Lisa; Life As A Married Woman

I had been summoned by my older sister, her voice in panic mode meant that whatever the disaster was, it was serious. I flew in from Vegas, where I have lived for three years now. I had got lucky when I first moved there, the job I managed to obtain was working behind the scenes of one of the casinos big shows. That casual start had led to lots of good things. One of them being able to buy my own house with a few acres just last year. I was now head of the technical parts of the show, the backstage part of it. It was one of the follies shows, mainly a review featuring lots of semi naked females and a couple of singers. Of course, being around all of the gorgeous girls was equally delightful, a plus to the job for sure.

Sis and I have been really close, never having a dad probably contributed to that fact. Mom was alright, but both of us learned to lean on each other for support when something came up. There was a year difference between us, but the only noticeable difference now was our gender. Both about the same height, both brunettes, and near identical in body size. Sis was the taller one, maybe an inch taller than me, both of our yardsticks marked at approximately five foot nine. We both weighed about the same around one hundred and thirty pounds. Our facial features were almost identical, both with hazel eyes and small noses.

Lisa met me at Sky Harbor airport, helped me with my bag and we went straight to her car. I whistled when I saw her car, a new Toyota Prius in silver. The inside was just as nice, leather throughout. I tried to find out what the problem was, but she wanted to wait until we got to her place before she told me. I knew then that it was bad, anytime she withholds information from me for later, it is because she doesn’t know how to tell me without me getting upset.

Since I have been summoned, whatever it is, has got to do with me somehow. I kept quiet, it will all come out eventually, I need to be supportive until I can figure what all is going on. I remained quiet the rest of the way to her place, a small condo in one of the satellite towns surrounding Phoenix. It is the first time I have been to her new place, her previous abode was an apartment next to the University in Tempe.

As we entered, I was surprised to see her fiancé, Charlie. They had been a couple for five years now, he had asked her to marry him last December and she had accepted. As far as I knew, they had not set a date, I presumed when they do, I will get invited. I noticed the dining room table set for dinner, a multi-plate service at each place setting, even a trio of glasses to go with the real silver that was being used. Now I knew it must be bad, we are talking a total meltdown of western civilization apparently. All of the stops had been pulled out to convince me of doing what had yet to be divulged to me.

I stopped them bringing out the food, pointed them to their chairs and told them to give it to me straight, no lying, no sweet talking, just the facts of why I was summoned. Lisa got us all drinks, I figured she thought they were needed. I parked myself in a chair, after pulling it closer to hers, reached out to hold her hand and squeezed it. That was the thing between us, when we were offering support to the other. She was almost in tears, so one more squeeze and she started.

“Larry, I need a huge favor of you. Please don’t yell at me, I know I am wrong in asking but I feel that circumstances will not let me do otherwise. Mom has spent almost a hundred thousand dollars on the wedding preparations, the church, the dress, and the reception. I have tried to get her to wait, but she is like a female possessed right now, her only daughter is getting married and she wants to control the whole thing.

Charlie’s parents have bought us a home down the road, another quarter million dollars spent. Again, neither of us was consulted, they saw the house come up on the market, looked it over and bought it for the soon to be married couple. In the last couple of weeks, Charlie and I have talked at length, maybe something we should have done earlier. The crux of the situation is that neither of us now want to marry each other. There is still some love there, but past experiences and desires have now presented themselves and there is considerable doubt as to whether such a union might work, at least in the long term.”

She continued, “We feel that we are trapped into a situation that we do not want. What Charlie and I propose is that you fill in for me as the bride and wife, stay in that position for a year or so, and then file for divorce. By then, things will be forgotten and calmer minds will prevail. Then Charlie can sell the house and reimburse our Mom and his parents for the money they spent. Your assistance is needed because I have recently been offered a dream job, at a company that I have tried to get a job with ever since college. Your participation will allow me to take that job, also, have time away from Charlie, to see if I still have feelings for him, enough to spend my life with him. Charlie will see to most every wish that you might have, the house his parents have bought for us is gorgeous. There is a quite sizable trousseau for you, you will not have to buy much to portray the wife in this marriage. You can be a housewife, travel, most anything you want to do.

Charlie will leave you pretty much to yourself to do what you want. Of course, there will be some family dinners, some social situations that you will have to attend. The idea is to keep the marriage illusion viable, but not necessarily very romantic. That way after a year, when you divorce, it will not be a total shock to everyone. The job offer is not around here, so I can’t stay here for the year. It is too good a chance to pass up, so that is one of the reasons you have been asked to help.”

I rubbed my chin, thinking of what was being said. “We have dressed up as each other in the past for fun, so with some professional help, there might be a possibility there. We were almost identical in appearance when that was done, I will change my appearance some before the switch, to make it even more plausible and believable. Between the two of us, we will pay you a hundred thousand dollars for a year of your time. Please, take your time and consider doing this for us, if you decide you can do this, I will be eternally in your debt.”

I got up and walked to the kitchen to freshen my drink, then returned to tell them I was going for a walk, no promises on when I will be back. I downed the drink in one gulp and walked out the front door. Sis knows I get this way when I have a lot to think about, so there was no comments made as I exited the condo. I looked around the neighborhood, then walked in the direction of a park that I thought I saw on the trip in. It turned out to be about five blocks to the park, but the distance was no problem. I just needed the time to think about all of this.

When sis had called me, I had no idea it was this major, but it did fit her MO in the past. Enthusiastic to start with, then realization sets in later, and whatever she immersed herself in loses favor. Charlie’s parents might get upset, but both sis and I knew that the real problem is Mom. I had heard a few things from sis about her dress, the wedding itself, but never was the amount of money that Mom had spent ever entered into any discussion. Yeah, Mom will be the problem here, while not poor by any means, that amount of money spent by her can lead to nothing but utter chaos if the wedding got canceled suddenly.

While walking, I came up with several questions that I needed answered, more of what has been said to who and what things have been promised. I had a feeling that was a lot more here than what was on the surface. Then, we have whether I could pull this off. We are not just talking about dressing up as someone else, but portraying that person in every nuance for a year. Not an easy thing to accomplish, much less around the two Moms. Females tend to be more astute in these matters, my acting skills will have to be first rate just to survive, much less be successful at this.

I did find a park bench to sit on, watching some squirrels getting ready for a long cold winter. The park was heavily wooded, a mixture of some oak and pecan trees, plenty of food for the residents. I realized that I was thinking of doing this for sis. Not sure why, but it seemed the right thing to do. For one thing, I doubt she would survive the encounter with Mom, much less live long enough to marry anyone else. Then I realized, I would be dealing with Mom as sis ventures off to her new job. Her new job was also suspicious, kind of convenient for a new job to pop up about the time of a wedding. I think Sis is stretching things a bit, to make the plea for help more believable. Lots more questions surfaced, no answers available here in the park, so reluctantly I headed back to the condo.

As I entered, both were sitting in chairs in the living room, about as far apart as you could get. I plopped myself on the love seat between them and started with my questions. “I need to know what wedding preparations have been made, about the honeymoon, and who all has been invited to the wedding?”

In a much more subdued voice, Lisa filled me in. Mom had secured the use of a fairly sizable church for the wedding, their reception to be held at the local community center. Six hundred invitations had been sent out, they were realistically expecting around five hundred to attend the service and reception. I groaned a little, nothing so far making this any easier, that is for sure! The honeymoon is three weeks at a ski resort in southern Colorado. It is a separate cabin, specifically for wedding couples and quite expensive. It is near the resort but separate and isolated so the happy couple can enjoy themselves. Unlimited skiing is provided and dinners at the resort are included.

It turns out that any significant relatives of ours and Charlie’s were invited and most had accepted. Lisa’s bridesmaids were some of her college friends, most of which I have met at one time. Charlie’s best man was his younger brother, I had met him once at a party, but we had never talked much. Luckily for me, they had vetoed any bachelor or bachelorette parties, not wanting to participate in anything like that. I knew the possibility of one might still pop up, most wedding participants except for the bride and groom thought they were a necessary part of any marriage.

I asked about my transformation, who would perform this miracle. Lisa mentioned a salon in town that was suggested by one of her friends in the area. Lisa checked with them, showing pictures of each of us to the salon manager. With my approval and signature on several forms, they could make me identical to Lisa in appearance. The mental part I would have to furnish myself. An appointment was already set-up, Lisa hoping that I would agree to the switch. I smiled, she was over confidant, a trait of hers even before we parted ways a few years ago. Parted ways might be a little strong, let’s just say we each decided to lead our own lives separate of the other. Several incidents caused this parting, again an over enthusiastic sibling, not thinking of future consequences.

I asked Charlie what he thought of all of this since I would have to live with him for the next year. He started giving me something that he rehearsed, I stopped that right away. I decided I needed to play dirty for a minute or two and see if this had any chance to work. I got up, meandered over to where he was seated and sat on his lap. I leaned closer to his face and took his face in my hands holding it firmly in place. I touched his lips with mine, when he did not withdraw, I inserted some tongue and gave him as passionate a kiss as I could manage. Leaning back, I watched his eyes slowly open, a bright red blush coming to his whole face. I didn’t say anything, but there was something there, not just two males kissing. It was obvious he was in love with Lisa, even with me in male mode was enough for him to relax and show his real emotions.

As I got off his lap, I grabbed his groin, squeezing him some. He almost jerked away, now visibly shaking in his chair. He hurriedly excused himself, I knew what for since I heard a low groan as I released my hold on his male organ. He had to clean himself up, before everything became common knowledge. Lisa had watched, but not as attentively as one would think. I am sure she was still worried if I would agree to her absurd idea, or turn her down. I told them that it was time to get something to eat, then we would talk more.

I could see a bit of depression on Lisa’s face, she wanted an answer now as to her fate, rather than have to wait for a decision later. Over dinner, I did ask her what she was planning to do about my job and career. If I helped I would lose all of that, something I had worked for years in obtaining. I restated that she was asking a lot of me, for not much in return.

That definitely cooled off the conversation at the dinner table, Lisa not having a clue on what to say to me. After we finished dinner I started doing the dishes, making Charlie help me. Since all of this was about a marriage between the two of us, I wanted more input on the relationship that would be required between the two of us. Charlie was nervous, any brush of his body by mine sent off spasms on his own. Lisa had stayed out of the kitchen, maybe not wanting to hear anything that might dash her hopes of my acceptance.

I asked Charlie what about sex between us, surely he was going to consummate our marriage in the traditional way. He stammered, turning away from me to try and keep from me seeing his extreme blush. I grabbed his shoulders, turning him back where he was facing me, then kissed him on the lips again. He caught himself before it became erotic, telling me to stop that. I smiled, “Can’t your fiance give you a loving kiss?” I never did receive an answer to that. Red faced, he went to the patio to get some fresh air and try and recover his composure.

An hour later, I sent Charlie off, now to find out from Lisa what this is really about. From Charlie’s reaction to my kisses and gropes, he is still infatuated with her; even though I am Lisa’s brother, I can rock his foundation incredibly easy. So this is somehow Lisa’s idea entirely, he is just going along with her, maybe hoping she will change her mind later.

I dragged Lisa to the guest bedroom in her condo, helped her to undress, and then handed her the nightie she had left out for me to wear. I gathered up her clothes and locked them in the bathroom. I calmly walked to the bedroom door and also locked it. Back to the bed where she was sitting on the edge, and sat down right next to her. I caught her swallowing hard, she knew that I was going to question her until she gave up the real reason. We have always been able to figure out what our sibling was thinking, I really wondered why she tried to trick me into this scheme of hers in the first place. Maybe she thought that I wouldn’t participate unless I was tricked into this crazy scenario.

I just sat there staring at her, no words necessary, she will eventually give in and tell me what I need to know. It was about twenty minutes later, no exchange of words in the meantime, when she cracked and started talking.

“Pure and simple, I am a lesbian. There is some connection between Charlie and me, but it was never love. I have seen a few female friends on the side discreetly and confirmed my suspicions. Charlie and I have tried, but nothing is there between us. The relationship started out as a way to deflect Mom, from my other interests. Charlie knew all along, but let it proceed to make me happy. I guess I accepted his recent proposal to get Mom to ease up on me, he kept the ruse up since then as a favor to me. Mom was satisfied and she relented in her attempts to get me married off to anyone, starting to plan her daughter’s wedding.

We had decided to set a wedding date, then break up a month or two later. Well Mom and his parents reacted too quickly and soon our future house and a lot of the wedding preparations were already made. Mom paid for a dress to be custom made to fit me like a second skin. The dress alone was sixty thousand dollars. We were trapped in something that was only a farce to keep certain individuals from continuing to try to get me married and with child. Mom so desperately wants grandchildren, recently, it seems that’s her only purpose in life, after she has me married.

Charlie and I have talked until we are blue in the face, this absurd idea the only thing we could come up to maybe get us out of the predicament we have made for ourselves. I can’t stay around, if I stay here until the pressure eases up, I will probably give it all away. Besides, Charlie needs to be around someone that will treat him right, he has put up with me for five years, and truthfully, I have not treated him with the respect or the caring I should have. He has put up with my actions, and not said anything. I am sure he is really in love with me, I just can’t seem to be able to reciprocate the love. We have even saw a therapist, the doctor just laughed at what we had done to ourselves.

The dream job never existed, just a product of my imagination. If possible, I thought I might be able to fill in for you at your job, thus keeping that option open for you after this fiasco plays out. I could stay in your house, work in your job and be around if you need anything from me. I have watched you and Charlie interact, there is more between the two of you now, then there ever was with Charlie and me. I am ashamed of how I acted; like a spoiled child, wanting to get her way no matter how many people she hurts along the way. Please help me, if there was ever a time that I need you, it is now.”

I reached over and held her, her sobs turning into a full fledged storm of tears. She finally ran out of fuel for the tears, in the meantime, she had wiggled her way under my arm with her head on my chest. I just laid back, both of us falling back on the bed. I hugged her a little closer and soon she was asleep in my arms. I just laid there staring at the ceiling, wondering if I dare take this on. At the moment, Lisa will get all the blame, depending on how much comes out to the relatives. If I get involved, I will share in that blame. I think Charlie will escape the majority of the yelling and screaming, maybe he might feel some of the guilt, but Lisa will be the fall guy big time in this scenario.

A little while later, I also succumbed to sleep, a way for the body to deal with problems that were impossible to figure out. I heard the toilet flush, looked next to me and knew it was Lisa. As soon as she returned, I decided it was a pretty good idea and I also used the facilities. I asked if there was anything going on for the next few days, according to her, nothing was planned. She had a final dress fitting scheduled next week, but everything else was already worked out and paid for. I told her to put some underwear in a carry on bag and gather her ID and credit cards. I called the airline and got two seats on the evening flight to Las Vegas. I got the number for the salon she was going to use and called them asking if they had a salon in Vegas. They did, so I made an appointment there for early tomorrow morning for both of us, canceling the one here at the same time.

I gathered up my things, and called Charlie. I asked that he take us to the airport this afternoon, then pick me up two days later when I returned. I could tell he had lots of questions, but suggested that he make a list of them and I will answer all when I got back. Lisa and I exchanged keys, gave each other a rundown on bills, things about our residences and what to look forward to in the next week or two. I could tell Lisa was relaxing, even though I had not said I would do it, my actions indicated to her that I probably will.

Charlie came to pick us up, handled all the luggage, and even took out Lisa’s garbage as we were gathering the rest of our things. I put Lisa in the back seat, while I snuggled next to my fiance. I kept reminding myself that I needed to assume the role if I was going to be able to do this. He dropped us off at the terminal, got our luggage for us, then ignored Lisa, and gave me a toe curling kiss, right in front of everybody. I was kind of half expecting it, Charlie indeed is in love, just not with the current version of Lisa. Even though I was somewhat dressed as a male, there is enough resemblance that when I was kissed, in his mind, he was kissing Lisa.

We checked in, got our tickets, and then went through security. Waiting at the gate for our plane, I started quizzing her about her friends and bridesmaids. I taped the conversation so that I could reference it later, way more material than I could easily absorb and remember. We boarded the plane, found our seats and relaxed. Phoenix to Vegas is a short flight, about forty minutes by the time they make all the circles and maneuvers to finally get on the ground in Vegas.

We picked up our luggage and rode the tram out to long term parking. I found my car, stashed the luggage and headed to my home. I made Lisa open up, she now held the keys in her purse. I reminded her that this was the last time she could use her purse, unless she was playing with the girls as a female. It took her a few minutes to process that statement, even though the original idea was hers, I was in control now and she was playing catch up. I showed her around the house, opened some windows to get some fresh air and raided the kitchen to see what I could find to make to eat.

With some frozen sausage, a noodle mix and some left over crackers I put together a casserole that would fill us without stuffing us. Sis wandered around, looking at my decor and eventually settling in at my home office. I smiled, wondering if she would investigate my computer files to see what she might find. I called her to the kitchen, put the casserole on the kitchen bar, along with a pitcher of green tea. She stood by her chair, as if anticipating me pulling it back for her. I smiled. “Get used to it sis, you are now the male here, if you want the chair out, you need to do it yourself.”

Seating myself, I continued, “Remember the key to this switch is that you have to live the part to the fullest. Failure to do so will result in more trouble than you can imagine. It will probably be easier for you to pass yourself as me, I have always been a loner, not a lot of friends and kind of shy around others. My job is not people intensive, my computer handles most of the show’s special effects, lighting, and scenery changes. Make daily appearances, keep up the programs and you should be fine. I will show you what to do, if you do run into problems I can access the program remotely and fix it.

We’ll go to my work tonight so you can see what I do and meet the few people that you have to interact with. After your transformation in the morning, you can come back as me and make yourself familiar with my office and computers. I have been told I will be at the salon all day, so after they finish with me, you can come back by and pick me up. Dinner out tomorrow night, at a place that I am well known at, to see if you can pass yourself off as me. The next day, you will work my normal shift, then if there is no problems, I head back to Phoenix to see if I can pull this miracle off.”

She dressed in my clothes, and I in hers, although I wore a bulky sweater to hide the lack of breasts. Lisa let down my hair and brushed it vigorously, applied a little mascara and some lipstick and we were off. I let her drive, so she can find her way around. She parked in my usual spot, slipped a coat around her to help conceal her breasts and we entered. The casino has an employee entrance, so we made our way to my office. I showed her around and had her sit in my chair as I explained the computer and programs. The first show was coming up, so I showed her how to access the show monitor; as the girls did their things, I told Lisa about my program and what it was supposed to do and when. After a half hour, she was glued to the monitor, checking the computer to see what it was doing to the scenery, lights, and special effects.

I continued to explain the setup, unless they make major changes, it runs the same every day through the three shows every evening. It is not necessary to attend all the shows in the evening, but I usually do to make sure the timing is still perfect. I showed her how to make changes to the program, the change we had made was one she noticed, a set of lights coming on earlier than necessary, making the stage look funny for about thirty seconds. She made the adjustments and for the next show it was perfect. I told her sometimes the live band was a little slower or faster in how they played causing the slight variation in when lights or scenery should be employed. That is why I come in every evening to fine tune things. I usually just sit through two shows, then went home.

During the day, I run through the program while I am on stage, verifying that the lights work and the scenery moves properly. If anything does not function correctly, I write out a work order to have it fixed. You might enjoy those times, the girls are usually here practicing their routines and training new girls to fill in when needed. The choreographer makes them dress as if for a show, pasties and G-strings, I am sure you might want to watch the mini show.

I gave her a stern look and said, “A word of caution, remember you are now a male, at least here at the casino. If you want to have an affair, be my guest, but as a male. Away from here, you can be a female, it is doubtful that anybody will recognize you and connect it with the male me. I am sure you can have some fun with the young ladies without losing all your clothes. If anything does come up and you are caught, tell them that you have discovered you are a transsexual, and started taking hormones to transition. The company has excellent health coverage including counseling and the actual SRS. That should handle the accidental discovery of your boobs and wide hips.

I don’t know what is going to happen on my end, but would like to think I still might have a job when this is all over if I need it. You owe me that much and more for bailing you out.” I was attacked suddenly and hard, Lisa finally figured out that I was actually going to try this for her. There were smiles, tears, giggling, and almost any other emotion you could name showing on her face. Meanwhile I was getting cold feet, just thinking of the changes and then dealing with MOM.

I made her lock-up, showed her around the backstage some more and introduced her to some of the regulars that are backstage most of the time. I let her drive around town some so she could acquaint herself with the main streets and the way to my home. We got undressed, me in the nightie and her in a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, we laid in the bed together, just talking about anything that popped into our heads.

I was surprised when she leaned next to me and hugged my body. I got a sisterly kiss, as she laid her head on my chest. The little sneak was trying to arouse me, rubbing her fingers over my nipples and pulling on them in a most provocative way. She was slowing down some though, I think sleep and the fact that I would help her finally catching up with her. Soon, her breathing became regular and with her head on my chest, her arms wrapped tightly around me, she was soon sound to sleep. I just laid there, thinking about tomorrow and the next few weeks. I sure hope lady luck is with me on this endeavor, I am going to need all the luck I can come up with. My eyes soon closed and I was off to dreamland. My alarm and an urgent need to pee made it mandatory that I get up and now.

Then, Lisa had the nerve to beat me to the bathroom, making me do the two step until she finally opened the door for me. There were giggles from her, but I was in too much distress to do anything about it. It felt so good to finally sit down, it seemed like the stream would never quit.

We threw on some clothes, and made our way to the salon. I figured with what they were doing, it would be better to forget breakfast. The salon was huge, I never imagined that anything this large was in Vegas. The bigger superstore in town had nothing on this place, half of it as a beauty salon and half in clothing, female clothes that I now would be wearing every day for the near future. We were taken back to the back, the manager and several stylists waiting for us. Lisa was looking around in awe, I immediately started the conversation. I pointed to Lisa, “She needs to look like me. I need to look like her as much as humanly possible. Can it be done?”

The manager looked closely at us, then conferred with the one stylist. Turning back to us, “Is this for the short term or for a longer period of time?”

Pointing at Lisa I said, “She needs to be able to switch back and forth looking all the time a little masculine. I however need to be the real female for up to a year, just leaving my male organs intact in case I want to switch back at a later date. That will have to include the need to have sex as a female, the lady on the phone I talked to said that it was possible.”

The one stylist grabbed Lisa and led her off, I did get a pathetic look from her as she was led away. The manager spread out some forms for me to read and sign, listing all that they will do to me and how long it would last. Doing what we requested seemed to not be a problem, from the looks around the salon, I saw a lot of partially transformed males, I can see why.

Some of the treatments would last for up to two years, but I saw no way to not have them performed, Lisa might have a little margin of error in her disguise, I, however, had to pass the Mother’s inspection with part of it naked. Thank heaven that Charlie was in on this, that would have really added to the possible complications.

I completed the signatures, and they took a picture of me before relieving me of any clothes, then another after I was undressed. I presume they did the same to Lisa. Laying on a table naked as the day I was born was the first step, warm wax applied to my body and then yanked off with cloth strips that were pushed into the cooling wax made an impression on me. This was going to be far more difficult than just swapping clothes and acting as each other.

I was surprised at their thoroughness, an assistant with a spray bottle entering the room and asking me to read from a printed sheet. As I read what was written she sprayed my throat with a spray, then played a recording of I presume Lisa’s voice then my new voice. Three separate adjustments were made to my voice, then another spray added that would set the vocal chords for quite a while. They didn’t say how long the voice was good for and I didn’t ask. The difference was not huge, but after the alteration my voice sounded much more feminine and somewhat sultry.

Once my body hair had been ripped out, they turned their attention to my groin. Several boxes of female genital were held up to my groin to see which one matched the best. Then they presented a picture of Lisa’s vagina to see if it matched enough. Two technicians played down there for over an hour, moving my male organ around to find the best spot to anchor him to. When they finished, looking at my new vagina and a picture of Lisa’s, there was absolutely no difference whatsoever. I swallowed a couple of times to get what was stuck in my throat to either come up or go down. The vagina is now mine, my soon to be husband will most likely use it to consummate the marriage, while I lay there hopefully enjoying the sex. Believe me that is some thought to get a handle on. I tried to turn my mind off, this was getting weirder by the minute, but for some reason I actually was looking forward to this.

The technicians then moved their focus to my chest, two fairly good sized forms were glued to my chest, and after the glue dried I was helped to my feet and positioned under a stand. A corset was brought in and secured around my middle, it was quite long stretching from mid-thigh to underneath the newly glued on forms. They tightened the corset until I could hardly breathe, then had me raise my arms, and attach cuffs to my wrists that were hanging from the frame. The frame was jacked up some pulling my entire body up, stretching me out. That allowed them to tighten the corset some more. By now, I was having trouble breathing, all in the name of matching my sister in looks.

Three separate times, the same thing was done, until I was barely touching the floor with my toes. Several times my waist was measured, I presume the last measurement was adequate to match my sister’s since no more adjustments were made to the frame. Then, to my horror, hoses were added to the forms on my chest and a pump was turned on, sucking any available skin and tissue into the forms. Eventually the pump was turned to a cyclic mode, sucking, then holding, and then sucking some more. When the hoses started vibrating, my mind went blank, way too many feelings attacking my overworked mind. The mind eventually shut down and I fainted.

From time to time, I would wake briefly, things still progressing right along. I don’t think I fainted any more, it was more like my mind was in a dense fog, ignoring what was happening to my body. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had been strung up. I did realize that the last time I looked at my chest, that there were indeed breasts there now, perky with the nipples already engorged with blood.

I simply closed my eyes and tried to think of other things. When the vibrations and the pump were turned off, I let out a sigh, well, as big as the corset strangling my body would allow. Several minutes later, I felt movement, my wrists were released from the stand and I was helped into a chair in front of a mirror. The chair was laid back some, the corset keeping me from bending much, if at all.

My hair was washed and conditioned, then the chair was set up as far as the corset allowed. I finally had the nerve to ask about taking off the corset. The tech telling me that I was one with it for at least a week, that’s the time needed for my body fat and tissue to reapply itself to another area. I groaned loudly, but eventually got over it. I could see the need for it, if I was going to be able to pull off this disguise, but it seemed that the effort necessary to do so was getting out of hand. Each step seem to add to the severity of things.

My hair was set in curlers, with a setting lotion applied first. What I was not expecting is that the setting lotion would hold my new curls for months not days. When the hairstyle was revealed I was an identical copy of Lisa, except the hairstyle was a little different. The salon in Phoenix had let this salon know of the change necessary so that my wedding dress would look appropriate when I was sporting the new style. I had a sneaky feeling this was a Mom change that had not been communicated to Lisa yet. Now, this Lisa was wearing the style, not just for today, but for the months to come.

Lots more little alterations were made, ears pierced, eyebrows made identical to Lisa’s, and several lessons in applying makeup. The tech would show me what I needed to do to duplicate Lisa’s look and then I had to do it to myself. After the third or fourth try, I was mildly successful, enough for them to stop the lessons. I was then approached by several manicurists. I gave them a questioning glance, Lisa had no nails to speak about, why were they here to do mine. I groaned, another Mom thing apparently. She is miles away in Phoenix and changing my life as easily as if she was right here.

I let them do their thing, the length of the extensions on my fingers was absurd, but I thought I could get them removed later, at least there would be no confrontation about me not having them done. It took them about an hour, as they filed my nails, removed the cuticle, glued on the extensions, and applied the polish. I wondered about the need for the UV light after each application of polish, but was still trying to get used to the other things that were now a part of me. They thanked me for being a courteous customer, assured me that my nails would hold up for months, nothing more needed to be done for at least six months, everything semi-permanent. Of course, I could change my color if needed, but only at a salon.

Luckily I was still almost prone, that way I didn’t have to worry about falling. I am not even back in town, and I’m having to deal with Mom and already I am in deeper than I ever thought I would be. I was dressed in a new outfit, the skirt, a pencil one, since my corset would only allow small movements of my upper legs. The blouse was almost pure lace, the corset showing through in places, making me look exotic and very sexy. Three inch heels were added, with a strap around my ankle to keep them on. In the same pink as my outfit, they were a perfect match. Then, as I tried to bend over, I realized the shoes were on to stay, since I could not reach them to undo the straps. That confounded corset again. Another week of this, a pushy Mom, a wedding and my honeymoon, on top of everything else, I must have been an idiot to agree to help sis.

I stood before the mirror at the front of the salon waiting for my brother to come and pick me up. Might as well get in the right mindset, since I seem to have no other choice at the moment. The image reflecting back was that of my sister, although sexier and less tomboyish. In fact, the image showed there had never been any tomboy phase, nothing but girly gurl on steroids.

In the front door walked Larry, dressed in some new clothes, but the exact spitting image of my former self. I stared at his chest, flat as can be, his face even had a little beard shadow, much like I got when I didn’t shave for several days. He was quite handsome and debonair. His face was comical, his mouth was wide open, his eyes as large as saucers, well not quite that large, but still big enough. He approached and gave me a hug, making sure not to smudge my makeup. He whispered a thank you, now more appreciative for what I was doing for him. If not for me, here she would have stood.

I was escorted out, his hand in my back steering me to the car. He held the door for me, I must admit he is a fast learner. He drove us home, then got the door for me. In the house, I went to the guest room, taking in my image again in the closet mirror. I shook my head a couple of times trying to get a handle on things. My stomach let me know that it hadn’t had anything to eat, so I went to the kitchen and made a salad. Originally, I was going to broil some hamburgers, but the grip of my corset suggested that would not be that great an idea. So a salad would have to do. I opened a can of chicken to go on top and took the different dressings I had out of the refrigerator. I removed a couple of diet drinks at the same time, then, called Larry to eat. As he entered the kitchen, he smiled, gave me another hug and whispered to me that I will make Charlie very happy.

I asked him how they handled his boobs, a blush coming over his face quickly. Padding and a tight undergarment hid the boobs, giving him a larger chest in return. Then another blush, and he looked at his groin. I snickered, knowing what I had asked them to do was accomplished. I asked him to stand and show me, his blush even redder than before. He stood and there and in the crotch of the pants, was a male package, larger than I ever had, but in proportion to his size. I giggled, his look made me stop.

“You had this done didn’t you? When I woke up, they were finishing fitting me, too late to get it undone. I just thought it was part of what they did, but that giggle tells me otherwise.”

“From what they told me, as you get excited, the moisture you produce causes an erection in your new appendage, so that it will be ready to use. If you indulge, as you pump it back and forth, the inner dildo can bring you to orgasm. A win-win for both you and your partner. Just wait until you wake up with a woody, a most conflicting state to encounter most mornings.”

I smiled, “Now you can have fun with some of the girls, if you can get a date with them, it should make both of you extremely happy at the same time.” I tried to change the subject before Larry could find more things to question me about. I asked him about work, a smile instantly appearing on his face. I snickered as he went through what he did, a change here and there to the program, checking all the on stage equipment and the cute showgirl that he met and talked to. Her name was Wendy, I had talked to her before, one of the nicer ones, always friendly and extroverted.

I thought for a minute, I could see my former job being appropriated by the new me, I doubt she will even move back even if this is ever settled. A big sigh from me, I knew this was a possibility, but now that it was looking probable, it is unsettling. Maybe things between Charlie and me will mesh, although, I will still not have a job. I need to ask about Charlie’s job or income, I don’t have any idea what he does for money. I do know his family is quite wealthy, but that doesn’t always pass down to the kids for one reason or the other.

After the meal, we sat there and talked about things. I asked him how comfortable he was at my job. He thought it would be alright, today went well, maybe after tonight, he would have a better idea. I told him I would head back, I need to know quickly if I am going to be able to fool Mom, or if all of this is for naught. I used my new cell phone, its pink color quite easy to find in my purse, well, Lisa’s old purse. I moved up my reservations to tomorrow morning, then called Charlie to pick me up. So many things to get used to, seems like quite a bit more than Larry had to assimilate in his role.

Charlie was glad to hear from me, mentioning that my Mom had been inquiring as to my whereabouts. He just told her that Larry needed some assistance and Lisa went to help with things. We talked for longer than I thought, it was good to hear his voice; when I hung up, I realized I missed him greatly. I did a few things around my home, making it friendlier for the new Larry. One thing I did was to get a lawn service to take care of the yard, something the new me probably would not be able or want to handle.

I packed for the return trip, then got ready for bed. As I was lying there, I studied the info about my bridesmaids and a few other facts that Lisa had supplied. I had just used the bathroom around eleven, when I crawled back into bed, I was soon deep in dreamland. I used to sleep on my stomach, certain recent additions changed that, now laying on my side was the most comfortable. For some reason the whole sex change thing was almost a non-issue with me. I realized that I had changed, but was not focused on it.

The alarm the next morning was persistent, I finally succumbed to its irritating nuisance. I dressed in a recent purchase from the salon, did my makeup, but left my hair in a high ponytail. The curliness though made it look ridiculously feminine. I meandered my way to the kitchen, still not totally coherent. I was surprised to see Larry already up, and smiling at me with a cup of coffee for me. After two or three sips, he carried my luggage to the car, then came back to give me an enormous hug, thanking me for coming to his rescue. As we hugged closely, I felt his male appendage press against me, that aspect being something I would not miss of my old life.

He drove me to the airport, carrying my luggage all the way to the airline counter. I did hear a couple of grunts as the weight was a bit much for his body. I got a brotherly kiss at the gate and waved to him as he went back to his new life. I sighed, but turned and made my way through the gate to my plane. On the trip to Phoenix I did a lot of thinking, deciding to attack the problem with Mom first. Maybe if I am on the offensive, she will not be as observing as she usually is.

The plane landed and pulled up to the gate, it took them a while to get the ramps situated right, then, we were allowed off the plane. I figured I would see Charlie after baggage claim, but to my surprise, he was waiting as I left the plane. It did take him a few moments to spot me, I had dressed much more feminine than Lisa usually did, the smile on his face though was priceless. I got grabbed, him lifting me entirely off my feet and swinging me around. When he sat me back down, the kiss started, I had to pull back two times to get more air. Once I got a gulp, he was attacking me again. It was like he couldn’t get enough of me.

I totally surrendered to him, once the kiss broke off, my head was on his shoulder with his arm around my waist. It was a great feeling, one of love and total acceptance. I was beginning to see that the love was always there from Charlie’s standpoint, just not shared by Lisa. He got my luggage and carried it all the way to his car. He got my door for me, even helped get my seat belt fastened. There was obvious ulterior motives there, since I got groped and man-handled in the process. I smiled and let him have his fun, I was beginning to feel sorry for him, five years of Lisa’s shit he has had to put up with, now he seems to have a smile on his face all the time. I just hope I can live up to my end of the deal.

I told him I needed to stop at my Mom’s first, maybe get a few punches in first before she has her weapons tuned in on me. He chuckled, but headed that way. I asked if he wanted to drop me off, and then come back later, but he insisted he come with me, we are a team now, where I go he will be right beside me. I got this wonderful feeling that warmed me inside, I so could eat this up.

He parked in her drive, I swallowed hard, but by that time, Charlie had got my door and was helping me unfasten my seat belt. I giggled, this was a side of Charlie I never saw before. There was a grope or two, nothing big, but none the less, it was there. He had my hand as he helped me out of the car, never letting it go. As we walked up to the door, he rang the doorbell then tried the door, it was not locked, so he pulled me in and yelled out that we were here. Mom came walking out of one of the bedrooms down the hall, smiled when she saw us. I got a hug, as she checked me over, then a bigger smile as she saw my hair and nails. Charlie did not get left out, another hug and a cheek kiss.

So far so good. I started my plan of attack right away, trying to keep her off balance. I asked about when I could get the final fitting on the wedding dress, maybe later today? She went to her phone, made a call and soon hung up. The smile she sported told me what I needed to know. “This afternoon at three-thirty, it will take about an hour. The altered dress will be ready for pickup tomorrow morning. While you were dealing with Larry, I finalized everything else so we are done with the preparations.”

I noticed her appraising me again, I turned from side to side showing off my new slim waist asking her if she noticed anything. She did, a bigger smile appeared wanting to know my waist measurement now. I told her twenty-three inches, a reduction of four inches from before. “I can see where the extra went, your breasts and hips are now larger, but in my opinion you look wonderful. I am glad you are finally embracing your femininity, a long overdue occurrence.” I walked to the kitchen, got myself and Charlie a diet drink, then rejoined them in the living room.

Charlie had to excuse himself to use the bathroom, as soon as he disappeared, she made the remark to me that Charlie seems much happier, he is almost drooling over you. Quite a change from a few days ago. “Yeah, we had several long talks and have come to some agreements that seem to settle a lot of issues we had. I know the kissing is so much better.”

Mom did ask about Larry, is he going to come to the wedding, or is he absorbed in his job again. I told her he would be here but probably just for the ceremony, nothing more. Her only words were it figures. That was it, no other words or questions from her. I now saw how much my Mom thought of me, everything revolved around her daughter, all else was nothing more than a topic of conversation from time to time. That made me sad, but then Charlie came back, leaned into me and I got another of his great kisses. Maybe this won’t be that bad, a year of his loving and kisses, oh yeah.

Charlie wanted to get going, so he dragged me with him. I think Mom wanted me to stay and chat but he was persistent. I had that goofy smile on my face as we exited, Mom telling me she would pick me up at three. He went through the whole seat belt thing again, his gropes and pinches really making me excited. He drove me to the new house, I of course had never seen it, so it was a real eye opener. It was gorgeous, I could see myself living here right from the first step I made inside the door.

There was no furniture yet, so we didn’t have anything to lay on or sit on. My mind was definitely randy at the moment, wanting more than just some great kissing. I was good though, we talked about how the house was to be decorated, which room was to be ours and other decorating ideas. He left it all up to me, what I wanted would be fine with him.

I did manage to find out a few more things about him, things that Lisa never shared with me. He lived off of money from his trust fund, a monthly stipend for him to use to support himself. In return for this, he was a CFO of one of his parent’s businesses. He worked forty plus hours a week at that job, just not necessarily in the normal nine to five time span.

He was on the board of all their other businesses that way he could acquire some practical info on what was happening with each business and their problems. He would eventually inherit all the businesses and their income.

I asked him what type of relationship Lisa had with his parents. His two word reply, ‘not much’. Apparently, she didn’t open up with them much, so there was hardly any interaction, so they treated her somewhat like she treated them. That was something I needed to change, but gradually, since any abrupt changes could lead to being discovered.

We did make it back to my apartment eventually, Mom already waiting in her car for me. I made sure I got a kiss from Charlie, then reapplied my lipstick, checked my hair and followed Mom out to her car. She made a remark that I seemed to be happier, I nodded, but did not elaborate. The dress shop was very exclusive, a separate changing room for each bride, complete with appropriate drinks and finger food. My dress was hanging on a movable rack, my first impression was it is huge, I wondered if I was wearing it, would anybody be able to see me for the dress?

I was helped out of my clothes, the dress apparently had all appropriate slips and petticoats attached to the dress. Moms’ eyes nearly bugged out when she saw my corset, surprisingly her first question is, “How do you go to the bathroom in it?” I showed her the zipper behind me that when opened allowed my thighs to spread enough for me sit and pee. The lady doing the fitting wanted to know if I would be wearing it under the dress. I answered in the affirmative to her utter surprise. With me in the corset, the dress did have to be altered further to fit properly. It would be no problem for them, I hoped not with Mom spending that much money on the dress. I caught Mom’s eyes several times eyeing the dress, even a tear or two at one time in her eyes.

Then I made the connection, this was not about her daughter getting married, it was about what Mom had dreamed about being her perfect wedding and honeymoon. It all synced, the reason for the elaborate wedding, the dress and the honeymoon cottage. Neither Charlie nor I skied, but Mom did, in fact, that is how she met dad originally. She was trying to find happiness in her daughter’s wedding, ending up spending way too much for that elusive dream of hers.

I did look good in the dress, fitting me tightly from my breasts to my upper thighs, then flaring out to immense proportions before hitting the floor. I found out that five inch heels would be required to keep the hem of the dress off the floor. It was heavy, I felt like I was carrying fifty pounds around in material. It was strapless, a special belt needed that wrapped tightly around my body right below my breasts, the dress hooking to that belt to keep it from slipping down off my breasts. Mom had arranged for a separate dress, not as large and voluminous to wear for the reception, but I wanted to keep the wedding dress on, giving Charlie the pleasure of removing me from it.

It was scheduled for us to stay in town the night of the wedding, then fly out the next morning for Colorado. I needed to see if I can arrange something different. I had in mind spending my first week of marriage lying flat on my back, being made love to. Hey, if I have to do this, I want some enjoyment too out of this.

I stayed busy doing this and that, I spent some time with Mom, but mainly just watching her and her interaction with others. I was asked many times if I felt alright, I guess my sudden quietness worried everyone. One of Mom’s friends came over several times in the days before the wedding. He was the husband of her BFF from college. They had settled in the same area and were frequent visitors in each other’s house. Jenny, her BFF, died from breast cancer two years ago, I think a part of Mom died that day too. Her husband was quite devastated by his wife’s death, pulled back into a shell and was almost a year before she saw much of him. Mom and he struck up a friendship, both of them savoring and sharing their time with Jenny. Even now, he would often come over, have tea with Mom and talk about the good times they had when Jenny was still alive.

Maybe I could do something to bring this relationship together in more ways than sharing their love for someone who meant so much to them. I began to put a plan together, if Mom had someone in her life, my life will be so much more pleasant. I tracked down where Jeff lived, then explained my plan to Charlie. With his assistance I could maybe make this work. It was a Thursday afternoon when we made a surprise visit to Jeff’s house.

The excuse was that Mom had no one to be her escort at the different wedding functions, we wondered if he would be so kind as to see that she had someone near her, kind of an unofficial escort of sorts, especially at the wedding and reception. He was more than happy to do that, even called Mom and suggested that he accompany her to any function connected to the wedding. She graciously accepted, part of my plan now in place. I did find out that he was an excellent skier, a perfect fit for the next phase of my hopefully igneous scheme.

Everything seems to be moving along fine, two days to the wedding. When my bridesmaids came by late one afternoon, I knew exactly what they had in mind. I thought about killing off the idea before it saw the light of day, but the look on all of their faces was so hopeful. I called Charlie to cancel our plans for the evening, only to find out his brother and some of his friends had the same idea and were on their way to a nightclub in the adjoining town. I wished him well, kind of disappointed that I would not have my make out session tonight with my fiance. The girls had quite an agenda scheduled for tonight, we hit six different clubs, mostly ones that offered male dancers. Of course, I had to stuff some G-strings with money, luckily the girls supplied all of it. It wasn’t until later that I found out they had put my name and phone number on every piece of money I stuffed.

I was more than inebriated by the time we made it back home, in fact, I hoped the behavior the girls described that I had participated in really didn’t happen, According to Julie, the oldest friend of Lisa’s, I had stripped down to my birthday suit with corset and danced with one of the male strippers. The club management had to physically remove me from the stage. They promised pictures tomorrow as soon as they found someone to develop them. I have no memories after the first three stops, so it could have been true.

The next morning, it took one hell of a lot of coffee and many aspirin to make my head stop hurting. I did call Charlie, I don’t think he fared much better than I did, we decided to wait until this evening before trying to see each other. It ought to be quite a meet-up discussing our last fling as a single person.

After my head quit hurting, I tried to think things through and did a lot of soul searching that afternoon. Ever since I decided to participate in this crazy scheme, I seemed to be a different person. Back in Vegas I never dated much, maybe an evening out with one of the showgirls, but never more than that. On these rare dates, we talked about the show, what it is like to be on stage naked except for some pasties or nipple makeup, dancing around while two thousand customers ogle your body. Surprisingly, we never talked about what I did for the show, mainly things about being a showgirl. After the date, we remained friends, till the girls left the area. Most of the girls rotated between here and Atlantic City, the two major employers of scantily clad showgirls.

Several times the female came back to Vegas, now cast as a star in one of the reviews. More elaborate headdresses, taller heels, but still naked as the day there were born. One gal in particular when she re-appeared in town, became a frequent visitor in my home. She wanted a friend, someone to talk to, not some grabby male looking to make a conquest. She was fun to be around, I ended up getting dragged to her salon appointments, dance rehearsals, you name it, I was asked to be there. I guess I was her stabilizing anchor, someone to stay beside her and treat her like a person. Towards the end, I even indulged in some of her beauty treatments with her, something that seemed to connect us even more. Her favorite thing was for me to get a manicure with polish as she got her extensions added and polished. I made quite a sight, femmy nails with polish and male clothes.

Chrissy got offered a huge contract to star in a show in Monte Carlo. The money was unreal, we discussed it over and over, she was interested but it meant leaving the country, leaving our friendship behind. Eventually she took the offer, when she flew out of Vegas we both cried forever. She had a few rough weeks, but then she met someone that took her breath away. We exchanged emails often, I got pictures of him, we discussed every date and what happened, I could see she was in love, just not wanting to give into the feeling. I hadn’t heard from her for the last few weeks, I am sure they are on some cruise, or extended vacation. He wanted her to quit the show offering her the same salary to just spend time with him. Yes, he was loaded, oil, shipping, even owned a couple of airlines in that part of the world.

Maybe I need to talk to Lis… Larry to be on the outlook for some word from her. I do miss her, have ever since she flew to Monte Carlo. I am happy for her, maybe she has found someone for her, to take care of her and make love to her.

Back to my introspection today, the clock is ticking, soon I will be a married woman, with a husband to take care of and love. In a way a scary thought, but somehow it has seemed right ever since I agreed to do this. I don’t have reasons for why it seems right, the only thing I know for sure is the utter feeling of bliss when I am in Charlie’s arms. I feel invigorated, sexual, and empowered, that I can turn him on so easily. A rub of his arm or chest makes his thingy jump to attention, which in turn gets me drippy wet. Well that and my rock hard nipples have to be taken into consideration. I am sure at times they are going to burn a hole in the front of my corset, when I check them out they are hot, throbbing and pulsing, anxious to be sucked on or pinched.

Even now, just thinking about it, I am excited, starting to get moist down below with my nipples starting to swell in anticipation. I wonder how the salon does that, appliances glued over my male apparatus that mimic a natural born female. The breasts sucked from my body that yearn for some attention just like a natural born female. Oh gawd, time again for another cold shower! Well not really a shower, more like several cold washcloths applied to the most affected areas. I have taken a lot of them recently, at least I can claim to be thoroughly clean.

I get Charlie to come over, I need some kissing and hugging. When he shows up, I tell him we need to buy furniture and groceries. He stares at me then starts to chuckle. “You are going to send Jeff and your Mom to the cabin, aren’t you? Just where are we going to hole up and make love?” Then the light came on. “Our house, huh?”

I dragged him to his car and we were off. We picked out bedroom furniture, all I was interested in was how soft the mattress was and if it was big enough to maneuver on. Charlie wanted all things feminine, a canopy bed, pink dressers with mirrors and two mirrors that stood on their own frame. They offered bedding packages too, he bought two sets, then talked them into coming out today and setting it up including the bedding and the drapes. I was all for the setup, but not his choice for the bedding. I have never seen so much lace and frills on anything. Every time I complained, he got this huge grin on his face, but didn’t change his mind. I swear he was trying to drown me in excessive femininity.

I finally relented and we made our way to a grocery store. I picked items this time, all I wanted was parts for one meal a day, lovers need fuel and I will willingly sacrifice some of my time being made love to, to feed my lover. Well they were nourishing, but something that would only take an hour to prepare and serve. A few snacks that would not make a mess in bed and something to drink completed our purchases. We went by the house, stashed everything, then sat in the living room on the bare floor practicing our kissing and throat penetrations.

About an hour later, the furniture company arrived, two guys to carry everything in and a lady to do the curtains and linens. When she started to put the canopy top in place, I instantly turned red. The top was huge, hanging almost to the floor, on all four sides, with a slit on one side to allow entry. I could see myself in some diaphanous outfit peeking out from the slit in the side of the cover, my boobs ready to spill out of my bra. I swear there was a hundred yards of lace in that damn canopy top, the two guys had to place it on the overhead supports for the lady. It took her over an hour to arrange it the way it was supposed to be, when she stood back, it looked like our bedroom was a part of a harem. I looked at Charlie, trying to be mad at him, but his grin just melted me. I guess I am his harem girl after we marry, I am sure somewhere he has some appropriate sleep wear for me to match the ridiculous bed set he had purchased.

My mind was already working on some types of payback for this, but everything I thought of just made me that much more horny. Then I thought of one more thing that had to be done today, I grabbed an old phone book lying in the hall and looked for a locksmith. Charlie looked over my shoulder at what I was looking for, smiled and called a number of the first one in the list. He told them we needed the locks changed, could they do them today. No luck on that one, so he called another. He could squeeze us in and Charlie gave them the address. An hour and half later he showed up. It took him thirty minutes to make the change, this time with deadbolts. Of course, we had resumed our practice, when the locksmith showed up I had to quickly wipe the lipstick off Charlie’s face when the guy knocked, his lips were redder than mine.

Now we were ready for the big day. I had thought of how I was going to get everything changed as I wanted it, it seemed like it might work, unfortunately only time will tell how successful I am. I intended to send Mom and Jeff off saying I had some inner ear issues and couldn’t fly. I knew they would not refund her money so close to the reservation date, and Mom would not like to waste that type of money. They both ski, so a nice vacation for both of them. If other relationships develop, so much the better.

I ran it by Jeff first, trying to eliminate possible outs to the situation, he was all for it, even suggested that he tell my Mom. “Thank you, Jeff you are a doll.” Mom called later wanting to know about my ears, I told her I had been to the doctor, he gave me some medication and I would recover, but flying was out. I told her I had called Jeff, wanting to make sure someone could go with her so she would not be alone. I mentioned how they seem to be getting along well, a perfect companion for three weeks in Colorado. Mom went along with it, even seemed happy to get away for a while.

Now, to get through the wedding day, bridesmaids, Moms and a host of people to deal with all during the day. I woke early, made sure I was clean and then headed to the salon. This had all been set up, my arrival at six A.M. was expected. I was waxed, pampered, and otherwise made ready body wise. More of my eyebrows were vanquished in the name of femininity and I spent an hour under a hot dryer as my curls for the up do I was to wear dried. This treatment just rearranged the previous long lasting curls, so that they could be transformed into the up do.

As the morning progressed, the bridesmaids and Moms made their visit and were similarly made ready for my big day. The limo came a while later to transport all of us to the dress place. There, we would have help getting into our dresses, a stylist from the salon accompanied us, making sure our makeup and hair was perfect before we entered the limo ride to the church. I couldn’t get over how heavy the dress was, once the strap around my chest had been secured, the dress was pulled up from below. I was already in my corset, except for bathing I was never out of it.

Right before the dress was pulled up, I was handed the tiniest thong to wear, my friends the bridesmaids deciding I needed something to entice Charlie to do the deed. I knew better, for the last couple of days every time I brushed my hand over his groin he was rock hard. No enticement necessary, just unwrap and go to it. I made the change, the thong barely showed since I was bare down there, courtesy of the salon in Vegas now only a nice pair of puffy lips were visible. The thong almost slipped inside my lips, not helping at all in my effort to keep from getting excited.

Nobody seemed to notice anything different about me, I guess the excitement of the wedding kept everybody slightly off center. I did get a couple of stares from Mom, but she never said anything. It turned out that the limo had to make two trips, my dress was so huge that it occupied the whole passenger area of the limo. The wedding party went first, then the limo returned fifteen minutes later for me.

Once I arrived at the church, it was photo time. The guys were kept in the church while all of us were photographed in the church courtyard. The photographer would also catch the proceedings inside the church. After the vows, then back to the courtyard for the pictures of the happy couple and the rest of the wedding party, mainly Charlie and his best man. By the time those pictures were finished and we headed for the church, I was pooped. The dress was getting to me, once today, I had to go the longer route since the dress and me would not fit through a couple of doors.

I did feel like a female in the dress, how in earth could I not. My breasts were almost to escape in the bodice of the dress, the strap around my chest the only thing keeping the dress up where it could cradle my girls. The image in the mirrors I saw looked amazing, my naked shoulders, the breasts bulging from my bodice and the dress flaring out from my waist only enhancing that look even more. The bridesmaids and I were in a small room at the back of the church, waiting for the festivities to start. I noticed them giggling some and exchanging some looks, then Diane, Lisa’s friend the longest, approached me with something in her hand. She leaned against a pillar like me, the dresses not allowing us to sit. She whispered that all of the girls had gotten me a gag gift to wear, for when Charlie gets to unwrap me later. The girls wanted me to wear it to make sure he was at full attention when we consummated the marriage. I nodded my head, and the rest of the girls came over next to me.

Nancy reminded me that I had forgot my contacts, so she handed them to me and I leaned over some to insert them. I had indeed forgot them, so was thankful that they had remembered. The first sight I had was blurry, not an uncommon occurrence so I asked for my eye drops. Nancy helped, putting several drops in each eye. Diane then wanted to fix my lipstick, so she asked me to hold my mouth open so she could coat the lips thoroughly. I did so then felt two hands on the sides of my face holding me rigid. Before I could close my mouth, an object was inserted in my mouth. To my utter surprise, Diane used something to grab my tongue through the object and soon it was trapped in the object. I tried everything I could to dislodge it, but to no avail. I couldn’t see other than larger objects before me, not even able to distinguish between the girls. I tried to say something but nothing came out other than gibberish.

Suddenly, my mouth popped open the object keeping my jaws wide open, my tongue still trapped in the middle of this. Diane leaned closer, starting to tell me what they were doing to me. The contacts are permanently blurry, so your vision will remain cloudy for the duration. The gag is for two purposes, one to keep you quiet, the second is for your mouth to be available for your new husband. There is one more surprise, then it is time to get married. I felt my dress being lifted in the back, then I was leaned over with the skirt on my back. I felt my thong being removed and another something fastened around my waist. I felt more hands on me, then something being pushed into my vagina. It was fairly huge stretching me out almost to the point I was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed since it slid in way too easily. Whoever did it noticed, making a remark to the other girls. “Well Lisa is already wet, in fact I would venture to guess she is soaking wet. The dildo will help to keep it all contained.”

I don’t think I could blush any more or any redder however I was soon proven wrong. I felt a finger at my anus, rubbing something around and in my rosebud, then two fingers. I squirmed and tried my best to escape what was coming. The something hard pushed against me, I tried to clench my muscles to stop it, but suddenly my focus was on the intruder in my vagina. It was vibrating wildly, my concentration gone, and the butt plug sliding home easily. I was stuffed, literally way more than I could easily handle. A strap was brought up between my legs and locked to the belt. Oh shit, I was going to get married like this. I tried to plead but nothing but some pathetic sounds emerged from my lips. Then suddenly, everything went quiet, my mouth closed and the vibration stopped.

Diane continued her explanation. “We figure by the time you get to the cabin, Charlie will not stand a chance. He will probably get raped right there, bed or no bed. You don’t have to thank us that is what BFF’s are for. Oh, incidentally, the keys were sent overnight to the cabin, they should be there when you arrive. I moaned loudly, the giggling from the girls just that much more. My dress was put back down, covering all they had done to me.

My lipstick was checked again, then someone placed something in the palm of my hand. Diane told me when it came to the I do part I was to push the button and the recorder would play me saying I do. Gawd, they need to work for the government the way they have this all planned out! I wondered what Lisa has done in the past to warrant this type of retribution from her friends. I had calmed down quite a bit, still absorbing what all had been done to me. Boy, Charlie is going to be in for a surprise when we leave the church.

I was calm but my mind was working overtime, thinking of all the things I would be doing and how, what was done to me, is going to affect that. Then the light came on brighter this time, the keys were sent to the cabin and I will not be at the cabin. Oh gawd, frustrated as hell right now, the wedding and Charlie wanting me and I am all locked up, able to do almost nothing. It can’t get much worse can it? Well that was a stupid question.

Diane was checking a list her and the girls had made as to what was too be my fate. “Damn it we forgot the shoes, Jenny get the shoes out of the closet.” I heard a door open, then Jenny appeared in front of me with a large shoe box in her hands. There was nowhere to go, both of my arms held by the other bridesmaids. My dress was raised again and Jenny took off my heels and added the new pair. My foot was severally arched in these, much higher than my other heels. Then I felt her lacing them up, as the laces tightened, I found myself standing on my toes.

Diane confirmed they were ballet boots, she suggested hanging on to somebody at all times, so that I would not find myself on the floor. I heard the music start, not much to do but grin and bear it. Well as much as my new gag would allow. Uncle Joe came into the room to escort me down the aisle, the girls got their bouquets and mine and we were ready to proceed. I really had to hang on, walking in these damn things was murder. I did make it to the front of the church and my beloved. Joe handed me off to Charlie and I grasped his arm tightly, I needed him desperately to stay standing. He looked my way, then leaned in and gave me a cheek kiss. I absolutely melted in his arms.

The girls often looked my way, smiling and giggling. To everybody else they looked normal, but to me they were my executioners. When they got to the part where I say I do. I pushed the button and heard my response loud and clear. We exchanged rings, to everyone else I looked a little grabby, but I had to hang on to Charlie or figure out what to say when I found my butt on the floor. Finally the service was over and the pastor told us we could kiss. I did my best, but my mouth would not open other than a crack. Charlie swirled his tongue around trying to find out why I was not opening up, my usual MO when we kissed. As we separated to great applause, he pulled back and took a closer look.

He held me at arm’s length, then released me for a second, I started to fall and he quickly grabbed me. He knew something was wrong and whispered in my ear. I couldn’t say anything since my tongue was trapped in the gag. He took my arm and headed to the back of the church. There waiting for me was my BFF’s. Oh crap, more humiliation, I could just feel it! They approached and a fancy shawl to cover my shoulders was put on me. One girl holding each arm I was quickly buttoned up in it. It was cool outside, the shawl was needed. What was not needed was the girls slipping my hands behind me and handcuffing them together. Lots of smiles then they went off to their transportation to the reception, a few miles away. Now I was severally handicapped, Diane letting me go after Charlie re-appeared. Charlie got me to the limo, it took both him and my Mom to get me situated therein.

Charlie rode up front, there was no room for him in the back, my dress taking the whole back of the limo. The ride didn’t take long, then I had to wait for someone to assist Charlie to get me out without me losing my dress. It seemed to take forever, but eventually Larry showed up, the biggest shit eating grin on his face. He wanted a word with me, so Charlie was polite and left us alone.

“Now you know the other reason why I didn’t want to get married; my so called BFF’s threatened me with this as soon as I asked them to be my bridesmaids. We have exchanged some playful pranks in the past, but they have always come out with the short end of the stick; from what I see, they have planned this quite thoroughly. At least Charlie will have fun on his wedding night, unwrapping his present. Just so you know, I love my job, and intend to keep it. Once you face facts, you will be quite happy in your new married life as will Charlie. Oh, one more thing, Mom figured it out, she knows we have switched places; when I showed up she presented me with legal papers, once court filed, we will be officially each other in the eyes of the court. Have fun Sis, I will be anxious to hear from you about your wedding night.” I got a kiss on the lips, a giggle or two and she left.

I let out this huge sigh, all my plans shot to hell, the only thing I will get out of this is Charlie. Well, maybe this won’t be that bad. Larry did help Charlie get me out of the limo, then turned and walked off. I now had to face everybody at the reception. As per custom we formed a line to receive everyone greeting them and thanking them for coming. I was silent, Mom who was standing next to me making excuses for me. So instead of shaking hands I got a hug and cheek kiss, except for a couple of the younger men, who cheated and kissed me on the lips. As they pulled away, my red face was most prominent.

Charlie kept his arm around me the whole time, figuring something was done to me to inhibit me this much. He took several long glances, but nothing was evident on the surface. When he led me to the dance floor for the first dance he felt the handcuffs behind me and smiled, his only comment we are going to have fun tonight. It seemed like forever, but finally the ordeal was over, Mom and Charlie getting me back into the limo. Since Charlie would have no help at home, Mom unzipped my dress after I was in the limo and removed the belt around my chest keeping the dress up.

“Have fun daughter dearest, thanks for helping get Jeff and I together, I really appreciate it. I will enjoy myself and if I find anything of yours, I will see about getting it back to you eventually. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. I will check on you after I get back.” I got a hug and a kiss as she left giggling away.

The limo pulled up in the drive of our house, Charlie asked the driver to wait a moment for him as he opened the house and retrieved a sheet from the bedroom, I was extracted from my dress right there in the car, the sheet wrapped around me and taken into the house. He laid me on the floor, since there was no furniture in the house except for our bedroom. He returned a few minutes later with my dress and laid it down carefully on the floor.

He closed the front door, came back to me picking me up and taking me to the bedroom. Trussed up the way I was there was nothing I could do, he laid me gently on the bed, that huge canopy overhead dominating me and the bed. The sheet was removed and he did everything he could to keep from laughing at me. When our eyes met he could see tears in my eyes, he shimmed out of his clothes laid next to me and held me tight. He kissed me all over my face, even though I was trying to wiggle away. He got up on all fours, his legs and arms holding me to my spot on the bed. He looked down at me, resuming his kissing, adding in some nipple play. He stopped, leaning back on his knees, deciding he needed to know what all had been done to me.

He pulled my lips back to see what was in my mouth, stuck a finger in to see the extent of the gag. Then he leaned back further checking out the chastity belt. He tried to get his fingers under the edge, but about a half inch is all he managed. Lastly he checked the ballet boots, he confirmed they were locked on securely. I was laid on my side so he could check the handcuffs, his lack of comment telling me I was stuck in them for the duration. A few more tears escaped, he cradled my head and laid a most passionate kiss on my lips. I groaned, the frustration ramping up with no relief in sight. He got me some water in a squeeze bottle, giving me small sips until I nodded my content.

I was held tightly and soon I managed to slip off into dreamland. I woke up with a start, I need to go to the bathroom in the worst way. Then, I remembered my situation and groaned. Charlie was right there, his smile very evident. I thing he knew what I needed, as I was picked up and taken to the bathroom and placed on the toilet. I hoped the dildo allowed urine to pass out or I would really be screwed. It did, when I finished Charlie wiped me through the belt as best as he could, his actions making me squirm even more. I could feel the pressure, even through the metal plate, unwelcome pressure as I was just about as horny as a female could get. I couldn’t even go potty by myself, and on my wedding day.

Back to the bed, what I had envisioned happening suddenly a wild unfulfilled dream. I was laid down carefully, then I had to watch as Charlie removed his robe. The sigh that escaped my lips sounding so pathetic. I so wanted the bride experience on her wedding night, her husband taking her to new heights, loving her and making her his wife. Now, none of that would be happening, stuck as if a mannequin, not even a place for my husband to take advantage of.

Charlie leaned down over me, lowering his mouth to my nipple, he licked it swirled his tongue around it causing it to get hard and making ripples of pleasure assault my mind. He shifted between the two, never letting the nipple dry any from his saliva. It seemed he was a man on a mission as he worked them over many times. They were already hard as rocks, but he apparently envisioned more. I lost track of time, his manipulations consuming all of my thoughts.

Then, he lightly bit at my right nipple. It was still wet from his last assault, the sharp feeling as he nibbled on my nipple attacking my whole body. I arched my back high, trying to somehow get my whole tit in his mouth, he just responded by switching to my other nipple. When his teeth nibbled my rock hard nipple, I felt like I was leaving the bed, every muscle in my body trying to get that tit totally in his mouth. He returned to the licking and swirling, but my body had not calmed down any, it was still high on that plateau. The resulting orgasm that shook my body seemed to last forever, it just kept going never wanting to stop. Charlie just held me tightly, not letting me get away from the feelings, making me embrace every single wave of pleasure that swept over me.

We laid there for quite a while, Charlie smiling every time I glanced at his face. I twisted and turned trying to get more comfortable, but with my hands behind me it was proving very difficult. This continued for the rest of the day, a nap the only thing breaking up the relentless attack on my nipples. I gave up counting the number of times I came, the feelings though made me so happy and content.

We skipped eating that day, Charlie’s lovemaking apparently enough nourishment for him. Besides the orgasms, I only received some water from time to time. It was after midnight when I drifted off to dreamland, the sleep that overcame me was so sound I didn’t remember a thing until I needed to use the bathroom in the morning. I twisted a couple of times to try and get Charlie to help me up only to find my hands were released from the handcuffs. I teetered across the floor, barely making the bathroom door before losing my balance. I sat to pee after releasing the back of the corset, a most welcome feeling this morning.

I tried to relax my muscles to pee, and a stream shot out of me. I reached down there to find out that my unwanted inserts were both gone, the belt holding them on was also missing. Now just the damn ballet boots and my gag remained, much better than yesterday, although still restrictive. My mind wondered on how the keys showed up so soon, even sent priority less than one day was not possible. I finished and wiped and then staggered back to the bed.

Charlie was there, to help me back into bed, then placed a delicious looking breakfast in front of me on a lap tray. I looked at him letting out a low pathetic groan, even a couple of tears sliding down my cheek in the process. He reached up with his hands to hold my face and then my mouth suddenly opened wide. He inserted a tool into my mouth and soon the gag released my tongue. He pulled the offending item from my mouth and I tried to regain use of it. My tongue in particular was numb from lack of use. I started to ask him about where he got the keys, he suggested that I remain quiet and eat his food offering. If I misbehaved, he could dress me as before, leaving me trussed up for the rest of the week. I tried to kiss him, but he swatted me on the arms, lifting up my fork and feeding me bite by bite. It was so romantic, then as he carried the tray back to the kitchen, he told me to stay put until he got back.

I don’t think he needed to warn me, the ballet boots were still locked on my feet; with the corset, I doubted I could reach them even if I had the keys to unlock them. When he returned, he laid next to me and while fondling my breasts explained what had happened. He checked with Diane at the reception and managed to get the keys for my recent additions. He promised her at least a day totally restrained before he would release me. I leaned over to kiss him, but he just pushed me onto my back and took up the position of lover and husband. I don’t remember much after that, the orgasms and feeling of contentment made me so happy. I knew it was at least a day later before we ate again, although I did obtain some nourishment from my husband’s lower extremity. That was so much fun, but alas Charlie had other ideas of what was fun.

When I started to ask too many questions, he simply held up the gag and shook his head. I instantly shut up. The next few days were a blur, but oh so memorable. The damn ballet boots were a constant companion until the last day of our honeymoon. Even with them off I still couldn’t walk, my feet being in them so long had affected my ankles to the point that putting any weight on my ankles was impossible. While inconvenient, I did get carried around by Charlie, a good excuse to share a lot of kissing and tonsil hockey with my beloved. I sincerely doubted I would ever wear anything but heels in my future.

Five days into our honeymoon, I got a call from Larry. Chrissie had got a hold of him, she was coming to the U.S. and wanted to meet up with me. He took her phone number so I could call her, not telling her anything about what was going on, according to him. He excused his curt manner as to the fact that his job was now quite demanding, and he was worried about his ability to keep it.

Of course, I called her right away, it took me over an hour to explain things, her several bouts of outright laughter at what I had got myself into, the reason. We arranged a meeting at the weekend, when both Charlie and I could spend some time talking to her. I did eventually tire of the orgasms, they still rocked my boat, but I felt like I had been dragged through a wringer, then put back through it from the opposite direction. The kissing though I would never tire of.

On the last day of the honeymoon, I did a lot of reflecting. When sis asked me to stand in for her, it was truly my lucky day. The fact that Charlie was the intended groom just made it so much better. It might have not started out as love between us, but it is now in every way. Yep life as a married woman is great, everything I could have asked for in life delivered on a silver platter. A platter that I intend to eat off for the rest of my life. Who ever is responsible thank you.

We met Chrissie at the private terminal of the airport, her private jet taxing up to one of the gates. She waved us onboard and we were soon airborne again, she wanted to fly to Vegas to see some of her old friends, plus she had some business to conclude there at the same time. I got the warmest hug from her and then a detailed appraisal of my new look. I had dressed in a Lavender skirt suit with a ruffled blouse under the jacket. Of course, long dangle earrings in Amethyst with a matching necklace and bracelet. My hair was all curls, framing my face perfectly. Minimum makeup since I felt that I didn’t really have to impress Chrissie.

Believe me she was not dressed as a normal female. Her choice was an Ivory skirt suit with a hem about mid-thigh, similar to my hem length. Her jewelry was where her new found wealth seemed apparent. Diamonds abound, the size of some of the stones quite impressive. She still had the showgirl look, a dynamite figure and a rack that would put most females to shame. We had both picked five inch heels making us stand out above the crowd.

I don’t think Charlie got five words in the conversation, the two of us not wasting any time catching up on each other’s lives. Chrissie couldn’t get over how realistic I looked, the clothes, the body, the makeup just so feminine. Never once did we discuss the future, much too busy discussing the recent happenings in our lives. The trip didn’t take long, we still had much to discuss, but we were out of time.

At Las Vegas a private limo awaited us, the driver approaching the jet as it taxied to its resting spot. We each grabbed one of Charlie’s arms as we descended the jet, the smile on Charlie’s face priceless. We headed to my old casino where a lot of her friends still worked at. We spent two hours gabbing, it was like old home week.

Of course several of the old friends she wanted to meet I was familiar with, though most of them were floored at my appearance now. Later that evening the three of us adjourned to a classy restaurant, where she had a private room reserved for us and her business colleagues. When we arrived, I was frankly quite surprised, the owners of the place where I worked were sitting across from me as I sat down. I don’t think I was recognized, since none of them had ever met Lisa.

I sat there mouth open as Chrissie concluded the deal to buy the casino and accompanying hotel for a cool hundred million dollars. Then, almost fainted when Chrissie told them I would be taking over management of the complex. I looked at her, then over to Charlie, then back at Chrissie, mouthing the word ‘huh’? We had a nice dinner, everything would be concluded in the next couple of days as soon as the boatload of lawyers managed to get everything prim and proper. Believe me, rational thought was not possible during that dinner. Chrissie was definitely in her element, as she handled herself like she made this kind of deal every day.

Everybody parted, my hand on Chrissie’s arm not letting her go anywhere until she explained what all of this was about. Her simple explanation was that I needed something to do, I was available and that settled that. She needed someone in the states to oversee her properties, this the newest one to her acquisitions. Since I was now unemployed, she felt it her duty to remove me from that classification. She would arrange for my own limo to use in the states, but flights back east to oversee her other purchases could be either first class or she could send her private jet.

I was in a daze, still getting used to being a female, a wife, and now a business executive. When I calmed down some I told her she should pick someone else, one with some actual experience.

“I can’t do that, I have already had your business cards printed up.” A big Cheshire cat grin on her face, then breaking into fits of giggles soon thereafter. I looked at one of the cards she showed me, a Ms. L Henley, director of U.S. operations of Chrissie LTD. I promptly sat down, all of this way too much for me to grasp.

I just sat there looking at the card then a little light bulb came on. No one ever told her Charlie’s last name until today, the cards were professionally done raised lettering on embossed card stock. I decided to do a little snooping on my own, definitely more here than what is on the surface.

We did talk a little about my duties, Chrissie wanting me to visit all of her properties first unannounced to see what ideas I might come up. Then a meeting to discuss my findings and decide on a plan of action. Then she would announce my position formally to the corporation. It finally came out that she has five casinos at present the one today making number six, three more are in negotiations at present, so I can plan on being quite busy. She had no problem with me being based out of Phoenix, the traveling would do me good. Once I had a feel for the casinos here in the states she wanted me to visit her European branches for ideas and inspiration.

We spent several days in the complex, the penthouse suite of course. I did get a chance to check in with Larry, finding out he had told Chrissie most of what had happened when she first called. I thought of firing him right there on the spot, but decided I could have more fun with him over the months to follow, since I am now his boss.

Like a dumb blonde I never asked her about a salary, way too much to try and process to get that far in the conversation. I knew with Charlie’s finances we would never hurt for money, but at least I should have asked. There was something about the challenge that drew me into the deal, not sure what though. I was actually looking forward to getting started.

Chrissie did shake me up a little asking me to audition to be one of the showgirls here in Vegas. You know you want to be on stage once in your life, we have talked about it before quite often, now that you have the figure for it, there is no reason not to experience it. I will even fly over for your opening night. The smile was there, maybe a joke, but beneath that smile was her little smirk. Of course, Charlie was an instant supporter of the plan, his tongue hanging out even now.

I originally thought it was all a joke, something that we had talked about in the past, but it was all talk. Now with my new female body a possibility. The next morning as we were heading downstairs to get some breakfast and talk business, she made a detour to the auditorium where the shows were put on. I didn’t think about why we were there, just figured she wanted to see something or talk to one of her fellow showgirls. As we walked onto the stage, the gal that handled the showgirls came over and looked closely at my body.

Then she told me to strip. I stared at Chrissie, then back at the lady, my mouth wide open and in shock. Charlie meanwhile was helping me to undress, while I was trying everything I could to slow him down. When Chrissie joined in helping I just stood there. I could maybe fend off two hands but four was just too much. When one of the showgirls came over and applied pasties to my nipples, then helped pull up a G-string so that it nestled in my female sex, I figured out what was happening.

I spent the next three hours learning the routine the girls were practicing, as Chrissie and Charlie sat to the side of the stage in one of the private boxes watching me make a fool out of myself. When the rehearsal was over Chrissie approached me, and gave me a tender hug. Not bad, although you will need a lot more practice. The rehearsals are every day at ten A.M. be prompt, you will star in at least one show later this month. Then and only then will I consider letting you assume your other duties. Until then Charlie can manage the businesses, leaving my new show headliner free to learn her routines.

After I leave the penthouse is yours until you make your debut, but I expect perfection personified. Now be a good girl and take care of your husband, but get plenty of rest, Sheila was easy on you today, tomorrow will be quite different.

Chrissie flew back the next day, but we did arrange for a trip to her home after my debut to meet her husband. As Charlie led me back to the penthouse, I was glued to his arm, my head on his chest, wondering about all the things that have happened recently.

Sheila was indeed a taskmaster, I never dreamed I had that many muscles and every one of them hurt like hell. I danced, bent over, and twisted, almost any conceivable maneuver a female could perform. All of this wearing only pasties and a G-string. Did I mention the six inch heels, two small straps the only thing holding them to my feet. These were not block heels but stilettos with a quarter inch pad at the bottom of the heel.

It was the fourth day of my torture when Sheila started to show me what I would be doing. She walked me through the musical number, then one of her assistants showed up with this huge headdress. It is custom made for each showgirl to fit the head very tightly since any straps or support would ruin the effect. It stood about three feet tall, this one just for me to get used to the weight and learn how to balance myself so that I would not fall flat on my face. When Charlie came to pick me up, I was beat, the heels and the routine plus the headdress had taken its toll on my body.

Three more weeks of practicing, the last week doing the routine on stage and in costume. Other than the pasties and G-string there were lots of feathers, lightweight but very showy especially in mass. I had bracelet like accessories holding lots of feathers around my upper arm and another bunch of feathers attached to my G-string. They flopped around a lot, but Sheila said they had something else for the stage.

The day before my debut I was back into the salon as they wove in hair extensions to my already longish hair. These were four feet in length and were triple tied to my own hair to keep them secure. I wondered about the reason for them but I had learned that I would be told what I needed to know and nothing more until absolutely necessary.

The day of my debut, Chrissie had flown in early that morning to supervise my preparation for the stage. The first thing she had me do was to go into the bathroom and give myself an enema. I gave her a huge stare until my mind finally connected the dots. In one of her shows several years ago she wore a butt plug, where her numerous feathers were fastened to, then to eliminate a G-string from showing an insert in her vagina with a cover so that her female parts were sufficiently covered. In our discussions before when I was still male, it was a frequent topic, I was fascinated at the idea of it, apparently Chrissie remembered this well. The new showgirl needs to widen her horizons, you are a headliner, your name is up on the marquee outside so you need to experience the life.

After doing as I was told I was sat down in a low chair and two ladies started on my hair. The new headdress was to be woven into my hair that is the reason for the extensions. I started to complain vigorously, but Chrissie just smiled. It will be worth it, since you will be doing four shows tonight. I turned and glared at her, but my head was turned back so that they could fit the headdress. Chrissie came around in front, smiled then giggled, you are going to be such a hit, I may have you perform at all of the other venues too. Think of all the experience you will be getting, and at no charge to you.

It took them almost three hours to weave in the headdress, the weight not that bad since I had been wearing the other one for practice. My hair was visible from the curls around my face all the way to the top of the headdress where some curls spilled out bouncing as I moved.

Once that was completed my makeup was done, heavier and more glam than I have ever done before. I had a separate lady for that task.

When Chrissie showed up with my tail feathers, the biggest grin on her face. I sighed and bent over, using my hands to hold onto the table before me to keep me from face planting. Chrissie took her time, first using some lube to prepare the entrance, then back and forth with the butt plug just to annoy me. Finally she rammed it home, causing me to take in a huge breath. Gawd it was so big, way more than I had in me at the wedding. The feathers were tickling my ass cheeks and my upper legs, Chrissie positioning me so that I could see my refection in a mirror.

I could see that wearing the corset for many weeks had done its job, my butt nice and round and plump. Then she had me turn around and face her holding the other half of my genital costume in her hands. Some more lube added to the piece, although I already felt moist down there. It was shaped like a penis with a feathery front barely three inches across. There was a tube sticking out of the feathers with a round ball at the end of it. I didn’t want to think about any of this, where it was going or what it would feel like in me.

She had me lean against the table and spread my legs wide. The dildo was slide into me, way too easily to my embarrassment. She squeezed the ball three or four times swelling up the interior part and disconnected the hose. I just stared at her, if looks could kill she would be dead. Instead she giggled and reached for the last items on the table. Small round objects covered with feathers with a few single ones hanging down from the round part. She held them up to my breasts, then fiddled with them inserting a bar through the object and through a hole in my tittie. I looked astonished, I didn’t even realize my nipples had been pierced, I presume that was done when I had went back to the salon to receive my showgirl boobs. I never felt it being done, and had no reason to check my nipples for new holes.

Chrissie helped me into my heels, and then slathered my body in an oil that would make my body shine. A spray of glitter on everything and I was ready. Before I could become nervous I was led to the back of the stage where I would stand on a special lift. At the appropriate time I would be raised up to the elevated stage level and start my routine. Part of my routine was coming down a set of stairs, my exaggerated walk making my feathers dance around me. The music started and I was introduced, my stage name now Bambi. The lift took me up and I started the routine.

It was as the audience was still applauding me after several curtain calls that I realized I had danced before almost a thousand customers of the casino, nearly naked with my ass and boobs dancing around lewdly. I made it off stage, then was mobbed by Charlie first, his obvious excitement well apparent as he leaned against me. Then shortly followed by Chrissie. I was helped to my dressing room, and then to a chair. I wondered when I first saw the chair why it was designed that way, the whole back side of the chair is missing, now it made sense that is where my tail feathers go when I wanted to sit down.

Chrissie let me catch my breath then leveled with me. “In the height of my career I never could approach what you have accomplished tonight. We had six more nights of shows scheduled here at this casino. Those have sold out in the last fifteen minutes. So I am going to extend your showgirl career. Now Charlie will run the casinos, as he travels with you as you perform at all of the other casinos here in the U.S. and then over to Europe for the rest of my casinos. I will buy you a separate jet, and hire ladies to go with you and take care of all your makeup, hair and costume changes. I will more than make enough to handle the jet purchase, and still turn a nice profit. Of course, I will catch a lot of your shows, I need to make sure my star is happy and satisfied.”

“I will leave you and Charlie alone for a minute or two, sorry Charlie the vagina cover has to stay in place until after the last show. I am sure Bambi can still satisfy you if you encourage her a little.” With that and a giggle she left the room. Charlie got down on his knees and leaned in to kiss me. It was something I needed, I was about as horny as I could get, these damn feathers making me quite aroused, the feathers near my vagina and the ones on my breasts leaving me right on the edge of a climax, all it would take is a squeeze here or a rub there and I felt like I would be orgasming for hours.

I did make it through all of the other shows, the audience reaction baffling me. All I am is a nearly naked female dancing around the stage, the routine I was doing not that difficult or complex. Yet I received lots of applause, way too much for just a showgirl. After the last show at two A.M. they usually let some of the audience backstage to get autographs or ask questions. Charlie appeared next to me with a huge stack of photos, apparently from tonight’s show. I scrawled my signature on the photo, finally getting to the end of the line. The females complimented me on my looks and perky boobs, the males just stared and drooled at the same thing. Back to my dressing room, and then an hour to remove all of my costume and headdress.

Charlie wanted to grab a bite to eat, I just wanted to get back to the penthouse and into bed with my Charlie. We finally made it and I was undressed before I got three feet into the suite. Another foot and I had Charlie’s pants around his ankles and his erection out of his shorts. Right there on the floor I got my way, finally able to satisfy my urgent need. All the day’s activities finally caught up with me, Charlie picking me up and getting me the rest of the way to bed. I felt him spoon me and that is my last lucid thought for the evening, well morning.

I was served breakfast in bed around noon, but then went back to bed dragging Charlie with me. Lots of kissing and groping but nothing more, I conked out eventually having to get up and go to the bathroom around three in the afternoon. I laid in bed after that thinking of how everything has changed in the last couple of days again. Now a showgirl, my married life not displaced but curbed a little so Bambi can strut her stuff. I am sure that I am providing lots of entertainment for Chrissie, all of those conversations years ago coming back to bite me in the butt. Gawd that woman has a memory.

It all happened as Chrissie wanted, I spent almost two years headlining in her casinos, working five days a week. Charlie and I did make it back to our house every once in a while, a week here and there. Larry continued in my old job, even finding himself a significant other eventually. I did get my wish about a child, his soulmate using a turkey baster on her when in the heat of orgasm, with Charlie’s sperm so that the child will be somewhat ours. I took over right after the birth, Larry quite happy to end his nine month soiree into motherhood. Larry swore they would be no others but it wasn’t a year later when he was pregnant again, his soulmate wanting this child for her own. At least he didn’t have to nurse either baby.

I never did get around to running the casinos, Charlie has done an excellent job managing all of them with ease. After my showgirl stage in life I returned to the life of a happily married wife, and mother. Chrissie and my mother have both made huge scrapbooks of my exploits and adventures and at the drop of a hat drag them out to all who are interested.

Whether luck, or some part of a master plan, life for me was definitely unusual. After a lot of soul searching, I was very happy, the life of a female fitted me perfectly, marrying Charlie was just icing on the cake. An unusual job next, that would keep me occupied and out of trouble for a couple of years and then back to life with Charlie.

The life of a married woman, the love of a perfect husband, adventures and lots of memories, a gift to treasure for eternity.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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