Barbie; Working Undercover

I was new to the force, just recently graduated from a police academy. Even before I went to the academy, I knew where I would be working when I graduated. My dad was Chief of Police in a mid-size Arizona city, having been with the city’s police force for some twenty–five years. He knew his business, both his fellow officers and the people he served, respected him and his knowledge.

He was a big man, clearly a foot taller than me and at least a hundred pounds heavier. My brother’s got his genes since they were similar in size, while I turned out more like my Mother. Half way between five and six feet, about a hundred and thirty pounds and skinny as a rail. No muscles, in fact at the academy, it was nearing the end of my training and lots of exercise before I could pass the minimal physical portion of the course.

He insisted I go to an academy, wanting me to learn from professionals. I went to one in Southern California, one recruit among five hundred and seventy. I did learn a lot and excelled in my studies, getting a commendation from the school commander.

When I returned home, I was assigned to the detective division of our police force, commanded by Lt. Sandy Phillips. Lt. Phillips was highly revered by Dad, she had worked her way up in the force, from an academy graduate to now head their detective division. She was level headed, conformed to the rules explicitly and expected everyone else to do so as well.

We would not be classified as a big town but had a population of around two hundred thousand. It was a town that bordered a larger city, separate but connected some. The city was a suburb of Phoenix, but kind of farther out than the other suburbs. It was mainly well to do families, we had a small older part of town, not as nice or kept up as the surrounding shopping centers and business district. Like most cities that size, we had our share of crime, being in an area of affluent people, there were always robberies, drugs or sexual crimes of some type. That was not all the crimes we investigated, but the other crimes were only sporadic and seldom of any number to be overly concerned with.

Being new and unexperienced, I was teamed up with Sgt. Victoria Manning, another veteran of the force. She and I both were told that I was to receive no preferential treatment from anybody on the force. I was just a recruit and subject to the same treatment as any other recruit. That message was delivered by my father in person. So that fateful day, I started out in her section, they were currently working on cases involving drugs.

I was indeed treated the same, every shit job that was available, was assigned to me at one time or another. I didn’t mind, truly wanting to learn all I could about the detective division, the good and the bad. That meant I was the one to get coffee for the briefings, punch in the many reports to our computer system and pick up lunch for the others quite often. I really didn’t mind, exposure to the others, and them treating me like a fellow officer. I was kidded a lot about my looks, when we were discussing some crime I was often asked to leave the room, too young to be exposed to these things. On more than one occasion someone would come by and place their hands over my ears to keep me from hearing things that they thought were too adult for my young body.

I often was assigned to penetrate one of the local high schools, my small stature and youthful looks allowed me to pass as a teenager. Even though I was twenty years old, I looked fifteen at the most. Due to my mother’s Indian heritage, I had very little hair on my person, either body or face, also adding to my apparent youth.

We had on occasion, some drug dealers try and sell their product to high school students, getting one of the students hooked and then making them sell to others to feed their addiction. By changing my hair style and wearing glasses, I could easily pass as a teenager just transferred into the school and find out who was dealing the drugs. It felt weird to be back in school again, having to take classes that I had just passed a few years ago. Several times, I had to go back to the same school, changing my disguise some so as to be not easily recognized. Even though I was dressed as a male, the girls were the ones to include me in their group first.

I remember the first day at lunch, I was seated by myself over in one of the corners of the cafeteria where I could watch what was going on. Two girls sat next to me asking my name and where I lived. Shortly thereafter three more joined them, me being introduced to the rest of the group. They talked about shopping, boys, fashions and makeup. I listened some, but knew nothing about the subjects. When asked something directly, I made some neutral remark and they moved on to other subjects. All through the different times I was there or in other high schools I was treated the same way. Always with the girls, most of the time I was approached by them first, more joining the group as the days passed.

In one case, since I had been to that particular school already three times this year, Sgt. Manning suggested I dress as a female, that way I would not be recognized as easily. There was a smirk there somewhere. I think she was just testing me, to see if I would do as suggested or try to get out of it. I had my own apartment once I came back from the academy, but that night I went back home to get my mother to help me change gender. I didn’t have a girlfriend to help and most of my high school female friends had went off to college. So Mom’s help would have to suffice. Needless to say, Mom was thrilled to have a daughter for a while, since her children up to now had been all male, consisting of myself and my two older brothers.

Although Dad had also wanted them to join the force, they had both decided on careers in the military. Jeff now a captain in the Army and Dale a pilot in the Air Force. He was proud of them, so when I agreed to go to the academy, Dad was more than thrilled, at least one of his sons likely to follow in his footsteps.

Before I knew it, I was transformed, dressed in panties and bra, stockings and high heels. Mom was having so much fun, I had to try on fifteen different dresses, so that the perfect one could be found. It turned out to be one of her older dresses, one that she could no longer fit into. Since fashions cycled, even though it was from ten years ago, a similar style was in vogue now. Once we had my outfit picked out, I slipped out of my clothes, staying in my old room so she could help me with my makeup in the morning. Of course, a nightie for the evening was presented, she wasn’t about to let me slip back into anything masculine, I was her daughter until the sting was over. I gave in, I could see the joy in her face, something she had dreamed of, as she raised her family given to her as a present, a present to be treasured and enjoyed for as long as possible.

The next morning was unreal, having to get up earlier to attend school, the first of my trials that day. Sgt. Manning was going to come by to take me to school, in her own car and dressed as a doting mother. My mom had done a job on me, a pretty teen female waiting to be picked up for school. Vicki was impressed at my appearance, shocked more like it. I was given my identification for school, truth be known, she had one for my male self, if I hadn’t gone the female route, of course, that bit of information was not relayed to me. My voice was passable, still in the area between the two sexes. School as a female was different, not only my classes, but how I was treated. The looks from the males the most disconcerting to deal with.

Being a female I had my first class in home economics, of course, my luck we were learning how to sew a dress. During the class I got the pattern cut out, and pinned to my fabric. I think there was a little collusion here, since my Mother Vicki had presented me with a package this morning with material for my dress enclosed. There was an awfully big smile when she handed it to me.

I made it through the day, even found our target when I accidentally caught them exchanging envelopes in the ladies restroom. I would wait, seeing what I could learn and who else might be involved. I did get my dress sewn in the ensuing days, even wore it to school a few days later.

Over the next week, I made quite a list of students that were involved, also got some photos of them making the deals. In these cases, we usually just scared them a lot, getting their parents involved and some school detention for their actions. One of my suspects had already been involved in one of the other stings, her fate now probably the court system ending in jail.

On the following Monday, Sgt. Manning and a number of detectives raided the school, arrested the students, searched their lockers and took them to the principal’s office. I remained clear of the fracas, there was some resistance, a couple of the boys involved forcibly put in handcuffs after they tried to run. The girls were different, breaking down in sobs, knowing how much trouble they were now in. Luckily none of the girls that had tried to befriend me were involved this time.

I was walking to my next class, most of the teens already in the office, when I was stopped and arrested. Vicki had me by the arm after placing my hands in handcuffs. The doting Mother had disappeared and the policewoman in uniform was there instead. I was led away and to an office in the administration building. Once inside, she complimented me on my work, smiling as I moved my handcuffed hands to my side trying to get her to release me. She just smiled, then told me I was being taken down to the station. I could cooperate or she could do it the hard way. Well I let her play her game, whatever it was, and just went along with whatever she had in mind. I was taken to the police van that carried prisoners to the station and put inside. The gal that had been arrested before was already there, I began to see why I was being handled this way.

Jenny Banyon, the other prisoner, smiled as I was put inside and fixed to the seat on the side of the van. She tried to start a conversation several times, but I kept quiet the whole trip. When we got to the station, we were led to separate interrogation rooms and questioned. I noticed the door was left partially open, then Vicki slid a note towards me. She wanted me to refuse to answer questions no matter what the question was. I figured they had left the other room open too, letting the other prisoner hear some of the questions asked me. Then, after several hours of questions, I saw them lead Jenny to her cell and my door was closed.

Vicki again complimented me on being alert and playing into the scheme. They thought if I was put in a cell with her she might open up to me some, thinking I was into something too. The questions that were asked me were kind of open ended, either implying drugs or something else, but not specific.

I asked if I would receive extra pay for serving jail time, her giggle kind of worried me. I never received an answer, just ignored. Now before we put you in the cell, we have to do a body search, all cavities have to be examined. Lt. Phillips is coming down to supervise the search, you can ask her if she is going to pay you for any jail time served. That statement worried me a little, why would Lt. Phillips be coming down here to supervise a body search on me?

It was over an hour later, when Sandy finally showed up. I was taken onto the room where the searches were usually done, a camera there so that it could be recorded, so that later a prisoner could not claim mistreatment. Still handcuffed, I was not given much choice in the matter, a female officer bent me over and lubed her fingers so that my cavities could be checked. The first time she checked my anus, that feeling of having someone stick their finger in your hole, I will never forget. Then, she changed gloves and stuck her hand down by my male organ. I didn’t do anything other than moan, no matter her intentions, I was getting excited, but also scared to death, my male organ twitched a couple of times, but never did swell up much. Then, changing gloves again, my mouth was explored including part way down my throat.

The film was removed from the camera and Lt. Phillips approached me. The other officer had been sent elsewhere. She wanted me to play the part for a couple of days. Nobody was to know anything about my identity. Since I was new, not many of the other officers knew of my impersonation. Sgt. Manning and Lt. Phillips were the only ones that knew who I was and what is happening. They suspected a leak in the police force, since some of their planned actions in the past, were less than successful. Thus, I was arrested, a criminal file made up for me and I would be spending some days in jail, as I waited to be arraigned. If I paid attention, I might be able to identify the culprit, or in the worst case, get some more info from Jenny Banyon about the school drugs. This is why I was subjected to the cavity search, to make it look like I was truly a criminal awaiting trial.

So I prepared myself to spend some time in jail, not what I had in mind when I went to the police academy. Dad never came to see me, even Mom abandoned me while I was in jail. I was removed often from the cell, taken to an interrogation room and questioned. Often with the door partially open, someone probably in the next room, so they could hear me being questioned. It had been five days since they brought me in, the pink jumpsuit getting old and uncomfortable. The underwear furnished by the city for female prisoners not very comfortable. Luckily, I was removed to a separate bathroom when I had to shower, only using the toilet in the cell when I had to. Jenny Banyon did volunteer some info, once she was convinced that I was a fellow criminal. I even was offered the services of her lawyer before my trial.

Under the premise that I was being taken to trial in a different town, I left the jail cell. Three days later Jenny was released and a day later with the info I had obtained for them, she was re-arrested committing another crime. This time she was caught with a large shipment of drugs red handed, so prison time was in her future.

I re-joined the force, back as a male for the time being. I was sure that I would be a member of that elusive club again, my size and looks making me perfectly suited for the role. Since this particular operation was quite a success for the force, another reason to engage in something similar later.

Our presence at the local high schools seemed to work, we had no further trouble there for quite some time. I was asked to help another police force a couple of towns away, so once again I became a student and went undercover. I think it was all just a plan to get me take my high school courses again, English in particular, since I had trouble with it when I was in school the first time.

By the time I got back from helping some of the other police forces, we had experienced a series of rapes on young females. Some students and others female shoppers leaving the local mall seemed to be the targets. Three of our female officers were already working undercover, mostly around the mall area, trying to lure the rapist out. The other undercover females in the sting were more mature looking, definitely a young woman, but never to be considered a student.

The first day back, Lt. Phillips had me in her office. I knew what I would be asked to do, I had no objections to doing it, I was just as anxious to catch the rapist as everyone else. She wanted me back in school, as a female walking home every evening in an attempt to draw him out.

This time, she sent me to a salon in a nearby town to be transformed, since most of our victims so far have been more of the sexy type, she wanted me to fit the profile. I was a little apprehensive this time, there is more at stake here, where before I just gathered information, this time I would be expected to make an arrest, after interacting with the suspect. All of the females and myself would have backup if needed, but that help would be in a patrol car away from the actual undercover officer. I was briefed by the other female officers on how to act, what would likely bring attention to me and how to act to draw him out. We couldn’t be too blatant, or any charges would not stand up in court. Attractive, maybe a little flirty, but that is all.

After seeing the salon she sent me to, I no longer feared the rapist; if I survived the salon, it would be a miracle. They were super friendly, maybe too much so. I was taken to a room in the back and they went over what I was scheduled for today. I swallowed hard as I signed the releases that would allow them to make me into a female. The technicians talked to me, keeping up a steady conversation. I guess they sensed that I was nervous as hell. What little body hair I had was removed, the sensation of the air flowing over smooth hair free skin was almost too much.

Once the body hair was removed, breasts were next on the agenda. I had seen several males hooked up to a machine sucking flab into a plastic cup on the chest. A couple of them having quite large breasts now, the cups seeming to be full. Luckily for me breast forms were glued to my chest, much preferred by me to the sucking of flab to create the same thing. That is until I tried to stand up, nothing can prepare a male to the weight of a female breast on his body. Then, add in the weight of its twin, making then wiggle and bounce at the slightest motion and there is a problem, actually two distinct problems.

This time, I think they went too far, not only will I look like a female, a sexy female, but they expect me to display myself out in public and attract male attention. I had to stop and think that the other female undercover officers were doing this already, but at least they had some experience at it before joining the force. That is in attracting male attention. A cover was glued over my male organ, theoretically, to assure that any male erection would not be seen. I didn’t give that anymore thought, for obvious reasons. The outfit they slipped me into was scandalous. I would indeed be sexy. I did wonder even if I would be allowed to wear that outfit to school.

Three more outfits for future days were added to the mix, then a makeup job was performed, when looking at my image in the mirror, I did not even recognize myself. The lipstick alone would make me desired, my puffed up lips and the deep burgundy lipstick seemed to make me look quite sexy. Hair in a high ponytail, like most female high school students. Mom picked me up to take me to school, not that Mom the other one. As I slid into the seat, she had me turn towards her and snapped a picture on her phone. An evil smile came on her face, then her few words were vocalized. You be good now dear, blackmail is always an option. I tried to play it dumb, maybe not knowing what she meant, would be enough to see me through this. I played it cool or tried to my reply, “Aww Mom, you own daughter how could you.”

I attended classes, just like the other fifteen hundred students. If I thought I had attracted male attention before at school, I was sadly mistaken. It was constant, every class I had a line of boys wanting to talk to me, walk me to my next class, ask for dates, you name it, they wanted it. I got a lot of dirty looks from the other female students. I still had a few females that were friendly, they were more the studious type, not the ones trying to land a male. With the latter group I was cutting in on their prospective boyfriends.

I actually had to wait around at school for a bit, for my male following to disperse before I started the walk home. I kept my eyes peeled for any movement, any bush twitch, anything at all. It is an unusual feeling, being a young female and being sexually desired. I guess to a normal female, it is a validation of their beauty, but not so much for this male. Maybe they just get used to it, through the years, but for me it made me extremely nervous.

On several occasions, I felt some eyes on me, but when I stopped to rearrange my books, looking around, I spotted nothing. I made it home, using the radio in my purse to let the backup know that I had made it home safely. Now that was over, I just had to put up with Mom, the real one. She was better, but anybody could see that her desire for a daughter was extreme. I helped her make dinner, then when Dad got home, I had to brief him on what had happened.

Even though we had lived in the neighborhood for years, very few people knew he was the Chief of Police. He always used his personal car for the trip back and forth, also, never appeared in uniform unless at the office, or a rare public appearance. After our talk, he escorted me to the dining room, complimenting me on my appearance. I got a hug as he pulled out my chair for me, then he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. Boy did that cause mental reverberations to pulse though my body. He is treating me just like a daughter. The trouble is, I am soaking it up, just like a female daughter would. It feels nice, somehow, right for a change.

I walked to school and home every day for the next three days. Nothing really happened other than me fighting off the young males at school. It was getting tiresome, they never ease up. Then on Friday, on the way to school, I had a car follow me from a distance, I had used a compact mirror to fix my lipstick often, looking through the mirror, I could see behind me, every time the same car was there, since it was a little less than a mile to school, not a coincidence.

Arriving at school, I used the ladies room to make a call to Sgt. Manning. My backup had noticed the car too, managing to get a license plate number. Now a day of boring classes, and struggling with my admirers. Like I said, they never gave up or even eased up some. That afternoon on the way home, another car followed me, not the same one as this morning. I could see my backup several blocks down the way, watching both of us, at least that is what I hoped they were doing. Then I heard sirens in the distance, but getting closer. The car following me stayed there seemingly unaware of the sirens. Two cars raced past me, followed quickly by a police car. Then I saw my backup pull out and join the chase. I kept on heading home, but tried to be extra careful.

As I walked across the park that was a block away from home, I saw a couple of joggers headed my way. They passed me, then the car that was following me, came alongside. The occupant rolled down his window to ask a question and someone grabbed me from behind holding a cloth over my mouth and nose. No thoughts after that.

When I came to, I was in the back of a van, tied tight and strapped to the floor of the van. Something was shoved in my mouth, filling it to overflowing with a piece of tape apparently holding it there. The van was moving, I had no idea where. I tried to struggle but to no avail, movement was restricted, a finger here and there and my toes were the extent of movement allowed with how they had me trussed up. I wondered if we were dealing with the same person or people, this did not fit the MO of the previous rape cases. I tried repeatedly to free myself, but avoided thinking of what might happen to me in this little scenario. I was scared, but tried to stay focused. I listened to any noise, trying to pinpoint where they might be taking me. Of course, how is that going to help when I can’t do anything about it?

We apparently pulled into a structure, as the lighting changed through the windows of the van. I heard doors opening and closing but I was left in the van trussed up. It seemed like forever, no noise, no talking, nothing. I just laid there, my mind going berserk with possible scenarios. I tried to breathe regularly, but I could feel my heart beating so hard; and my breathing was more like attempts to gulp in large amounts of air through my nose to keep from passing out. I did manage to calm down some, since absolutely nothing was happening. I have no idea how long I laid there, it seemed like hours. Then I heard a voice, then the side door of the van opening.

I was unstrapped from the van and pulled out. My legs were still tied together, and my hands were still restrained behind my back. In fact they were almost numb, no feeling at all. I was taken over to a counter and bent forward over it. A rope was secured to my hands and pulled forward holding me down to the counter, and almost dislocating my arms. My skirt was raised up exposing my butt. I frantically twisted and turned, trying to avoid what I knew was coming. There seemed to be only the one male doing this, I heard no other voices or saw anyone.

Next my panties were lowered and I again tried to move away, the inevitable now seemed to be next. I felt a finger at my rear, poking my anus and my false vagina. It was wet with something and very aggressive. I tried to raise up on my heels to get away from the intruder but to no avail. I sighed, and collapsed on the counter, I was going to be raped. I heard his zipper being pulled down, then nothing. I thought I heard a siren in the distance, but then it quit. Another big sigh, my fate apparently is out of my hands now. The man leaned forward on me crushing me hard against the counter top, whispering in my ear. “They are not coming for you, nobody knows where you are, you are mine to use and abuse.”

As they were scrambling to find you, I caught one of your female friends and had my way with her. Now I can take my time with you. A nice present for me and a way to get even with your father for firing me years ago.”

I tensed up, his hand was rubbing my ass and probing my orifices. I tried to focus on what he said, but my mind was on other things, I now knew what a female feels like right before she is raped. So helpless, but not able to do anything to prevent it.

My mind focused for a minute, a lucid thought dashing across its interface. He knew about my Dad being the Chief, so there obviously was someone in the force tipping him off on what was happening recently. Either that, or he had watched me go into my parent’s house and knew where the Chief lived. Both scenarios were not good for me. He played with me for quite some time, rubbing me and inserting his fingers in my holes. Since I was now almost frantic, I guess it was having the effect that he wanted. He wanted me to worry about what might be coming, to fret and squirm all the more. His way to pay my father back for his actions.

“Time to take care of you, then I can leave town for a while. I doubt you will like this, but tough. Be sure to say hi to your Dad for me, I wonder how he will feel knowing his son was violated like a cheap whore. Okay show time, lets spread your cheeks a little more and then we will be ready to play.”

I closed my eyes as his hands spread my butt cheeks wide and his male organ touched my anus. I jumped, it felt like I was being speared by a hot poker. I twisted and turned frantically, then when his penis started to push in, I fainted. I thought I heard some loud noise, but it was probably him pushing hard against the counter top, it scooting on the floor some. After that I remembered nothing.

I was being held by someone, my arms free and laying in their lap. We were on the floor, me stretched out and the female sitting on her haunches. I looked around for the male that had captured me, Sgt. Manning just holding me tighter. I heard some scuffling over by the door and a couple of loud groans, hopefully coming from my attacker.

Then, I remembered him saying he took care of one of my female friends. I immediately asked about the other undercover officers. I saw a look of surprise on her face, I repeated his statement to her, asking if the other officer was hurt. She sighed, “She will be alright, raped but no physical injuries.”

“Now let’s talk about you, are you alright?”

“I am okay, how far did he get with me, all I remember is his first attempt to get it in me, before I fainted.”

When we entered, he was pulling out of you, trying to reach his Taser. The members of the force that were handling this were a little rough, I doubt he will be using that particular body part in the near future. We are taking you to the hospital, an ambulance is on the way. Cooperate with them, they are going to do a rape kit on you, the evidence they secure will assure of him being in prison for a long time.”

Then I thought of my parents, especially my father. I started to say something to her, she put her finger on my lips. He loves you and you were doing your job to the best of your ability, so no regrets, he will see you at the hospital, your Mom too. I never heard the sirens, but the EMT’s came in, and I was placed on a stretcher and hauled off. They were very careful, handling me gently like a fragile child. On the trip to the hospital, all kinds of things tried to infiltrate my mind. Could I have prevented being captured, not a very good officer if I became a victim so quickly and easily.

At the hospital, I was checked out and a female nurse administered the rape kit. I was photographed nude, for signs of bruising, my clothes were collected, so that they could be examined for hairs, skin, and other possible evidence. Then samples were taken from my anus, my fake vagina, and my mouth. It took her almost three hours to cover what she needed. She never talked about what she found, for that I am grateful. That is one experience that I hoped to never be subjected to again. I was examined again by an ER doctor then given a gown and taken to a room.

Mom was there waiting for me, instantly smothering me in a hug. I cried a little, but I think my tear ducts were out of resources. She said nothing, just holding me tight and rubbing my back. Lt. Phillips was next, she entered the room, and immediately hugged me. “We were so worried when the backup car returned to the last place you were at and found no one. They should have never left you, the car they were chasing had robbed a convenience store and shot the clerk, they thought they were helping. The same thing happened to the other female undercover officer, her backup left chasing a similar car that had been involved in a robbery. All of those officers will be facing some stiff punishments for not following their direct orders.”

I smiled and whispered to her, “Typical males, car chase and they just have to be involved.” She got my drift and leaned closer to give me a more intimate hug. I told her I needed to thank the other female undercover officer. She gave me a funny look, I just told her that I wanted to convey my appreciation for what she told me to do. The officer that got raped was the main one that told me how to handle the encounter. I need to thank her for the advice, while waiting her words gave me comfort. I just got a, “We’ll see.”

Then Dad entered, he gave me one look and then reached down and gently picked me up and held me in his arms. I leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, wrapping my arms around his neck. Nothing was said, he just held me in his arms right there in the middle of the room. A nurse entered, smiled and told him he had to put me down, they have a strict no handling of patients in this hospital. He went to one of the chairs and sat down, me still in his arms.

“If you must go ahead and call the police, I will handle them when they get here, but I am not putting down my daughter for quite a while.” She smiled and left, giggling a little as the door closed. I leaned my head on his shoulder listening to him breathe, and apparently fell asleep. I remembered nothing else until he got up and placed me back in my bed, brought up the covers, and kissed me on the forehead. I slept peacefully, Daddy was here to comfort me and protect me.

When I awoke, the room was empty, and I was aware of hurting all over. Yesterday they must have given me something for the pain, it has apparently wore off big time. Another minute or two and the nurse from yesterday entered and checked my vitals. When she took my blood pressure, my wince told her I was hurting. After she had gathered her info, she consulted my chart and emptied a syringe of medication into my drip. I thanked her and I got a squeeze of my hand. I dozed off and on for several hours, the medication did help a lot.

Later after a light lunch, Daddy and Lt. Phillips entered the room. I immediately looked away, I was ashamed to have fouled up so bad, not even able to help myself. Sandy would have none of that, she grabbed my chin and raised it so that I was looking directly into her eyes. “None of that or I will remove you from the bed and spank you right here in front of everybody. Are we clear on that fact?”

I swallowed and muttered ‘yes’. Another light squeeze of my chin and a hard stare and I repeated the ‘Yes’ with more effort. Dad just looked down on me and smiled. They made me go through everything, Lt. Phillips had a recorder with her, getting it all covered in her interview.

Daddy picked up the conversation. “The man that kidnapped you is under arrest, caught with you in the act. His informant at the station is also under arrest. He was one of our dispatchers, they were friends back when the other man was still on the force. The other undercover female is doing better, she is here in the hospital with you. Both of you will stay here until you are cleared by the doctors, understood?

“When you return to active duty I will transfer you to another department.”

I sat up in bed looking him in the face. “No, you will not, this is where I want to be! I can do something to contribute there, so you will not transfer me now or ever!” Lt. Phillips was still holding my hand and I squeezed it hard. “I want to work there, I think I am good at going undercover, so I feel like I am contributing something to the force. Don’t mess with me Daddy, your daughter wants this so bad!” I then realized what I had said, shrunk down a little and looked away. Daddy just leaned down hugged me and then headed to the door.

“When you get back, we will talk, now get better and I will see you tomorrow.” As he left, I heard the word ‘Women’, he was still muttering as the door closed blocking out any more comments. Sandy hugged me, then excused herself, she had to get back to work. As she got to the door, I was told that she had spoken to Charlotte, the other undercover officer that got raped, she will come visiting as soon as they let her walk around. You are confined to your bed, however, so be a good girl.”

It wasn’t but an hour or two when Mom came into the room, carrying some shopping bags. She had a huge smile on her face, I guess because I still looked like her daughter. Her embrace was welcome, feeling her hug and love made me feel better somehow. We talked, but not about what happened, as we chit chatted, she unpacked the bags laying out what she bought on the bed. I was envious for sure, such pure feminine delights that I could wear, wanted to wear, and would wear unless somebody stopped me. The hospital gown was removed and a nice nightie was slid over my shoulders. I felt better immediately, the sensuous fabric of the gown caressing my skin and soul.

During her visit, the doctor showed up, a lady doctor that I didn’t remember seeing before. She checked me out thoroughly, I did have several very tender spots, as she touched them I winced, one time causing a low moan. She pulled up a chair next to the bed and sat down. “You are basically okay, quite a few bruises that will take some time to heal. Your anus got torn and I had to stitch it back up. It will be sore back there for several weeks. Otherwise, you will be alright. I am a doctor and psychologist dealing with rape and it’s after effects. You will be seeing a lot of me for the next few weeks as we discuss this matter. Charlotte too, both of you need some help to make sure this is viewed properly.”

“I am keeping you for several days, to make sure we have no infection from your posterior entrance. Then at least a week at home, before I will allow you back to work. That is back to work behind a desk. I am employed by the city, so there is no getting around me, what I say goes. Is that understood young lady?”

I nod my head, but that it not enough for her. She stares at me, finally I say, “Yes, I understand.” Then Dr. Sanchez hugged me and left.

Charlotte did come see me, we hugged for quite a while, no words spoken about what happened. She did convey to me that her backup returned sooner than mine, causing the rapist too cut short his efforts. He apparently had a car hidden nearby and was lost in traffic before anyone could pinpoint who he was. She was raped, but missed out on a lot of the bruising, since he was in such a hurry. He used zip ties on her to restrain her after he hit her in the head making her stagger and become disoriented. She got a big bump on her head, and some bruising around her genitals, but that was all.

She said the other girls will be in to see you, you are now an official member of the club, she just wished I didn’t have to suffer to get included in the club. She mentioned about me being transferred, I smiled. Nope Daddy is not going to get away with that. I like it where I am and that is where I will stay. We exchanged hugs again and cheek kisses and she walked back to her room. They will probably let her go home tomorrow, she did say she will come back and visit. Us girls have to stick together you know, were her last words to me.

Two days later and I was biting at the bit to be released. The doctor finally gave in and sent me home. If I had known what Mom had planned I would have stayed in the hospital another day or two. My room at home was redone, all girly and pink. A whole new wardrobe, a vanity, makeup, even stuffed animals were now sharing my space. I loved it secretly, I already had my favorite teddy bear to hug at night, someone to protect me as I slept. I think Mom knew that I adored it, we never talked about it, and I just enjoyed the surroundings and the animals. On the time or two we went out, more female clothes were bought and added to my wardrobe.

Me dressing as a female every day was never discussed, I left the subject undisturbed, but I had already planned on going back as Barbie, the male side of me no longer. Dr. Sanchez always referred to me as a female and we talked long and hard about the rape and what I was thinking. I did find out that he had ejaculated in me, in my false vagina, that evidence alone costing him years in prison. In a way me fainting when he tried to enter my anus was a godsend, I knew I was raped but did not have to suffer through it being done to me while awake.

It was three weeks before I was allowed to return to work. A desk job awaited me, at least it was back with Sgt. Manning. Another week and I was called to my Father’s office. Lt. Phillips was there with him, both of them looking very serious. I had thought long and hard about this, I was determined to get my way or I would go elsewhere. I never could put an exact reason for me wanting to work undercover, I just knew it was right for me. I was offered a chair, I decided to stand. I saw a small smirk on Daddy’s face, as of the rape he became my daddy, not my Dad or Father anymore.

Over the next three hours he and Sandy tried to railroad me into different positions in the force, but I stood my ground. Undercover or nothing at all. He even offered me a promotion if I stayed in the office. Nope was my one word answer. Finally he took a big breath and told me I had won. I slid across his desk sending papers spewing everywhere and landed in his lap. Kisses to his face everywhere I could reach, with my arms locked around his neck keeping him from running off. Sandy was giggling, got up out of her chair and pried me off my Daddy.

She handed him a couple of tissues, telling him he needed to remove at least some of the lipstick and she would take me down and put me to work. I did receive another hug though and I did mark his face with yet another lipstick mark. I received cheers as I entered the unit, all of the girls mobbing and hugging me. I was taken to one of our briefing rooms and told of my first job.

Apparently an organized prostitution ring had shown up in town. We have always had a few prostitutes in the area, we would regularly bring them in, hassle them some and then release them a few days later. The ones we had, stayed somewhat hidden, not any on the street soliciting. Now there were a lot more girls showing up, even a few males joining the group.

The word from the street was that they were organized, any not belonging to the group were run off. Several pimps or watchers were involved, the girls were closely monitored, and their fees collected several times a night right where they were working or at the club before they were sent out. A couple of clubs seemed to be involved, the girls were dispatched from there with their clients. Quickly the clubs became very popular, making the prostitution part of it alarming. Each of the gals in the unit had tried to insert themselves in the group, but all were turned down. The second time they turned up they were told not so politely that if they persist they would face some brutal consequences.

So now it is my turn to try getting into the group. We were trying to get the pimps names, and a little about how they operated and where the money was going. From the look of the girls involved they were not seeing any of that money for themselves. The force was fearful they were being controlled by drugs, addicted to something and needed to stay working to get their fixes. The scuttlebutt was the fees for sex were now four hundred dollars, quite an increase from before that meant their organization was pulling in big money.

Charlotte was back on the job, had even tried to infiltrate the group. When she got warned to stay away, they were quickly withdrawn from the operation. She got elected to teach me about prostitution and what I needed to know to portray one. I spent a few days with her, she had originally worked back east at one of the larger departments and been involved with their prostitution enforcement divisions. So she taught me what was involved in being a prostitute.

While I was being shown the ropes they borrowed a female or two from a couple of the larger towns to see if they could infiltrate the group. One managed to get taken in to the group, worked a couple of days as one of the group and then was run off. She told us the clients were handled at the club, then a girl was assigned to the client and told where to take them to perform the act they wanted. The girls never saw the money as it was collected at the club. The customer drove them to a pre-arranged place to get their pleasure. That was arranged by the club, a different place almost every time. Sometimes a cheap motel, other times an abandoned house, sometimes a residence. After fulfilling the desires of the customer the girls were then returned to the club by the watcher or pimp.

At the club another woman took them to a room in the back and they were stripped of all their clothes. They were inspected and tested for any sign of sperm anywhere but their mouth. Since all services were offered to the customers, the organization wanting to make sure the girls were clean and sperm free in the lower regions. To be sure of that, they were cleaned out, both vagina and anus, dressed in new clothes and then sent out with another customer. No purse, no keys, no money with them, their watcher or pimp picking them up once they were finished.

During the day they were taken to a residence, where they were kept until the next evening. It was guarded by members of the group, the girls never allowed any contact with anyone outside of the group. She thinks she was suspected of being in law enforcement, since she was deposited in a park alone and told not to come back to the area. She had only serviced two customers when they dropped her off. Because she saw so little, she figured that is the only reason she was unharmed. The way it was setup so many different people involved no one person responsible, it would be hard to prosecute anyone.

We tried to follow a couple of the girls with their clients, then arrest them when the girls came out of the place. Since we found no money there was no basis for holding them. We did notice that the girls that we tried to arrest, were now no longer in the area. Sent off somewhere else, unable to connect them to the group. The last attempted arrest they claimed they were just on a date. They had changed their procedures even more to make proving anything extremely difficult.

I know it was discussed many times about me being involved in this, the risks were many, the way they handled the girls at the club one reason for their reluctance to use me. With my false vagina, I could perform the services and even be washed out at the club with little chance of discovery. It would require the semi-permanent breasts instead of breast forms. I discussed it with Sandy, in fact we talked about it several times. I knew the risk, but since I was so new, I had the best chance of getting myself into the organization. I was sent to the salon to have breasts created, then we would talk some more.

I had stayed as a female, now dressing in female clothes all the time. Mom loved it, I am not sure about Dad. Whenever he was around I was treated like a daughter, but there seemed to still be something amiss in our relationship. They had cooked up a new ID for me, very detailed covering me right back to birth. School records, physicians appointments, new parents, everything, It was decided that I would move back to my apartment, breaking off any contact with my folks in case I was watched after trying to get into the group.

I had been visiting the salon weekly since my decision to stay female, so on my next appointment breasts were added to my schedule. Eight hours later I now had real looking breasts, C cup in size and very visible on my small frame and body. It was quite an ordeal believe me, being strung up, corseted, and breasts sucked out of me is quite an experience.

The look now quite feminine, I made my first visit to one of the clubs. I parked myself at the bar, asking for a white wine. I was approached many times that night by other customers, but as far as I could tell none were part of the group. I sensed I was being watched, a kind of feeling that I had developed ever since I started dressing as a female. That night I was not approached, I skipped a night at this club and visited the other club. Same thing watched but not approached by anybody other than some male customers.

I flirted a little at each club, even kissed a couple of guys. I thought I might have been repulsed at the kissing, but it was alright. I doubt I will seek a male partner anytime soon other than in my job. That also worried me a little, I had been shown the proper technique for a blowjob and also how to act when having intercourse but when it came to actually doing it I wondered how hard it would be to perform the service.

On the second visit to the first club I was taken to the back and into one of their offices. A mature lady appraised me, asking me if I wanted a job and a place to stay. I tried to be coy about it, my response is maybe. They paid fifteen hundred a week and a place to stay. All my clothes are furnished and I would be classified as an escort. Blow jobs at first, then depending on how I handled that they might move me up to regular sex. If that happened I would receive more money.

She was truthful about where I would be staying, a guarded residence with my own bedroom. The clothes dispensed at the club, none necessary at the residence. All of my clients would be checked out in detail and any attempt to do anything to me other than what they paid for would be treated severally. My watcher would see to it that I got back to the club, where I would be checked out to insure that I was fine and sperm free. Condoms are to be worn at all times for regular sex and if the client is caught not using them he will be banned from any further services.

I should plan to work from six in the evening till five in the morning, then back at the residence until the next night. Meals will be furnished at the residence, but my weight and figure will be checked often, a plump girl is of no use to them. My money will be kept in a separate account for me, when I decided to leave it will be given to me.

I told her it sounded good, some papers were shoved in front of me and I quickly read them and signed. It was mainly about them holding my money until I left their employ. I doubted any of the girls will ever see any money they might make here. Then I was taken to another room and undressed. No clothes at all are allowed other than what I would wear for a client. Then a male entered, and she told me that I needed to give him a blowjob to see what kind of talent I possessed. Nude and standing in front of a fairly large male expecting a blowjob was not the way that I thought I might be interviewed. I knelt on my knees and started what I had been taught.

I took my time and worked his member first with my hands and then let it slip into my mouth. Charlotte had told me that at this point most men grabbed your head and pushed forward so that you had to take it all in. My male did not do this, I caressed his organ working my tongue over it making him twitch and squirm. I felt a sudden pulsation and soon my mouth was full to overflowing with his sperm. Charlotte had told me that a female experienced in blow jobs would usually swallow everything, so I did my best to get it all down my throat. I did lose a couple of drops, my tongue over my lips gathered these up quickly and efficiently.

He dressed and left after giving the lady a nod. I presume I had just passed my interview. I was taken to another room down the hall and led up to a rack hanging from the ceiling. There was a tub under it and hoses hanging from the rack I was attached to the rack at my wrists and ankles and then lifted slightly where I had to stand on my toes. My vagina was rinsed out first, then my anus with a different solution. This was done several times to insure I was clean. Then the lady handed me a glass of something and I was told to gargle with it. It is hard to do while strung up, but the lady made no effort to release me until I was through.

I was released and an object was inserted into each of my lower orifices. A waist belt was added and a strap from the front of the waist belt to the back was added and locked on me. I was told that was to insure I was clean for my next client. I was taken by her to another lady and helped into a van at the rear of the club. Still naked except for my new belt and strap. A fifteen minute trip and I was shown to my bedroom and locked in. There methods were extreme, but it did make it very hard to find anyone in charge, or to get any information out to someone else.

I laid in bed waiting for whatever was next, trying to let what happened earlier not dwell on my mind. I had given my first blowjob to a male dressed as a female. Thankfully I drifted off to sleep without much thought, I am sure they were there, just not prominent. I hoped the guys at the precinct were keeping tabs on me somehow. I was naked and no cell phone or any other means of communicating with them. With all the safeguards they had taken it would be very hard to arrest anyone connected to the group.

The next day I was taken to their in-house salon and a few changes were made to my body. My nipples were pierced, and another hole in each ear for more earrings. My hair was curled and after a brief spell under the dryer it was brushed out. It was a forties type of style, lots of waves and large gentle curls.

Getting used to being naked all day was hard, even at the dinner table no clothes were allowed. I noticed the other girls were very quiet, so I also kept my silence. The one time I said something I was warned to keep quiet, discussions between the girls was prohibited.

Around four-thirty the next day I was summoned and taken to a room I had never been to before. On a clothing rack with my name on it was a complete set of costumes for my job. There was a female there to help me dress, her looking at a laptop to see what I was to wear for my first customer of the evening. Apparently a school girl was first, a bra, a garter belt, a blouse and a skirt along with a pair of stockings was my complete outfit. I dressed pointing to a lack of panties, but was given a stern look, no more questions. Taken to another room, I was briefed on my first client, what his preferences were and what I was to do.

He paid for oral sex, so that is what I was to perform. Multiple times was allowed in this case if he could ejaculate. There was a two hour time limit involved, at the end of his time my handler would bring me back to the residence. I was helped into a van and taken to the club, where I would meet my first customer. He was given directions on where to take me, while being told that my handler would be watching, after his time was up the handler would bring me back.

The guy was nice and courteous, I talked with him as he drove me to a vacant apartment where I would perform oral on him. It felt good to be able to talk some, the restrictions at the residence were tough on me. He used the key given him to open the apartment, allowing me to enter first. I surveyed the place and took his hand leading him to the couch. I kissed him while leaning on him, his male organ already excited and eager. I undid his belt buckle, his zipper and let his pants fall to the floor. I kissed him a couple more times, ran my nails over his chest after sliding my hands under his shirt. I dragged his boxers down with my teeth, his penis very eager to be paid attention to. I got on my knees and licked the tip and got a shot of precum.

I kept him right on the edge for the next twenty minutes, with him trying to do everything he could to get off. I would lick, then squeeze his balls, withdrawing a little to start all over again. He had his hands on either side of my face but was not forcing himself in yet.

I know proving anything was going to be difficult, the one thing I thought of might be a possibility but for that to happen I needed him so excited he would slip off to dreamland when I got him off. I remember many times I would do that when I had intercourse as a guy in the academy, much to the disgust of the female I was having it with. My current customer exploded in my mouth, it was everything I could do to swallow it all. I laid back and sure enough he was soon sleeping.

I quietly went to his pants and slipped out his wallet. I memorized his information including his driver’s license number, then replaced everything in the wallet. That way he could be found again if needed. I hoped to be able to write it down somewhere before I forgot it, but that would have to wait till I got back to the residence. The time expired and my handler came and withdrew me from the apartment. I was taken back to the residence and thoroughly washed out, dressed again and then back to the club. This time I was a female member of a harem, three little bits of diaphanous material the only thing on my body.

In the van again to the club, informed of my next customer then out the door in his arms. This time he was directed to a vacant house, where I did my required deed. He only purchased one hours’ worth of time, so it pretty much had to be a quickie. My second load of cum tonight, I really doubt I will be hungry tomorrow. I was almost used to no panties or covering on my lower half now, at times drafty but I guess you can get used to anything.

Three more customers that night, I was a cheerleader, a sunbather in a bikini sans a bottom. The last costume for the evening was hard to adapt too. I was dressed in cuffs, a chastity belt, chains in my nipple rings and a gag that was way too intrusive in my mouth. Back to the club, where my customer was waiting for me. He used some locks to secure me, my wrists together then tethered to the chain connecting my nipple rings. My legs locked together at the ankles and my gag locked behind my head. I wondered how I would be able to give him a blowjob with my mouth gagged. No chance to ask, I was incapable of any kind of speech.

This time I was taken to a motel, he carried me into the motel room laying me on the bed. My gag was removed, and he parked his body over my face. He undid his pants, his organ springing to attention. I went to work, wondering what would happen to me when he finished. I thought I heard the people at the club telling him to take me to a different motel, one that was not this one. No way to change that now, trussed up and unable to help myself.

I did my required job, bringing him off rather easily. Instead of swallowing it, he pulled back and sprayed my entire body with his cum. I was literally dripping cum from most areas of my face and chest. I heard some knocks on the door and then the door came crashing in. Although I could see some of what was happening there was nothing I could do, bound as I was. There was two of them, one I recognized as one of my handlers. My customer was dealt with quickly, and left naked on the floor, his arms and feet zip tied together. I was carried out and placed in the van, they went back to do something to the room, then I was taken back to the residence.

This time I was placed in a shower, still bound and the shower turned on. Another lady soaped me up, and made sure I was rinsed thoroughly. Apparently they didn’t have keys to the locks he used, so some bolt cutters had to be obtained. I was dried off, then the locks were cut off. Then over to the rack to be processed. The cuffs, chastity belt and other restraints were removed and I was thoroughly cleaned out. This time I was happy for the procedure, cum in my ears, eyes, nose and hair made me feel dirty, even though those areas were cleaned in the shower. Maybe another cleaning out will make me feel almost human again.

Of the five customers I had tonight I only got the info on three of them, since I was bound up by the last customer there was no way for me to check his ID. I kept going over the info I had obtained, trying my best to not forget anything. Locked back up in my chastity and in my room I soon succumbed to sleep. I had been offered some food before I was taken to my room, but with as much protein as I was getting I had very little appetite.

It was a couple of days later when I figured out how I could record the information I was gathering. The room I was in was devoid of anything except for a few beauty maintenance items. The nail file that was a part of those items came to be my salvation. I found a soft piece of wood inside the bathroom in a barely visible portion of it. I scratched the info there, just the pertinent parts in as brief a manner as possible. Standing back it would barely be noticeable, since the lighting in the room was very dim. The quote unquote bathroom was nothing more than a toilet, a shower and sink. This is where they processed us, to make us ready for the next customer.

Toady had been a rough one, seven customers during my time working. Once my final clean out had been accomplished I collapsed on my bed and was out cold within seconds. When I woke the next morning I noted the info on my last customers in the bathroom and laid back on the bed. There was nothing to do during the day, lying on the bed dreaming of better times was about it. I heard some ruckus from the other end of the house and then nothing. It was an hour or so later when my door was unlocked and Sgt. Manning was smiling at me. She handed me something to wear, the fierce hug she received letting her know how much I appreciated the dress. Living naked most of the time is not all it is cracked up to be, believe me.

I showed her my list of customers on the corner of the bathroom stall, she had another officer come and remove the whole board after taking a jillion pictures of it before doing so. Sgt. Manning and Lt. Phillips went over everything with me, right there in the house, recording it all for later use as testimony. At least, this time I did not have to be jailed for a few days to gain additional information.

It took the department almost a week to track all the customers down and get their statements. I was officially off the case, and told to stay away from work. I stayed in my apartment, although Mom did come and see me at least once a day. The solitude and away from everything else going on was welcome. I stayed busy doing my makeup, practicing new looks and trying to improve my skills at putting it on. When that got tiring I tried different hairstyles, looking for that elusive style that screamed female. When that got boring Mom had bought me lots of new clothes, so they all had to be tried on in a multitude different combinations. You have to remember that I am new to this girl thing, so I missed all my teen years experimenting with makeup, hair and clothes.

Dad never came by, I knew he was busy, cracking a case this big was sure to occupy most of his time. But his absence make me sad, a daughter does seek her Daddy’s love even if it is given under duress. I figured that since I was now acting and dressing as a female that he was disappointed in me, his last son not following in his footsteps. Then a phone call from the department wanting me to come in the next morning at eight A.M.

I tried to ask a reason for the visit, theoretically I was still off for a few more days before I was to start back to work. Lt Phillips was the one to call. Gruffly I was told me to get my ass down there first thing tomorrow morning and don’t ask so many questions. Then promptly hung up. I wonder what got up her ass. I spent the rest of the day looking for something to wear in the morning, semi-professional but still feminine. To myself I still think I had to prove that I was staying as a female, not ever reverting back to the male image.

I tossed and turned all night, but did get my act together, pulling into work a few minutes before eight. I entered the office and was surprised at all the people and activity this morning. I was called mam several times, that alone kind of unnerving me some. Sgt. Manning found me and hauled me off to the conference room, I was shown to a seat at the table and then she moved over to sit a couple of seats over. Over the next few minutes all the department heads and their second in command entered the room each taking a seat at the table. Then Lt. Phillips and Daddy entered finding seats right next to mine. Maybe this had something to do with the case that had just concluded.

Daddy did speak of the case, warrants were issued for the majority of the major players, most of them now in custody. The few remaining presumed to have left the country to avoid prosecution. They managed to apprehend a huge stash of cash, almost a half a million dollars that the group had acquired in the last couple of months. The group was operating not only here but in several other towns in the area, so it was quite a feat for the case to be solved the way it was.

Unbeknownst to me at the last salon appointment when I received my breasts a tracker was inserted in my breast allowing them to follow me wherever I went. The tracker was a new generation type, not easily discovered due to its ability to emit a different frequency beacon that required specialized equipment to follow. That info as they followed me combined with what I had done with regards to names and I.D. linked everything together. Finding the cash with receipts for each customer just finished off the case. All of this info was delivered by Daddy to the assembled group.

“Now for the reason for this meeting. Lt. Phillips is being promoted to assistant chief of police. Sgt. Manning is taking her position as head of the Detective division. I am creating a new position in the force, that of head of special operations. This individual will handle any operations that the force engages in, planning, execution and gathering up the evidence and presenting it to the district attorneys. Now I am open to suggestions as to who this person should be.”

Every person in the room raised their hand except me. I looked around and suddenly realized that everyone was looking at me. I shrunk down in my seat, but Sandy came around to stand behind me. Daddy called on everybody in the room, my name is the only name spoken. Daddy smiled, it is unanimous, Barbie is now our head of special operations. All of these positions start today, so if you will all return to your offices, maybe we can get a little work done today.

I was congratulated by everyone, then as soon as everyone had talked to me Sandy hauled me off to my new office. On my desk was the outline of my job, how I could request people for operations and that I reported to her directly, then to the chief. At that moment the chief walked in, picked me up and carried me over to my desk. He sat down in my chair with me in his embrace. I had my hands wrapped around his neck, savoring the closeness we shared. Daddy smiled, well I managed to get you into the office finally, just remember it was not my decision but others that got you here. Now be a good girl and give Daddy a hug and kiss.

I thought about jumping out of his lap and stomping my feet in protest, but knew it would not have the desired effect. Maybe a cute cuddly daughter can get her way by other means. I realized I would never be in an operation like the prostitute one again, much too dangerous to enter into, but that still left some school time to do my undercover work. Maybe by taking the English class again I will finally learn what I missed the first and second time around.

The new job did keep me busy, but I managed several infiltrations as a schoolgirl. I did listen carefully in English class, maybe this time I will get a better grade than a D. My department was quite successful, putting almost thirty suspects in jail, with enough evidence to keep them in prison for quite some time. Daddy still thinks he has gotten his way, me at the office and not out doing undercover. So far he has not come to the realization that I am the only one with the proper looks to pass as a schoolgirl. The other department heads actually help me when I am posing as a coed, making excuses to Daddy that I am helping them with a project of theirs.

It comes down to the fact that I love working undercover, almost as much as I love my Daddy.

As I laid my head against his shoulder, I could hear his heart beat, the heartbeat of a father for his daughter. A daughter who occasionally worked undercover and loved it.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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