Patsy; From Male To Female

There were rumors of a shakeup in upper level management and some promotions that might be in the offering. Our company was going through some tough times, increased competition and some personnel that were not qualified for the position they held in the company. Most of these employees were ones that were hired by friends or family members that were already employed by the company, a practice that was commonly used until recently. That practice and those employees were causing problems now. Recently we have lost several customers because of these employees, through simple neglect. By the time someone became aware of the problem the customers had already left us for the competition.

In one case our employee had failed to respond for requests from the customer for over three months. Finally the customer got fed up, called our CEO and canceled their contract. Rather than finding out what the problem was he told the customer they couldn’t cancel the contract. The customer hung up on him. The next day we were sued for half a million dollars for failure to uphold our end of the contract. When all the facts became known, the CEO and fifteen managerial staff were let go, along with thirty of the worst free loaders that had been handed jobs here while having no qualifications for said job.

Now there was a significant amount of positions to be filled within the company. Being part of a large corporation most of the promotions were decided or influenced by your immediate supervisor. Jenny is our department head, of which I am one of her service representatives. There are fifteen of us, each handling several companies and their interaction with our company. In our case we supplied services to keep their inventory and purchasing systems running and up to date. Any interaction with their company was handled by a service rep, then we would pass it down to our programmers and they would fix or adjust the software to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Our software could tell the customer what items were selling the most, suggested orders to handle sales and what items to discontinue due to lack of sales. Our software also handled costing an item out and different sell prices based on the percent of markup desired by the company.

Jenny and I got along, but our relationship never could be considered friendly. I was not sure what the problem was, but did the best that I could and made sure all of my efforts were thought out well and the paperwork was done meticulously. When Jenny got her job almost two years ago, there had been some talk that I would have been a better fit for the job then her. Since she had more seniority, she was given the position. If Jenny had her way I would not get any of the offered positions, this is if they were indeed offered to me.

Just recently the current rep of one of our biggest customers had really fouled things up, pissing off the customer and causing them to refuse to sign a renewal contract for our software products at least that is the version being circulated around the company. That would have been a quarter million dollar loss in revenue. Since her job was on the line too Jenny tried to soothe things over, she managed to get a brief dialogue going, but they absolutely refused to sign the contract. It was rumored in the industry they were already talking to our competition about joining their ranks.

Jenny was getting desperate, not only the mess that the rep caused, but now her failure to appease the customer was in the balance. I think in a last ditch effort to finally put me out of the picture she assigned them to me. If I failed I would also likely be cast aside, I am sure Jenny would not be opposed to that action in the least. Competition from me for future positions within the company would then be mute. I was not happy being inserted into this fiasco, but any refusal on my part would be the grounds that Jenny needed to let me go. It left me with no choice, either way I doubted I would be with the company for much longer.

After being made aware of all that had transpired, I made the call to see if I could get through to their CEO. The fourth time I made the attempt I managed to get to talk to her. Rather than trying to talk business I invited her out to dinner, suggesting that after a nice meal we might spend some time trying to find some things the two companies might still have in common. At first, I purposefully tried to keep everything low key then if I could build some kind of relationship with her, maybe try and find out what happened and correct it.

She reluctantly agreed, and I asked her to pick the place. I would then make reservations and arrange a time for us to meet there. Of course, she picked the fanciest place in town, one that is usually booked up months in advance. I could see trouble here before I even get to talk to her. I called the restaurant, inquired about getting a reservation but not having much hope of success. The lady I was taking to was cordial but insisted that it would be a month at least before she could work me in. Even then it would be a spur of the moment thing, when someone canceled. I asked who I was talking to, something I usually did in case I needed to call back later. She told me her name was Wendy, her voice did sound familiar. I smiled and asked her if she remembered the boy that set behind her in fourth grade math class and played with her pigtails. It was a long shot but I doubted there were that many Wendy’s in this part of the state. She let out a squeal as I moved the phone further away from my ear. “Patrick I have thought of you often, back then wearing my hair in pigtails just so you could play with them.

I did manage to get a reservation at that restaurant for the following evening, prime time and one of their better tables. I called Veronica back, told her the time of our reservation and we agreed to meet there. She seemed astonished that I had got a reservation even mentioning the name of the restaurant twice to make sure we were still talking about the same place. I assured her it was the restaurant she requested.

I arranged to arrive a few minutes earlier, knowing that Wendy would want to catch up on our lives since fourth grade. We went to the same school all the way through eighth grade, but nothing more transpired during the rest of the grade school years. Wendy and I spent about twenty minutes reminiscing then Veronica showed up. We were shown to our table, Veronica in awe of what I had accomplished. She thought for sure if she specified this restaurant I would fail giving her an edge in any discussions we might have. She was good at playing the corporate power game, apparently she had earned her wings long before she became CEO of their company.

We had a nice dinner, business never brought up. Over a couple of glasses of wine I asked her to tell me what had transpired. I got a different version that what Jenny had told me, beginning to smell a rat here. I reiterated what our company business policy was and that we valued their continued business. We discussed some trivial matters for a while, I could see Veronica was deep in thought so I kept things light. After finishing our wine I suggested that we take a couple of days to think things over, I for one had to check into some things that were disturbing. Then maybe another dinner later in the week if she would be agreeable to it. We hugged as we got up from the table. The hug surprised me that usually between two females, almost never between a male and a female. Veronica smiled and told me she would let me pick the restaurant this time. She was curious though on how I managed the reservation here tonight. When we have more time I will tell you the story behind it, although it was more luck than skill.

I drove home thinking of how I was going to check to see what was actually going on here. I suspected Jenny is up to something, my recent accomplishments bothering her again. I sat on my patio star gazing until late, formulating a plan to find out what really happened on our end. I turned in a little after midnight, and was instantly asleep.

Veronica seemed quite personable, easy to get along with and level headed to a fault. I felt good that I might be able to get her to sign a contract, a plus for me even though Jenny thought it would be my swan song. I already had an idea for dinner later in the week, though I will think about it for a day or two before I let it see the light of day.

The next day at work Jenny wanted to know if I was having any success. I stayed non-committal responding that we were still talking about things but no decisions yet. I could see she was worried, I was too calm for someone that had been pushed into the midst of this situation. Apparently she decided that things needed to be stepped up a bit, this time she was sure she would get the needed reaction she was looking for. She spent three hours on the phone with the HR department. After she hung up there was quite a smile on her face. While I was checking the facts on what really happened with Veronica’s company and the service rep one of the secretaries slipped me a note warning me of Jenny’s conversations with personnel. She hinted that my name was brought up several times in conversation. I had befriended the secretary in the past when Jenny went after her, my intervention probably saving the woman’s job at the time. She was trying to return the favor.

When I entered the building the next morning I was stopped by security. I inquired why I was not allowed to enter and they sent me to personnel so that I could be informed of the problem. I was even escorted there to make sure I did not proceed elsewhere. It made me feel like I had done something horrible and was on my way to be fired.

I was shown into the office of our Human Resource department head, a Gloria Spiegel. I had met her when I was hired originally, but had not interacted with her since being hired. She had a file out laying on her desk, it turned out to be mine. She started her speech with me immediately.

“Patsy we have reached the end of our patience with you. When you were hired you stated you were a male to female transsexual of which we were glad to support. Well, since then you have stayed in the guise of a male, which is strictly forbidden in your particular employment contract. I need to remind you that each employee here works on a one year employment contract, renewed automatically if your work is satisfactory. We have waved your total disregard of the stipulations of your specific contract for over a year now. As of today that ends. You are being sent home today as soon as we conclude this meeting and unless you appear as a female in dress you will not be allowed to work for us and your contract will be declared null and void. I will then be forced to put all of this in your file, a file we will have to supply if you apply anywhere else for a job or reference.”

Once she said Patsy, I knew things were going to be bad, I started to object, but decided maybe just keeping quiet and listen to all she has to say might be a better approach.

“I expect you to appear as your picture indicates that you furnished at your hiring and not any other way. We have bent over backwards to accommodate you, that ends now. This all came to a head last week when the EEOC was in here checking our records and personnel for violations. The investigator found the name Patsy Walker and wanted to meet this person. You were with another customer at the time and she couldn’t wait. I understand from a phone call I received yesterday she is going to be her tomorrow, her main reason is to interview you. So tomorrow as a female as per your original picture you furnished or your letter of resignation.”

“I am sure you will want to consult an attorney so I have made a copy of all your records for you to take with you. If you have nothing to add to this discussion the security guard will show you off the property. There will be proper ID waiting for you tomorrow if you are the female Patsy in appearance, otherwise you can hand the guard your resignation or fax it to me, your choice. I will be waiting to hear from you.”

The guard was called and I was shown off the property. Shocked as I sat in my car looking over my so called file. Someone had been very thorough with their efforts, every T crossed and every I dotted, at least as far as I could determine. I drove to my attorney, had to wait for twenty minutes to see her, but when I entered she gave me such a smile. I wonder if she knows something I don’t. We had met at a Chamber of Commerce meeting a year ago, me attending as a representative of this company, a treat I only got to do a couple of times. We became friends, declaring herself to be my attorney now. Peggy was good, her rates were reasonable and her work was top notch. I was one of the few that was allowed to call her Peggy, I have known others to use that name in jest and seen them thrown out of her office. She is definitely a no nonsense type of person.

I sat in the chair in front of her desk, then handed her my personnel file from work. She glanced at it but quickly laid it to the side. I gave her an inquiring look, waiting for some statement or explanation. Here my future was on the line and she wasn’t even interested in reading the file.

They do good work don’t they, picking up another file on her desk and handing it to me. It was a carbon copy of the file I had brought her, down to the last period and color of the ink used to print it. “I received this file just yesterday, one of my informants thought I might be interested. Apparently someone in your company wants you gone or your life miserable, either one or both a good possibility. I have made a few phone calls, and noted several people that have had some favors given them to make sure this moved through the system and got implemented. So far Jenny, your supervisor, and a higher up in management have had their hands in the pot the most. Jenny the instigator, the upper level manager the one greasing the wheels. I am not sure yet, but Jenny has been on a date with this manager several times, so there may be some blackmail or love interest involved.

There has been quite a lot of money exchanged, several people’s bank accounts suddenly swelling. I am putting together the paper trail, several of my associates looking into some quirky financial transactions and the trail of money from one to another. I doubt we will be able to use this info since my sources are having to use some not quite legal methods to follow the trail.

Either way you are now in quite a predicament. I know what happened but have no way to prove any of this, your employment records were changed showing your transsexual status when you were hired, the picture of how you looked at the time is date stamped, making it hard to refute. The Patsy signature on the employment application is genuine probably lifted from some other document you had signed while with the company, then photo shopped, Patrick becoming Patsy. To compound matters the customer you have been assigned upon seeing you dressed as a female could likely cease doing business with your company causing you to be dismissed for failure to do your job. I am sure that is the intended result if you do not resign.”

“I have a suggestion for you, but most likely one that you will not embrace. If you were to appear and dress as a female starting tomorrow that will buy us a couple of days. I will approach your customer, I have found out we share a friend, one that we both went to university with. If I can convince her to go along with this ruse, we might be able to turn the tables back on them. If you comply with the personnel departments request to dress according to your picture and are able to get the customer to sign another contract, it will be their neck on the line then. To have spent as much money as they have and you still be a thorn in their side, I am sure we will see some desperate actions to disgrace you, a chance then to bring a lawsuit against them for damages. If not a lawsuit for damages, a suit for discrimination for failing to promote the most qualified person to any significant position that might come up in the near future.”

I looked at her, then opened the file and looked at the supposed picture of me dressed as a female. It was not an impossibility there was some resemblance, probably a male picture of me photo shopped to the female gender. I was tired of all the crap at work, deciding in a weak moment to make the gender change, then either succeed or go down with guns blazing to use an old western phrase.

Peggy gave me a slip of paper with a name of a beauty salon on it and the address. Also a time written below it for my appointment. I looked up at her, her smile so wicked. She had already made the appointment knowing I would take her up on her suggestion. The way her suggestion was presented to me, clever and intended to get me to agree.

“Have them send me a picture of you leaving the salon, I have a bet with the owner of the salon that they can’t make you look like your picture, well to be more precise, exactly like your picture. Billable fees have been off this month, so I need to collect some cash to make ends meet.” I knew that was a lie, she drove a BMW and lived in one of the ritziest apartments in town. The one time we went to lunch together the menu of the place she chose had no prices showing. If you have to ask how much an item was you can’t afford to eat here. That statement was printed right on the front of their menu.

“Now I have some more pressing matters to handle now, so off you go Patsy. Say hello to Francine for me.”

I looked at the slip of paper noticing the time of the appointment. At first glance when she handed me the slip of paper I thought it was for tomorrow, but looking now it was for today, in fact for thirty minutes from now.

I was shaking my head as I left Peggy’s office, all of this so absurd. I drove over there arriving a few minutes early. I checked in up front and several techs came to get me. The gals were gorgeous, my essence of male trying his best to escape my pants and say hi to the ladies. Into a private room and quickly stripped of my clothes. It was done so fast junior shrinking to nothing fearing they were after him for showing his appreciation of their beauty.

The next eight hours were spent screaming, crying and then in awe as my male self was obliterated. I think Peggy is going to lose her bet, my image every minute more like my picture in the employment file. To enter as a male and then have breasts, a vagina, a curly hair style and then makeup added all in a short period of time is beyond the mind’s ability to cope, specifically my mind in this case.

I did make it home, too stressed out and uncomfortable in my new feminine persona to even want to eat anything. I slipped off my clothes and donned the nightie they had given me at the salon. I hung the couple of outfits for the next few days in my closet and crawled into bed. I had to be up early, my hairstyle should just fall into place with a little brushing, but I needed help with my makeup since I had no experience doing it.

The next morning I managed the clothes, a blouse and skirt combination that most young females would wear to work. The hairstyle did cooperate, then heels were added and I grabbed my purse and was off. It did take two pair of pantyhose to get my legs covered, the first pair succumbed to one of my fingers before I even got it above my ankle.

Since my first attempt at makeup was such a fiasco I headed to the salon for help. The salon did my makeup for me, checking my picture to make sure I complied with my supposed image from over a year ago.

As I approached security I noticed the guard call someone on his phone as I walked up to him. I was given my new ID and went to my office. I smiled as I saw my name plate on the door changed to Patsy, then again as I entered and saw most of my décor in the office changed to the standard female version. Pictures of flowers adorned the walls and I now had two artificial flower arrangements, one on my desk and one on the credenza on the side wall. The fax machine shared that space now with the vase of flowers where before it was just a stupid statue of a body builder.

They had indeed done a thorough job, changing the décor in my office proof of that. I acted just like nothing had happened calling Veronica and suggesting dinner tomorrow evening. I guess she was in on this since now she played dumb asking if she knew me from somewhere, then giggling. I told her I would pick her up at her office tomorrow at five PM, then take her to dinner. She asked how to dress, since I had not told her where we were eating at. I mentioned that I will be wearing an evening gown, suggesting that might be suitable for her too. She giggled again, telling me that she couldn’t wait to see me. I am sure she couldn’t, I hope the salon can keep me from looking like a stevedore in a dress.

I poked around in our computer system looking for the initial complaint of the service rep, who handled the call and where the complaint was forwarded to for action. Surprise, surprise Jenny handled the initial complaint and her partner in crime was who she forwarded the complaint to. Neither of her actions contrary to company procedures, but usually the one to receive the complaint was the one designated to handle the customer, and make necessary concessions to assure their continued business. Jenny did none of that, talked with them some then dumped them on me. Her sidekick did not intervene as he should have after receiving the complaint, letting the relationship go to hell before I was injected into this fiasco.

I did a little research on her sidekick and found out he was the one that had promoted her when she got her present job. So most likely there was something there that shouldn’t be there. Now how to bring some of this to light.

I decided that getting Veronica’s signature on a contract should come first. I made reservations at a little Italian restaurant that I sometimes ate at. They had a private room, they seldom used, where I could wine and dine Veronica. Their food was excellent, all handmade usually requiring a couple of hours to eat a full meal. Now I had to find an appropriate evening gown, then maybe another appointment at the salon to make sure I looked my best. After thinking about it for a while I am not sure why I wanted to dress so fancy for Veronica. We were not romantically involved, probably would not ever be anything but friends. Then to take into consideration me presenting as a female now, that slim chance now a million to one shot. No answers, but I still felt it was the right thing to do.

At work Jenny was avoiding me like the plague, a fact that I was not unhappy about. I did get a visit from her cohort in crime, supposedly to ask me a question about another one of my customers. I guess he wanted to see me dolled up as a female, entertainment in the executive offices must be hard to come by these days. Oh the EEOC lady did make an appearance, but after a few questions moved on to another employee. I left early anxious to get to the salon and be made pretty. When I had called the salon for the appointment they assured me that they would have an evening gown suitable for any occasion, also the lingerie to go with it. It took an hour for me to find just the right dress, a male for less than a day and now super picky about an evening gown, go figure.

I was gone over carefully, making sure that every facet of my appearance was nothing but girly gurl, then helped into the evening gown. I didn’t realize how tight it fit me in the hips and thighs, ending up having to call for an uber to get Veronica and me to the restaurant. I did learn something new that is how to enter and leave a vehicle while encased in a way too tight dress. When the driver stopped to pick up Veronica I am sure he got quite a view, Veronica managing to advise me of the proper way later as we got out at the restaurant. The whole time Veronica was trying to hold back a giggling fit at my actions, the driver sporting a huge smile at the things he has already seen tonight. Once in the restaurant she took my arm, making sure I wouldn’t be able to escape. We were seated in the private room the owners even managing to find some soft Italian songs to play over the sound system.

Veronica leaned over to pull me closer to her taking my head between her hands and softly kissing my lips. My eyes had closed as I enjoyed the kiss, then they popped open, oh gawd she is kissing me and on the lips. As soon as she saw the expression on my face she broke out laughing, I see you have not put all of this together yet Patsy. Peggy said you were a little slow on the uptake, but once you got up to speed, stand back. Maybe a little explanation from me might help.

I like you a lot, but the feminine you, not that boring macho male façade you were immersed in on our first dinner meeting. Now you are almost perfect, as long as you promise to stay as a female I will sign the contract now. In my opinion, you should have been a female all along, your mannerisms, your caring and your actions fitting the female gender way better that that boring masculine person. Now let’s enjoy dinner than you can take me to your place and I can play the rest of the evening. I swallowed hard, this not quite working out the way I had envisioned. I like her a lot, maybe even love her, but was kind of hoping her to be in love with the male gender version of me, not as I am dressed now.

It was a pleasant evening, the food was as good as I remembered and of course her company made the evening special. We did adjourn to my apartment, me having to apologize for the untidiness of it. I don’t think she ever looked anywhere else but at my body. Another hour and I was convinced of her love and fascination with my female looks. In between wearing out my new appendages we decided to have her sign her new contract at our home office, so she could point fingers at how she was handled prior to me be assigned to her company. I never did get out of her embrace all night, me having to get dressed to go to work the only way I was able to escape her clutches.

I had learned yesterday, just before I left, that a new CEO had been appointed, a female this time and quite savvy according to the rumors. She was the COO of one of our foreign subsidiaries, making quite a name for herself in turning that operation around. I would arrange the meeting in the morning as soon as I got to work, maybe catching Jenny and her accomplice before they could slink away.

I took a chance and went to her office, surprised to be shown in right away. I told her what I wanted to do and she set up the meeting for two hours later. I did not know it at the time but later found out it was to be in front of all the employees in the auditorium. She had apparently some plans too, a chance to show the few trouble makers that were left that employees that were not dedicated to the company were not welcome.

Veronica was bubbling as she came to my office, I think more to be with me that having to do with the signing of her contract. I know she was no more than a few inches from me right up to the start of the meeting. Sarah the new CEO conducted the meeting as she introduced me, then Veronica and the new contract was signed. Then to my surprise she read from my file about my achievements over my time with the company. I was called back up, swallowing hard, not knowing what she was doing. She took my hand and reintroduced me to the employees as the new COO effective immediately.

I did notice both Jenny and her accomplice hastily leave the auditorium, Sarah squeezing my hand since she saw them exit too. I was congratulated by lots of people, I am not sure if they were sincere, but aware of the fact that they had to kiss butt, unless their accomplishments were substantial enough to keep their jobs secure without doing that feat. Sarah had me come to her office, we discussed what she wanted from me, essentially me doing as I have before and making sure all of the employees followed in my footsteps.

Before I left both Jenny and Matt, her accomplice, came in and handed in their resignations effective immediately. There was no reason given for their quick departure, but everyone in the room was aware of quite a few of those reasons. Jenny was shooting daggers at me, apparently blaming me for all of her troubles. I just smiled, my thousand megawatt smile with teeth showing, a smile I have wanted to display for quite some time but hadn’t an occasion to do so until now.

I guess the word got around pretty fast Sarah had twenty more resignations on her desk by the following morning. I did get a lot of bitches from one particular customer, having to work the weekend to try and mollify her. Yep Veronica complained to any one that would listen about me working long hours straightening out the mess while she was home alone. I guess Sarah is pretty astute, she suggested that I spend some time with her, and if necessary propose, sometimes a marriage will soften up the complaints some, but in the end you will have to take care of her better.

It turned out that Sarah knew of my gender change courtesy of Jenny, but liked the female me much better for her management team. To keep the position I had to stay female, something I will have no trouble abiding with. Now If I can figure a way to handle that pesky customer, I will be set. I am aware it will take a lot of overtime, kissing up and giving in to all matter of concessions. A job that I am looking forward to. Maybe I can start tonight, a bouquet of flowers to start with might be just the ticket.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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