Darcy; Staying In The Bridal Suite

It was an unusual arrangement, especially for a male and a female that had just met a few months ago. There was definitely attraction there between us, something that in my case seldom happened in my first twenty-three years as a male. I dated quite a bit during high school and college, had some fun, but never really found someone that I was attracted to. Most of my dates were beautiful, but it was just a date, with little expectation that it would progress to a second encounter. I guess I was looking for that someone that would cause the bells to ring and the fireworks to explode.

There was one gal in high school, that I was almost sure of her being the one, but after an hour with her, I doubted my ability to discern anything with regards to a life partner. I was average looking, but not the athletic type. Five foot ten inches in height and about a hundred and forty pounds, I had blue eyes and dark blonde hair that I wore in a ponytail. Academically I was more a nerd than a jock, getting good grades and taking advanced courses in math and languages. I graduated in three years, with my BA degree, with several job offers from here in the US and a couple in Europe.

I came from a family that had adequate financial funds, so paying for college and deciding to spend a year traveling before taking a job was not a problem for me. I met her when making my way through the desert southwest, a stop in Flagstaff Arizona at a truck stop was where I first laid my eyes on her. She was also stopping there for a meal, the restaurant there advertised on the billboards for miles in each direction. It must have worked because they were crowded. I had already found a table and had just ordered my meal when she walked by looking for an empty table. I offered to share my table, she looked around to see if there was some other option, her stomach growling answered for her and she accepted my invitation.

The waitress returned to take her order, then left to get our drinks. “In way of an introduction I am Duane Harper, originally from Atlanta Georgia, taking a year to see the country before I start a job. I am very glad you took advantage of my invitation, you are quite pretty and add much to the restaurant décor.”

She blushed a little, but her smile was what melted my heart. “I am Katy Haviland, and live down the road a piece. You are quite a smooth talker, but thanks for the compliment anyway.”

We talked all the way through dinner and even dessert. She was very interesting, not sure what set her apart from all the others, but I found myself infatuated with her right from the start. After we had finished our meals I decided to stay in the area for a day or two, hoping to see her again before I traveled further down the way. I asked for a motel suggestion, hoping I could get one from her and maybe a little more information about her somehow.

I guess she felt sorry for me, telling me to follow her down the road, she worked for one of the larger chains and would see to it that I got a nice room. I did follow her, then into the motel office. She told the guy on the counter to put me into room 312, but charge me the basic rate. He did and I paid, she handed me the key card telling me that she would treat me to breakfast at the truck stop if I could get up by seven. I agreed and headed to my room as she went further back into the offices.

When I swiped the key card and entered the room I was astounded at the décor. She had put me in the bridal suite, a very feminine bridal suite. It was a nice room but I felt funny staying there. I had driven for ten straight hours, now ready for some rest and relaxation. The bed was awesome, a queen size with lots of fluffy pillows, silk sheets and even a vibrating option. I got under the satin sheets, but refrained from trying the option. I imagine Katy was having a giggle at my expense, but if she will spend some time with me tomorrow it would be well worth suffering with all the femininity. I did not want to take a chance on upsetting her, so I settled in and soon was sound asleep.

I had to hurry since I overslept, just barely making it to the restaurant a few minutes after seven. Katy was smiling as I hurried over to her table. I pulled out a chair and sat down.

“How is the bride this morning, I know those first few nights can be so demanding?” I returned her smile I expected to be kidded and she did so with such ease.

I tried to joke back with her. “Yeah I didn’t get to sleep till three A.M. men are just so demanding.” Katy kind of gave me a smirk, I didn’t know what to make of it though. We had a nice breakfast, talking about our lives up to now. She was one of their accountants, doing the books for this whole region, forty-six motels and hotels. I envied her, she is so young to be this involved and responsible. As the meal was ending I asked her if I could see her again. With another one of her smirks she wanted to know what I was going to do about my husband. I dryly told her I just married him for his money, a couple of months with him and then a quickie divorce.

Her next statement surprised me even more. Well if you are sure, I am bisexual, but we can have a nice simple date to see if we are compatible. I will send some clothes up to your room, take a relaxing bath and slip on the things I will send up. I will pick you up at seven tonight. Nothing fancy but a little nicer than the truck stop. I was surprised about her sending clothes up, but whatever I had to do to get a date with her is alright with me. Back to the motel, with me trying to get another room besides the bridal suite. Nope the desk clerk told me that Katy wanted me in this room, no excuses and no way. I wondered about her reasons for me in the bridal suite, but quickly my thoughts returned to her and actually going on a date with her.

About three in the afternoon, a fairly good sized package was delivered to me in the room. I even had to sign for it. I laid it on the bed, and unwrapped it. The things inside sent shivers through me. Every item was feminine and soft and lacy. I saw the note nestled in among the underwear, the feminine and lacy underwear and opened it.

Duane/Darcy I know this is not what you have in mind, but to be seen with me on a date it is the minimum I will accept. All of the clothes will fit you, the heels are modest so you will not have a lot of difficulty. If you are sure of yourself, a onetime experience might open your eyes to another world, a world that I would like to share with you. To make me even happier the salon across the street will be able to do wonders with you, they will take you at five, and I will pick you up there at seven. Think about it very carefully, and I hope to see you at the salon.

Love Katy

I fingered the clothes, they even smelled good, like they had been doused in perfume. I had already taken a bath, the water in the bridal suite had been fragrant, the same smell as was emitting from the clothes in the box. The first item I removed was a lacey pair of panties. I stepped into them to see if they would indeed fit me. They did, the sensation as they came up my leg causing all kinds of feelings to spring forth. Then when they settled around my hips I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The silk caressed my body, hugging every curve and bump. My male thingy stirred, but quickly just settled into the silky material quite content to reside there in his sweet smelling silken nest.

Looking at the other clothes another shiver made its way through my body. I picked up the bra, a lacy number with lots of padding. It took me awhile to figure how to get into it, but eventually it encircled my chest, sending waves of pleasure to my mind. The dress was like a long sweater, one that came to mid-thigh. It hugged my new curves, my image now in the mirror very un-masculine. I slipped on the heels, almost falling flat on my face. The dresser that I grabbed onto the only thing keeping me standing upright. I took a few steps eventually able to walk across the room un-aided. I found a blouse to put on, not even looking in the mirror to see how feminine it made me look.

I looked at the note again, then at the clock on the nightstand. I had a few minutes if I was to get there by five, so I swallowed hard and gathered my things and the room key card and ventured across the street. I must have looked comical as I wondered across the street, almost falling twice as I made it to the salon. Dressed so feminine, hair in a ponytail and no makeup. Definitely somebody in between the sexes.

As I entered the salon, I was greeted by a friendly female and taken right to the back of the salon, a private room awaiting me. She addressed me as Darcy, a large smile appearing on her face. She listed some options for now, nothing permanent but guaranteed to make Katy receptive to me. I was going to ask what all they entailed, but decided to just bite the bullet and see what happens. Nina, introduced herself and started working on me after I gave her the go ahead. I did ask that my little fella be spared any drastic changes. I never did find out how they knew the name Katy was using for me.

The clothes I had just put on twenty minutes ago were removed, and Nina checked to see what I might need done. Body hair was removed, a cream applied, then left on for a while then wiped off, taking what little body hair I possessed with it. A few minutes later breast forms were glued to my chest, the size surprising me. They were far from petite, I would guess quite a hand full if they were cradled in someone’s hands. Oh gawd, I have to stop thinking like that.

Next was my hair, removed from my ponytail and washed and conditioned. I often washed my hair, but had never applied any conditioner to it. As she towel dried it, it shined, the light from the overhead fixtures seeming to make it sparkle. Then she started winding the hair on curlers. That definitely got my attention. I stared at her, hoping to get across to her my shock at what she was doing. She just continued, soon having all my hair wound tightly on way too many curlers. I was positioned under a dryer, then she set a timer on the dryer and it started blowing hot air over my curlers.

I could see my image somewhat in a mirror across the room, very female looking with my mouth wide open in shock. She left for a few minutes, coming back with a tray of nail polishes and files. I tried to keep my hands near me, but she just gently grabbed one and pulled it to her. My nails were filed, rounded at the tip into an oval shape. A clear polish was first, then three coats of a color. In between every coat my hands were put under a purple UV light that made the polish become hard within minutes.

The timer went off on the dryer, the heat turning cool and after ten minutes it stopped. The chair I was in was laid back, and she started on my makeup. It seemed to not take her long, I could feel the stuff on my lashes, also the lipstick she had applied to my lips. Then the chair was setup and she took out the curlers. A few strokes with a brush and any maleness I had was gone. When I got through ogling my appearance I looked to the side and there stood Katy, a huge smile on her face. I tried to cover myself, suddenly realizing I was stark naked under the cape Nina had placed over me earlier.

Well Katy would have none of that, she took off the cape, then methodically re-dressed me in the clothes she had sent over earlier, not the pants and blouse I had chosen but a very brief dress in a pastel pink color. It was done slowly, which only seemed to make matters worse. I think my thingy was in shock, but the shivers and goose bumps popping up all over my body were having a field day. Finally dressed I was taken from the salon to her car and helped into the passenger seat. I was lost wearing clothes I had never even dreamed of wearing before, hair curled, makeup done and wobbling around in shoes with a three inch heel. The we have the two weights on my chest, even in a bra they had a mind of their own moving here and there causing quite a bit of distress on my part.

I sat there trying to figure out how to act and what to do. Heck I was still trying to figure out why I dressed in the clothes Katy sent in the first place. She made me get my seat belt fastened, quite a task with my boobs constantly in the way. Finally securely belted in she headed to the restaurant. At every stop light I was appraised, a bigger smile appearing soon thereafter.

I was helped out of her car, then escorted into the restaurant. This was far from the truck stop we had eaten at before, a candlelight atmosphere, with many secluded tables scattered around the room. We were seated in one to the back of the room, some artificial trees and a partial partition giving the table some privacy. The waiter took our drink orders, then when he brought them to the table he took our food order. I was addressed as a female the whole time, while Katy giggled at my reaction to the situation.

I finally worked up the nerve to ask Katy about my clothing and how she wanted me to appear in her presence. I was shocked at her bluntness in reply. “Simple I like females over males, you are definitely a female, just haven’t figured it out for yourself yet. You did go along with all of this, I didn’t force you to dress in the clothes or go to the salon. That alone confirms my theory, you are a female through and through.”

“Now finish eating, we have some hanky panky to indulge in tonight and you will need all the energy you can muster to make it through the night.” Katy paid the bill, then escorted me back to her car. Driving back to my motel, and then right to my room. She had a key card and let us into the room. I noticed things were quite different then when I left it, flowers everywhere, different sheets and bedspread, and my closet door wide open. She had me stand next to the bed, undressing me slowly and carefully. Then she went to my closet and came back with a nightie, when it was slid over my head it swallowed my body in the delicate fabric and lace. I was sure it was not there when I ventured to the salon just before five.

I was lost in the feelings of the nightie and the attention Katy was showering me with. I had a brief moment of clarity and looked again at the open closet door. None of my male clothes were hanging there, only brightly colored clothing suitable for a female. I swallowed hard, then promptly sat my butt on the bed. Apparently I was now Katy’s female romantic interest, gone now the male persona that first met her at the truck stop not so long ago.

Katy was definitely infatuated with me, every inch of my body was explored intimately. Anything that responded was spent extra time with, my nipples after her close examination were so sore, their swollen state didn’t seem to be going down any. I do remember the breast forms being glued to my chest, how can two blobs of silicone transmit touch and act this way, just like real breasts might react.

I was out to the world way before she slowed down, when some consciousness returned to my being I was being held in a death grip by Katy. She was quietly snoring, although I am sure she would deny any such action vehemently. I twisted a little, then slipped back into dreamland when I found I was not going anywhere anytime soon.

The next morning I felt some movement behind me, then Katy rushing off to the bathroom. My mind decided that was an excellent idea, as soon as she emerged I was in like a flash. For some reason I decided to sit to use the bathroom, with two large breasts on my chest it seemed the logical option. I wiped then cradled my breasts in my manicured hands. I felt the touch of my hands, the nipples even responding some to my hands holding them. I quickly let go of them, this was just utterly impossible.

Then I remembered some of the hanky panky we indulged in last night. I say we, but to be truthful it was mainly Katy. I was groped, licked, rubbed, hugged, kissed and generally mauled for most of the night. Junior did get his fair share of attention, constantly at attention but never allowed to make like a volcano. A couple of times I attempted to take the lead, positioning Katy below me and trying to make her happy. A few minutes later I was flat on my back, her on top and making me pay for trying to turn the tables on her. Several times my back was arched high off the bed as I did everything in my power to get her to stimulate the right spot. I gave up, laid there moaning and trying to get her to finish me off. No such luck, tease, excite, and frustrate were the actions of the evening.

When I came back from the bathroom Katy was nearly dressed, kissed me passionately then headed out the door to do her eight hours of work. I sported a sad puppy dog face, not knowing what to do or how to accomplish it if I did figure it out. I walked to the closet, not a stitch of male clothes anywhere to be found, then back to the bed to see if by some chance the clothes from yesterday were laying around somewhere. I did find a note on the night stand telling me that breakfast is paid for at the truck stop, I just need to put on some clothes and head on over.

If I wanted something to do today, all services at the salon are free to me, I just need to show up and they will see that anything I wanted is provided. So I had choices, but all of them involved appearing as a female or becoming more feminine. I remembered my wallet, that I had put in a purse when I walked over to the salon last night, my credit cards and some cash were in it. I found the purse, my drivers license was there, but that is it. Another note from Katy, yep that avenue is closed, go eat breakfast then go the salon and get yourself made beautiful. I will be at your room tonight at six, be prompt.

I debated what to do, but breakfast followed by the salon seemed to be my only choice. I looked through the closet finding a pair of shorts and a t-shirt top. Once on and a look in the mirror I almost took them off again. Definitely too sexy to appear in public. I found a pair of pants, although they were nothing like regular pants. The cuffs were huge, almost like I was wearing a skirt. The top of the pants fit like a glove, I was planning to wear them over the shorts, but ended up taking them off, removing the shorts and putting the pants back on. Even though they were pants one look in the mirror confirmed that everyone would assume I was wearing a skirt.

I ate my breakfast, a feat in itself since every male in the place seemed to have eyes only for me. I was only able to eat some of my breakfast, my appetite now seemed to be not there. Back at the salon I picked a few things that I thought would make Katy happy and not commit me to the female gender for life. I relaxed since I really had no worries now. Then I realized I was being treated just like a true female, taken care of, all things paid for or handled by my lover. In a few simple words I was a kept woman. I decided I needed a serious talk with her tonight, with my money and credit cards missing I was essentially a captive of hers. Then the thought being her captive is not that bad materialized. I took a brief nap, refreshed my lipstick and waited for Katy.

It was a few minutes after six when my door opened and she entered. I was appraised, then she handed me a bouquet of flowers. I took them then stared at the flowers, then Katy. What do I do with them? I was kissed and she took them to the bathroom and placed them in a vase with water and set them on my nightstand. I had never received flowers from anyone, much less given them to any of my dates in the past. I was dragged over to a sofa. Placed on it and then she scooted up on my lap, while twisting and turning her butt into my groin. I started to say something to her, but her finger on my lips stopped that.

“You need to listen to me very carefully. Shake your head yes if you understand what I just said.”

I shook my head up and down then I received another kiss.

“You have exceeded all of my wishes, what started out as me trying to figure you out has turned into me falling in love with you. Make no mistake, I want the Darcy part of you for the rest of your life. I make good money and can afford to keep you in dresses and lingerie forever. Make sure you understand the part of keeping you in dresses and lingerie forever. I have a nice house in mind, a little way out of town with a view of the San Francisco Peaks to the north. You can work if you want, but you need to be there for me when I get off work and on the weekends. Your task will to take care of me, feed me, love me and then love me some more. Maybe bring me lunch at work every once in a while, dressed in something provocative so that I can dream about you for the rest of the day. If it is sexy enough I have a large desk where I can see to your sexual needs before you head back home.”

She paused taking something out of her purse, suddenly I was having a hard time getting enough air to breathe. She pulled my reluctant hand to her and slid the ring on my finger. I looked at the ring, then at her and leaned in to give her my answer. Well Katy is not one to wait, withing twenty minutes I was in her car heading for Vegas. Two hours later we were married. She had arranged for a room at one of her chain’s motels there, where we ended up in the bridal suite. Other than using the bathroom I was flat on my back for the next twelve hours, while every part of my female body was explored and utilized. On the way back I slept the whole time knowing once we got back to my suite it will be another long night.

The forces that aligned that day to get Katy and me together are awesome, I pinch myself every day hoping never to wake from that dream. Staying in the bridal suite and becoming Katy’s soulmate was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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