Janet; Becoming A Lady

I was attempting to enjoy my first day of summer vacation, when I was called into Dad’s office. I had just completed my sophomore year, the second year in a row where I had held a 4.0 grade average during the whole year. Being the youngest of three males in the family I was being groomed to eventually take over and run my Father’s company. My older brothers were already working for him, but their lack of scholastic ability had already committed them to just some type of supervisory position, with very limited responsibility. During grade school Father realized my potential and was grooming me to follow in his footsteps, a much more logical candidate then either of my brothers.

I made the trip to his company, a little over an hour from our home. I was driving my new car, a gift from Father at my last birthday a few weeks ago. I entered the main offices and made my way to his office. I sat in front of his desk, hoping that the meeting was not about me joining his associate program. It was a work study arrangement where I would spend half a day at high school and the other half learning about the company and experiencing different positions within it. Sure enough that is what he wanted, my internship to start at the beginning of next week. I tried to avoid agreeing to his proposal, hoping to somehow avoid making a commitment to take on the associate program. My father wanted a decision now, and me starting the program within the next week.

I swallowed hard, but gave him my reply. “I do not want to join the company, feeling that my best career choice is found in some other pursuit. I have other interests, wishing to do different things with my education. I am sure you can find someone to follow in your footsteps, perhaps a person better suited to run your company.” I saw the look on my father’s face, this is not what he wanted to hear. I was dismissed and sent to Katherine’s office, his assistant for the last year.

He didn’t even have the balls to tell me what was going to happen to me. That was to be done by his assistant Katherine, a young female that had risen through the company quite quickly. There was rumors that she had done some sexual favors for him, thus getting her preferential treatment and the assistant’s job. I guess if I had accepted his offer she would be pushed aside, his opinion of employees and especially females not very high at the best of times. Since Katherine was the only female in management of any kind, maybe the rumors were true.

The confrontation had been long overdue, when I refused to enter the associate program of my Father’s company he reacted. The degree of his reaction proved that he was counting on me, and my outright refusal had hurt him badly. When anyone causes that kind of hurt he reacts with a bit too much anger, my person his target this June day.

My older siblings had followed in Dad’s footsteps, but the degree difference in intellect meant that they will never be much in the company. That was the reason I was wanted and expected to enter the associate program. This was Dad’s training program for upcoming young executives, where they worked some in each department, then gradually took on some managerial duties. It was a combination high school and business school in one. However, in Dad’s company the business end of it was pushed to the extreme, specifically his business.

I was called into Katherine’s office, standing in front of her desk since there was no chair available for me to sit at. She moved some papers around on her desk, then placed one right on top of the stack. She looked up at me and shook her head. “Your father is very unhappy with you and your decision about not joining the company. Since you have refused the training program he has made other arrangements for your remaining schooling. You have been enrolled in a boarding school, where you will finish you junior and senior years. The school is rated high academically, but their claim to fame is their ability to produce well-mannered and attractive young ladies no matter what they are given as raw material.”

I just stood there, mouth open, but any words or protests stuck in my throat, unable to escape.

“One of your housekeepers will drive you up there in a few minutes where you will live for the next two years. Everything is already arranged, a private room and two years of careful planned classes to make sure you mature into a proper young lady. Since this is all because of your unfortunate decision I suggest that you make the best of this and learn all you can. If you leave the school for any reason, you will be cut off from any funds and will not be accepted back into the family. After graduating your father hopes to find a suitable young man for you, so that you can have some stability and future as someone’s wife. That happens to be the only future he thinks you can handle, knowing that a female does have some limitations in what they can do in life.”

I stood there a tear or two rolling down my cheek. Since I had refused his wishes this is his punishment for me. Probably figuring when faced with his choice for me that I would change my mind and give in. I thought it over, I guess I will go ahead with this absurdity that alone will probably give him a heart attack. After I get up there and have a little more time maybe I can plan out some other approach to this. I was not going to cave in, as far as I am concerned there is no future working for my father, the company is not very well run, his decisions over the years have not made it any more sound or profitable. Better to try some other approach, although this particular choice had never appeared on my radar.

A knock on her door and Sherry, one of our housekeepers, appeared ready to drive me to my new school. Another part of his plan for me, no doubt. No chance to grab anything from the house, just transported to the school and left to my own devices. Katherine took my keys for the house and car then Sherry grabbed my hand and led me out to the car she was using. It was not even a decent one, but one of the older models that had not been sold off yet. My car now history, apparently rescinded since I had turned him down. The drive took a couple of hours, Sherry telling me a little about the school, her best friend graduating from that institution earlier in life. I just sat there, no words possible staring out the window at the passing scenery.

When we arrived she took me to the main office and I was shown into the director’s office. Ms. Greely introduced herself telling me that she was glad to have me as a student. I would be enrolled as Janet Monroe, as a female and be expected to act like one for the full two years. I was asked to undress, then given a school uniform to wear consisting of panties, a bra and a dress. A pair of heels, with a relative low heel height and then Sherry helped put my longish hair in a high ponytail with ribbons. Sherry did help me dress properly, since I had never worn female clothes before. I can’t say they were all that uncomfortable and felt even better. Sherry gave me a huge hug, gathered all my male clothes and left.

Just like that I was all alone, dressed as a female and now enrolled in a ladies finishing school. Who knew that my decision this morning could yield such results and in the same day no less. Ms. Greely grabbed my hand and walked me through a couple of buildings to a dormitory where I was shown to my room. It’s décor was very feminine , nothing about it was less than girly girl in appearance. A vanity, canopy bed, several full length mirrors, a huge closet packed with feminine clothes, the walls suitably decorated for a female’s boudoir. Two dressers, packed with underwear on one side of the room plus a jewelry cabinet next to them, a few items hanging out of a partially opened drawer in the cabinet. The room was picture perfect, just like it had been cut out of a girl’s magazine.

It seemed that my decision might have been guessed, since all was ready for me, the same day that I had made the fateful choice. I guess he hoped that the shock of the place might make me reconsider my decision. I figured he might have guessed my answer, since when the topic had come up before I was mute as to my willingness to join him in the company. It was a shock, but truthfully I was beyond any rational thought standing there dressed as I was and looking at where I would reside for the next two years.

Ms. Greely gave me a copy of my schedule for the next week, then told me she would send Tammy, a fellow dorm mate in to see me, she would be able to answer any questions and show me to dinner later. She gave me a tender hug, reassuring me that I would be alright and make it through these times with ease. Incidentally you are not the first male student we have had at the school, but we will soon have that matter corrected satisfactorily.

I sat on the bed, more than a few tears leaving my eyes as all of this sunk in, my mind finally realizing what was in store for me. The tears eventually dried up, being a male in an all-male household this is really the first time I had shed any. All the housekeepers and cooks were female, but interaction between then and my brothers and Father was sparse or non-existent. Even when my Mother left several years ago, I was unable to show any emotion. I never did hear of her reason for leaving, my only communication a Christmas card every year. When I attempted to write her back my letters went unanswered.

Tammy did show up about an hour later, wanting to show me around. I declined but she grabbed my hand dragging me from the room. She was a little taller than me, but possessed a more athletic body, her ease at getting me out of the room quite phenomenal. I was shown where everything was located at, it seemed to be quite a nice school. We made it to the cafeteria when they started serving dinner, picked some items and found a table to eat at.

Tammy did have a way about her, managing to extract my story with very little difficulty. I found out that I will be further transformed tomorrow, then start my classes the next day. The school was every day, no breaks or summer vacations, seven days a week. If I completed all of the courses I would graduate in eighteen months instead of the normal two years. Academics was stressed, but equal time was spent in bringing out the female in the student. In addition to all of my regular school classes I would have lessons in deportment, dancing, makeup, clothes selection, social skills, and anything else related to turning out a proper young lady at my graduation.

We bused our table, and returned to my room. Tammy booted up my computer, showing me where info on my classes could be found, homework when assigned, and upcoming dances and social affairs that I would be expected to attend. Then she surprised me talking about my transformation tomorrow. Although I at first didn’t believe her she is also male, attending the school because she wants to, not because she was forced to. I guess in a way I was not being forced to attend, it was just that without attending I would be severally limited in my options for life.

The transformation is handled at a salon in town, several choices available to the prospective student. Some semi-permanent, lasting for a few weeks, to see if the student really wants to live the female life, others longer lasting for the ones committed to the idea or ones here by no choice of their own. The minimum transformation enough for the school, so that I could blend in to the student body. I would be expected to live as a female, but the choices on my transformations were still available to me. If I used the temporary ones, I would just have them performed more often to maintain the mandatory female appearance for a student.

She then brought up the salon’s website, so I could see examples of what they do and what I might expect after my transformation. She suggested that I go with the longer lasting treatments, my looks as a female would be quite attractive, making life so much easier for the next eighteen months. All of their procedures are reversible at a later date if I wanted that to happen. She asked if I had any more questions, my mind too overwhelmed to reply. She would be by in the morning to take me to the salon, then come back later to pick me up. I was given her room number, the phones in the room allowed talking to other students, although they could not call out of the school. I already missed my cell phone, leaving it in my room when I got called in to Dad’s office. I got a tender hug, of which I savored then she left. Maybe I was not totally alone, me thinking about the hug even after she had left the room. It felt caring and tender, given willingly by a new friend.

I explored my room, looking at the clothes offered, blushing at their extreme femininity. I had quite an array of items to choose from, almost anything a young female could desire, the only problem, I was not a young female. I found a nightie to wear, silky and slippery, undressed and slipped it on. Not my first choice, but something to wear to bed. I crawled under the covers, the satin sheets and the nightie doing all kinds of things to my body. I laid there for a long time pondering my situation and what if anything I could do to extract myself from it. Did I want to extract myself? There is now some doubt on my part, since all other options seem to be a waste of time.

Every avenue of escape seemed to be a dead end, Father had indeed boxed me in to a situation that he hoped would change my decision. I finally tired of the thinking, closing my eyes and drifted off to slumber land. I woke up a time or two, but the satin sheets and the nightie were too much for my mind, so I nestled back in enjoying the sensuous feeling and was soon back to sleep.

I woke early, a common habit of mine lying there resuming my assessment of the situation. I briefly thought of the amount of money Father was spending on my schooling, smiled and decided that all was not as bad as it seemed. I guess that thought is what made up my mind. If I opt for the full treatment, helping to make me the epitome of femininity, I could extract some revenge on Father and maybe find some peace for myself for the time I would spend here. It is a highly rated school academically, so I can get my education along with a totally new perspective on life. Yes, the more I think about it the better it sounds.

Thinking about the changes and having them performed on you is two entirely different worlds. Tammy did get me to the salon the next morning, my clothes from yesterday what I wore to the salon, although fresh underwear came out of my dresser. A tech taking me back to a separate room as all was explained to me in detail. It would all be reversible, so I swallowed hard and opted for the longer lasting treatments. I could see out the door and to a room across the hall from mine. Tammy was getting her hair worked on, her smile and obvious enjoyment of what was happening seemed to ease my mind some. That is until the tech started working her magic on me.

It turned out to be a long day, the male me totally erased, each treatment furthering me along the path to femaleness. Hair removal first, what little I had managed to cultivate quickly done away with. A soothing cream applied to soften the skin and stop any chemical irritation of my skin. Then my body came next, my male organ secured to my body, keeping him flat and unable to expand. A female’s vagina glued over the top and makeup used to conceal any seams. Just like that I was female as far as sex organs go, definitely something requiring some getting used to.

I was next hooked up to an imposing machine, two hoses with cups attached to the ends were laid on my chest. The cups were glued on to my chest right above the nipples. They were impressive in size, if my soon to be breasts turned out the size of the cups I will be well endowed indeed. The machine was turned on, the vacuum starting to draw in excess flesh into the cup. After a while the machine turned to rapid pulses instead of a steady vacuum, the end result still the same.

While the machine was doing its work, my fingernails and toenails were polished, the fingernails receiving extensions though. Then their attention was focused on my hair, shampooed and conditioned, then several different chemical treatments applied, a very light curly blonde the end result. I wonder if he thought turning me into a blonde, bimboish in appearance, was just accidental or on purpose. Even Katherine having something to do with my hair color was a possibility. Either way I surprisingly just accepted it, whenever concerns became apparent I just thought back to not having to put up with his crap while I was forced to work at his company, a definite plus.

A full face of makeup, including some lessons in applying it was next, the boobie machine still hooked up giving me two very healthy breasts. Ear piercing, what young well finished woman didn’t have pierced ears these days. I was now a member of that group. Two piercings in each ear, a stud in the top hole, a dangly earring in the lower hole. I immediately got goose bumps as the lower earring swung against my neck.

All along the way I received glimpses of my changes, I would indeed be quite attractive, an unnerving thought at first, but as I looked at my image in the mirror, not as much of a shock as it was at first. I was told there would be other changes in the upcoming weeks, but these had to be gotten used to first. A change of clothes as the cups were unhooked from the machine, the cups would stay with me, gradually dissolving as the days progressed. I am not sure where the clothes came from, but they seemed extra girly. Maybe from my room, maybe from their clothing store here at the salon. I managed to get dressed, still a lot of motions and actions that seemed so foreign to me, the main problem is hooking my bra strap. The bra did feel good, since I had now significant weight firmly attached to my chest that would benefit from the bra’s support.

When Tammy appeared I got a squeal, her running over and embracing me enthusiastically. I apparently turned out better than she anticipated. We headed back to the school, then up to our rooms. When we got to her room she received a call asking her to bring me to the director’s office.

I had an idea what it was about, when we entered the office and I saw my Dad, I knew my hunch was correct. He was there to check out my appearance, to see what I looked like and if I was ready to give up and join him in the business. One look and he knew he had lost, a son that he had high hopes for now his only daughter. I decided to try and turn the tables on him, running up to him and hugging him tightly, and calling him Daddy.

He resisted at first, then I could feel his muscles relax, and he held me tenderly, the first time he had done that since I was born. The embrace lasted for quite some time, I noticed Tammy and the director leaving the room, leaving just me and my daddy. We eventually ended up on her sofa, his first words to me is that I looked just like my mother, also acting a lot like her. He confessed to driving my mother away, his obsession with the business and his heavy handed actions finally got too much for her and she walked out. It was all his fault, he tried to rectify things with her, but every time they met she saw the same behavior she detested so the separation continued.

“I tried to handle you the same way, and look what is has caused. I will get you back into your normal school, as soon as Katherine can arrange it. Have this undone pointing to my body and you can come back home, to do what you want with your life. I think I have finally learned my lesson this time, much too late probably but at least it is a lesson well learned.”

We talked a little more, I told him changing back has to wait, some of the things I have submitted to need some time before they can be reversed. I will stay at the school maybe learn to be the cute little daughter you will come to love. That said with a smirk and a giggle.

I would like to talk to my mother if you can contact her, a wish of mine for many years. Now give me a kiss Daddy, you have a business to run and I need some nourishment, they only serve dinner here for a short time. I did get the kiss and another tender hug, then he left, a few tears dripping from his eyes. That is a first for him, I have never seen him cry, even when Mom left.

When the two came back into the room Ms. Greely didn’t say anything, Tammy just dragged me to the cafeteria any more discussion postponed for the moment.

At dinner we talked very little, Tammy I think knew I needed time to process all that happened. When we got back to my room she helped me with clothes for tomorrow, my first day of classes. Makeup and hairstyle was discussed and decided on. Then she suggested that I come to her room, a nice chick flick to watch, nothing requiring thinking, just something to pass the time. I agreed, and we had a good time. I got a tender hug when I headed back to my room, something I really appreciated. In my previous male years I never was hugged, but quickly I could see it becoming an important facet of my life now. They feel so good, no words necessary, just an expression of caring shared by two people.

The next morning classes surprised me, very intense with lots of material covered quickly and efficiently. They were obviously covering material that I had not even been exposed to. The teachers noticed it right away and extra homework assigned to get me caught up to the class. After five classes I had fifteen extra assignments, the teachers allowing one week for me to get them done. I managed a quick lunch with Tammy, apparently she has taken me in as her BFF, to be watched over and helped whenever she could. I was grateful, believe me.

After lunch the finishing school part of the curriculum kicked in. A class in walking as a female, again another class the others had already mastered, but new to me. A teaching assistant coaching me through the class. Up and down stairs, on an elevated runway, in and out of a car, and the proper way to sit in a chair were all covered in detail. This was all accomplished in five inch heels, a minimum height for a prospective debutante. Four hours later I was beat, but walked back to my room in a very feminine gait, Tammy giggling as I made my way there, apparently proud of me. As we entered my room I was hugged to death, a compliment for my newly acquired skills.

She helped me with some of my homework, not doing it for me but suggesting answers that might be right. Every once in a while she would feed me a wrong answer, making me research the rest to verify that I had the right answer. That way I learned what I needed, but in a pleasant meaningful way. We watched another movie later, but she made me aware of certain things about the female characters. Things I would have never perceived or become aware of. A kind of peek into the life of a female.

The next day more classes, realizing that during a week I had five different classes every day, none repeating during the week. That resulted in thirty-five different classes during a seven day period. Talk about an advanced curriculum, this school was miles ahead of the rest. At first I was bewildered at the material I was expected to learn, but after the second week I looked forward to the vast array of knowledge available to me, anxiously looking forward to the next class in that subject.

By the end of the second week I had made it through all of my poise and makeup classes that I had not been exposed to, now with the rest of the girls as we polished our skills and learned about even more feminine traits and skills that would become useful in later life.

It was during the third week I was summoned to the director’s office right after my first morning class. I wondered what or who wanted to see me, I quickly ruled out Daddy, he never got up this early for any reason. As I knocked then entered the room I saw an older lady standing with Ms. Greely. She looked familiar and it took me only a few seconds to recognize who it might be and launched myself in her direction. She already had her hands out welcoming me into her embrace. The tears started right away, my Mom had come to see me, and I was thrilled. Again Ms. Greely left the room allowing Mom and me some privacy.

I was eventually pushed back some so she could get a better look at me. I suppose she liked what she saw, her smile big and with upturned edges. We made it to a sofa, she just holding me closely and making little noises to sooth me. After what seemed to be an hour she suggested we go have some lunch and talk about me. I was surprised I was allowed off of the school grounds, but didn’t really care about the slip up. I was shown to her car, a BMW convertible with the top up. Driven into town and to the most expensive restaurant in town.

She had made reservations apparently, and we were seated right sway. We ordered our drinks then she told the waiter we would order later. Once the drinks were served she told me to get it together, she needed all the details right from the start, don’t leave out anything. I told her everything, a couple of times she had me skip part of the story, apparently she had been told that part by someone else, presumably Father.

When I got to the visit recently by Daddy, I saw a couple of tears in her eyes, and a wistful hopeful look on her face. I wonder if she still had feelings for him. After I had conferred all the details of my life up to now we ordered our lunches, talking a little about her as we nibbled on out fare. I suddenly was not really hungry, more excited to finally meet my mom who apparently still cared for and loved me.

Mom had done real well in life after leaving Dad, she owned several large companies, had five different houses spread around the globe, most of them near one of her businesses. She apologized for not responding to my letters, but didn’t want to raise my hopes before she could do something for me. This time it was Daddy that had contacted her, telling her about her new daughter. A daughter that needed some love and female guidance in life now. He also told her he was real sorry for driving her away, his new daughter Janet opening his eyes to how he has behaved in the past, assuring her that he has learned his lesson well.

Mom told me he has sent some money to her, wanting her to get me anything a young female might need to help make her life easier and more complete. Then Mom shocked me the transfer to her account was in the amount of two hundred thousand dollars. “My dear sweet daughter, you have slipped past his defenses and stolen his heart.”

We talked about the school, did I like it here, did I want to stay or did I want to go back to where I was before? Before she could say anymore I told her I wanted to finish my schooling here. I like the academics here, and truthfully I think I have matured more here in the last couple of weeks than I have done in years with the way it was before.

She pointed to my feminine appearance, raising one of her eyebrows. Yes Mother I like what I have become, maybe I will be lucky and turn out like you when I finish here. That would make me so happy. Well that ended the conversation, tears popped up everywhere, hugs were exchanged and twenty minutes later we went to the restroom to repair our makeup. A Mother and her daughter, a life to share, love, and experience together.

I smirked a little, maybe I can coerce Daddy back into this family, I am sure there is still something between them, it just needs a little nurturing to bring it out. Just think after all these years maybe I can have both a Father and a Mother again. Mom was staring at me. Don’t get any wild ideas missy, you are not too old to take over my knee if you deserve it. I just smiled at her, that would be so enjoyable, not the spanking but to be loved enough to make me mind. She saw the look, okay we will keep that for some time in the future but if necessary I will see that it is carried out. I got lost in her hug, a wonderful warm place to find oneself.

We both cried buckets of tears as she left, I did get promises of lots of further visits, a daughter needing her Mother’s guidance as she turns into a young lady. She dropped me off at the dorm, I was sad as I trudged back to my room. By the time I had got there, I was happier, something to look forward to now. I noticed a note on my bed with my homework assignments, Tammy following through for me so that I would not get left behind. I quickly started on the assignments, something to keep me occupied. I even practiced putting on my makeup, I was okay doing it but wanted to excel, not just get by. For a female makeup is so important, especially if you want to succeed in your interactions with people. I even thought of getting good enough to attract a male, maybe a possibility now, just not sure how far I want to take this.

I looked forward to the classes, even several of the other students giggling at how serious I was regarding my studies and my lessons in femininity. Mother did visit quite often, at least once a month and every holiday. Father also came, but I still think he felt so guilty for what he had put me through. He has visited twice since I had started the school six months ago. I had noticed a couple of tears as he left, but the hugs I received were so intense and comforting. I guess I was feeling sorry for him, all of his plans and efforts getting him nothing he thought he wanted for himself.

On the last trip he had confided in me that he was selling the business, although he will stay on for a year to run it until someone else could be trained. I was also surprised by him telling me that Katherine was the leading candidate for the job. Well, so much for no change on his part, that change supporting a female for the job quite earth shattering. As he left I received a tender hug, and a kiss on my forehead, another earth shattering event.

Mom showed up a week later, for the first time in a long time a healthy smile and glow on her face. I had my suspicions for the reason but kept quiet, deciding to do a little interrogation later after we had lunch.

She had been receiving reports on my progress from Ms. Greely, according to her reports I was most of the way through my curriculum, quite a feat since I had only been at the school for eight months. I loved my classes, often reading ahead when I had caught up with my assigned work. Several of the teachers noticed I seemed to be handling the assigned work with ease and had gave me some tests to gauge my level of understanding. According to Mom I had passed all the tests with at least a grade of 95 out of 100. In my femininity classes I was always at the top of my class, doing my own makeup and hair style with ease, even when something new was introduced. She was proud of me wanting to know if I wanted to spend the rest of my time here or did I want to come and work with her. Well duh, that is a no brainer.

I did clarify my answer with her. “I want to help you in your endeavors, but more importantly I want time to be your daughter, to do mother daughter things and be a part of a family again. Maybe you can let Daddy visit a little more often, that would make your daughter very happy. I know he has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but one that I am proud of is he getting me in this school. So can we invite him over every so often, can we?”

I got hugged tightly, maybe it is time for that spanking, you little manipulator. I can see you learned your girl lessons well, twisting everyone around your little finger, just like I did when I was young. I turned around, pulled up my dress and leaned over, okay Mom give it to me. I did get a swat, then a most tender hug, as she told me to call him and invite him for dinner. I did and he was thrilled, I whispered for him to make his move, Mom was ready now.

The times Mommy and Daddy were together were often, the little manipulator me often in the area, a word or two here and there did help get them back together. Finally three months later Daddy moved back in with Mom. I did finish my classes at the school, then traveled with Mom for the next few months learning about her businesses and helping out where I could. It was fun, my perspective was a little different than Mom’s but she let me try my ideas and soon I had made quite a few changes that turned out to be quite profitable. Daddy helped where he could, but never tried to take over and run things his way. A change that was noticed by all and greatly appreciated.

He made frequent trips back to advise Kathleen on some matters considering his old business, getting paid handsomely for those efforts. Kathleen was doing well though, her skills and problem solving skills just right for her job. When I graduated school she was among my guests, I even got a graduation gift from her. She stayed for a couple of days, before she headed back to her job, we had lots of time to talk and she was very proud of me for making something good out of the situation I was put in. She noticed the changes in me, not the physical ones but how I had matured and was interacting with people now.

I was gradually eased into the running of my parent’s businesses, overseeing their business ventures, as they were on frequent trips to who knows where. I did observe that when they returned from one of their extended trips, they were all smiles, gave me hugs then returned to the house and unpacked. They never asked about how the businesses were doing, they met with their friends then started planning their next trip.

My schooling helped me greatly, running my parent’s businesses was not hard, I could figure out what move to make next easily, then get the appropriate people to do the work. I traveled quite a bit since their businesses were spread out over the globe. Mommy had five businesses and Daddy bought three more with the funds he got for selling his old business. That made eight companies that I keep an eye on, there were some executives in place for day to day, but anything major had to be okayed by me.

I do get invited to most social affairs, my prominence as a community leader and organizer making sure I am on most any ball or social affairs guest list. I think Janet has made her mark as a lady. Now for the next phase, to find someone I can love. I am looking forward to that, all of my recently learned feminine skills ready to be utilized. I already have a couple of young men on the short list, now to make them aware of my presence and then help them fall for me. It all started as I became a lady, a successful endeavor indeed.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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