Reese; Trading With Sis

Dad was teaching us about some of the best poets in history, reading us excerpts from their better pieces and then asking us to tell him what the author meant when he wrote it. He would give us some of the history of the poet, what was happening all around them during this time in their life. The us was my sister and I, our parents were home schooling us, their opinion of the school system barely repeatable. They would take turns with each parent teaching us what they knew best. Today was Dad’s turn, literature and history the topics for the day. Both of them were college professors, well qualified in most subjects. We had a set period for school, starting at seven every morning, and concluding around three in the afternoon.

One hour off for lunch, with my sister and I having to make the lunch. We were spoiled in a way, both of our parents making over a hundred thousand dollars a year. A nice house, several cars, and almost anything we might want. Sis was one year older than me, but we shared a birthday only one day apart. According to Dad, Mom was determined to have me on the same day, but she missed the day by twelve minutes.

We were definitely not a conventional family, as soon as were old enough the task of cleaning a lot of the house and meal preparation was handed over to my sister and me. There was a maid for the more time consuming tasks, laundry, doing the floors, and changing beds among them. But bathrooms and the kitchen were left for us. We both resented it when we first started, but after a while we assumed the duties with no complaints. We shared in the tasks, never really being told to do so, we just figured it out for ourselves.

Every year, we had to take a state test, making sure we were learning what was required. The results were always very good, with both of us scoring in the upper two percentile of home schooled students. Recently our parents started talking to us about activities outside of home to make sure we developed some social skills. Since we would not be going to high school, we would miss a lot of interaction with others. They didn’t want us to miss any of this, a well-rounded person was their goal. To make up for a lack of anything athletic, we were offered classes in any of the martial arts and any type of dance we desired.

As per usual for my sister and me, she chose the martial arts taking Judo and Taikwan do. I selected tap dance and ballroom dancing. Since early childhood she always desired the things that a male would usually want and I always picked the things that a normal young female would desire. Our parents talked to us frequently about it, but there was never any forcing us to do something else. I remember the first time we received presents, a set of construction trucks and a Barbie doll. Sis took the trucks and headed outside to play and I took the Barbie and went to our room to play dolls. Later in life we learned that it bothered our parents greatly, but they never did interfere or force us to choose one or the other.

I think they purposefully made the presents more masculine and feminine to try and get us to do what normal kids do. One Christmas, sis got a beautiful dress and her first pair of heels, I received a suit with white shirt, plus a shiny pair of shoes. We did wait until we went upstairs, with sis wearing my suit and me in her dress. When dinner was announced we appeared in our new clothes, both of our parents giving up on us after that. From that day on we regularly wore each other’s clothes, no comment made by either parent about how we were dressed. I guess if we had been in a regular high school we would have been kidded or bullied, maybe forcing our hand to dress more gender appropriate.

For birthdays and Christmas after that we were give the presents that we would prefer, me receiving skirts and blouses and her pants and shirts. I got CD’s of music I liked and she got computer games. She played online almost every day, her avatars always high scoring, mastering most of the games that were available on the internet.

For years Mom had taken us to her salon, for haircuts, both of us receiving unisex haircuts, where the length of the hair was almost collar length. It was coming up on Reese’s sixteenth birthday and Mom wanted to give her some special pampering for her birthday. Reese, however, wanted nothing to do with it. Over the week before her birthday there were many discussions on the subject, finally Reese told her to take me, I would enjoy it and Mom would get a chance to bond with her daughter.

Well that shut Mom up for a while. The day before the appointment Mom came to me and asked nicely if I would like to go the salon for a day of pampering. When I launched myself at her, kissing her all over her face, thanking her for the gift and constantly bouncing up and down on the bedroom floor, I think she gathered that I would like the treat.

Things changed that day, Reese became the name that I used and she became Reed, my old name. I was sure that Mom had something up her sleeve, for a professor she was very bright and according to Dad quite conniving till she got what she wanted. When Sis and I talked that night before going to sleep, she thought that mom would try and smother me in everything female trying to get me to back away and become a little more normal as far as gender was concerned. I hoped I was up to the challenge. That was one reason that she didn’t want the salon day, for fear that would happen to her.

Mom wanted a daughter to share her life with, Reese just didn’t share in that vision. I wanted that to happen to me, but being born male just about made that impossible. I knew when puberty hit, my last chance to live the life I wanted would disappear or at least diminish greatly. I wore a dress the day of the appointment, hoping Mom would take the femininity as far as she could manage. Maybe a hint to her would make it so. When she came to get me Reese was with her, but dressed in my pants and a t-shirt. I looked bewildered a little, thinking that maybe Reese changed her mind.

I started to say something but Mom stopped me. No talking and get in the car. I looked at Reese but she just shrugged her shoulders. She mouthed I don’t know what this is all about. Mom turned and looked at us both, I told you to stop talking and that includes mouthing the words.

She drove us to a salon, the opulence of it quite apparent. The parking lot was crowded, but Mom eventually found a spot. As we got out of the car she grabbed each of us by a hand and dragged us into the salon. She talked to a receptionist and two technicians were called up. Mom addressed us as she was getting ready to leave. “Do as you are told and I will be back to get you at six tonight. You have no choice, this is your birthday present from your father and me. I have told them not to tell you anything ahead of time, but your schedule is all arranged. I think both of you have wanted this for years, so today is the day. I want your promise that you will abide by your father’s and my decision, if you are violently against it after you have experienced we will talk about it and possibly reverse it.”

She looked at us waiting for an acknowledgment, we both said we would abide by their wishes. Mom and Dad can be stubborn at times, but usually their actions are quite well thought out, and they have always made us try out things before we bitched about it. We both let out a sigh, figuring that our fate had already been determined, so objecting to this would be futile.

I was led away to a smaller room and the door closed. My stylist is Haley, a pretty twenty-something female with gorgeous looks. She helps me undress and then has me lay on a padded table. It is cold in the room, goose pimples already forming on my arms and legs. She checks me for body hair, then stirs some thick liquid in a pot on the counter. It is smoothed over a portion of my leg, the warmth of the liquid feeling good. Then a cloth is pressed into the liquid and she grabs the end of it and yanks.

Apparently, Mom is quite determined to correct our gender confusion, starting with our looks. I figured I might get some makeup or a feminine hairstyle, but waxing as a first step is quite earth shattering. I knew I didn’t really have much choice, my sister’s and my behavior in the past made all of this a logical step for the future. I am looking forward to some of this, my love of the feminine through the years only getting stronger as I mature. I presume that our actions have pushed our parents, mainly our Mom to this solution to the problem, at least that is what I hoped will happen today.

I knew she always wanted a daughter, if my sister was to deny her that option she would correct the problem. I figured sis is getting a male haircut, short, maybe even a flat top. I doubted they would remove her breasts, at least not at this stage. Then I thought of her dressed in jeans with a flat chest and something resembling a penis stuck in her underwear, I am sure she would love it, but all of that brought my situation back to the here and now.

I am now the daughter, to be molded and primped to Mom’s perfect ideal of a lovely and feminine young female. I shuddered at what might be awaiting me on this excursion as her daughter. When Haley moved to my groin with her waxing I suddenly returned to the present. She place a wadded up cloth in my mouth and told me to bite down. The hot wax was spread in neat strips, one area after another falling to her ministrations. Each area waxed required more effort on my part to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. The last strip pulled was right at the base of my organ, it hurt like hell, even though the surrounding area had gone numb.

When she moved away from my groin, I let out a sigh of relief, even though she only moved her attention to my eyebrows. She applied the wax quickly, maybe a little too quickly, pushed the cloth into the hot wax and jerked it off. When I looked in the mirror, I was stunned, no eyebrow at all in the image. The other one is handled in a like manner, my whole face seemed to change because of the lack of eyebrows.

Haley put up everything, my ordeal seemed to be over, at least for a while. She rubbed cream into all of the sensitive skin, she indeed had not missed any spot on my body. The cream would stop any future regrowth of hair, at least, that is what she told me. My first thought is my eyebrows, I would have to pencil in a shape for the rest of my life, well until they managed to grow back, but that now seemed unlikely. This is immersion, total immersion, and maybe too fast to get a handle on.

Next came another technician in with a box of additions to my body. My feet were still in the stirrups from the waxing, my male member still shrunk almost to the point it disappeared. Haley found a color match to my skin, an exact duplicate to a female’s vagina. I was about to protest this newest addition to my body, but had second thoughts all of a sudden. Mom’s words suddenly ran through my mind, keep quiet and put up with the changes, then afterwards we can discuss reversing them. I did keep quiet, and soon the false vagina is glued in place, now I am a carbon copy of my sister in that region.

I never was fond of my penis, most of the time it was left alone, just touching it made me sick to my stomach. The one time I managed to play with it for a while, as it swelled up and spurted my lunch was lost, gawd how can anyone enjoy something so loathsome. I never did play with it again, not even holding it to pee was something I could tolerate. From that day forward I sat to pee, even when we were away from the house.

Next a formidable machine is wheeled into the room and two cups are placed over my nipples. I presume my lack of boobies is now to be seen to. The cups are lowered to my chest, then glued to the chest. They had been centered over my nipples and a pump turned on causing the excess skin to be pulled into the cups. It was not much at first, my normally flat chest lacking much fat. As the machine continued in its efforts, the cups started filling up. Two more technicians arrived, one to work on my feet and one to work on my hands. I saw the extensions being laid out on the table next to her, I soon will be sporting long feminine nails as a result of her work. A cute little smile managed to peek out, the long nails something I could embrace easily. Another tech comes up behind me, loosening my ponytail and brushing my hair.

All of the above is taking a toll on my sanity, I can feel them working on me, but also the suction on my chest as breasts are pulled from my chest. Brushing my hair is soothing, the extensions being glued to my existing nails a little unnerving, the constant suction on my nipples very disturbing. I quickly think of how this could be reversed if suction pulled the stretched skin out enough to make breasts, how would anyone get it back in. I finally succumb to the onslaught on my masculinity and slip into a trance, not really conscious but still somewhat awake.

It was five hours later before the pump turned off, the cups were full, I now had breasts. My hair had been cut into a feminine style, and they had added highlights. I received a full makeover, then told I would be returning in a day or two for makeup lessons. The image in the mirror was not one of the male that I used to portray, the female in me had taken control and the male vanquished to the unknown.

I thought of my sister several times, but my image always brought me back to my new look. When the hoses were removed from my breast cups two perfect breasts emerged and jiggled their hello. The cups were rigid when they started, now they were somewhat flexible. I was told in a day or two they would dissolve completely leaving only the soft tissue of the breast. The tech gave me a shot in each right through the nipple, it stung a little and I was definitely curious about why, but I decided I didn’t really want to know, this is like a dream come true, why try and rock the boat.

I was given new clothes to wear, a gorgeous bra and pantie set first then a garter belt and long seamed stockings to complete the undergarments. A flouncy sun dress, bare shoulders except for two smallish straps to keep my bra straps from showing. After getting it on and zipped up, my first reaction was to twirl around my skirt flaring out as I spun. I noticed someone standing in the door and turned to face them when I received another shock. From the look on his face he also was suffering from extreme shock. Sis and I were now staring at each other, only now we were each portraying the opposite gender.

Smiles were quickly displayed on each of our faces, what we had desired for most of our young adult lives was now real. His hair was short, definitely a boy’s cut, and his breasts were no longer visible. Somehow his figure had been added to, instead of curvy a more straight up and down of a male was prevalent. His nails were short, no polish and I even spotted some hair on his arms and hands. It was a drastic departure from the former female sibling, but I could tell from his expression he liked it. Maybe more than his liking his new look, he liked that I had now replaced her former self as sister and daughter to my parents.

Then speaking of the devil in walked Mom. We both ran over to her, grabbed her in hugs and kissed her all over her face. I don’t think she was expecting this reaction, but soon she was smiling and leading us back to her car. She drove us to one of the better restaurants in town, where we were met by our Dad. We each got the once over, then he hugged the new Reed and kissed the new Reese on her forehead.

We ordered our meals, and made small talk, just a normal meal out that we have had almost every week of our childhood. We both got asked if we were happy, our sudden and decisive answers to the affirmative, confirmed their actions taken today. The trip home was uneventful, both of us anticipating getting home and seeing what the other had gone through. As we made it into the house Mom steered us into the front room. “This is your life now until you tell us that you have had enough.”

“If you change back it is permanent, if you stay this way at your eighteenth birthday we will finish the transformation. No waffling back and forth, female or male but from now on. Now I am sure you want to see what has been done to your sibling so head on upstairs and explore each other. Reese you are now totally female as far as we are concerned so your curfew is at ten PM and we have to meet and approve of any boyfriend. Reed we would like to meet anyone you might want to date, but we will allow a midnight curfew as long as your studies stay current and you keep up all your chores.”

Both of you will have monthly gynecology exams until your eighteenth birthday and the time for first one is on Monday at ten AM. Reed is because she is still a female and Reese is because you are turning into one. Now scoot, after you have it all out of your system we will be having hot chocolate in the kitchen, of course you will prepare it.

We almost ran to our rooms, each of us going into our old rooms. A quick look and we both came back out, our bodies no longer reflecting their previous gender. We went to Reese’s room, my room now and immediately started undressing. I wanted to show Reed my new figure, but also wanted to look at it again myself. The glimpses of it at the salon not enough for me. I was curious what they did to her boobs, she was developing quite a feminine figure and until today I was extremely jealous.

Once shed of our clothes we gazed at each other, then in the closet door mirror at our new bodies. I was ecstatic at my new looks, no longer unable to fill out my sisters clothes. I guess that should be my clothes now. Reed look happier now, he was wearing a padded undergarment that ran from his bust to his groin. It flattened his boobs and left a bulge at his groin. It wasn’t as realistic as my vagina, but he was pleased just the same.

Each of us got dressed in some casual clothes, although it took me longer to pick out my outfit. Reed came in to help, wanting help making the hot chocolate. I finally decided on a shorts and tank top, both in pink and very minimal. I wanted as much of my body to show as possible. We got to the kitchen and made the hot chocolate. With four cups we met Mom and Dad in the dining room and slowly sipped our brew. Dad looked at us and smiled. He could see we were comfortable in our new roles, knowing that the gender conflict that had been going on for years is over.

I was smiling at Mom deciding I need to show her a glimpse of her new daughter. I got up, placed my cup on the table and walked over to her chair. I made her scoot back some and sat on her lap, laying my head on her shoulder. She was giggling away, knowing full well what I was doing. As I turned my head to look at her, she said that is enough, yes we will go shopping tomorrow, I am sure Reed can find something to do around here. When we looked up Reed was dragging Dad towards the den, telling him about the great basketball game on TV tonight. We all broke out in laughter. Sis and I had traded roles and all was right in the world, at last.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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