Jan; A Loving Sacrifice

Paula was just getting home from classes, this being Wednesday her last class of the day was not until four P.M. By the time she caught the bus and suffered through the forty minute ride she was usually fit to be tied. I managed to get out of class early on Wednesday, hustling home to make something for dinner. If I guessed right her mood would slowly change and by the time dinner was consumed she would be back to her lovable self. I had already dodged the bullet for two months, three more months and she would be done with the class and maybe things could return to a more normal existence.

The dreaded class was business management. Now that by itself would not be that bad, it was the teacher that made Paula hate the class. Unfortunately, the teacher was my ex-girlfriends father. I use the word girlfriend reluctantly. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend, just a date between a male and a female, one lousy date. The relationship never had a chance to start with, after fifteen minutes of our one and only date there was no doubt in my mind as to anything compatible between us.

Julie, the girl in question, though was desperate and hung on trying to make something of nothing. I had arranged to take her to dinner, which I did and then a movie, then took her straight home. I received a kiss on the lips, but I pushed her away and left soon thereafter. I never called her back and for a week there was no communication from her. During that time Paula and I had our second date, a much more amicable arrangement actually one that I looked forward to continuing.

Well, Julie blamed Paula for the breakup between us, geez there was only one date and we didn’t do anything. Never the less Paula received all the blame. Then suddenly we found out that Julie was pregnant. Not directly but from a mutual acquaintance. A few days later, Julie called telling me that I was the father of her yet to be born child. Kind of hard to get a female pregnant without touching her, but the accusation was still there.

I wanted to let the whole situation fade away, I knew Julie could not prove anything so I just ignored her. At no time during our date were we alone, the restaurant and the movie theater had lots of people, so sex was definitely not possible. I used Uber, so even on the ride to the restaurant and back to her apartment there was always someone else present.

Her Father came to my apartment one day, wanting to talk to me. I did talk to him, but never let him past the apartment door. He asked if I had intercourse with Julie, of which I strongly denied. If he didn’t want to believe me I offered to take a paternity test, but if I did I wanted the truth to be told to everyone and made public. I told him what happened on our one time date, and he left shortly thereafter. Once Paula heard of his visit she went bonkers. The nerve of Julie to lie to her father accusing me of being the baby’s father.

It did die a slow death, Julie ended up getting an abortion a few weeks later and we heard no more from the father or Julie. Then when Paula signed up for her next semester classes she found out that her business management professor was Julie’s father. The first class went okay, introductions being made and a schedule of topics to be discussed in the next few weeks. On the second class, things changed. Paula was called up in front of the class and ridiculed for not being prepared for class. She was being ridiculed for things she didn’t even know were assigned. This happened three times more in the next few class meetings.

Paula tried the obvious, trying to switch classes to get away from him. No luck there he was the only one teaching that class this semester. She went to the admission office and spoke to one of the counselors mentioning what was happening in the class. Unfortunately the professor had tenure, and it would take more than what he was doing to her to get him removed. A record of the complaint was placed in his file, there it would remain until something more could be added to it. As far as Paula knew she was the only one being picked on, so there seemed to be little hope of anything changing in the near future. To take the next classes in her curriculum Paula had to have passed this class first, so she was stuck.

I decided to intervene, but privately knowing that Paula would be livid if she knew that I had got in the middle of it. I approached the professor after his last class on Tuesday, wanting to talk to him. He refused at first, but I persisted and he finally set down and I confronted him with what he was doing to Paula. I got a smile from him, that letting me know that he was doing this on purpose to hurt us. I was never given a reason for his behavior, just that Paula needs to be better prepared for class. Finally I asked him what I had to do to get him to treat Paula like a regular student. He hemmed and hawed, but finally told me that would be up to Julie. It would be something to humiliate me like Julie was humiliated when she had to have an abortion.

I was ready to unleash on him when I came to the realization that nothing I would say would be taken seriously or even listened to. He was believing his daughter’s lies without question, nothing anybody else said would change what he was being told by his daughter.

I asked him to confront Julie and find out what I would have to do to get him to back off. I wanted any agreement between us to be in writing and notarized. That way if he reneged on the deal I could sue his butt off. Thinking back that was a poor choice of words since I had not been told what I had to do yet. We agreed to meet on Thursday after his last class and we could discuss what Julie wanted me to do.

Those were the longest two days, I am sure he was extra mean to Paula on Wednesday to make sure I understood what he could do if I didn’t agree. Finally, Thursday arrived and I was waiting in his office when he returned from class. He had a large smile on his face as he sat behind his desk. He started the conversation with what Julie wanted from me.

I was to obtain a set of fake fingernails for myself, at least an inch past my fingertips. They were to be kept polished in a deep red or burgundy color at all times and never covered up. To make sure I complied fully to this arrangement I was to transfer to one of his classes each day so that he could check on my compliance. The nails were not to be the stick on ones but permanent ones that could not be taken off easily. If I was ever caught without them, the deal was off and he would make sure Paula failed the class. Julie was to come with me to get them applied, to make sure they were the proper kind and the polish was sufficiently bright and showy. After that there would be no further contact between Julie and I since Julie was transferring to another college out of state where she was not known.

I took my laptop out and typed the agreement that we had just discussed into it then sent it to my lawyer. She made a couple of changes then sent it back to me. I noticed the professor take a couple of hard swallows, this maybe not quite how he thought today would proceed. I looked over the changes then showed the agreement to the professor. He approved and I sent it to his printer having three copies made. I stepped out to his secretary, actually a secretary for several of the professors to ask her to witness the signatures. I had checked and she was also a notary, so I had her notarize the copies after we both signed the agreement. Once that was done I handed the professor a copy, put one in my wallet and forwarded the other to my lawyer. The professor stood there open mouthed as I scanned the document in and hit send.

I turned to him and asked him when and where I was to get the nails. They had decided to leave the choice up to me, I would have to make the arrangements myself, and then let Julie know when to show up. In the time prior to this I had thought long and hard, making me do something feminine might be the only way for her to humiliate me some. I was well liked around campus and had quite a few friends.

They thought I would be embarrassed having to make the appointment myself. I had heard of a salon I wanted to use, and today seemed to be as good a time as any. The salon was recommended by a fellow classmate, it was one she used often, and had told me about their other clientele.

I had him call Julie and ask if she was available. She was and I told her where to come to, I would be waiting for her. I am sure this is not what they visualized when this was thought up, but if I have to do this to give Paula some peace then it will be on my terms, at least some of them.

I called Paula telling her I would be late tonight, I was getting my nails done, but I would bring some take out with me when I returned. Silence on the other end of the phone so I told her I loved her and hung up. She now knows what is going on, no secrets and that I love her. I did receive a text a few minutes later. Nails done? I didn’t respond, now she has something to occupy her time till I get home.

I arrived at the salon early wanting to get everything set up before Julie got here. The sooner she left and got out of my life the happier I would be. Everything was signed and agreed to, my signature on the salon agreements already. As I was waiting for Julie I knew I had missed the easiest and most effective method to handle Julie’s father. All I had to do was record the conversation and then give it the schools administration, but no stupid me did everything the hard way. I wonder now if a IQ score I was given back in high school was real or just a number written on a piece of paper.

Julie showed up, extremely nervous but with that smug look on her face. I had the tech explain what was available and let Julie pick what she wanted. Of course, she picked the most feminine colors even some nail art to be added to each fingernail. She wanted the longest extensions used and they had to be permanent. What she chose was indeed permanent, staying on until the original nail grew out. I was aware of that choice, and assumed she would pick that one. Gel polish was to be used, each coat set under UV lights to make it bond with the nail. It would take soaking in acetone to get the polish off, a several hour ordeal.

She sat across from me as the nails were applied, then the polish and finally the dainty nail art. She used her phone to take a picture of my nails to be given to her father so that he could check on my compliance to the deal. Then she walked out, not saying a thing to me. I am sure I didn’t suffer enough for her, so she was not that happy. Never the less I had long feminine nails for at least the next year. I paid the bill and made my first appointment for a week later to make sure they would always be picture perfect.

Since it was early in the semester I still could transfer to other classes, so I looked up the other classes the professor taught and made the transfer to one of his classes each day. It fouled up what I wanted to achieve for the semester, I would essentially have to take the semester over again to get any requirements out of the way for me to advance in my curriculum.

I stopped by the mall, to a little Chinese place we frequently used and got a few of our favorites, then made my way home. I did receive some curious glances, the cashier who we knew from previous visits complimented me on the beautiful nails. Incidentally home is my apartment, now our apartment since Paula moved in a couple of weeks ago. I took a big breath and entered the apartment. I managed to get to the kitchen before I was accosted. Of course, she grabbed my hand, then quickly the other to see if it was the same. She was quiet for a minute, then leaned into to me pressing her lips firmly against mine. We stayed lip locked for several minutes, her tongue often making little excursions in my mouth.

Then like nothing was unusual she grabbed the food and started setting out the containers on the kitchen bar, where we usually ate at. She got the iced tea from the refrigerator and poured us two glasses. She sat on her bar stool, took a bite and savored the taste before she dropped her bombshell. “Is this what you have to do to get Julie’s father to back off?”

My mouth suddenly opened wide, how did she figure this all out. I never did get an audible answer out, just nodded my head in the affirmative. Her next statement also was surprising. “Well then I will have to thank Julie in person before she leaves.” She had also heard through one of her girlfriends that Julie was transferring to an out of state school.

My one word response. Huh. Paula turned my way and told me to eat the food it is getting cold. That was it for the discussion at least for now. One frustrated and confused male who tried to do the right thing to make things better for my loved one, now totally lost in this world. On the next bite I looked at my nails, they were already making life difficult, everything I did will have to be re-learned since nails this long are not easy to adapt to. At this moment they were making life difficult as I tried to grab my fork and get some of the food to my mouth. They did look pretty, the bright red polish making them stand out, I am sure no one will miss seeing them, absolutely no one.

It took me twice as long to feed myself, Paula at the end came over and fed me bites of food, a kiss in between every bite. She felt sorry for me, watching as I struggled with such a simple task. Then she tied an apron around my waist and told me to get busy washing the dishes. Since it was take out, there were only a few dishes. I wondered why I had been appointed dish washer, but due to my look of puzzlement she informed me that long nails are female related, since I am identifying as female now I get to wash the dishes. That also means you can help with the laundry, the vacuuming and the grocery shopping. I was facing her staring at her, with my hands on my hips trying to pout some to get some sympathy. All I got was some giggling from her. She suggested I work on my pout, although barely adequate it needs some fine tuning, That said as she put the left over food in the refrigerator ignoring my behavior totally.

I was helped off with the apron, then dragged to the bedroom. My clothes were removed, then one of her nighties was slid over my head. I took a deep breath as it slid down my body, the effect it was having on me was so erotic. Then she took one of my hands and sucked on each finger, each finger ending up wet and slurpy as she performed the task. By the time she got to my pinkie, I was about to explode. She pulled back, looked at the tent under the nightie, then threw back the nightie and took all of my male organ into her mouth in one huge gulp. I came so hard I passed out. She was lying next to me as I re-entered the world, a smirk on her face that was so evil.

To my surprise there was nothing more said about my long feminine nails. The next day I started attending the professor’s classes, one each day of the week. I ended up in the same class as Paula, not by choice, but never the less I was there. The professor didn’t pick on me as he had Paula, but every day I was up in front of the class reading something or part of a discussion. That way my nails were constantly on display. I was kidded a lot, but after everyone saw that the nails were an everyday occurrence, talk about them tapered off. At least, he held to the agreement and Paula was no longer ridiculed.

Then the professor upped the stakes in the game he was playing with me. Somehow he got my records changed to show that I was now a female, as far as the school was concerned. It had started on Monday when he called role and I was referred to as Ms. Walker. He called out the name twice, than came up next to me and asked if I was Jan Walker. I nodded my head, then announced to the class that I was to be referred to as Ms. Walker since my school records showed I am a female. None of that was necessary to say in class, he was making sure that everyone knew I was now a female in the eyes of the university.

Immediately after class, I went to registration to speak with them. When they pulled my file I was indeed enrolled as a female, I asked when the change was made, they looked and said my original enrollment was that of a female, my scholarship was one given to female students and my first year classes were mainly female oriented classes. Sure enough the classes I had taken were missing off my transcript, but in their place were mainly female only classes. How he managed to get these changes made I will never know, but my attempts to get the office to reverse those changes were stone walled. Their records showed I had attended the female only classes, and my test scores supported that exact premise.

Then the registrar mentioned that my first year deferment of any P.E. classes did not apply to my sophomore year. Since I had missed signing up for a class this semester, I would have to add one female P.E. class now. I mentioned the obvious fact that I was a male, he looked at my feminine nails, then gave me a smirk. He showed me what was available in P.E, classes and had me choose the two I wanted, one for now and the other for next semester. I tried to put it off, but to keep my scholarship in force he needed to get me enrolled now. This scholarship I wanted no part of, but unfortunately the one that was paying for some of my schooling. My old scholarship now history apparently.

I looked at the choices, then let out a groan. I had four to choose from: beginner’s ballet, ladies gymnastics, advance aerobics, and female figure development. He had a huge smile on his face as I turned every shade of red possible. I threw up my arms and told him to just pick two, not the smartest move on my part, but I hadn’t a clue which to pick. I ended up with female figure development now and ladies gymnastics for next semester. I left the office very depressed, Julie was getting her revenge and she was miles away in another state. Probably laughing, after her father told her what he had arranged.

I also realized that the different courses I supposedly took fouled up my schooling, now all of the pre-requisite classes I had taken meant nothing. Back at the start with five courses in female studies, just as far from my major as can be arranged. It would also affect what courses I could take next semester, now what I had in mind no longer possible since in my records I did not have the pre-requisite classes handled.

The hardest part was telling Paula what had changed later after dinner. She took it all in, then got up, took her phone with her and walked out to our patio after calling a number. She talked for about thirty minutes, then returned to the living room. You have an appointment tomorrow morning at eight, I will write the address down for you. Since it is Saturday plan on being there all day. I will pick you up after they are done and we will go out to eat. Now go take a shower and get naked, I will be there in a few minutes to take care of you. She swatted my butt and pushed me towards the bathroom.

I did as she requested, when I walked naked into the bedroom I was thrown onto the bed and she was on top of me in no time. There I stayed as she spent three hours manipulating every part of my body that she could get to. My nipples were sore and after she wore herself down I raised my head to look at my male apparatus. It was lying there limp and unable to respond in any way. We both fell asleep cuddled next to each other.

I was kissed and groped way too early the next morning, Paula wanted me up and heading to my appointment. I had second thoughts when I pulled up in front of a huge beauty salon. I feared Paula’s reaction if I didn’t go to the appointment more than what they might do to me in the salon. Of course, I had no idea what was discussed or what I would look like when I left the salon. Had I known I might have done things differently, very differently.

As I walked in I was escorted to a private room in the back and asked to remove all my clothes. That done, my tech in this endeavor looked me over than shuffled through some papers on the counter. She took the biggest stack and went through them with me, explaining every part of the treatments I would receive. I was at a disadvantage since I was totally naked, junior was at half mast, I guess some of the things I was told appealed to him as he betrayed me by swelling up some.

I was asked to sign the permission slips, then she would start work. She did confide in me that since I was already registered as a female in college, this will just add authenticity to the records. Now I knew what Paula was thinking, if I am a female in looks, the feminine appearance and what he might do to me would now be of little consequence. Ridiculed in front of the class would be just that not humiliation when I was dressed as a male. If he oversteps his authority, I can file harassment charges against him, being a female in looks and in the eyes of the university my accusations most likely to be believed, since it would be the second complaint in his file.

It might be the best approach, but why do I have to be totally female to do this. From what I was told I would appear as a natural female in all aspects, breasts and groin included. Becky, my tech, gave me a hug, then pushed me back on the table and applied a cream to my front side. Removing my body hair was first on the schedule for the day. I let out a huge sigh, while a tear or two tried to escape from my eyes. The whole thing had me confused and nervous. Will Paula still have anything to do with me, when I look almost like her? I do love her and will do anything I can to support her, but this is maybe a little over the top.

Again I complied, never complaining or just stopping the treatments. I was on the train and it was gaining speed as it left the station. As I had looked before boarding I realized I was on the express, no stops just straight through to the destination. A big sigh, so I just accepted my fate.

Over the next seven hours I experienced many different treatments ranging from having breasts sucked from my chest to having junior glued back between my legs and covered with a very realistic vagina. Also included in the package was pierced ears, arched eyebrows, polish on my toes. Now my fingernails and toes matched. I got hair extensions added to my shoulder length hair, and highlights to make it ultra-feminine. I kind of think Paula went a little overboard, but I was not going to broach the subject with her or the salon.

Then her comment that she needed to thank Julie for picking what she did came back to mind. I wonder what she meant by that. No it couldn’t be that Paula has lesbian tendencies, surely she wouldn’t agree to change me to a female just so that she can indulge her hidden desires. For some reason those thoughts stayed with me during the rest of the treatments. A source of doubt and lots of contemplation in the remaining time at the salon.

I got lessons in applying makeup, and styling my hair in simple feminine styles. Some of the makeup was stains, to make the job of getting my face on every day a little easier. Lipstick, mascara and rouge would be my responsibility though. Then came the worst part at least in my mind, clothes. I was dragged to their boutique and dressed from the skin out. Fourteen different outfits, when mix and matched would give me many different options. I received many pairs of heels, all of them too high in my opinion, but that was the only choices given to me. I was loaded down with the many bags of my new attire when Paula showed up, squealed and then attacked me. I had to drop the bags to try and protect myself, somehow I did not have enough hands to fend off her fiendish attack.

She would take in my appearance then kiss me, turn me around so she could see my back then hug me hard. Her hands were going through my hair, twisting it in her fingers. I tried to protest that she is messing up my new hairdo, but she just ruffled it up some more. Finally after some twenty minutes I was helped to my car, I guess the female me was incapable of getting in my car by myself. Then she followed me home and helped me get out of my car. Again I am apparently the helpless female. Once in the apartment I went to the kitchen to make something for dinner that was after I carried all my bags into the bedroom.

Paula came with me but not to help, sitting on a bar stool and watching every move I make. When I walked by her I was kissed, all the more reason for me to walk by her many more times before I had the meal ready. Right before I put the food on the table I used the bathroom, followed shortly by Paula. She giggled as she came in the room, with me standing in front of the mirror trying to get some lipstick back on my lips. So what does she do after she uses the bathroom, kisses me again making me apply yet another coat, after I had wiped off what she smeared all over my face. She went to the kitchen giggling away, quite content in her behavior.

I was trying to adapt to all the changes, having breasts does take some getting used to. I think I was doing pretty good, now getting ready in the morning only taking me about an hour. Paula was having fun with my dressing, making sure I only had tight and restrictive clothing to wear. She even resorted to getting me a weekly appointment at the salon so that my hair was always curly and perfect. I will have to admit that I grew accustomed to the looks and clothes, now I was doing it more for my benefit than anybody else. In the evening Paula always saw to my care and handling, quite often I would have to plead with her to let me do my homework before the next day.

For the next few weeks classes seemed to be normal, Julie’s father backed off leaving Paula alone and me pretty much the same. I was up in front of the class often, but no ridicule or humiliation. That changed a couple of weeks later, when I was called up in front of the class, his face stern and unforgiving. He berated me in front of the class, telling everybody that I was a male, and that I had gotten his daughter pregnant. I smiled at him, which only made him madder. I did notice that Paula and a couple of the other students were recording it on their phones. That would be all I needed. After he dismissed the class I walked out, heading to the Dean’s office.

I was shown in fairly quickly and told my side of the story. She sent another employee to get the professor and soon he appeared in the office. The dean confronted him and of course he denied everything. During that time one of the other students showed up with the recording of the incident. It was shown to the dean and she suspended him on the spot. I knew Paula was contacting my lawyer sending him a copy of the recording.

I had an idea of what happened, and after a lot of questioning from the dean as to why he had made the statements it came out that Julie was pregnant again, accusing another young male of taking advantage of her. I looked at the professor, suggesting that he go to her and find out what really happened. He needs to start disciplining his daughter and stop believing everything she tells him. Otherwise Julie will end up a poor excuse for an adult. I think he finally realized that what she had been telling him was all lies, to make her look good and innocent. He did break down in tears, a truly broken father with a totally unrepentant daughter. I left him to his misery and headed back to the apartment.

Later that day I talked to my attorney, telling him if Julie’s father called him and apologized for his behavior he should drop the law suit he was preparing to file. No use making the situation worse. The professor did contact my lawyer and the lawsuit was forgotten.

Paula and I continued as we were, she wanted the feminine me around, nails, breasts and vagina. Like I said I was already enjoying the life of a female, so to continue it would be just fine with me. The other concession I had to live with was a curriculum based on female orientated classes. Since Paula wanted the female me, I decided to pursue the current curriculum which will prepare me for a life of a housewife, schooled in cooking, child rearing and household management. The female figure class was a hoot, as if my new figure was not feminine enough, the exercises in the class helped develop them further.

It started out as a sacrifice, something I could do to make Paula’s life easier. A loving sacrifice that has taken on a life of its own. Regrets, absolutely not, probably one of the smartest things I have ever done. Being able to take care of Paula as a wife should, and to help raise a family, based on love the ultimate gift.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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