Capucine; Back On Track

I looked at my appointments for the day. Three of my regulars this morning, then a new one at one o’clock. She was penciled in for two hours, a little unusual but if she was paying for the time I was happy. Then to wrap up the day I had the mayor’s wife for the works. Since her husband is getting sworn in tonight, a special occasion for her.

I asked Judy about the new customer at one, wanting to know what services she wanted. All Judy could tell me was that she is familiar with my skills and we could decide when she got here. I got lost in my first customer, a lady who is beyond rich, but likes to keep her appearance immaculate at all times. Most weeks I have her twice, where with my other customers usually once a week is sufficient.

I got lucky, having enough money after attending beauty school to open a small salon. It was touch and go for almost a year, before word of mouth spread, getting me enough customers to make it financially beneficial to me. I remember eating very little those first few months, what little I was making spent on things for the salon. In the following years I grew the salon to its present size, now I have three stylists working for me and a receptionist/manicurist for taking appointments and doing nails.

The morning progressed quickly, and soon I was waiting for my one o’clock appointment. Then I saw a lady walking down the sidewalk to the salon door. I looked twice, it has been years since I have seen Francine. We went to beauty school together, both starting as young males but obviously one of us chose the female gender route during school. Of all the students she was the most driven person I knew. She was always coming up with new ways to do things, almost every idea worked to some degree. Being state licensed, a lot of things she came up with could not be put into practice at that time in the beauty school, but I am sure she eventually managed to find a way to get them approved for use. I hugged her at the door, we were friends before beauty school, after school we were very close friends. We lost track of each other after graduation, her opting for a salon in Phoenix, while I had my dream place already leased here in town. This town being an up and coming city in New Mexico.

The location was half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a sort of yuppy community, composed of rich and well to do professionals working in one of the two communities.

We went back into the back, I never did have an office, the floor space too valuable to use part of it for an office. We looked each other over, she was even more beautiful that I remembered. She had on a designer dress, probably something she had made for her. I was dressed in black pants and a smock that had the salon name on the front. She suggested lunch, I asked her about her appointment, but she just smiled. So lunch it is. There was a real quaint little restaurant down the street, since it is after one they won’t be as crowded. We walked there, and were seated right away.

We ordered and after getting our drinks I asked the reason for her visit. I knew Francine, every action had a reason, but sometimes you had to probe to find out what that reason was. And in normal Francine manner she told me she wanted to buy my salon. I looked at her, surprised to say the least.

“I have done quite well with my salons, now we are looking to expand into this area. We already have a few customers from around here visiting us in Santa Fe so this is a logical place to put another salon. Your location is perfect, and I happen to know the owner, a perfect candidate for the manager of the new salon.”

I raised my eyebrow, she is still holding back something, her planning of all things to perfection means that she has already made her decision to open in this town. I asked her what she would pay for my salon, you know a salon with a good following is worth quite a bit these days.

“I will pay you everything you have invested in the salon, plus give you forty percent of the new salon profits. I plan to expand the salon to include full service everything plus adding a clothing boutique to boot.”

I was still leasing the space for the salon, the owner of the property never willing to even talk about selling me the space we leased. “I doubt you will be able to lease more space here, in my dealings with the owner he has been most uncooperative.”

“Accept my offer and I will worry about the rest. You will still be able to do hair, something you have always been the best at. No more worrying about where the money is coming from to pay the bills. I will even buy you a house locally, so that you won’t have to live in that crappy apartment complex you have settled in.”

Yep she has this all figured already and has done her homework. I wonder if she knows any more about me.

“From the look on your face it seems that I need to convince you some more, you are living in a two bedroom apartment, lease your furniture and eat out most of the time. You do not have a girlfriend and have not had one in over five years. You have a cat, who worries that you will not show up to feed it and clean its potty box. You have two bank accounts, one for the business that has approximately twelve thousand dollars in it. Your personal account has six thousand dollars in it, and you have loans on the business for nine thousand dollars. Your stylists are excellent, and their following is gradually growing. Jennifer is the better of the group and needs to enter some competitions, her skill level is high, she just needs some recognition to attract some better customers. Your receptionist/manicurist should be just be a manicurist, her talent wasted on answering phones. Oh, one more thing you still have not embraced the real you, but with the sale of the salon we can handle that too.”

I know my mouth was partially open, yep Francine has not changed in the least since beauty school. “I have no idea how much I have invested in the salon, since I never kept track. I am sure if I had, I would have been seriously depressed many times over the years.”

Again Francine the mind reader pushed over a stack of papers, one glance and I knew she has been planning this for quite some time. From the first day I opened the salon to now there was a line by line entry of any expense that could be tracked. My lease payments, the purchases from the beauty supply company, the wages for the girls, and utility payments were all listed in sequence right from my opening day. There were other entries, newspaper ads, even a donation I made to a charity show that got the salon’s name mentioned on the radio. After looking through the whole list I looked at the total, then shook my head. I had been fooling myself, my profitable business was just barely so, the size of the salon probably not big enough to bring in the amount needed to make it a lucrative venture.

Our lunch was delivered, Francine quiet as I ate and thought about all of this new information. Then to my shock she slid a check over for every cent I had put into the salon, a cashier’s check made out to me. She had opened my eyes, I was going to accept her offer. I asked her where she is getting all of this money. A big smile graced her face, asking if I have heard of the Turnabout Gurl Salons. Oh shit, no wonder she is thinking about buying my salon. The biggest name in the beauty industry recently, over two hundred salons across the country. I guess I live in a secluded little spot of the universe, not up with what is happening around me.

I agreed to her purchasing the salon, she said we will talk more after we finish the lunch. I ate quietly, thinking of all that had just happened, I was now an employee of Francine, but the best part is no more worry about the business and if it will continue to survive. We walked back to the salon, and to my station, she had me sit in the stylist chair and we talked about the deal and my new role in the salon. She was playing with my hair as we talked, then a sudden thought came to mind. I had read in the article about the Turnabout Gurl Salons that all of the employees were female in looks, a requirement to work there. I started to get out of the chair, but she easily pushed me back down. In that short amount of time she had my hair looking quite feminine and then reached in her purse to get out a lipstick. The other girls who did not have customers came over and helped out, soon I was in full makeup and my hair now sporting curls from a curling iron. My nails now sported red polish and my shoes were being removed to make the toes matching. I had given up five females against one lone male, not much of a chance for me to stop them.

My cohorts agreed to take care of the mayor’s wife, giving her the works while Francine dragged me off to the bank. She had me get my loan balance and wrote a check to pay it off. Then I had to sign the check she gave me and deposited it in my personal account. Then I was driven to her closest salon and we went through it as she showed me what would be done to my former salon. I mentioned about the landlord, she just smiled, you are looking at her I own the entire building. Open mouth, a large intake of air as all of this soaked into my muddled mind. We ate out at a fancy restaurant, me still in my smock and with hair and makeup to match.

They would start on redoing the salon tomorrow, then when they got to our present salon we would be closed for a long weekend as they gutted and finished the new salon and boutique. Gawd she moves fast, I just agreed to the sale a few hours ago and now find out we will open the new salon in ten day’s time. As we headed back to the salon she informed me that I would need to be at her salon for adjustments to my figure, so that I can wear the appropriate uniform when the new salon opens. My other stylists quite happy to handle my appointments for now, but demanded to see me as the changes are completed.

I asked in a quiet little voice if I had any say in the change in gender. She smiled. “Sure you do, you can pick your hair color and your breast size, as long as it is a C cup or bigger.” I groaned, but that was soon quelled as she took me in her arms and hugged me tightly. It felt good, to be with her again, friends and now business partners. I felt I should protest all of this, especially the transformation to the female gender. For some reason I didn’t, it wasn’t as scary and foreign when you stop and think about it.

I also noticed that she was referring to me now as Capucine, a name from our earlier days when a movie What’s New Pussycat came to town. It started as a joke, since my looks did somewhat look like the actress, but Francine kidded me often wanting to know when I was going to have the operation to be like her, since Capucine was a transsexual. When the movie faded her kidding faded too, I had forgotten this episode over the years, but now it was back, I kind of wondered what would have happened if I had taken that route during school. It sure worked out for Francine, both financially and in her personal life. The truth in the pudding was she seemed so happy now, bubbly and energetic and irascible. In a span of a couple of hours I had sold my business to her, and essentially agreed to live as a female now and in the future. Yep she still has that touch.

I was to be at her nearest salon at nine the next day, planning to be there all day. My feminine changes will be completed tomorrow, then a day of classes to make my actions match my new gender. Than the next day for a few minor adjustments including my voice. Then I will work in her salon there for several days learning the procedures and the different things offered at the salon. At the end of next week back to my new salon, then after the weekend the grand opening of Francine’s newest salon. For that I was told I needed an evening gown, and an elaborate makeover, as I am the new manager of the salon.

At the salon the next day the changes were performed quickly, but I had not realized the extent they would encompass. Breasts were sucked out of my body, after they had removed every hair on my torso except my eyebrows and the hair on top of my head. The breasts felt like they belonged on my body, but I did welcome the bra since they were larger than what I expected and heavy. By the end of the day I was hardly aware of their existence. I caught Francine watching me, a larger than life smile often appearing on her face.

By that evening there was nothing left of my masculine image. The following day I was pushed to my limit as I was instructed in the movements of a female. Up and down stairs in heels, proper sitting posture and what to do with my hands were all covered in excess. I felt like I was wearing out the soles of the heels I was wearing, back and forth, up and down, geez do females really walk this much in heels.

I ended up with quite a wardrobe, every day after my time at her salon I was sent home with bags of clothes, none of which contained any pants. Yep dresses, skirts and blouses were the only things I now owned. The first night I was taken home by the manager of her Santa Fe salon, who saw to the removal of every masculine item of clothing I possessed. I didn’t worry too much about it, figuring I could rescue what I wanted after she left for the evening. We had just got everything put in the garage when a local thrift store’s truck pulled up, and all my male clothes loaded up. I got the receipt, so that I could use it as a deduction come tax time. A big smile from Kimberly and a few words to me. “Did you really think that Francine would let you save any of your former clothes? Oh come on, let’s get real here.”

She came by to pick me up the next morning, since she had taken me home last night. Today was to be my first day in the salon’s uniform, a brief little piece of fluff that hardly covered anything and left no doubt as to the sex of its wearer. I had found a jacket from another outfit to slip over it, but Kimberly made me leave it at home, my cat deciding to lay on it to make sure I would not be able to snatch it again on my way out the door. Stupid cat.

It was after lunch when I finally got used to the uniform, well maybe not used to it but able to tolerate it might be a better choice of words. I was kept busy, doing hair for some of their customers, learning the new procedures and suffering the last attacks on my masculinity. Not just one pair of earrings but now three pair in my ears. I was given a body perm, something to make sure my curls were always visible even if my hair was not set every evening. At my old salon I wore my shoulder length hair in a ponytail, now in a ponytail I had huge sausage curls bouncing around the back of my head. As I was experiencing my last day at the Santa Fe salon, a smiling Francine came to see me. I was carefully looked at, to make sure there was no masculine traits left, then I got a huge hug and several kisses not all on my cheek.

She wanted me to pick out my evening gown for the grand opening tonight before I left that way I can get used to the idea that I will be wearing it when the new salon opens in a few days. I was not to worry about my hair or makeup, since she is flying in her top stylists to see that I look my best. Now find that perfect dress or I will pick one for you, you know me good enough to realize that would be fun for me, but I fear that you might not necessarily agree on my choice. Her giggle convinced me and I headed over to the boutique.

The place was closing as I had my selections on a dress rack near the changing rooms. Five dresses that I might choose to be seen in, four that were alright, but not that special dress. The fifth one I knew Francine would pick immediately, most of my new feminine charms would be on full display in that dress. So I let out a breath that I had been holding and walked over to the cashier. About that time Francine came breezing by, told the cashier that the dress and the others on the rack were to be charged to her. The gal got me garment bags for all the dresses and helped me get them to my car. Before I could thank her Francine had vanished, probably helping someone else see the femininity that had been hidden underneath years of unhappiness as a male.

The next day at my new salon I was amazed. It was like a dream come true, all new equipment, all the latest products to use on our customers and the new décor was out of this world. It was just gorgeous. I stood there for quite some time taking in the view, until my girls wandered in. One look at me and they swamped me, hugging and kissing me making me turn around so they could see the changes that had been made. We walked the salon and boutique looking at everything, stopping to marvel at how fast all of this had been put together.

Judy told me were already booked up for the next four weeks, once the word got around that we were now part of the Turnabout Gurl chain the phones have been ringing off the hook. Speaking of which the phone started ringing just a few minutes after nine. The rest of the day it never stopped ringing. I did interview and hired a couple of more stylists and a full time receptionist. For the grand opening a few of her stylists from Santa Fe and Albuquerque would come to help. We made sure the salon was stocked and ready for its debut.

The following day Francine and two stylists flew in from Phoenix to make sure I was adequately ready for the salon opening. They missed nothing not leaving a single masculine feature visible. I was shown the manager’s uniform, the instant red on my cheeks an indication of how brief and sexy it was. Francine saw to the last minute preparations in the salon, while I was otherwise being pampered and made beautiful. Finally everyone left the salon, leaving Francine and I alone.

She asked if I had finally accepted my destiny in life. I smiled, and nodded yes. About time. Lets go for a ride, maybe get some dinner and then relax a little. We used her rental car, grabbed some takeout at a Mexican restaurant and then drove off to a fancy neighborhood just on the outside of town. When she parked in the driveway of one of the nicest houses I turned and stared at her. She grabbed the food bags and headed to the front door. She used a key to open it and my cat came our immediately rubbing my leg as she normally does. I picked her up, her purring so loud it was vibrating her body and my arms. We stepped inside, Francine pointing to the door to the kitchen telling me that Sassy’s food was on the counter. I shook my head but headed in that direction. The few glances I managed were impressive, the house was gorgeous.

In the corner of the kitchen was a separate room scaled down to a cat’s size. Her potty box was not ordinary by any means, designed to look like a castle with four towers at the corners of the box. A counter at the entrance to the room, the shelves above the counter stocked with every cat food imaginable. I picked out one, filled her bowl, laid it next to her water bowl, then stood back and watched her devour it in record time. It wasn’t a few minutes later when my leg was being rubbed, a thank you for her dinner meal. I turned around to see Sassy head over to her bed, for an after dinner nap.

Francine showed up, grabbing my arm and leading me to the dining room. She had laid out our food and poured us some iced tea to drink. I started to say something but she just put her finger to my lips, stopping any words from being spoken. “This is your house now, all of your belongings are here except anything masculine. A suitable feminine car is in the garage, you have closets full of clothes and you are now a member of several business groups in the area. Everything in your new identity of Capucine. This is how it should have been years ago, but you were stubborn and too proud to face your future. Now eat your tacos and burrito, since you have to get to bed early so you can be at the salon by eight.”

We ate in silence, with me savoring the feelings I was having. All of this seemed so right, a brief look at my nails or my bosom making me smile a little. We cleaned up and headed to the upstairs bedrooms. As I walked down the hall way I was awed by how fantastic the house was. In my bedroom I was shown a nightie to slip into as Francine did the same. I was then told of my nightly beauty regime, as Francine supervised as I tried to get through all of it. She had performed her ritual in half of the time, giggling at my attempts. She ended up brushing my hair for me, something we used to do for each other in beauty school. I was shown to the side of the bed and she tucked me in, a huge smile on her face. Then she turned out the lights after setting the alarm and then I felt her slide in next to me. I was cuddled, just like we had done in beauty school, nothing sexual just two friends sharing their friendship, her body so soft and warm. I was out like a light, the alarm rudely waking me from a pleasant dream.

We had time before we had to be at the salon, but a certain new recruit to the female gender was not up to speed on getting herself ready. We finally made it, the line at the door surprising us. It was still three hours to the official opening time. When we got inside I noticed all my employees were already there, so I opened the doors and invited everyone in. We had taken no appointments for the first day, just doing what we could for as many as possible. I manged to find a few minutes to try and get a breath and soothe my aching feet. I was so not used to wearing five inch heels. It turned out to be the only break I managed that day.

Francine left me that evening, wishing me well and telling me to pet Sassy for her tonight. I did get a kiss, a searing probing sensual kiss that left me wondering about our relationship. Then that wicked smile and she was gone. I never did get a chance to thank her for everything, but that was also typical of her. Breeze in handle things that needed to be set right and then disappear.

I presume when it came to me, I had ventured from my destiny and she had come to get me back on track. Now Capucine was all female, a business manager and quite attractive even if I do say so myself. A life I was going to embrace this time, not making the same mistake twice.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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