Gloria; What To Do With My Purse

I was setting in the front lobby of the beauty salon, something typical for a late Friday afternoon with me. My wife and I were going to dinner, then to a movie later. Since her salon is on the other side of town, near where we usually eat at, this has become a normal Friday activity. I usually left her at the salon, then spent some time at the mall browsing the stores. That is after I had taken in the sights of the salon, a most fascinating place. Even when I came back to pick her up, I always arrived early so that I could spend a few more minutes observing and watching them perform their miracles. Today however it was pouring down rain so I decided that staying at the salon might be drier, plus a chance to see more of what goes on here.

Mary returned a few minutes later asking me to hold her purse. Now for a male holding your significant other’s purse is like a death sentence. I blushed red, as I immediately looked down at my feet. Mary leaned down making me look at her and then kissed me on the lips. There now all is better, that is what she hoped, but I was still staring at the purse sitting in my lap, its bright pink color like a beacon on a foggy coast. It was patent leather, all shiny with a matching leather strap. I looked around to see if anybody was watching me, afraid that everyone would assume the purse was mine. An obvious male in a beauty salon, and with his purse, no less.

Mary returned to her stylist, I touched the purse trying to see if I moved it to my side would it be less noticeable. Wrong, now it looked like the purse was mine, and not my wife’s. I moved it back and forth several times, trying to find some way to hide it from everyone’s sight.

Finally a distinguished lady that was very impressive by her height alone came over and sat next to me. She must have been at least five foot ten inches, but with her heels she was well over six feet. She was gorgeous, hair and makeup immaculate. As she set down next to me she crossed her legs at the knees, making even more of her fantastic legs visible. She reached over to grab my hand, holding it in her hands tenderly.

“I see you are having some difficulty figuring out what to do with your purse. I did not catch your name but I presume you are here with Mary, might I suggest a relaxing manicure for you while you wait. There is no strings attached, and my treat.” She was holding my hand waiting for me to tell her my name. The name Gregg stumbled out of my mouth, in a voice barely above a whisper. Why is it so hard to talk to this lady?

“Well Gregg, let’s see if we can keep you occupied while your wife gets her hair done.” With that she stood, pulled on my hand and led me back to an office in the back of the salon. I followed, with my wife’s purse in my right hand. As we entered the office she picked up the phone and dialed a number asking the person answering to come to her office for a nail makeover. Before I could respond to the offer I was seated in a comfortable chair, the purse back in my lap. Kayla was setting up her tools on a table in front of me, suggesting that I put my purse on a shelf under her table. Why does everyone presume the purse is mine? I managed to get the purse on the shelf, my hand shaking noticeably.

My statuesque friend told me she would tell Mary where I was at, not to worry my pretty little head. I tried to speak up again, but she just laid a finger on my lips, telling me to just relax and enjoy the nail makeover.

Kayla was fantastic, her massaging of my hands, and then cleaning my nails left me almost ready to drop off. She had filed my nails into neat ovals, since I hate to trim my nails I had let them get much longer than normal. Then she applied a clear coat to each individual nail making them shine. My hands were placed under a UV light, the heat and light making the polish harden. Then another coat of polish, it looked pinkish, but by then my mind was drowsy, and half asleep. Again under the light, then another coat of the polish. By then I was dozing, my head drooped to one side. I was getting tingly feelings up and down my arms, even though the massage was earlier in the process. It somehow felt so good, the feelings and my half asleep awareness just adding to the situation.

The tall lady returned, picking up one of my hands and inspecting the nails. “That is much better, now Mary will be proud to be seen with you. In fact her she comes now.” It took me a moment or two to wake up and be aware of my surroundings, then as I looked down at my nails, I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes. I opened them again when I didn’t hear any screaming or commotion. I had beautiful nails, very pink and extremely shiny and bright. After pulling me up from the chair, Mary took her purse, placed it over my shoulder, with my one hand on it to keep it from swinging. Then she locked her arm with my free arm and we walked out of the salon. I was almost to the car when I managed to get a word out. It had stopped raining, although it was still a little windy and much cooler than when we arrived. “My nails I can’t go out like this, what will people say.”

Mary stopped and faced me, put her face right up next to mine and whispered in my ear. “They will think the nails are beautiful. Now come on, I don’t want to miss our dinner reservation.” Mary ended up driving, I was in no condition to handle any kind of equipment, much less drive. I tried to get her to head home, this was too much for me, I was having trouble getting a breath, my heart was racing and my hands were shaking. When we got to the restaurant Mary told me she would fix things for me, I was expecting that we might forego the dinner, and then head home, instead she reached into my purse and retrieved a lipstick. She then applied lipstick to my lips and dragged me out of the car. Clicking the locks on the key chain I was now locked out of the car with no place to go and hide. Since she was in possession of my keys I was stuck. I pleaded with her, but she grabbed my hand and we were soon seated in the restaurant that damn purse of hers still hanging on my shoulder.

Our usual waitress arrived, greeted both of us, then looked at my nails. I had forgotten to keep them out of sight, now she had already seen them and was commenting on how pretty they were. Of course I was bright red, way too much blood now in the top part of my body. I quickly made a fist trying to hide my pinkish nails. Too late now one of the other waitresses came over wanting to see my nails. Mary pulled my hands up and made me splay them so they could see my nails as both ladies ooh’d and awed. I guess that was what was causing my whole body to tingle, a condition that had never occurred before. How does a male react to being told his nails are pretty? Probably the same way I did total silence with my eyes locked on a spot on the floor.

I ended up having to tell them where I had them done at, since they asked several times. Mary had to prod me to answer them, the words somehow stuck in my throat. The first waitress wanted to know the name of the polish since she decided she wanted hers done in the same color. I had thought the name of the polish was picturesque, A Pinkish Sunrise At Dawn, I could even picture it in my mind. When I first became aware of the pink polish Kayla had told me the name, for some reason it sunk into my befuddled mind. That meal was so unreal, the waitress and I carried on a conversation all during the meal, treating me like she usually treats Mary, like a woman.

I did relax some, until someone was looking in my direction. My head swiveling around quite often to see if I was being stared at. I was able to eat some of my dinner, hoping that we would go home instead of to the movies. Well hoping and what actually happened seemed miles apart that day. We settled on some seats towards the back of the movie theater, it was quiet back here, hardly any people in the theater, those attending mostly setting down front. Mary cuddled up next to me laying my head on her shoulder with her arm around my shoulders pulling me in tighter to her body. It was not lost on me that is the way I held Mary in the past.

I eventually relaxed some more, even falling asleep during the last few minutes of the show. Mary made me drive home, since I had already taken several short naps during the movie and would be well rested. That also meant I had to look at my fingernails as I maneuvered the steering wheel. We did make it, although my concentration was not solely on my driving, but on my pretty pink nails.

As we walked into the house I promised myself that I would get an appointment tomorrow to get the polish off, this can’t keep going on. Mary led me into the house and directly to our bedroom where I was quickly undressed. She pushed me back on the bed and lay on top of me. It happened so suddenly that I was giddy with excitement. I actually let out a small giggle, Mary’s actions definitely turning me on. Right in my line of sight, was my purse on the bed post wrapped around the top ball. I had no idea if I had placed it here or if Mary had something to do with it. I could swear it was happy, now that I was more into the role of a female.

This is what I love to do to her and now the circumstances are reversed. I just laid there, closing my eyes and letting my mind wander. I felt her mouth on my lips, her tongue making inroads. Then she attacked my ears and eyes, I have never been kissed on my eyes and ears before, but it is a delightful experience. I doubted my goose pimples could get any bigger, then a feeling deep inside started to form. It built up and then up some more, threatening to totally wipe out any activity in my mind. A pinch on my male nipple, sent me over the top, wave after wave of total bliss cascaded over me leaving me spent and incoherent.

I swear if I could utter anything it would just be gibberish. I have never had an orgasm without my male organ being touched, a first for me and thinking back a delightful experience. I wonder if that make me less than a male, surely men only have releases when their penis’s are handled or inserted in some type of receptacle. I instantly thought of Mary’s vagina, and of course my little fella responded by starting to get hard, again. Alas no time for him tonight, Mary too wrapped up in playing with my nipples and kissing me.

I was finally let up from the bed, made a mad dash to the bathroom, and tried to relieve my bladder. I also had to deal with a gooey mess in my shorts, quite a combination that required attention. It took me quite a while to relax, then relief as my bladder finally drained. My nails were visible during all of this, every time I moved my hands pretty pink nails came into view. As I made it back to bed I mentioned that I needed to call and get an appointment to get the polish taken off, the earlier the better.

She smiled. “That might be kind of difficult, since all of their technicians are booked solid. You got taken care of because someone canceled at the last moment. I can call Kayla tomorrow and see if you were set up with a weekly appointment like most of their customers. If so she can do whatever you like come next Friday. Some longer extensions and a salmon polish might look good on you. It will help accent your long fingers, making your arms look more feminine. I enjoyed our dinner and the movie, you were so nice and lovable leaning on me and letting me have my way with you. I am definitely looking forward to next Friday.”

I swallowed hard, how am I going to get out of this without upsetting my wife. We have always got along, but there have been times when harsh words were spoken, causing an icy relationship for several months. All of those times it was my mouth that had iced the waters, I definitely do not need another occurrence. Mary does have a good memory, sometimes requiring quite a bit of time to forget especially when I had committed the error. Maybe I can somehow deal with the nails for a while, not wanting to stir up the waters if I don’t have to.

At least, work should not be a problem since I am self-employed, doing research for professional writers both fiction and scientific. My personal contact with them is sporadic, maybe I can suffer through this for a couple of weeks, then when things have quieted down some, have the polish removed. I know a pipe dream, when things start to go awry, it seems it is all downhill after that.

I never got a chance to put on my pajamas that evening, so I ended up naked in bed, her body right next to me. Oh well, what a husband has to put up with for his wife. A quick glance at my pink nails and I might need to edit the husband part.

I did manage to get some sleep, though Mary had a death grip on my body, cuddled behind me as close as she could get to me with both of her arms around my body pulling me closer to her. Her warm nipples boring holes in my back. I did drift off easily, being held like that quite comforting. Not a position that I had experienced much before.

Saturday was so-so, we did a few chores around the house. I am sure if anybody had seen me out mowing the lawn, with bright shiny pink nails I would be the talk of the neighborhood. I did wear gloves although it was way too hot for them, suffering in the heat to try and keep my nails a secret. I did get some strange looks, mostly from a few ladies who were out for a walk. Since their eyes were focused on my gloves, I presume that was the reason for the strange looks. It had to be at least ninety in the yard, the sweat rolling off my face and body as I maneuvered the mower around the yard.

Luckily for me, most of the guys were off playing golf, I had seen them loading their golf clubs in their cars earlier. I did get discovered later in the day when Kay one of Mary’s longtime friends came wondering in. Being such good friends they usually just knock then enter each other’s house. Unfortunately for me I was vacuuming the stairs, a chore I did sometimes for Mary when Kay walked in. She stood there unseen by me watching as I worked. Then she saw my nails and grabbed a hand to get a closer look. Once I saw what she was looking at I turned shades of red, hoping the vacuum would suck me up and I would not be left there facing her alone.

Kay has never been shy, so she grabbed my hand and pulled me up and then to the kitchen where Mary was working, leaving the vacuum still running on the stairs. My hand was shoved in front of Mary’s face, then Kay asked her where I had the manicure done at. That was not the question I was anticipating from her. They talked about my nails like I was not there, about the color and how much better my nails would look with extensions. Finally she released my hand and I made it back to shut off the vacuum while they were still talking. I wondered back to the kitchen, not wanting to leave the two alone for long when they seemed intent on making plans for me.

Mary had made some tea and placed three cups on the kitchen bar. Kay steered me onto one of the bar stools and we sipped tea and they talked. I didn’t know what to say, so I stayed quiet. It was like I was one of them now, a woman talking about things that a female would be interested in.

I heard them calling a name Gloria, then silence. Are they calling me Gloria now, how Gregg can be morphed into Gloria that is definitely one for the experts to figure out? I looked in their direction as Mary is staring at me, trying hard to not break out in a giggling fit. Mary wanted me to go to our bedroom and get my purse and bring it to the kitchen. I started out in that direction, then abruptly stopped. If I do, Kay will see that I also carry a purse around with me, another validation that suggests that I am less than a male.

I look at my pink nails, then headed to the bedroom to get my purse. Nails with pink polish or a purse, either of them just as condemning as the other. I was asked to get the bottle of polish out and show Kay, now another female wanting to use the same color of polish as I had on my nails. When I returned I got the bottle of polish out and handed it to her.

Kay eventually left, but wanted front row seats next Friday when I come home with the longer extensions that both of them suggested would look great on me. I pleaded with Mary to somehow stop this insanity and cancel my appointment for next Friday. Her only statement was what I will do if you don’t go with me taking your purse. That will mean that I will have to carry one, you know I don’t have one that will match the dress that I am planning to wear, you’re the only one that has a purse that color. Nope you will have to go, besides too many people want to see you with the extensions and the bright red polish. Somehow the salmon polish that was suggested earlier had been dumped in favor of a bright red polish. It will be a perfect match for the purse you know you want to take to the salon. In fact if you want you can borrow my skirt, the red pencil skirt that will complement the purse and tie your whole outfit together.

I lowered my head, resting it between my hands and let out a huge sigh. I tried to figure out how I ended up in this predicament, that tall lady at the salon was the one that started it. From then on it just seemed to mushroom, now I had serious doubts whether I could stop it. I guess the polish on the nails kind of grows on you, a quick glance, they do look nice don’t they. Augh… now I am doing it.

I somehow made it through the week, Kay did come over often to keep me company, her words. I think she was just checking to see if I had found some way to remove the polish. I did look once through all of Mary’s things to see if I could find the polish remover I knew she owned, but never did find it. So the polish remained, a constant reminder of my new status. All week I was treated as a female by Mary, her having her way with me several times. The last time I spurted all over the place when she sucked on my fingers while rubbing my groin. I turned many shades of red at that experience, it was hours before my complexion returned to a somewhat normal color.

I ended up naked most nights, Mary not wanting my old PJ’s on her lover’s body, her words. I did get used to her cuddling me, most nights her warm pointy nipples probing my back. I guess it could be worse, but by the end of the week I was getting too comfortable with the nails and with my new relationship with Mary in bed.

Finally Friday arrived and I managed to get out of the house in my normal clothes, but of course my purse was ever apparent. Today my purse was a red leather bag with a gold chain strap. At the salon I was welcomed by the tall lady, who I learned was Francine. The bear hug she greeted me with felt good, as she held on to me for several minutes. Then she took me back to a private room and Kayla was already setting up to do my manicure. I saw some pieces of nails laying on her table, I presume the extensions Mary and Kay were anxious for me to have.

They seemed so long, I swallowed hard, but no excuse came to mind for me to avoid getting them. I turned around to the door to see if Mary had followed us. Maybe if she hasn’t I could make up some kind of excuse for not getting them. Well karma is a bitch, Mary was there smiling holding a bottle of bright red polish that she handed to Kayla. Kayla mentioned that it was a new gel polish, semi-permanent after it is applied. A bigger smile lit up Mary’s face, I quietly sat down in the chair, waiting for my manicure. I have to figure out what I did wrong, this is just getting worse by the minute. My karma must be nil right now that is if I had any to start with. With the things that have happened so far I doubt there was any karma involved to start with, my account probably overdrawn.

It took Kayla over two hours to add the extensions and the five coats of polish, each coat of polish baked under a UV light to make it harden. At each coat I felt my small amount of masculinity slipping away a little further. My hands looked so feminine, even in male clothes my gender would be in doubt. The extensions extended past my fingertips by at least three quarters of an inch, making doing anything with my hands very difficult. It was ironic that the only thing it did not affect was me slipping my purse strap over my shoulder.

I had given up on calling it Mary’s purse, since I carried it around more than she did. It was my purse, whenever the two of us went anywhere it was on my shoulder. I even had a different one to use when what I wore required a different color to coordinate. At all times my ID and wallet were in the purse along with Mary’s. Even two tubes of lipstick, although I managed to escape wearing mine all the time.

Francine examined my nail job as we were checking out, a bigger smile could not be etched on her face. She had the receptionist add to my appointment next week a full body wax, my arm hair especially distracting to my appearance. I started to say something, but thought better of it. With my karma this bad, I would probably end up with boobs and arched eyebrows.

I was woman-handled again as soon as we got home, at least I didn’t have to suffer through dinner and a movie. Undressed and laid back on the bed and that was where I stayed for the next three hours. We took showers together, then I was cuddled in bed, her holding me tightly against her. At least, that part was welcome. I dozed off right away, a sound sleep dreaming of my first makeover with cosmetics and a pair of heels. Oh well, an over active imagination does have to be lived with.

By the time of my next appointment Mary had bought me four new purses, each one filling a need for matching a color of clothes that I wore. I had also been out dressed in one of her skirts, a maneuver she managed one afternoon. Around the house she had gotten me to wearing one of her skirts. Before you ask yes panties underneath, boxers are just so gross with a fitted skirt. Anyway she comes rushing in from work, wanting me to get my purse, she needs a business suit for tomorrow, a surprise meeting of her company’s board of directors and she is going to be making one of the presentations to the board. Of course, I am happy for her she has worked hard these last few years to make inroads at her work. Now it looks like all her work was starting to pay off.

Anyway after getting my purse we got in the car and were off to the mall. Mary drove knowing where she wanted to shop at. We parked next to the mall entrance closest to her destination. It was as we were walking into the store, a few stores from the mall entrance we parked at, that I realized I was still in a skirt. I applied the brakes, a problem when Mary is holding my other hand. She turned abruptly looking my way wanting to know what the problem was. I pointed to my skirt, the red already engulfing my face. Mary’s solution was for me to open my purse and take out my lipstick. I did and was holding it in my hand, not really wanting to apply it right in the middle of the mall. But if I waited for Mary to apply it, it would probably be worse since other women usually do not apply their girlfriend’s lipstick.

I applied it, not sure it would show up much against my already red face. I put the tube back in my purse and was led into the store. An hour later we had found a business suit with the cutest pencil skirt for Mary, its light tan color looking good with her complexion. The skirt’s hem was inches above her knees, just right to accent and flatter her gorgeous legs.

Unfortunately, Mary also found some clothes for me. Once she had handled her pressing need, she turned her attention to me. I tried to dissuade her, but the smile she had plastered on her face as she held one garment after another up against me, persuaded me to keep quiet and let her have her fun. Her items came to about one hundred and fifty dollars, whereas mine was almost five hundred dollars. To top it off I had to pay with my charge card, taken from my purse. The card with my male name emblazoned on it. I resolved to straighten things out tonight once we got home and had eaten. As fast as this is escalating no telling what condition I will be in a few months.

On the way home Mary stopped for some carry-out. No problem send in her better half with the purse to retrieve the meal. So with the food in hand I made my way back to the car. I got a kiss for my efforts, it was definitely a kiss to remember, I swear my lips were hot after the encounter, not warm but steaming hot. Who knew a kiss could last that long? We eventually made it home, but the food did have to be warmed up some.

We finished the goodies, then cleaned up some. I grabbed Mary’s hand and led her to the living room. I parked her butt on the sofa and sat right next to her, holding both of her hands so she could not make an escape. She giggled, took you long enough to build up the nerve to corner me about the purse thing. I was hushed when I tried to state my opinion on the matter.

“Let’s just cut to the crux of the problem. You are and have been envious of me and my femininity. The way you look at my clothing, the sighs that accompany those looks are most pathetic. Even Francine at the salon saw it when you used to drop me off or come to pick me up. She observed that longing to be dressed as some of the other women or have a pretty hairdo like they do. We conspired to get you to experience some of that feeling. The day you stayed at the salon to keep from getting drenched in the rain a perfect lead in to our plan.”

“You never bowed up like a normal male would do when receiving polish on his nails. Then at the restaurant and later at the movie you acted like a female letting me hold you even put lipstick on you. I saw the smile that you tried to hide from me, a sure sign of your enjoyment. Even today while we were shopping I saw the envious looks you were giving the clothing while I was finding my business suit. I saw where you were looking and visited those areas holding up pieces of clothing to your body. A normal male would have been out the door and half way to his car, no matter what his wife said.”

“Then we have the purse issue, the most telling reason of all. Name me one of our male friends that has ever donned a purse on his shoulder, or even carried one in his hands. The excuse of me not wanting to carry a purse you bought into even though it is so ridiculous. There again show me one female that does not carry a purse, even to go to the ladies room. Now, let’s resolve this right now.”

“Gregg no longer exists, I want nothing to do with him anymore. Gloria is the real you, always has been. I want you to pack up all of your male clothes, put them in the car and take them to Goodwill. Be sure to get a receipt for them so that I know that you did as I asked. You will do this yourself, with no help from me. Then tomorrow morning you need to call Francine and tell her that Gloria needs an appointment for a total transformation to the female gender. Again something you and only you need to do. After your transformation pick out something nice from their boutique get dressed. Pay the bill and then drive to my workplace, asking to speak to the new CEO. I will be expecting you before three PM.”

“After getting rid of those nasty male clothes, get cleaned up and put on the nightie lying on the bed and I will see to your ravaging promptly thereafter. Come on gurl, time is a wasting.”

I was almost to the bedroom when all she had told me finally sunk in. I was sad, a few tears running down my cheeks then the rest of what she had said finally made it to my befuddled mind. I stopped, went back to the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of garbage bags and headed for the bedroom. Twenty minutes later all of my clothes had made it into the bags, and into my car. I started to get into the car, then remembered what I was wearing. Back to the bedroom, stripped off my last few male clothes, then donned a blouse and skirt, brushed my hair and used a lipstick to color my otherwise bland lips. Those last few male clothes made it to the bags being dropped off. I reached for my purse and headed to the garage.

An hour later I was back, found the nightie and adjourned to the bathroom. A quick shower, although a bath seemed a better idea and dried off. I slipped on the nightie, wondering if I needed panties too. I will have to ask Mary. As I made it to the bedroom all of the lights were off, just a few candles in the corners of the room. I felt my way to the bed and was dragged down on top of her. I was giggling away as she grabbed my penis and massaged it. Yep there will be no need for panties tonight. It was a long night, I lost memory of how many times I spurted that night, I do know my penis was sore the next morning, sore but extremely happy.

I did make the call the next morning and then had to hurry, Francine is ready to take me as soon as I could get to the salon. It was a whirlwind of activity as I was greeted at the door and taken to one of the treatment rooms. In no time I was naked and a cream had been spread all over my body. Thirty minutes later I was hairless and not just for the short term. My scraggly facial hair was treated the same and now shaving would be a thing of the past for me. I was in a daze, the air on my smooth soft skin had affected my mind, the goose pimples seemed to be forming fast and furious.

Before I knew what was happening, the tech whose name was Sheila had locked a petite cage around junior, locking it and placing the key on a necklace around her neck. I stared at her, but she just smiled, Mary wanted this done right away, since you are her gurl now, and she will see to your sexual needs at her discretion. I looked in the mirror closely, my male organ now petite and pathetic in his new home, the heart shaped lock dangling for all to see.

My attention was now centered on my chest where two squiggly blobs of flesh were glued over my nipples. My hands were placed over the blobs and told to keep them there until the glue dries. I was hesitant and moved my hands a little trying to hold them but just barely touching them. To my surprise I could feel every brush of my hand over the nipple of my new breasts, causing even more problems for my overworked mind.

In the meantime my eyebrows were almost done away with, now pencil thin highly arched lines over my now decidedly feminine eyes. Makeup applied to my face left no remains of Gregg in the image in the mirror in front of me. The lipstick in particular was bright red in color and so glossy. I was later in learn it was long lasting, guaranteed to last through the most ardent kissing session and beyond.

Clothes were next, the breasts now felt better since they were nestled in a gorgeous bra, helping to minimize the constant movement. A padded pantie to help shape my derriere and hide my caged penis. It seemed so small now, trapped in his little plastic pink cage, looking cute and not very manly. Stockings with elasticized tops, and a pair of four inch heels completed the underwear. A business suit similar to what Mary bought was helped on to my body, then I was made to practice walking without tripping in my heels.

They worked on my hair, today just using a curling iron, later in the week a separate appointment just for the things Mary wanted done to my tresses. I will have to get used to the curls dangling over my ears and neck, something else to drive my already overworked senses crazy.

There was no Gregg in the person that left the salon just after two PM. I drove to her office and asked to speak to the CEO. I had wondered why Mary wanted me to speak to the CEO, what has that person got to do with Mary and me. I was shown into the CEO’s office as the light finally came on. I saw her in her new suit and took off running to meet her. I misjudged my speed and the skirt I was wearing, ending up flying right over her desk landing on her lap. I definitely need more practice in the heels.

She twisted and turned trying to see my new look, finally deciding to kiss me to get me to calm down. Her secretary closed the door, giggling away as she did so. Mary made me disengage from her, wanting to see how I turned out. From the smile and grin on her face, I must have turned out okay.

I managed to congratulate her on her promotion, I know something she had worked hard for ever since she was hired here. She is very intelligent often times straightening out other employee’s messes. I guess someone had noticed her efforts and made some changes. She had a couple of things she still needed to do today, so I sat on her sofa, practicing crossing my legs and applying lipstick. With Mary around I am sure the lipstick application technique would need to be perfected.

Mary came to get me, wanting to know what I was fixing for dinner tonight. Huh, was all that emerged from my lips. “Look sweetheart of mine, since I am the wage earner here, you are now the housewife, catering to my needs and keeping me stress free and happy. The house is now yours to maintain, making it cozy and welcoming to your spouse. Eventually when we have kids you will be raising them like a proud mother should, while still keeping your loving spouse happy and contended. Now what are you fixing for dinner tonight?”

“Since you look so pretty, maybe even beautiful, I guess I can make an exception for one night and take you out to dinner.”

Proving I was a fast learner I hit her in the shoulder, ‘maybe even beautiful’ my ass, seven hours suffering to look like this, you can fix your own dinner tonight for all I care. She was laughing as she pulled me reluctantly into her embrace. By the time our breasts were touching I was eager for her kiss, making all of this seem worthwhile somehow. My cute little caged sex toy was eager to see some action too. I grabbed my purse and we headed for the door, some food to fuel the fires then I wanted to get home, I had things to do and a spouse to keep happy. It all started with a purse, a wonderful doorway to femininity.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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