Cynthia Jane; Powder Puff Gurl

The Central High Bobcats had just completed another football season. Depending on a couple of other conference games, we might get a chance at the state AAA championship. Our record of 12 and 2 was pretty good for our division. Our first two games, we lost before we managed to get it together. I played fullback, actually too light to be playing football, instead, making the team because of my exceptional speed.

Coach had recruited me and two others at the first of the season. Everybody on the team was a lightweight, but on running plays, we were greased lightning. When Sam, our quarterback, took the ball from the center, our whole line pulled to the direction of the play, blocking for one of the three running backs. Since the line is so fast, often before we ran into any resistance, we were ten yards down the field.

A lot of teams underestimated us, after looking at us before a game, they would break into laughter. At the end of the first quarter they had a different tune. I played both offense and defense most of the game unless I got winded or had made a lot of long runs.

Typically at the end of the season, the school has a powder puff game, a custom of a lot of schools across the country. The cheerleaders dress up in our pads and play some football, while the football players dress up as cheerleaders, or in our school’s case, also dance team members. The proceeds go to the athletic department for the football program and the cheerleaders.

Ours was scheduled for the second week after the conclusion of the season. Because we were still in contention for the state championship, it fit nicely in between the two. Along with the game, there was a dance right after, where the participants in the game were honored for their contribution during the season.

I had forgotten about it completely until Cheri caught me one day at English class. Usually a cheerleader or a dance team member paired up with a football player, each helping the other in their costume and learning a few routines or plays. Cheri is the head cheerleader, quite talented and just about the most beautiful girl in high school.

This year Cheri and I are paired up. She is an above average female and I am a below average male, so it turned out that we could easily wear each other’s uniforms. With regards to the game, I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but it had been going on now for ten years, I wasn’t going to be the one to poo-poo the concept. I was looking past the game, a state championship and if I could make several scores, maybe a scholarship might be in the works for me. Since college is now so expensive, any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

“C.J. why don’t you come to the cheerleader practice tonight after classes, you can see some of our routines and we can go through some of them together after the practice. Besides Randy and Jimmy are also coming so we can have lots of fun. I will treat you to burgers after practice, so you and I will have more time to talk.” I agreed, telling her that I would be there right after the team meeting.

In our school, the girls and the guys had separate gyms. An anonymous donor had contributed the funds to build them with the condition that each sex had their own gym. The rumor had it that the donor had attended as a student years before, but felt that the females got the short end of the stick when space and equipment came to be allocated at the old gym. The old gym became an auditorium after the new ones were finished, a feature that the school board had not provided for when the school got built originally.

I finished my classes for the day, academics were not an issue for me. Learning came easy to me; if I could hear it or read it, it got stored in my head for later use. Even though I was on the football team, my only grade not 4.0 is in P.E. A constant source of shame for me, a star athlete and can’t even get a good grade in the class. Part of the grade in that class is derived on how we did in a physical fitness test given once a semester, a state requirement. The problem in the test, for me, is the rope climb. That is something I could never do, or desired to do. Hence, I always got either a 3.8 or 3.9 grade in the class depending on which teacher was monitoring the test. Even though I was a star on the football team, there were no favors with regard to the state test.

I was naturally thin, almost five foot nine inches tall, weighing in at a little over one hundred and thirty pounds. I had no strength in my arms, when I tried to make a muscle like the weight lifters did, nothing happened. I mean absolutely nothing happened. In contrast to that, my legs were trim but firm. My asset, the only asset I had is my speed. When I was being chased on the field, I managed to find a little extra something. To be tackled by these mountain of muscles we played against every week, not my desire in the least, also a great motivator.

In fact, that is why the coach recruited us, all three of his running backs were similar to me, tall but skinny, but also fast. Randy and Jimmy were the other two running backs, they were also fast on their feet, but in a forty yard dash, I would win with two to three feet to spare. The whole team is small, our heaviest guard weighs in at only a hundred and eighty pounds. When the ball is hiked though, I love to see the whole line out ahead of me picking off the would be tacklers. The fact that they can pull out of the scrimmage so fast, left most of our defenders still at the scrimmage line wondering what the hell happened.

The football team meeting was mainly info on our possible opponents for the playoffs. We watched videos of their last games, their size and running attack the only problem between us and a possible playoff spot. The game tomorrow would determine which one of the two we would play, if we made it to the playoffs. In another game tomorrow on the other side of the state, another AAA team was playing our nemesis in our own district. A win would ensure a playoff spot for us. If they failed, our season is officially over.

Reluctantly, I headed to the girl’s gym and then to where the cheerleaders were practicing. Cheri saw me immediately and dragged me next to her in the line. I looked at her like she is nuts, but she ignored me, telling me to watch her coach and do the same thing as she is doing. I watched, then tried to imitate the moves. I thought I was in good shape but after fifteen minutes, I was as winded as if I had ran eighty yards for a touchdown.

Thankfully, they took a fifteen minute break, Cheri got me a bottle of water, then a pair of shorts and a lighter weight top. She didn’t ask, just handed me the clothes and told me to change. I stood there stunned, where did she expect me to change at? Again, she took charge, pushing me towards their locker room and right through the door. I quickly looked around fearing a room full of naked women, screaming at me to get out. I just stood there, until Cheri started lowering my zipper. When I reached down to stop that, she grabbed my shirt and jerked up catching my arms in the process. Again with the zipper and my pants settled around my ankles.

I found my way out of my shirt, she grabbed it and handed me the top. I reached for my pants again, but she pushed me back on to a bench, grabbed the pants taking them off along with my sneakers. I decided I needed some cover so I let the top slide over my shoulders, the feeling of the soft silky material way more than I could handle. Meanwhile she had her shorts up to my knees, then jerked me to my feet, I instinctively pulled the shorts the rest of the way up trying to preserve some modesty.

She smiled, “much better, at least you now look the part. Now slip your sneakers back on we have a practice to finish.” I got the second sneaker on before I was hustled back to the practice area. The girls were just getting ready to start. Back in line, doing the parts of the routine that the coach felt needed the most work. I never did see my friends at the practice, I guess they decided not to come. After I got into the swing of things, the routines were not that bad, although a lot more athletic than I had ever imagined.

We did run through the routine in its entirety just before the practice ended, pom poms and all. After completion, the coach dismissed the girls, and walked over to me. With a straight face, she told me that if I ever wanted to not play football, I had a spot on the cheerleaders anytime I wanted it. All of the girls had gathered around, then mobbed me, kissing and hugging me, this went on for quite some time, until several of the girls said they were hungry.

Just like that they were off to the locker room, to my shock I was being dragged along. We all piled in, everybody going to their locker. Purses out, makeup repaired and then gathering near the door. Cheri had finished then took a look at me, shaking her head. She approached me, took out her lipstick again and put some on my lips. I just stood there, not expecting any of this, I really didn’t know what to say or do. She walked to my stack of clothes, took out my wallet and keys and placed it in her purse, then grabbed my hand leading me to the rest of the girls. I got complimented on my shade of lipstick and that was that.

We went to the parking lot, several of the girls riding together. Lorrie and I were apparently riding with Cheri, as I was scooted into her backseat. About the time I had regained enough mental capacity to protest some, we arrived at the restaurant. We entered all together and took one of the side dining rooms. Food and drinks were ordered, and lots of talk about the practice and the upcoming Powder Puff game is being discussed. They included me just like I was one of the girls, when I didn’t know what they were talking about, one of them would fill me in, and then the chit chat would continue. After we had ate everything in sight, the discussion turned to me.

“We can’t just call you Chris or C.J., it’s not fancy enough for being one of the cheerleaders, maybe Cynthia Jane would be better.”

I looked puzzled, “What are you talking about, I am just observing, I am not one of the cheerleaders?”

All of the girls were looking at me. “You weren’t, but now you are, so get used to it. Unless you have to have football practice, cheerleader practice is every day at four P.M., Don’t be late.”

Chris is the name I had been born with, not the greatest name for a male, but there are lots worse. Along the way it got morphed to C J, that’s what everybody now called me. Now, apparently my new moniker is Cynthia Jane. I was let out at home, given my wallet and keys and a kiss from Cheri. Unfortunately, I was still dressed as a female, my male clothes still at school, I hoped. Well, you can’t win them all, so I walked in the front door and announced that I am home. My mother usually greeted me, or called me into the kitchen if she was busy putting dinner together.

Today the kitchen, so I dropped my books on the dining room table where I usually did my homework and waltzed into the kitchen. I stood there for a minute, then when she looked my way, I went over to her and gave her a hug. I know she saw my clothes, probably my lipstick too, since Cheri had refreshed it at the restaurant before we left. She asked me to set the table and get some iced tea for us, dinner would be ready in a few minutes. Several looks but no comments were made at my appearance.

I did as she asked, then got two glasses of iced tea for us. I helped her transport the meal to the kitchen table where we normally ate, and then sat down. “How was school today Chris,” she asked?

“It was fine, not much homework tonight, just a book report, but it is not due until Friday, so I have several days to finish it. I got a ride home with Cheri, she will probably pick me up in the morning also.”

I finished my vegetables, a must requirement with Mom that was embedded in my mind when I was only three. I then asked how her day had gone. She was self-employed, an accountant doing the books for small businesses. She had quite a few customers, and was often quite busy. She liked it because she could be home when I got off school. That, to her, was a requirement of a good parent. Truthfully, I couldn’t have had a better parent, always there for me, loving and caring, but also smart enough to let me learn for myself some of life’s idiosyncrasies.

“I had a good day, three new customers and have managed to finally finish the audit I had to do for the state. Other than that, just a normal day.” She had observed my choices in clothing more closely, also the lipstick, but still had not brought up the subject. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer though. She was dying to know what is going on.

“Okay kiddo, spill the beans; why is my son now my daughter and don’t lie to me?” I told her about the powder puff game, about Cheri kidnapping me and the cheerleader practice. Several times she broke out in laughter at my plight, asking me if I am going to play football this week or lead the cheers. “I don’t know what I am going to do, but if I am going to cheer, can I borrow some of your nail polish? Otherwise I maybe the only girl there without any.” She giggled at that but with a stern look to see if I had any other comments or revelations. She was probably looking to see if I was serious about the nail polish.

The next day at school was uneventful, at least during the day. By late afternoon, the game to determine whether we would be in the playoffs started, and at least a hundred radios were attuned to the game, even though we were supposed to be in class studying. By four o’clock, we kind of knew we would be in the playoffs, since our nemesis was losing by the tune of 60 to 7 with only thirty minutes left to play.

There would be no practice tonight, the team wanting to see who we would be playing against. We all gathered in the gym to listen to the game, I really didn’t care who we played, I just wanted the extra exposure.

Before I could escape back to my home, Cheri caught me and dragged me to cheerleader practice. I went along with it, she is a real doll, always has been nice to me, not often that a cheerleader acts that way. Most are stuck up, and feel that the student body, all of them, are beneath them. It went along like yesterday, me getting changed, doing the practice with the girls and then eating with them afterwards. I received some lipstick again, along with an application of mascara, supposedly to make my eyes pop.

When she dropped me off again at home, I knew that Mom would see the same sight as yesterday, the questioning bound to be intense and thorough. Luckily, I managed to talk Cheri into coming in for a drink, figuring that my Mom can question her instead of me. The topic never came up, I saw her giving my body a close scrutiny, including my lipsticked lips. Why, I have no idea, I did try and return Cheri’s clothes from yesterday, but she refused. “Just bring them with you for practice tomorrow. We are going to be working on a new routine for the playoffs, so be prompt.”

I tried to discourage her, this was getting out of hand, the last few days, I have been spending more time at cheerleader practice than playing football. The coach had quit practices during the week, favoring a longer and more intense practice on each day of the weekend. We had another week to the powder puff game, then one week more to the first playoff game. He would resume daily practices the week before the playoff.

Since he stopped practices during the week, I had no excuse to miss cheer leading practice. I showed up in Cheri’s outfit sans the lipstick. They pulled me in quickly as they warmed up, going through all the existing routines. Then the coach started laying out the new routine, we did bit by bit for a while before the whole routine was gone through.

Secretly, I liked the practice every day, I seemed to be in better shape, practicing with the girls was more intense than the most difficult ones that the football coach used. The girls always made a point to welcome me, if Cheri did not do my makeup, one of the others would. I tried to decline their offer, but fifteen to one is not very good odds.

Even though I had a car at home, I seldom drove anymore. Cheri picking me up and delivering me home most days, or one of the other girls, when Cheri was not driving. I liked their company, although I didn’t join in their conversations, I listened rather intently.

We did take a few moments to practice some of the football plays we ran, so they could do them at the game. In fact, all the girls came when I was showing Cheri some of the plays. Some of my fellow football players thanked me for relieving them of the responsibility of showing the girls the plays. I thought they were nuts to miss an opportunity to be with the girls, their loss my gain.

Mom came to expect my feminine appearance, the subject never brought up anymore. I presume she figured that I was hopeless, and her cautions to me would be ignored. I listened to her, but the fun and excitement was winning me over to the girl’s side. I got pleasure from doing a routine flawlessly, I enjoyed the meals we shared, the talk, and the camaraderie.

The week before the Powder puff game was intense, three hours a day learning the routines and practicing. Cheri had me try on one of her uniforms, then her mother altered it so it would fit my figure exactly. That whole week I wore a bra with breast forms; it did take some time to get used to the bouncing of the forms. Since the bra was a sports bra, it fit tight to my new bosom, holding my assets securely. I learned that it would be much worse without it, I believed them, but couldn’t see how it could be worse. My mother helped with my hair, brushing it every night for me, then putting it in a ponytail for me during my school days.

We had a rehearsal for the game that Thursday evening, it was quite comical to see the guys bulging out of the cheerleaders uniforms, but their faces in makeup was even more comical. Something I could kid them about forever. They all stared at me, when they first saw me dressed, but not one comment was voiced where I could hear it. The gals in the football pads and uniforms were something else. They may be dressed as football players, but they looked so cute running around and faking plays.

I led the guys in a couple of cheers, well I was there and they were there, but the only cheers being done was from me. The crowd roared when I would do a cheer, also when one of the girls scored. It was fun, we performed to a sold out crowd, guaranteeing the athletic fund money for the upcoming year. On the last score, Cheri came running over to the sidelines and hugged me tightly lifting my feet off the ground. She planted a kiss on me that seared me forever. I was not expecting it, blindsided completely. All of the rest of the girls in their pads and skintight pants surrounded me, giving me hugs and kisses. I was dragged to the girl’s gym and back into the locker room to get changed. I then suddenly remembered the dance that was to follow the game. I had come from the house in the uniform and had not brought a change of clothes.

Cheri had anticipated that, and had a dress for me to wear to the dance. When she held it up in front of me, I thought she was nuts. I protested, I stomped my feet, even shouted at her. The rest of the girls all gathered around, surrounding me with big grins on their faces. With pleading eyes, “Please don’t make me wear the dress, I will go home and get a change of clothes and meet you at the dance.” They took another step closer to me, the smiles turned to giggles, and then they slowly removed my cheerleader’s uniform. I was outnumbered, but the main reason I quit fighting, is the death grip Cheri had on my hand.

The last couple of weeks, we had become very close, not boy/girl playing but definitely had become BFF’s. We held hands often when we were going to the restaurants, or just to walk around the block. When she wanted something real bad, she would hold my hand and squeeze hard. That is the signal I was getting from her now. I relented and let them dress me for the evening. Cheri had planned thoroughly for the evening, a full female set of underwear, heels and even jewelry magically appeared.

With that many girls working on me I was soon female, the image in the mirror very disturbing to me. I liked how I looked, but now that I was dressed as a female, that changed a lot of things. Cheri sensed my worry, whispering to me that I would not be left alone tonight, one of the girls, or her, would be with me the whole evening. The girls returned to getting dressed, I tried to make myself inconspicuous over in the corner. Finally, we were all ready and headed over to the auditorium, one big group of cheerleaders and dance team members.

We entered the auditorium, then we were directed to the stage by some of the teachers. I was afraid of this, we were going to be introduced, our accomplishments, and a little about us. When they got to me, I was sure there would be lots of laughing and booing. They went through all the girls first, then at the last, I heard them call Cynthia Jane. I was sure that I would be included with the football players but here I am being introduced as part of the cheerleaders. Cheri pulled me up and walked to the stage with me. I presume to keep me from running off. I am sure that most of my makeup was lost in the sea of red that my face was suddenly engulfed in.

Ms. Hendrix, the cheerleader coach, made the introduction and they even played a video clip of me at cheerleader practice. I doubted my face could get much redder, but the heat from my cheeks indicated that it, indeed, was possible. I received loud applause from the audience, then as all the cheerleaders crowded around me, I was hugged from every one of them.

Peter our quarterback, pushed his way into the group of girls, grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. I tried to pull back, but with him pulling me and the girls pushing me to the dance floor, I had little chance. He took me in his arms, helped get my hands in the right place and led me off into the evening. I was confused, why was everyone seeing me as a female. I played alongside of Peter through all of our football practices, sweating and running through our many different plays, but now I was dancing with him, dressed as a female and being held by him closely.

A couple of times I tried to back off a little, a little distance between us would be better, but he just pulled me in tighter again. Nothing much was said between us, the first song ended and another one started as we continued dancing. He was a good dancer, I never had danced the girl part, but yet, here I was being led effortlessly around the dance floor. As that second song ended, another member of the squad appeared and cut in. I was exchanged from one to the other and continued to dance. I began to suspect something was up when all of the songs so far that evening, were slow and romantic. I was never allowed to sit a dance out, every one of the football squad danced with me that evening.

I noticed that the rest of the cheerleaders, also were dancing with the squad, rotating through the entire group. Towards the end of the dance, Cheri cut in when another song started to play. She held me closer than anyone that evening, we were breast to breast, I felt more relaxed in her arms, my head eventually laying on her shoulder. We must have danced three numbers that evening, but I couldn’t be sure. At the end of the last one, I did notice we were the only couple on the dance floor. Applause, then we were surrounded and hugged by most everybody.

Peter came over taking both of our arms and leading us out to the parking lot. Cheri’s parents were there to pick us up, we were helped into the back seat of the car after a hug and kiss to the cheek. Cheri immediately pulled me closer and gave me a deep sensuous kiss, her mother telling her to let me at least get a breath. Believe me the chance to take in oxygen was necessary she had sucked every bit I had from me with that last kiss.

Her parents drove us home, their home. I was dragged by Cheri up to her room, then quickly undressed down to my bra and panties. A nightie was slid over my head, the smooth silky fabric giving me goose bumps. I was placed in her bed, the covers arranged around me preventing me moving much at all. She laid down next to me, her one leg over my body and my upper body hugged tightly against hers. Her Mother checked on us, told Cheri to allow me some sleep, and welcomed me to the family. She was giggling as she made it back to her bedroom, I very much doubted that she thought I would get any sleep tonight.

I did get a few cat-naps every hour or two, as Cheri would take a few minutes to catch her breath from her all-out assault on my body. I was hugged, kissed, fondled in every way possible that night. I can’t complain, it was heavenly, being on the receiving end of her romantic endeavors. We were good, nothing happened sexually, although I am sure she was ready as she groaned often as I was rubbed and fondled. At five in the morning, she wound down her energy all used up in her attack on my person. I slipped out to go to the bathroom, then quietly got back into bed without waking her. As I passed the mirror I chuckled at my reflection, lipstick marks all over my face and neck. Even my ears were almost covered in the reddish cosmetic. My lips were clear, she had worn it all off my lips, with her endeavors last evening.

So it seems I am Cheri’s love interest now, even her family accepting me as Cheri’s mate. Her mother woke us the next morning, handing me a couple of makeup wipes, then a robe to wear when I came down to breakfast. Cheri was using the bathroom so I wandered down to the kitchen. I was enveloped in a hug as soon as I cleared the door. Her Mom appraised me, then handed me a glass of juice. I was shown to my spot at the table, then a plate of sausage and eggs placed before me. Soon the others showed up, I was greeted warmly, as if I had been a part of the family forever.

Cheri was the last to show up, breezed past her spot at the table and settled down in my lap. My fork was removed from my hand, as she proceeded to feed me the rest of my breakfast. She would grab a bite every once in a while, but her main concern was seeing to me getting fed. And to think I will be facing such treatment for the rest of my life.

We did get to go to the playoffs. I scored five times to lead us to a victory. After each score I looked over at the cheerleaders and sighed. I realized I rather be a cheerleader than playing football. At the finals for the AAA championship it all came apart. Peter got tackled hard and missed the rest of the game. The team we were playing were monsters, most of their line weighing over two hundred and fifty pounds each. Without Peter our running game flopped, they were waiting for us at the line of scrimmage, tackling us hard. They got penalized several times for unnecessary roughness but it still didn’t help.

As I walked off the field I promised myself that I had played the last football game of my career. I was comforted by Cheri, then taken home for further treatment. I was better the next morning, intense therapy will do that for a patient. I did join the cheerleaders for the rest of the season, basketball first then baseball till graduation. By then I was dressing as a female all the time, having my hair done regularly at a salon and shopping with the girls on their many trips to the mall.

Cheri has arranged an appointment at her salon for me to get breasts, insisting that she have something to play with too as soon as school lets out. Mom came around, helping me buy a new wardrobe and helping me redo my room. She and Cheri’s Mom are now good friends helping to plan the double bride wedding ceremony for this upcoming Christmas.

Cheri hangs on to me when we are together, not letting me out of her sight. Her show of affection towards me is almost embarrassing, to be treated so lovingly all the time and no matter where we are at. I have been snogged in the grocery store, in the public library and almost any other place in town. I blush red when she captures me and lays one on me, but I love her all the more for doing it. Just think it all started because of a Powder puff game, a game that started the acceptance of the gurl in me.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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