Jill; Belle Of The Ball

I had waited way too long to get my hair cut since the length was now approaching my shoulders. Janice, my sister, is threatening to take me to her beauty salon if I didn’t, at least, get it styled. If any creatures built their nests in hair, she is sure I had a large colony using my hair for living quarters. Here recently it has become an obsession, I am sure she has a reason for her sudden interest in my hair.

I was in my junior year of college and unlike my sister I had to study hard to get through my courses. She is majoring in business administration and maintained a 4.0-grade average. She never had to crack a book much less take notes in class. However, I am lucky to get passing grades and any extra time that I managed to acquire, had to go towards my subjects. I had not picked out a major yet since I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Sis is always pestering me to make up my mind about what I wanted to do in life, and my indecision just drives her nutty. I had lots of interests in life but could not decide on what I wanted to pursue. The basic problem is that I procrastinate too much.

This is how I ended up in my present predicament. All my time spent trying to pass my courses, but very little spent on personal grooming or even the basic social activities. Long untidy hair, having last been cut almost four years ago since I didn’t really want to take the time to keep it cut and styled. A ponytail with a rubber band is good enough for me, although at least once a week I did manage to get a brush through it whether it needed it or not. I shampooed it when I took a shower, but never any conditioner, strictly wash and dry.

This fuss with the hair came about as the result of being invited to a fancy dress ball. A prominent sorority on campus has held this ball once a year for as long as the university has been around. It is quite an honor to be invited to this gathering, and my invitation is only as a result of being related to my sister Janice. She has belonged to this sorority since her freshman year and is now their president. It would be a faux pas to ignore me even if everyone hated the idea of me being there. I think Janice had ulterior motives in getting me invited for she was always trying to get me matched up with someone either male or female.

I wasn’t fond of the idea of going to her Sorority Ball, but in no uncertain terms, Janice told me that I would go, my failure to go would reflect badly on her. Somehow that logic seemed flawed, but I have a natural fear of her, so I decided I would concede to her wishes and go.

I really did not know where to get my hair cut since it been forever since I last accomplished this task. I was pretty much a loner, not having any friends, so I did not have anyone I could ask or network with to find an appropriate establishment to perform the deed. So, I ended up asking Janice. Well, being the 4.0 business major that she is, she assured me that she would take care of everything for me.

Two days later I am told that my appointment is on Monday at 7:00 AM sharp. I nearly had a heart attack on hearing this, since I never got up before ten on most days. Janice’s reply a little curt and blunt. “Since I am paying for this, you will go when I can get you in. Because you are getting the works, it requires several hours to perform the selected tasks.”

Since I am always tight on money, I kept my objections to myself for fear of her withdrawing her offer. Saving some money was always a high priority for me. Our parents were footing the bill for both my sister and me to attend college, but Janice had gotten a full four-year scholarship. The fees were not totally outrageous but thirty-five thousand a year is not the cheapest tuition by far for both of us. The financial help did include an apartment for me and the sorority fees for Janice. We are limited to a small allowance for clothes and meals. There is always an adequate amount, but no discretionary funds are included. If we needed additional funds for something we were expected to find a job to supply the needed revenue. Since I was having trouble with my studies, the time for a job would hurt my grades quite a bit.

The appointment is on Monday since I had no classes and since the ball is on the upcoming Saturday that made it the most logical choice. “Janice what exactly does the works entail?”

Her usual curt reply followed. “Just go with the flow, from your looks you definitely require all the help you can get, you might even enjoy it if you keep an open mind. Rebecca, her longtime friend, is managing the shop and would personally handle my appointment.”

I knew Becky quite well and became more relaxed on hearing that she is going to handle my appointment. Janice even arranged for some clothes for me to wear to the ball, I guess worrying that I might embarrass her if she failed to pick at least decent clothes for me to wear. She told me Becky would have them at the shop for me to try on and then she would bring them to my apartment on Saturday afternoon.

“I presume that means that you do not trust me. Yep, this is exactly what I mean. Becky is going to ensure that you look your best and touch up your hair if needed.” I knew Janice has always been somewhat controlling, and there was not much I could do but go along. I would talk to Becky on Monday and see if I could get her to forget about Saturday. I am not a little child that had to be dressed and made sure I was clean and neat. Well at least I am not the little child, the other might have some truth to it.

On Sunday evening, I got a call from Becky reminding me of my appointment. I told her I had it marked on my calendar. We talked a while about what has happened to each other in the few months since we had last talked. Apparently Becky’s shop is doing quite well, and she is expanding the services offered there again. The owner is quite pleased with Becky’s management and had given Becky part interest in the shop.

I told her about the courses that I am taking this year and kind of complained about how hard my studies are as compared to Janice breezing through hers. She has always been aware of how smart Janice is, telling me of how Janice is teaching her some management principles to help her run the shop better.

I tried to find out what Janice is planning to have me experience, but Becky remained close-mouthed about it. “Since Monday is a very slow day for the shop we will slip out to lunch and maybe do a little shopping before we head back.”

“That will be great, I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.” I picked out some of my better clothes to wear, not wanting to embarrass myself or give Janice any more ammunition to use against me. I was up and dressed by six A.M., then arrived at the shop by six-thirty. Since Becky was not there yet, I went to a diner just down the street and picked up a couple of large coffees. Large coffees are a student’s mainstay.

When I returned to the shop, Becky is just opening up, and I followed her in. “Yay, you brought me coffee, you are such a sweetheart.” I sat at her station as she opened the shop, turned on the lights and made the salon ready to do business. She sat next to me, and we talked as our coffees are sipped.

“Now can you tell me what Janice has in mind since she is so secretive about it?” Becky paused in her conversation as she is apparently deciding what to tell me. She made her decision.

“Do you trust me and my judgment?”

Although Becky is a friend of Janice, I had known her for several years. She is a hard worker, but I had never known her to cause anybody any hurt or embarrassment. My simple reply. “You are a trusted friend, at least from my standpoint, and anything you decide is best for me I will live with.”

She decided that I needed to know the complete story, about today. “Keep quiet and allow me to fill in all of the blanks. Then after you have heard the entire story, I want you to go along with everything I am going to do to you with no hesitation or comment. That includes going out to lunch with me.”

I agreed nodding my head. “That will not be a problem.” She warned me that since I had agreed, there is no backing out of this when things are revealed.

As an afterthought, she decided offering me a choice might be a better way to handle the upcoming day’s activities. The choice being, to find out everything in advance or suffer the consequences and then be informed of the how and why. Surprisingly, I chose the do now and tell later, a totally new approach for me. In the back of my mind, I am freaking out since this seemed to be much more than just getting my hair cut, sorry make that styled.

Becky finished her coffee and led me back to the shampoo basins. She had me remove my shirt as she placed the cape over my upper torso to keep me protected. She didn’t want my shirt to get damaged by any of the salon’s chemicals. I paused in thought. There is much more to this than I originally envisioned but Becky asked me to trust her, so I placed myself in her hands. My hair is thoroughly washed and conditioned, in fact, she did it twice. Then she applied another liquid on my head, massaging it thoroughly into my hair. She placed a plastic bag over my head and secured it. She sat the chair back up so that I was not leaning backward, then pulled up a stool and started filing my nails.

At that point, I began to smell a rat, knowing Janice is up to her old tricks. Several times in the past Janice had tried to convince me that I should dress as a girl. Mainly these occasions corresponded with Halloween and Mardi Gras. Janice truly believed that any career possibilities for me revolved around the female gender that is me being a member of that gender.

I am horrible at sports, very shy and reclusive, but the thing that tipped the scales is my figure. I naturally had a feminine figure including a narrow waist and hips way to big and curvy for any member of the male gender. The only thing lacking is my fairly flat chest. The tittie fairy is apparently not a supporter of Jill the college coed.

Jill was the name that Janice always called me, oblivious to my given name of Jack. Yes, I am aware of the reference to Jack and Jill, hearing it all my life. I don’t think that Janice ever used the name Jack in our 22 years of brother-sister relations. It began to make sense; Becky’s reluctance to tell me what is going on and Janice’s commitment to handle everything for me.

Becky removed the plastic bag and washed the dye out of my hair. What is left was a very austere Champagne Blonde color. It was conditioned again; then she proceeded to cut it into a style. Thankfully very little hair made it to the floor, since I guess she was just shaping it into a style, most likely a feminine one. When she turned the chair around facing the mirror and I was allowed to see the style and color I gave her a raised eyebrow look.

It is feminine, the cut changing the dynamics of my face from androgynous to female without a doubt. I wanted to be upset with Becky but doubted that me getting angry about it would change the outcome. Apparently I was to go the ball as a female, Janice’s desire would be fulfilled and most likely my reputation ruined in the same breath. To Janice there is the added advantage of her uncouth brother not showing his face at the ball. A win-win for her.

Becky could tell that I realized my eventual outcome, that big sigh that I expressed a dead giveaway. She moved the cart with her curlers on it next to my chair and started setting my hair in curlers. She made small talk about my new appearance, suggesting that it would not be as bad as I thought. In fact, she defied anyone to make the connection between Jack and Jill in the days ahead. After she had finished putting my hair in curlers, she placed a net over the curlers. A brief glimpse in a mirror confirmed my new female presentation.

My eyebrows are next, waxed to thinly penciled arches, and then false eyelashes are added. Each individual lash was glued to my existing eyelashes until the count ended in the hundreds. After the addition of a few, I could see the edge of the new lashes as they framed my eyes. I again gave Becky the stare. “Let’s face it the luscious lashes look good on you,” is Becky’s statement. In the mirror the old Jack had already departed, in fact, I imagined he wouldn’t be showing up again in the near future.

In the next two hours, I received a facial including a cleansing mask, complete with cucumber slices over the eyes. After every treatment, a little more of my masculinity was pulled from me until a female image is all that remained. Next, I am led to a room with a padded table where she helped me get comfortable.

I knew that crunch time is here, now would come the part that I would dread in the future, but I had quietly let Becky do as she wished so far. Besides, Janice is going to get her way one way or another, so fighting her only makes it worse for me in the future. She used a depilatory cream on my body removing what little hair I had, leaving me baby smooth. Unfortunately, my groin received the same treatment; nothing left down there but my shriveled male appendage. It is shriveled because it was totally embarrassed to be left alone without any camouflage. It did twitch everyone in a while, I guess trying to make some kind of statement or was that a whimper.

Becky did use a moisture cream on my body, but even that didn’t cause Percy to perk up. The cream did feel good as it is absorbed into my skin. Then she pulled out some boxes from a cabinet with my name written on them. I should say that Jill’s name is written on them. Obviously, quite a bit of planning had gone into this endeavor, probably by Janice.

The first thing she pulled out of the box was a replica of a female’s lower anatomy. My mind although assaulted by all of this quickly figured where this is going, and I fainted. I must have been out for several minutes, because when I awoke, Becky is finishing attaching the vulva to my anatomy. I had raised my head to see what she is doing, and all I could see is two gorgeous lips with a slit perched in between. Percy is no longer visible, maybe for the long term.

The lips that I had dreamed of entering with the right girlfriend one day, but that looks to be impossible now since those lips are now on my body. Of course, the required landing strip of pubic hair is there to lead the wandering appendages to the Promised Land. Oh Gawd, did I just think that a male could see me as desirable and want to see to my undoing. All of a sudden I realized that Janice had apparently other motives here since attending a dance would not require breasts and a vagina. In fact, I wondered how long these appendages were on for, the preparation quite detailed for a day or two in service. Becky brought my thoughts back to the here and now as she placed two fairly heavy blobs on my chest. I kept my promise and did not hassle Becky. “Will lunch also include an explanation of these treatments and the new look?”

She gave me one of her patented smiles “I am surprised that you have kept your cool this long.” After measuring and marking my chest as to the placement, she glued them to the proper spots. She placed one of my hands on each to steady them as the glue set. I quite often have dreamed of having my hands on a nice set of tits, but holding my own was not what I envisioned.

I laid there for twenty minutes as she wanted to be sure the glue had firmly secured them to my chest. I am helped up, and a corset placed around my body. The front busk is done up; then she started tightening the laces, gradually reducing my waist until the female silhouette is more apparent. There was a mirror across the room, the reflection of myself in the mirror quite unnerving. My naturally smaller waist now accented to the extreme. An almost hourglass figure reminiscent of the last century now in its place.

I had walked into the salon this morning a young male, maybe even a little handsome, but that person had vanished somehow, and a gorgeous female was there in its place.

Becky quickly gave me some clothes to put on, afraid that if she let me look too long at the naked female image, it would cause me more distress. I am sure a prolonged look would do exactly that. At least, I received a pair of pants and a blouse for my first outing, plus the required feminine undergarments. Back to her station and she removed my curlers and brushed it out. Curls prevailed and the hairstyle framed my face perfectly making my face, even more, feminine.

Becky adding a little mascara and some lipstick and Jill is a reality. Before I could think much, she pulled me out the door, and we headed down the street to her favorite restaurant. I was out the door, teetering in my heels before I could figure out what is going on. As she locked the salon door, I realized I had no other alternative. I was pushed into the restaurant since I had hesitated at the entrance. The hostess seated us at a booth facing the front window, and I was scared to death.

The reality finally caught up with me I was out in public dressed as a female and in full sight of all my peers. My only comment is whispered to her. “Becky what have you done to me, and why?” That statement is followed by a burst of tears as the floodgates released. She quickly hustled me off to the ladies restroom, to help soothe and calm my fears.

When we returned I was a little better, but still lost as to what is going on. Almost all of my friends ate at this restaurant, as my eyes darted around the establishment to see who is here. Sure enough several of my friends are here, looking our way. Becky leaned over to whisper to me that I should calm down; nobody is going to recognize you dressed this way, take a deep breath and eat your lunch as normal.

Then to add insult to injury in walks Janice and heads directly to our table. Becky rubs my leg with her foot, mouthing to me to keep quiet. Janice looked around wanting to know where Jill is, Becky smiled but told her that she had gotten sick this morning, too much was happening that she couldn’t handle and had vomited several times. So Becky had taken her home so she could lay down for a while. That seemed to mollify Janice, and she turned her attention to me. Becky introduced me as a friend, visiting for a couple of days to check out the local college.

Janice is quickly back on track wanting to know if Becky had made the changes to Jill as she had requested. Becky told her that some of them are completed, but the rest would be handled as soon as Jill is feeling better. Janice wanted to be sure that Jill is going to show up for the dance and not that horrid Jack.

It took a concerted effort to keep my mouth shut, but I managed although I am sure that steam is coming from my ears as Janice kept up the chatter about Jill. Finally, Janice had to leave for an appointment, leaving Becky and me alone again. Becky looked at me, then giggled. Your own sister did not recognize you, and you were only a foot or two from her. She then proceeded to tell me what Janice had in mind for me, supplementing it with how Becky had in mind to derail Janice for good.

It was Janice’s idea that if I am made to attend the ball as a female, it will cause her less anguish that if I attended as Jack. If an opportunity came along for my future so much the better. It was obvious that she was ashamed of me as the Jack persona, but due to her being president of the sorority she is obligated to invite me. She is hoping that all of the feminine treatments and appendages would keep me cowered and pretty much a wallflower at the ball.

Becky disagreed; that is no way to treat family whether she liked me or not. Becky confessed that over the years Janice has changed, not the friend she once had; she thinks the sorority has had a lot to with her change in attitude. The sorority sisters are stuck up bitches, and Janice has managed to become the head bitch. She paused in her telling of the story as our food is brought out. We sipped our iced tea, and ate our burgers in peace, and then after the plates are removed, she resumed her tale. Becky thought the best way to bring Janice down a notch was to make Jill a walking bombshell.

Jill will be so attractive that all eyes will be on her at the ball, with the attention of every young male on her, the sorority sisters will be furious. Nobody will now you true identity until the end of the ball, at the unmasking you will reveal your true identity. Once the other sisters find out that your transformation into a female is at Janice’s request, the shit will hit the fan. Becky looked at me, then asked if I was up for this. I told her I would try, but I am a dorky male, I don’t see how she is going to make me attractive and desirable by the end of the week.

I was told that I had already had the attention of every guy in the restaurant, a few more tweaks, and some dynamite clothes and you will wow them. From the restaurant, we went to the mall, Becky confiding to me that we had to find a dynamite evening gown for the ball. I mentioned that she had said that Janice had bought me one, but she told me it was so awful, a dress to ensure that I stayed cowered in a corner, not be the belle of the ball.

We hit every dress shop in the mall and finally ended up in the most expensive shop in town. I was pulling back on Becky as we entered the shop, as I knew that neither she nor I could afford anything from this shop. Becky led the way up to the counter, asking if she can talk to Julie. The SA walked in the back, then returned with another younger woman. Julie gave her a hug; I presume she was a customer of Becky’s, and they were lost in conversation for several minutes. Becky got around to asking if Julie had a better than average evening gown for the upcoming ball.

Julie asked who it was for, with Becky pointing to me. Julie asked my size, I had no idea, but Becky told her that I was a size twelve. We were led back to the back room and into a smaller enclosed area that was sectioned off from the larger room. Julie pulled out several dresses, and Becky checked them out. Becky placed her hands on her hips telling Julie that she needed something with more pizazz. Julie told her that was the selection that she had left since the girls had all been in picking their gowns early for the ball.

Becky told her it was for Jill, Janice’s brother that she wanted the dress for. Julie mentioned that she had already sold Janice a horrendous dress for Janice’s brother. Becky told her that I am Jill, and Janice needed a lesson or two in treating others properly. Julie smiled then led Becky into another room that she kept locked. When we entered, and the lights were turned on, my breath was taken away. The dresses in this room were delicious, any female wearing one of these would certainly be gorgeous enough to eat.

Becky scanned the racks till she found what she was looking for, a perfect dress for the ball. The dress is a pale pink, with yards and yards of lace and satin in the skirt, the bodice is designed to fit closely and to accent any advantages that a young female might have in the breast area. Becky said that she would take it, and asked how much. Julie smiled and asked Becky if she could have a picture of Jill and Janice at the unveiling. Becky told her she is planning to take video, and she would make sure that Julie received a copy.

Julie told her the dress would be two hundred dollars then; I thought that was outrageous, but Becky took the money out of her purse and paid her. Julie suggested that I try it on, and she could have it altered to fit snugly for free. Becky turned to me and told me to strip. I hemmed and hawed, but with Becky assisting I am soon in panties, corset and bra. They unbuttoned the dress, then had me step into it. It is slid up my body and was placed around my chest.

It was strapless and even with the corset on I had to take a deep breath for them to get the buttons done up again. Julie retrieved a pair of pumps with a four-inch heel to slip on my feet so they could check the hem. The dress fit perfectly to my upper body, but Becky wanted it taken in another inch, telling Julie that I would have a strapless corset on in a smaller size so the inch more would be no problem. I looked at Becky with fear in my eyes, an inch tighter; I am already having trouble breathing.

She marked the spots that needed to be taken in and told Becky that she would drop it off at the salon on Wednesday when she came in for her appointment. We exchanged hugs and kisses, and we left to go back to the salon. I am furious with Becky for spending that kind of money on a dress. I knew that I couldn’t afford the dress, and unless Becky had recently won a lottery, I doubted if she could either. Becky listened to me rant, but soon we were back at the salon, and as we entered Becky steered me to her office.

In the last week, a chain of salons had purchased this salon, the owner of that chain had interviewed Becky, liked what she saw and made her a franchise owner of this salon. Becky ended up trading her small investment in the salon into a much bigger one, this time as a franchise owner. Francine liked her and waived the fees associated with the franchise until the salon is making a profit. They talked about Francine’s chain and what they did differently than the normal beauty salon.

They catered to the male customer, ones that might like to see themselves in female attire, but were too scared to do anything about it. The treatments they had developed allowed the male to make the transformation easily and at a fair price. They didn’t gouge customers, quite often the rates they charged were the most reasonable in town. Once the females found out what the salon was capable of, they also flocked to it, if they could make a male look like a female imagine what they could do with a genetic female.

Her contractors are due here in the morning, changing the décor of the salon, replacing it with a much more feminine atmosphere. At this point, she stopped and changed the topic to what I wanted out of life. I gave her a puzzled look, why are we talking about me now. She giggled, I have a proposal that I think would be perfect for you, but it is totally left field, so out of your comfort zone that I fear that you might faint again. I leaned forward, wanting to know what she had in mind. My curiosity is now piqued.

The one thing she needed most is employees she could trust; she felt that I fit that requirement plus I made an attractive female. I want you to start next Monday as my receptionist/nail technician. My eyebrows went up, but I refrained from opening my mouth. You will be in full female dress, including hair and nails, an advertisement of what the salon can do for a male. I am not trying to embarrass you, or humiliate you since no one will actually know who you were before. I want you to live the female persona 24/7 and if you relax a little, enjoy what it is like to be pampered and courted as a female.

This is a side of you that is right below the surface, it has always been there, and you just denied it any chance to see the light of day. Your behavior as a male has been at the best pathetic; you are a loner, yet you have meaningful relationships with a few that you let your guard down to. I know for a fact that your IQ is the same as Janice’s, but yet you struggle doing even the simplest things. I think I know some of the problem, but I need you to trust me and try this for a while.

She noticed that I had not fainted, but wanted me to think about what she said. I surprised both her and myself by telling her that I would try it, maybe for a few weeks since spring break is coming up, and I would have the time free. I am hugged with a vengeance; apparently Becky can really squeeze the most out of a hug. We returned to the salon, talking as Becky further feminized me, each treatment removing a little more of what few masculine traits that remained.

My ears were then pierced, three piercings in each ear, two studs and a hoop in the bottom hole. Then another facial is applied, several creams designed to shrink my pores and a treatment to stop any further beard growth. I never did like to shave, often appearing on campus with stubble, not because it looked macho, but because I was too lazy to remove it.

My hair revisited, now that I am onboard she wanted me to have much longer hair. She added in over three hundred strands of hair, longer than my male hair coming to my shoulder blades. They matched my dyed hair, making me look much more feminine while adding volume to my existing locks. She wet all of my hair again and reset it on curlers, this time using a lot more. Under the dryer again, this time for forty minutes, then as she removed the curlers my hair bounced in gigantic curls. I looked like a female before, but now I resembled some guy’s wet dream. It is without a doubt sex to the nth degree.

She helped me learn to apply makeup, giving me instruction, then making me do it on my face. Several times I had to make myself up, often doing something, not to her liking and I had to do it over again. It is surprising how good you can get at something to keep from having to do it over and over.

Then she had me remove my polish and redo my nails several times to get the hang of it. After the third application, she pronounced me good enough to start doing nails with her supervision. We talked about what she wanted me to do at the ball, how to handle Janice when she caught on to the masquerade. We decide to evade Janice at first, mingling with her sorority sisters, to establish a friendliness to my new persona. Then when the unveiling came about, Janice couldn’t point to me and claim that I am obviously a male in a dress embarrassing her.

We talked about the salon, in fact, Becky invited me to work with her for the next few days, as the contractors made the changes in the décor. There is new stations to be set up, chemicals to stock up, and, of course, taking requests for appointments. The salon would be closed for several days, but they are running ads to catch the attention of the new group of customers that the salon is trying to attract.

She had me practice my voice a little; eventually, I am able to get it in the right range with the proper inflection. Becky had me record my voice and play it back, and even I am impressed with the sound of it.

Since she didn’t want Janice to find out about the changes she asked me to move in with her for the next few days, I only had one class each day for the next two days, and then I am through until spring break is over. I am a little skeptical, but she convinced me that I had nothing to worry about. At the moment, she still likes guys, and my appearance is far from what a guy looks like. I did ponder the at the moment part.

We went to my dorm room, removed my textbooks and a few personal items, and then went to Becky’s apartment. She showed me to the second bedroom, pulled out a nightie for me to wear tonight, told me to change then help her make something to eat. As I undressed in her large bathroom, I kept staring at the image in the mirror. Jill is definitely the image I see when I look in the mirror. I turn right and left trying to get the whole image in my mind. I can’t see any Jack in any of the poses, in fact, I really don’t feel like a Jack anymore.

I like the look, the hair brushing back and forth over my shoulders feels so good. Becky had used a little fragrance on me before we left for lunch, although it faded a little the smell is still all girl. As I checked my face in the mirror again, I reached into my purse to get my lipstick out. I touched up my lips, feeling better about my image now with fresh lipstick. Becky is standing outside the bathroom door asking me if I am ready now to help her cook some dinner. We both started giggling, as we made our way to the kitchen.

A couple of sandwiches with some bean soup is the fare for tonight. The sandwiches would make Dagwood jealous, though, three kinds of cheese, two types of meat, lettuce, olives, tomato, onion, several different mayos, and mustards, and all served on a toasted sesame seed bun. As we were finishing the sandwiches, Becky reminded me that as a young female I would need to take up jogging or join a gym to keep my female figure at its best. I could see her point, but was not thrilled at the thought of exercising in any shape or form.

I helped her clean up; then we adjourned to her living room. She took a minute to change into a nightie, then joined me on the couch. We talked about my studies, why I struggle to do the work required and Janice just breezes through. Becky asked me if I look forward to the classes or do I dread the time in the classroom.

Unequivocally I hate the experience, every minute in the classroom like a day in a jail cell. Becky says that is my problem. I have told you a little about the salon and where you might fit in. Are you looking forward to the experience? Yes, I am excited to learn something new, something fun. She smiles, I have finally connected the dots to the puzzle.

“I want you to take one of your classes this week, attend it as a female, and think what you might learn in that class that would make what you’re learning with me more fun and enjoyable. Then with that in mind, I bet you the class will become bearable, and you will learn the material without having to memorize.”

I did attend one of my last classes as a female, surprised at what little reaction I received doing it. My concentration was better, fifteen minutes after I entered the class I was listening intently to what was being taught, even made some pertinent notes on the lecture. As I left the classroom, I was amazed, most of what was taught today still fresh on my mind, something that never happened in the past. Two days later I repeated the experiment for my last class of the semester. The same results as before, the material fresh and clear in my mind. One of my male classmates even asked me for a date, that kind of shocked me, but I finally uttered that I had a boyfriend already, sorry. I presume he has vision problems, since I was not really dressed as a female, but yet he interacted with me as if I was one.

It was now the day of the ball, Becky had me up early, and at the salon getting ready for tonight. I had helped her all week, we had got the salon ready to open on Monday, fully stocked and clean as a whistle. Several late nights were put in, but they were fun as Becky and I hustled to get the salon ready.

Becky wanted me to do all the preparations for today myself, she would offer advice and help if needed, but Jill was the star here, and had the ability, just needed to assert herself. I started off with a bath, soaking in all of the bath salts that I had added to the warm oily water. Then after making sure there were no outbreaks of fuzzy hair on my body I blotted my skin with a towel.

A cute lacy pantie was next and then the new corset Becky had obtained for me. I got it positioned properly then tightened it as much as I could. I called for Becky and she entered the room with a huge smile on her face. Time to have some fun with Jill seemed to be her only thought. I was prodded, pushed, and any other thing she could do to assure the corset was tightened fully, both edges of the corset now touching down the middle of my back. At times I was sure I would faint, due to a lack of air. A quick pinch to my nipples usually brought me back to the living, and also provided Becky some entertainment. Finally I was helped into the dress and it was zipped up molding itself to my body. I doubt you could get a finger anywhere under the edge of the dress. As I tried to take a few steps it became apparent that either standing or maybe a slow dance was all the dress would allow in movements. Even sitting would be difficult, between the corset and the tight dress.

Now how to get to the dance, that was solved somewhat as a limo pulled up to the salon. Becky had me kind of fall back into the seat, I was now almost lying down on the seat. Becky accompanied me, making sure my hair style did not get ruined. After I was dragged from the limo, I made my way into the ball, this year it was being held in the college auditorium. The place was all decorated up, looking nothing like it usually did. I made my way around, talking with all the females and even a few males.

Nobody recognized me, even Janice joined one of the groups of females I was talking to asking if anyone had seen Jack here tonight. I smiled but continued my rounds being as friendly as possible to everyone I met. Finally Janice cornered Becky asking where Jack was, making quite a scene as she did so. Becky winked at me and I walked over to join the group of females that were next to her. She got very hostile toward Becky, wanting to know why Jack was not here, after she spent all that money on his makeover. A couple of the girls wanted to know about the makeover, why Jack had been given one. Well Janice tried to back pedal, but it was too late. I finally walked up to Janice and in my male voice, I told her I am right here. She eyed me up and down and then tried to scratch my eyes out, several of the girls caught her arms before any contact and she was dragged away by the security for the ball.

Most of her female sorority sisters wanted to know what was going on, so Becky and I spilled the beans. From the look on everyone’s face Janice’s stature took a severe beating. Becky had everything recorded on her phone, uploading it to the internet for all to see. The Facebook page with all of this on it went berserk, the count quickly into the thousands. I was treated special the rest of the ball, got to dance with almost everyone, and really enjoyed myself.

After the weekend things calmed down some, the salon’s Grand Opening on Monday keeping everybody busy. I did continue working for Becky, now three years later a partner with her in this salon and another new one we are opening across town. I never heard from Janice again, the scuttlebutt was she had hooked a wealthy male and was being the perfect society wife for him. Whatever she managed I wished her luck, I am sure somewhere along the line it will all catch up with her.

I did stay as Jill, a more satisfactory life for me, one that I enjoy. Becky and I moved in together permanently, quite content to enjoy each other for eternity. I do think back often on being the belle of the ball, a gift for me that I will treasure forever.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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