Rose; Kick That Leg High

Well, it all started about eight months ago, I had been working in Vegas for a little over a month, a transplant from Southern Arizona. I came up here to try and further my career as a dancer. Of course, the chances of getting a job professionally are quite low, but dreams and ideals spur you on to keep trying. It makes it twice as hard when you are a male dancer. The majority of the dancers in Vegas are female, buxom semi-naked females.

I auditioned at seven different casinos, each audition went well, but they had nothing to offer me. They would keep my audition tape and let me know if anything changed. I knew then I would probably never hear from them. The shows I auditioned for had only one or two male dancers, so that made it even more unlikely I would ever be called.

In the meantime I was able to find a job at a dance studio, teaching young girls the basics. It allowed me to find an apartment and settle in for the long campaign to find something better. The apartment was basic, one bedroom, a living room with kitchen and a bathroom with shower only. The dance studio was within walking distance of the apartment, otherwise I probably would not be able to work. I had a car, but it has seen its better days a few years ago, each trip into Vegas for an audition was done on a hope and a prayer.

I watched the newspapers every day looking for any opportunities to get my foot in the door. There was a local magazine for the entertainment industry that also had listings of new show castings and any open auditions. I missed very few chances to show off my abilities, but being male was more of a hindrance than I first thought. The casinos employ some male dancers but only as support dancers for the girls. Once employed with a casino there are few new male dancers added, the existing ones often used for the new shows.

Surprisingly my big break came about at my get by job as a dance instructor. One of the mothers coming to pick up her daughter was early and watched the end of my class. Her daughter was in her teens, quite talented and a good pupil. I was a little unorthodox in my teaching methods, we did everything as a group, in a circle where each of us could see what the other was doing. We were doing a class on some numbers from a couple of the strip shows. I had all of them in leotards, tights and heels. In fact, that was a requirement of the class, mastering heels of at least three inches. A lot of the young girls were so thrilled to be able to wear heels feeling that it made them so grown-up. Doing parts of the routines from the Vegas shows just added to that feeling.

To better show them the steps I was dressed in leggings, short shorts and my own four inch heels. I had done it for a class I taught in Phoenix, a part time job that I enjoyed, in fact the owner of that dance studio gave me a very nice letter of reference when I left to head to Vegas. I was sure that most anybody else looking at me would consider me a very gay guy, but I found it much easier to show the girls what I wanted if I was dressed and dancing just like them. The first class, when they got a look at me, there were giggles, then I did a routine including some high kicks, and I never received another giggle after that.

The lady after watching the end of the class, approached her daughter and had her introduce me. Her daughter looked a lot like her mother, tall and slender, a definite dancer’s physique. Ms. Crockett was personable and focused. I shook her hands, as she complimented me on my teaching methods. We talked a little about her daughter, her strengths and where she needed to improve the most. “Would you be interested in a job dancing? If so here is my card, come to the casino at eight AM tomorrow and we can talk.” She was all business, never waiting for my reply. I wanted to scream at her sure, I would love a job dancing, but never got the opportunity. She had already taken her daughter, as they slipped out of the studio. I had another class right after this one so I put the card in the pocket of my shorts and got things ready for the next class.

It was about three hours later when I had a chance to look at the card again. She was a producer of one of the casino shows, it was new to the strip but a lot of people were talking about it already. I doubted if anything would come of the offer to dance, I had several instances in the past where people offered me a chance at something, but it turned out to be just an attempt to get a discount on their daughter’s lessons. I was sure that is the case here too. I will make the effort though, any chance though slim is worth taking.

I dressed fairly conventional, not wanting to inspire the gay thing to take hold. I did however take some leggings with me and two pair of heels. While my feet were not unusually large, I did require a ladies size ten heel, not the most standard shoe for stores to stock. I was early, getting there at a little past seven-thirty and shown to the theater. Ms. Crockett was working with some dancers on stage, so I went down to one of the first tables in front of the stage and sat and watched. The girls were tired, they probably danced last night and then had to get up extra early to work on their routine. Ms. Crockett was very good, but didn’t have much if any patience. I could see she was getting frustrated, so in an attempt to make points with her, I asked if I could work with them for a few minutes.

She turned around to stare at me, then smiled. She made her way down from the stage, showed me a video of the routine she wanted them to master and then told me I had an hour. “Where can I change?”

“Backstage to the right, second door in.” I grabbed my backpack and went backstage. I smiled when I saw the door she had alluded to was a female dressing room. I entered and quickly changed into my leggings, shorts and heels. I went back on stage, introduced myself and asked their names. All the time the girls were trying to stop from giggling, though I didn’t pay them any attention. I started the music and asked them to do the routine. They hesitated, wondering who this new person is ordering them around. I asked them again, for me to help them I have to see what they are capable of.

One of the girls, suggested that I show them how it is done, so they can see how it should be done properly. I waited till the music started again and went into the routine. It was a standard routine done to music of the fifties, though in this case it was a little different arrangement musically. I noticed open mouths when I glanced in their direction, but kept doing the routine. When I finished I looked in their direction. “Now it is your turn.” They immediately started and I did the routine with them, but facing them instead of alongside. The third time we went through the routine I could see improvement.

When the hour was up Ms. Crockett came back onstage, complimented the girls on doing better then sent them off. She took my hand and led me to an office in the back of the casino’s theater. Pointed to a seat and then got behind the desk. “Could you do what you did this morning for a job six days a week?” I smiled and nodded yes. “Then you are hired, when can you start?”

I asked when she wanted me to start work, “I would give notice at the dance studio, but those classes are afternoon and evening I could probably do both until my other employer could find somebody.” That seemed fine with her.

Since the last show is at midnight the dancers are finished around two, then usually eat at the casino before going home. I had suggested to them, a few weeks earlier that we rehearse new routines in the early morning, then they would have the rest of the day off. That seemed to meet with everybody’s approval. “Is five AM too early for you, it would give them time to eat, relax some and change into their workout clothes?”

“No that would be fine with me, what do you want me to teach them? I haven’t seen the show yet, so I don’t know all the routines yet, maybe if you have videos of those that I can borrow that will help a lot.”

“I have got a better idea, come to the show tonight as my guest and you can see it firsthand. The midnight show would be best, so come to the theater entrance and give them your name and you will be shown to my table. Dress is casual, heels are allowed if you want to wear them. There was a smirk as she said that, and a small giggle escaped the corners of her mouth. No rehearsal tonight I would like to talk to you in depth. That we will do after you see the show. Then tomorrow night you can start with the dancers.”

“That will be fine, I will be here later.” I left the theater and went back home. Half way there I realized I had forgot to ask what my pay would be, not too smart on my part, but any chance to get ahead I guess is worth taking. I ate some lunch, took a short nap and then headed to my dance class job. Melanie the owner was sorry to lose me, but thrilled that I had landed a better job. “I have another dancer that needs part-time employment and she would use them to take over my classes. So just work today and then you can leave. If it changes later, please come back, I like having you work here and the students adore you.”

I made it through the classes, but didn’t announce to the class that I was leaving. I did notice that Ms. Crockett’s daughter was not there, I will most likely be teaching her too. After the classes I went back home, showered and tried to find something appropriate to wear. I did consider wearing the heels, but chickened out when I thought that it might reflect back negatively on my new boss.

I headed over to the casino, still very early for the meeting. I played some slots for a while, actually winning some money. I decided to take my winnings and see the first show, that way I would be better prepared to discuss it with Ms. Crockett. It was a fairly good show, I could see the timing was off in a couple of spots and a few of the girls were having difficulty with their execution. I made notes on who the girls were, I would work with them the most.

I was surprised when a very feminine hand grasped my shoulder, I looked up and saw a smiling Ms. Crockett. She insisted on me joining her at her table, took my hand and led me away. Her only comment when we were seated at her table was where are your heels? I tried to ignore her, hoping she would not further the questioning about my heels.

I continued to watch the show still making my notes. There were five male dancers in the show, mainly in a supporting role. One of them was very talented, but his timing was probably the worst of all the dancers. The others were just so-so. I noticed her looking at my notes, then smiling. I presume she agreed with most of my evaluations.

When the show concluded she dragged me to the five star restaurant on the top floor of the casino. I tried to beg off, but she insisted on me eating dinner with her. After being greeted, we were led to a table over in the corner, and the Maitre’D held her chair for her. It was then as I seated myself that I noticed the sign on the table that this table is reserved for Ms. Crockett. I suddenly had new respect for her, I don’t think her being a producer of the show, would guarantee her a private table at one of the most expensive restaurants in town.

She ordered for me, I was a little put out that she did, but after hearing what she ordered for me I backed down. It was their salad supreme, two kinds of lettuce, tomato, onions, celery, bell pepper, olives, cucumbers, chicken, steak, and homemade wheat rolls. When the waiter brought it to the table my mouth was open in surprise. The bowl it was in was almost a foot across, then he set down the tray of dressings, fifteen different bowls of dressings, all with organic spices evident in their individual bowls.

We ate quietly for a while, she had ordered a delightful wine that went with the salads making the dinner quite enjoyable. I could only eat part of it so he put the rest in a takeout box for me. The fanciest restaurant in town and I had a doggy bag to take home. After the dishes were cleared away we talked about the show, the dancers and her thoughts on another show she was working on. It turned out she was a part owner in the casino, thus her reserved table and other amenities suitable for an owner.

After she had covered her wishes and desires she asked my opinion on things, she wanted the truth, not something I was sugar coating to make her feel better. So I swallowed hard and laid it out for her. I would replace at least ten of her dancers right away, then all of the male dancers. To replace the male dancers I would hire female dancers and dress them in bodysuits and tux jackets, but no pants, making a much more pleasant sight on the stage. I listed the dancers I would replace, her agreeing on all of them quickly. If some of the dancers improved enough to keep them that would be a plus, but replacing the male dancers with females should be done anyway.

I asked about the new show, when did she intend to launch it, if it was to be fairly soon, I suggested we not make any changes to this show other than the replacement of dancers but work on the new show to get in the extra work needed to make it a success. She pulled a tablet out of her purse, found a file and then played it. She had bought the show, when it was being performed in Atlantic City, they were going to switch to something else, so she bought all the rights for it, including the name.

I watched it for a while, then told her my opinion. “It is a fine show but it will take a lot of finesse to pull it off, the routines depend on accurate timing, and the skill of the dancers will have to be top notch. Of the girls you now have I would say that only three would be able to master it. I might be wrong here, but need to spend some more time with them before any hard decisions are made. There is nobody qualified to be the lead dancer in your present batch of employees, so a lot of dancers will have to be found and trained.”

“Well I think I have found my person to handle this, so whenever you are ready let’s get the ball rolling. Since you never asked about pay, I presume you are willing to work for free, I appreciate that concession, it will make keeping to my budget much easier.” She stared at me for the longest time, the expression on my face finally making her break out in laughter. I did not know how to bring it up, so I didn’t hoping that she was just kidding. We adjourned to her office where she had me fill out an application, then the proper forms for the government. Like I said before she is all business, never missing anything and focused to the max on what she wants and how to get it.

I do hope I can satisfy her, I might have bitten off more than I can handle in this case. I imagine she is a perfectionist, the way she was working with the girls when I showed up that morning pointed to that fact. Her lack of emotional control confused the girls, as she sent mixed messages about their performance and what she wanted from then, Her frustration was the end result. I hope my perseverance and teaching by doing will allow the girls to improve enough to satisfy her, thus insuring my continued employment.

She asked where I lived and what kind of transportation I had available to use. I was reluctant to say much, any details likely to make me look rather pathetic.

“I have an apartment in Henderson, the only place I can afford. My car is well past its prime, I have no idea how long I can depend on it to get me where I want to go.”

“How about you staying here in the hotel, a suite and your meals furnished at the restaurant attached to the theater. It is open for lunch and dinner, you meals would be free. If you tire of it you can eat at any of the other restaurants in Vegas, but I think our quality will be adequate for you most of the time. She pushed the contract over in my direction and I read it thoroughly. It wasn’t that I had trouble with it, it was because I couldn’t believe how favorable it was for me.

It had the clause about the room and the meals, also a weekly salary of thirteen hundred dollars, plus free medical and a small percentage of the gross of the new show. My only response. “Are you sure, this is very generous?”

“Yep I am sure. I intend to get my money’s worth from you and more, so do not worry about the rate of pay and benefits. There is one other thing I want you to include my daughter in any practice sessions when she is not being tutored. I feel she has potential, but needs the discipline more than the extra training. I will leave her in your capable hands, incidentally for what it is worth, she admires you and looks up to you for leadership and guidance.” I blushed red at that statement, seldom have I ever received a compliment that nice.

I signed the forms and she made me copies for my files. She would be with me the day after tomorrow to introduce me to the rest of the dancers, and tell them I am in charge now. Thank you for hiring me, I will try my hardest to please you. I got a hug, you have already pleased me, so just be yourself and we will get along fine.

I told her I wanted to run an ad for new dancers, an audition required before consideration. She gave me the particulars for the paper and the entertainment magazine and told me to handle it myself. I also asked if I could use the theater to dance through some of the new routines, a sort of feeling it out and also some practice doing them. She handed me a key and told me what door to enter from. She reached into her purse and retrieved a key card for my new residence. She would handle the restaurant for me, informing them of the arrangement. With her already having a key card for the room, I presume she figured I might accept her offer.

As I headed back home I pinched myself several times. It is all too good to be true, any minute the dream will end, and reality will rear its ugly head. I made several decisions that night as I lay awake trying to figure out how this will play out. Other than my clothes I decided I would bring nothing from the apartment in Henderson. Maybe I can find somebody to buy what few meager possessions that I have. After I get everything to the hotel I decided to sell my car. It was on its last leg, in fact I just hoped it would make the few remaining trips to get me and my clothing up here.

The car did manage to get me to and fro as I moved my few things to the hotel Then on the last trip, a block from the hotel the rear axle of the car broke, rendering the car unusable. Luckily I had managed to get it off the road before it coasted to a stop. I had to make three trips, by foot, to get my last few belongings to my room. I arranged for a salvage yard to haul the car off, in lieu of paying them, their intention was to sell it for scrap metal.

The room she had arranged for me was super nice, a one bedroom with a nice bath, a living room and a patio that over looked the strip. It was on the third floor, paying guests preferred the floors above because of the view. She arranged for a table for me in the restaurant, in their slacker times, with anything they had in the menu for me to choose from. I rested the first day, but later that night I attended the show again, wanting to see what I had to do to get by, while I worked on the new show and replaced dancers if I could find some good enough.

My first early morning on the job, introductions were made, and I made my presence known quickly. Unbeknownst to me she had introduced me to the dancers as Rose. I had no idea where she came up with that name, it was alright though, it doesn’t matter what they call me just that they learn and do as I instructed.

I showed each dancer their faults, what they were doing wrong, and how to correct it. We ran through the present show three times, they were tired, but most of the faults had been corrected. I had upgraded two more of the girls to keepers, they just needed someone to work with them. I didn’t play any favorites, the male dancers got both barrels too, one tried to make the extra effort, the others resented me and made no effort to correct their faults.

That afternoon I had my first auditions, the word of mouth already spreading through Vegas. I auditioned three females, two I hired for sure, the other a might be, but she would require some more coaching than the others. By the next morning, word had spread to the present dancers their attitude much improved. The four males made no improvement, tomorrow after the show I will let them go. The two new gals could fill in, and I had two of the other girls not on the stage at the same time, so that would be the four that I needed. I had acquired the cute tuxes that the females would wear already, so I would be ready anytime. Good thing I did, three out of the four male dancers knew they were going to be let go, calling that afternoon to quit.

I made changes to the number, but I had to have at least three to match up with the female dancers. The two girls presently employed loved the idea, tried on their costumes and were ready for tonight. I talked with the one male dancer telling him what I had done, asking him if he wanted to try the costume or just quit. If he quit I would give him one week’s severance to ease the pain. He had another offer for a job and decided to take it, I shook his hands and he left. I decided to fill in for the last dancer, hopefully the salon that Ms. Crockett used would be able to make me look less masculine. A total female look was not necessary, but smooth clean legs and a slight female figure would be essential. Maybe a high ponytail and lipstick would be the only other things I needed.

Of course, Ms. Crockett heard what was going on and came to see me. I told her how I had changed that portion of the show, now using three dancers and the short cute tux costumes. She giggled, telling me to head over to the salon now, she would call them and arrange for my changes. I needed to think things through again, I think I had everything covered but was not sure so I walked the three blocks to the salon. I might end up taking a cab back depending on how feminine I turn out.

Indeed they were waiting for me, two of their techs moved me swiftly to one of the treatment rooms. I was helped to get out of my clothes, then laid on a table. Quickly the two of them waxed me, a Brazilian no less. I regularly shaved my legs, wearing heels and shorts with hairy legs is just so gross. I several times tried to get them to change their agenda, but was repeatedly told they were just doing what Ms. Crockett wanted done. The pain I could handle, at least when they were working on my arms and legs. Around the groin that was another matter entirely. More than once I tried to bite through the towel they had given me to curb my vocalizations.

As soon as the waxing concluded, the two worked on my breasts, or lack of, gluing on some very realistic breast forms then the seams covered with some putty like makeup. I thought they were too large for just a back-up dancer but then again it was what Ms. Crockett wanted. As I was checking out my new breast enhancements, a fake pussy was glued over my male appendage and blended in with the makeup. My male member glued up in my groin, unable to show himself any more. The lips of the vagina very realistic looking, I am sure no one would ever realize my true sex. There again the costume not really requiring a female camel toe, but that seemed to be ignored by everybody.

The other tech was giving me nail extensions, way too long in my opinion, but again that was what they were told to apply. The red polish was a gel polish, set with UV light, I knew it would be a while before I would be able to remove it, without a lot of difficulty and lots of acetone.

Moved to a hair styling station, shampooed and conditioned then curlers and an hour under a warm dryer. I was sure they had used some setting gel, put on before the curlers were applied and right after the last one was secured to my head. I was beginning to smell a rat, but the show had to have the third dancer, I had volunteered, and it was getting late. As the curlers were removed a light coat of makeup was applied and after some teasing of the curls into an up do, the only thing missing was my top hat and tux.

Surprise, surprise in walks Ms. Crockett with my costume and hat. You have never seen a bigger smile on a female than hers at that moment. I was appraised as she carefully scanned my body, I presume to make sure that all she had asked them to do to me was accomplished. There was definitely no male left, in the costume I looked at my image, especially my legs, for they were a female’s legs, the sheer pantyhose glistening in any light. She took me back to the casino, and directly to the theater. The other dancers were getting dressed and as I appeared I was mobbed. They also had to see what all had been done to me, not content for just a look see, but wanted all the details, including a quick peek at my essentials. I got several giggles when they saw my vagina, I was told I could use the ladies lounge now, since I was no longer male down below, but a female like them. The show did go off without a hitch, much better than any of the previous ones that I had been involved with.

After the last curtain call I was asked to come to Ms. Crockett’s table, my male clothes in my room and at the salon, so I put a smile on my face and went out to see her dressed as I was. She had two guests at her table, both entertainment critics for newspapers. One for the LA Times and one for the Las Vegas Sun. This was not good, the show can use the publicity, but I preferred to be a side liner, not singled out.

I was interviewed about my job with the show, then why I had stepped in tonight to fill in for one of the dancers. The LA critic wanted to know my background in dancing, where I had trained and went to school. They asked a little about the new show, both of them familiar with it, having seen it when it opened back east. Since they were talking mainly to Ms. Crockett now I asked to be excused and went back to the dressing rooms. The girls had changed, getting ready to get some nourishment. I was manhandled and soon was accompanying them to the restaurant. They had found a dress I could borrow for tonight, happy to see me in the female roll. The girls complimented me on my appearance quite often, wanting to know if I was going to stay this way.

That is a good question, not even sure myself on the answer to that one. I had an idea that Ms. Crockett had some other plans that had not been run by me, so I remained silent on that question. We had a good time, talking way into the night. In Vegas that is not a problem, most everything open all hours of the day and night. I made it back to my room early the next day, the practice had been canceled since everyone had danced so well. Tomorrow night though it would be back in place, a lot to learn about the new show.

I had changed my mind about a couple of the dancers, their attitude recently and performance had improved considerably. After a short nap, I went back to the theater, three more dancers came in for an audition, only one of them worth hiring. I thanked them and told them I would get back to them if anything changed. That exact same line had been delivered to me many times over the last year. I used the quiet time to go over a couple of the routines for the new show. I had only the stage lights on, so the audience area was dark. After I finished, I gathered my things and was getting ready to leave when I heard Ms. Crockett clapping. She walked on stage with a couple of newspapers in her hands.

“How many times have you rehearsed that particular routine?”

“That is my second time, it still needs a lot of work though. What brings you here this morning?”

“Well I came by to show you the write-ups on the show and you. Quite favorable by the way, one critic calling you the next star on the strip. Everybody agreeing that this show has turned completely around since you came here.”

“It is just one person’s opinion, I prefer the public buying tickets to the show as an indicator of how well I am doing. Steady sales, but no surge at the box office yet. Anyway I am behind the scenes here, just trying to get the dancers to do their routine well. I only filled in on stage to keep the show going.”

She smiled and then left me to close up and turn off the stage lights. I made my way to my room carrying the newspapers she had brought me. I laid them on a table by the door, not really interested in what they said. I undressed, took a shower, and then slid on a large t-shirt to spend the rest of the afternoon in. My new female figure was prominent, my t-shirt showing the new breasts to their best advantage. I was trying to stay focused, but the changes made to my body made it difficult. The lack of something between my thighs very noticeable.

I ended up taking a nap, my new assets requiring some changes to my sleeping habits, primarily the large breasts that were always in the way. Then after a late lunch I made my way back to the theater to dance through a couple of the routines for the new show. By the time I had been through them several times it was time to get dressed for the show tonight. I managed my own makeup, the other girls amazed at my ability. On the stage it went well, even better than last night.

I was shanghaied again for dinner with them, we talked and talked about everything and anything. We left in time to get back to the theater and run through several of the new routines for the new show. The girls made me dance the lead part, the least I could do in their opinion. I danced it but facing them so that I could check out their performance. I was happy, now most everyone quite capable of mastering the routines. The timing was still off a little, but that is not unusual at this stage. When I called for a halt today I was mobbed. I got hugs and cheek kisses as they gathered their things and headed home. I made the rounds to shut everything down.

As I got to the door Ms. Crockett was there waiting for me. She grabbed my hand and led me away. I was led to the restaurant, and then to her table. A few minutes later a breakfast was served to us. I really wasn’t hungry, but she stared at me until I took a few bites. It was good, probably the best breakfast I have ever had. When we had finished and the plates cleared away she grabbed one of my hands and started her conversation. For her to get someone to open the restaurant this early and cook, it must of have been important to her. I could see the sun emerging from a storm front out the window, otherwise it was quiet and peaceful, a rarity for Vegas.

“Rose, I am extremely happy with your work so far, the girls adore you and do everything they can to please you. Last night before the show while you were getting ready they approached me and asked me to get you to accept the lead role in the new show. Every girl was there, and they were adamant in their request. They would do anything for you, but feel you are the only one to headline the show. I happen to agree and so does everybody I have met and asked advice of. The L.A. critic in particular feels that with you headlining the show we will soon be the most popular show on the strip.”

“For now I want you to plan on being the headliner in the show, you can continue to look for someone else, but plan on doing it yourself until we find someone. That means you need some further feminization just in case. I also suggest that you start living as a female, the practice will only help you perform the part more realistically. I know I am asking a lot of you, so I’ve decided to make you a part owner in the show. I will also pay for a complete female wardrobe for you. To hopefully cinch the deal I will double your current wage. I know there will be a lot of work to get the show ready, especially if you dance the lead. Please think about it today, and let me know before the show tonight. I hope you will find a way to accept, you have done so much already, the future looks good with you starring in the show, I hate to think what it will be like if you decline.”

I stood there speechless, I did get a hug before she headed off, but that was it. Thinking about it for a minute she probably did not want to hang around and give me a chance to turn her down. Leave and make me think about it a much better idea. It was at least fifteen minutes before I regained enough awareness to slowly head back to my room. I managed to get there, but was not aware of the how and when of the trip. Entering my room, I slipped off the heels and headed for the bedroom. I slipped out of my clothes, and padded to the bathroom, getting my bath started. Lots of bath salts, a few candles lit around the tub, anything at all to help relax me and let me think straight. Well as straight as a male that works as a dance instructor and wears heels. Then we have my female figure, long nails and feminine hairstyle to add to the image. I realized that wearing the heels is what got me in this mess to start with.

The mess was not all bad, my room at the hotel, free meals and a generous salary to boot. Since I had nothing before, this was a significant upgrade. Progress meant living as a female and dancing a lead in a prominent Las Vegas Show. Some notoriety was inevitable, no matter what I did, but at what price to me. If my true sex comes out some, I am sure to be ridiculed, maybe even humiliated, depending on who outs me.

I finally decided to talk to her tonight, I had a lot of concerns both for me and her if I accepted the deal. I managed a short nap, before I went back to the theater to get ready for tonight’s show. The old adage the show must go on is so true. I saw her checking to see if I was here getting ready for the show, a smile coming to her face when she saw me applying makeup. She went out to her table, to watch the show. The gals were enthused tonight, bouncing all over the place. We only had a few moments till the first show, so I didn’t have time to ascertain what was going on.

The show went off without a hitch, everybody’s timing was perfect, even my trained eye could find no fault in their execution of the numbers. I went out to her table during the break between the first and second show, wanting to resolve this one way or the other. I realized if I turned her down, I would most likely be unemployed in a few days if not sooner. I set down at her table, my hose making a swishing noise as I slid onto the chair.

I didn’t wait for her to say the first words, I wanted all of my concerns out there before she could ruin my train of thought. “What do I do if I am found out? It will ruin me and bring disgrace to the show. I am still not sure I can pull this off, dancing the lead is a big part and will take all of my concentration to be able to do it as it should be. Are you really sure about this? No matter what you offer me in money, if I fail it will hurt you both personally and financially. Since you have been so nice to me I especially don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Instead of arguing on whether you can pull this off, let’s take a two week trial period, with you living as a female 24/7 and dancing in this show and headlining the new show for two Sunday performances. The first Sunday just for me and the second Sunday for all of my friends. I have a few friends and contacts that want to see the show, so a one night performance would be ideal. That way we can see if you like it, and if you are capable of doing it. If all goes well you take my deal and get on with life. If you falter we will seek some other solution.”

“Meanwhile I will work on covering your tracks up, making Rose real and with a history. As far as the girls go, we will let a rumor leak out that you have always been female, just acted butch and masculine for a previous lover. None of the girls have seen you naked so I doubt there will be any hesitation in accepting that premise. I want you to go ahead and finish the transformation to female, as far as possible, dressing as a female from now on. That will only make this so much easier to adjust to.”

I sighed and accepted her proposition. I still had lots of concerns, but a trial period would maybe be the best way to see if I can handle the switch and being the star of the show. I spent all my free time dancing the lead role, making sure I was performing it to the best of my ability. I was in the theater during the afternoon, right up until time to get ready for the first show.

Then there was the salon changes she scheduled for me. Several days were set aside for me to be transformed using the latest and most advanced methods to make sure my looks were one hundred percent female. Some fat was moved around on my body to a more feminine location, my breast forms were replaced with tissue sucked from my body, and appropriate for a star of the show. Let’s just put it this way, after a show the first thing I put on was a bra, these puppies needed all the support I could give them, otherwise they physically hurt. My body hair was removed permanently, and my eyebrows became blank spaces on my forehead. There was no more they could do to make me more feminine, junior was glued away already, although he did receive an upgrade in his covering. Other than a doctor I doubt anyone could detect I was not a cis gender female.

Ms. Crockett did erase my past, even my school records were changed to female. Since neither of my parents were still alive, a new set of parents were issued with me as their only daughter. So now I had a new birth certificate and state ID, no driver’s license since she insisted I would never drive a car in the future. Who am I to argue with her? As it stands now I never leave the hotel, everything I need right here at my fingertips, well there is the salon, but the hotel limo delivers me and picks me up. Other than the theater and my room a favorite spot for me to enjoy several hours every chance I get.

The girls in an effort to make sure there was no back sliding on my part managed to get into my room and hauled off all of my male clothes. They did a thorough job, not a stitch of anything masculine remained in my room. I am sure they had help, a certain employer of mine had to furnish access to my room. I was surprised but not upset, I needed the practice of interacting as a female anyway. They even set up a blind date for me, luckily they went along with their dates to make sure the two of us behaved.

I think I handled myself admirably for a new female, I did receive a kiss on the cheek at the conclusion of the date and a request for another date later. I told him I would think about it, but right now I was so involved in the show it would have to be a no. Time was slipping by quicker than I imagined, only a few days to the first performance of the new show. Supposedly it was to be only in front of Ms. Crockett, but I doubted she would be the only one to attend the unveiling of the new show. The girls were excited, they had worked hard to learn the routines, attending many extra rehearsals to try and get it right. I was proud of them, when we started the first dance of the new show I swelled up with pride, my girls were doing a fantastic job, so far not a missed cue or even a stumble.

The costumes were magnificent, Ms. Crockett having special costumes made just for the show. As per a normal Vegas show they were extremely brief, mine in particular. Most of my new enhanced figure was on display, a stocking or a brief piece of lingerie the only thing between my skin and the audience. As per usual the stage lights were on, but no lights in the audience area. I sensed more than just a few people in the audience, but had no way to confirm my suspicions. The show went off without a hitch, everybody performing to perfection. As the last stage light faded out and the audience lights came up I realized we had performed the show to a packed audience. The girls and I made our way backstage, the last routines rather energetic and leaving us all short of breath.

Ms. Crockett’s daughter the first to get to me, flying across the stage and landing in my embrace. She was soon joined by her Mom and several other people, the few that I recognized were the other owners of the casino. I was complimented on my work and leadership, and then they allowed me and the girls to put on some clothes so we were not as naked as when on stage. After we had changed we were led to the restaurant, where they had set up a full buffet for everyone. Usually a dancer has quite an appetite, so the buffet was indeed welcome. We relaxed, feeding our faces and unwinding a little. I was told that the press was in attendance for the show, many thousands of pictures taken, a lot of them to be in the papers the next day.

Eventually everyone wondered off, the girls wanting to catch some sleep, they had been so excited to actually dance the routines on stage that the excitement had them hyper all day. Now that was fading away, sleep for a few hours to be most welcome. Ms. Crockett had me stay for a few more minutes, wanting me to know what was coming in the next few days. I already had an idea of what she was going to say, but the degree she was considering was way beyond anything I could fathom.

Full page ads in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the San Francisco papers. Then smaller ads in the Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento and the Salt Lake papers. The critics from all of those papers were in attendance tonight guaranteeing a review of the show also to be in those same papers. They anticipated being sold out shortly, once word spread about the show. This was all due to my dancing and handling of the show. To make sure I was happy, I would be offered several amenities not offered before, including a suite at the hotel on the top floor of the establishment. Once I got everyone settled into the new show, she wanted me to see a show she was thinking about buying for later in the year. This one was more elaborate, the costumes more impressive and the nudity more adventuresome.

She walked me to my room, hugged me closely and then kissed me fully on the lips. As she closed the door behind her I was lost in thought and lust. We had worked closely together, but never anything romantic between us. The girls constantly kidded me about being perfect for Ms. Crockett but I never took them seriously. Maybe they were right. I knew she was single, her significant other dying in the Middle East many years ago. I never intruded in her personal life, I had so much to handle myself, deciding to concentrate on my own affairs. Apparently she has some other things in mind, none of what I can visualize I would object to. She is a beautiful woman, personable and fun to be around. Her daughter is a jewel, much like her Mother, sweet and caring.

As soon as I laid down on the couch I was instantly out of it, not waking till much later that day. Ms. Crockett had been to my room, leaving the papers and their reviews on my kitchen table. She also left me some breakfast, asking me to join her as soon as I was dressed and mobile. I glanced at the reviews all favorable, the ads that they had run quite surprising. The main image was me in my finery, doing one of the high leg kicks, a part of the last number in the new show. I took the time to take a bath, soaking in the scented water letting all my worries fade away. A recently acquired habit that I had enthusiastically embraced. I put on some clothes then made my to Ms. Crockett’s room. Janey, her daughter, greeted me hugging me and kissing my cheek. I was dragged to their balcony where I got the same treatment from her Mother.

Janey left to get me some lunch, since it was already nearly two in the afternoon. I was informed that the new show was sold out for over a year, every performance and even a waiting list for any cancellations. They had taken a chance and raised ticket prices, not one complaint from anybody trying to get tickets for the new show.

Then Ms. Crockett, asked to be called Heather and suddenly got very serious. All this time and I never learned her first name, she was always just Ms. Crockett. Heather took my hand and held it with both of hers, then somehow slid a ring on my finger. I looked at what she was doing, then gasped at the size of the stone in the ring. She took one of her hands and raised my chin till I was looking directly into her eyes. Please Rose marry me and make me the happiest woman on this planet. I didn’t even hesitate as I leaned in and whispered yes, then attacked her lips and mouth trying to show her how much I wanted this.

The moment went on and on, you can’t put a limit on the showing of affection between two soul mates. And to think that all started with me in heels kicking that leg high. Destiny maybe, but whatever it was it is so right. I have a wedding to look forward to, things just can’t get any better or can they? Time will tell, so I will just keep kicking that leg high eagerly awaiting my future.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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