Jo; If You Do It First

Another fight with my wife, the couch probably my bed again, a fate that has happened more often than I cared for recently. This time, we had just got comfortable watching a chick flick on the T.V. when I tried to massage her breasts. She was cradled in my arms sitting directly in front of me. It was only logical for me to reach over and fondle her. This time as before she rejected my attempts and covered her breasts. When we first married it was something that she liked to be done, and I was ecstatic about the chance to play with her boobs. Over the years, I have obsessed over her breasts till recently she has withdrawn them as part of any foreplay.

Let’s be truthful here, they are my favorite female asset of hers. While the rest of her body is very womanly, her pert breasts are her most desirable feature, personal opinion here. The trouble is, I am the one that obsesses over them. When we first met, that is what attracted me to her. She has B-cup breasts, but they are firm, and her nipples are awesome. As if you can’t tell, I love her female appendages, often mentioning that she should have breast augmentation surgery to make them larger. Once or twice she thought the subject was cute, but over the years, I have worn it out, causing the present situation.

Usually, the fights are about my obsession with her boobs. I have been accused of marrying her only because of her breasts, and in the heat of the argument, I have been unable to convince her otherwise. She uses female logic in the heat of the argument asking me what color are her eyes, or what color dress she wore today, and, of course, I fail to come up with the correct answer. You would think after all of these years, I would remember her eye color, but I can remember when the last time she wore a bikini or when she wore her V.S. push up bra.

So on this lazy Sunday afternoon I tried to fondle them and was rebuked. Aspen got upset, gave me a death stare and stormed off to our bedroom. No words expressed in anger this time, but the same end result. In most cases I was locked out of the bedroom having to sleep on the couch. I regretted my action immediately, but the idea of being able to play with her breasts just too hard to resist.

I know, I am hopeless. My love for her is more than just her chest endowments, but I seldom tell her that so we continue with the fights, and I end up sleeping on the couch more and more. Her boobs are such a fascination for me, and I constantly think how beautiful she would be with ones that are a tad bit larger. I am aware of some of the problems with larger breasts, since she has told me countless times, but would it be that bad to make her husband happy?

A little about this breast loving husband of hers. I am presently a senior level manager of a chain of real estate offices. We have offices in thirteen cities and employ one hundred and seventy-five real estate agents. I seldom have to deal with customers, most of my dealings are with the agents or straightening out problems that have popped up. Since most of the agents are female, the problems are usually a result of a faulty listing where the sellers over-stretched the details of the property or a misunderstanding about the terms of a deal. When our male agents get involved in a transaction, they’re more aggressive attitude usually creates lots more difficulties with stretching of facts and figures.

I make good money, almost eighty thousand dollars a year, we own our home; a lucky purchase several years ago when I was still an agent. I handled the listing of the property, and when they told me what they wanted for the property, I knew that I would buy it. I cautioned them that the selling price is too low, but they had already signed on another property and were desperate to get out of the mortgage.

It was a steal, a three bedroom split level with enclosed patio. It had a gourmet kitchen with lots of built-ins, a super-sized food pantry and a built-in stove with two ovens. The living room with attached formal dining room is also on the main level, with a gigantic family room on the lower level. Three bedrooms and two baths completed the upstairs portion of the house, the bedrooms all with beautiful views of the woods that border the property. My love for the property was shared by Aspen as soon as she saw it.

My favorite part is the ten acres of wooded forest surrounding the home. At the back of the property is a stream with running water most of the year. The stream is my refuge when things are not going as they should or when my wife and I have another fight. The solitude is welcome, also somewhere I could let go and dream of more peaceful times. Down deep, I know better, but often my mouth is guilty of never checking in with my mind. So, the discord between us grows, a never ending discussion that defies any resolution.

I was named Jordan at my birth, a single child of influential parents, a college graduate majoring in business management. That is where I met Aspen, my wife of six years now. Like a lot of young couples, we decided to postpone having a family until we had achieved what we wanted in our careers. I just managed to get to that point before my wife. She is a buyer for a woman’s fashion chain, working from a satellite office located in one of their retail stores locally. That office also houses the district manager of her company for this region. In all, there are fifty plus stores in the chain, catering to the more influential female clientele.

Aspen is among three buyers for the chain, a head buyer, and two specialty buyers. She is in charge of lingerie, casual wear and swimwear, but with the head buyer retiring soon, she hoped to be promoted to that position. She does most of her buying through the internet, except for two buying trips to Asia, one in the spring and one in the fall. She is pretty sure of her promotion since they are allowing her to train a replacement for her position.

A few minutes after our last fight, I had retreated to my babbling stream, a favorite rock alongside the stream a peaceful place to sit and forget about all that is going wrong. I am aware that most of the trouble between us is my fault. But in the heat of the discussion, my mouth engaged way before my mind, only causing more trouble for me.

I just couldn’t get Aspen out of my mind, and I couldn’t understand if she loved me why she wouldn’t consider breast augmentation? We had the money, and the surgery is done by every plastic surgeon in the country. She would be totally awesome with a little larger on top, and I would be in her debt forever more. At least that was always my thinking.

I am snapped out of my sorrow as she called out to me. She has never come out to the stream, always just listening to my tales of its beauty and tranquility. I quickly responded, “Over here” and she came through the underbrush wearing a lovely sundress with her hair picking up the rays of the afternoon sun radiating in the beauty of her sun-drenched tendrils.

I moved over to allow her room to sit beside me, my rock capable of holding two lovers. I immediately apologized for my actions and words but told her that by now she must know of my obsession with her female appendages. She giggled a little; a smile briefly crossed her face, but she resorted to her no-nonsense attitude. “We have to resolve this conflict before it destroys our marriage” she said with a serious face.

I quickly choked off my next comment, now is not the time put my foot in my mouth again. Waiting for her to speak, I was afraid if I didn’t do that I would ruin everything. She suggested that we might be able to settle this once and for all. “I’m aware of your worshiping of my breasts,” she stated. “But there are other considerations to be taken into account.” Let’s see if we can resolve this problem without further fights. I will agree to have breast augmentation if you try them out first.” I gave her a puzzled look, but the explanation she gave me was almost insane.

She wanted me to have the procedure first, and if I did not complain or have them taken out for six months, she would willingly have the necessary work done so she would be of equal size. I started to respond, but she held a finger to my lips to quiet any comment. “The salon I use has a semi-permanent procedure that can create the breast which is very realistic. It is relatively inexpensive and requires only a few hours to perform without doing surgery.”

“If you have the procedure done to the size you wish for me, and are able to handle the consequences, I will admit defeat and agree to have the procedure done on myself. However, no complaints from you are allowed if you want me to go through the process.” I started to speak, but she suggested that I stay here a while and think it through very carefully. “When you come back up to the house”, she told me, “we will discuss it, and any decision on whether to do it or not must be made tonight.”

The terms of the deal are the best she can do; she is still against it, but if I am willing to try it out, and be able to handle the larger orbs, she will acquiesce to the same for herself. She gave me a passionate kiss and told me she would see me when I have made my decision. I watched as she walked back up to the house, dumbstruck as to what she had come up with to stop the fights. How can I, a male think of doing something as insane as this?

Then that rational part of my brain dropped the bombshell on my consciousness; you want her to do this, what is the difference. I set there for quite some time trying to figure out if I can handle this. I figured that I could hide my new figure with a coat or bulky sweater, I usually deal with female associates, so even if they notice, I doubt that any of them would say anything to me about it. I obviously was overlooking several factors in my thinking, but the idea of Aspen sporting larger breasts and the end of our fighting is the only thoughts entering my mind.

I walked slowly back to the house, entering the kitchen where Aspen is preparing our dinner. I got another passionate kiss, then was sent off to make us some martinis for dinner. Dinner is exceptionally delicious, a casserole with chicken, several different types of vegetables with some sundried tomatoes to compliment. A salad adorned with mandarin oranges and a semi-sweet dressing made it perfect.

I helped her clean up, something I had never done before, with her keeping a close eye on me the whole time. I think she was worried that somebody had kidnapped her husband and replaced him with a clone. I apologized for never helping and promised to do so more often in the future, as she immediately reached her hand to my forehead to see if I was running a fever all the while smiling at me. Her cool hand felt heavenly on my forehead, recently we had stopped touching and feeling, again the subject of her breast size the most likely culprit.

We adjourned to the living room and snuggled together on the sofa. She leaned her head on my shoulder, and I moved my arm to encompass her. We sat there silently for quite a few minutes, contemplating our discussion and what was to be said. She started, emphasizing a need for a decision tonight. She looked at me and said, “The arguments have to cease tonight and you either agree to the deal or any further discussion on breasts is to be ceased. Period.”

Surprisingly I concurred, I too was getting tired of the arguments that never went anywhere, hoping that we could return to happier times. If I only could curb my mouth, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to think about her with larger breasts, it was my mouth stating the wish vocally that got me in trouble.

She finally asked if I had made a decision on what I wanted to do. I tried to get her input on the matter, if she wanted me to partake of the deal, or if she just wanted me to drop the subject altogether? Well I knew she would have preferred for me to drop the subject months ago, but stubborn husbands are not known for their mental capabilities. She stayed neutral. “The decision has to be yours, it will affect you far more than it will me; and it ultimately depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to get what you claimed to have been wanting all these years.”

I took a deep breath, then let the words that would change things for me escape from my mouth. “I will submit to the procedure and convince you that my desires for you are realistic and nothing to be overly concerned about.” She smiled telling me that she had an appointment set up for me tomorrow morning for the procedure and that I will miss the majority of the day from work. The appointment the next day surprised me, Aspen had figured that I would take her up on the deal. What do I do now?

“I am reminding you that no complaints from you are allowed if you wish me to get the same procedure. The size is up to you, but I will only submit to the same size as you chose for yourself.” She continued with, “I must remind you that they are to be a part of you for a period of six months, at least, for me to consider doing the procedure. Any clothes or problems that you encounter are your responsibility, just like if I had decided to have the augmentation myself.” With that, she did say, “I’ll be glad to help if you need my assistance. The appointment is at ten o’clock and Stephanie will explain your options and handle the actual process of giving you breasts.” I felt like I may have stepped into a pile of poop.

“One thing more,” she said, “any further arguments or discussions of anything other than normal day to day matters are out unless you want to forfeit the deal. That means breasts in general will not be discussed between us. Got it?” She then leaned over and gave me a kiss, dragged me to our bedroom, she apparently having another agenda for tonight other than cuddling. It was very late when we finally got to sleep, with her even allowing me her two forbidden orbs to suck on as an unexpected treat.

As usual, the morning came way too early, but I did remember to call the office to reschedule several meetings that I had for this morning and early afternoon. I would, however, have to go into the office later that day. My assistant Melanie was one of the best, and she was used to handling quite a few of my daily tasks without any difficulty. I am surprised that I did not have to furnish Melanie an excuse for my whereabouts that morning. Luckily the reason for my absence this morning never came up in discussion.

I handled my bathroom routine and dressed in a pair of slacks and a golf shirt. That would prove to be a bad choice, but at the time, it was what I had come up with for clothes. Obviously, no thought was put into what would be required after my treatment.

As I approached the salon, it is not what I had envisioned when talking to Aspen last night. I had never taken Aspen to the salon or picked her up there after her appointment so I was unfamiliar with the place or the size of it. It is bright and cheerful, although the amount of people in the salon for services astounded me. Every station was occupied, with the waiting area full. The receptionist took my name and noted that I had a ten o’clock appointment and that Stephanie would be right up. In less than a minute, a gorgeous brunette came up to the front. She introduced herself and took my hand leading me to a back room.

The salon itself had a large central area with styling stations around the perimeter of the room. Along the back walls were individual rooms with varying equipment in each room. Some looked like they were set up for manicures since a rack of nail polish covered most of one wall. Others had flat padded tables in the center of the room, one of these is where Stephanie led me. She had me set in one of the regular chairs to the side of the room to start with, and she sat opposite me.

She knew what I was there for, but wanted me to be fully informed about the procedure and the details involved. “The salon uses suction and a special fat plus some herbal supplements that is absorbed into the skin to create breast tissue. The procedure is reversible at a later time, although some residual fat may remain to create man boobs in the male. It is relatively safe, and you will have total sensory capacity in both the breast itself and the nipple. If left unreversed for a year the breast tends to stabilize and be just regular woman’s breast tissue and irremovable other than by surgery to remove the entire breast.”

“Since it is almost normal breast tissue, a mammogram once every six months is mandatory for the length of their use. It is not suggested that they be squished flat or a binder used in any way since it can damage some of the tissue. To prevent sagging a bra should be worn at all times unless sleeping to support the tissue. We do the procedure in all cup sizes up to DD. Usually, it takes about five to six hours to complete the procedure. A DD cup requires two sessions, spaced twenty-four hours apart.”

She pulled out a box of quivering globs of silicone so that I could see what each cup size looked like. With my body, she suggested, at least, a C cup to look proper in regards to size. She made me hold each cup size, then reminded me that they will be attached to my chest and not removable for quite some time. Holding the C cup breast, it almost filled my hand, the weight much heavier than I had anticipated. My mind was on overload; this is much worse than I originally thought. I want Aspen to get the larger breasts, but the size of these globes of silicone was scaring me to death.

Stephanie seemed approachable and was explaining everything in detail to me. I decided to confide in her and tell her of the circumstances of the deal. She told me that they were already informed of the events leading up to this moment because they do not do such a procedure without all parties involved being fully briefed. She explained, “I have had the same talk with Aspen, explaining all the details and nuances of the procedure. It comes down to your decision, on whether you want to stick your neck out and see what a female goes through with her breasts or decide to quit now and never bring up the subject again.”

Wow, everybody is fully informed, and now I must decide on what to do. Stephanie asked while you are thinking about this, have you thought how you are going to explain to your work associates about the two breasts on your chest? I told her, no, but I had thought of wearing larger clothing to disguise the appendages. She reached over to lift my golf shirt and slid a C cup breast form underneath and let the shirt down. I got the hint since it is standing proud and tall, very obvious to anyone looking at me. Even with a larger shirt or sweater they will still be visible.

I wanted Aspen to have larger boobs, but the cost as it relates to me is mounting by the minute! Stephanie could see I was in distress about what to do, so she suggested that it might help to talk to someone that had the procedure done to get their opinion on having breasts. I agreed, and she left the room and came back a few minutes later with a young woman about my age. The woman introduced herself as Lauran and asked if she could help me. I was puzzled; this was a female and how can she help me with my problem. Lauran smiled and then whispered to me that she is a male and had the procedure done only three months ago.

I was stunned, this beautiful female sitting in front of me is a male. I asked what his reason was to get the procedure to give him breasts. He told me he had always been enamored with the female figure, especially the breast of an adult female. His girlfriend suggested he get the procedure and try them out. She could tell him how they felt on her, but the only way his curiosity would be sated would be for him to have a pair of his own.

He did and after a couple of weeks, he became convinced that he didn’t want them removed. He has now had several treatments to make him more feminine and loves it. His girlfriend also likes this side of him and wants him to take it a little further. In the near future, he will probably do that, the life of a woman is so much better than a male. It is not for everyone, but the feelings and sensations from these additions to your chest are extremely enjoyable. I asked him if he had any regrets about having it done, he replied no, only wished he had done it earlier in his life.

I was still not sure, but the idea is firmly implanted in my mind now, nothing so far making me decide to walk away from it. I confided in Stephanie if I did have it done, the implication that I would have to dress as a woman to blend in seems to be a must. She smiled then said, “A woman’s breasts usually define what a female is in society, more so than a vagina that is not normally seen unless naked. A female with no chest is androgynous while a normal male with breasts is considered a female. Since you lack broad shoulders or developed arm muscles you are in that normal male category, any size boobs would probably push you into the female gender role. That is a 24/7 gender role, not a role when you ‘feel’ like doing it.” She reminded me, “The breasts do not come off without intervention, so they will be with you in everything you do.”

Stephanie offered me one other option. She could glue on some breast forms so I could experience having breasts. It is a temporary fix that would allow me to see what having breasts would be like, but would have no bearing on Aspen’s proposal. For her to get breast enlargement it would be necessary for me to experience having breasts full time and not just some glued on forms.

I will probably regret it tomorrow, but all I see when I close my eyes is Aspen with a larger set of breasts on her chest. I told Stephanie that I wanted the procedure after she had me sign a large stack of releases, she pushed the last one in front of me. There was a blank spot in the middle of the form, wanting to know what size I had decided on for my procedure. I let out a big sigh, picked up the D breast form holding it in my hand, then put it down and told Stephanie I wanted the D cup size.

She made me write the size in, then initial the response, then sign again that I understood what I had requested, and this was what I wanted. I signed, and then she took all the forms to their office, made copies and gave me a set. She closed the door of the treatment room, told me to strip completely and she would get started. I was in a daze; this is what I wanted for Aspen, but truthfully I am scared to death now. I guess the reality of the situation has finally become apparent.

Stephanie is friendly, all past conversations are forgotten, I am just a male customer wanting a set of boobs, nothing more, nothing less. My chest is waxed to remove all hair growth, then a cream applied that will inhibit any hair regrowth. Then a machine that had been over by the end of the table is wheeled closer. I am told to lay down on the table, get comfortable and relax. Easier said than done since I was already having serious second thoughts about this.

Stephanie positions several blobs of tissue on my chest around my nipples. I noticed that were several chunks of the fatty substance added to each cup, I should have realized then that the outcome was going to be larger than I had anticipated. Then one of the cups is positioned above the soon to be breast. The other one is lowered and positioned, then using adhesive they are glued to my chest. A few minutes more and a switch is thrown, and the machine started to suck any loose tissue into the breast cup. The suction is gentle, slowly any loose tissue is pulled into the cups.

Over the next half hour, the cups slowly filled with material from my chest. During this time, the cups heated up helping to dissolve the fat that had been placed in the cups. Now the suction turned to pulses that would suck for a minute, then turn off for a minute, then repeat. The tissue that had been pulled into the cups stayed there, the vacuum holding it there, even when the pump had stopped between pulses.

I am offered snacks, also something to drink, since the process for D size cups takes six hours. I did a lot of soul searching during those six hours questioning why I chose to do it and also my sanity at the time. It wasn’t that I wanted to show her off, a trophy wife scenario it wasn’t. I am not sure the reason, but knew that it was definitely an obsession with me. As the forms filled up, the recipient of my obsession is now going to be me.

After five hours the cups are full to the brim, no air or space left in the D cup forms. I laid there looking at the new appendages hoping that when the suction is released, they would shrink some but had that bad feeling in my gut that they wouldn’t. The larger orbs would look good on Aspen, but I had that sinking feeling that I had made a serious mistake in assuming that I could handle the fact that I now had a pair of breasts for my own and quite sizable to boot.

After six hours Stephanie turned off the machine, unattached the hoses to the forms, but left the filled forms on my body. I was set up in a chair on the other side of the room and told that they had to stabilize for at least an hour, maybe longer. When I was fully upright, the new weight of the breast pulled down on my chest and shoulders, making me very aware of their presence. Just like Aspen had said they were heavy, a lot heavier than I had thought possible.

I looked down at them often while I waited, trying to visualize what they would look like with a shirt over them. Then I remembered her saying that I couldn’t bind them, also the fact that I would now have to wear a bra to help support them. I guess my desires and wishes had led me down a path where I had not listened to and acknowledged the possible consequences. A tear slipped from my eye; I am sure the first of many to be shed over my stupidity.

Stephanie and another lady entered the room and asked if they might talk to me for a while. The lady was elegant, both in stature and the way she was dressed. Stephanie introduced me to her; Francine is her name, and she is the founder and owner of the Turnabout Gurl Salon. They both noticed my tears and shared a smile between them.

Francine noted that I had now perceived the errors of my decision to have breasts. You now have two choices open to you. One is to hide until the six months elapses for this size cup, so that you can have them removed. That will cause you to have to drop the subject of breasts with Aspen permanently. The second is to face up to the mistake you made, live the six months as a female then allow Aspen the choice to do what she wishes with her own breasts.

I did find out that the forms stay on, dissolving over the next few days. When I touched one with my hand the form and the contents were already squishy and somewhat flexible. Francine said as you look at these new additions to your body, I think you will agree that the only way to spend the next six months is as a woman, both in dress and actions. If you try and stay in the male persona, I am afraid you will be kidded and abused till you literally give up. Society is not kind to those that mock the normal roles, and breasts of that size will bring lots of unwanted attention to your plight.

“As a female, you might be ogled, but as a male you will be laughed at, humiliated, and left out of any serious discussion or project. Take a few moments to really think this through, not like you did before you came to us today. Starting tomorrow, we can make you fit the female role so that you can work, play and socialize like a normal human being. Besides you might like the lifestyle, a lot of the males here that try it are now living the rest of their lives as female. They just didn’t come by their breasts for the same reasons as you.”

She looked at me and continued, “The services here today are free, we can’t charge a fee for what we saw as a mistaken wish. I hope to see you back tomorrow entering into a new adventure as the female you. Now Stephanie will get you your bra, and something besides that golf shirt to wear out of here. We have set up an appointment tomorrow for you at nine A.M. Let us know if you wish to cancel by nine tonight. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new breasts.”

I stood up and she gave me a hug, and a cheek kiss then told me she hoped to see me soon. As our two chests touched, the feelings of my breasts were being transmitted to my mind. It seemed that they had somehow became the center of any feeling. I just stood there, lost in my thoughts and feelings.

I was brought back to the present, as Stephanie approached with the bra, showing me how to put it on and adjust the straps. To my shock, my nipples hardened as the cup slid over my new body parts. The cups were still somewhat firm, just enough to keep the shape of the breast until the fat attached itself permanently. She had to help me get the bra fastened, no way would my arms bend enough to reach the rear closure. She brought me a blouse, basic Ecru and loose fitting that would slide over my new substantial chest. I asked if I could try the golf shirt, she giggled but told me sure. I slipped it on but had to fight to get it over my breasts. It looked ridiculous, two giant melons trying to escape from under my shirt.

We both laughed at the sight, then I took the blouse from Stephanie and slipped it on. Other than the fact that it made me look like a woman, it fit comfortably and looked good. Stephanie gave me a hug too, a sisterly kiss and told me she would see me in the morning. I smiled and giggled; she probably would, the least of two evils maybe. I deserved the time as a female because of my less than realistic ideas.

I would have preferred to head home, but I had promised to stop by the office, so that is where I headed. I sensed that I was stared at from the moment that I left the salon. I know part of it is that I am self-conscious, but every single individual I passed seemed to have their eyes focused on me, my chest to be specific. Once I got to the car, I looked back quickly at some of the people that had been looking at me, they weren’t laughing at me, the men seemed to be savoring something, and the females seemed to be studying me.

Melanie was still there, although it is past closing time. I swallowed hard, wondering what she would say to me about my appearance. I opened the door slowly and made my way into the office. Her eyes were directed to me immediately, and a small smile came across her face. Her only comment was, “I see you have finally decided to join the female ranks, and with those hooters, you have definitely crossed over.” I giggled, I know a feminine reaction, but with my breasts sticking out to there, what else am I going to do. She told me that I had some phone calls to return tonight first, a couple of emails that needed an immediate response, and then a secretary that needed the lowdown on her new well-endowed boss.

I sat down at my desk, picked up the phone and made the first of the calls. Thirty minutes later I had handled the problems, nothing serious, mainly just stating the obvious and insisting that normal procedures are followed no matter the reasons they chose to side step them. The whole time I am talking on the phone, my mind and eyes are riveted to my breasts. Constantly catching glimpses of them, and watching them rise and fall with my breathing. I am surprised that I didn’t drop that word into the conversations since that is all that is on my mind.

Then Melanie brought me a cup of coffee, then sat down in front of my desk, and in very few words, implied that for my own sake; I needed to inform my secretary of the why and how for my changes to the superior gender. I explained all that happened so far and my stupidity in agreeing to this. She smiled but knew me too well and what I was like. She asked me how I was going to handle being out with a gigantic pair of hooters on my chest? You can depend on Melanie to state the obvious in a few words and with emphasis.

My first thought was to cover them up, pretend that they weren’t there, but Melanie raised both of her eyebrows at that statement. I told her the salon had told me the best way to handle this was to assume the guise of a female. Well, I didn’t expect the reaction that Melanie chose, she jumped up, came around the desk and hugged me, telling me that is wonderful news. She asked that she be included in my transformation from male to female, a secret wish of hers for years. To her I was more of a female then male, dressing in the ugly male clothes and most of the time so depressed at doing so.

I sat there spellbound with my mouth open, but nothing is coming out. Before I could gather any thoughts, she asked if my wife knew about the change. I replied that she had made the appointment, but didn’t know any details. She jumped from her chair and ran into the office to call my wife. They had been friends for several years, even to the point that they often shopped on Saturdays together.

I could her talking on the phone, but only one side of the conversation. Twenty minutes later she told me that Aspen wanted to see me first and was on her way to the office. I was immediately fearful of what my wife would say, maybe I had gone too far, was divorce in my future? Aspen had made it clear her opinion on the matter of breast augmentation, but I had ignored all her comments and opinions on the matter and now sported these huge jugs and expecting her to get some the same size.

I had noticed the weight of my new breasts, the straps of the bra were cutting into my shoulder and making their presence known. I was also aware of their constant jiggling in the cups, never not moving or bouncing around. The more active I am, the more they responded in kind. When Stephanie had first finished with the new breasts, I hadn’t noticed the weight of them or the movement, but now it is constantly on my mind.

All of these things that Aspen had warned me about, and the reasons she didn’t want to get breast implants. Now, I had pushed the limit on things taking the first step in getting her to do the same, and as always the extreme size, not just larger than her present breasts, two cups sizes bigger.

I sat there rapidly getting depressed, my juvenile actions, my one track mind; and my lack of appreciation for Aspen maybe ruining anything good that I had in my life. I was seriously thinking of having them removed after the three weeks, apologizing to Aspen and begging forgiveness. How can a male make so many bad and hasty decisions in such a short time?

It wasn’t twenty minutes later that Aspen burst into the office. She immediately focused on me and my breasts, walked around me once then smothered me in a hug. It was whispered in my ear that you have done it now, does it still seem like a good idea now that you have them on your chest?

I told her, “No, it was a mistake from the start. Can you forgive me?” She just smiled asking if I had asked Stephanie how long they have to stay in until they can be removed? I swallowed hard and told her, “That it was three weeks. She giggled, and me, “That the C cup was three weeks, but D cup was six months!” I did remember that particular fact had been told me earlier when I was briefed about the procedure, but had conveniently forgotten it. I sat down on the chair hard, six months of these monsters on my chest, what am I going to do now?

I broke into tears, six months of this all because I wanted her to have larger breasts. Well one of us has the larger titties now, but Aspen is not the one, her stupid husband the lucky recipient. Aspen gathered me up and took me home; I was still leaking tears as we entered the house. She took me to the bedroom, undressed me and gave me a large t-shirt to wear as a nightie. She didn’t have any nightwear that would accommodate my new mammaries. She whispered something to me, but all I heard was, “Try to get some sleep.”

What I didn’t hear was that since I had no clothes to fit the new body, she was going to shop for me to get me one complete outfit. Two hours later she returned and came up to the bedroom. I was just lying there, awake, but kind of numb as to what is happening. She came over to me, gave me a hug and kiss, then told me to get up so that I could try on my new clothes. I was going to protest, but then I remembered the rules, no gripes, and no complaints.

I stood there as she helped me remove the oversized t-shirt, then she slipped the blouse on me and did up the back buttons. It fit well but was sticking out way farther than I would have preferred. The pants were snug in the waist, but Aspen told me that the salon could help with that problem tomorrow. The material of the pants was soft and much thinner than my regular male pants. She showed me the panties that I would have to wear tomorrow under the pants to keep from looking ridiculous. My briefs were clearly visible under the pants, and did not add anything to my appearance, in fact, they more closely resembled an adult diaper.

I was made love to that night, very tenderly and very passionately. She whispered in my ear quite often that she loved me, no matter what stupid shenanigans I might try. I thought to myself, ‘How lucky I was for this wonderful woman.’ She had tried to warn me, to get across to me what a big ordeal that large breasts create; but since I now have them, I will be finding out firsthand what all it entails. She wants me to dress as a female, the only logical way to get through this, and do the best that I can to blend in. That way you will hopefully only have minimal exposure to the bigots, the religious right, and the homophobes that populate modern day society. If the salon can get you to where you can pass as a female all the better. We can be a lesbian couple for the next six months, she has always wanted to try it but hasn’t had the opportunity. Now she can try it out; she gets to be the top though, you can be the bottom, the submissive one. That last few words punctuated with a lot of giggling.

Looking in the mirror, the image is female, the breasts really defining the female gender. My head was acutely masculine, but the rest was undeniably female. Aspen dragged me downstairs to the kitchen where she fixed us a couple of sandwiches. I poured us a couple of glasses of iced tea, and we nibbled on the sandwiches. Aspen reminded me that since I now had breasts that removed my gender status as a male. Now with a gender that is female, I will be expected to help with dishes, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I giggled, but I was sure that Aspen considered this part of the grand plan, having boobs, get to do the womanly tasks too.

I set there just considering how very lucky I was. Even though I had made an ass of myself, she was by my side, helping me to get through the mess that I had caused for myself. As often as I had pestered her about breast augmentation, she has only been helpful tonight. I am so very lucky to have her as my significant other; I just hope that this disaster does not ruin it for us. We cleaned up our mess in the kitchen and headed back upstairs. As soon as we got to the bedroom, she removed my clothes and pushed me down on the bed. She told me to stay like she was trying to get a dog to obey her command. Of course, she was giggling, alright laughing is what she was doing.

Quickly she removed her clothes until she was naked and then pounced on me. I tried to roll her over, but a sharp sting to my butt stopped that maneuver. Bad dog was repeated to me several times in between her laughing spells! She forced my hands above my head, then placed her hands on each keeping them there. Her mouth went to my nipple and started sucking. I screamed as the orgasm rocked me and my penis spurted. She moved her lips to my mouth and tried to probe every square inch of my mouth, then back to my nipple causing me to arch my back. I needed for the nipple to be in her mouth, just licking the nipple is not enough. I twisted and turned trying real hard to get that accomplished.

She lifted her head to check what was happening and made a comment on the hardness of my nipples. She repeated her earlier statement about being lesbians, especially with how sensitive your nipples are, but we may have to gag you to keep from getting reported to the police. She kept this up for over an hour, with me losing track of the number of orgasms I had, the spurting had quit after the third or fourth orgasm, but the build-up and release had not.

Now, I have even more conflicts dealing with the breasts, the latest being how wonderful they feel with someone’s lips or mouth on them. I laid there in shock, the feelings still resonating through my body. I wonder if it was this good for Aspen when I was allowed to play with her boobs. We fell asleep eventually, Aspen hanging on to me as if I was the female in the relationship. I also got my first experience lying in a wet bed and trying to sleep. Her holding me did make up for the uncomfortable dampness. I had to detangle myself to go to the bathroom during the night. Once I returned she latched on to me again, holding me tightly against her body. I can’t say that her holding me was not appreciated, it felt so good.

She woke me earlier the next morning telling me that I had more to do before I could face the world. I immediately looked down at my breasts, the cool air of the bedroom without covers making the nipples hard as rocks. She led me to the bathroom showed me the proper way to use the toilet as a female, then jumped in the shower with me. She soaped me up, then brought me to numerous orgasms as she took her time cleaning my breasts. The forms had disappeared during the night, the breasts still slightly stiff, but otherwise moving freely all over the place. I begged off any more activity, my nipples already sore from the previous night’s activities. Sore and hardened nipples were apparently the norm for a while as I emerged from the shower.

After drying my body, she helped me into my new undergarments, a corset meant to take inches off my waist and a cute pair of panties. Her tightening of the laces while giggling showed that she was having way too much fun at my expense. The panties she had got me would make a prostitute blush, but the giggling as she helped me put them on was very contagious. The arguments had ceased, I had shafted myself to the max, and she had gained a lesbian lover and plaything. At least she is happy now, my constant wanting her to get larger breasts, now mute, and with a new lover to play with in the deal.

She helped me get dressed for work; I knew today was going to be bad. First, Melanie had to be faced, then anyone coming into the office. Over the years, I had met most of the employees of the company, been in this particular job for most of those years. Anyone coming to the office would know who I was, although the breasts might slow down their recognition a little.

Aspen way too happy at my predicament, her choice of clothes for me while not risqué more than accented my new appendages. The corset while helping to support my breasts, made then stand out even more, looking down at my feet I had to look between my cleavages to be able to see my feet. Then she had the nerve to slide a blouse over the corset she had forced me into, a lacy almost nothing piece of fabric, the corset and my breasts showing quite clearly. As she looked me in the eye, she just knew that I would want to show off my new breasts to everyone. “You must be so proud to have such gorgeous looking breasts.”

She did her best to stifle her laughs, but they snuck out anyway. I took it well since I had done this to myself, no one to blame but me. She reminded me of my appointment at the salon at nine. She told me to go all the way, the only way you will be able to survive the real world is as a woman. Plus I loved our lovemaking last night; I might even come home early so I can get ready for another romantic evening with my lesbian girlfriend. The only reaction I had was a low groan emanating from my mouth.

I drove to the salon, walked to reception, as Stephanie was waiting for me. She smiled and led me back to a treatment room. I presume you are here to finish the job; I nodded in the affirmative. She helped me out of my clothes complimenting me on the corset and the blouse. I blushed a little, telling her that Aspen is having a ball at my expense, but I deserved it, and I will do all in my power to make it up to her.

The rest of my body is waxed, to match yesterday’s efforts. Next, a thin-skinned vagina is brought out, one that matches my skin color perfectly. She asks if I want to go this far, I think about it for a minute, Aspen and I had such fun last night, maybe being a full-time lesbian is worth packing junior away for a while. I nod and soon Aspen, and I will look alike from head to toe, at least anatomically. Well alike except for my huge pair of breasts situated on my chest. As Stephanie is gluing it over my groin, I feel something strike a chord deep within me. My nipples are hard, since yesterday they seldom relax any, but the feeling that is stirring within me is warming me from the inside. I am not sure what the feeling is, but it seems right somehow, at peace with my body for once.

The waxing finished, the vagina now glued in place, she moves to my hair. Since my hair is already at my shoulders she decided that is long enough to style in a feminine do, so washing and conditioning is next. She could add extensions later if I want longer hair, change my hair color if I want to see what it is like to be a blonde, or give me a permanent to add curls to my style. After being washed, she sets the chair back up and starts cutting my hair into a style. I get some bangs, then the split ends taken off and layered to create a feminine style. Then curlers to add some pizazz to the style, then under a dryer for the hair to dry.

Although it is the first time I have any of this done, it feels right somehow. I am constantly looking at what she is doing and how it is being accomplished. My hair is now pronounced dry, and she removes the curlers. With a brush she gently teases the curl loose, creating a head full of loose curls framing my face to perfection. A generous spray of hair spray, and then my ears are marked for some piercings. Two spots are marked in the lower lobe and then she uses a laser to make a hole where the marks are. Two diamond studs are inserted in each ear and then she tells me how to care for my piercings.

She applied a little mascara and some lipstick, suggesting that I make an appointment for tomorrow morning for her to help with my hair and give me a more detailed makeup lesson. Since I am now a business woman, she suggests weekly appointments for touch ups as needed, also handling any further changes I might want to make. I agree and make the appointments as I leave the salon.

Then on to my office to face the music. Melanie is waiting for me, telling me that I have an agent in my office, a big screw-up on the deal she is trying to put together leaving her and her customer quite upset. I enter the office, recognize Cheryl and give her a hug. She stares at me for a minute; then she recognizes me. The smile on her face is warming, but I tell her to tell me about the screwed-up deal. The original listing was done by a male agent, apparently he made a mistake in the recording the seller’s price and terms but allowed the mistake to stand for several months.

Her customers submitted a bid based on this information, but the bid was turned down. He then changed the listing as it should have been in the first place pissing off the buyers and the sellers. The sellers want him replaced, but since they had signed an exclusive with him as the seller’s agent, he is denying their request. I looked up the listing on my computer saw the changes he attempted to make and then called his cell phone. I had a run in with him before, telling a different story than what his customers had stated in their deal. So this is not his first foul up. When he answered, I told him this was Jo, and I needed him to come to my office right away to straighten out this mess. He is local, their office about thirty minutes from mine.

I found out that I had been talking in a little higher pitch, not consciously, so he did not recognize me. He wanted to know who I was and what authority I had in the company. Whenever I make a call to an agent, Melanie listens in so there is no doubt of who said what. Before I could respond, she tells him that I am his boss, and he better get his butt down here pronto. I can tell by his silence he is confused, so I repeat, “This is Jo Stevens, your boss and I need you to come to my office so that we can straighten out this mess on the Abercrombie property!” His attitude changes some, and he informs me that he would be down there within the hour.

Since we had to wait for him to arrive, I asked Cheryl to lunch. Since one of us has to be in the office at all times, Melanie has to hold the fort. The only times that Melanie and I go out to eat together is always a dinner after the office is closed for the day.

Of course, Cheryl wants to know about my new persona; she pursues that topic before we even get our menus and drinks. I give her the shortened version; she giggles but no other remarks. We order some salads, and the waitress leaves. As we talk about the screwed up deal, I notice her studying me, watching me as I sip my drink and interact with her. I tell her I will get it straightened out, but need to know if her customers might consider a higher bid to appease the sellers. She thinks so, as long as the male agent is no longer in the picture. Apparently, he had made several comments to all involved that had made them even madder.

I took the information on the listing with me, so while we waited for our salads, I called the sellers. I explained who I was and told them I am trying to straighten things out and back to normal. I asked them if they might consider a lower bid if the original agent is no longer in the picture. They agreed, wanting nothing more to do with him. If I couldn’t remove him from the deal, they were going to change real estate companies. During the conversation, the wife had told me of several things that they had been told by the agent during the last meeting, some things that should have never been said in any conversation.

Our lunches arrived, and we nibbled on them while talking back and forth. Cheryl asked about my wife; they had met and become somewhat friends over the years going out shopping together every once in a while. They both belonged to the same gym, and also attended the same beauty salon. Incidentally, the same one that I had my transformation at. By the time we finished, it was time to get back to the office.

Arriving back at the office Jeff is already there, sitting in my office, his same arrogant look on his face as in the past. I walked in and set down in my chair and acknowledged him. It took him a couple of minutes to recognize me, but wisely managed to keep his mouth shut. I asked him, “Did he say some of the things that had been relayed to me?” He muttered “Yes.” I asked him, “Did you make the mistake on the first listing on purpose to get more interest in the property?” He denied it, but I could see the twitching of his nose, a trait he has when he is stretching the truth. I asked when he planned on presenting the correct price to the buyer’s to get them to up the bid. He did not answer, any answer would mean he had been lying all along.

I asked, “What section of our handbook covered these matters? Again, he didn’t answer. I read from the appropriate section, then asked him if he wanted to resign, or did he want me to fire him with cause? He was quiet for a minute, then, when I offered him the pen and paper, he wrote his resignation out. I handed him a prepared letter of recommendation, after writing in his name and signing it. It was middle of the road not praising any of his actions, but informing whoever that his work is okay.

He took it and left the office. He paused at my door, apparently considering some remark to me, but Melanie was right there in his face so he moved on. I called the branch he worked at telling the manager he would be in to remove his personal effects, be sure to remove any client lists and customer lists from his computer beforehand. After he had gotten his things be sure he is escorted out of the office quickly.

Janice thanked me for removing him; he had been a problem since she took over several months ago. He had thought that the promotion should have gone to him, although his sales figures were always in the lower percentile of the agents there. I asked Janice to call the sellers and explain what had happened, and ask if they would entertain another bid on their property. Be sure to stress that the male agent has been replaced, I wanted her to become their agent if they would allow it.

Before Janice hung up she asked if I might come to her office, she would like to see the new me, if I couldn’t make it could I at least send a picture. I asked her how she found out; she told me that a little bird whispered it to her. I didn’t say anything; I guess it is better to have it out rather than try to hide it. Janice said, “Well are you going to come down here or do I have to come up there?” I told her I would give her a call before I ventured forth, maybe in the next few days.

Cheryl had already called her customers, and they wanted to place another bid. She got up to go, thanking me for lunch and for allowing her to meet the new me. I blushed a little, getting a tender hug and a kiss on the cheek as she left.

I called Melanie into my office, asking her to sit down across from me. She smiled and said “Yes it was me, having you as you should have been from the start is too good a news to keep secret.” She handed me a copy of the memo she had sent out company wide. It simply stated that ‘Jordan no longer worked for the company, Jo is his female replacement. This is due to personal reasons, so it should have no effect on the business or any interaction between Jo and the agents. If this action bothers anybody, they should seek employment elsewhere’. It was signed by my boss, with his number at the bottom of the paragraph if any person wanted to call him. Melanie told me that he had called to talk to me, but she told him I was with an agent straightening out a problem. He knew that he could not get past Melanie, always very protective of me and the customers and agents.

I decided to call him, to head off possible problems. He answered on the first ring asking how I was. I told him better since the problem had been solved. I told him about getting rid of Jeff, he replied that I had been more patient with him that he would have been. He also asked to see me in person that talk through the chain is very complimentary on my appearance, but since he is the boss, he thinks a personal appearance is in order. I try to put him off a little, then he suggests that my wife and I plus Melanie join him for dinner at a popular restaurant in town tonight. I swallow hard, but I finally give in. We get off at six most nights so he suggests eight o’clock that would give me a chance to change to something a little nicer. I had a feeling that something very feminine would be my choice of clothing tonight.

I definitely wonder where this is going. I told him I would be ready since he had told me that he would send his car for us. He is a self-made millionaire, owning quite a few different companies, the real estate chain only one of his many ventures. He usually worked from his home, doing most of his direction by phone. He has qualified people in each business, me being one of three in the real estate business. Jennifer is the CEO of the company, and Roberta is the CFO dealing with financial matters. I guess my unofficial title would be COO, Chief Operations Officer, although that title was never officially bestowed on me.

I cleaned up any loose ends and then made my way home. I had called Aspen already and told her of the dinner invitation. She had plenty of appropriate dresses, telling me that I could borrow one of hers. I didn’t respond to that; I really didn’t know what to say. The fact that I would be wearing one of my wife’s dresses to a dinner with the owner of the company was not lost on me. I had managed to send Melanie home earlier; she was going to change and then come to our house. When I arrived home, Aspen called for me to come to the bedroom. She had all of my clothes picked out for me on the bed, one look at them and I turned bright red. Aspen’s favorite dress was laid out with three bits of lingerie, and I do mean bits.

The panty is a thong, in black silk. The bra is one of the shelf bras from VS that she had just purchased for me, as if I need one with the set I gave myself, and a garter belt to hold up the silk stockings. I looked at the clothes, then at her shaking my head. She came over and helped me undress, sliding the new bits onto my body. Before I knew it, I was stepping into the dress, and Aspen is pulling up my zipper. The dress is low cut, the VS bra presenting my titties at the top of the bra. I swear if I took in a deep breath one or both of my breasts would escape the bra.

Makeup is next, twenty minutes later she proclaims me ready. All I want to know is ready for what? If I had a hot date, this might be appropriate, but a meeting with the owner not so much. Aspen had that grin on her face again, payback for all the grief I have given her over the years, I just hope it doesn’t backfire on me.

While Aspen is getting ready, I set there contemplating the situation I had immersed myself in. A brief look at my cleavage verified how badly I had screwed up. The breasts were mine, attached firmly to my body and likely to be there for some time. As I took breaths their movement caused feelings to affect my mind. I liked them, they seemed to make me complete somehow. Now from a former male that is a pretty absurd statement. The ‘former’ male part, a likely result of my recent decisions and actions.

Melanie arrived soon thereafter, we all sat in the living room waiting for his limo. Of course, Melanie is enthusiastic about my appearance, taking far too long to appraise my choice of attire for tonight. I point to Aspen and tell her that it is all her fault, Melanie agrees that the clothing selection is okay; it is the way I fill out the clothes that is the problem. She smiles at me, “Talk about sex personified, you have got it all, I would be careful tonight as the boss might give you the whole operation to run the way you are dressed. If he does, ask for more money; in that dress, you will get it so easily.” Of course, I am blushing profusely, definitely no real need for any blush for my cheeks this evening.

Ten minutes later the car arrives, the driver helping each of us into the waiting car. Being helped into a car by a male is a new experience for me. The dress and its tightness causing me to require the help is another matter altogether. It is only a short distance to the restaurant, maybe fifteen miles or so. We are helped out of the car, entered the restaurant, and then escorted to a waiting table by the Maître D. Mike is waiting for us greeting Aspen and Melanie first. Then taking my hand, he asks, “Who is this beautiful woman?” Aspen ends up answering for me, my tongue so tied up I doubt if I could get it to move again. “This is Jo, my wife and significant other” replied Aspen with a smile.

I quickly look at her, as she is giggling along with Melanie at my shock and embarrassment. I am so red in the face I doubt that a fire truck could be as red as I am. Mike helps me into my chair, sliding it in for me. The waiter shows up, and we order drinks, actually wine for all of us. I look over the menu deciding on a chicken salad, the dress fitting me so tightly I doubt there would be room for anything more substantial. My nerves the other determining factor, my stomach rumbling often during the night, I loved the food, but was not sure it would stay with me. To help matters I tried to eat slowly, allowing for things to settle down some before I ate more. It was touch and go for quite a while.

As we wait for the wine, Mike mentions that Jennifer, the CEO, is going to be running another business for him, so she will need to be replaced. Then looking at Melanie, he asks, “Could you handle Jo’s job?” Melanie replied, “That would be no problem.” I looked around at everybody, panic in my eyes, I no longer have a job, all of this and I have screwed the one thing I had worked the hardest for! Mike took my hand again and told me, “I no longer have a job for Jordan, his usefulness is no longer needed.” I just sat there, mouth partially open while the waiter took our food orders. I guess I will now have to be Aspen’s wife; nothing else appears to be available to me. The waiter asked what I wanted twice, Aspen finally telling him that I wanted the chicken salad.

Mike is talking to Melanie asking her if she had any changes in mind for my old job. She was trying hard to keep composed, instead of giggling, but is fighting a losing battle. Finally, Melanie feels sorry for me and says “Okay Mike, tell him the rest of it.” He looks at me seeing how miserable I am and grins. “After all of this time with the company, you start dressing as a female, and all of your confidence goes out the window? By the way, you look ravishing; Aspen should be proud to have you as her wife.” I was still lost, looking from one to the other, trying to figure out what is going on.

Melanie looks over at Aspen and asks if she like blondes? Aspen giggles, “I sure do, the lower IQ makes for a more meaningful relationship. Not so much in their mind to distract them.” Melanie tells all that she will make me an appointment in the morning, one platinum blonde coming up! Everyone has a good laugh at my expense. Finally, Aspen hugs me, “Jordan you no longer have a job, you have been replaced by an up and coming star in the company, a soon to be blonde, who is now CEO of the company.” Then she started counting out loud; I guess to figure out how long it would take me to figure out what had happened. She got to fifteen then all of a sudden my mind started functioning. I started blushing red again, but as all of the last few moments happenings gathered in my overworked mind, I started crying. Everybody smiled I think she has figured it out.

Mike agreed with the change in hair color but wanted to be sure that I can get it together enough to do my new job. He said that with the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face. We talked about the company, about my new responsibility, and what he wanted Melanie and me to do. He wants the company to change, instead of selling real estate he wants to purchase commercial property with the express intent to rent or lease it as a source of income. He wants the individual offices gradually sold off, the less profitable ones first but keeping the best agents to be consolidated into a main office for property acquisition and management. “Of course” he stated, “you will have to find a building suitable for a main office along with staffing it.”

He continued, “I have a substantial amount of money for this project, waiting for your direction in how to be most effective in the use of it. I want you to concentrate on acquiring the property and Melanie to be responsible for leasing and managing it. Since you have gone over to the other side, I would prefer an all-female staff for this operation although I am sure you will have to make a couple of concessions to abide by the letter of the law. I have a new company car for both of you; I think you will find them adequate for your needs.

I want both of you to socialize with any group that might help in the company’s new direction, joining all the pertinent community groups, country clubs, business organizations, and any other faction or group that will enhance the new company’s goals. That means that Jo is to be immersed in all of this both now and in the future.

I hope your new choice of gender is one that you can live with; I think it is a long time coming. When I first hired you, I noticed traits that didn’t fit with your chosen gender. When Melanie told me of your switch, we both agreed it was for the better, no matter how you arrived at this point, it is the right decision, in my humble opinion.

Now both of you have lots to do, so the meeting is adjourned. I do reserve certain owner rights, being a male, I get a kiss and hug before you go.” He started with Aspen, then Melanie, then walked up to me. He stood right in front of me, leaned in and gave me a kiss, and a halfhearted hug. We can’t have that; I put my arms around his neck gave him a kiss on the cheek, and a fierce hug. As we walked away, he told me he wanted a picture of the blond hair, before noon if I could get it done in time.

Melanie chimed in right away, “She has an appointment at seven tomorrow morning, one bleached blonde coming up.” I am hoping everybody is kidding me about it, but down deep I had a feeling that I would indeed be a blonde before the day is out tomorrow. The limo took the three of us home, Melanie coming in with us to have a drink and talk a while.

Aspen opened a bottle of wine, and we sat on the sofa and loveseat in our living room. We sipped the wine, Melanie asking if I thought this would happen when I made the decision to join the fairer sex. I giggled, “No I didn’t, but the lingering question is, have you two had any prior conversation with Mike about any of this?” Both girls looked at each other that alone answered my question. I stared at them, “Okay fess up, I am sitting right here until you tell me the rest of the story.” Guilty looks from both of them, but apparently Aspen lost the battle deciding to speak first.

“Now that you have joined the tit and ass club, both Melanie and I don’t want you backsliding. In particular, I find you now most erotic, can’t wait to get my hands on those luscious tits. Melanie prefers the new you as a boss, the old you kind was stale and boring; while Jo seems more alive and caring, willing to get involved more in what is going on. We put our heads together and decided to talk to Mike and see if we could make sure that no escape from your femininity is possible. We suggested a couple of things to him, a new direction for his company, actually an old idea you had for the company several years ago.”

She continued, “He liked the idea, but we wanted his assurance that Jo would be the only one he would accept from your personalities. I told him what you had done to yourself, one reason why he wants to see you as a blonde and mentioned how happy we both were with the outcome of your faux pas. We talked for quite some time, the more he thought about it, the better he liked the idea. He will not accept anyone other than Jo; we made sure of that. So now your new life awaits, all you have to do is go to work tomorrow, a young female CEO position is waiting for you, but it is a permanent position, not to be taken lightly.”

Melanie reminded me of my appointment tomorrow morning, to get my hair dyed. “We can’t have anyone presuming that you are smarter just because you’re hair is brunette in color. They will teach you how to do the style and how to do your makeup, a task you will be doing for the rest of your life. As far as we are concerned the change is a long time coming, no matter how you got into this predicament, it is your life now, and we are not going to allow you to return to the past.” My mind was spinning.

Aspen and I got ready for bed after Melanie left, both of us slipping into a nightie. I felt a little uncomfortable, not being able to do the things that I used to do with regards to intimacy or love making. My mind still wanted to go there, but there are no body parts to perform the tasks. Well, they still are there just not usable. Again something I did to myself, I must be a masochist at heart.

I laid down on the bed, turning towards the side of the bed, embarrassed to be here looking like I do. Aspen would have none of that, rolling me over on my back and lifting my nightie up above my breasts. “Now that you have provided me with play toys, I am going to take advantage of the situation; lay there and make the appropriate noises when called for.” Those few words left me scarlet in the face, the situation I had walked into, making me submissive to my lover, really made the point in my mind that I am no longer a confident, dominant male, well maybe I never have been.

How good it felt to be on the receiving end of things, within moments I was making lots of appropriate noises and wondering why I hadn’t done this before now. After a little while Aspen wore herself down, my nipples so sore and rock hard. I tried to return the favor, but she is beat, but told me tomorrow night it would be my turn to play with her toys. She scooted up behind me and holding me as tight as she could, we ventured into dreamland together.

I arrived at the salon a little early, Stephanie ready and waiting for me. My hair was washed and conditioned then she applied the hair color. Since it was to be a drastic change it would be a while before the processing was completed. She asked if I wanted any services while we were waiting. I always liked Aspen’s nails so I asked for a manicure. She explained my options, then asked me to pick what I wanted.

Stephanie’s nails were long and elegant, painted a deep burgundy red in color, with stars painted on each nail in varying sizes and colors. I pointed to her nails, I will take a set of those in pink maybe, if that is the best color for me. “Since your hair color is going to be a pale blonde, pink would be a perfect color for you. We can make them a little longer than mine, a CEO shouldn’t be using her hands much. Do you want the stars or something else?”

I opted for some flowers instead of the stars, the pink polish a light platinum pink, muted but looked fantastic on my nails. Another something that was so foreign for a former male, excitement about getting longer nails and polish. The flowers were asters, in darker shades of pink and rose, some singly for each nail, others a group of them near one of the edges of my nail.

I almost forgot about the hair color, my nails really fascinating me. The hair color was washed out, another conditioner applied and my hair set in more curlers. A stint under the hair dryer and I was moved to her styling chair so she could comb out the style. After showing me how it was supposed to look, she had me start and do it myself. It took several times before I was able to get it to look presentable, Stephanie finally agreeing that it would do in a pinch. The pale blonde look was startling, such a change from my brunette locks before. I was captivated, looking in the mirror often to see my image. I did wonder if the dye job had reduced my IQ, I sure didn’t look like a CEO of a large company, more like a secretary or receptionist, someone to make the place more appealing.

Giggling a little, she told me to make an appointment if it was for a social function or an important meeting. She showed me basic makeup and then had me do it over several times until I met her minimum standards. I only poked myself with the longer nails three times, although there was no blood spilled.

Looking in the mirror afterwards there was no Jordan showing, it was only Jo visible, a quite attractive young woman. She dragged me to their clothing store next door and made me pick out and try on several outfits for office wear. I wonder if Aspen even knows they have clothing available. The picking out was a stretch, I made quite a few blunders, what looked good to me looked awful on my body. Now I understood why females try on clothes before purchasing them.

With five complete outfits I made my way to my car and then over to the office. As soon as I entered I was dragged back out to my car and told where to drive to. One of our just recently listed properties was an office building with some potential. Melanie had been looking through our listings and the MLS listings for any possibilities, she thought this one might be worth looking into.

When we arrived, the agent that had taken the listing met us there with the keys. She unlocked the building and we entered. As we walked around looking at the individual offices inside the building, I agreed with her. I asked what the selling price was, the agent told me, then volunteered that the mortgage company had taken the property back after the loan defaulted. They were anxious to unload it, any offer would be considered. We walked the building again, looked at the parking available outside then drove back to the office.

I got the phone number for the mortgage company, and gave them a call. Our agent told me who to ask for and after we made our introductions, I asked about the property. Melanie found out for me that the taxes are in arrears on the property, a sure indication that the mortgage company also is in financial trouble. As I am talking to them, Melanie is finding out more info about the property, including the valuation when the loan was taken out.

Their man was not very helpful, I doubted if he had been with them long. He seemed very unsure of himself as I asked questions and tried to find out what their lowest price that they would accept for the property. I lost my patience and offered him a low ball price, way under what they were asking for the property. He said that he would have to give the offer to his superiors, for their consideration. I decided to push the issue, “You have one hour to let me know or I will withdraw the offer. This is a cash deal, specifically a cashier’s check and we need proof of no liens or other loans against the property. If you accept in the next hour, I will pay the back taxes as part of the purchase price. One hour, not a minute more. If you accept the deal I will close tomorrow morning at 9 AM providing the property is lien and mortgage free.”

Melanie had been listening in on the conversation and was giggling the whole time. She thought they would take the deal, I wasn’t too sure. Forty minutes later we got a couple of faxes showing the property to be free and clear. I had Melanie contact our lawyers, for them to check the data and called Mike asking him to arrange a cashier’s check for three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. He agreed and would take care of it, but reminded me that he had not received my picture yet of my blond hairstyle. I just spent a third of million dollars and he wanted to see me and my blonde hair.

Melanie stepped into the office, snapped a picture of me, then giggling that it was on its way. A different individual called me back, accepted my offer, but wanted to meet me in person, maybe at the closing tomorrow. We agreed on our lawyer’s office at 9 AM. After I wrote all the details down, to send to the lawyers, I asked Melanie to check to see what the mortgage company had in holdings other than this property. Maybe I could score some other deals while they were in dire straits.

Things calmed down some after that, when Melanie came in thirty minutes later, I was fixing my lipstick that action got her laughing, two days as a female and you are hopelessly committed to the life! She handed me a list of the properties that they owned or had large mortgages on. She had written notes to the side on which properties that would be desirable to rent or lease from our companies standpoint. I decided to see what I could do tomorrow, the one that had called me back was their CFO. Maybe they were already about to go under for their CFO to be running things now.

I decided to get Melanie and me some lunch, I called the order in then drove a few blocks to pick it up. Melanie and I set in my office, soon to be her office, and we talked about what changes needed to be made and in what order. Two hours later we had established a game plan, and a timetable to accomplish it by.

As I was getting ready to leave she handed me a note. Turnabout Gurl Salon tomorrow morning at Seven A.M. for a wash and set and new polish. A puzzled look appeared on my face, Melanie just smiled. “A female who looks her best is always more confident and able to perform miracles, wear the pink business suit and the highest black heels you have, the black handbag and the pink and black print scarf. I will see you at the meeting, a little before nine.”

As I drove home, I remembered I was given a list of groceries that we needed. Since I was now a card carrying member of the fair sex, I stopped at the grocery store and made my purchases. I had thought about conveniently forgetting the list, but for some reason this participation in all things womanly was important to me. I did have a smile on my face after loading the groceries in the car, this particular task was fun. I am sure my opinion would change later, but for now it was an enjoyable experience.

When I made it home, I was attacked by Aspen at the door. Apparently she had been waiting for me. Immediately I was dragged to our bedroom, her giggling and me trying to keep from going there. I tried to side track her, telling her I had groceries to unpack. It fell on deaf ears as I was dragged to our bedroom. A female with a purpose is hard to stop, my heels not allowing me to get any traction to prevent the inevitable.

In the bedroom she undid my blouse, jerking the sleeves part way down my arms. This severally limited my arm movements, allowing the skirt to quickly find its way to the floor. She pushed me backwards and climbed up on me straddling my body, her ass twisting on my new vagina. She did not even take off my bra, just lifted up on the front band until my breasts popped out. Her mouth was instantly on one of my nipples, the sensations of it being sucked and tender bites made me delirious. I am not even sure which breast was in her mouth.

It seems she kept it up for hours, my pleading with her to stop was routinely denied. Around ten PM, she relented, asked me if I was hungry, then we walked to the kitchen. I was so stiff and sore I managed to get there, but imagined my efforts were quite comical. After the groceries were put up, she fed me bites of fruit, along with a glass of wine. I was not allowed to help myself, she would place the bite in my mouth and then hold the glass to my mouth while I took a sip.

The nibbling and wine did allow things to further calm down, I finally asked her what happened tonight. “I thought of you all day, the picture of your breasts locked in my mind. I was worthless and the closer it came to you getting home the worse it became. Finally when I heard the key in the door I flew down the stairs and attacked you as you came through the door. Then my only purpose in life was to get you naked and on the bed where I could play with your new toys, excuse me, my new toys.”

“They felt so good, soft and warm, the nipple anxious to be played with. I was in heaven, as I sucked them and nipped the nipples, everything progressing and more excited, I just had to have more and more. I have been so wet today, if we had sex right now, I doubt I could feel you. I have been wearing tampons to keep from staining my panties, I will need more tomorrow.

“It was the best present you have ever given me, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. If you think that I will allow you to have them removed one day, you are sadly mistaken. They are mine, totally mine, and I dearly love the body they are attached to.” She had moved from her chair to sit on my lap, the kissing on my face started, lips, eyes, ears, forehead, chin, neck, there was very few spots missed as she showed me her love for me.

The kissing finally died down some, her still in my lap, but hugging me tight and snug to her body. We sat there for some time, just enjoying each other, knowing that we loved and cared for each other so much. My mind went back to my stupid obsession for her to get bigger breasts. Before I left the salon the first time I had already decided to never bring it up again. Her decision about her body is hers alone, not to be toyed with by a husband that clearly had lost all his marbles. Now my breasts that is another matter. They are now the center of my world, as long as Aspen is playing with them.

We did make it back upstairs and I was allowed to play with hers. Since I had a set now, I know I acted differently than before. I worshiped them, caressed them, sucked on them and lightly tweaked them. Since my male organ is glued away, our satisfaction has to come from other attachments. It was an hour of me manipulating her before I would let her orgasm. She had cussed me, tried to get her hands involved to make it happen sooner. Hit me, even grabbed a hold of my hair to get my head where she wanted it. But when she came it was wonderful. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, our breasts intermingled between our bodies, both sets of nipples rock hard.

My hand smashed the alarm the next morning, but the guilt of not going in got to me and I crawled out of the warm cozy bed to shower and got dressed. Other than running a brush through my hair I did nothing, the salon appointment would take care of that. I groped Aspen in bed, but after she kissed me, she just rolled back over and resumed sleeping.

Even though I had two cups of coffee that morning it was at the salon that I finally started functioning on more than one brain cell. I allowed them to do their thing, my image in the mirror as I got up to leave was confident and attractive. I got a chance to talk to Francine, my smile told her everything she needed to know. I asked her if she was looking for any new locations, she was, so I gave her Melanie’s card. In fact, one of the properties I was going to try and get hold of today would be a perfect spot for one of her salons.

I was early for the meeting, Melanie was there, but their representative had not showed up yet. When he did arrive, I could see the stress in his eyes, he was not a happy camper. Before we got started, I asked him if he was open minded, I had a proposition to offer him, but needed him to remain silent until I had laid out the deal. He said nothing but did nod his head.

I laid out the list of properties that we were interested in, he glanced at it, a small smirk forming in the corners of his mouth. I then laid out the bid that we were offering for the whole lot. The property we had originally agreed on was not part of this deal. I am sure he tried not to show any emotion, but I did see a small lift of his eyebrows at the figure on the offer sheet. He went to his phone right away and sent an email back to his office, less than a minute later he had his response.

He asked if I wanted terms, I shook my head no. “Same as today a cashier’s check, after we have proof of no liens or mortgages against the properties.”

When would you be able to close is his next question? “As soon as you show proof of clear titles.”

His smile told all the rest, he sent another email and Melanie took our attorneys in the next room to give them the details. I did what most females did, I got out my compact and fixed my lipstick. A fresh coat of lipstick lifts a female’s spirit, helps her see things as they are. We finished the meeting, formalized the deal, and arranged for the check and titles of the property to be exchanged later in the week.

Back to our office, I felt like I was on a roll, a new office building, quite a few new properties to rent or lease, now to start to make changes in the present company. Since Janice wanted to see me anyway, that office would be my first stop. It took me a little over an hour to get to that location, parked and entered the office. I walked right into her office, her and one of her agents the only occupants therein. I got a big hug from Janice as soon as she realized who I was. I was also given a thorough check of my new accessories. I offered my hand to Leslie, but was quickly told that is not how females greet each other. The ensuing hug felt a lot better than any handshake. Leslie got a call, and left while Janice and I sat to talk.

I told her of the plans and who would be transferred to the main office. She made a suggestion that Melanie and I had not thought about. Allow the agents that wanted to work from their home. That would allow the offices to be closed, but keep more agents for leasing and finding new property. Instead of getting a salary and commission, the new arrangement would be commission only, at a higher percentage.

I doubted many would want that option so when Leslie returned Janice presented the idea to her and asked her which she would choose. Immediately Leslie stated the commission only choice. “That way, the harder I work, the more money I make. Now that is somewhat true, but it takes a lot of deals to make much money. Some of Leslie’s customers came in so she had to leave again.

Janice and I kept talking, I told her we would probably go the commission only route. We discussed the types of properties we were looking for, and which of her agents might be the best to utilize for the rental and leasing aspects. We hugged as I left, she was very effusive for how I looked, preferring the buxom model over the old me.

I stopped at two more offices that afternoon before I made it back to the office. Everybody seemed to accept my new look, some thought it was sorely overdue, others pleased I had joined the superior gender. Melanie had a stack of paperwork for me as soon as I sat behind my desk. Three of the properties we were buying were already long term leased, two more just waiting to see when they would be available before signing the lease.

Right before I was getting ready to leave the office Mike called. He asked if I could meet him for dinner, he had several people who wanted to meet me. I tried to inquire as to who, but he kept that info from me. I agreed to meet him, did he want me to go change into something dressier or was I alright as I am. He would prefer me in an evening dress, but he would settle for me in my business suit. That last said with a little mirth in his voice.

I called Aspen to let her know the change in plans, but she told me Mike had called her just an hour ago telling her about the changes. Hmm, something is going on here. When I hung up Melanie came in handing me the projected figures for the new part of the business for the first month. I glanced at them but nothing stuck out.

She also knew about the dinner, told me where to go and what time I had to be there. She then handed me another set of papers with the figures for the part of the business that I oversaw. I tried to find out why I was taking these papers with me, but unlike some others Melanie has the tightest lips in the business with regards to any secrets that she might have been privileged to hear, no matter who she heard the news from.

I made myself familiar with both sets of figures in case I am asked questions tonight. I drove to the restaurant, freshened my lipstick and then entered. I told the hostess who I was with and was shown to a room near the back of the restaurant. When I entered I swallowed hard. Mike was there of course, to his right was Jennifer my old boss, and to his left was a woman that I was quite familiar with, my sister Doreen.

Doreen, my sister, was probably the only person that had done better in life that I had. She had married into money, invested smartly and now was on the board and stockholder in at least ten local companies, each generating sales in excess of ten million dollars a year. I had heard rumors she had controlling interest in at least five of them.

Her husband had his own interests, an investment firm and also loved to race cars, last I heard he had five teams touring the drag racing circuit across the country. I sat down after exchanging pleasantries. I wasn’t sure what is up, but I really wasn’t comfortable about any of this. Both of the women had carefully evaluated my look, but so far no comment about it.

Mike asked to look at the material that Melanie had sent along with me. I handed over the paperwork and all three of them went through it, the waiter showed up, our orders were taken and they went back to their inspection of the paperwork. I started twice to ask what was going on, but when it came time to open my mouth nothing came out. I decided I needed to use the ladies room and both women thought it was also an excellent idea. I wanted to get away to calm down some, but that apparently was not to be.

After we had used the facilities I was sitting in one of the vanities fixing my lipstick again when Doreen asked how I liked my breasts. I decided to be honest, maybe cut out some of the discussion regarding me tonight. “It was a mistake, a husband that forgot that what he wanted might be uncomfortable for his wife. Now that I have them, I love them, and I will keep them for the rest of my life, if Aspen can live with me? So far that does not seem to be a problem. I have learned my lesson though, a constant reminder of my one sided view of things.”

As I got up to go back to the table I got two great big hugs, a tear appearing in the corner of my eye. I took a tissue to blot it, quickly looking in the mirror to see if my mascara had run any. That got me some giggles as we headed back to the table. They returned to the paperwork, until the waiter brought out our meals.

We finished our meals, some tea was served and the dishes were cleared away. Doreen started the conversation. “Mike and I have been partners for several years now, recently Jennifer has joined our ranks. It was originally thought that she would run the overall company, until a certain new employee came upon the scene. Now we have changed our mind, this new employee will run the company now, maybe with some help from several of our other employees. Melanie to be the contact person for all of this.”

Janice will be offered the position you currently hold, after you train her she will run the acquisition of properties and the leasing and rental of these parcels.

I asked where I fit into this, fearing again that I was being shoved aside. Jennifer asked “Where do you think you could be the most help” I didn’t really have an answer for her. Before I acquired breasts, I was more confident, self-reliant, and exuded that in anything that I took on. Now I felt submissive, not sure of myself, and feared that my new life was doomed to fail and fail big time. Mike looked at both of them stating that was the reason for the hair color change.

I bowed up a little, I am not a dumb blonde, but my mouth remained shut. They exchanged looks at each other, then a shrug or two. Doreen was the first to speak, “Maybe you could teach someone else how to run the company, since you have the experience for it. If we find a smart male, you could keep him in line with your looks as you teach him what is required to do the job. Since you are blonde and possess quite a rack, I am sure you can twist him around your little finger.”

I was more than red, steam coming from both of my ears as that last comment hit me hard. That was all I was to them a big breasted female with a low IQ. “Is that all you think of my ability, I made that deal come together for those properties and I can do it again anytime I want to. The employees look up to me even though my hair might be blonde. I listen to everybody picking the brightest ideas and making them a part of the overall plan. That is how you run a company profitably. Now since you think so little of me, I will go home, make love to my significant other and see how many orgasms I can have in one night. You three can run this company yourselves and when you get in trouble don’t come to me. I am out of here.”

I stared them in the eyes, all three of them said in unison “You are hired! Now here is your salary draw, your bonus schedule and what companies you will have control over. Tomorrow, be here for some orientation. Then take the weekend off, maybe do some shopping and be back to work on Monday. Leave the hair color though, it suits you so much.” I just stood there, what did they said. I am hired, for what?

Doreen and Jennifer broke into giggles that quickly became outright laughter. Doreen moved closer to me leaning my head on her shoulder. “You are more than capable, just so feminine, and so submissive. We had to insult you to get you to stand up for yourself. We decided earlier to pool all of our monies, into Mike’s companies. Jennifer doesn’t want the grind anymore, so you came to mind. Since Melanie and you work so well together we thought that you would be the perfect choice for the position with Melanie at your side. The last couple of days proved that our choice was perfect. The deal you swung will make the company thousands in the next few months. Your presentation and actions as Jo have been perfect, more like you were born to the gender that switched to it.”

“We do have two requirements. One the hair color stays and two so do the breasts. Mike should have forced you to do it a few years ago, but he was lacking a way to introduce you to the idea. Then you went and did it yourself, a perfect match for what we had in mind. Now Melanie and you need to be here tomorrow for a full work day so we can bring you up to date on all you will be managing. Then the weekend off, if Aspen will let you out of the bedroom.”

“Monday back here, so you can get the new headquarters sorted out, and take over the rest of the companies. There is several civic organizations with meetings next week, you need to attend all of them. Since we dabble into a lot of things you will have a full schedule of business meetings, socials and a few fancy dress gatherings to attend as a representative of the company.”

“We had talked about a name change for the company since there are now four partners involved. We prefer to be involved but not directly so the new name has been decided. Jo & Company will be the operating name we will use now. I am sure Melanie can handle all the things involved with the new name.”

“I know the hair dye works deep, so to save a lot of time and brain cells, we are now equal partners. Your participation is the operation of the companies with a monthly draw on your 25% share of the expected company profits. Last year that would be 20,000.00 dollars a month. I think that will handle you clothing needs and your beauty salon time. Do you have any questions on this? If not, Aspen is waiting outside to take her significant other for a late night snack and bed in that order.”

I stood up in a daze, was hugged and kissed by Jennifer and Doreen. Then Mike walked over and tenderly grabbed my face and made me look directly into his eyes. I have permission from Aspen for this a onetime occurrence. He kissed me on the lips, briefly but sensuously. I got a hug and then he walked me to the outer office. Aspen was waiting there, I received another kiss then was dragged off in her arms.

I don’t remember much after that, the food was good I guess, although I don’t remember what I ate. We were seated at a table that had a view of the lake nearby, sipping wine. I do remember that, then I was escorted to the car, then home, then to the bedroom. I started to undress, but my hands were swatted away, she took her time removing my clothes, finally when she was down to my bra. I screamed take the damn thing off and get sucking, I am dying here. She did and it was four hours later that I was able to look at the clock on the nightstand.

My breasts were the center of my world, everything seemed to revolve around them. Several times, I caught myself pushing my chest up to Aspen so she could do something with them, anything at all. I lay in bed afterwards locked in Aspen’s embrace, staring at the ceiling and thinking about how all of this happened. Now it was a little fuzzy, my escapades back then fading away some. There is one thing that I was sure of, positive of, deciding to get a pair of my own was the best thing ever to happen to me. The wrong reason for getting them, the right reason for keeping them from now on.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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