Julia; Sing Me A Song

Sis came bounding into my room, out of breath and obviously excited. It was late, almost one AM and she apparently had just returned from her date with Mark. She plopped down on my bed, grabbed my remote for the stereo and turned it down. I stuck my tongue out at her, a normal occurrence between the two of us. She shoved her hand under my nose, and I noticed the ring. I set up and hugged her tightly; apparently, Mark had asked her to marry him, and since she is wearing the ring, she has accepted his proposal.

Sis and I have talked about this for months, she at first greatly disappointed that he had not asked sooner. The last few dates she has been moping around the house, she loves him unconditionally, but his delay in pushing things forward has her so frustrated. They had talked about marriage, but to her disappointment nothing else came up in conversation on her dates since then.

They had not set a date yet; her touring schedule would need to be worked around. Mark also travels for his company troubleshooting software his company writes to control and manage assembly lines. She described their dinner, then Mark getting down on his knee to ask her to marry him. Red-faced she also told me that her squeal could be heard all through the restaurant. The restaurant did give them a bottle of wine to celebrate with. As all of this is being told to me, I noticed that she is constantly glancing at the ring, afraid that it might disappear somehow.

My sister Jules and I are quite close, closer than a lot of sisters, quite a feat since I am her brother. She is one hour twenty-five minutes older than me, and I kid her unmercifully about it, always introducing her as the older sister. You know women and their age, always a sore subject with them.

Fraternal twins, born to a mother that was so anxious to get us out of the womb. Between the two of us, she spent fourteen hours in labor. It turned out Jules was twisted the wrong way, partially blocking the birth canal. When they tried to straighten things out, I was hopelessly entwined with her and the doctor had a hell of a time getting me loose and then her straightened out.

Later when Mom had some time to reflect on her delivery she told her husband that was it, no more children. If he wanted more, he could carry them and deliver them himself. Unfortunately, a few years later he left Mom, for what reason we never knew, just disappeared never to be heard from again. Mom had her hands full raising us by herself, Grandma babysitting us often while our Mom worked. From what we had been told we were a handful when young, the terrible twos a particularly bad time for her and Grandma. Things eventually smoothed out some; our early school years were uneventful.

Jules and I became more than sister and brother; we played together even when there were boys and girls our own age in the neighborhood. Mostly house or doctor/nurse, but never cowboys and Indians. Her Barbie got a lot of use from both of us, as we dragged her through all of the games and situations, two young kids could imagine. In high school we became even closer, taking a lot of the same classes together, sharing a lot of friends, mainly her female friends. I was included without question, although I dressed like a boy, my interests and thoughts mostly feminine.

I could talk about fashion like the rest of the girls, makeup and nail polish not foreign to me like it is to most young males. We both took vocal and piano lessons in school and also privately. As of this scribbling, my voice has not yet broken; I sounded almost identical to Jules. Where I excelled is my piano playing, there I clearly outshined my sister. We were not into classical music, the pop songs of the time our favorites.

In our senior year, we participated in a talent show to raise funds for an ailing student with cancer and played twin pianos and sang to some of the current hits. We were both told later we sounded like sisters, that would have devastated most males, but to be classified as sisters made me feel all warm and gooey inside. Pictures of our playing and singing in the show made the high school yearbook. The way the picture was taken, it looked like two females, not a brother and sister. Yes, I was kidded about it, but it wasn’t the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last.

College was more of the same, both of us getting a scholarship to the state university. We took a lot of music courses, Jules wanting to go with her singing ability and me choosing to write and compose music. In the summer break before her senior year she sang backup for a touring female vocalist, and when she graduated, she was offered a contract to sing full time. She now travels the country singing backup to a very popular female vocalist, Simone Richards. She loves the singing, the travel and the chance to meet lots of people. She is usually out on the road for ten to twelve weeks at a time, then is home with me for four to six weeks before another tour.

Our Mom died two years ago, we think from heartbreak, she never understood why Dad left her alone, once we were somewhat grown she lost interest in life, we were doing well, our need for her to provide for us less. I tried to include her in everything I did, but she felt like she was intruding in my life no matter what I did. When she died she left the house to me, a very poignant letter thanking me for trying to make her part of my life. Sis was on the other side of the country when she died, upon her return a couple of days later she found me cuddled in a ball on my bed.

I cried for days, the funeral causing, even more, tears to fall. Jules had to return to the tour but got one of her friends to watch over me. Sally, one of her girlfriends since high school, was caring, and we spent many hours just talking. To me that helped more than anything. Quite often Sally and I talked about the high school days; she kidded me often about being just one of the girls back then. Yes, more tears flowed during those talks, but eventually, I was able to resume a more normal life.

I had written several songs in the time following our Mom’s death, but I thought they were not good enough to tell anybody about them, so they remained a secret. During that time I made money doing arrangements of other composer’s songs and playing piano for recording sessions. In fact, in the four months after Mom’s death, I helped record thirty-five songs earning me quite a substantial nest egg. It really wasn’t that much money, but to me, it seemed to be a fortune. The house was paid for, my only expenses electricity, and food. That made the difference between me just getting by, and being able to put some money away for later.

Then when Jules was touring nearby, I managed to get a ticket to the concert. It was the first time I had seen the act and was impressed. Of course, I thought my sister was terrific, but Simone is talented and her range in voice quite impressive. Jules had arranged for me to get a backstage pass, allowing me to come to see her and meet her boss after the show. I managed to find my way backstage and Jules hugged me tightly, then introduced me to Simone. We sat and chatted as the set was being knocked down, ready to be shipped to the next stop on the tour. Simone wanted to hear me play the piano, and since there was still one on the stage I complied.

I played one of the songs Simone normally sang in her concerts and there was deathly silence from everyone. Simone left for a few moments then returned with her manager. I was asked to play it again and then another tune after, my choice. Again when I stopped there was silence, I was getting a complex thinking nobody liked my piano playing. Simone asked what the second tune was; she hadn’t recognized it. I told her it was one of the songs I wrote; it is not really that good, but I liked to play it.

She asked if it had words, I nodded it did, then asked for Jules to sing it with me. She knew the words to this one; it was a song I wrote about our mother. We sang the song together; then Jules sabotaged me. She stopped right before the chorus, I continued on but was mad at her for leaving me singing all by myself. She is the singer in the family, not me. I finished the song, waiting for some type of response. Simone came over to me and hugged me telling me that is the most emotional song she had ever heard. Then turning to Jules, she asked her why in the hell she has never discussed her brother with her. Jules shrunk back a little, apparently not used to being singled out, much less yelled at. Simone asked if I was employed at the moment, I told her of my piano playing at recording sessions and the few songs I had written. The smile appearing on her face brightened the room.

I then had to play my other songs for them, each song getting the smile on Simone’s face a little bit bigger. Then her manager asked if I knew the songs that they used in the concert. Jules and I had often talked about them and discussed why some of the songs were not replaced by some that would sound so much better with Simone’s voice. Over the next hour, I played each of the songs that Simone used, although my arrangements. When I was done, her manager suggested we get something to eat; they were still dressed in some of their show costumes, fancy but not outlandish. I, however, was just comfortable in some sweats. Jules smiled and dragged me to her dressing room, telling me to take off my clothes.

I had an idea where this is going, and I wanted no part of it. I quickly found myself trying to keep her from pulling my clothes off, but she is persistent. I finally gave up, and soon she had me dressed in one of her dresses along with some tights and heels. She released my ponytail, brushed it out and added some lipstick. Before I could think, I was back out with the girls blushing red, and being led to their limo. We were taken to an upscale restaurant in a town widely known for their outlandish prices. According to most everybody, the food is excellent, surpassed by none. A bottle of white wine was ordered, and then our dinner selections were taken by the waiter. Never once did he address me as anything other than a female.

Her manager started talking wanting me to sign a contract with them. They wanted me to sing backup most of the time then both Jules and I would be featured in at least one or two songs every show. They also wanted me to write songs for Simone and do all the arranging for all of the songs performed. Then Simone took over wanting me to do all of this dressed as a female. You’re just as beautiful as Jules, but the clincher is how natural you are. You are wearing a dress, no boobs, your hair brushed out, and only lipstick, but yet everyone is convinced you are female. Then you speak, and there is suddenly no doubt at all.

I hesitated, I would love to spend time with Jules, the weeks she is away I am so lonely and lost. But to trade my masculine image for a feminine one, I am not so sure. I did not answer them, but when the limo dropped Jules and me off at her hotel, Jules told Simone to get the contracts ready she will make sure I will sign them tomorrow morning. I gave Jules a look that would kill most people but forgot pushy sisters are immune to my look.

We walked together to her room, then entered. My first concern was that we had left my male clothes back at her dressing room and no telling where they might be now, but probably in some dumpster. She led me to a love seat overlooking the skyline of the city and pushed me into it. She sat next to me, taking one of my hands in hers and started telling me how it was going to be. “You miss me when I am away, and I miss you all the time, more when I am traveling.” I started to respond but am told to close my mouth and keep it that way. “Your voice is just as good as mine; I have just used mine more than you have. Your piano playing and you composing are next to none, but yet you barely eek out a living doing what you do.”

This is a golden opportunity for you, don’t blow it. As far as dressing as a female, with that voice, you will stand out with male clothes on, but put you in a dress and you are 100% natural looking. For once, don’t let you ego ruin things for you, a few years of this and you can retire and do anything you want in life, but to get this rolling you have to sign the contract. I had listened to her, she is probably right, but such a change for me. She helped me get undressed, gave me a nightie to wear, and we shared her bed. I got cuddled immediately, a nice feeling for a change. Soon I was out of it, dreaming of playing before a large crowd with my sister, a warm and good feeling washing over my body.

In the morning, I was rudely pushed out of bed by a giggling Jules; then she raced to the bathroom, locking the door, making me wait until she finished her shower before I could pee. I started to stand in front of the toilet, as usual, the door suddenly opening and her telling me, no, no, ladies sit to pee before she retreated to the bedroom giggling like a mad woman. After taking my shower, I emerged to a bed full of what I would wear today. Not a stitch of male clothes anywhere.

Panties first; as they were being pulled up my legs, I almost lost it. Then the camisole nearly made me cream my panties as it slid over my chest. Jules is sitting at the vanity giggling at my distress, but not missing any of the action. I was allowed a pair of pants, but there is absolutely no way these pants could be considered anything other than feminine. For one thing, they fit my body as if I was poured into the pants, the low waist, and the flared cuffs almost making it look like I had a skirt on. It took both of us to get the zipper up, and the one button closed at the waist.

Then we need to talk about the blouse. Almost sheer, the camisole fully visible, but what made it feminine was the yards and yards of lace around the hem of the blouse and at the ends of the sleeves. When I moved my arms and hands, my fingers were lost in the yards of fabric. I looked at my sister with daggers shooting from my eyes. Surely you have something more subdued for me to wear. A big smile appeared on her face, but no words were forthcoming. She had me sit at the vanity, adding some mascara and lipstick, then went to brushing my hair. Before I could get my bearings, a pair of heels was slipped on my feet, and we headed down to breakfast.

Simone and her manager were waiting for us, as soon as we were seated our meals were served. I was hungry, but dressed like this I felt I was on display. I picked at my food for a while, then when our plates were taken away, her manager Bethany shoved some contracts my way. I tried to act like I was not interested, but my acting skills are nowhere as good as my piano playing. I read over the contract, a standard contract for entertainment people. But what got my attention, is the salary and the percentage of the new song’s proceeds that I would get.

Indeed, this would be a lot more money, the weekly salary more than I made in the last three months. Jules snatched the contract and read it over then looked at me; he will sign, but there have to be several changes. One the name needs to be changed to Julia. No leakage of Julia being a male from either of you or she gets a hundred thousand dollar bonus. Next, all her beauty services and clothes are to be paid for by the business. Finally, she gets forty percent of any proceeds on her original compositions.

Julia’s contribution to the deal is that she will legally change her name to Julia, then will undergo a full transformation to that of a female and live as such 24/7 until the contract expires. Like you do with me she wants to buy shares of the company so that she will be a stockholder in it. None of this is negotiable, take it or leave it. Incidentally, if she doesn’t get what she wants, I will not renew my contract when it expires.

My mouth is wide open; I would never make any of those demands, let alone changing my name and a full transformation, whatever that means. Bethany looked directly at me and asked if this is what I want. I dumbly nod yes and before I even finish nodding she agrees to the changes. She makes the changes to the contract on the table, then has me sign them. The formal lawyer drawn contract will be done tomorrow, and can be signed then. I just sit there, dumbfounded at what has just happened, at what I had just agreed to do. Jules tells them I will get my name changed today, and the transformation will be done by tomorrow night.

Simone thanks her, then said that I can join the concert tour at the next stop in five days. That will allow some time to practice and change part of the act. I am still sitting there lost to the world, then for some reason my clothes that I am wearing became suddenly evident, the soft fabric of the cuffs swishing around my hands. The feeling is good and pleasing, actually quite comforting.

They leave, and Jules grabs me to remove me from the restaurant before I can say anything in response to her railroading me into all of this. We go back to the room, me still in a daze at what has just happened. She sits me down at the vanity and starts brushing my hair. As if my some miracle my anger calms down and I feel each and every brush stroke as she runs it through my hair. I sigh, the feeling of her brushing my hair feels so delicious, something I could get used to quite easily. I lay on the bed relaxing a little, and soon drift off to sleep, Jules busy calling several people about things. I think the first one is a lawyer, then my eyes edging closed also turns off my hearing, so I don’t remember anything else that is said.

She shakes my shoulder getting me to open my eyes, telling me that we have to get going. Lots of things to do and not much time. She freshens my lipstick; I am still rubbing my lips together as she leads me out the room door. I had managed to park in the hotel’s parking lot when I had come to see the concert and rode a shuttle to the concert. Since I was in heels, Jules drove my car to the first appointment. We drove to an office complex housing various professional people.

Among them my new attorney, a Ms. Stephanie Wilson. Jules urged me through the office door and up to the receptionist. She told her I had an appointment, and we set in the waiting room to be called. A very young female came to the door and called my name. We were escorted back to her office then showed some chairs we could sit at. Apparently, the paperwork was already ready; she pushed it in my direction showing me where to sign. I looked at Jules, but she just nodded. I really didn’t realize what I was signing, but after the secretary had notarized the paper, she told us it will be filed this afternoon and by five o’clock I would be officially Julia with female listed as my gender.

To say I was in shock would be an understatement. In and out, and now I was officially female in all eyes but mine. I tried to get Jules to slow down a little; this is too much and way too fast. She disagreed, this is basic to the contract, and then I can concentrate on the show and the arrangements necessary for its success. I was still shaking my head when we pulled up in front of the Turnabout Gurl Salon. Bright and cheerful, absolutely dripping in pink and chrome. The stylists seen through the glass front looked like dolls, their outfits so feminine and their makeup flawless. Jules checked me in at reception; then Patricia led me back to a private room. Jules hugged me as I was led away. “I will be back to get you at six tonight.” That is five hours from now, and I haven’t had anything to eat. I looked at a retreating Jules, wondering how I am going to be able to cope with all of this. She did wave when she went through the front door if that is any consolation.

Patricia set me down and explained what was going to be done to me today, what is involved in each treatment and how long it would last. She noted that I would be playing piano and asked if longer nails would interfere with that task. “No, I only used the pad of my fingers on the keys so reasonable lengthy nails shouldn’t be a problem.” Why I answered that way I have yet to figure out, I could have just said that they would interfere, and that would have been the end of it.

She wanted me to be sure I was okay with all of this, but rational thought was still not within my reach. “Can all of this be reversed if it doesn’t work out?” Her simple one-word reply yes. I nodded my head in acceptance, and she started. My clothes were removed quickly, and my whole body is covered in a pleasant-smelling cream. It was left on for thirty minutes, then she removed it with a damp towel, my body hair with it.

The bad news is that my eyebrows and my sparse beard were included in that treatment, although that part left on longer than the rest of my body. In its place, a vast wasteland of smooth and creamy skin adorned my body. I suddenly felt every whiff of air or breeze on my denuded body. As she rubbed a moisturizer into the smooth skin, the goose pimples sprouted up everywhere. Still laying on the flat table, my feet were encouraged into stirrups at the end of the table and soon spread wide apart. She moved my male organ around finding a place where it was minimal in view. My testicles were helped up into my body in a spot they originally dropped down from and then my limp penis is glued between my legs in a position where it could be hidden and still function to rid my body of liquid waste.

I felt her working down there, but not like I felt when sex is on the agenda. I guess that activity is now out of the question for a while, especially after she glued a vagina like object over her handiwork. My brief look down there confirmed that my looks now officially matched my gender, my new female gender. I laid there lost in thought again; maybe I never will come to any rational thoughts about this since this has been quick and swift, my transformation from male to female.

Brought back to the here and now as she wheeled in a large machine with two cups attached to hoses coming from an arm above the machine. The cups were positioned on my chest; then each is sealed with some adhesive. The cups are shaped like a normal breast with a nipple like protrusion at the tip of the breast. They are rigid, and now glued to my chest. The hoses of the machine are attached to the nipples of the cups, she checks for a tight seal and I am apparently ready for breast acquisition.

The pump is turned on, and I sighed, breasts apparently the next step for me. Another hour and the cup is partially filled, the pump switching to alternating suction, vibrating at the same time. Suction then nothing, then back to suction. Lost in thought again, I suddenly am aware that my fingernails were being worked on. I turned my head to look at what she is doing, filing and then gluing some extensions on my nails. I watched for a while, then the hum and vibration of the pump helped induce a sleepy cloud to descend over my body.

Sudden quiet in the room woke me, the noises that sent me into dreamland all of a sudden quiet. I looked down to my chest seeing the cups full to the brim. Then I noticed some light reflecting off my fingernails, and when I lifted my arm, bright red nails greeted my inspection. They looked long, but I thought I could still play the piano, hopefully with little interference. Now I am making excuses for my femininity when you lose your mind; it seems to be a quick thing, here one minute and gone the next.

I have to lift my other hand and stare at the nails to see if they look equally good. Patricia helps me to sit up, my new breasts attempting to keep me laying down. I know the weight of them is quite distracting, causing both of my hands with bright red nails to cup them to ease the pull on my chest. What a sight I must have presented to the outside world, naked with vagina and breasts in full view, ten long talons attached to my fingers trying unsuccessfully to support the new mounds on my chest. The worst part was the nipples on each breast getting hard, something I did not expect at all.

I did get provided with a bra, a wonderful device that I wholeheartedly endorse the use of. The cups were still rigid, a new material they had developed that would over the next few days would disappear leaving two perfectly formed breasts. A pair of panties also joined the act, the feeling delightful as the panties hugged my new genital area. It still felt like something is missing down there, but the look is now female with the smooth flat front confirming that fact.

I am helped up and in only my underwear I am moved to another room. I sat in the chair they wanted me in; my head laid back and my hair shampooed and conditioned. I have always kept it quite long but in a ponytail most of the time. That fact might play against me now since females do have longer hair. The chair is brought back upright, and Patricia starts working on my hair. She cuts in a style, then starts putting in curlers. After a few minutes, I am moved under a dryer, and the heat turned on. I am lost in thought again, well maybe not actual thought. The things that are happening to me running through my mind. The weight of my breasts moving in my bra are so erotic, the flat front of my panties signifying the deep change that has occurred.

She checks my curls twice, but both times an additional drying time is added. Finally dry I am brought back to her chair, and she removes my curlers. Now tight little curls populate my head. She takes a brush and gently pulls at the curls relaxing them a little leaving me with a gorgeous head of curly hair. Then I realize my hair is styled the same as Jules; I presume to carry forth the image of female sisters.

My ears get pierced, and a beautiful pair of diamond studs are inserted. Makeup follows; foundation first, then eye makeup, additional eyelashes are added, then mascara on both to make my eyes stand out like twinkling stars. Some blush on my cheek bones and then lipstick after my lips are lined with a dark burgundy color. The reflection in the mirror is that of my sister, right down to the beauty mark on my right cheek that had been added sometime in the makeup process.

When Patricia is finished, I am a carbon copy of Jules in looks right down to the makeup. Speaking of the devil Jules walks in with bags in her arms. Patricia leaves and Jules supervises my dressing. I am informed that for the show I will have to wear a corset, the costumes for the show much more risque, but also very form fitting. Today I get a black skirt, with a white blouse, the bra showing through the thin material. A pair of three-inch heels in black complete the look. Since the skirt is hardly knee length, I am constantly trying to pull it down some. Jules giggling at my actions tells me to relax. “You look better than I do, and I am jealous.”

We walked out to a waiting limo, Patricia giving me a hug as we left. I thanked her profusely for her help and expertise. As we walked by the mirrors at the entrance, I saw two sisters almost identical leaving the salon. The limo took us to a recording studio, which Simone had rented for us so that we could work on the act. I was greeted warmly, both of them checking me out closely. Jules showed them the name change papers, while I sat at one of the piano stools blushing from head to toe.

There was another piano there, also a superb sound system. We talked a little about what we wanted to do in the act, but in the end, Simone pretty much left it up to me to decide the songs and the arrangements we would perform.

Bethany is manning the controls and playing a soundtrack of earlier recordings so that I can hear how they had done it in the past. Even though it was late, I wrote several arrangements that night and Jules, and I worked on one of the songs we would sing together. After the session, Simone came over to me and gave me a serious hug. “I am so glad that you have joined us, the session tonight was awesome, better than we have ever performed those songs. The highlight though is the song you two sang, I am sure it will be a show stopper.” Bethany came out of the booth, agreeing with Simone and handed me a tape of tonight’s recordings. We left to go back to our hotel, agreeing to do it again tomorrow, meeting at four o’clock.

I wondered why we couldn’t start earlier, in the car Jules told me I had to be fitted for my onstage costumes and get measured for my corset. Then we could rehearse more. We had a nice late night dinner, the novelty of having boobs and an empty groin eventually receding some. I was well aware I still had them, lots of times my arms moved against my breasts, causing tingling sensations reverberating through my body. Jules picked up on this, smiling and giggling at my actions. We shared her bed again, cuddling each other, me a little more forward, holding her making me feel not so alone.

Again the next morning I found myself on the floor Jules giggling away at my look of shock. I did figure that this might happen again, Jules perverted sense of humor in play. This time, I promptly got up and confiscated the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Jules is banging her hand on the door and vowing to get even, reward enough for my trickery. When I did finally manage to get out of the bathroom, I walked to the bed and noticed what she had laid out for me to wear today. The saying you can’t win them all came to mind as I looked over my clothes for the day, all ultra-feminine, lacy, and extremely brief and then there was the thong.

I dressed in the selected clothing and started on my makeup. The hair pretty much handled itself with the cut that Patricia had given me. I applied the makeup a little heavier than was done to me yesterday, trying to show up Jules a little. We did look amazingly alike, so the younger sister had to try and get even a little. When Jules emerged from the bathroom, she scanned me from head to toe, then went to the closet and selected a different outfit than the one she had hanging on the back of the closet door. Score one for me, although for a brother to look prettier than his older sister not necessarily a good thing.

The limo drove us out to a warehouse district on the outskirts of town; we walked into one of the units, my mouth was agape at the sight in front of me. Tons of beautiful dresses are hanging on rolling racks, each dress in a protective cover to keep it clean. We were met by an older lady, who upon recognizing Jules got an assistant to bring some racks up front. The area is separated off from the rest of the warehouse by some drapes, but otherwise the same basic building. Jules starts getting undressed as I stare at her. She comes over and helps me with zippers, and soon I am down to my underwear, just like her. She yanked my thong strap up giving me a wedgie, giggling as she did so.

The lady took an item from a bag and proceeded to wrap it around my body. I presume that this is the corset, not having seen one before today. Surprisingly there have been very few words said by either of them, of course, I have been mum the whole time. The corset is tightened, and then she starts picking out dresses for Jules. I stand there shifting back and forth on my feet trying to get comfortable with the corset tight around my waist. I notice on the rack there is two of everything so I guess we will be dressed alike.

Jules tries on each outfit; then the lady makes adjustments to make sure the dress is properly fitted. Pins are put in her dress, while chalk is used to make other adjustments visible. Then Margaret comes back to me and tightens the corset some more. Now it is far from tight; it is strangling me around the waist like a vice. Breaths are hard to come by with the corsets death like grip on my torso. This time, copies of the same dresses are tried on me and appropriate marks made for alterations. Eventually, I was able to breathe regularly, though only shallow breaths were possible, but I am sure any physical exertion on my part would cause me to pass out. I just couldn’t get a big breath in my lungs with the tight restriction around my middle and chest.

Most of the dresses emphasized my cleavage, a lot of the time all of my cleavage was on full display even though I was theoretically clothed. After the dresses I no longer thought about my thong or bra, it just didn’t seem to matter anymore. We eventually finished a total of twelve dresses for each of us requiring the same amount of changes on the concert stage. As I am getting ready to put on the clothes I had come in, with the lady tightened the corset yet again announcing that the two sides were now touching. Who cares about that, I am being cut into, and everybody seems alright with it. Jules had to help me get clothed again; then we headed to the rented studio. I asked about taking the corset off but am told I had to get used to it.

Who makes these stupid rules up anyway? I did manage to calm down by the time we reached the studio, Simone, and Bethany waiting for us. I had pictured in my mind some of the arrangements I wanted for the other songs, so it only took me a few minutes to jot them down. Whatever I changed I would write the music down afterward. We talked about the other song that Jules and I were to sing, finally coming with an upbeat song that the audience could get involved with. We worked later that night; the studio would be no longer be available for us to use after tonight. Jules and I sang our two songs together again since she wasn’t as familiar with them as the ones she sang in the show.

What we didn’t see is one of the owners come into the control room and talking with Bethany as we sang the two songs. Bethany came and got Simone, and they also conferred with the gentleman. When they rejoined us in the studio Simone suggested that we pick a third song to sing together, I looked at her with a puzzled expression on my face. This is her concert and now all of a sudden we are doing three songs without her. She had that smile of a conniving woman, with a goal that she would get to, come hell or high water. We conferred, both Bethany and Simone wanting another upbeat song. One of my songs is in that vein, so we tried it. Jules isn’t as familiar with this song, so she had to use some sheet music I had with me. We did it once then asked Simone if that is alright.

She hugged Jules first and them me, that is perfect, you will knock them dead with those three songs. I still had some doubts; there is something going on here that has not been discussed or talked about. We decided to quit for the night and went our separate ways. Tomorrow Jules and I would head home for two days and then meet at the next venue for the concert a day after that. We packed tonight so we could make an early departure, going to take my car for the drive home.

Since we would be doing the concert for the next few weeks, we would rent a car to drive to the next venue, a four-hour drive. Then turn in the car and take the tour bus from there with Simone and Bethany. We talked a little, me trying to work into the conversation that something else was going on that had not been disclosed. Jules sidestepped any questions, so I dropped it. I am sure it would all come out soon enough.

We left early the next morning, Jules anxious to see Mark again. Sure enough, when we pulled in Mark is there waiting for her. Mark gives us both a stare, not expecting to see two Jules. He looks between us trying to decide who is who. Finally, he sees her rings and figures it out. In the meantime, Jules is giggling at his indecision. The love birds engage in a passionate kiss, and I go on into the house. I hear a big laugh from outside as the two come in through the front door. He stares at me, then in almost a whisper is that really you Julian. I instantly turn bright red, another male seeing me portraying a female without much difficulty. I nod my head, but he gently lifts my chin and kisses me on the cheek. You look so good, and I am sure you two will be a great success in your new profession.

Jules changed her outfit, and they head off for an evening of fun and games, I really doubt they will do anything but wear out Jules lipstick, just the thought causing me to chuckle. I clean up around the house, getting everything packed away for the time I will be away. I call Sally and invite her over, forgetting she knows nothing about any of this. Of course, I remember when she is standing in the door. She greets me as Jules, voicing her opinion she thought I would rather spend my time with Mark. I giggle a little then tell her who I am. Her mouth open for a few minutes as she tries to see the Julian underneath the breasts and makeup.

“Are those real is her first statement.” Then followed up with a zillion more. “Why are you dressed as Jules the first significant one?” I explained the whole thing, several times she had to stop to regain her composure and stop giggling. I told her we were going out on tour again the day after tomorrow and would she watch the house for me. I even offered for her to move in, and save her money she is spending on rent. Jules or I won’t be here that often, plus there is plenty of bedrooms for everyone when we do return.

I got a hug on that note, even a kiss that could be considered rather passionate. But the embarrassment on both of our faces was enough to cool down the emotions some. I showed her where everything is, and gave her some cash to use to handle unexpected expenses. A set of keys to the place, informing her I would pay extra on the utilities so she would not have to worry about the bills. I would accomplish that tomorrow before we left town. We exchanged cell numbers; then we hugged again as she left.

Jules is wound up after being with Mark most of the night, wanting to talk about everything. Where we could hold the wedding, going shopping for a dress, how they were going to be able to squeeze a honeymoon in with their schedules, constant chatter till she finally wore down. Then the big surprise. She wanted me to be her maid of honor.

When I recovered some, I tried to get her to consider Sally, her closest friend for eight years now. No Sally had already agreed to be one of her bridesmaids, but you are the only one I will consider to be my maid of honor. I broke down in tears, I wanted to do this for Jules, I love her, but dressing as a female is one thing, maybe I could consider I am in disguise. But maid of honor is really a female thing, shared between two BFF’s at the most important time in a female’s life.

Jules helped me get ready for bed, a gorgeous nightie with yards and yards of silk surrounding me as I lay in the bed. I guess I finally accepted my fate, telling Jules that I will do it. What made me come to that realization, I am not sure. I knew that if I refused, I would hurt her, sisters don’t do that to each other. The implications of the action were dwelling on my thoughts, though, I wonder if I will ever be able to return to the male gender. The bigger question to be answered is if I wanted to.

They delivered the rental car early the next morning, and I managed to avoid being pushed off the bed. A good way to start the day. We loaded our suitcases, closed up the house and left town. I had managed to go online and pay additional on the utilities, so that is a chore that didn’t need attention this morning. Sally had called early this morning telling us that she would take me up on my offer, I was happy for that a way to help Sally and keep the house occupied. Jules drove, we talked the whole trip, mainly about the wedding and what options she had. She insisted that we would find the prettiest orange dresses for the bridesmaids, I told her if she did I would tell Mark all of her little idiosyncrasies. Then in a soft whisper, it will probably take at least a week to get through them all.

We arrived at the venue; the road crew had things pretty much set up, making sure everything worked and was as it should be. No crowds till tomorrow night, so we were allowed to use the stage and pianos. The small band that usually played for Simone would not be here until the morning, so tonight it would just be the four of us. I tuned the piano’s something that a member of the band usually did, and started playing some of the new arrangements I had come up with. I took the time to jot down on some blank sheet music the basics; I will have to do a more detailed sheet for tomorrow. Simone and Jules joined me on the stage, I got hugged by Simone, her first question is how are you doing. I smiled and told her still getting used to everything, but I will make it.

We decided to do a whole run through of the show, to get a feeling for the timing, and see if the order of songs worked. We started off as soon as Bethany reached the control room, she turned on the sound system, and we got right into the first song. I played piano since there was no band tonight, but it sounded pretty good. The lack of a band sound actually made the songs more poignant. Three more songs followed, Simone, very happy with the new arrangements. Usually, a new arrangement causes some difficulty with a singer, but she kept up with changes almost anticipating where I was going with the song.

The next song is Jules and my first song, it came off perfectly, and we even got some applause from the roadies working on the stage. Three more songs featuring Simone, this set more upbeat and toe-tapping. I had rearranged the order of the songs building from some slow and sensual to fast and rowdy at the finale. Another one of our duets is next, Jules stopping near the chorus to let me finish the song. I was angry at her, shooting arrows at her with my eyes. Simone, however, disagreed, that was perfect, the song stays as it is.

Four more songs for Simone, now at the conclusion of her songs she is getting applause from the crowd. In fact, when I looked around no one is working, they are all surrounding the stage watching as we do the run through of the show. One more song for Jules and me, a definite toe tapper, upbeat and definitely rowdy. When we finished, this time, it is total bedlam; shouts, applause, whistles, even one guy beating on an empty drum to confirm his liking of the song.

Two more songs for Simone, both well accepted from our impromptu crowd. I walked over to Simone suggesting a couple of things to her and Jules, then returned to the piano. I played an intro piece on the piano then we launched into the song, I had made the last minute change to the beat; a faster, more thrilling type of song now and actually more fun to sing. Everybody picked up on it instantly and by the time the song was over, we had our whole makeshift entourage singing with us. When the last note is played there are a few moments of silence then everything breaks loose. Looking over at Simone she is headed towards me, tears leaking from her eyes. I hope they are tears of joy. She attacks me, hugging me and kissing me all over my face. Jules quickly joins in, and I can hardly breathe the corset and now the hugs making getting a breath difficult if not impossible. The applause goes on for quite some time, a few of the roadies that were near us shaking our hands telling us that was the best concert that they had ever seen.

It did calm down some, they eventually went back to work, then Bethany came down from the control room, accompanied by another lady. Simone apparently knew her, so hugs and kisses were exchanged. Jules and I were introduced to her, her name is Hannah, with the recording company that handles Simone’s CDs. Hannah is very impressed with the show but asked why the different arrangements. The new arrangements are much better, but why did they record the songs with the crappy arrangements. Simone points to me; she is the reason. Our new arranger, composer and soon to be star of her own show. I gulp something down my throat, look at Jules and she is smiling, then at Simone, the smile she is sporting goes from ear to ear.

We adjourn to our dressing rooms, one large room for the three of us. As soon as I get there, I grab a hold of Simone and ask her about her statement. Simple, as soon as your name gets around a little, you and Jules will have you own show, and if I am not mistaken you own recording contract. At that statement, she looks at Hannah, her nodding in the affirmative. I plop myself down on a chair hard, put my head in my hands and cry. What else would a young female do when confronted with something so unbelievable?

Bethany explains that the first tape they made of us, the one I had given you a copy of, was sent to their recording company. Hannah told me when they received it, the CD was played to the VP in charge of new talent. He loved it especially your voice and piano playing. It was played to their focus group, and all of them loved it. They then sent it out to a few radio stations in key markets to see what the reaction would be. Again, instant approval, the station inundated with inquiries as to who you were and when will they hear more about you.

Hannah called Bethany, arranging to fly out and see you perform in the next concert. I was blown away by your performance, you and Jules were so awesome. The arrangements you did for Simone’s past songs made her performance so much better. Bethany negotiated on your behalf, a recording contract, a concert tour of your own, that we decided to put together with a Simone concert at the same time. The thinking is that we will offer a mega concert, you and Jules first, then both of you joining Simone in her concert. We have asked around, and most of the promoters want it, thinking they will be able to get two hundred a seat for the concert. Since all of the upcoming concerts are sponsored by these promoters, one more concert as regular, then all the rest will be mega concerts. You have four weeks until you get to a break in the schedule than we hope you will record a CD for us that we can release soon.

I just sat there, huh is the only word that I could get past my lips. Jules smiled and told Hannah that all sounds fine, just let Julia get her head around all of this. I received a hug from Hannah, and she left. There were still tears cascading down my cheek, but I guess the worst of it is over. It actually felt good to cry, somehow the reason for it is washed away some, as the tears spill down your cheeks. Jules set next to me and hugged me, Simone came over and hugged me also, telling me that it is in the stars, Julia is real, and she is going to be a star.

Before Bethany left she told me that I would never have to worry about money in the future, what I would be receiving in compensation would handle any wish or desire that I might have. Simone gave me a kiss on the cheek, and they headed to their hotel room. Jules helped me to get presentable, and we did the same. When I managed to stumble into the room, I headed right for the bed and stretched out to get comfortable. Jules ordered some things from room service then slipped into her nightie and robe.

I sighed, got up and went to the bathroom. So much has changed, from male to female, from piano accompaniment to star, this can’t be real. I heard the room door open and close figuring room service is here, so I put on my nightie and robe and came out. On the small room table is some champagne and French fries. I had to look twice, yes some French fries. Besides the container of fries some mayonnaise, what Jules and I used to dip them in. That simple gesture from Jules made me feel better.

I daintily set my butt on one of the chairs and grabbed a fry, dipped it in the mayonnaise and then into my mouth. The champagne really didn’t go with the fries, but the bubbles made my nose twitch. All in all a pleasant late night snack. We talked about everything that had been revealed to me that night, me asking Jules how much she knew ahead of time. She hesitated a little, me telling her that I wanted the truth. She knew everything except Hannah showing up. They all had figured that unless I was coaxed into this gradually, I would not accept the change.

She grabbed one of my hands, you do not realize how talented you are, but the main difficulty is how much of a female you are. For instance, look down at yourself, do you see any male showing through. The way you set down in the chair, the way you ate the fries, nobody has taught you these things, yet you perform the tasks as if you have been a female your entire life. Please let Julia take over your life, I want you happy, for once, and not that semi-depressed state you live in. I know it is hard, but you have the means to do anything you want both now and in the future, so take a deep breath and relax.

I didn’t get pushed out of the bed that morning, so I made my way to the bathroom shed my nightie and took a bath. Yeah, a bath, bubble bath, bath salts and all. I relaxed in the spacious tub reflecting on my apparent new life. After soaking up all of the smell, I dried off and made my way back to the bedroom. I found some panties to put on and a bra, my breasts happy to have some support. Yes, I did say my breasts. The rigid cups were now gone, soft pliable breast tissue all that is left. Upon touching them the nipples hardened and the tingling spread throughout my body. I presume after a while they become a part of me, sucked from my body, moving around as I make any movements. I had yet to fondle them, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before the temptation would be too much. Even now just thinking about it made the nipples get rock hard. I found a comfortable loose blouse and the bottom half of a pair of sweats to wear. Looking in the mirror, I almost looked more girlish dressed this way then when I was in a dress.

Some mascara and lipstick finished the look; then a brush ran through my hair made the image perfect. I wondered why I had put on the cosmetics, three days doing it and it now seems ingrained. Jules had been sitting on the bed watching me, smiling as I dressed. She had already dressed in a like outfit and was waiting for me. We left the room, heading down to meet Bethany and Simone for breakfast. I no longer held back, I walked side by side with Jules even entering the elevator first. Jules noticed the difference giving me a cheek kiss. I turned toward her, thinking what to say. “Julia is now in control Julian is no longer, I sure hope I have made the right decision.” Jules attacked me, the door opening at the lobby with two attractive females kissing a sight to see I am sure.

We walked to the restaurant hand in hand, found the girls, and scooted into the booth. They had already ordered for us, some tea and some cut up fruit. I just about said something about the choice, but then remembered my corset and that thought disappeared. We had rented a studio again, to work on the songs, Simone reminding me that we would need a whole new set for Jules and my concert. We also had to replace the three songs that we had sung in her concert.

The ride to the studio is longer, this one on the other side of town. Thank goodness for GPS, finding an out of the way studio in a new and unfamiliar city would be impossible without it. The studio is similar to the one we had before, the pianos much better. I started right in on some new tunes to add to the Simone portion of the concert. I nixed a couple of the ones they had been using up to now. There was some doubt until I played the song for them. The new song fit her voice so much better, showing her strengths. We practiced it several times to get familiar with the lyrics and tempo.

We still had one more concert to do as it is now before we changed to the mega concert. After making sure we were prepared I started working on songs for Jules and I. Bethany wanted each of us to have one solo, then all the rest would be our combined voices. I pleaded to leave out my solo, telling them my voice is not that good, but three against one prevailed, and I would have to sing a song by myself. I did stay with upbeat songs with some heart in them, something the audience could join in with if they so desired.

I managed to find seven songs including three of mine own composition for our part of the show, getting the arrangements down on paper. Bethany wanted to do away with the band, having only piano accompaniment for all of the songs. It was talked about for quite some time, but no decision was made, maybe after the next concert was the final word on the subject.

We wrapped it up early and headed back to the hotel. Although we had a tour bus, four females almost necessitated a hotel room for baths and female maintenance. Bethany told me that I would now have an appointment at the local Turnabout Gurl salon the day before the concert. Also tomorrow, the rest of my dresses would arrive, giving me enough costumes for two shows.

The next day bright and early a bellhop knocked on the door with fifteen boxes of clothes as predicted. Some were copies of dresses that Jules already had; the rest were in sets of two so we could dress alike. They were just using our first names in the promotional material for the upcoming mega-concerts. For some reason, they used my new name first causing Jules to frown, but my explanation that the older sister should come last didn’t help at all. The sore spot on my arm an indication of her continued hostility to that reference. You would think after twenty plus years she would get over the fact that she is the older sister.

After breakfast, we headed back to the studio, and I finished selecting and making musical arrangements for the new selections. It was decided that Simone would sing backup for a couple of our numbers that sounded better with that third voice in the mix. The day before the concert both Jules and I headed to the salon, Jules for a wet set on her hair, but I was told at reception that I would be there all day. I looked at Jules, with that if looks could kill expression on my face.

Jules had her hair shampooed and conditioned, then set in curlers. I was taken to a private treatment room and told to get undressed. Cream on my skin again, not missing a spot covering everything from my eyebrows to my toes. As I remembered from last time the second use of the cream would leave me permanently hair free. I guess that is alright, never had much body hair anyway, but being so smooth did make me look quite a bit more feminine. Lack of any eyebrows made my face so feminine, it’s funny when you remove something instead of helping to make you less masculine, it made me look totally female. My eyes seemed larger, and my forehead seemed less conspicuous without the brows. I can imagine with eye makeup on what the effect will be.

Then the suction machine is wheeled back in; I reach to hold my breasts, protecting them from further attention. The technician moves my hands away and slides a cup over each breast. Apparently, these are larger than the last ones used; there is still unfilled space at the end of the cups. Why I let her attach the larger cups, I really don’t know. The machine is turned on and in less than three hours the new larger cups are filled to capacity.

Meanwhile, my longer nails have been removed from my fingernails and even longer ones applied. This time instead of using an adhesive she spreads a gel on my fingernail and the extension and a small fitted clamp is applied to keep the two surfaces touching. Then my hand is inserted into a box that emits a purple light for an hour. Once they were removed, the clamps are taken off, and the nail extensions have changed color somewhat looking like a real nail.

Another lady enters the room and moves to the end of the table. She helps put my feet in the stirrups at the end of the table and places a strap over my ankle to secure them. She spreads the stirrups to the widest spacing leaving me quite exposed. She then used a large swab with solvent on it and gently removed my false vagina. The same to where my penis is glued to my body, and it hangs free for the first time in several days. Then some antiseptic wipes are used, and the entire area is thoroughly cleaned. I feel some movement down there but can’t pinpoint what she is doing.

As the area is drying she comes alongside me and explains what she is going to do. I will glue your penis back again after moving your testicles back up inside your body. Then stretching your scrotum back between your legs and gluing your stretched penis in between to make it look like a real vaginal opening. It will take a few days for things to get comfortable again, but after that, you will have normal feeling again. I will coat your penis with a liquid that will prevent you getting an erection, but the tip, in particular, will still be super sensitive. You should still be able to have an orgasm, but the liquid will just leak out not in spurts as before. This procedure is permanent, surgery would be required to undo the glued areas. I will apply antiseptic again to the area so that no infection is possible once the parts are glued in place.

As before you will have to sit to pee, a requirement for the rest of your life. The look is quite realistic, only a gynecologist or medical doctor could tell that you were not born female. Unfortunately, unless you have SRS, you will not be able to have sex and experience penetration like a female. The difference is the price, our procedure less than a thousand dollars, SRS running in excess of twenty-five thousand and a year RLT to qualify. No further installation of the false vagina, with this procedure, one less complication to deal with in the future.

If later you choose to go the route of SRS you will have the parts necessary still to have the operation. From what I have heard of your situation I think this is the route to go, but it is up to you, your life and future. I will give you a few moments to think about it, and then I will return to get your decision.

I laid there, all of this running through my mind, and giving me a headache. I liked the last few days; I felt I fit in for a change instead of being a lone masculine individual. A great future ahead of me, a future with my sister Jules. The friendship with Simone and Bethany seems genuine and real, something I have never experienced before.

When she returned, I smiled and told her to do it, why I still do not know. To trade my lonely existence as Julian for a females Julia not hard to understand, but then to make the correction to the male organs really a logical conclusion to the life I am living now. Maybe just having it done and over with is the determining factor, no choice anymore, a female for the rest of my life. Yes, that sounded good for some reason.

After that task is completed, my hair is washed, conditioned and set in curlers, way more curlers this time than last. I spent forty minutes under the dryer looking at some of the magazines provided, one article in particular, how to satisfy my husband without getting pregnant. I will leave any further comment unsaid. I did read the entire article though, never can tell when that info might come in handy.

Makeup next, with them instructing me as I did it myself. Several times I had to start over, but even when my arms got tired I was kept at it. When we reached a point where they thought I had done a respectable job my face is sprayed with a mist that will set my makeup for several days until removed with a special solvent. I am happy for that, but then to wake up to a face that is ultra-feminine and glamorous takes a little getting used to. My hair turned out to be piled on top of my head with numerous curls dangling from my head. They wove lace ribbons into the curls on my head, the ribbons dancing around the dangling curls making for a cute princess look. Then the whole hairdo is wrapped in a foam covering, protecting the style, but making me look like an alien from another planet.

Jules showed up a little while later in an identical outfit, her hair styled the same way. A limo came by to pick us up and we headed to the venue for the concert. Simone was getting dressed as we entered the dressing room. There were three racks of dresses waiting for us, our costumes for tonight’s show. Bethany appeared a little later with some news. The band’s vehicle broke down, they will not be able to get here in time for the show, so plan A is in effect. Julia will play accompaniment for all the songs. I never heard there was a Plan A until now, but playing would not be a problem. Since we had so many costume changes Bethany would stay in the dressing room and assist us as we changed dresses. The dressing room was just off to the side the stage, easy to slip into and out of.

Our alien headdress was removed and we were ready to start. A peek at the crowd, left me speechless, it was packed a sea of humanity. Even the aisles were full, as soon as I appeared onstage there was a roar from the crowd. I sat down at the piano and started to play an introduction bit, a few snippets of each song we would sing tonight. Then Simone walked on stage followed by Sis. Jules joined me near the piano while Simone stepped up to her mark on the stage. I started playing an upbeat number to get the crowd with us. By the finish of the song it seemed everyone in the crowd was singing along. I felt energized, a live audience will do that for you if you can win them over. Apparently we had planned well, they were with us for the entire concert.

Jules and our numbers were anti-climactic. The audience did not know the words for the songs since they were all my compositions. But one look at the crowd and I knew we had managed to capture them. The whole audience was swaying with the music, a sight to behold. We were applauded loudly, Simone having to start her next song while they were still clapping to keep the concert from going over the two hour time limit. As we were preparing to sing the last song, I looked at the clock on the piano, seeing that we were already thirty minutes after the scheduled end of the concert. Then after Simone had finished her song all hell broke loose. A standing ovation and ten curtain calls before we finally made it back to the dressing room.

The three of us just sat there trying to savor what had happened tonight. Bethany came in a huge smile plastered on her face. Part of the show tonight had been picked to play in the towns of our next concerts live, an advertising tool to make sure tickets were sold. It worked, now every upcoming concert totally sold out. That includes our new mega shows.

It was over an hour later when we managed to change out of our stage clothes and board the limo for a trip to a restaurant. All of us were famished, the excitement and audience reaction making tonight very special. I looked at a clock in the limo that was getting us there, it was now four A.M. in the morning. Time flies when you are having fun.

We were all quiet as we consumed our meals, mostly breakfasts. Jules was the only one deciding to order a salad instead. Simone surprised me by complimenting me on my skills as an arranger and composer. “What happened tonight was magical, not even the best in the business could produce the results you managed. Bethany and I have talked it over, with you accepting our offer the two of you will own thirty percent of our company. I think it is only fair for you to share in our success, the majority of it being as a result of your efforts. There is six more concerts scheduled, then we are taking a few months off. I think Jules might have something in mind for some of that time, while I would like Julia to accompany me to my second home in the Pacific Northwest. It is secluded, in the middle of six hundred acres of pristine woodlands.”

“I am sure we might be called upon to attend a wedding but think we might be able to handle that task. The house is overlooking a very beautiful view of the valley, has all of the amenities needed to live comfortably. A piano if you want to while away the hours, but I can think of some other activities that might keep you occupied. Bethany is going to be working on next year’s schedule of concerts, and taking care of her boyfriend. Hopefully she can get him to commit allowing us another wedding to be a part of. Now do we have a date or are you going to play hard to get. Suddenly the light came on, the computer booted up and my face turned a bright red. Jules saw that I finally figured it out, then slapped my shoulder hard. Gawd you can be so dense most of the time, Simone loves you, you idiot, and you are still back at the starting line.

I was promptly kissed by Simone, as I leaned into the kiss it felt wonderful. Simone asked one more time if I was coming with her, I blushed but nodded my head yes. Words not leaving my lips, my mind was pure mush, thus nothing was being communicated to my mouth. That prompted another kiss, this time it was pure bliss, my nipples were now hard as a rock and I felt moisture in my crotch. Just like a female, but theoretically impossible. I didn’t question it, the feelings of being loved and cared for overwhelming my overworked mind. Only six more concerts then being with someone I cared for. I did finally realize that I cared for Simone, probably loved her, but the thought had not made it through my thick brain for processing until this very moment.

Things were different on the last six concerts, I doubted my feet touched the ground for the whole time. I was happy, sneaking kisses whenever I could, when Simone was doing other things I was at a piano writing songs, most of them dealing with the two of us. I did keep them to myself, maybe for next year’s concerts. The last remaining concerts were each better than the last, the group cohesiveness showing more every time we took to the stage.

At the very last concert it was indeed a special time. Mark was there for Jules, and Bradley was there for Bethany. While we were doing our act on the stage I imagined the two of them were having a great old time in the control booth. After the show when we all got together I walked over to Bethany smiled and used a tissue to remove a lipstick smear. She got embarrassed some, but I just pushed her and Bradley together and told them to beat it. I didn’t need to worry about Jules and Mark since there were already in lip lock mode, not even coming up for air. Simone had grabbed my hand and we were soon at the back door getting into a limo still in our stage costumes. As soon as the limo door closed her tongue was exploring, my head pinned against the back of the seat. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feelings and sensations.

I had thought we would go the hotel room to change clothes before we went to the airport. So much for thinking as the limo went straight to the airport. We actually pulled right onto the runway, alongside a private jet the engines already going. Door open, up the stairs to the jet and then fastened into our seats as the jet started pulling away. A few minutes later the engines whined and we were airborne. She held me closely for the entire trip, just over three hours. It felt so good to be loved and cared for.

Another limo at the other end of our travels, and a two hour ride to her house. We came up over a ridge then the house and the valley beyond was visible. It was beautiful, like a picture from some travel show. The limo dropped us off, the driver getting our few bags. Simone had assured me she had plenty of clothes for us. I didn’t notice any cars or a garage for any, wondering how we were going to do grocery shopping or go to a restaurant for meals. Once in the house several of my queries were answered. The kitchen had a huge pantry stocked with almost anything you could imagine. The appliances and pans were professional quality, but I knew Simone had never cooked anything in her life. More questions to be answered but I kept them to myself.

After a general tour of the house I ended up in her bedroom, no make that our bedroom. I was slowly undressed, led to the bathroom and enjoyed a bath with her. The swirling fragrant water caressing us as we bathed each other. Then I was led back to the bedroom where I was dressed for the night, a peignoir set that almost swallowed me up. I hope Simone can find me among all of the silky lacy material. I was cuddled, kissed, fondled and many other actions until we both succumbed to sleep. She had no trouble finding my willing body among all the fabric of the nightie. I was often giggling as she probed around in the fabric looking for her target.

In the morning I was awakened by someone entering the room placing a tray of delicious smelling food on the café table over by the sliding glass doors. Simone looked up still sleepy eyed and greeted Kathy her chef/cook. I was introduced and received a tender hug, then asked what I wanted to drink. I asked if she had hot chocolate, she smiled and returned a few minutes later with a steaming carafe of it. To say it was good was an understatement. It tasted like she had used cream to make it, the thickness and the strong tastes of chocolate a perfect blend. The food was an omelet along with a mixture of fresh fruit, all of it delicious and so satisfying. Now I knew we would not starve to death.

The next big surprise was when I was handed a set of sweats, after I had finished off the breakfast. I looked at them and then at Simone. She giggled put them on we are going for a hike. I must have looked like I been told Santa Claus did not exist, she just came over and helped me dress. Then I was dragged out of the house and towards some woods near the back of the house. I had never done any exercise in my entire life, I doubted I could walk back to the house and not be winded. Simone had other ideas and soon we were deep in the woods, the house not even visible any more. She took it easy on me, we would hike for a while, then take a break as she kissed me and fondled me. Then off again for another stretch. A lot of the places we stopped at were so picturesque, the scenery very colorful and pristine. We were out till a little after lunch, according to Simone we had covered almost five miles. Wow, that is unreal.

Back at the house for a salad, then to her in-house gym for thirty minutes of cycling. I got kisses when I needed them, although I faked a few times extra, my lips were dry and I needed some moisture on them, some Simone moisture.

I was allowed a short nap, with her pressed right up against my back. I instantly fell asleep, the walk taking its toll on my body. Did I mention how wonderful it is waking up in a lover’s embrace? Something I would like to do for all eternity.

After a few days it settled down to a routine, a nice breakfast, a hike around the adjoining acreage, then a nap in the early afternoon. The time after I awoke was spent working on my songs. I guess it should be our songs, Simone was either the inspiration or in a lot of cases a corroborator in the writing of the song and lyrics. As the weeks passed we accumulated quite a collection of songs. It was discussed as to what we would do with the songs, save them for future concerts, or sell them to other artists. It came down to what Simone wanted to do about future concerts.

She loved the money from the concerts, but traveling all the time, living out of a tour bus was not what she had in mind for a life. So she summoned all the participants of previous concerts for a pow-wow to discuss future efforts. Simone was able to get Jules and Bethany down here without their boyfriends. A feat of major proportions in itself. We talked for several hours, explored some of the options then took a vote. Everybody agreed no more concerts. Instead we would do several CD’s of the new songs, then sell them on the internet to the public directly. Then split the revenue among us. Bethany would handle the making and distribution of the CD’s and Jules, Simone and I would supply the vocal talent. Of course, Simone and I would write the songs.

After a trip to Seattle to record the songs, it was two months before the first CD was released. Bethany had set up a website, announcing the CD release and offering it for sale. It was offered either download or an actual CD sent to the buyer. It took about a week for the songs to be promoted across the country and then sales skyrocketed. After two months we had sold over a million copies of the first CD and were now offering two more CD’s to our fans.

I did get to be the Maid of Honor for Jules wedding. A wonderful chance to see two loving and caring people join as a couple. It was about three months later when Bethany joined Jules as a married woman, Simone getting to be her Maid of Honor. I didn’t escape participating as I was a bridesmaid. They are both living with their husbands, but we still get together to sing at least once a month.

Simone and I talked about marriage, but we decided to forego it, living together enough for both of us. We decided when it came around to having children we would get married, but not before. Our love was so great even lesbian sex was enough for both of us. I kidded her when the time came, I would probably have to have a refresher course since I haven’t used it in so long. Simone just looked at me, when the time comes I will take care of things, no need to worry.

Such a wonderful life, peace, sincerity, and anything material I might want. The greatest prize though is being taken care of, to be loved for the rest of my life. To be loved and then to return the love to Simone, life can’t get any better.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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