Hope; Embrace It And Find Love

Some hair brained member of our schools senior class came up with this stupid idea. The Junior-Senior prom was coming up in a few weeks and in our high school there was not enough females for our guys. A most likely reason for that is the girl’s school down the way in the next adjoining town. It is a sought after school, any self-respecting female that could talk her parents into it would strive to be enrolled there. It was a status symbol, those that attended, looked up to and admired by all the rest. The end result left our school severally female deprived.

A member of the senior student council, suggested the idea, a way for all males to have a date and for the students to make a little money for their different clubs and activities. The idea sounded good at first, any sophomore girl that wanted to attend the prom would volunteer for the prom date auction. Then a week before the prom, a male could write in a vote for the female of their choice and their respective bid. If they were the highest bidder, the girl got to go to the prom with her purchaser and the council will be richer.

The soon-to-be major problem had come from another member of my family attending the school, my idiotic brother. He was mister popular in the senior class, football quarterback, class president, straight A student, and member of almost every club on campus. He actually thought his idea would solve the problem, and the females would love it.

Our area would be considered high middle class to plain ass rich. That was one reason the girls school was so popular. The girls at our school were not dumb though, the idea of some boy buying a date for the prom riled them up quite a bit. They may be rich but resented the implication of submitting to an auction for a chance to go to a prom.

The idea had gotten some interest; a lot of the sophomore girls wanting to go to the prom pretty bad. The static from the other girls had yet to be heard from though. The instigator of this charming idea, my brother, was getting worried, no one signing up yet for his auction. The word was getting out, a lot of covert conversations were entered in to by some of the sophomore girls. Everybody knew they were up to no good, this particular group was quite upset by a female being auctioned off for a date. This was just not right in their opinion. Then, an application appeared for the auction, her name was Hope. They gave her height and weight, her interests, her likes and dislikes, hoping to create some interest.

Days before the write in voting, there were lots of conversations springing up all over campus. Mainly females, but also some of the male nerds were being invited into the plot. In a last minute attempt to salvage his idea, my idiot brother suggested that instead of one male getting the right to escort Hope to the prom, that all the guys bid on her with the total amounts of the bids going into the fund. They would then share Hope, each getting one or two dances with her during the evening. That idea kind of landed with a thud, since no one had seen a picture of Hope yet, in fact no one had heard of a female student named Hope.

The next morning several social media pages magically appeared, each sporting pictures of Hope. The guys flocked to the pages, and soon there was talk of a bidding war for Hope’s hand to the prom. The guy with the largest bid hoping to get a few more perks from her in the deal. I briefly looked at the pictures. She was pretty, also looked quite familiar; I knew I had seen her somewhere, but not sure where or when. I guess because my brother had come up with this insane idea, all talk about the idea and the vote conveniently avoided me. No one was talking to me about anything. I think the situation could be best described as me being suddenly perceived as a social outcast because of him.

Now we get to me, a sophomore, fairly good grades, but not as good as my brother’s. I would be hard pressed to come up with anything I was a member of, or any sport I played. I did play a few games of handball when I was a freshman, before I got beat by a mousy little girl fifteen to zip. That was the last handball I played.

I was five foot nine inches tall, weighed a hundred and forty pounds, and was basically a straight up and down pole. My only feature that I liked was my shoulder length hair. It was blonde like my mother’s, not brunette like my idiotic brother’s. No he man shoulders, in fact, any muscular development could not be found anywhere on my body.

I attended the football games with the other students at school, hoping to see my brother get flattened by some big husky lineman. We might have been brothers, but there was no brotherly connection to each other what so ever. Before this came up, I got along with the female students, we talked a lot and I helped some of them with their homework. In turn, they helped me with subjects I was having trouble with. Then, my big brother stepped in with his brain fart, and I was ostracized by everyone. I could tell he was worried, if his idea failed miserably, his reputation would take a beating. Two days before the vote was to be held his date for the prom dropped him like a hot potato. He panicked big time, but the militant females in the school had already gotten to the other girls. He tried anybody, and everybody, trying to secure another date for the prom. Absolutely no interest from anyone.

Then the principal of the school stepped into the fracas, changing how all of this was set-up. The guys could offer a bid, but the girl would chose who she would go with. Since the bids were for the school’s benefit, she allowed them all to be collected for school use, but the female would have the right to choose her own date. In other words, if the guys entered a bid, their bid would be collected, but no guarantee of a date; it was up to the female who she would choose. A few more girls entered their names, but that turned out to be only three more after the dust settled.

Still no one had ever seen Hope in person, the talk about who she really was occupied everybody’s conversation, both males and females. I knew my brother was worried, his appearance at the prom without a date would seriously mess with his reputation. He even went as far as borrowing some more money from our parents so that he could increase his bid for Hope, his last ditch effort to save face. Mom was dead set against it, she disliked his idea from the start, but didn’t say much because Dad stepped in and tried to sooth things out. The jury is still out on that verdict. I don’t think Dad will escape unscathed either. From the look on Mom’s face, I am quite sure of it.

I had just finished my last class for the day, heading for the bus to get home. I was intercepted by a group of girls and steered into one of the classrooms. There were five of them in total, Jamie being the most outspoken, and apparently the ring leader in this encounter. I was helped into one of the chairs we used for class, and Amy set on my lap to insure I didn’t get away. I rolled my eyes back into my head, dreading the words that would escape from Jamie’s mouth.

“We need your help, as you have seen this idea of your brothers has upset quite a few people. We are not possessions to be bought and sold, no matter what the end result is for. We have come up with a plan and now need the assistance of Hope to complete this exercise.” She was looking me square in the eye, seeing if I made any connections yet.

I told you I was not that smart, my mind was working on it, but no revelations. Then like a bolt of lightning had hit me, I knew who Hope looked like, me. I struggled to get up, wanting to have nothing to do with any of this. Now I knew why Amy was on my lap, her being one of the bigger girls, she easily kept me seated in my chair.

“We used one of your pictures and photo shopped it to create Hope. It is our idea to make your brother pay dearly for his poor choice of words and lack of good sense. There will be talk among the guys on what they will be bidding for, the chance to escort Hope to the prom. That should make Tom increase his bid to save face. It is our intention to get every last dime he has in retribution for his callous attitude towards females. He has already been told that no other female will go with him no matter what his bid. Everyone not involved in this fiasco has already turned him down for the prom. His last chance is Hope. We all have kidded him about his inability to get a date, such a poor excuse of a male, a supposed leader in our school and football, now a nobody without a date.

“Our idea is to have you be Hope, dressed to the nines to be his date. A little uncertainty on your part as to whom you will go with, but finally agreeing to be his date. Then after the prom is winding down, you unveil yourself and our mission is accomplished. The total destruction of his sexist personality. The only date he could obtain was his brother dressed as a girl! From now through college he will be labeled for who he truly is, not this fantastic student and sports star.

“We have avoided you to keep him off the track; we think his stupid ideas and attitude, has also ruined your social life. We have talked with your Mom, she likes the idea and will answer any questions you might have. The girls have all joined together and bought you a total transformation at the Salon, a gorgeous prom dress and all associated lingerie, makeup and shoes. Please do this for us, we will be with you every step of the way, to hold your hands and help you fit in. Afterwards, we will see that you get ample rewards for your effort, for doing something no other male would likely do for his friends.

“It is also our part of our plan, to have you attend school for one day as Hope, to whet his appetite. Everybody in the school other than your brother knows about this and will ensure you have a pleasant day. Even the teachers are in on this, including the principal. Then the day of the prom, a pampering at the salon all day, then he will pick you up at the salon. Please do this for us, you are aware of his attitude, he needs to have a little of it knocked out of him. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.”

I was quiet for a few minutes, Jamie is asking a lot of me. I debated stepping aside, me dressed as a female not the easiest pill to swallow. Finally, my desire to embarrass him won out and I agreed to help them. The girls delivered me home soon thereafter, even coming in with me to talk to my Mom. My brother Tom was at football practice still, so it was just the girls, Mom and me. Mom made sure I understood what would be involved, this was not going to be some put on a dress and show up. I would be totally converted to the female sex; on the outside, I would be 100 % female. The gown they had in mind showed lots of cleavage and was strapless, so creation of that cleavage would be necessary part of my transformation.

Tomorrow after school I would be converted to the female sex for my day at school, then the day of the prom a more detailed conversion and dressed in my prom attire. I would stay at Jamie’s tomorrow night to keep Tom from seeing me, then ride with her to school. Tom, picking me up at the salon, would insure him not connecting me with Hope. As an excuse for my male absence, he would be told that I will be staying at my aunt’s house for a couple of days.

The girls left, Mom and me still talking about what was to happen. “Just go with the flow, you will get to feel what it is like to be a female that might come in handy one day you never know. She had contacted the salon giving them her permission for the changes. I still had to sign for the treatments when I got there, after it all had been explained to me. In bed that night I couldn’t get comfortable. I laid there wide awake, trying to figure out why I had gave in so easily. The fact that I had a crush on Jamie since forever, might have had something to do with my acceptance. I was surprised that Mom had agreed to me joining the other side, in the past, she had discouraged me from dressing as any kind of female around Halloween. So why now the sudden turnaround? Lots of questions, unfortunately no answers.

The next day at school, it just dragged along, but finally the bell for the last period rang and I was escorted off the school grounds, and down to the salon by Jamie and her group. Greeted cordially by a member of the salon staff, then taken to a room at the back of the salon. Two ladies explained all of the things that had been decided on for me, making sure I understood what was involved and how long the changes would last. The breasts and hair were the longest lasting items, three weeks before they could be reduced to a more masculine size and style. I listened with interest, but not as much as I should have. I signed the permission slips and they started on me. Today just some changes to my eyebrows, ear piercing and glued on breast forms. Of course, a feminine hairstyle, and clothes suitable for a high school sophomore. Makeup was to be included, Jamie to help me in the morning before school at her house.

Four hours later I emerged from the salon, even I didn’t recognize the female that walked to Jamie’s car. Nothing like my former self, the hair alone changing my appearance significantly. Dressed in a skirt and blouse, stockings and heels, my image said all girl. A quick trip to the mall for some exposure for the new me, although I just wanted to get home to a bed and lie down. Walking was awkward in the heels, but they made me walk around our mall for an hour taking in all the feminine delights in the store windows before we made it the rest of the way to her home. It was only nine P.M. but I was beat. The stress of the day and the salon had taken its toll on me, maybe not physically tired but totally mentally drained.

I was given a nightie to wear to bed, using the guest bedroom in her house. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to share her bed, but knew that her Mother would frown on that probably. I awoke to a warm body behind me, her arms wrapped around my body pulling me tight to her. That is where her Mother found us the next morning, although nothing was said to me, at least. I got dressed in my new girly school clothes, had a glass of juice and we were off. Jamie did my limited makeup and made sure my hair was adequate. Surprisingly, a brush eased the style back into place.

I didn’t get a chance to see my image in a mirror, not familiar where her mirrors were located in her house. From the looks I was getting at school, I must have looked pretty good. Most of the guys greeted me with open mouths, lust filled eyes and on occasion some drool dripping from their mouth or a low grunt.

Other than that, the day at school was not that bad; everybody treated me as a female getting doors for me, or helping me with a chair. The girls kept me in their conversations, or give me a wink when I was being appraised by another young male. The encounters with Tom were the most rewarding for me. He tried to engage me in conversation several times, I just ignored him, and walked on like he didn’t exist. One of the girls snapped a picture of his face after I walked off, despair and almost in tears was what the picture showed, causing a very good feeling to come over me.

The entering of the bids had been going on all day, the different guys talking about how much they bid for my hand at the prom. I am sure that only made Tom that much more miserable. Finally the last bell rang, and we made our way to the auditorium for the results of the bidding. Then the females involved would have an hour to decide if any bid would be accepted.

The other three females did real well raising over three hundred and fifty dollars for the class funds. The girls had already decided who they would pick, so they told the principal and she made the announcement. Three very happy couples left the auditorium hand in hand. A lot of the other guys who bid on the three coeds left also, leaving only the ones that had placed a bid on me. Still when I counted the number of guys left, I was impressed, thirty one guys had bid on me, raising over a thousand dollars for the class fund. I was given the list and I walked off stage to make my decision. We had decided to take the whole hour to make the decision adding some drama to the event.

It was a foregone conclusion that I would choose Tom if he placed the winning bid. That was almost a certainty, the situation he had been placed in, forcing a winning bid. When I looked at the list again and saw what he bid, a smile came to my face. Of that thousand total, his bid was almost half of it. It was left up to me on how I would inform the group of my decision, I walked back on to the stage approaching the principal. I whispered in her ear my date, and then stood and stared at my admirers. I decided then to change what I would do on prom night. Yeah, I wanted to embarrass my brother, but also wanted to make the rest of my admirers somewhat happy.

I gave Tom a hug and a little squeal, a prequel to my unveiling tomorrow. I rushed from the stage, found Jamie and we headed home. The next day my appointment at the salon started at seven A.M., so some sleep tonight might be a good idea. Last night my lying awake trying to come to terms with my feelings had cost me several hours of rest, I hoped for a swifter entrance into dreamland tonight. Jamie complimented me on my behavior at the school meeting, thrilled at my little impromptu reaction to Tom.

I told her I was going to change the plan for tomorrow, I will still get Tom, but I wanted to give the other guys some reward too. She smiled figuring that I would do that anyway, just something that was in my nature. When we got to her house, I received a passionate kiss, leaving me breathless and breathing hard. I was still standing by the car when she stood in her doorway asking of I was coming in, or was I going to spend the evening outside? I hustled inside with my heels clicking along on the sidewalk. Her mother greeted me as I came inside, giving me a stare, but also giggling some at my actions. My smeared lipstick apparently quite comical.

The evening was subdued, not much to talk about, the coming day’s transformation taking up most of my mental capabilities. I did get to bed early, seven A.M. comes way too early for a new inexperienced female. Brushing my hair, getting dressed and something in my stomach took almost an hour; gawd what will it be like when I am fully transformed. Mom came by to carry me to the salon, her wanting a peek at her new daughter. From the look on her face she was not disappointed.

The rest of the day was a blur, stripped quickly of my clothes, my breast forms removed and a cream spread over my entire body. Even junior got covered in the sweet smelling cream. My nails were worked on as the cream did its job, the long extensions on my fingers painted a deep red the end result. It took them about an hour to get the nails to look that good, gluing on the extensions, a base coat, three coats of polish and a topcoat making them glisten as if they were diamonds. The cream got removed, my body hair with it. I didn’t have that much to start with, a peach like fuzz in some areas, a little longer in the genital area. But no matter now, it was all gone. My beard area got the same treatment, since I had yet to start shaving, they told me now I would not have to.

My eyebrows were next, neatened up they called it, extermination in my words. There couldn’t have been more than twenty hairs left on each brow, the arch now very obvious and feminine. Yesterday they had shaped them a little, today they made them over to these ultra-feminine delights. I received another piercing in my ear, apparently one is not adequate for a young female teenager these days. A long chandelier earring in the bottom hole, a diamond stud in the upper hole. The holes were lasered in, no need to worry about the holes closing up later in life.

Then they started on my body. As I was laid on a table, my feet were placed in stirrups jutting out from the end of the table. Spread wide as if making a wish, then a cool spray and all feeling down there is lost. I am not sure why I would need to have junior hid, I wasn’t planning on taking off my dress, either before or after, the prom. I know a lot of virginity is lost on prom night, but since I was not really a female I definitely had no plans in that regard. Then, as my date is with my brother, Ewwwwww!

One look afterward, and sex might be possible, the perfect slit with two puffy lips surrounding the Promised Land. It sure looked inviting, gawd I am in need of serious therapy even thinking about it. Then my tech had the nerve to tell me that I could have intercourse, just not the well hung studs. I have seen Tom naked and he is anything but well hung, but still I might have to vomit on that thought.

The attention now moved to my chest, where two plastic cups resembling a breast are glued to my chest. Hoses are attached to the cups and a pump is turned on. The sudden suction catches some loose flab pulling it into the cup, the first step toward breasts. I sure hope the size of the cups is not indicative of the finished product. If so my dress may have trouble holding all of the new me inside the confines of the bodice.

To keep my mind off the expansion on my chest, my hair is shampooed and conditioned, then cut into a feminine style. According to Sally, my hairdresser for the day, a layered cut, blended to frame my face and drape over my bare shoulders in the dress. A multitude of curlers were added, then warm heat from a dryer started flowing over my head. At that point I drifted off to slumber land, the warm air and the pulsating suction of the pump, making breasts, slipping me into a restful sleep. An hour later, the dryer was turned off, the curlers were left in till the breast pump had done its job. Two hours later and the pulses stopped, signaling a full cup and my status as a female, a vagina and two perky C cup breasts now proclaiming to the world that this body is female.

They applied a little heat to the cups filled with my breast material, the cups softening and almost fading away. If touched they were still there, but most would think they had touched a real breast. They jiggled as my body moved, much like real breasts might move. Since they looked like a breast, are shaped like one, and were actually my own tissue, I can safely say they are my breasts. Quite likely a long term resident on my chest. I need to think about that later, since makeup was being applied to my face and my curlers were being removed, my mind had all it could handle at this moment. The image before me was even more beautiful that the social media pictures that were showed around.

I was taken to another room and helped to get dressed. I shuddered often as one of the beautiful lingerie pieces were pulled on to my body. Of course, a matched set, all done in black lace. The corset was so beautiful, but once on it gripped my body like it was a vise. The laces as they were tightened shrunk my waist to ridiculous proportions, while accenting my hips and breasts. A gorgeous pair of silk stockings were slipped up my legs, causing all kinds of pleasant sensations to flood my overworked and stressed mind. The tightness of the stockings as they were attached to the corset, just made things worse. The panties maybe the most disturbing of the items, as they caressed my now flat front so tightly.

Then I got a look at my dress. First impressions was where is the rest of it. It indeed was strapless, fitting my new enhanced breasts so tightly. From there it sloped down my torso to mid-thigh, not a wrinkle to be seen as it conformed to my body. In fact, to get the zipper closed on this dream dress, the corset had to be tightened again. I still could breathe, but getting a full breath was impossible. Only short breaths now possible. Said dress did cover my stocking tops, but any movement of my legs exposed some of the lace tops.

Then my feet were slipped into my heels to be worn with the dress. Black patent leather with a five inch stiletto heel. One thin strap to help hold them on my feet and an open toe to show my red polished toes peeking through my stockings. Standing in the heels required some adjustments in my posture, as all of my weight was now on the balls of my feet. I tried a few steps trying to figure how to maneuver in the shoes. I am sure I will be hanging on to any male dance partners since even walking in the shoes takes my complete undivided concentration.

Pictures of me were taken, presumably for my Mother or other interested parties. First to arrive was Jamie, her squeal as she saw me in the lobby sure to be heard for hundreds of miles. After the prom, she would see to my transportation to her home and my deflowering. I gave her a look, but she ignored it, I guess I do have something to look forward to.

My heels were already making my feet miserable, so I sat on the edge of one of the chairs in the lobby. That is where Tom saw me when he entered. Immediately his mouth was open, his tongue trying to keep any drool from leaking out. I have seen him with a lot of dates, this however seemed to be different, maybe because he was so desperate. He took my hand and we left the salon. Outside he had his car, I knew it would not be a limo, since he had spent so much on the bid, there was no money left for anything else.

Straight to the prom, no side trips, no dinner for his prom date tonight. With the condition of my stomach at the moment that was probably a good idea. When we got to the venue he parked the car and leaned towards me. I put my hand on his chest to keep him a safe distance from me. I decided that he needed to hear the truth, I had something in mind that would insure his compliance and sufficiently deflate his big head.

“Tom you need to know something before we head in. The time for your reckoning is now soon to be realized. Your idiotic idea has backfired on you, too many females have been pissed off and now you have to pay a penance. Now we can do this the easy way or I can make your life hell swiftly and completely. I need you to go to every female at the prom, apologize for your stupid idea, and ask for a dance. Treat each female as a treasure, to be valued and cared for. After the dance ask for a cheek kiss, proof that you have done as I asked. If you get every female to kiss you I will not reveal who I am in front of everyone. We will start with me when we get to the dance floor, a sincere apology, a caring dance and I will kiss you on the cheek. Then on to the next girl.”

“To prove my ability to disgrace you, who knows that you wear boxers to bed every night, Looney Tunes boxers I might add.” I could see the realization sweep over his face, he mouthed ‘Harry’ and I nodded. “Now do as I say and things will be rough but you will live through it, rock the boat and it will be the worst night of your life.”

He apparently got the hint, took my hand and we entered the prom. Past the chaperones at the front and straight to the dance floor. He looked me straight in the eye, apologizing for suggesting that a female would allow herself to be bought, just to be able to attend a prom. He held out his hands to dance and I stepped into his embrace. He held me properly and once the music started we had an enjoyable dance. He asked me to kiss him, and was startled as I kissed him firmly on the lips. No leaning away, no tongue, but it was a nice sweet kiss.

He moved off to the next female, who just happened to be Jamie. I signaled to her to just go along, I think as he would have to do this to every female his lesson would be learned. I watched to make sure he did as I asked, it became apparent he did understand my threat fully. Jamie danced with him and also kissed him on the lips, his lips now sporting more lipstick than most of the girls. After she moved away he moved his hand up to wipe his lips, I shook my head no, he had been waiting to see what my reaction would be. He lowered his hand and made his way to the next female. Word had started to be spread about what he had to do, a few giggles popping up every so often.

The female would smile as he approached, knowing that he was being humiliated in what he had to do. They did get a dance with the biggest jock in school though, whatever that is worth. Once I saw he was doing as I asked, I found one of my suitors and asked him to dance. I held them close, laying my head on their shoulders as we danced to the music. The whole time there was not a fast tune played. All slow romantic numbers where you could hold your partner close and affectionately. Half way through, I had found everybody that had entered a bid on me, a least they got something for their money.

I was watching Tom from afar, he managed to dance with most everybody, a few girls turned him down after the apology, but not many. He wandered over towards me, asked if he could have the next dance. I had to smile his lips were redder than mine, and oh so delectable looking. I relented and put my arms around him. He pulled me tighter, allowing my head to lay on his shoulder. He whispered to me a thank you for being so nice to him, he knew he didn’t deserve it for how he had treated me over the years. He has learned his lesson, Hope had performed her job well, but with compassion and caring.

As he left the prom, he was a much wiser person, having learned a valuable lesson today. I am sure he will handle himself differently in the future in all his relations with people, both males and especially females. Before he left, he told me he was going to take a walk and reflect on this evening, I started to wipe off his lipstick from his mouth, but he refused, a reminder of pleasant things to come was his exact words.

Jamie caught me wrapping her arms tightly around me. The next song played, she held me tightly as we danced to the music. With Tom, I could feel his penis, but with Jamie it was her nipples. They were hard as a rock, trying to poke their way through her gown. Of course, mine were not much better, the fabric of my bodice softly rubbing over the nipples as I moved making it only worse. Our breasts were smashed up against each other’s. A delicious feeling I might add.

That night was quite memorable, an evening never to be forgotten. Harry never did show up, it was just Jamie and Hope. When we first arrived at her house, her Mom helped us both get out of our gowns, while Jamie was in the bathroom her Mom hugged me. Thank you for caring for Jamie and treating her so well. Both of you have my blessing to share your love tonight any way you want to express it. Maybe if I am lucky, you might become a member of our family soon, I for one would welcome you. I am sure Jamie will approach that subject later. I got a kiss on the forehead and she left closing the door behind her.

Jamie came out, walking swiftly towards me, a few minutes later I was without any form of clothing. I was escorted to the bathroom and set on the toilet. Have you ever tried to pee with someone tapping their toe on the floor in front of you? I did manage to get the job done then was whisked back to the bed. A huge nightie that totally enveloped me was slid over my head. As I was trying to straighten it out I was pushed back on to the bed as she followed me, ending up on top of me her legs on either side of my body. She grabbed my hands and raised them above my head and held there as her mouth headed to my nipples. The nightie just barely covering the nipples, her lips quickly pushing the nightie away so she could get my nipple in her mouth. I took in a huge breath as she started sucking on it, her tongue caressing the nipple keeping it hard and erect. This went on for hours, I never did manage anything other than some kisses to her face. Wonderful erotic kisses that left both us panting.

Believe me I am not complaining, it was pure heaven. Sometime in the early morning we both collapsed, our energy total drained. Junior remained under the vagina, but I swore she would wear out my covering as she rubbed hers all over mine, grinding down to be sure I could feel it. Boy I could feel it, no doubt as to what she was doing. I guess you could say that Hope lost her virginity that night, more than once. The next morning we both woke to a smiling face, a smile that never left our faces the entire day.

It was decided that Hope was to be the person to complete high school, the rest of the sophomore year spent getting me a wardrobe and necessary female accessories to make Hope real. Our Mom’s also decided that both Jamie and I would attend the girls’ school next year, a much better place for two females in a loving relationship. Both Jamie and I did date some males, but it was only for one date, with no expectations for anything more to come.

Jamie took real good care of me, seeing that I was attended to as needed, her smile and glow after seeing to my care more than enough to make me happy. We did attend our proms in both our junior and senior years, but chose not to have specific dates, just attended as two females, dancing the night away in the arms of whoever wanted to dance with us.

We graduated high school with honors, even I made straight A’s my senior year. We both got scholarships for college, Jamie deciding to become a nurse. I declined the scholarship, instead deciding to become a cosmetologist at the local vocational school. Jamie is now a pediatric nurse, at one of the local hospitals and is quite happy. Jamie is trying to get pregnant, so some time as a mother is likely in my future. Working with all the young kids, just makes her want one herself even more.

I graduated beauty school with honors, and two years later now own a beauty salon of my own. My salon is part of a national chain, the same as what first transformed me to the female gender. I have made a lot of males happy, just like me they just needed to see what their life as a female would be like, then join the ranks. It is so rewarding watching as they discover their feminine side, then see them reach out to make their vision become real.

Well I need to get home, dinner needs to be prepared and then I need to freshen up, since I have a lot to do tonight to keep Jamie happy and contended. I emerged from the bedroom later, a cute baby doll nightie, thong panties and five inch heels. Of course, fresh lipstick and my hair piled on top of my head to make access to my neck and breasts easier for my love. Yeah it is hard life, but oh so much fun. Now when we have our baby, things will get even more exciting.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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