Danica; Just A Simple Haircut

Against my better judgment I had used one of those beauty salons that belong to a chain. They claimed they did both men’s and women’s haircuts, usually at a bargain price. The bargain price often resembled advertising niches, $8.88 a favorite point but with higher prices these days they had reverted to $12.88. I had selected to have my hair shampooed and conditioned, an additional charge, plus taking advantage of one of their more experienced stylists. My cost would be now $21.88 with all of the additional services.

You didn’t have to make an appointment, but after you had selected all the extras you wanted you were required to take advantage of the first available stylist that was qualified to take care of you. A lot of their stylists were just out of beauty school, and I had been warned about them before I walked into the salon.

Boy was I surprised when Christina came to take me back to her styling station. We had dated before, several years ago, nothing happened much, but we never contacted each other again. Of course, she recognized me, we chatted awhile, then she asked me what service I wanted today. I told her I needed a haircut for a job interview, my longish locks probably not suitable for the company I was interviewing with. She told me they had instituted new policies at the salon, because of people changing their mind about the services they wanted, so they know had to write my request down on a piece of paper and have the customer sign the paper to authorize the treatments.

She wrote my requests down, had me sign the paper then leaned the chair back to the shampoo basin. Her stylist chair was in a corner of the salon, semi-private to some degree, a partial curtain keeping the view restricted. She told me she would be right back, she just had to turn in my paperwork so she could start. When she got back she apologized for taking so long, she had a phone call while she was upfront. She started on my hair, taking extra time to shampoo my hair. The conditioner is next, her leaving it on for a while to do its job.

She sat my chair back upright, then started giving me a massage on my back. The two times we dated she had done that for me, it almost instantly relaxing me. Today was no exception, and I found myself dozing while I was sitting in the chair. It was kind of in and out of consciousness the next few minutes her rubbing my arms, then moving to my face, especially around the mouth. Then I felt her reach under my cape and unbutton my pants. That instantly caught my attention, and I tried to move my arms to stop them from being pulled off my legs. Very soon my jeans were sliding down my leg and over my shoes, leaving me naked under the cape except for my shorts.

To my surprise my wrists were tied to the arms of the chair, covered by the cape, so that nobody but myself is aware of it. Since I had been in and out of sleeping I am still dazed, not totally aware of my surroundings and my predicament. I tried to open my mouth but found that something is in it, garbling any words I might say. I tried to spit it out, but Christina would not tolerate that. She whispered in my ear, that if I didn’t keep my mouth shut she would jerk off my cape and yell pervert. I tried to get her attention, what I had done to deserve this treatment, a mystery to me.

I thought she might have been a little mentally disturbed, but I was definitely not going to bring that up in conversation. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, that because of how she had been treated by me, she is going to give me some special attention today. I have marked your work order reflecting all of your choices for today and I will efficiently see to it that you receive all of your requests. If I cooperate she will see to it that I can leave the salon without any confrontation. I may not like my beauty treatments, but I will be out of the salon, if I don’t cooperate she will make my life miserable calling for the police and insisting that I am charged with attempted rape.

I nod my head and she proceeds with her work. There isn’t anything I can do, my word against hers, a young female usually believed over a male. I can’t see where she has put my jeans, and with my wrists restrained I can’t get out of the chair. I decide to just let her do her thing, then when released get out as quickly as possible and just chalk it up to a bad day. I am sure that what she ends up doing to me can be reversed, although I will have to pay to have it fixed somewhere else.

Whatever she thinks I have done to her must be pretty bad, since in the next four hours my male façade totally disappears. If the treatments were mainstream, I probably would have looked fairly normal. Unfortunately, the pale blonde hair cut into a longish pixie cut, the one inch extensions on my fingernails, and the total obliteration of my eyebrows made me stand out like a beacon. Then add in the individual lashes that are glued on to my eyelids and the three pierced earrings in each ear and I looked like I escaped from a punk rock group. As she is finishing she whispered that the glue she used on my lashes and earrings is permanent once it dries, so until my own lashes fall out I am stuck. The earrings are now yours for life, so get used to it.

She released my wrists and handed me my jeans under the cape. With the new nails I had a lot of difficulty getting them on, but I managed to get them on somehow. She told me there is no charge for her services, she would pick up all the expenses for today. I got up and with one hand keeping my jeans up, I almost ran out of the salon. I fumbled in my pants pocket for my keys, finally able to get them out of the pocket and into the ignition. Driving with super long nails added to my difficulty, but I wanted as much distance between her and me as soon as possible.

I drove for ten minutes, not paying any attention to where I am driving, just wanting to get away. I pulled over into a parking lot eventually, sat in the car and broke out in tears. I must have cried for quite some time, my shirt and sleeve soaking wet before I am able to stem the tide of tears. I eventually made it back to my apartment, and almost inside my door, before my neighbor spotted me. Janice is about the same age as me, although we never tried a relationship, she is nice and kind of keeps an eye out for me.

When she saw my looks she followed me into the apartment, although I had tried to close the door on her. I didn’t want to face anybody, I just wanted to hide forever. She grabbed me and bear hugged me. Since she is taller and well-built that is not hard for her to do. I broke into tears again, another outburst of sobbing and mumbling that lasted for quite some time. Finally I calmed down some and she made me tell her what had happened. I went through the whole scenario, even telling it caused me to shiver uncontrollably. She managed to get me to bed, after taking a couple of aspirin, pulled some sheets over me and turned out the bedroom light.

I found out later that she stayed the night, sleeping on the sofa. When I awoke screaming in a replay of today’s nightmare, she grabbed me and hugged me tightly. I calmed down some and drifted back to sleep, Janice cuddling me as I twisted and turned during the night. The next morning she forced me out of bed and told me to take a shower. I was in no mood to do so, but when she threatened to come in and personally wash me I finally complied.

She got me into a pair of pants and a t-shirt, then dragged me to her car. I kept telling her that I didn’t want to go anywhere, but she totally ignored me. Twenty minutes later we pulled up to a salon where Janice worked three days a week. I kept my head down as we entered the salon and walked right to the back, entering an office in one of the corners of the salon. She sat me down in one of the chairs, telling me to stay put. I tried to get up, but I was told in no uncertain terms that I either stayed put or she would sit on my lap to keep me from moving. A few minutes later a lady entered the office greeting Janice. She took in my appearance from head to toe, then examined my lashes and earrings. She had someone else look at my nails, then she set at her desk and made some notes.

She wanted to know where I went yesterday, and what was the name of the stylist that worked on me. She asked what was said, making sure I tried to remember word for word. She then called a number on her phone and conferred with someone for quite some time. I did hear her repeat what I had said, and told whoever she is talking to what had been done to me. Janice’s boss hung up the phone, telling me what is going to happen.

Your stylist at the salon you went to will be fired, and I will see to it that a lawsuit is filed against her for damages and bodily harm. The owner of the other salon is a longtime friend of mine, she examined your work order, and saw that it had been tampered with. Christina will lose her license over this, and will never be allowed to practice cosmetology again.

Now that all of that has been handled let’s talk about you and what we can do to help straighten this out. I lowered my head, staring at my shoes, wishing I was home and secure in my apartment. Finally, Francine came over and set down beside me, picking up one of my hands and holding it tightly. I will not allow you to retreat into a shell over something that you didn’t want or desire.

Now tell me what you do, and what your life consists of. I lift my eyes to look at her, she squeezes my hand again, then tells me to spit it out. I need information about you so that I can help, now you either tell me what I want to know or I will be forced to tickle you until you succumb to my wishes. I am extremely ticklish, so I started talking, even the threat of being tickled usually gets me suddenly cooperative. I presume Janice had told her I was ticklish, the only one present that knew that fact.

I tell her that I am in my late twenties, unemployed at the moment, the reason for the haircut originally was for an upcoming job interview later today. Now with how I look, it would be a waste to even show up. I live alone, previous employment has been as a department store clerk and manager, the store closing the reason for my unemployment.

I have dated very little, Christina one of my few girlfriends, and that apparently didn’t turn out very well. I tend to be shy, bashful and generally scared of people, most likely the reason my sales clerk career never went very far. The one time that I got promoted to manager of the department is only because the company wanted to keep the position filled as they were in the process of closing the store. I am convinced it was not based on my ability to actually perform the job.

She asked who I was interviewing with later today and when I mentioned the name, she simply told me that you don’t want to work for them. She wanted me to trust her and try out something today, a possible way to take advantage of what has already been done to me and make it into something positive. It is taking what has already been done and carrying it further along, you will end up looking like a female, but an attractive one. It seems to me that you have always suffered from low self-esteem, so maybe if we can transform you, into a gorgeous female, that female can step out and take her fair share of life for a change.

A lot of the things that she has done to you, will have long lasting effects. Instead of waiting for things to deteriorate to the point that they might be able to be reversed, let’s go the opposite way, As it stands now you are looking at a year until some of the procedures might be changed. This way a few weeks and you should be able to re-enter society, mainly a job. Let’s try it out, you can always elect to wait it out if you feel it won’t work.

I started to protest, but she hushed me, let Janice make you look a little more mainstream, then you and her spend the rest of the day being two females on a mission, At the end of the day, come back here and we will discuss if the female life is a possibility. There is no charge for any of this, besides you will get quite a settlement from the other salon and Christina for her to stay out of jail.

Janice grabbed my hand and led me off to a styling station in the rear of the salon. She put a cape over me, then leaned the chair back. I was washed and conditioned, then Janice added some brunette highlights to my light blonde hair. Why they are processing my nails were stripped of color, then she tried several different solvents to try and get the artificial nails to release from my own nails. Nothing touched the adhesive she had used, that apparently also would be the case with my earrings. It did take several applications of acetone to finally get the nail polish off. She replaced the bright color with a more subtle pink, not so over the top, but still very feminine.

She did check the earrings, finding some add on hoops that could be added to my permanent earrings to tone down the look some. The largest hoop Christina had added was over three inches in diameter, making a sharp contrast with the diamond stud and the pearl stud that also occupied holes in my ear. The other hoops Janice added made the large hoop less ostentatious, the diamonds on the curve of the hoops tied in with my diamond stud. Once that had been taken care of, she laid me back and plopped two breast forms on my chest. She maneuvered them to the appropriate location, then glued them to my chest. I took a deep breath when she applied the glue, not sure if I ever wanted anything glued to me again. She used makeup to hide the seams, I now had the last item needed to make me appear as a female.

She penciled in my eyebrows properly, then added some makeup, mainly mascara and lipstick. She disappeared for a while eventually coming back with an armload of female clothes. The bright colors and lacy fabric the clue that they were definitely female items. She dressed me in the panties and bra, then the jeans followed by the blouse. The bra did feel good, it lessened the weight of the forms as they pulled down on my chest. The panties were something else, just pulling them up my legs enough to cause a problem.

The jeans I had to struggle with, they were so tight, my new long nails not helping in getting them up to my waist. Once on though, I liked the look, it seemed to make me less masculine somehow below the waist. The blouse was lacy, showing the outline of my bra through the fabric. Janice led me to a mirror, the image reflected in the mirror nothing like my male image from before. I let out a sigh, I guess Danny is gone for a while. I stood there for several minutes, taking in my appearance, and trying to figure out how I was going to cope with this. I needed to find a job, but dressed like I am, I doubt that is going to be a possibility.

A tear came to my eyes, but Janice scolded me, “you better not mess up your makeup, I will make you do it yourself this time if you do.” I chuckled a little, then she handed me a purse, helped me to switch the contents of my wallet to my new feminine wallet and that into my new purse. My mascara and lipstick were also added, along with some tissues. Before I could get my bearings a pair of low heels were slid on my feet and I was dragged out the door of the salon.

I immediately started looking around trying to see who would discover my impersonation. Everyone I looked at, gave me a quickie glance and then went about their business. Janice squeezed my hand to make me look at her. “Relax, you look quite attractive, no one is going to think you are a male.” She drove us to a nearby mall and we ventured in. We walked to the other end than made out way back stopping at any stores that sold female clothes.

We took our time, just wandering along, window shopping, then upon seeing something that interested us we would go in. At first nothing interested me, the farther I stayed away from female clothing the better I would be. After the tenth store I changed my mind and actually noticed a few things that appealed to me. Janice smiled, knowing that I now possessed the shopping bug, most likely a female for life now.

We stopped to eat at the food court, some rice and vegetables stir fried to perfection. Then back to the shopping. I even tried on some clothes, I guess she wore me down, after seeing her try on so many outfits, I decided to see what it is like. I did and the last three stores she had to drag me out of the store, I was finding more things I liked, wanting to stop and try them on.

I am dragged back to the salon, my attitude much improved. Francine greeted me, and we went back to her office to talk. She made me recount the day’s activities to her, giggling when I would get excited about a dress or blouse that I loved. She asked how it felt to be a female for the day. “I loved it, it is so liberating” escaped my mouth before I could close it. I turned red, then lowered my head in shame. She came around to where I am seated raising my chin, “Don’t ever be ashamed to be you, a very like able female that has found her place in life. Now how about you come to work for me. I will work you hard, but I think I can manage a livable wage and, of course, a clothing discount for you if you agree.”

A smile came over my face, maybe just maybe I will be okay. I eventually agreed to start work tomorrow. All of this was so sudden, a male yesterday and now a young woman. I forgot to ask her what I would be doing, but it didn’t matter. I doubted anybody else would hire me a male that looked better than a lot of females, not likely to be high on the employment ladder. Janice and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home, ordered one of their basic combination dinners and shared.

When we got back to the apartment I received a giant hug and a kiss. Both felt good, warming me from the inside out. I slipped out of the clothes, removed my makeup and quickly found myself in dream land. The next morning I dressed in the same clothes and rode with Janice to the salon. I signed some employment papers and was put to work. Janice showed me how to restock the stations, then left me to it. By lunch I had them all full, sweeping up a little to keep busy.

We had one of the girls bring us back some salads, and I actually found them enjoyable. In my twenty–five years here on this planet I doubted I had eaten more than one or two salads. After lunch I was taught how to shampoo and condition hair, made to do my own and then several of the other stylists. At three o’clock I got to do my first customer as a shampoo girl, he was happy at my technique, I even got a small tip for doing his hair. I was envious of his hair, reaching down to his shoulder blades, but curly and a gorgeous shade of brunette. Janice was his stylist and before he left he was sporting blonde highlights, an up do and long curly bangs swept to one side. I wish Christina hadn’t hacked mine so short, but then it is too late to do anything about it now.

I kept busy, even helped out at reception when they got super busy. About a month later I was moved over to their clothing store next door, the sales associate there involved in an auto accident and not able to return to work for several weeks. After being shown how to ring up sales I helped customers when we had some, straightened the store in between, staying busy all the time.

The salon had helped me get a female driver’s license, so that I now could drive myself when Janice was not working, a fact that I was very grateful for. The sales associate that had been injured, returned to her mother’s home out of state, the job in the clothing store now mine if I wanted it. Of course, I wanted it, the job easy but challenging. I was making good money, a salary plus a bonus based on the sales I made.

I took advantage of the salon’s treatments further feminizing my body to the max. Janice and I were now living together, most likely to tie the knot one day, but not in a hurry to do so. Our relationship was as two females, neither of us having any use for my former male equipment. We did decide to keep the little fella, maybe later a child might be nice, someone to love and help develop into a loving young adult.

I do think back often to the day Christina changed my life, a simple haircut that went terribly wrong, but resulted in my life as Danica. If I ever see her again I need to thank her, her revenge for something I supposedly did, turning my life around. A simple haircut that influenced my mundane existence for the better.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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