Ellen; Given A New Direction In Life

I was back with Janey, my social worker and salvation in this screwed up life of mine. I found myself in foster care when I was only three, Mom deciding she wanted nothing to do with me and Dad deciding that a life with his sister was much preferred to him dealing with me. Jackie, his sister, tried her best to help raise me, but she was struggling to keep employed and keep a roof over her head. Somehow she managed to keep us above water, although when I got old enough to push a lawn mower around I did a few of the neighbor’s yards to add a few dollars to the pot each week.

His sister ended up in a car accident when I was thirteen and unable to take care of me anymore. A phone call notified me of the car accident and her hospitalization. I didn’t know what to do since I didn’t have any means to get out or to go see her in the hospital. So I did nothing, keeping myself holed up in her house. It was a scary few days with no one home before a next door neighbor discovered me alone and took me in. A few calls later and I was placed in state care until my aunt could take care of me again.

I found myself being picked up by Janey, a few days later, the only apparent option left for me. I stayed with her for a couple of weeks while she looked for a foster family that would take me. Lots of interviews with prospective parents but no takers. I was too muddy, too dirty, and too rowdy for any family to want me. The main reason I was ignored is my age.

Janey did her usual miracle and managed to find someone that would take me, but it didn’t last. So for the next eight years I got passed from one family to another, even doing a couple of stints with Janey again when there was no takers for a while. I was quiet, by today’s standards a loner. Once I got to the ripe old age of fifteen if there was other children in my foster home I tried to help the mother take care of them. It cost me many nice homes, the mother not knowing what to do when a young male started helping with the younger children. I changed diapers, fed the babies bottles and fed more than my share of toddlers their meals. I comforted them, played with them and tried to keep them quiet and livable with. At first the mother loved it, but then my success at taking care of the kids got to them, and Janey was asked to move me somewhere else.

I had no idea why taking care of the other kids appealed to me. It seemed the right thing to do, even though young males never did things like that. I enjoyed it, till I got sent away again, it was fun playing with the younger kids, something I really liked to do. Taking care of them filled some basic need in me, maybe my lack of anything like that as I grew up made it so desirable now.

I liked Janey, she understood me better than the others, but usually had a houseful of other children needing a family just as bad as I did. When I was with her I tried to help her as much as possible, hoping she would decide to keep me and not put me back out in the system. There was more than a few heart felt good byes, when I was hauled off to another family, the tears coming way too easily.

This time I was nearing the end of my time in foster care. On my next birthday I would officially be out of the system. Good in a way but with no skills and a very poor education I seemed doomed from the start. I attended school, but learning anything had a very low priority with me, I could read and do some simple math but that was about it. I did manage to stay out of trouble during high school, a miracle in itself. I knew in the back of my mind that if I got into trouble my only friend and supporter would probably abandon me. So I tried so hard to stay away from the trouble makers, although it was almost impossible. When I didn’t join in with them I became a target, a smaller than normal male who couldn’t fight them off and couldn’t avoid them. On several occasions I was beaten, at least it was confined to bruises and a broken rib or two. Believe me high school was not a pleasant time for me.

Janey had picked me up from my last foster family a few days ago, wanting me to stay with her until I was released from foster care. I got taken to dinner a few times, nothing fancy just a fast food place with something other than burgers and fries. She tried to question me on what I was planning to do, but I had no plans so I remained closed mouth and aloof. She took me with her when she was moving a child to a different family, or when someone new was being added to the system. I guess, in this case, I was her token representative member of the system, someone who had survived it and was getting out.

We had just picked up a girl almost my age, her clothes so tattered that they barely covered her body. Janey headed to the mall, a clothing shop there furnishing a lot of clothes for females in foster care. I had to go in with her, she always wanted me within her sight, I guess she was afraid I would run off if left alone. I doubted I would even consider it, since there was no place to run to for me.

The girl’s name was Crystal, even though she was almost clothes less she had a nice personality and very outgoing. When not dealing with Janey directly she hung around me, asking lots of questions and trying to draw me into conversation. I walked off a couple of times, ending up in their lingerie department, a bright red occupying my face as soon as I realized where I was at. Well, Crystal saw her chance and blocked my exit, holding up pairs of panties and a bra or two to get a rise out of me. I blushed even more, doubting I could stand much longer, with as much blood leaving my lower extremities. Of course, Janey picked that time to show up asking what we found that we just had to have. I had just taken a pantie and bra set from Crystal and was placing them back on the table when she showed up. Crystal raised my hand with the offending items clearly showing in my hand.

Janey smiled, well they will probably look good on you, but we need to find your right size. She grabbed an assistant and had both of us measured, Crystal giggling away and Janey with a huge grin on her face. I unfortunately lived through it, a quickie heart attack would probably be most welcome right then. Janey looked through the assortment on the table finding both of us the correct sizes, then hauled us off to a changing room. I had on my brakes the whole way, but with Janey pulling and Crystal pushing and tickling me when I didn’t move fast enough, I ended up in a changing room with Janey as she was slipping off my t-shirt and undoing my belt. A couple of times she gave me her patented hard look, one that meant she wanted me to behave and do as I was told.

I learned the meaning of that look many years ago, when I didn’t behave in school one day. As soon as she got me home she pulled me across her lap and I received a spanking I will never forget. It was on the patio, and she had pulled down my pants to make it a most memorable occasion. I am sure my wailing could be heard all through the neighborhood. She succeeded in making an impression on me, I will never forget that spanking.

She fastened the bra around me, and had me slide the panties up my legs and then to my waist. I was so red, and my mouth suddenly dry and unable to utter a sound. She appraised my look, then gathered my pants and shirt and told me to wait here for her. As if I was going anywhere dressed in only a bra and panties. Time seemed to crawl along, I was wandering if she had abandoned me and how I would get out of this mess if she did. I had no money, and the few items I was wearing were not paid for.

She poked her head back in, gave me a giggle and handed me a dress to put on. At first, it looked to be a long shirt but once I had my arms in the sleeves there was no doubt about it being a dress. Janey helped straighten the dress on me, then turned me around and zipped me up. Oh gawd, she expects me to wear this. I stuttered, started a sentence several times but nothing coherent came out of my mouth. Then Crystal poked her head in, dressed in the same dress as I was wearing. I got hugged by her, almost squeezed to death and kissed on the lips and cheeks several times. Now my mind was total goo, both mouth and mind out of operation for the foreseeable future.

Just like that we went up to the checkout, she paid for our items and we headed back to her car. A short ride home after a quick stop to get something to eat for dinner, then into her house. I started to head to the bedroom I had been using, but was told to wash my hands and set the table. Crystal had to get something for us to drink, then we sat to eat our dinner. I was quiet, feeling totally out of my element, although I had tried to watch Janey and Crystal and sit like they did. After dinner was over with, Janey had Crystal and I clean up and do the few dishes that we had used. Crystal was happy, smiling and trying to get me involved in her one sided conversation. Finally Janey called us into the front room, having us sit on the sofa facing her. My heart skipped a beat, not again was my only thought. On more than one occasion I had set like that, usually getting told of me being sent away again.

Janey stared at me wanting to know what I had decided to do with my life. I just stared back, no idea what so ever of what to do or how to achieve that. Then Janey dropped her bombshell, since I didn’t have any plans I was being drafted to be her daughter, full time until I decide to get married and have children. Crystal will be my sister, and you both will have to help me with the children, as they come and go. Now there is no discussion on this, since you have no plans and Crystal needs a sister this is how it is going to be. You will share a room, so head down there and clean it up and decide which bed is yours, I will allow a few things to make it more personable, but we have to keep the expenses in line. There are quite a few dresses at the agency, we will check what fits and expand your wardrobe some tomorrow.

Get going we have several appointments in the morning you need to be rested and alert when we head out. For tonight, sleep in your panties and bra, until I can rectify that situation and no hanky panky or you will both be standing instead of sitting for quite some time. I am sure Ellen can advise you of a previous spanking she has endured, I suggest that both of you consider your actions carefully tonight before you cause me to discipline you both.

I didn’t know what to think about her calling me Ellen, the first time she has used that name with me. Most of the time she just called me child, she never liked my name Lane, refusing to use it most of the time.

Crystal took off running for the bedroom, anxious to claim her bed for the near future. Last night she had slept in Janey’s room, so there was no conflict. When I finally made it to the door, she was already down to her underwear sprawled out on the bed by the window. I got a huge smile from her, then she attacked me, quickly divesting me of my dress and shoes. I was quickly pulled into this huge hug, my ribs would not stand many of these. I hugged her back, her enthusiasm very contagious, even for a loner like me. I told her we better get things straightened up, I was sure Janey would be down here soon to check on our progress. We spent the next thirty minutes putting things away, something I should have done when I was given the room in the first place, but my laziness had convinced me to put it off. Of course, it was done with us only in our underwear, neither of us thinking anything of it.

We each were laying on a bed when the warden came to inspect, we did receive a smile and a job well done. I was curious as to why I was dressed as a female, but not sure how to bring it up in conversation. Crystal to the rescue, stating it clearly and right to the point. “Ellen wants to know why she is going to be dressed as a female, I am curious, although I think she makes a better female than she does a yucky male.”

“Well, since Ellen has always evaded anything dealing with her future, I decided for her. To change to something else she has to first think of what she wants to do, and then plan how to get there. Since she will be dressed as a female now, each week a little more feminine looking, a proper incentive to get her juices flowing. If she does nothing than a life as a wife and Mother are in her future, something she knows quite a bit about, since she has experienced so many different styles and takes on the subject as she grew up in the system. Besides I always wanted a daughter, Ellen is available and has nowhere else to go thanks to her lack of planning, so a logical solution to my problem. I know she needs a sister like you, so we have a match made in heaven. Now give me a kiss and get to sleep, tomorrow a whole new day of delights and discoveries.”

We both received our kisses and soon we both drifted off, Crystal very pleased to be my sister, eagerly looking forward to our adventures together. I am sure with her they will indeed be adventures, her eagerness and pushiness surely to cause me some grief, maybe that is what I have been missing in life someone to push and shove me to do something instead of just sitting on my ass. As all of this was running through my overworked mind I caught myself rubbing my hand over my bra, a pleasant feeling causing some tingles to spread all over my body as my eyes slowly closed.

I was up early, lying in bed going over what happened yesterday, trying to figure out how I was roped into participating in this, something I never had any inkling to do before in my life. Just the fact that I was wearing a bra and panties a million to one possibility that had come to pass. I made my way to the bathroom, did my business and then took a quickie shower. I found a new set of lingerie to wear when I emerged, and a dashing nude Crystal as she pushed past me to get her shower. I twisted and turned a couple of times to get a better look at my image in the mirror, Crystal giggling about how vain I had become in the short time I have been dressing as her sister. I was out in the bedroom, dressed in bra and panties, before I realized I could have dug out some male clothes to wear today, that thought never even crossed my mind. We were soon both dressed in the dresses from yesterday, and making our way to the kitchen. Janey was ready for us, handing us each a purse and then herded us out to her car.

She drove us to her office, after stopping and finding some nourishment for us. At the office she showed us the rooms with all the clothes from past children that have went through the system and somehow not needed the clothes. She told us to try stuff on and pick out at least four outfits for each of us. I made my way through the pile, but Crystal was like a female possessed tearing through each pile of clothes, items being flung every which way. Considering the clothes she showed up in yesterday I could see her excitement at being able to pick from all of these clothes. Janey went off to do some paperwork, telling us our next appointment was in two hours.

The time seemed to fly by, even I got enthused at some of the selections that were there to choose from. With our selections in hand, that Janey insisted we try on first, we headed to her car again, destination unknown. Yes, I ended up with five more dresses, all of them quite feminine and lacy. Next stop was one of the major department stores where more underwear was purchased for us. I was red in the face again, the panties and bras were so feminine, not anything a young male would be caught in at any time in his life.

Then on to our next destination, a beauty salon that was so huge, my mouth wide open as my eyes tried to take in all of this. I looked at Crystal, swallowed hard and then tried to get Janey to not make me go in there. Bits and pieces of words stumbled out of my mouth, I doubt she could make any sense out of them, her smile telling me that I would indeed be going in there, I could sense Lane vanishing totally very soon, Ellen will be the one to take his place. Of course, Crystal was at the door, eager to get inside, her new sister in tow right behind her. I tried my best to grab hold of the door to prevent my body from entering the salon, nothing good can happen for me in a place that is so feminine. I was holding my own till Janey came up from behind me lifting me up and carrying me the rest of the way into the salon.

Not difficult for her since she is nearly six foot tall, while I am barely five foot six and a skinny waif to boot. I was taken right back to a separate room and helped out of my dress, then my bra and panties. I was expecting something to happen to my hair, maybe some makeup, not them to be working on my poor excuse for a body. Janey leaned over, giving me a hug and kiss telling me to be good, then taking my clothes and disappearing out into the salon. I hung on to her as Janey started to leave, the lady coming in to work on me disrupting my attempts to keep from being alone. So now I found myself alone, naked and scared to death of what was coming next.

I was helped up onto a table and soon what little masculine hair I had managed to accumulate on my body was whisked away. Goose pimples sprouted everywhere, a certainly different feeling than I had ever experienced before. She moved between my legs and soon junior was hidden away from view, a most feminine slit now the only item occupying that space. As soon as my feet were released I quickly closed my legs, trying to prevent anything from entering that slit, or even getting close to it. Suddenly I was feeling very confused, at a loss for what to do.

I felt very vulnerable, an emotion I had no experience with in my life so far. It was like I now was destined to be sought after, not the other way around. I had never had enough confidence to talk with girls my own age, never been on a date and maybe knew two or three females by name at my old school. My theory was to avoid contact, hence avoiding any problems that might come along with the familiarity. I was quickly classified and labeled and soon had even less people to talk to, I then become someone to be avoided at all cost. Names soon followed and even an attempt to bully me from the resident gang in place. I was a faster runner able to slip in among the crowd, managing to avoid being caught, even then there was way too many close calls.

Next the lady, who introduced herself as Kayla, moved to my chest, laying two sizable blobs on my chest, my breathing became ragged, as I struggled to get enough air into my lungs to keep from passing out. She held my hand getting me to calm down, laying my hand on one of the blobs and telling me to just hold it, it will not harm you, but to be Janey’s daughter it is a must for your appearance. I did finally get control of my emotions as she glued the breast form to my chest. The seams were covered up, now they looked like they had been there from the start. She left to get some more supplies, as I stood up and walked to the full length mirror in the room. I stared at my image, not what I was used to seeing when I looked in the mirror, but also not something to be ashamed of. Crystal and Janey had come to the door of the room and were watching me survey my new image.

When they saw that little smile that I quickly tried to hide, they knew Lane was history. I got hugged, our breasts being squashed in the hug. A wonderful feeling, a feeling of belonging that I have never experienced before. I know that is silly, just because I now had boobs doesn’t make me a female, but for once in my life I felt like one. I wouldn’t let go of the hug, it felt so good, then when Crystal pried her way in between Janey and I, it felt even better.

Kayla returned to the room her hands full, telling the other two to leave. “Now I need to make her beautiful so please step out so that I can see to the rest of the transformation.” The two girls left, while Kayla went right to work. She aimed a gun like thing at my ears then several warm spots later the laser had made holes for my earrings, A stud and a long dangle earring in each ear, was the end result. I must admit the image of the earrings in my ear made me smile even more. The one dangling on my neck, especially noteworthy as little shivers spread through my body as I moved my head.

Next my eyebrows became the target as she removed most of them. It hurt at first, then it dulled some as she shaped them into high arches. Believe me there was not much left of my original eyebrow, the high arches making my face look quite feminine. I was still scared, but also fascinated at the change in my appearance. Just a few things and now Ellen was real, she had boobs, a cute slit and now a feminine face. I closed my eyes, allowing the new image to infiltrate my mind, it was surreal, once a male now a cute female. Did I just refer to myself as cute, I guess the mind has joined the meltdown, rational thought has apparently ceased, hopefully not forever.

Kayla washed my hair, conditioned it then cut it into a feminine style. I had let it grow in length to my shoulders, according to Kayla plenty long enough to give me a cute feminine style. Then came the curlers, it seemed to be hundreds as she wound my hair onto them. A stint under the dryer to set the curls while she worked on my nails. My nails were filed, cleaned and polished a bright red. She told me on my next appointment I would receive extensions, making my hands look smaller and daintier. As my hair dried I raised my hand often to look at my nails, the small smile getting bigger with every glance at my changes.

Once I was set under the hair dryer Crystal joined me her hair in curlers too. When she first saw me she squealed, delighted in my new appearance. I took in her changes, she seemed to be getting the same thing as me, her eyebrows now very fine arches high above her eye. Same earrings as me, but her nail polish was a bright pink instead of my dark red. Because of the noise of the hair dryers it was hard to have a conversation, although she never stopped talking at me, I will need to remember to ask what she was saying once we get out from under the dryers. My new sister sure loves to talk, I reached out and squeezed her hand, to let her know I appreciated her being with me and so supportive.

My hair got dried first, so I was the first one ready for makeup. Kayla made it look so simple going through each step as she applied my makeup. I got foundation, eyeliner and several coats of mascara. According to Kayla my lashes are my best feature, followed by my lips. I watched mesmerized as the last vestiges of my former male face disappeared. My hair was taken out of the curlers, now I had bangs, curly tendrils everywhere and a most feminine hairstyle. When Kayla said she was done I was up and had her in a hug thanking her for making me so pretty. Janey watched as I showed my appreciation then gave me some money to tip her for her extraordinary efforts.

I quickly attacked Janey, hugging her as hard as I could. She was giggling, and trying to keep from getting squeezed to death. I leaned in closer thanking her for making me her daughter, I will do everything in my power to make it up to you for as long as I live. As those words left my mouth I could feel tears seeping into my eyes. Janey checked with Kayla making sure she had used waterproof mascara, as my emotions caught up with me and I started bawling. Everything is so wonderful, Janey has chosen me to be her daughter, I now have a sister, and I love my new image. The best thing is I now have a true home, something that evaded me for years. Things can’t get any better or can they.

The three of us returned home, made some lunch and then Janey announced she had to go and pick up some children that were going to be out guests till Monday morning. I was at the door first, purse in hand and eager to help out. I owed Janey so much, maybe I can repay some of it this way. Of course, Crystal was right behind me, as we made the trip to a house on the other side of town. The father was being transferred to a job out of state and they could no longer act as foster parents.

The kids were bawling, apparently they had been treated as family, something they had never experienced in life before. I took the little girl and Crystal grabbed hold of the boy and we led them out to the car. We helped them in, holding them close to us, their head on our shoulders. We let then cry it out, but whispered to them and made them feel wanted. By the time we got back home the bawling had stopped, now just a few tears leaking out every once in a while. We played a few games with them, mainly to keep their minds off being separated from a loving couple. We all helped make dinner, way too many hands but at least they were included in the preparation.

After washing up and putting all the dishes away, it was time for bed, as we led them to the guest bedroom. We helped them get dressed for bed, after a bath, then read them a couple of stories to help them get to sleep. They drifted off as we turned off the lights and headed to our own beds. It wasn’t an hour later when our door creaked open and two little munchkins scooted into the room. They sneaked into bed with us cuddling as close to us as they could. I mouthed to Crystal is was alright, we had both been lonely in the past, just wanting to be near someone would made such a difference. One little munchkin for each of us.

They stayed with us for a week before Janey found another family to take them in. Another trip, this time to introduce them to their new foster parents. I think it went well, time will tell, I know the family having some pets hit the spot, the little girl having a ball with a kitten and the little boy dragging a puppy everywhere he went. The boy in particular got lots of licks from the puppy, someone now to play with and feed him. When we left the kids were laying on the front room floor sound asleep, their new pets stretched out on their laps, tails a wagging.

That week’s happenings were repeated many times over the next couple of months, Janey making sure that Crystal and I were involved in every instance. Sometimes it was so sad, kids that were brought into this world, but were never treated as family. In some cases the kids were half starved, not knowing when their next meal was coming from. In others, the kids were subject to the frustrations of their parents, if things did not go as planned the kids were the ones at fault. We picked up one girl, with a sheriff’s deputy at our side from a single father. The marks on her body were many, the girl came with us as the father was arrested and taken to jail. A neighbor had went to check on the girl, seen the recent marks of a beating and called 911. The father had cussed at the lady, for intruding on his privacy as she retreated to her home.

We took the girl to a hospital where she was checked out and photos of all her injuries, both past and present were taken to use as evidence against the father. We stayed the night with her, then the next morning she went home with us. These cases bothered Janey the most, one saved but no telling how many more were out there needing some help.

When we weren’t moving kids around Janey was secure in her office working on something. I tried to do all the cooking and cleaning, that way at least she will have some more time to gather her thoughts. It was about two weeks later when she got a phone call early on a Saturday morning. I knew it wasn’t work, seldom do they call on the weekends. She talked to the caller for over an hour, then hung up and yelled for us to put on some jeans and be ready in ten minutes. Crystal and I made it downstairs quickly, wondering what we were going to do.

In the car we headed out of town, down some back roads and then up a drive to an old farm. There was another car there waiting for us, an older lady getting out and greeting Janey. It turns out she is a realtor and this farm is up for sale. I smiled, Janey is going to set up a place for kids that need help. I had mentioned something like this to her when we first met, but life and work got in the way, so it wasn’t discussed further. My comment was it would sure be nice if she had a farm, where the kids could come and stay, do something for their upkeep and learn something at the same time.

Janey went off with the lady, while Crystal and I explored the barn and out buildings. It needed work, but things looked solid enough, just dirty and littered with trash. There were a couple of fenced fields, a chicken coop on the back side of the barn and numerous small fenced areas right next to the barn. I went into one area and pulled a carrot from the site of a previous garden, then noticed the bushes lining one of the fences were berry bushes. Crystal found a blackberry, and before long her fingers had signs of the many tasty treats she had eaten.

We met back up with Janey and the real estate lady in the house, they were sitting in the kitchen discussing the piece of property. Sis and I went to explore the house, although dirty it would be perfect for us, lots of bedrooms for lots of needy children. The kitchen needed some work, a lot of the appliances were old and would need to be replaced. The myriad of windows throughout the house made it look so inviting, cheery and comfy. I was already convinced, I just hope Janey was like minded.

The real estate lady went back to her office to confer with the owners of the property, while the three of us continued to look around. Janey wanted us to take a pad and pencil listing all the things that would need fixing, with a star next to it if it was an immediate concern. Two hours later the lady returned, telling Janey the owners had accepted her bid on the property. She had brought a sales contract back with her, they went over it and Janey signed it. It turns out that Janey had offered quite a bit less than what they were asking, since the place had been vacant for so long and needed quite a few repairs. The sales lady had convinced the owners that their might not be other bids, better to accept this one than not be able to sell it later.

We sat on some benches under a large oak tree and Janey told us what she had planned. The state had come to the conclusion that some kids just did not fit into the foster family system. So they got moved a lot, some ran off and others turned to crime and were sent to juvie. A farm where the kids could live and work some to help sustain their existence would be perfect. If they learned a trade, or just some experience that would later help sustain their life it would be much better than the system as it is now. Janey got approval, if she set it up and had a place the state would partially compensate her for each kid, the rest of their expenses would have to be earned from the kids or made up by Janey.

The kids assigned would be the problem kids, ones that had been to many foster families already and just didn’t fit in anywhere or the ones that had been abused and needed some time to heal. “I have had this in mind for quite some time, a daughter of mine having originally thought up the idea.” That said as she eyed me up and smiled. “There will be a lot of work, a lot of sweat involved, so do I have some help on this or am I am my own.”

We both attacked Janey our exuberance ended up landing all three of us on the ground behind the bench. Then followed lots of giggling as we walked around the property again, all three of us seeing what all had to be done and what we had missed seeing before.

It was almost sundown when we left for home, all of us excited at the future and what lay ahead. I was already thinking of what I needed to research on the internet, raising chickens, having a cow, tending a garden, maybe some goats. Then I needed to make a list of things we would need for cleaning the farm house. So much to do, but so exciting too.

Janey told us it would take ten days for the sale to go through, since she was paying cash for the property before we could start working there. She also had her regular job to do too, so evening and weekends would be spent getting the place ready. I was ready now, but knew I would have to wait.

The sale did go through as planned, and we got the keys to the place a few days later. The three of us worked at the farm two nights a week, taking some sleeping bags and staying the night to keep from having to drive back to town late at night. The weekends we spent both days cleaning and making repairs to the house. It was hard work but also fun, Crystal’s enthusiasm making the time pass quickly. Five weeks later we hired a moving van to move our possessions to the farm. While things were being put up I made some dinner, as we gathered around the fireplace to nibble on what I made. It was decided that Crystal and Janey would finish up in the house while I started on the outside.

Four weeks later we went to pick up our first child, a four year old that suffered from bouts of depression, becoming violent at times. I saw the young boy and quickly held him in my arms hugging him to death. He responded to me, laying his head on my shoulder and letting out such a huge sigh. For the next few weeks he was my constant companion, going everywhere with me. If Janey did not catch him he usually sneaked into bed with me, laying as close to me as he could get. Over time I gave him small jobs to help me, as he gained some confidence in himself. In the five weeks he had been with us he never had another episode of depression, he just needing someone to love him and be with.

When I had the pens ready for the goats we planned to get, he went with us to pick them out, the smile on his face priceless. I gave him the responsibility of taking care of them, even though he was young he acted quite responsible for his age. The family that had sold us the goats came by often to make sure we were doing alright with them. After a few visits they asked if he would like to live with them. He immediately looked at me, and I nodded, then ran to the Mother and jumped into her arms. They visit often, the child so happy and content.

Of course, he was not the only child we had taken in, just one of many. Some eventually finding homes. Others still with us. They all learned something while with us. A skill and experience that might help them later in life. They were a few that would not allow us to help them eventually running away or being sent back to juvie. I know those that Janey could not reach bothered her the most.

I did get to mother quite a few, when too many babies came into the system, we received the overflow. The babies were usually of a mixed race or had some form of deformity that could not be repaired until later in life. I got to change diapers, feed them and dress them, followed by some time spent playing with them. I was so happy, all of my deepest wishes had come true, I had a chance to become a Mother to some kids, yet was able to dress as a female and have a loving Mother myself. A new direction in life, one that I am so lucky to experience.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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