those words. I may have spoken them, but Sandy had to ask me to repeat them, since I was barely whispering. I took a lot of effort to get those words out the second time, the prospect of me wearing bright pink lipstick unnerving. Who would have thought that even possible.

She led me over to a table in the food court, helping me to fill out the application and the research agreement. It was straight forward, no legal hocus pocus. I smiled when I saw the amount of the rewards, twenty bucks a check-in, ten extra a day if I used their bag. As I was filling out the application, she retrieved a small bag from her purse, then pulled out the lipstick and the compact mirror, laying them on the table. I swallowed, apparently something now stuck in my throat. They expect me to do this now, right here in the mall food court. Are they crazy, I just managed to agree to this and they want me to put the lipstick on now?

She looked over everything, making sure all was filled out properly, then handed me the lipstick. I swallowed again, gawd how am I going to be able to do this. She explained how to do it, I was shaking like a leaf, the application not that great, half of it smeared over my lips and the surrounding skin. I was then handed a makeup wipe, so I could clean it off and reapply it since my first attempt was an unqualified disaster. Sandy was doing everything she could not to break out laughing, I smiled and told her to go ahead, I am sure that this will not be the last time I am laughed at in the oncoming days.

Holding the mirror in one hand and the lipstick in the other was awkward, but I managed to get the hang of it. This time I managed to stay within the lines, a smile appearing on her face. She snapped a picture of me, sending it somewhere. I was shown her phone, my picture still on the screen. I started to laugh, it was definitely not a snapshot of a male, but far from a female too. The pink lips definitely muted some of the difference between the genders, but I kind of liked the look, I even smiled at how my lips looked with the pink lipstick reflecting back.

My phone rang and I retrieved it to see that twenty dollars had been deposited into my bank account, a smile coming to my new colored lips. The call not an unexpected one, since I usually received a call from my bank notifying me of activity, either deposits or withdrawals. Then she handed me copies of my application and the research agreement, something I was not expecting. It seems everything is handled in a very professional manner. Then she slipped the lipstick back in the bag and handed it to me. Let’s face it, though they referred to it as a bag it was undoubtedly a small purse with a shoulder strap. I slipped it onto my shoulder, a huge sigh escaping my lips.

I got a hug from her as she went back to her work. I continued to the other side of the food court to get my food, now not as interested in the young male sporting lipstick, since I was similarly attired. I made quick glances as I walked looking for people staring at me. I received a few looks, but nothing more. I got my tacos and a drink from the Mexican food place, the clerk looked at my face but said nothing about my lipstick. I did see a smirk surface as I left the counter though. I found a table to sit at to enjoy my meal. I could taste the wetness of my lipstick as I ran my tongue over my lips. There was no difference in the taste of my food, but there were lip prints on my drinking cup. I chuckled a little that was a sight I never expected to see on one of my cups, I presume something I will see a lot more of in the future.

I finished my tacos, sipping my tea until it was empty. I placed the thin strap of my new purse over my shoulder, the same as I had seen Renee do countless times. Then I remembered that she always fixed her lipstick after eating. I sat back down, removing the lipstick and mirror and reapplied my lip color. Gee, less than an hour, and I seemed to be falling into the habit of makeup repair. Satisfied that I looked presentable, I headed for my car, my interest in shopping now postponed till another day. I did notice several more males similarly attired, their pink lips making them standout in the crowd. At least, it seemed I was not the only one to sign up. Unfortunately they looked like a male wearing lipstick, where mine looked like it was on a female that possessed some tomboyish tendencies.

As I was driving home, I got a text message from Renee wanting me to come by her place. Yes, I did pull over to read the text message, the fine for cell phone usage in our town while driving now one hundred dollars per occurrence. An expense I could do without and especially with pink lips while the officer was writing out the ticket. That thought brought a chuckle when I thought of being pulled over for using my cell phone while driving and the officer seeing me with pink kissable lips. I blushed at the thought, my face a darker shade of red in the rear view mirror. Nope don’t go there, less than thirty minutes and I was already showing signs of mental instability.

I debated trying to put it off, but decided I might as well face the consequences. I made the trip to her apartment I parked in her drive and walked up to her unit, my new purse’s strap over my right shoulder. Why I didn’t leave my purse in the car will remain a mystery forever. The door suddenly opened and Renee smiled as she took in my appearance. At least, there was no yelling or screaming yet.

“You look so delicious, I could just eat you up. You have to tell me the name of that lipstick, I may have to get one for myself.” She had closed the distance between us, taking me in her arms and squeezing the life out of me. Meanwhile her lips were locked on mine, her tongue checking out my oral cavity. It was so erotic, my male thingy already rising to the occasion. Renee noticed as she rubbed her palm over my groin, a quick squeeze, then grabbed my wrist and I am dragged into her living room.

For the next twenty minutes, I just let her check me out, being this submissive is new to me, but the sensations from her ministrations are quickly bringing me to a feverish high. I actually moaned a little, surprising me as much as it did her. I laid my head on her shoulder, she would nibble on me, ears and neck first, then when I faced her, my lips, as she continued to check me out. She had lifted my shirt at one time, I presume to see if I had suddenly obtained some little breasts, when she found none, I received a pinch on each nipple.

Of course, I had to eventually tell her about what happened, how I had signed up for this study. I cautiously told her it was for four weeks, fearing that may upset her. Her next statement proved how wrong I was. “Well, as far as I am concerned, I doubt you will ever not be wearing lipstick in the future.” My planned protest died in my mouth as another long sensuous kiss was laid on me. By the time that was over, I had forgotten what I was going to say. Previous kisses from Renee have never been as intense and sensuous as the ones I am receiving today.

Renee got up and straightened her clothes, decided she was hungry and dragged me to her bathroom. I had to remove my lipstick, since most of it was smeared all over my face again. One of Renee’s makeup wipes performed the trick. I reapplied it twice, since Renee wanted two coats on my lips. She touched up her makeup, then grabbed a brush to fix her hair. As she was brushing her hair, she was looking my way. I backed up a couple of steps, running into the door behind me. My hand was grabbed and I was pulled forward, then sat on the commode lid. She started brushing my hair after she had removed my ponytail. She spent at least fifteen minutes brushing it, then some hairspray and we were ready.

As I was pushed past the mirror, I saw my image, gone was most of my masculinity. I now looked like a female, my brushed hair laying softly on my shoulders several wisps arching across my forehead. For some reason, I was holding on to my new purse like it was something special now as we walked out of the apartment. The strap is on my shoulder with my right hand holding it at my side. It suddenly seemed important to me, a necessity to have to go anywhere or do anything.

Renee stopped at the front door, taking my wallet and keys she had removed from my pants and handed them to me. She had me put most of the items in my wallet in my purse, my keys were handled in the same way. She locked the door behind her and we got into her car. The click of the lock did sound much louder and somewhat final as we left the house. She told me where to drive to, a very upscale restaurant on the other side of the town. She kept up a steady stream of chatter as I headed in that direction. I parked next to the restaurant and we made our way to the entrance. The doorman getting the door for us, my face turning instant red. His salutation of ‘good evening ladies’ only added more color to the fire. The Maitre’D seated us, pulling out the chairs for both of us.

I was extremely quiet as all of this transpired. Then stupid me, opened my purse and took out my compact to check my lipstick. I am not sure why I did it, maybe nerves. I was indeed very nervous, feeling like I was on display a male wearing lipstick. Renee lost it then, laughing and giggling at my actions. I was sure there was no blood anywhere below my waist since all of it was up crammed in my head. The waitress handed us menus, took our drink orders and left. I did manage to calm down a little, my face no longer dark red, more of a light pink. Incidentally my lipstick still looked good, not needing any repair at this time.

When the waitress brought back our drinks we ordered our meals. Meanwhile Renee wanted to know what I was going to do concerning my job. “Truthfully I am not sure, I think I will be alright, but there are a lot of good ole boys in the sales force; I might not escape some severe ridicule.” My job, a salesman for a local distributor of business supplies. Renee seemed to be thinking of something since she was lost in thought, but did not reply.

Our meals were brought out, today they seemed to be especially tasty. I ordered one of their large salads with seared chicken chunks while Renee got their petite sirloin. After we finished our meals, I checked my lipstick, some giggling from my companion, but I ignored it since she was checking hers too. She took out her cell phone and made a couple of calls. When she is on the phone she talks very softly, so I only was able to hear a few words. I did hear that we would be right over. I hope I will survive whatever she is arranging. The second call was to her salon, I just presumed she wanted an appointment for her hair next week. Both calls didn’t take long, by the time I had paid the check she was ready to go.

Trying to pay the bill I did fumble in my purse trying to get my credit card out of the plastic holder it had been in while in my wallet, since the space in the purse is limited. The plastic holder being almost the same size of the opening required most of my effort getting it out. Let’s just say I was glad when my receipt was handed to me and we left. Renee asked for the keys since she wanted to drive. Again, another extraction, at least they were easier to retrieve from my purse. I sat in the passenger seat and without thinking, the first thing I did was to pull down the visor so I could check my lipstick. It was like I was another person, one that was quite concerned about her appearance. I said her, with pink lipstick on my lips there was very little masculine visible. Add in the brushed hair lying on my shoulders and you have a recently converted female. Giggles from the driver side filled the interior of the car, Renee definitely enjoying my antics.

We entered a subdivision, then went another couple of blocks. She pulled into a drive in front of a two story colonial home. She told me to wait as she walked up to the door. I heard her talking, then she and another lady made their way back to the car.

As I saw them approach, “Oh my gawd, my boss!” I squirmed in my seat, but since I had my seat belt on, I wasn’t able to do much. Ms. Sharp came around to my side of the car and opened my door. She leaned in and gave me a hug, then turned back to Renee. “I see what you mean, yes, what you suggested will be fine. I will move Katrina into my office, my PA is going on vacation, so this will work out fine. It will save the company the expense of a temp.” She turned back to me smiling. “I will see you tomorrow, Katrina, have a nice evening. Incidentally your lipstick looks quite nice, a definite improvement over your previous looks.”

Wait a minute, Katrina, where did that come from and what are we doing at my boss’s home? Renee got back in and drove back across town near the large mall. In one of the surrounding smaller shopping centers, she pulled in and drove to the back of the center stopping in front of a beauty salon. It took me a few moments to figure out why we were here, then to add why we had gone to my boss’s home? According to Renee, I am just expanding my feminine presentation a little to help ease the stress of the next week.

I panicked, not expecting any of this. Suddenly my mind was filled with what they were going to do to me to expand my feminine presentation. I really had no idea what a female has done to her in a beauty salon, but was not interested in finding out either.

“No Renee, not this! I will quit the study, I should have never agreed to it in the first place. Please let’s just go back to the way we were before I lost my mind. Please, take me home.”

She pulled me closer, and hugged me tight to her body. She forced my head to her shoulder, laying it so that I was looking straight at her face. “No, it is too late for that now, I have already seen the you that should have been, so we are doing this now. If after a couple of weeks you still want to return to how you were before, I will back away, but most likely will break off any relationship we might have had. After seeing the real you, I don’t want to settle for some male imitation. Look, why don’t we try this for one week, then we will stop and talk about it. How can you turn down something you have not yet experienced?”

I just sat there staring at her face. If only I had not stopped at the mall, this would have never happened. She kissed my forehead, not wanting to mess up my lipstick, then slid out and came around and opened my door. She reached for my hand, then pulled me out of the car. Another kiss and I was led inside. We were greeted by a technician then taken to a room at the back of the salon. She looked at the appointment request, then gathered up some forms and laid them on the table. Everything was explained to me carefully, although my mind was not focused on what she was saying. I had no idea what was told me, my mind apparently still in lock down.

A pen was handed to me, and I was asked to sign each treatment form. I took a large breath and signed each form, then copies were given to me. Renee took them and placed them in her purse and kissed me passionately, then left. I felt suddenly alone, more than I have ever felt before. The tech helped me undress, then lay back on the table. I just stared at the ceiling trying to figure out what is going on. Then in the middle of those thoughts, I wondered if my lipstick still looked fresh and inviting. Maybe there is more to this then is on the surface. Well, other than the insanity and the OCD part.

Now naked, it was not difficult to coat my body with their cream hair remover, my front side first in the queue. While that was working, my toenails received pink polish after being filed into neat ovals. Actually, many coats of polish, a blow dryer used to dry the nail polish so they could add another coat. Then, I was flipped over, and my back side received the same treatment. While the cream was processing my ears were pierced, two holes in each ear lobe, a dangly earring in the bottom hole and a stud in the top hole. As the cream was wiped off, the exact same thing as when they did the front side, all my body hair came with it. Now with a smooth hair free body, her attention was focused on my hair on top of my head.

Off the table and seated in a chair, on the way to the chair I did receive a skimpy robe to wear, it not covering much but made me feel a little less insecure. The chair was leaned back and my hair was washed and conditioned. Two different conditioners were used, leaving my hair soft and silky. She evened out the cut eliminating any split ends, her words. Then she used a curling iron to give me large soft curls that framed my face fairly well. As the curling iron was wrapped around each section of my hair, a spray was added to keep from damaging the hair. As another tech approached with a huge smile on her face holding two boxes in her hands, I was fearful of what was next. The chair was leaned back once more, and two good sized blobs of silicone were glued to my chest, I was now the owner of two female mammaries. Boobs or breasts in layman’s terms.

My male organ did not escape treatment, glued back between my legs, and a fake vagina glued over the top. I immediately thought of how I was expected to have sex with junior tucked away out of sight. Is this going to make a difference between Renee and me? We had never had sex, content to be just lovers at the moment, but I did have hopes for the future. Those hopes now put off for a while. I know the fact that he was no longer there made me feel insecure and vulnerable all of a sudden.

Some clothes were brought in, and I was helped in getting dressed. I kept looking at my pile of clothes that I wore here, but was told they would no longer fit, hence the need for female clothing. At the time, I did not know all the names, I have heard of panties and bras of course, but none of the others. All I know for sure, is the feeling of them on my smooth sensitive skin was about to undo me. Quick glances in the mirror showed that the male image I came in with is now missing.

Whatever they were called it sure beat sitting there naked. Well there was the robe, if you consider that being covered. Being naked, or nearly so, in a beauty salon was in itself a very weird feeling. The dress was last, a sweater dress to be specific. It conformed to my body, especially my breasts and hips, hugging my body giving the illusion of a female figure. The breast forms on the top and the padded garment on my hips helped to fill out the female figure. The dress was lined with a silky fabric, each movement of my body causing the dress to slide over my bare skin causing a flood of sensations to assault my mind. Underneath the dress we have the band of the bra around my chest hugging my body, confining yet comforting with the panties while very brief, barely covering my newly acquired vacant groin, another silky fabric doing delicious things to me.

Long nails were the next item to be added to my body, now my hands looked so delicate and thin. The nails extended past my fingertips by at least a half inch, coated in the same pink polish as my toes, multiple coats to protect the nails and enhance the color. Of course the polish matched my lipstick, what do you expect.

My curly locks were adjusted again, and then drowned in hairspray. I was handed another lipstick, in a different color, and a bag of cosmetics for the next week. Also several bags of clothes, I presumed my wardrobe for next week. I took out my mirror, to fix my lipstick and Renee showed up.

A few minutes after she examined me, the lipstick had to come out again, this time I had to use a wipe to remove the smudges before I applied a new coat. At this rate, I will need a new tube before the study ends. If only I had not signed up, all of this would not have happened, and things would still be normal, whatever that is. Incidentally, the salon that worked on me is the same one supporting the study, the Turnabout Gurl Salon.

She did get me to her apartment, since I would need help in the morning before I went to work. That is the excuse she used, but having her play toy all the way across town, was not in the cards, hence, I would stay with her.

She took advantage of the use of her toy, I was played with till the wee hours of the morning, when the alarm did go off, I needed a hot shower to get the blood flowing again so that I would not waste the day at work. Even though I was allowed to take the lipstick off at night, Renee wanted it left on, making my lips so much more inviting, her words.

I dressed in the new clothes and made my way to the bathroom to do something with my hair. I ran a brush through it, the curls reforming again just liked they were originally styled. Then, I applied a fresh coat of lipstick and gathered my purse, and went to my car. Renee was still in bed, some help she was. But she did get her time in with her new play toy last night, a must if you have one lying around.

My mind was still out to lunch on the drive there, but reality did set in as I made my way to my boss’s office. I knocked, and then entered keeping my eyes glued to the floor. This is so embarrassing, dressed as a female and now apparently going to work as one today.

Ms. Sharp smiled at me when I entered. “Katrina you look splendid.” I sat in the chair across from her asking her what I needed to do today. Believe me that is not my only question, but the one that ended up being verbalized. She took the time to show me what I needed to do, basically a secretary’s job. I found some notes from her previous secretary and made changes to Ms. Sharp’s schedule where necessary. I found the job fairly easy, even answering the phone after I had pitched my voice a little higher and softened the volume some. Other than the initial few phone calls before I changed my voice I was treated as a female secretary all day. I did get lots of looks from my former work colleagues, but nobody seemed to make the connection to my male persona.

I got two calls that day, verifying that I was still using the lipstick. I realized, that I had been checking my lipstick hourly, instead of the suggested two hour interval. I did not consciously think about it, it just seemed important to look my best all of the time.

I stepped out to lunch on my own, thinking back a very fearless thing to do. Dressed as a female and new to the job, but still venturing out for lunch at a deli a few blocks from the office. The other office gals suggested the deli, good food, diet friendly and very reasonable in price. Only one of us was allowed lunch at a time so that the offices would have someone there for the phones if necessary.

I was treated just like a real female by the girls, no mention made of how I was dressed or the job I was doing. I am pretty sure they knew who I was, Kat and Katrina too much of a coincidence in names. As a sales rep I had interacted with them on occasion, just not on a regular basis.

It was a long day, but I did manage to survive it with no visible scars for my effort. Mentally I was a wreck, worrying through most of the day as to whether I would be discovered and if I would be able to keep this temporary job.

I made my way back to Renee’s apartment, slipping off my heels as soon as I cleared the door. She was already home, laughing at my action. “Feels good doesn’t it, no matter how long you wear them, it always feels good to slip them off.” She had dinner already prepared, we set down and nibbled on it as we sipped some wine. I, of course, had to tell her everything that happened today, but as I divulged all, I felt better, lots of the things I worried about looking less dramatic then I had envisioned at the time.

Eventually, we ate what we wanted, and I helped her clean up. She looked my way often, then when we had finished putting everything away, she grabbed my hand and held it.

“Now, I have another reason to keep you in skirts and lipstick, that is the first time you have helped me in the kitchen, but it will not be your last, of that I can guarantee. The fact that I didn’t have to show you how to do things is just another nail in your coffin. Face it, you will never be allowed back into the male life, no matter what you do or how long you plead. Katrina is here and not leaving ever! I was not sure how I felt about her statement, but she seemed quite adamant in her desire.

Renee and her play toy had another intense evening, but I did manage to get to sleep before eleven. Believe me I am not complaining. The next morning I had to pry myself loose from her grasp to be able to use the bathroom. The dress for the day required a corset, how convenient, but not for me. With Renee’s help, I managed to get it on and cinched up. Funny she couldn’t get up yesterday to help me with my makeup, but today she was waiting for me, with the corset in her hand. Did I mention she had this huge smile plastered on her face at the time?

All during the day, the corset made its presence known. By quitting time though, it was just another clothing item I was wearing. I guess the body adapts especially if is tightly confined in the garment. Renee’s threat to take up the slack after dinner though, got her a lot of dirty looks from me. Somehow her dirty looks got her a lot more than mine did, hers sending shivers through my body, mine doing absolutely nothing. If anything the smiles on Renee’s face got even bigger the more I engaged in my dirty looks.

I did make it through the week, my tube of lipstick almost half gone, but my bank account almost two hundred dollars richer. It seemed that Renee was serious about me being kept in dresses and lipstick, her wanting to know what my plans were for the following week. My boss’s secretary eloped during her absence so I was offered her job permanently. I wasn’t making as much money as before, but the job was easier and also kept Renee contented, now that I had a job in the female gender.

With the study ending in three weeks I stopped and reflected on my thoughts and experiences. There must have been something in the air that day, for me to even listen to the gal that approached me. I think a normal male would have run screaming at using lipstick, then when Renee took it several steps further, I was a docile and cooperative participant. A most unlikely situation for a card carrying member of the male sex. Now sitting here, in a dress and heels reflecting on my experiences of the last week a smile edged its way over my face. I didn’t dread it, I looked forward to it, each day a chance to experience what I have been missing for years.

It was during the second week of the study when I decided to make a weekly appointment at the salon. I am not sure why, maybe I enjoyed the first appointment more that I let on. After getting my hair washed and set, I asked about false eyelashes. I was okay with the mascara, but looking in the mirror after applying, they just didn’t seem sufficient. The tech explained what they could do, I opted for the individual eyelashes, they sounded the best for the money. I found out that if a made a standing appointment I would get a discount on all of my services. I did so and paid twenty percent less for my eyelashes and the wash and set.

The third week I asked for and received another piercing in my ear, this time a delicate set of hoops. Now I had a set of studs, a set of long dangly earrings that came to mid-neck and my new delicate one inch hoops. I swung my head back and forth some, feeling the dangly earrings swinging against my neck, a delicious feeling.

The four weeks of the survey ended with a final interview at the salon that sponsored all of this. It seemed to take forever to get to me, each participant quizzed extensively. When I entered the interview room I was greeted by five gorgeous ladies. Three were from the university and two from the Turnabout Gurl Salon. The one gal that had signed me up, one of the University group. She had the biggest smile on her face, like she knew when she talked to me at the mall that I was a female at heart.

They made notes on how I was dressed, my additions to the female figure that I had added and the clothes I was wearing. Today it was a skirt and blouse in a light pink. Stockings instead of pantyhose and heels instead of flats. The skirt was a pencil skirt, coming to about mid-thigh. It showed off my long legs to the max, the heels making my calves look most feminine and scrumptious.

They wanted to see the lipstick I was given, even had me turn it out so they could see how much I used of it. It was over three quarters used up, what can I say, I liked the color a lot. The questions were surprisingly in depth, several of them made me stop and think about my true feelings, not just what rattled off the tip of my tongue. Then the question I never thought I would be asked, but was.

“Will you continue the use of the lipstick after the study is over?”

Before my mind could respond my mouth answered the question. “Yes. Most likely I will also embrace more femininity, since my girlfriend insists on it.” With that comment I received five wondrous smiles, confirming their theories and thoughts.

“For your help we have a little gift from the Turnabout Gurl Salon if you wish to use it. It is a gift certificate for a total makeover hair, face and body. Also included in this is two thousand dollars in a clothing allowance. We appreciate your participation in our study and with your permission would like to use your experience in a research paper done by the University. Your true name, or any pictures of you will not appear in the paper.”

Some pictures were taken, mostly from the side not showing much of my face. The interview was over and I received hugs from all the ladies in attendance. The last one was Francine, the owner of the salon. She handed me the certificate, then gave me the biggest most caring hug of the group. I returned it with vigor, I felt a part of me that had been hidden was now out and about, basking in the wonderful feelings. She whispered to me that I was not the only one to find myself in the study. You are not alone in this, feel free to come by anytime to partake of our services or to just talk.

Renee was waiting for me, made the appropriate gropes and kisses and then dragged me off. She was taking me to dinner, a little bistro downtown. It was quiet since it was already mid-afternoon. We ordered and she made me tell her every word and nuance of the interview. I doubt a professional interrogator could have pried out more information than her. As soon as she heard about the certificate and clothing allowance she was on my lap. Twisting and turning her tush to drive me crazy. Since junior was still tucked away, it was pure misery.

I did find out during the study if stimulated enough junior would erupt even if secured under his cover. When Renee continued her onslaught on my lap and reached inside my blouse to massage my nipples on the breast forms that was it. Who knew breast forms could transmit touch to the person wearing them.

Now I would have to go home with a mess in my panties, probably smeared real good by the time she gets through with her maneuvers on my lap. Such is the life of a female like me. I was hugged and kissed, the waitress having to come back several times waiting for us to return to a normal dining configuration, mainly Renee not sitting in my lap.

The next week she helped me move out of my apartment, I hadn’t used it since the study began. All of my male clothes were given away, seven huge bags full, I was a little teary as we dropped them off at Goodwill, but Renee insisted that I will never be allowed to wear anything masculine again. Dresses and skirts is her preference, although I was allowed one pair of pants, their huge bell bottom cuffs looked like a skirt anyway.

The day that I signed up for the study, Renee did get the job she interviewed for. Since then she has already had a promotion making twice what I make at my secretary’s job. She loves her work, frequently doing extra projects for the CEO of the company.

With regards to my job my boss loves my work, I have even went with her on two separate business trips, earning me compliments on both my work and my appearance. The job is easy, allowing me to get home before Renee to fix dinner for her. Looking back I doubt I would change anything, there is always something that might have been better, but in reality what I have is good enough for me.

I did take Francine up on her offer, I have been fully feminized by the salon, and never regretted any of the changes. The breast forms have been removed and new ones are in place. The new ones were created by a vacuum pump, literally sucked from my own body. They are permanent unless I want them removed, have feeling just like a real breast and when manipulated by Renee I experience the most intense orgasm possible. Junior stays secured behind the false vagina, our sex life is very fulfilling, not needing my pathetic penis to make love. We sometimes use a dildo when we are frisky, a more than pleasant way to spend a few hours. I enjoy it as well as she does, being full and the stroking a most pleasant way to spend an afternoon, evening or night.

As you can tell Renee and I make love as two females, a most satisfying way to show our love for each other. I still use that flavor of lipstick, now on my fifth tube of it. I have to think of it as my lucky lipstick, everything about it and its use has been lucky for me. Even Renee uses the same lipstick, when we kiss now no way to tell who messed up the other’s lipstick.

Even though my job is not difficult, I stayed in my job, when my boss retires next month I will step in to fill her shoes. Nobody ever connected the male me with Katrina, I have even been a bridesmaid for one of the other office girls when she got married.

Renee has done well, making frequent stock purchases of her company’s stock. The current CEO made some bad moves, almost sending the company into bankruptcy. Renee was there at the right time, buying a large share of stock when it was valued at next to nothing. The CEO resigned, there was a shakeup company wide, after the dust settled Renee had fifty-one percent of the stock, and controlling interest. She made more sweeping changes, and within two months the company started to pull out of the slump. Now a year later, she is CEO of a million dollar business, leaving us with no more worries about our financial future. I stayed working although I didn’t have to anymore, it keeps me occupied, and gives me time to plan little surprises for my significant other. So glad it all started with a twist of a lipstick.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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