Libby; Auctioned To The Highest Bidder

I knew it was coming, only a matter of time. Lisa and her cohorts had been secretly discussing it for three weeks now. The last affair was a disaster for the spouses of this group of female maniacs. I do mean a disaster, a total humiliating, embarrassing disaster. They had good intentions, their last effort raising a hundred thousand dollars for charity. Not bad for eighteen young female business executives. I had heard a few snippets here and there, in overheard phone conversations, but had a feeling they were going to do a variation of last year’s idea. Good for raising money, bad for their significant others.

Last year’s effort was an auction, each partner of the group of ladies auctioned off to the highest bidder. There were only eighteen bidders, the members of the business group. The group started about ten years ago, a few young ladies that were trying to get their businesses going and profitable. Over the years, a few more joined the group, all successful young entrepreneurs of the community. All had to be female, their business a wholly owned female run business. One exception had been made, a male who had this fantastic out of this world idea for a chain of salons that made males into females. I have met the lady several times, and ‘lady’ is the only adequate description of this individual. She lives the female life 24/7 and has done so for the last fifteen years. Her success is what inspired several of the others, her salons and other businesses now at the top of their individual categories.

Last year’s auction was for the use of the partner/spouse for one day, any way that the successful bidder wanted. As far as I know, nothing provocative happened, but the bidding war was sometimes quite comical. In my case, the lady with the salons wanted my one day service; my wife of ten years wanted to deny her that privilege. My sale to the salon owner netted over half of the funds raised for the charities. If that happened again this year, no telling what would happen to me. Francine, after winning my one day service, just had me help out at her home for the day, not bad in itself, except that I was naked all day. I feared the worse, but other than my nakedness, nothing happened. I was, however, forever embarrassed, my erection lasting all day long, several pictures of me during the day taken to document my ‘rising’ to the occasion. I was not sure if they were shared with anyone, if they were, I never heard anything of it.

One of the gals owned a hotel in town, that being where the auction was held last year, in their ballroom. Of the eighteen spouses, ten were males, the remainder were female. All of us were in lasting relationships; out to the whole community in everything we did, some regular heterosexual relationships, others same sex, in this case, a lesbian relationship.

My soul mate operates under the name Lisa, a gorgeous female that settled for me somehow. She is the owner of a chain of lingerie stores, which she started her first year out of college. Her first store was at the back of a strip mall, not very big or in a very good location. She worked hard, taking advantage of anything that might set her apart from the others. A year later, I met her at a Chamber of Commerce meeting here in this town. She was attending it because she had just opened her second location here just a month prior. Whatever she touched turned to gold, within a few years, she has opened forty-two shops, all highly profitable.

From our first meeting, I managed to talk her into a date, believe me it was hard work. We got along all right, but any further dates seemed to fade away. I had called her several times, she was busy, out of town, or otherwise occupied. Finally I gave up, figuring I was not desired as a mate or even a friend. Several months later, we ran into each other at another Chamber of Commerce meeting, but in another town. She walked right up to me, asking why I gave up so easy. Of course, that left me speechless. She gave me her address, told me to be there at eight P.M. tomorrow night and resumed her mingling.

I did make it to her place the next night, on time, her controlling my actions from then on. She asked me to marry her three months later, and gave me an engagement ring. I accepted not realizing what that meant. After a couple of days I tried to reciprocate, and get her an engagement ring, but was refused, ‘one wife is sufficient in this relationship’, her only comment. We did get married later that year, I was allowed a tux to wear, but got kidded often that maybe a dress would have be more appropriate. Incidentally the wedding ring I received to match the engagement ring was awesome, diamonds no less. I did get her a ring, although she only wanted a wedding band, the classy rings reserved for her wife, me.

We get along great, have a lot of shared interests, and the romance has been out of this world. She treats me as a wife, sending me flowers at times, taking me to dinner and dancing often. The flowers in particular have caused all kinds of comments at work. The women jealous and envious, the few males that are aware of our relationship are revolted at how I am treated. I am quite happy at the relationship, constantly feeling loved and cared for.

She loves to call me at work, talk dirty to me about what she is going to do to me when I get home, then giggling and hanging up. That pretty much ends my day, I can’t think straight, having to relieve myself several times during the afternoon to keep up a somewhat professional appearance.

That appearance is somewhat necessary since I am an insurance agent. I have my own agency, employing three females to keep it running smoothly, and file any claims in a timely manner. I know a lot of people in town, met them over the years and most have become friends in one way or another, some more so than others. I have been quite successful, clearing almost eighty thousand dollars a year after taking off the office expenses. Unfortunately, my significant other makes three times that amount. Now with sixteen more stores opening this year, she is likely to blow that figure out of the water easily.

Suzanne, my office manager, asked me when the auction is this year, giggling away as she spoke the words? That is how she greeted me as I dragged my body into the office. Lisa was in one of her playful moods last night, I managed to get some sleep after four A.M., but that sleep was only for two hours, before I was dragged into the shower and accosted again till the hot water ran out. I am sure the girls are aware of the relationship, I have not tried to hide it from them. The numerous delivery of flowers most likely giving them clues as to our interaction. My rings another obvious sign to them.

I really love her, but at times it is hard being her wife. The wife part brought up often, since I wear the engagement and wedding rings, I am the sole wife. She is aware of my masculine side, but chooses to ignore it most of the time. It has morphed even more since she started the prank, never really hurting my feelings, but constantly reminding me of my status. The bedroom responsibilities are numerous and very demanding on this poor soul.

I hadn’t heard a date yet for the auction, but Suzanne thought it would be this upcoming Saturday. I am sure I will find out, but not sure if I can be exempted from participating somehow. When Lisa called later asking me out to dinner tonight, I had a good idea Suzanne is right, tonight I get my official notification of the event. I tried to prepare myself for the dinner date, thinking of a hundred reasons I couldn’t participate this year. I doubt any of them will work, a few minutes of her persuasive talents, and I will have been drafted.

Lisa came by to pick me up at the office, in her car and away from home part of her plan is already in place. The dinner was exceptional, another one of her group owning this restaurant along with three others in nearby towns. All of the members of the group are above average, their business savvy, their drive and their enthusiasm top notch. I doubt any of them are worth less than a million dollars. Most of them worth much more. Francine, a prime example of that, many have guessed she is nearing the three hundred million dollar mark. Nobody can verify that, she is into so many different businesses, I doubt even her accountants can keep up with everything she participates in.

After the food was served and the plates taken away, Lisa scooted closer and gave me a sensuous kiss. I tried to skip some of the softening up work since I was still dead tired from last night. So I asked, “Let’s get right to the point. I have heard the auction is Saturday and at Julie’s place again. I would rather not participate this year, last year was bad enough. I have an idea my wishes will be ignored again, but since I love you so much, please take pity on me, and keep the collateral damage to a minimum.”

Any more thoughts were wiped from my mind with a tongue curling kiss that wreaked havoc on my body. I couldn’t even back off since she was holding my head with both of her hands, keeping my lips right in front of hers. Most of the time, except to get air, her lips were firmly pressed against mine and her tongue was exploring any openings it might find. She paid the check, and gathered her purse and me heading for the door.

Lisa had decided to move the disclosure meeting to our home. At home she opened a bottle of champagne, so I figured this year’s commitment was going to be very demanding. At least sipping on the champagne lowered my defenses. By the time she got to the nitty gritty, I was half out of it. According to her, it will be an auction again, the spouses being auctioned off to the highest bidder. The main change is the time awarded to the winning bidder is now a week. Everything is allowed except penetrative sex. Since I was half out of it, most of that went over my head. The next morning, I did remember the week time frame, but nothing more. According to Lisa, Francine was eager to win my services again, already teasing Lisa about it unmercifully.

From what I had heard about their relationship, that was common behavior between the two. There was a competitive nature between them, a lot of kidding and fun also. It was late the next day when all of this managed to penetrate my small brain. The alcohol had done its job, confused and bewildered, although still somewhat functioning. I did arrange to have the next week off from work, I doubt I would be in any kind of condition to actually get anything done at work during that week, even if I was allowed to go in.

Another episode naked in Francine’s house suddenly came to mind, or some other person’s house, and my male organ rose to the occasion. Surely that would not be the request of the winning bidder, doing that once was enough. Lisa did tell me that I had to be prepared before the auction each spouse rendered clothes less and decorated with large bows around their necks. That was to help insure healthy bidding. I am sure it would do that, maybe more. I had nightmares about me being naked, and with a large bow my only adornment.

In one particular memorable dream, I was being led into the ballroom, a huge pink lacy bow attached around my neck, the streamers reaching the floor, my male member erect and visible as the streamers swished back and forth as I walked. I had a red face, and was staring at the floor not wanting to look anybody in the face. As I was being led to the center of the stage, the MC announced the bidding would start at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I fainted, and unfortunately that is also where the dream ended.

The last couple of days dragged, each day seemed to last for three or four. My mind was totally consumed with the auction, and who would win my presence and services? I did find out that the charity picked this year, was a home that took in abused children; it currently had over two hundred young children in residence. I sympathized with the charity, I just didn’t want to be abused myself in the process.

Finally, the day before the auction, Lisa picked me up from work, taking me home along with some take out picked up on the way. I was fed then loved, making me very suspicious. A trip to our bathroom, her relieving me of my clothing. Then I was coated in Nair, everything below my neck followed up with a very cold shower. I was left shivering and hairless. Lisa comforted me some in bed, playing with my shrunken male apparatus. Then I heard a click after feeling something surround junior. I looked down and she had placed a chastity device around my beloved friend. According to her, this was to insure that I would not be utilized in any way sexually. I gave her a look, her confidence in winning my services was not very strong if she is locking me up before the auction.

She held me tightly all night, only allowing me to go the bathroom once during the night. The next morning another trip to the bathroom and when I emerged she was holding a large pink bow with streamers to the floor, almost exactly like the bow in my dreams. She turned me around facing away from her and pulled my wrists behind my back. I felt her tie something around them, finding I could no longer move my hands. Back facing her she tied the bow tightly around my neck the bow and its streamers covering very little of my body. A blindfold was added, and then I was taken to her car.

I was totally out of it, naked with a bow for decoration and being taken to the auction. I had nothing to say, my mind was shutdown, no thoughts of any kind possible in the goo that occupied the space where my mind used to be. The blindfold did help, at least, the faces of anybody seeing me in the car with a bow around my neck would not be seen by me. I can imagine what might thoughts might surface, if they could control their giggling long enough to form any.

No breakfast apparently this morning, nothing. The way my stomach was erupting that was probably for the best. She drove to the hotel, at least, that is where I presumed she took me. I was led out of the car and through several doors. I was barefoot, standing on a wood floor, with several people talking around me. I felt the difference in air temperature, my erection and my nipples rising to the occasion. The erection down below was more likely because of the embarrassment than the change in air temperature. I recognized some of the voices, they were members of her group. They talked some more and then someone said that they needed to start the auction.

I heard some more commotion and some cheering as apparently someone was placed on the auction block. I heard the auctioneer start his spiel, describing the person being auctioned off, then bids being given. From her voice, the lucky first one was one of the females, the partner of the lady owning the hotel. I had met her once, very nice, and well put together.

The auctioning off of the spouses went on for quite some time, I now figured I would be the last one auctioned off. I did recognize Heidi’s voice, so she was to be the next one on the auction block. There was quite a lot of cheering going on, like myself a highly sought after prize since Heidi is Francine’s love partner. I wonder if Lisa was out to capture Heidi, or was saving her money for me.

After the commotion died down, some hands grabbed my arms and I was led to the stage, then some headphones were slid over my ears blocking out all sound. I had no idea why, it wasn’t like I could do anything with my hands tied behind me. The ribbons holding my hands were not that secure, more for show than as a restraint, but it made me feel better to think all of this was out of my control. It seemed to take forever, I know losing my hearing took away any reference to what time had passed, but I know it seemed much longer than any of the others that had been auctioned off.

I was placed next to the others, feeling the other’s shoulders as we were pushed together. My blindfold was removed and the headphones taken off. I looked around smiles on everybody’s faces. Lisa grabbed me, kissing me so hard. She whispered in my ear that Francine had out bid her again, she just didn’t have enough liquid assets to keep up the bidding. I gave her a questionable look, then she told me that Francine had paid one hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars for one week of my time. Together that night, they had raised a little over a quarter of a million dollars for the charity, my share a little more than a half of that figure.

I looked over at Francine, her smile brightening up the entire room. Why in hell would someone pay that kind of money for a week of my presence? She walked over to Lisa, pointing at my chastity device. Lisa gave in taking the key and unlocking the item in question. The Francine led me off out of the hotel to her car. Arms still secured behind my back and naked except for the huge bow around my neck. I played along, enjoying the helplessness and vulnerability, at least that was what I was telling myself.

I was seated in her car, in the front seat, with her attaching my seat belt. The walk to the car was interesting, my nakedness noticed by several people, a smile coming to most of their faces. A lot of the locals had heard rumors of the auction, I guess seeing me naked added a little truth to those rumors. The drive to her house was in silence, Francine with a huge smile on her face and me wondering what is in store for me during the next week. Seven days of who knows what, I let out a huge sigh and leaned my head against the window in the door.

She drove me to her house, a split level ranch that took up most of the lot it was built on. Lisa had told me more than once that this house was just one of many Francine owned, each in areas where her salons were centered. Heidi, her significant other, had been purchased by one of the newer ladies to the group, one that was rumored to be in real estate. If I wasn’t so worried with what Francine was going to do with me, I would fantasize about Heidi. The one time I met her, she was definitely a twelve on a scale of ten. The times that I caught a glimpse of her tonight, she was confident and exuberant. I imagined she would be a handful for most anybody in a relationship.

When we got to her home and pulled into her garage, I was helped out, and led into her house. My bow was taken off and my hands were released. Pushed through the door into the dining room, I faced a table set up for a large lunch. She held my chair for me then poured me some fresh tea. It was still steaming and smelled great. I helped myself, now that the auction was over my stomach had calmed down, my appetite was returning with a vengeance. She did suggest that I moderate what I ate, tomorrow would be harder if I didn’t. Have you ever eaten a meal while being naked, it is eye opening I can assure you?

“Tonight you stay naked, but tomorrow I have something different in mind. My observation of you over the last few years has left me with an impression of you that is not how you present. I want you to drop your guard, accept this as a possible part of you, and live the week as who I think you really are. On Monday you will go into your work, doing your regular job, just not interacting with your wife Lisa. If you keep a little distance, she will never recognize you as you will be quite different in looks and actions. I get my revenge on Lisa, her husband replaced with a young and beautiful vixen.

“I will, of course, tease her all week, telling her what I have done to you, her getting someone back that she will not recognize. At the end of the week, we will talk again, maybe you seeing what I have seen for years. Your bedroom is the same one you used last time, only difference is you will sleep there at night. Think about it tonight, a lot of the things that you two do point to this type of relationship, you just never have embraced it. I will point out that you have always worn an engagement and wedding ring, not something that any normal male would do. One thing of hundreds that you indulge in. I am sure once she acknowledges it, your relationship will be stronger and more romantic.”

She led me off to the bedroom asking if I needed help in getting into bed. I gave her a quizzical look, expecting restraints, a nightie, something to hinder me or excite me. Nothing. I got a kiss on the forehead and was left alone. It had been a stressful day, so I just laid there going over the happenings of the day. The one thing that kept popping up was the absurd amount of money she spent on me for a week of my time. That thought stayed with me for quite some time, before the stress of the day finally managed to send me into dreamland.

The next morning, I was woken up by Francine, my bow was re-attached and I was led from the house. Still naked elsewhere. The trip was not too long, about thirty minutes. I kept quiet, curious as to what was going to happen, but afraid of finding out just exactly what was going to be my fate. Led into the salon, lots of people noticing my attire, but not a single comment or remark. I was taken to her office and another lady came in to sit by me. Francine explained in detail what was going to happen to me.

I would be made over to the female sex, as realistic as their technology would allow. It would take all day culminating in the late afternoon. Then, for the rest of the week, I would work at my office just liked I normally do, sleeping in Francine’s house at night. She would take me to dinner, out shopping, and even a movie, dancing or clubbing if I desired. Lisa would be shown some pictures during the week, leaving my face obscured. Of course Francine would be telling her of how I had been made into a woman, permanently, her husband replaced with a blonde bimbo. There would be no sex, just as the rules stated, but Libby was the one that would be returning home after the week.

Apparently Lisa had started all of this some years ago, doing a similar thing to Francine when she had just finished transitioning. Her then significant other was dressed in ultra-feminine clothes, had a curly permanent and sent back to Francine not looking at all like she used to. This was Francine’s payback to Lisa. Nothing being done to me was permanent, although there would be some lingering effects that would require several months to fade away. All the better to get at Lisa.

Francine confessed to me that she loved Lisa as a sister, but sometimes sisters have to be dealt with in a certain way to keep them in line. Now Francine gets her payback, and I get to experience a side of me that has been hidden away since childhood. A stack of papers was pushed my way to sign, authorizations for all the procedures that were to be performed. I signed them without pause, whatever is done to me, pale compared to the good that came about with the auction, the home for the abused children and Francine getting even with Lisa. At least I hoped, that is how it would turn out. The butterflies were still there as I was led to my first treatment. Lots and lots of the little critters, all trying to escape from my stomach at the same time.

Glenda was very nice making me comfortable on the table in the room we were in, then removed my bow. She laid it careful to the side knowing I would want to save it for a memento of this auction. My feet were placed in stirrups extending from the end of the table, then strapped around the ankle to keep them there. Spread wide so she could get up close to my groin, my thingy was manipulated until my balls popped back inside my body. At the time I didn’t even realize that was possible.

The penis was glued down between my legs so it was hardly noticeable then a false vagina was laid over the area. It looked very realistic, my two new lips looking just like Lisa’s. They were soft to the touch, the sheath they protected deep and slightly slick. She blended the edges with makeup after gluing it down securely. The glue was one of their formulations, a trip to the salon necessary to allow the vagina to be removed. In other words Lisa would not be able to utilize my male organ anytime soon, of course, neither would I.

We weren’t bunnies in bed, but she would regularly take advantage of my equipment at least once a week. I was always the bottom, her eventual position was on top of me riding me like a cowgirl. I guess another point that confirmed some of Francine’s suspicions. I was a screamer, according to Lisa, as I approached my climax, she would lean down and kiss me hard smothering my joyful vocal eruptions.

Next, Glenda moved to my chest, a intimidating machine was moved next to the table and two clear plastic forms were glued to my chest. I sincerely hoped the finished product would not be as big as the forms. They were huge, at least from my vantage point. Hoses were attached, a fatty substance injected into the forms and the machine turned on. It started sucking on my skin, even right at the beginning some of my extra flab being pulled into the cups. A slow vibration also started, the flab inside bouncing wildly in the form. Over a short period of time the extra fat that was added disappeared into my body, being soaked up I presume.

I had to concentrate on breathing for a few minutes, all of this too much to handle at first. Slow even breaths did bring back some focus, my eyes riveted on my developing breasts. I felt my hands being laid on the flat part of the table, then her hands inspecting them. One hand was placed in a liquid while the other hand was splayed and a file used to start shaping the nails. Then when that hand was finished they were exchanged.

A tool was used to remove excess skin around the edges of the nail, then a clear liquid was applied to the surface of my finger nails. I figured some type of polish, but instead it was an adhesive for the extensions to be applied next. I began to realize how far this was going to proceed, way farther than I would be comfortable with. I had been bought for some preposterous price, so I kept my mouth shut, hoping it would not progress as far as I envisioned.

The extensions baked on to my regular nails, a base coat to keep the polish from staining my nails permanently followed by the color. In this case, a bright coral red polish, three coats applied to guarantee total coverage. It was surreal as she stroked the brush over my long extensions, the color spreading out so that no part of the nail was left without any polish on it. Then a topcoat to make them shine like glass. Indeed that was the end result.

From there, she moved to my hair, replacing the top end of the table with a small sink and washing and conditioning my hair. Then the end of the table was raised slightly, so that the back of my head was available to be worked on. My hair was cut into a feminine style, a layered cut that left most of my length intact. I had mistakenly let it grow till it reached my shoulder blades, keeping it in a low ponytail to keep from upsetting any of my insurance customers. The female ones not really caring, it was the males that felt uncomfortable dealing with a male sporting long hair. Even though it was tucked into my collar, I still managed to upset a few.

Now my new appearance would be put to the test, maybe the overall female look would carry through, something I would have to wait and see about. As she cut the hair it seemed to get thicker somehow, gaining in volume. Impossible, but yet in the mirror it looked so thick and luxurious. Once she had cut in my female hairstyle, curlers were added, way too many rolled tight to my head after being sprayed with liberal amounts of setting lotion. A special lotion according to Glenda, developed for the salon. It would insure long lasting curls for months, making my task of styling my hair every day much easier. The hair style just brushing back in place, feminine all the time with little effort from me.

I knew than that my days as a male at the insurance agency were no longer. Breasts, long nails and a feminine hairdo pretty much eliminating any male image I might be able to present. Even after the week I couldn’t see my male self returning easily. I did notice some pictures being taken of me, I am sure Francine would be getting quite a bit of use of those snapshots.

Under a dryer so that my curls would set, then back to a stylist’s chair. The machine sucking my flab into breasts accompanying me on each journey. The cups were approaching three quarters full, my former flat chest now mountains and valleys. This only being the start of my treatments did not bode well for the rest of the week.

Ears pierced, two holes in each ear, lasered in so there would be no healing time needed. Studs in the top and chandelier earrings in the lower holes. I immediately noticed the difference as the earrings swung to and fro against my neck. A necklace was added around my neck, just big enough to encompass my neck but not able to be slipped off. The stones in each were diamonds, classy but will go with everything. Then the clasp of the necklace was glued shut and the backs of the earrings were done the same. Apparently to prevent my appearance from slipping back into anything resembling a masculine façade after the week.

The suction on my breasts was turned off, the cups now full to the brim. The cups would stay on slowly dissolving over the next few days. As the hoses were removed, there was no obstruction in seeing just how big my new mammary glands were now. The fact that they would be with me for quite some time, and they were a part of me, a living part of my body, made this all so surreal.

I guess I had suffered enough, I was given some clothes and allowed to dress. The choice of clothes was a big question mark, I really doubt any more feminine items could be found anywhere. I did welcome the bra, the weight of my new breasts definitely making the support of the bra welcome. The weight of them pulling on my chest already and it was only moments after the pump was turned off. The panties were also welcome, ever since the disappearance of my male organ it has felt very drafty and empty down there. When handed the cute lacy pantie it was quickly pulled up my legs and situated at my waist. A brief look down there showed a flat front with a distinct camel toe look in the gusset of my pantie.

Of course, every new female should only wear skirts, the one chosen for me short and tight. The lacy blouse hid very little, the bra quite visible. I did have to show Francine what I looked like before I left, a few more pictures were taken and then I made my way to the office. It was a little after three, so enough time to get all the giggling out of the way before tomorrow.

I didn’t want to put it off any longer, letting everybody get their laughing over with now, maybe some work could still be accomplished this week. When I walked into the office, I was surprised as all of the girls greeted me in the female gender, then I was handed the messages for this morning. I stood there, expecting some reaction, but receiving none. Suzanne finally asked if I wanted anything right now, my first appointment will be here in about fifteen minutes. I took my messages and staggered into my office. I sat at the desk and briefly looked at the messages. Betty the receptionist buzzed me, my first appointment was here now. I told her to send them in.

Imagine my surprise when the town mayor showed up. He was one of the ones that frowned on my hair length, never saying anything but obviously not pleased with it. He sat across from me, taking out his copy of his policy, pointing to the limit on coverage. He had added some fancy electronics to his house, now wanting to increase his coverage. I made the adjustments, told him the insurance company would send him an adjusted bill to cover the increase in his policy. He rose extended his hand wanting to know my name. He didn’t recognize me, we have known each other for at least six years but he never twigged to the real me. I introduced myself as Libby, happy that I could help him. He left the office, quite content. Suzanne walked in, smiling, she had been told by Francine to make sure that I had to deal with any customer that had shown hostility in the past. Thus my appointment with the mayor today. Normally the girls would handle any policy increases without my intervention.

It turned out to be the first of many, in the next couple of hours. Some new customers but most of them previous customers, about half of them had given me grief in the past about one thing or another. Today none of that hostility surfaced, I was treated well, and was able to help them with their questions or policy updates. With the female customers I received a hug as they left, the male customers a nice polite handshake before leaving, although a few of the handshakes lingered a little longer than usual.

At a few minutes after six my girls all paraded into the office, wanting to scrutinize me closer and compliment me on my appearance. They giggled some then shocked me when they asked if Libby could be their boss in the future. I told them I would consider it, but first I had to get through this week. I was instantly mobbed, their hugging trying to do damage to my new feminine body. I did made it back to Francine’s house, already missing my beloved Lisa.

At Francine’s house I looked down at my hands, I was unconsciously turning my rings, missing Lisa so much, and it has only been a day. Francine caught me playing with my rings, telling me that I would soon be re-united with my love, just be patient.

Dinner was at home, then to her study so she could let me see what she was sending Lisa in pictures and emails. I giggled a little, Francine was really laying it on thick, and Lisa was buying most of it judging by her responses. Remind me to never piss off either one, I doubted I could hold my own against Lisa, much less Francine.

I was told she had tickets for a play tomorrow night, about an hour’s drive from our town. She then showed me the dress I would be wearing, a little bit of nothing that would barely cover any spots that needed covering. I swallowed hard, it is hard being a pawn in a battle between two strong willed females.

The gals at my agency were having a ball, getting to see me dressed up every day a real treat for them. First thing in the morning was more salon time, then around ten I was back at work. Surprisingly work went off without a hitch, every customer I handled was polite and complimentary about my appearance. Back at Francine’s, then into the little piece of nothing so we could go see the play. It didn’t take me long to dress, but took forever to convince myself of going out dressed that way.

Finally Francine showed up, took one look at me and I was led to her limo. It was a pleasant evening, the play was very good, the only snag was my dress, trying to pull it so it covered more of me up occupied all of my time. I spent the majority of the time fiddling with my dress, a few glimpses of the play scattered here and there.

The third day at the salon I was helped up onto the table and my feet put back in the stirrups. Two cast like forms were inserted behind the calves of my legs and strapped to the leg itself. It left me with my toes pointing down like I was standing on my toes. I received a shot in both calves, not really hurting but I could feel a difference as the shot started spreading out through the leg. It felt like everything was tightening up, but then after an hour it felt normal again. That was the only treatment for today, I was pleasantly surprised, wondering what the treatment was for.

Yesterday during my salon time I received highlights to my hair, now a two tone effect that seemed to make me even more feminine looking. I was glad things were slowing down some with four days left I feared what might be left of my masculinity if I received three to four treatments every day.

I was brought back to the present as the casts were removed from my leg. I was helped up and swung my legs down to the floor, as my feet hit the floor my legs collapsed right out from under me, the pain in my calves sudden and intense. I was helped into a pair of high heels, then tried standing again, this time I slowly put my weight on the foot. No problem I let out a huge sigh, figuring out what the treatment was for. I now would have to wear heels to be able to walk anywhere, that or do it tiptoe.

I began to see a pattern here, every service Francine had performed on me was guaranteed to keep me in the female gender for the foreseeable future. I am sure it could be eventually reversed, but that would take months and a good chunk of money to accomplish.

Now I started thinking if this to get back at Lisa, or something to make me aware of something in my persona. Is her touting all of this to Lisa to get even for some faux-paux from years earlier or to get Lisa to accept me as a female? Something to consider later this evening when things have settled down some.

After work when I returned to Francine’s I was asked to change, we were going out clubbing five girls plus her chauffeur. When I looked at the dress on my bed I almost had a heart attack. It was a LBD but scandalous anyway you look at it. Almost see through, the hem half way up my thigh, the deep plunge at the back of the dress ending around my waist, no bra and only a light lacy cup for my breasts in the front of the dress. After looking at it I turned to find Francine and tell her no way was I wearing that dress.

I made three steps in that direction when confronted with my nemesis. I was pulled back into the bedroom and helped to get undressed. A change of panties, then the dress was slid over my head. She took my breasts, sprayed a little adhesive on then then positioned them in the dress’s cups. A light squeeze and they were secured. The very short zipper at the back was pulled up and secured, then she helped me into the heels that were sitting at the edge of the bed. As my feet slid into the pumps I seemed to be getting taller. One look down at my feet and I knew why, I was standing on six inch heels.

Before I could gather my wits I was dragged from the bedroom, my heels click clacking on the tile floor. Out to the living room to see the other ladies waiting for the fifth member of the group, me. Then I caught sight of Lisa, her mouth wide open her eyes glued to me. I was so glad to see her, I almost ran to her smothering her in a hug, our breasts pushing against each other as we met. I could tell she was in shock, but I wanted some loving from her so I leaned close and gave her a passionate kiss involving quite a bit of tongue. It took her a couple of minutes to recover, but soon she was giving as good as she was receiving.

Francine cleared her throat wanting to know if we were coming or not. I grabbed Lisa’s hand and dragged her from the house. We were helped into the limo then driven to a local hot spot. I had her right next to me, just as close as I could get our bodies. She was still staring at me, trying to take all of my changes in. I did get to dance with her once, it was so nice our breasts pushed together and my head on Lisa’s shoulder. Since Lisa was a little taller than me it was a perfect fit. Both Lisa and I were approached by the numerous males that were attracted to our table. One or two of the other females accepted their offer of a dance, but most were sent back empty handed. The evening was nice, I especially enjoyed Lisa’s company, then suddenly depressed when we dropped Lisa back at her home.

The next day at the salon, concerned my voice. I had already achieved an in between voice, talking softly and changing a few words that I used. Apparently for Francine that was not enough. The technician had me make a recording of my voice in a normal tone. Then a spray was used in my throat and I tried it again. This was done several more times each spray raising the voice a little higher. She played back the last recording, my voice now naturally feminine. Then the shock, my voice will remain like that now another treatment at the salon necessary to get it to lower some, although I will never get my original voice back now. I guess that is alright, I really doubt I will be allowed or wish to go back to the former male persona.

The last two treatments at the salon minor in comparison to the ones that I have already experienced. My body hair treated with a cream, now I will forever have smooth hair free skin. The final nail in my former masculine existence was a set of hips. The same machine used to create my breasts used, but larger forms that added to my rear end and a little to the sides of my hips. Another five hours of constant sucking and I was pronounced done. One look in the mirror and I was indeed done. I was sure I never would be able to return to the male gender, too many things to reverse if they could indeed be reversed.

I returned back to the agency, handled a few customers then made my way home. I did tell the girls that what they saw was my new look, I doubted things could be reversed. I was kind of depressed as I made it home, although I liked living as a female I felt that it would eventually affect our marriage. As I entered the house I was playing with my wedding rings, hoping I would still be able to wear them.

As I came into the living room, I was surprised to see Francine and Lisa sitting on the sofa together. I tried to think if I was supposed to be at Francine’s tonight, but I was pretty sure she had told me this morning that last night was my last night at her home. Lisa told me to come and stand in front of her, arms at my sides. I did so trying to discern what was going on. I glanced between the two, trying to get an idea of what was happening.

Francine broke the silence telling me she has completed her part of the deal, now the rest is between Lisa and you.

Deal, what kind of deal is she talking about.

Lisa spoke next wanting me to listen carefully. “This all started several years ago, not long after I asked you to marry me. You allowed me to treat you as a wife, but never allowed it to go any further. I consulted Francine about it and we came up with a plan. The first auction when you had to stay naked all day, there was an option for you which we hinted at but you never got the hint. The closet at Francine’s was full of clothes you could wear, although they were all feminine. She even offered to help you slip one on but you refused immediately.”

“So the plan was altered and this year it was set up where you would have no choice, each treatment doled out making you accept your new status as a female. To think we had to go through all of this to get you as you should be. There was never any auctions, all of this staged to get you into the proper role. We do get together to pick a charity and donate funds for it, but we don’t have to have an auction to do it.”

“The girls at your agency were in on it as was the majority of the people in town. All to try and convince you that life as a female is the right path for you. Now that we have succeeded you will never be allowed to revert back. I put up all the money that was donated to the charity from Francine and now I expect payment back from you. At a dollar a kiss, you have a long way to go to repay me. I suggest you retire to our bedroom, put on the nightie and get ready to pay me back. Incidentally there will be interest charged on the unpaid balance.”

I giggled and almost ran to our bedroom, some of my clothes slipping off as I made my way there, I was naked in record time, the nightie slid over my head, but I left off the panties, I don’t think I will need them tonight. A quick trip to the bathroom, some freshening up of my lipstick and I was ready. Back in bed, waiting for Lisa to show up, my legs splayed wide to entice my love. Auction or no auction I was sold to the highest bidder, and now I have to repay her. It may take the rest of my life, but I am definitely up to the task.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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