Petula; Maintaining An Image

I was looking through the credit card bills for the last month. Neither my wife nor I are hurting for money, both having successful careers that we have been able to walk away from in the last few years. Due to being high profile in the community we both are expected to attend quite a few social and charitable functions every month. Mackenzie is more tolerant of these affairs than I, often I conveniently find something that has to be done, an excuse to avoid going to them. We are both in our forties, considered still good looking, and have the means to dress well. Our house is paid for and we have successfully raised our children and married them off leaving the house empty. I might add after three kids a most welcome change.

During a typical month there will be somewhere between five and ten of these affairs, most of them held on the weekend. Mackenzie has three closets of evening gowns, labeled with what affair she wore them to and the date of the soiree. Her explanation is that you can’t wear the same dress within a three month period, and in some cases it can’t ever be worn again to the same group if the group is prominent enough. This particular month the bills for beauty services and clothes is quite staggering. I debated bringing up the subject, although I have been a husband long enough to realize that some things are best left unsaid.

In this particular instance Mac appeared behind me, looking over my shoulder. She picked one of the bills, wrote on it to call them tomorrow, the discount she was promised was not on the invoice and then laid it on the corner of the desk. As she looked at the other bills several more invoices joined that pile, I presume she will be busy tomorrow morning. I casually asked if all of this is necessary every month. Before she could load her guns, I blurted out that she is a beautiful woman, surely all of this is not necessary to keep her looking exceptional. I had been holding my breath as I got all of that statement out of my mouth before she could respond. I hoped she would give me an answer without squaring off against me. She is quite intelligent along with being beautiful, the few arguments we have had over the years proving she is very formidable in holding up her half of any discussion.

She was quiet for several minutes, contemplating her answer. Then she sat down on my lap and told me what her weekly ritual involves, just to hold her looks to the same level of beauty as it is now. There was a little twist of her butt as she got comfortable on my lap causing me to squirm a little. When she finished I was astounded, her daily beauty regimes, her salon appointments, her time at the gym, and then shopping for actual clothes, getting them altered and then finding the right accessories to make the outfit complete all necessary to attend one affair. If multiple affairs were scheduled, multiply everything by the number of events she is asked to attend.

I told her it was insane, just call them and tell them it isn’t worth it and be done with it. Mac smiled, it isn’t quite that easy. If you want out of a social affair, you come up with some lame excuse, like you booked the golf course a year ago and they will not refund your money. That doesn’t work the same for females. It is expected of them to attend, not only to be there but to look ravishing or the rumor mills swing into operation and soon Mac is headed for the old folks home, or her marriage is on the rocks, they just haven’t brought in the lawyers yet. I could see her point, I have heard some of those same things mentioned about some of my colleague’s wives, so I didn’t doubt her explanation one bit.

Then Mac got one of her little smirks, her eyes focusing on my body as she got up and walked around me. A pinch on the ass, a hot and heavy breath on the back of my neck and I was a goner. She suggested a little switching of the roles for next month. October is Halloween month, always several costume balls and various other gatherings where we could switch roles and I could see what it is like for her. I was already shaking my head, I had no wish to get dragged into this, none of what she had mentioned had any kind of attraction for me. I wasn’t even curious enough to ask any more questions.

That was all good, until she proposed a little bet. If I could attend her October affairs and keep her/my attractiveness to her standards for the whole month, she will take the cruise I have been wanting to get her on for years. If I failed and get bad marks for something not taken care of regarding my looks or clothes I will have to fill in for her until I get it right, however long that may be. That means you will have to maintain my standards no matter what else comes up in that time frame. Melody can be the judge, she attends the same affairs as I do and can be trusted to be truthful and blunt in matters like this. She has always had a soft spot for you, I am sure she will be fair, but I also doubt you can bribe her for a better mark.

Melody was Mac’s best friend, who for some reason or another had taken an interest in me. She was over to our house quite often, involved in conversations with both of us regularly, me with my hobbies and Mac about anything else that might come up. She even played a couple of games of tennis with me, but then she cheated making me run all over the court while she just stood there hitting the ball back to me, never even getting sweaty.

Oh that mentioned prize was so inviting, the cruise was one of those around the world cruises, seven months of hitting every port and attraction from one end of this planet to the other. One that I have been pleading with her to take forever, but to fill in for Mac was a daunting task. Stupidly I asked her what she will be doing if I fill in for her. A big smile lighted up her face. “I have grandchildren that I have not had time to enjoy and spoil, so that is where I will be. I will take a week or two to show you the ropes, where to shop and introduce you to the techs at the salon. A visit to the gym so that you can see what I do to keep my figure, then I will go play with my grandchildren while you have fun here. Once you start this there is no backing out, you are involved until you get your appearance to my standards and maintain it for four weeks time.”

“So do we have a deal, a cruise in exchange for some time as me? Come on Pet, you will make an attractive woman, your body is the right size and you face and hair can be made to look gorgeous. The figure additions can be handled by the salon, nothing permanent, but if you do have trouble maintaining my standards some of the changes do resist changing back after a lengthy delay.”

I asked her if I could think about it tonight and give her an answer in the morning. No problem there, but then she had to rub my nose in it, digging out all the travel brochures and going through them highlighting places she might like to see. I knew when I laid down in the bed that night I would agree to try it, the pictures of the destinations in the cruise brochure making it very hard to resist. They seemed embedded in my mind, closing my eyes I could picture us on a beach in the South Pacific, sun, sand and romance.

I did agree the next morning, and was whisked away by Mac as soon as I had put on some clothes and brushed my hair. I guess my body was far from masculine, Mac assuring me that I would make a convincing woman. I was about five eight, light brown hair that was sun bleached from my exposure on the golf and tennis courts. It was fairly long, almost to my shoulder blades, always kept in a ponytail low on my neck. It had been that length for years, but I seldom had it out to be observed. Most of the time it was stuck down my shirt, just the hair band showing at the back of my neck. With regard to body hair I was not overly hairy, a few hairs on my chest, some on my lower arms and a few on my lower legs. My facial hair was sparse, unless I got hot and sweaty, a once a week shave pretty much took care of it.

Although I played golf and tennis regularly, I had almost no muscle development, my arms just about as sparse as Mac’s as far as muscles go. The key word in the previous statement is played. I did play golf and tennis, but at such a leisurely pace it couldn’t even be considered exercise. Riding a golf cart around the course can’t be considered much of an exertion on my part. I did hit the tennis ball back and forth, but definitely no run to the far corner to hit it back. If it didn’t land in front of me it did not get returned. The only exception was my games with Melody where I tried harder not wanting to be beaten so bad by a female. As far as golf goes my drives were seldom over a hundred yards, most of the time barely the minimal necessary to still be able to play the game. My companions in golf always suggested I use the women’s tees so that I could at least keep up some.

I always went with the name of Pet, a shortening of the name Pat Eli Thomas, a name I have been living with for almost forty-one years. On the way to the salon Mac decided Petula could be my fem name, the story for general circulation was Petula is Mac’s sister, filling in for Mac while she has some female problems taken care of medically. Once at the salon I was taken in and delivered to one of the treatment rooms at the back of the salon.

It was explained to me about my transformation, and the permission slips that had to be signed to allow the procedures. I would be transformed over the next two days that would produce my base image, the image I would have to maintain to win the bet. Of course, clothes, alterations, voice interaction with the other ladies attending the affairs will have to be accomplished also. It was beginning to sound like an impossible task, but Mac was on a roll, having me sign the forms and stripped of my male clothes so the techs could start. With a wicked smile she gathered up my male clothes and left the salon, promising to be back to pick me up at seven that evening. That was ten hours away, oh gawd what have I let myself be talked onto.

I actually broke down and shed a tear or two, I had a pretty good idea of my fate, what with all I will have to do, the interaction and buying clothes, probably well above anything I could accomplish. Maybe I can survive the onslaught, I know my appreciation for Mac will be much greater. I can see the cruise ship leaving without us, but then it was only a dream to start with. At least Mac will get some time with the grandchildren. Maybe I can find some time to visit them too. With five of them in two separate families, from ages two to four, we have only visited them at Christmas. The fact they only live about an hour away from our home another sad statistic.

I was covered in a whitish cream both front and back while I stood near the table in the room. After twenty minutes the cream was wiped off, leaving me quite hairless and my skin so soft. Then I was laid back on the table and my feet were placed in stirrups. One of the techs stepped between my legs and took hold of my male thingy, finding a spot to glue it to my groin so that it could be covered up with a quite authentic looking vagina. It took her about an hour to change my sex, I did feel a few things but mostly it was just numb down there.

I stared at my crotch, as he was glued back between my legs, the realization sinking in that as far as others are concerned I am no longer a male, but a female with an attractive vagina. The implications that came along with that realization really hit hard, a former male now the one to be desired from members of the male gender. Maybe I will turn out ugly and not have to deal with a male’s attention like Mac has complained about at times. Mac on more than one occasion has had to deal with a male’s interest in her even thought she wears her wedding rings all the time. According to her she has become quite the put down expert, the balls and social gatherings where the most trouble came form. Due to my frequent absence from these gatherings she has had to deal with the problem by herself, where if I had been there one look and they would have moved on. Now I will find myself in the same predicament.

The next area for them to move to was my chest, I doubt there is anything that comes close to symbolizing a female as a set of breasts. I couldn’t get that straight in my mind, me with two prominent breasts, breasts that couldn’t be just taken off to resume a male image. Two good sized cups were glued to my chest directly above my nipples. Then a hose was hooked to the front of the cups and a pump turned on starting to suck the loose tissue on my chest into the cups. A syringe of fatty tissue was injected into each cup, to be absorbed into the skin to add the needed fullness to the tissue. I just laid there, picking up my head quite often to look at my changing torso. When the cups are full, there will not be much doubt about my gender, the two main attributes of a female will now be front and center on my body.

As the pump was working away at developing some cleavage for me, the techs were working on my nails, both fingernails and toenails. The fingernails received extensions after my existing nails were filed and cleaned thoroughly. The toenails were cleaned, then they received three coats of polish after a base coat to keep the color from bleeding through to my original nail. Then the same done to my extensions on my fingernails. I now had twenty digits with a coral pink polish that shined brightly.

As they finished the nails, my beard was done away with and my eyebrows were thinned out drastically, now just two highly arched fine lines of hair above each eye. A cream again for the beard removal, left on longer, for a full hour guaranteed to stop all future hair growth. Some moisturizing cream applied and left on, after most of it was absorbed into the skin my hand touching my face met with some very soft skin, almost silky in its texture. What a difference, maybe not as visible physically but there none the less. A hand slid over my cheek and chin with no resistance, just smooth and sexy skin.

Hair was next, the tech washing and conditioning my longish locks. Her massage of my hair felt so good, that part I could learn to live with. For the next half hour my locks were trimmed into a quite feminine style, then way too many curlers were used, guaranteeing lot of curls for the style. A time under the dryer for the curl to set, my mind wandering about how I was going to cope with all of this.

Then a brief lucid moment when my mind decided to work, I realized that Mac did not have her hair done in curls, she mostly kept her hair long and straight or in a high ponytail with ribbons that matched her outfit that day. I could see the rules were being changed to make sure I would be filling in for her for quite some time. I was upset at first, but later after my hairstyle had been brushed out and my makeup was being done, I came to the conclusion that all of this pampering isn’t too bad. Now can I cope with the rest that comes along with it? Time will tell.

The suction of the pump trying to make mountains out of mole hills finally shut off, the cups on my chest nearly full. I realized that my world just got up ended, a fairly prominent pair of breasts now protruding from my chest and since they were sucked from my body, they will be around for quite some time, if not forever. Another little fact that was glossed over, I am sure it was covered in the things to be done to me, but did they actually think I could understand all that was told me and make the right decision while facing life as a female.

For clothes I was given a white blouse, which was almost transparent allowing the full view of my ivory colored bra. The panties, ivory to match the bra, covered up the bottom half of a corset, the corset used to define a waist I did not possess previously. Stockings attached to the corset made my legs shine and helped the four inch heels to slide on to my feet. From the waist down the outfit was a black pencil skirt, guaranteed to shorten my stride and make walking somewhat difficult. The fact that it barely covered the stocking tops, made me feel like I was almost naked down below.

Mac didn’t forget me, although she was a little late, I am sure to make me realize the situation I was in. Dressed as a female, no ID and my car keys at home I was dependent on her for everything. But to take her place I would soon have the basics and could come and go as I wish. What I didn’t know was that a few other things had been changed, my independence soon to be curtailed drastically.

I was treated to dinner out that night, a surreal experience, being greeted and treated as a female. Then home, the pampering still being dosed out in fairly large portions. I was helped to get undressed, then slid into a gorgeous negligee that totally enveloped me. Then I was cuddled for hours, her hands all over my body, but never where I wanted them to be. That left me highly frustrated, on edge and very horny.

In the morning I was sent to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my hair, when I didn’t return a while later she found me rubbing my groin up and down the door frame. She laughed at me, not giggled but outright laughter. I was hauled off, dressed in some sweats and taken to the salon, all the time shaking her head at my actions. I did not receive any underwear for the trip, only the sweat pants and top.

She mentioned that since I did not have ID as a female I should not drive, any interaction with the police could lead to me being exposed as a pervert, a male dressing as a female for some type of nefarious reasons. To handle that possible scenario she has talked with Hilda, our part-time maid and she has agreed to take me to my appointments and for shopping when needed. That way I can just be Petula with no worries about getting around. I sighed again, this time a little heavier, my independence slowly slipping away. Not being able to freely get around would impact me quite a bit. I am sure part of the reason for using Hilda would be to restrict my access to anything that might change my fate. Mac wanting me locked into this role, to truly experience everything she does in life, not able to make an excuse and avoid parts of it. A habit of mine that I have used extensively in the past, a fact that she was more than aware of.

To make sure I willingly complied with her request she confiscated my wallet, and all my credit cards. In its place I was handed a list of all the places she does business with along with the charge account number that had been set up for each. I was allowed one hundred dollars in cash, anything more had to be cleared by her. I started to say something to her about the small amount, but when she first got involved in these events I insisted she open accounts at each place, so she would not have to be carrying credit cards or large amounts of cash with her. What is good for the goose, I presume in this case, is also good for the gander, sorry former gander.

The salon worked its magic, by the time Hilda came to pick me up at six o’clock there was nothing left of Pet. I was drilled in deportment, taught how to maintain my hairstyle and do my own makeup repairs. I later found out that the makeup was actual stain, repeated use would embed the colors, thus not requiring future applications. I spent hours in heels of varying heights, and had to try on a seemingly endless pile of clothes to find my right size and what looked good on me. The finished image was all gurl, and quite attractive, too attractive for my liking. The clothes that I ended up with would not disguise the image any, only enhance it.

Hilda gave me such a smile when she saw me, then quickly loaded the bags of clothes that is my new wardrobe into the car. She held the car door for me, her smile now a smirk. I was driven home, then she and I carried the bags into the house. She wanted me to just go on in and she would take care of everything, but I wanted something to do so I would not have to face Mac right away. I made it as far as the living room where I was tackled and sent to the floor.

Hilda picked up the bags I was carrying and went on to our bedroom, giggling all the way, while Mac saw to messing up my hair and face real good. I was groped, pinched, licked, and almost anything else you can imagine while Mac was giggling away. Oh there was kissing too, by the time she finished with me, my lipstick was smeared all over my face. Then she had the nerve to snap a picture of me, looking like I had been ravaged by someone, telling me that would be an extra week, since I had not been able to maintain my base image for longer than an hour.

I was led off to the bedroom to find all the closets open, the new clothes for me hung in my former male closet. All of my male clothing now missing, even the dresser now loaded with panties, bras and assorted hosiery. Mac pointed to the vanity where a list of socials, balls and other meetings for October was laid, so that I could plan my schedule and participation for each event. I set down at the vanity hard, and quickly placed my head into my hands. I instantly had a headache, one of those migraine types. Mac set close to me rubbing my back, then started nibbling on my neck and ears. Exactly what I had done to her in the past when I was in a romantic mood.

I told her I was not in the mood, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and placed my hair into a ponytail, then went to my dresser and removed a nightie. After losing my clothes, I slipped on the nightie and crawled into bed, I turned to the side, my one breast almost getting caught between the bed and my body. I pulled the covers up and switched off the light on my nightstand. I let out a huge sigh, then closed my eyes and tried to not think about anything. I felt her cuddle my back, then reach her arms through to hold my breasts. God it felt so good, but if I even twitched I knew it would be hours before I would be able to get any sleep. I guess I dozed off for that is the last thing I remembered until the alarm the next morning.

Over the next few days I was taken to her gym, my new membership handled and an hour spent exercising as Mac usually did. Then to an early dinner, where she ran over the list of upcoming events that I would be required to attend. She gave me some pointers on what was required, and some info on the people involved. I soon saw that filling in for her would be daunting, if not a total disaster. She stayed focused, never acknowledging the fact that I would most likely fail in my efforts. Since her name was freed from the gossip, Petula would be filling in and her name would be associated with any failure or disaster.

Then two days later she packed and left, but not before seeing to me. I maybe got five minutes sleep that night, every orifice on my body got utilized and I was sore and mentally out of it as she kissed me goodbye and tweaked my nipples.

I did spend the day in bed, although Hilda did check in on me several times. Finally at five o’clock I stumbled to the bathroom to handle a pressing need. Since I was awake I needed to figure out just what I was going to do. I was getting used to my additions and my lack of any male equipment. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought previously, lots of little things were pleasant and I could get used to them quite easily.

Hilda was cleaning in the kitchen when I arrived downstairs. She took one look at me and marched me back upstairs to our bedroom. She picked out an outfit for me to wear, then asked if I needed any help in dressing. I thanked her for her concern but told her that I thought I could handle the situation. It took me a lot longer to dress than Mac ever did, but I did manage. The hairstyle was easily coerced back into something feminine, a touch up of my lipstick got me looking quite feminine again.

I passed the Hilda inspection this time, her smile quite contagious. I set at the dining room table with all the info on the upcoming month, trying to figure out what I needed to do to make it through the month. I made up several lists of clothes needed, actually evening gowns primarily. I decided tomorrow I will embark on a shopping trip, to see if I can find the perfect dress for each event. Mac had suggested that I look through her closets to see what she wore to the last event, giving me an idea of what I would be looking to buy for this year’s event.

There were six events for the month of October and two costume balls at the end of the month. The two costume balls were not associated with any particular group, one being held at the country club and the other at the local convention center downtown. That one was sponsored by the local chamber of commerce, an organization I used to belong to. I had ten days to the first affair, so knew I needed to get my shit together quickly.

The next morning I headed out shopping, that is Hilda and I headed out to find the perfect gown for each event. Four hours later I was mentally drained, having to try on at least fifty evening gowns so far and nothing seemed to be right for any event. Hilda shadowed me, quite often giggling away at my frustration. To keep from being relegated to Mac’s life for all eternity I pleaded with Hilda for help. She finally gave in, but made me promise to not mention her help to Mac. Mac had made her promise that she would observe but not help, but Hilda felt sorry for me, knowing that I most likely would not ever see another piece of male clothing in my lifetime.

Hilda did point out some selections that might be appropriate, but made me make the final choice, thus relieving her of some guilt for helping me. So eight hours later we made it back home, with five dresses, a start but still three more dresses to go. Hilda recommended a trip to the alterations people in the morning, since one of the dresses had to be altered and back in a couple of days ready for the first event. That took up most of the following day, although we did find one more dress at the salon later in the day after my regular appointment. I was truly pooped, after getting in and out of my clothes several times that day while the dresses were marked for alterations. Then again at the salon while my female accessories were checked to see if they were still attached firmly and functional.

Of course, my hair and makeup were refreshed while my nail color was changed to match the dress for the first event. At home I practiced talking in a feminine manner, my voice not that deep, it was my choice of words that tended to give we away. In our discussion later in the week Hilda smiled at my new voice, giving me a hug in response to all of my hard work. The dress was ready to be picked up from the alteration people, after I tried it on again to make sure it fit properly. It fit tight to my body all the way from my bust to my lower hips, not a wrinkle in sight. Hilda reminded me I had to watch what I ate, anything extra or in a larger portion would make the dress to not fit properly causing me a lot of grief in the future. I knew what she was hinting at, if the dress did not fit another span of time would be added to my role as Mac.

The day of the event Mac made a surprise visit, walking directly to my bedroom and starting to inspect her stand in. I was carefully scrutinized, body, clothes, hair and makeup. I think she was a little miffed, since she could not find any fault with my appearance. Still a smile on her face, since I had the four hours at the event to get through before I could relax.

Melody’s husband drove us to the event, he had managed to evade going there himself, but did volunteer to get us there. I think he just wanted to see me all dressed up, maybe snapping a picture or two for future use if needed. I had played golf with him on occasion, we weren’t exactly friends but we did get along. His eyes bugged out when the two of us emerged from my house. Melody having to kick him in the shins to get his focus back on her. Since she was wearing pointed toe heels I am sure he felt it, his attention did quickly return to his wife, never even looking my way during the trip. He let us off at the door, promising to come back and pick us up later in the evening.

I was a bundle of nerves as Melody took me around introducing me to Mac’s friends and other influential females at the gathering. Then a male approached the two of us, introducing himself and asking me for a dance. I was looking at Melody figuring that he was asking her for a dance. Melody giggling told me otherwise. I had no idea what to do, Melody placing my hand in his handling the impasse. He led me off to the dance floor then assumed the male position as he held me in his arms. I looked over to where Melody was standing willing her to help me out. I got a smile and then she turned and walked over to the bar to get a drink.

I made a few wrong steps before I started following his lead. After a few moments he pulled me closer to him, now our bodies were touching quite a bit. I felt like leaning my head on his shoulder but luckily some saneness surfaced and I managed to pull back some. I thanked him for the dance and I was left with Melody again, her smirk obvious and threatening to proceed to a full blown giggle attack.

Four more dances that evening, left me wondering how I would be able to handle the male attention in the future. Then I had a duh moment, I did not have wedding rings like Mac, I am sure it would not deter everyone, but less is definitely better. Thinking back to tonight I had four dances that I was unable to avoid and eleven requests for dances that I managed to avoid somehow. Suddenly my respect for Mac grew quite a bit.

When I was not fighting off the male of the species I did manage a few conversations with some of Mac’s female friends. I tried to remember their names and not say the wrong things, but after the evening was over I had no idea how I did. I was very thankful when Melody’s husband picked us up, dropping me at my home, then heading on home themselves. I couldn’t get out of the heels fast enough, the dress quickly following the heels. I made it to my bedroom, slithered out of the underwear and donned a nightie and was soon lost to the world.

The next morning I was awoken with a kiss, my eyes shot open to see a smiling Mac glaring at me. She handed me a list of things that were not done correctly, including mistakes made at the event. I groaned as there were twenty-five notations listed, ranging from not hanging up my clothes after getting home to mistakes in conversations with some of her friends, that would have to be straightened out in the next couple of days. Bottom line my first week was a total disaster and would not count in my quest for four weeks filling in for Mac.

I did get groped in an erotic way, kissed till I was panting and then left on the bed totally unsatisfied. She waved to me from the bedroom door and mentioned that mistake nineteen through twenty-five should be corrected today, but no later than tomorrow. She blew me a kiss and disappeared. I had propped myself on one elbow, now I fell back on the bed and groaned. Apparently it was loud enough for Hilda to hear, since she came into the room with quite a smirk on her face. She laid out some clothes for today, but left the mess I had made last night for me to straighten out. It was also relayed to me that lunch would be in half an hour, no second chances if I didn’t make it in time. Another loud groan and I threw off the covers and slid out of bed. I could hear Hilda giggling from the hallway as she returned to the kitchen.

I nibbled on some fruit, my appetite seemingly disappearing after the realization that I would be in this role for quite some time. I returned to the bedroom and did the things that I had ignored last night. Just hanging my clothes and gathering my laundry took a couple of hours. Hilda did check on me pointing out a few details that I had overlooked. A few hours later a smiling Hilda approved of my efforts.

I consulted Mac’s list and tried to figure out how to correct some of my social errors last night. I figured that most of my mistakes were a result of my reluctance to engage her friends. Mac had supplied enough background on her friends that I could figure out where I could meet them casually again, this time making sure I engaged them in small talk about things feminine.

It is one thing to maybe figure out what I had done wrong, but quite another to try and straighten them out. I called several of her friends, arranged a time to meet, sometimes lunch or a dinner. A few were just a meeting for drinks and some conversation. Again a search through my wardrobe for the appropriate dress for each meeting. Mac had put an asterisk next to one lady. Telling me to start with her. I had met her once, she came across as a super confidant female, not above stating her opinion without any guilt on her part.

I had arranged a late lunch with her at one of the better restaurants in town. I worked on my appearance for over two hours before Hilda dropped me off at the restaurant. The lady was right behind me, and we were shown to our table quickly. After we ordered she started the conversation, telling me that she knew why I was having lunch with her. It was obvious yesterday that you were new to this female gender, maybe I can help you a little to hone your skills. She walked me through last might, telling me what I should have done with each lady. Unlike her none of the other ladies caught on to my real gender, just figuring I was from some hick area and had not earned my badge in female behavior.

It was a pleasant lunch, after she had told me what had to be done we talked at length about my predicament, the lady informing me that I might as well face the reality that I will be a member of the female gender for the rest of my life. Mac and her had broached the subject from time to time so it was not a spur of the moment idea of Macs. In case I was not aware of her skill, very few things that Mac had decided to pursue in life ended up other than what she wanted to begin with. The lunch lasted for almost two hours as we discussed everything and anything. When we finished I got a huge hug, while she invited me to her house later in the week for some gossip and another lunch. We left friends, something I never thought I would be able to achieve with a member of the female sex. Well other than Melody, who had made the overture to me in the first place.

I had called Hilda and she was waiting for me outside the restaurant, seeing the smile on my face she assumed that I had achieved my goal. I told her what had transpired and she giggled when I also told her that I most likely will not return to the male gender even if I succeed in winning the bet. I also told her I will deny any mention of that statement if word gets back to Mac. She ran her finger across her lips as if to zip them up and giggled for quite some time.

After we made it home I got a hug, her telling me it was for the best, you essentially sucked as a male to start with, although your skills as a father were much better. I pouted a little at her statement but ended up giggling with her at my reaction to her statement. I undressed and slipped on a robe and made a few plans for tomorrow’s meetings.

Hilda did give me a treat as she came and brushed my hair for me before bed. I could so get used to that, wonderful feelings and goose pimples combined. I thanked her for being so nice to me, and suggested that we spend an afternoon together just being friends later in the week, just the two of us. We hugged and I headed to bed after donning a gorgeous nightie that I had not seen before. I was soon drifting off, dreaming of pretty clothes and dancing. The rest of the lunches and dinners went off much better, I still was a little reserved but I think I had managed to mend most of the broken fences I had caused at the ball.

I did make sure I obtained a set of wedding rings for the next soiree, although I felt wonderful dancing the night away I was not fond of being pursued. The rings were my original set for Mac, before she obtained larger more impressive ones for daily wear. Although she still wore them occasionally, I had need of them now to keep the wolves at bay. Surprisingly they fit my ring finger perfectly, although I was sure I had larger fingers than Mac. Maybe more of Mac’s conniving somehow involved here.

I think I have turned the corner now, every morning I am up early planning out the day’s activities and looking for the right outfit to wear to do so. I am out shopping at least three days a week, with Hilda at my side. We now spend, at least, two afternoons together, no agenda, just two friends talking and enjoying each others company. Looking back I now realized how much I was missing in life, determined to not let any more of the good life slip by.

I heard from Mac, she letting me know that she will be back home tomorrow, after visiting all the children and spoiling all of the grand kids. I am sure that checking on my progress was also a primary concern of hers. Maybe I can surprise her some, doing something she does not expect. Two can play at the game, making the game a lot more interesting.

I quickly called the salon asking if I could get an early appointment in the morning for the works. I was especially interested in getting longer nails, extensions for my hair and if possible a larger bust. I was assured all could be handled and was given a seven A.M. appointment. I made sure Hilda knew about the time, her smirk letting me know that she approved of my surprise for Mac. I did have a few second thoughts in bed that evening, but my hand on my breast and the good feelings that accompanied it pretty much erased any lingering doubt about what I had in mind by the next morning.

I was up early dressed and waiting for Hilda to get dressed. She saw me and smiled, grabbing my hand and giggling as we left the house. The salon was ready for me, several techs ready and waiting. I was hooked up to the boob machine again, the pump started right away encouraging more tissue into the cups. My old nails were removed, a longer set applied and then painted a bright cherry red. As they were getting ready to add in my hair extensions I asked them if they could use a lighter color, making my hair look like I had highlights. The answer was yes and an hour later my hair was down to my butt, curled and looking thick and beautiful. Another hour as my makeup was refreshed, then my eyebrows checked for stray hairs, I was pronounced done. I had asked for a higher pair of heels to wear home, feeling sure that would leave no doubt with Mac about my girliness. The almost six inch heels did that and more. Surprise, I had little trouble navigating in the taller heels, not sure why or how.

Hilda had been waiting for me, getting her hair shampooed and conditioned and her split ends handled. When she first saw me her eyebrows went up in amazement, then she started giggling. I signed for the services and we headed home. Mac had already arrived, and was waiting for me in the living room.

Her mouth fell open, and her eyes got as big as saucers as she took in my appearance. I could tell she was not missing any part of my enhanced appearance as her eyes scanned my body from my toes to the top of my head. I approached her, leaned in and took her face in my hands. I held it firmly as my lips touched hers. I pushed a little harder, making the kiss more passionate. I slipped my tongue in at the first opportunity savoring the experience. I tilted her head to the side a little slid my mouth over to her ears and nibbled a little on her earring. Well that did it as she orgasmed right there while standing up. I felt her get wobbly and grabbed her arms to help steady her. She leaned into to me, and soon we were in a tight embrace. I helped her to the couch and eased her down at one end against the armrest. We were sitting right next to each other, her head on my shoulder and her arms around my body.

It took her awhile, but she finally came around, grinning at me and taking another look at all of my changes. She started to ask a question but a firmly placed another passionate kiss on her lips that killed that off immediately. I asked if she was hungry, since I have reservations at a nice restaurant if she can make herself look beautiful enough to be seen with me. She gave me quite a stare, but decided she would give it a try. I was hauled off to the bedroom since she wanted me there so she could judge her efforts against her supposedly goal for tonight.

I decided to change my clothes too, a sexier dress, chandelier earrings, and some of my hair pinned on top of my head, with some of the curls dangling around my face and neck. The dress barely covered my new breasts, the top half of my erstwhile orbs left uncovered and jiggling around in the cup of the corset I was wearing. Due to the corset I now had a smaller waist than Mac, making my bust and hips look much more impressive than normal. Mac had been watching closely at my choices, changing what she had planned to wear three times, I suppose in an effort to look as pretty as me. Finally as she donned her last choice, I helped her zip up the dress kissed her passionately and told her that she was beautiful, obviously a close second to my beauty but nothing to be ashamed of. I kissed her again before she could cut loose on me, then dragged her to the limo I had waiting for us. Hilda did get to see us before we slipped out the front door, giving me a thumbs up.

I hugged Mac tightly in the limo pushing her head against my breast to keep her mind occupied, otherwise the ride was in silence. The doorman got the limo door for us, and we were shown to our table immediately. I had already ordered for us, out first course delivered just a few minutes later. I sat right next to her, feeding her a bite or two as the evening progressed. She did reciprocate as we shared food, drink and lots of kisses. It was three hours later when the limo dropped us off back at our home, we made it as far as our bedroom, then dressed in nighties and crawled into bed. She was out of it, since she drank wine during the meal, a little too much judging by her actions. While I wanted to stay sober to enjoy being with her and making up for the time we had been apart. I finally fell asleep, while cuddling her in my arms, my head firmly attached to one of her nipples.

As I awoke the next morning she was propped up on her one arm looking at me with great interest. It was her turn today to initiate the kiss, a soft sensuous one that instantly gave me goose pimples. We laid in bed together for almost an hour, just savoring being with our soul mate. She decided to concede defeat, since I had obviously fulfilled her requests and then some. If I wanted to return to the male gender she was okay with it, but I could detect a little sadness in those words as she spoke them. I told her it would require a large expenditure to do so, since someone had stolen all of my male clothes. Mac jumped out of bed then ran to the garage where she and Hilda had stored my boxed up male clothes to find the space now empty. She squealed and ran back to me tackling me and sending me to the floor, her body laying on top of me as she wiggled her sex into my groin and caressed my swollen nipples.

Hilda walked through wanting to know if we wanted lunch, then giggled and made her way to the kitchen. She never did get a reply to her question. She appeared later, telling us there was food in the fridge, if we wanted it and she would see us tomorrow around noon. I then remembered the next ball was tomorrow evening, Hilda planning to be here to help me get dressed for it.

We never did get any nourishment from the fridge, just lots of kissing and cuddling the rest of the day. A very romantic night, my new body seeing a lot of attention heaped on it. I tried to reciprocate, but Mac was a female on a mission, not to be denied or slowed down in its implementation. We did sleep late the next morning having just completed our baths as Hilda arrived. I did manage to lay out my clothes for today, Mac not missing the opportunity to check out my choices.

Mac did decide to accompany me to the ball, a fund raising affair for a children’s charity. We both looked ravishing, dressed to the hilt and freshly made up and coiffed at the salon prior to the drive to the charity ball. Another limo, since we had no idea how late we might be.

Mac did watch as I made my way through the crowd, talking and hugging my new female friends, exchanging compliments about our dresses and overall appearance. When she did join the group I was with she was ignored some, since she had been out of the loop for several weeks. I could see the look on her face, she did miss all of this, although she had insisted she was tired of it, needing a change in her life.

When several of the ladies were introduced at the end of the festivities for their contribution to the charity, Mac was surprised when she was called up front. I went with her, mainly for support. I had secretly made quite a sizable donation in her name, something to get her back into the swing of things. As she was thanked by quite a few of the prominent ladies of the event she was staring at me, here eyes trying to bore holes into me. I smiled and waved at her sending a kiss in her direction.

Then my name was called out, as I was called up front. Apparently I was not the only one planning a surprise tonight. The charity made out like bandits Mac and my donations alone more than they had hoped to raise at the ball. As I approached the front I decided to make things a little more interesting grabbing her in my arms and kissing her hard on the lips. The kiss got a lot more passionate, lasting far longer than planned. When we finally broke the kiss we received a standing ovation from the ladies gathered around us. Mac was congratulated on my conversion to the female gender and I was complimented for a successful transition.

We did manage to find a quiet spot to sit a few minutes, holding each other’s hands tightly so that the other could not manage an escape. A few words were exchanged between us, but most of the time was spent just being content to be with our soul mate. I did tell her how much I loved her, thanking her for helping me to see that the female gender is a far better choice to live out my future in. To think it all started with me trying to maintain an image, an image I am pleased to see in the mirror every day now, a feminine image.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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