Clarissa; Gurl Curls

I had taken the advice of a co-worker and made an appointment at a new salon in town for a haircut. My old male barber had retired, looking for other barbers in the yellow pages proved to be an effort in futility. Realistically, I don’t think old time barbers even exist anymore. I had almost decided to settle on one of the chains for their special, even at $ 12.88 the price seemed ridiculous when I used to get a haircut for seven dollars at my barbers. I know, a born cheap stake.

We were talking at the office, one of the secretaries telling me about this new salon in a nearby town. They seemed reasonable, and so far the ladies that had used it were quite pleased. I turned up my nose when she said ladies, figuring it was just a fancy beauty salon. Then Glenda told me it was started for the male customer, but they were so good, the ladies were flocking there to take advantage of their skill. I still was a bit skeptical, but didn’t have many options left. My hair was getting longer, now approaching the bottom of my neck. No matter what I did it looked messy and unkempt. Glenda tried to convince me to just get it shaped, longer hair on you looks good. Of course, that swelled up my head, it doesn’t take much these days to inflate the old noggin.

I am in my late thirties, an executive at an agricultural supply house. My job is to keep what sells in stock, I don’t do the actual buying, I had staff for that. My job is to predict what our customers are using and in what quantities. I made frequent trips out to talk to the customers, find out their plans and then made my predictions. One year they would be planting crop X the next year crop Y so we had to stay on top of trends and crop prices. If cotton was way down in price, there wasn’t anyone going to plant it. If we were sitting on a large inventory of cotton seed, it meant disaster for us.

Not rocket science, just socialize with the farmers and ask a lot of questions. I have always had an outgoing personality, usually easy to get a conversation going with someone even if I haven’t met them before. This all added up to a nice job for me, even managing to make it a quite successful endeavor in the few years I have been pursuing it.

I attended all the trade shows, looking at what our competitors were doing. We partially sponsored the local one where most of our customers would attend. Four years ago the original sponsors of the show went belly up, so seeing an opportunity for us to get a firmer foothold in the area we started sponsoring the show. There were other sponsors, but we footed a little over half of the bill for putting the show on. It was a wise decision, our sales have gained for the last four years, now averaging a twenty percent increase each year. Of course, sponsoring the show got us prime booth spots, our name before the public, and some national recognition in the agricultural press.

I hemmed and hawed for a couple of days, trying to decide what to do about a haircut. I had noticed that a lot of my male customers were sporting longer hair, but usually kept it styled on in a ponytail. Not the majority by any means but a noticeable few none the less. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it styled. Glenda made me an appointment with Nora, I gave her a puzzled look, surely not the same Nora I knew from college. Then I thought about it, I couldn’t see Nora doing hair ever, she was more the executive assistant type of person. Naw, just two people with the same name. Then again how many Nora’s could be in this area, since Nora is not an often used name these days? The salon was located in a town that was a three hour drive from here, a few of the farmers lived out that way, probably where I will start and then work my way back to town.

I took off a little early, so I would be on time for my appointment, a trait I had grown up with, and so far it had payed me countless benefits. The salon was huge, and crowded as hell. I stood at reception for a few minutes before someone could get to me. I gave them my name and she called back to my stylist. I saw her before she noticed me, it is indeed the same Nora. I was greeted with a hug, which in itself surprised me. We had dated a few times, never did hit it off, then she started going with another guy and I never heard from her again. She dragged me back to her area, seated me and placed a cape over my clothes.

The chair was leaned back, my hair washed and conditioned. “I am using a special shampoo on your hair, it will condition your naturally curly hair, something that needs to be done regularly.”

While that was being accomplished she asked me if I knew what I wanted. I told her what I thought, leaving it longer but shaping it so it would not look messy or unkempt. But kept so that I could put in into a low ponytail if all else fails. She started right in, to help break the ice I asked her how she ended up doing hair. It turns out she dated the other guy for a while, then he took advantage of her one night when she had drank too much and she ended up pregnant with his child. The guy moved away leaving her without any support. She couldn’t see having an abortion, so dropped out of college and took odd jobs to try and make a living for her and her soon to be born child.

She stumbled on to the salon, when she went there to get her hair styled for a job interview. There was a notice up for people to train to become hairdressers so she asked about it, signed up and a few months later was plying her new skills. All during the time she was off to have the baby the salon gave her little jobs she could perform at home to make a little extra money to buy food and pay rent. At the hospital her boss even paid any expenses related to the birth, Nora so thankful for her kindness. Her boss gave her paid time off when she had her baby, then helped her get someone to babysit so she could come back to work. It was another salon employee that did the babysitting on the side for extra money. The lady having two of her own kids, one more not a problem. When both of them were working the other gal’s mother ended up watching the kids.

As she was towel drying my hair she explained what she thought would be good for me, it sounded good so she started on my hair. I watched in the mirror as she combed out small sections, then cut them at an angle. The hair seemed to shrink some, now looking distinctly curly. By the time she was done I had a head full of curls. Back when I was a child Mom said I had naturally curly hair, a few pictures in her photo album proving that fact. I guess because I had refrained from getting a haircut for a while and that I blow dried my hair all the time the curl stayed hidden. Nora asked if she could play with it for a few moments, she was so excited so I gave in. She used a hair dryer with a huge diffuser on it and blowing cold air. Fifteen minutes later I was this person with a huge head of curls, cute but definitely more on the feminine side of the fence.

Nora’s boss came over, looked at my hair and told me how good it looked. I blurted out how girly it looked, but neither one of them could see that it was that girly. My cape was taken off, with my male clothes showing it didn’t look that bad, different for sure, but I guess neutral enough. After Nora had her fun she wet it again and used a blow dryer on it again, this time the heat was turned up slightly. My hair fell in place, into the style she had cut into it, looking way better than I had before coming to the salon. I was pleased, tipped her well and was on my way.

No problem for the next few days, lots of compliments on my hair. That in itself surprised me, since I had never got a compliment before. Then I washed my hair one evening using the new shampoo that Nora had given me to wash my hair with. It was sulfate free, something she told that was necessary for hair that was naturally curly. I toweled it dry and then surfed the internet till bedtime. A little more tired than usual I was fast asleep, waking up when my alarm rang. I glanced at the clock, then jumped out of bed. I had several appointments this morning, the first one in less than an hour. The problem was it was forty minutes away from my house. I used some mouthwash, donned some clothes and headed for my car. Luckily I had showered last night, using that time to shave since the moisture of the shower made shaving close so easy. My very light beard not usually a problem anyway.

It was as I was pulling into the farm to meet with one of the major producers in the area that I looked in the rear view mirror. My life flashed before me, the curliness was back in spades, even curlier than when Nora first cut it. I saw Pete come out of his house, to greet me, smiling as he came up to me standing by my car. I put out my hand to shake his, but he sidestepped that right away and hugged me. Pete and I have always been close, since we shared a room in college. Not hugging close, just two friends that got along and shared a lot of interests. He took over his father’s farm after his father had a heart attack, now one of the biggest farms in the area. I always considered his views on crops to plant seriously, since a lot of other farmers followed his lead. That was why he was always one of my first major visits of the season.

He came up right next to me, kind of pinning me next to the car. One hand on the car and one hand on my shoulder keeping me there. I felt a little uneasy, this was a different Pete and he seemed enamored with me. His face was only inches from mine, I could feel his breath on my face at times, definitely not a position I found myself in often. Finally he grabbed my hand and led me over to a bench in his little garden. It was under a large oak tree to the side of his house, providing a lot of shade from the harsh sun. He helped me down on the bench then sat right next to me. I do mean right next to me. Our thighs were touching, my heart rate was increasing and I was lost in my thoughts.

He started the conversation asking me if this was the new me. I blushed red, actually several shades of red. I stammered no, I was in a hurry this morning when I over slept and I didn’t look in the mirror till I arrived here. He smiled, then smirked, then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I let it happen, why I don’t know, it just seemed right somehow. I did recover some and pulled back putting my hands on his chest to keep him a little further away. Oh Gawd, what am I going to do now.

We sat and talked after that, but not very much about crops and what he was going to plant. Everything was about me, did I like my new look and was I going to start dressing as a female now. I tried to evade his questions, for one thing I had no idea what I was going to do now. That kiss had rocked me right down to my toes. I actually liked it, his lips on mine kind of magical. I managed to get away I had another appointment and did not want to stand them up. Before he would let me leave I had to promise to go on a date with him, time and place to be discussed on the phone later today. I got another kiss, but managed to turn my head in time, so it was just a cheek kiss. There were definitely sparks just like the first kiss, he made sure I was securely fastened in, playing with my seat belt quite a bit, before I managed to get the door closed and drive off.

I actually only pulled out of his private drive and pulled the car over. My mind was in full panic mode, this can’t be happening and worst of all to little old me. I played with my hair, trying to get it to be less curly, even using a bottle of water I had in the truck to wet the hair to see if it would somehow look less curly. Absolutely no progress in that direction, still just as curly as when I first saw it in the mirror at Pete’s.

I set there for quite some time before I knew I had to get to my next appointment. I drove over there and was greeted warmly by Jim Stevenson, another of the larger farmers in the area. We talked in his pickup as he drove me around his farm. This was not unusual, sometimes I could spot something that we had a cure for, to increase their yield or cure some of their cultural problems. I did notice his frequent looks in my direction, but nothing was said outright about my looks.

Then after saying goodbye I headed to my next stop, the only female owned farm in the area. I was encouraged that maybe Pete’s attention to me was just a fluke, since Jim did not show the same fascination with me.

Melody was quite a character, quite intelligent and probably the smartest farmer in the area. The only reason she was not the biggest was her lack of farmable acres. She was seeing to that, every year she would buy someone else out, her acreage now right up there among the top five farms. She knew her farming backwards and forwards, holding a degree in three different subjects, all agricultural related. When I pulled in she was waiting for me, standing right next to the drive. Her smile said it all, apparently Pete or Jim had called her telling her of my new curly looks.

As I got out of my truck I was hugged, then pushed back so she could get a better look. Well what do I call you now, Clark will definitely not do now. I blushed and she started going through feminine names for me. My face turned redder but I didn’t react to any of them. “Well since I get to pick how does Clarissa sound to you?”

Before I could respond she touched the top of my head. “I deem you Clarissa, welcome to the sisterhood.” She laid one on me, then giggled, yep Pete was right you are some kisser, those lips are to die for. I went from a light pink to a dark red in a few seconds then broke out in tears, well more like sobbing. I feared everything was coming apart, my job, everything I have worked for now suddenly up in smoke, all due to a simple haircut.

Melody grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. I was handed a box of tissues, with a remark you even cry like a female. I was sat down at her kitchen table and handed a soda with a straw. I did not miss the significance of the straw being there, to accommodate my female persona. I eventually calmed down some, Melody wanting to know why I was so weepy.

I told her that now everything will come apart, I will most likely get fired and my life will be in ruins. She giggled some, then made a statement that surprised me. “That is not quite how I see it. Every single or divorced male in the area is already talking about you, thus you will need a secretary to keep your romantic dates straight and not end up scheduling two for the same night. Then we have the single females, I for one will be interested if you tire of the males, I can also think of several more that would most likely be interested. I would marry you in a heartbeat if I could swing a discount on my seed in the deal. But I have one condition, you have to wear the wedding dress, you will look totally ravishing in a white wedding dress.”

“Now before Pete calls you I get dibs on Friday night, be sure to wear something sexy, even if you are not interested in me, you need to give the guys a sneak peek at the new Clarissa. I really doubt you will lose your job, in fact I will make a bet that your bosses already know of your change in gender, just waiting for you to make it official. So are we on for Friday night or are you going to play hard to get?”

“Okay, I will even throw in a movie, a chick flick, I am sure that will be right up your alley. I want you to keep in mind, if you marry me, you get to be the wife of the fastest upcoming farmer in the area that should mean something to you. Oh did I tell you I bought the Robbins place last night, only Pete has more acreage than me now. I will soon correct that fact, if I had a significant other to push me a little I might do it yet this year.”

I managed to escape, three visits and I still knew almost nothing about what the farmers in the area are going to plant this year. Melody wanting to make sure I was buckled safely in my seat, as she spent at least twenty minutes in getting me situated with the seat belt. What is it with everybody so concerned about me and my seat belt?

I decided to swing by the office to see if I was still employed, what I walked into I would never have dreamed of it happening. My office was changed around a little, a new secretary assigned to me and fresh flowers on my desk. One set of flowers were from Pete and the other set from Melody. There was more than several messages on my desk, mostly from farmers in the area wanting me to come and talk to them.

When I looked more closely they were all from single or divorced males. Today a farmer’s life is not conducive to keeping a female happy and satisfied. The long hours and the lack of being around others made a wife of a farmer lonely and far from rewarding. I would imagine that a little over half of the farmers in the area were still single or divorced.

Ginger my new secretary came in complimented me on my curls and wanted to know what she could do for me. Ginger has been around for quite a while, I wondered how she got pushed on to me. When I asked she just told me that she requested it, either that or she was going to quit. “It worked I am your new secretary and hope you will allow me to help keep track of your romantic interests, a full time job if what I hear so far is true. I would suggest that you look at your messages and let me know where you are headed to next. That way I can call the rest and let them down easy. A couple of them have called twice since Pete has told them of your new look. You are without a doubt the talk of the county.”

I did tell Ginger about my date Friday with Melody, getting a giggle and a smirk from her. At least I seemed to be making Ginger happy. I noticed she marked it in her schedule, then added a salon visit before the date time.

“Now look at your messages so I can get busy.” I shook my head hard, this can’t be happening, but then the stack of messages numbered over twenty and all of them were current within the last couple of hours. I have got to talk to Pete, he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. I tried to plan an afternoon that would allow me to actually get some useful information, what my job is supposed to be really about. I purposefully picked the older farmers, maybe they would not be so forward and more attuned to business and not someone’s looks, mainly mine.

I debated just chocking it all up as a waste of time and going to the salon and getting a buzz cut. But Pete’s and Melody’s kisses weighed heavily on my mind, eventually just deciding on waiting a few days to see how far this was going to escalate. I did have Ginger call the salon to see if Nora was available, so an immediate fix to the situation was not in the cards, since Nora was booked solid. It was too far home to head there and use a blow dryer to fix the disaster on my head, so I decided to just struggle through the rest of the afternoon.

I had made my list of customers to call on, made Ginger aware of where I was going and left the office. I made my way out to George Henderson’s farm first, the one farthest from the office. He was just getting off his tractor, apparently finishing some discing on one of his fields. As soon as he saw me get out of the car he approached, a huge smile on his face. Oh shit, here we go again. I tried to shake his hand but nothing doing, he quickly evaded my hand encompassing my body in a tender hug. I let it happen, like all the others it felt good, but I couldn’t figure out what had changed so much that I was being treated like a female now. Yes I had curly hair, but I was dressed as a male, no breasts and wearing some athletic shoes, not heels.

I was escorted into his house, kitchen to be more specific and handed a diet soft drink. I normally drank regular soft drinks, but since I was viewed as a female, diet drinks were now just assumed. We did talk a little about what he was going to plant, a welcome relief on my part. Four customers visited and only one bit of information. It was a pleasant conversation until he asked me when I was going to start wearing dresses. “You definitely have the legs for a dress, and with a little makeup you will be a knockout. I know I have serious competition for your attention, but please keep me in your thoughts just in case.”

I tried to make a hasty retreat, fearing a kiss or more hugs. I was helped into my car, he wanted to make sure my seat belt was attached properly, then snuck in a kiss. It was a short peck, nothing romantic and sloppy but nice just the same. Another step down the slippery slope, I should have been insulted and slapped his face, instead I just let it happen like it was an everyday occurrence. Which when I think about it, a good possibility in the near future the way things are going. I drove a little slower to my next customer trying to figure out any of this. No thoughts that made any sense, no solutions to my obvious predicament.

Jerry Goodson was my next visit. He was quite a good farmer, had a reasonable amount of acreage and was fairly handsome. I need to stop thinking like that, now classifying my customers by their looks. He was in his house, so I knocked on the door and was soon greeted with that damn smile that I was getting used to. He took my hand and led me to his living room. He offered me something to drink, but I declined. We actually talked about this season and what he had planned to plant. Then he surprised me telling me that he was selling his property, wait for it, to Melody. The deal is already in the works just waiting for the lawyers to settle things and the money to change hands.

His next statement jarred me a little. “I know Melody has you in her sights, but if it doesn’t work out I am more than interested in you as a wife. I have heard Pete is also in the running, but before this gets settled I am sure every single farmer in the area will be calling on you. Why you waited so long to come out is hard to understand, but we all approve of the new look, just wish we had some kind of a chance to be considered. I am staying in the area, bought a small acreage down the road where I can raise and train my hunting dogs. The business has steadily been growing, last year I made more with my dogs than I did farming.”

I was walked to my car again, gee it isn’t like I can’t find my car by myself. Again help with the seat belt, and again another kiss. He was respectful at least, making it short and sweet. He did make sure I had his new address and phone number, telling me that he would check in with Ginger often to see if anything might change. “A man has to have hope, you never know what may come your way.”

He closed my door and I was on my way. Well so far I am batting a thousand, the only customer not to steal a kiss was Jim and he had always been a laid back type of person. I am sure when we meet again the he will make sure to correct that shortfall.

David Jameson was my next stop, a widower with three kids to raise. He made ends meet farming, but would never make it big. His equipment needed to be replaced soon, way too old to be depended on. His wife died from cancer a couple of years ago, leaving David in a bad spot. She had always handled the kids, the house and even the financial part of their relationship. David handling the farming. Now he had to do all of it, with no experience to boot. The children were good kids, well behaved but seemed lost most of the time. Melody has helped some taking his two girls kind of under wing, teaching them a little about cooking and taking them with her when she goes grocery shopping. The younger boy worships David, following him everywhere he is allowed to. They were often seen on his tractor, the boy riding the fender.

I drove up to his house and made it as far as the porch. The kids descended on me giving me lots of hugs. The girls especially friendly. They told me Pop was on the phone and will be right out. His younger boy then shocked me. “Are you going to marry Pop and be our Mommy?” Gee how in the hell do you answer that. I was looking around for the answer, it must be written here somewhere when I saw David behind the screen door. He smiled, then smirked a little. “Yeah I would like to hear that answer too.”

I walked over to one of the chairs he had on his porch and promptly sat down. He gathered up his kids sending the girls to get me something to drink and telling his boy to get the seed order off his dresser upstairs. After everybody left to do as he instructed he sat next to me, holding my one hand. You have to excuse the kids, they miss their Mom greatly, even more than I do. You do look much more attractive this way, definitely a Mom or farmer’s wife. I hope you go farther with this, I think you need it and I am sure you will have more close friends than you can shake a stick at. Just so you know I am attracted to you, there is just something about you that makes me yearn to be near you and hold you and take care of you. Keep me in mind please, first as a friend, then as a prospective partner.

I was handed a drink, diet as I have soon learned to expect and then the seed order. His boy stood next to me holding on to my leg, to make sure I would not escape. That simple gesture touched me, a tear or two coming to my eyes. I used my hand to wipe away the tears, then his oldest girl handed me a tissue. I was just a moment from breaking down in sobs, David seeing that and took my hand and led me back to my car. I did get a kiss, I let it happen, didn’t try to fight it or evade it. A little help with my seat belt and I drove off. I did get down his drive to the highway then stopped and had a good cry.

I stopped my excursion there, my emotions getting the best of me. I called Ginger and advised her of the changes, then headed home. When I got in the house, I looked in the hall mirror, seeing the image that all of my customers had seen all day. There might have been a little masculinity left in that image somewhere, but it was minute and well tucked away.

I made my way to the den with a glass of wine and the bottle. I needed to do some thinking about what is going on and what I am going to do next. Everybody sees a female, an attractive female that they have feelings for and want to be near. I seem to be the one holding on to the past or attempting to. Every last one of my customers has remarked about the new me, except Jim, I really need to go back by and see if that was a fluke or was it just Jim getting a slow start. Half way down the bottle I made a decision, probably the wrong one but at least is was somewhere to start.

I called the salon, asking for Nora. As soon as I told her who I was, she replied that was quick. “I expected some changes, but maybe after a week or two. You don’t realize the aura you put out now. Let me guess every male you have contacted has asked for your hand in marriage, or at least wanted a date.” I was quiet for a minute. “Oh worse than that huh. I take it you have been kissed many times, then throw in a marriage proposal or two or three.”

“So you ready for the full transformation huh. Tomorrow morning at seven A.M. and you will be a functioning female by seven that same evening. I am sure I can give you a discount, can’t have the prettiest girl in the county poorly dressed. You have to have some money left for clothes, lots of them. As good as you will look, nobody will be mistaking you for anything else but a hundred percent female. Now sleep well and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. The she hung up on me, I still had some questions, but I guess they will wait. The female express is gaining speed, I guess I should seriously be looking at wedding dresses, I may need one sooner than I think. I did call Ginger to inform her of my plans, her giggling and wanting updates throughout the day as the changes were being completed not helping any.

The next day started off with rain, a depressing way to enter the female life. I was first informed of the changes, then had to sign that I wanted them and understood the far reaching effects. Then Nora got started on me, having way too much fun as she changed one thing after another on my road to total femininity. First was losing the body hair, a cream slathered all over my body took care of that in less than thirty minutes. Permanently no less. Then she added a realistic vagina, glued over my privates after junior was tucked away. I should say glued away, for the duration. One look and I did have some second thoughts. A little late, but a concern.

When she started on my breasts I forgot all about the vagina, two good sized clear plastic cups were glued to my chest right above the nipples. When she attached the hoses and turned on the pump I realized the changes might be with me longer that I first anticipated. But then the wedding dress would look better with some nice cleavage, I guess it is already too late, maybe Ginger can get the guys in the white coats to pick me up tomorrow.

When Nora did finish with me there was no Clark left. Clarissa was looking good, way too good for her own sake. During the five hours that Nora took to make the transformation I got three phone calls from Ginger; Pete was upset because I never got back with him yesterday, Jim finally woke up, and called Ginger to make sure his name was in the hat, Then we have the phone call from Melody to Ginger wanting to know where her sugarkins was. When she told Melody the salon, Melody hung up presumably on the way here as fast as she could make it. Indeed just as Nora was finishing Melody came in scanned the salon and then made her way to me. I was still sitting in the styling chair, as Melody sat right in my lap and pushed me back against the back of the chair.

The kiss that happened next was unreal. It started off gentle, her lips just brushing against mine, then she leaned in closer putting a little more pressure to the kiss. I opened my mouth a little, and Melody’s tongue darted right in. In the meantime her hands were exploring my new assets, even with a bra on she had managed to pinch my nipples the resulting hardness poking out the fabric of the bra. I just laid there enjoying the feelings and sensations, ones that I have never experienced before. When Melody finally broke off the kiss, we got applause from the other patrons, the male looking more like a female pop star in the chair next to mine, saying that was so hot. “If I was wearing glasses they would have melted right there on my face.”

Just as quickly as she had swooped in, she made her way out, my hand held tightly in hers. It was fortunate that I received some clothes from Nora, a bra and panty set, and a sweater dress that hugged every curve that I had. Five inch heels that I complained about, but Nora insisted, according to her, the minimum heel height to make my legs look their best. My legs might have looked fantastic, but I needed to learn to walk in the heels first. Then when Melody breezed through I had no problem as she dragged, pushed, guided and anything else you can think of getting me to her car. If she hadn’t had a death grip on my hand, I probably would have face planted on the floor several times.

Apparently I was being taken to dinner, since she pulled up in front of one of the better restaurants in town. Again I was steered into the restaurant and to a reserved table near the front of the place. I guess she was showing me off, that she had somehow got to me first and I was her date tonight. I could see lots of problems ahead, my other suitors jealous or envious, with me suffering in sales because of this. I was attracting all of the attention, but had no control of what is happening. Yeah I decided to go a little further in female looks, but now saw that might have made things worse. Now more reason for everyone to desire me, fighting among themselves for my attention. I still could not see the attraction, but it was real, every male, and some females taking one look and wanting to do me right there. No questions needed to be answered they were ready.

The problem though was ultimately me, when I was kissed or hugged romantically I just melted, not able to say no or even maybe. At the salon when Melody sat on my lap and kissed me I turned into goo, my mind went blank and my body reacted to the kiss as a female would.

I was eventually delivered back home, Melody would pick me up in the morning so that I could retrieve my pickup, which was still at the salon. She lived part way to the salon, I lived an hour closer to town, but still out in the boonies.

I laid there staring at the ceiling trying hard to get some kind of understanding on what the hell has happened here. The area is far from civilization, another major town is at least three hours away and that town only forty thousand people. Our little town situated in the middle of nowhere, had some businesses, three restaurants, a motel and a grocery store. Not a supermarket just a well-stocked grocery. It had a pharmacy attached, our medical services was furnished with a clinic, housing two doctors. Dental services were furnished by a dentist that came into town once every month. Of course, our agricultural supply business and a branch of a national tractor company. Any crops raised here had to be transported to a nearby town that had a railroad siding where the crops were sent to the actual buyer.

Our isolation might explain some of the single or divorced farmer’s infatuation with me, but they all know me as a male before. Curly hair just does not turn me into some femme fatale, at least, that is what I thought. I retrieved my truck the next day, was attacked by Melody again before she headed home, griping about some tractor work she had to do, something about some plowing that couldn’t be put off any longer. I was thankful for any reason to be left alone for a while.

Surprisingly I had little trouble doing my makeup and fluffing up my hair this morning. Getting my breasts into my bra and it hooked did cause some consternation, but eventually succumbed to my efforts. I managed to get my body into a too tight pair of jeans, and buttoned up. One look in the mirror and I just about took them off and slipped into a dress. The dress probably would cause less ruckus than the skin tight pants. The top was at least modest, so I took a chance and left the jeans on for the day’s activities.

As I was driving to my first stop, I was racking my brain as to how I could put some type of control on my admirers and still do business with them. I came up with an idea, deciding to see if it might work on my first appointment. As I pulled up to Ray Underwoods place, I saw him working in his barn on his tractor. Ray was still married, but the trial separation was now in its second year. I think his wife just wanted to still share in his income, but not have to put up with him.

I gingerly walked over to the barn, trying to keep my heels from sinking into the dirt and mud. Yes heels are a necessity for skin tight pants and a well endowed bust. As I walked up to him that evil smile that appeared on all my admirers appeared. Now to try my idea.

I walked up to him, then grabbed him around his chest and arms and hugged him hard. So far so good, he was staring at me all kinds of questions suddenly trying to invade his mind. I gave him a cheek kiss, then asked him what he was planning to plant this year. He stumbled for some words, but managed to tell me what he had planned so far. As I was writing down his crops in my book, I was smiling at him, reaching out and touching him every time the conversation lagged behind for a minute or two. The touch was just on his arm, as he was waving them around as he talked. I asked him if there was anything I could help him with, any questions he might have and if he needed anything special ordered for him. I might have emphasized the anything a little strongly, using a little deeper voice and adding a wink and a larger smile as I said the words. There were no words forthcoming so I presume he was set to go.

I concluded the meeting telling him I would stop by often, if he would have me, maybe we could catch lunch sometime after he got his crops in the ground. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making sure that I prolonged the kiss and left a visible lip print on his cheek. A quick hug and I was walking back to my truck. I opened my door, stepped up on the bumper and sat my butt down on the seat. Then I slowly swung my legs into the truck leaving him a clear view of my legs and butt as I swung myself into the truck. I looked back and blew him a kiss then closed my door and started the engine. My last look showed him with his mouth open, and his hand on the cheek I had kissed.

Well maybe Clarissa has a new weapon to use to keep her admirers in line. Now I was looking forward to my next appointment, a second trial to see if my idea warranted wide spread use. I was now hopeful, a way to keep them off balance and still keep my customers. The real problem though was where and when did I learn to flirt like that, nothing in my previous years on this earth as a male did I even encounter a female that acted like I just did. It was like I had graduated summe cam laude in female flirtations, advanced curriculum.

My next customer was Darren Hughes, one of the few single farmers that I was aware of. He never got married, but did have quite a following among the available ladies of the county. He was handsome in a plain sort of way, kept his hair short and always wore jeans and a flannel shirt. He was taller than most of the men around the county, I would guess about six four or thereabouts. He was trim, and was a fairly good farmer. His only fault was that he was a little too cautious, never taking much of a chance, keeping to the tried and true instead of taking a chance every once in a while. Therefore he missed on the fluctuations of the market, where he could have a crop off early and make a killing he stuck with the mid-season crops that didn’t pay as well because the other crops were already being harvested and processed.

On the drive over I figured I had got carried away with Ray, if I kept up that approach I would end up with even more problems. So with Darren I backed off quite a bit. I did give him a warm greeting, a nice hug, and asked how he was doing. I presume I caught him by surprise, since he mumbled a few words, but otherwise his eyes never left my body. I did manage to get him to tell me what he was going to plant, then suggested that he might want to plant a little earlier, an early crop often pulled a lot better price. His land was some of the best in the county, his yields should be outstanding. I asked him if I might have a soda, my mouth was getting dry. I ran my tongue over my lips several times as I was asking for the drink. He almost ran to the house, bringing me back a couple so I could choose. After making my selection I thanked him for being so kind, maybe we could go to dinner sometime to talk farming and get to know each other a little better.

I gave him a quick hug, told him I had to go, but suggested that he call me every once in a while to let me know how things are going. I spent a little more time getting into my truck, even dropping my book then having to lean over to get it picked up. As I gave him a wave he was standing there mouth partially open and waving back. I may have figured out a way to keep my business and live with the feminine looks and dress. It had nothing to do with agriculture, but everything to do with basic human nature.

Why I was perpetuating the female image and look I am not really sure. I did enjoy all of the attention, and dressing as a female has not been that bad so far. I guess what it boils down to is somehow I felt complete as a person, not some lonely male trying to stagger through life. I liked people, loved to talk and interact with them but at the end of a long day I just felt empty somehow.

I decided another visit to Pete’s was necessary, and since his farm was on this side of the county, now a good time to visit. I need to see if I can actually get some crop information from him and also see if I can tame him down a little, at least enough to be able to interact with him through the season without being proposed to every week. He was not at his house, so I presumed he was working on the tractor in one of his fields. I drove around the perimeter of his farm, finally seeing the dust from his plowing off in the distance. I headed that direction, my nerves getting the better of me. He was the first one to see me, his kiss on my lips still remembered fondly as he came into my sights. Once he saw my truck he stopped the tractor at the end of the field and almost ran to where I pulled up on the other side of a drainage ditch. He jumped the ditch and was getting my truck door before I could get it open.

I guess he is anxious to see me again. I hugged him before he could envelop me in his arms, a brief cheek kiss and I stepped to the side looking at his field and what he was doing. He stood behind me, this time getting his arms around my body, his hands clasped together right below my breasts. It felt so good, I was so tempted to lean back into his body, but knew that would probably cause something that I was not ready to handle at this moment. Then I felt a stiffness on my derriere, the thin material of my jeans not doing much to disguise the object. I was embarrassed, a former male causing such a reaction from another male. Yes embarrassment, but also feeling a little proud, my looks and aura now obviously female and judging from his reaction desirable.

I was still getting used to the clothes some, the airiness under my skirts, the tightness of my jeans as they hugged every curve of my ass and legs, not forgetting the way the bra straps dug into my shoulders. It all felt right somehow, dressed in my feminine finery thanks to Nora’s help I often stared at my image in the mirror, wondering why it took so long for all of this to decide to become a part of me. Have I been sending out feminine signals for most of these years and not been aware of it? If this had happened to another male I would think he would fight it, doing everything possible to escape a fate he felt was unfair and cruel. Here I was savoring the feelings, enjoying the clothes and planning how I can keep doing my job.

Pete was well behaved today, just holding me in his embrace. He slipped a piece of paper into my hand, telling me that it was his crop plans for this year. I thanked him then he spoke up again. “Are you and Melody a couple now? According to Melody she had a wonderful dinner with you and she is head over heels in love with you. I understand, but maybe before this love affair progresses any more you might allow me to have a dinner with you, to savor what I might have had a chance for, before it is taken away from me.”

I turned in his arms and kissed him on the lips. It lasted for quite some time, no tongues just a tender kiss between two people that like each other. “I think Melody has hopes higher than I am comfortable with right now. In fact most of my customers seem to be either in love with me or planning where we will live and how many children to have. All of this is new to me, I am still getting used to the clothes and the additions to my body. Let’s take things slowly, I would like to go to dinner with you, but as a close friend not a fiancé. At least not a fiancé yet. No don’t go there, give me and us some time to enjoy each other, to find out about each other and to get comfortable with each other. Before you say anything I am not taking about being comfortable with you in bed, so get that thought out of you head.”

“Pick when you want to have dinner, and call Ginger to let her know. She is handling all my dates and social requirements, also my beauty salon appointments. You know how it is, having to look attractive and pretty for all my admirers.”

“I would also appreciate that you not tell the whole state about our relationship, how many kisses we shared and when we are getting married. I have enough trouble dealing with all of this and don’t need more complications to an already complicated life. Now give me your best kiss and you need to get back to work, if we were to be married later in life, I will not be interested in someone who can’t afford to keep me fashionable dressed.” There was quite a smirk on his face as he leaned in and took my face in between his hands holding it firmly.

I received such a kiss, my knees almost failed to keep me standing, the tingling spreading all over my body. I swear I felt wetness between my legs, a physical impossibility. It must have been a least five minutes before he pulled back, snuck in another shorter one on the tip of my nose, then turned and ran back to his tractor jumping the ditch with ease. I just stood there, I had asked for the kiss, but what a kiss it turned out to be. He laid on the air horn as he drove off, the dust cloud following him as he started back to work. I let out a big sigh, this being a female is hard work.

I did manage to get everybody to back off some, even Melody. I made my rounds giving all of my admirers a chance to see the goods, and spend a little time with me. I still received a lot of kisses, but luckily very few on the lips. It isn’t that I did not want to be kissed there, it was more a matter of keeping the passion warm but not steamy hot.

I did spend some time with Jerry and his kids, taking the kids with me to a showing of children’s movie, then treating them to hamburgers and French fries. The place where we ate had a children’s play area which they adored. I even played with them on the swings and teeter totter something I haven’t experienced in years. They were beat when I got them home, Jerry and I getting them bathed and into bed. We sat on his porch and talked way into the evening, it was a comfortable discussion on what we both were looking forward to in life. Nothing was decided, just some pleasant conversation learning a little more about each other.

We did talk a little about his farming, his aging equipment beginning to show signs of breaking down. I strongly suggested that he visit the tractor dealer in town and buy some new equipment. Of course, he turned that down right away, having barely enough money for his crop expenses this year. I told him that I wanted to join in partnership with him, I would handle the expense of the equipment, but he had to buckle down and make this the best crop ever. I told him I would not take no for an answer, he needed to face reality and plan on how to provide for his children.

Be at the tractor dealer in the morning at eight AM and we will get things rolling. No reluctance on your part, those kids deserve all of this and more. Now give me a kiss, and do not tell everyone you meet that you did it. He did, it was such a sensual kiss tender and loving. As I hugged him and left he had tears running down his cheeks mouthing thank you to me over and over. I wiped the tears off with my hand, then kissed his wet cheek. I am sure there were some tears in my eyes, he is such a deserving person.

I signed for his new equipment then a paper showing us as partners in his farming venture. The partnership paper my idea. He started asking all kinds of question on what interest I was charging him and when he had to make a payment. You owe me dinner once a month and one day a week with you and I doing things with your kids. The rest we will discuss when the crop is sold and the money is in the bank. Think of your kids first and all of the other things will handle themselves. I got such a hug, a hug that he held for quite some time. He had to break the hug when the tractor salesman wanted to know when to deliver the equipment. I kissed him on the cheek, told him to get to work and I would see him in a day or two.

As I was driving to my next appointment I had this weird idea enter my mind. It made sense in a way, but I will have to see a lawyer as to the legality and possible problems attached to doing something this crazy. I made several stops during the day, managing to get to see my lawyer about four that afternoon. Kay was widely known in the area, level headed and skilled at getting things done to her client’s satisfaction.

I laid out my idea to her, I wanted to enter into partnership with several of the farmers. I wanted nothing to do with the ownership of their land, just an agreement between us as to their crops for the year. I would supply the seed, fertilizer and equipment as needed, they would supply the labor to get the crop to harvest. We would split the proceeds equally, mine to pay back the expenses and his for his labor and time. If it was a good year we would have quite a sizable sum left over, our profit.

I had three people in mind, my hunk, my female hunk and the daddy of my children. Already I was looking at the kids as my children. Kay suggested that she get them all in here, lay out the proposal and see what develops. Too many different scenarios that might develop to plan ahead. I had second and third thoughts as the day of the big meeting was approaching. Like a true female I had to have a salon appointment right before the meeting to make sure I looked my best. Due to me being held up at my last appointment I was the last to arrive. Her receptionist told me have a seat they were in discussion at the moment and I was not invited to be a part of it. I gave her a funny look, but she just smiled and told me to park it on the sofa. Shit even her receptionist was a lot like Kay.

I sat out there for over twenty minutes while no telling what was being discussed. I was getting ready to rush the door, it was my god damn idea I needed to be in the discussions. Kay showed up at exactly that moment, told me to follow her and keep my mouth shut until all is explained. That last part said very forcefully and firmly.

As I entered I was greeted by three smiling faces, but they remained in their seats and there was no attempt to show any affection towards me. Now I was unsure of how this might play out. Kay took her position behind her desk and started down a list that had been placed in front of her.

First on her list was where we would all live if all parties agreed to sign. Melody’s house was the largest and centrally located to each of the three farms, so that would be where all will reside.

Second on the list was time to be spent with each of the three parties. It has been decided that Melody, Pete and David will each get two days of your undivided attention. David’s kids getting the last day.

Third is the sleeping arrangements for your three spouses. On the scheduled day you will spend the night in that person’s bed, no excuses and no wavering from that task.

Fourth on the list is showing of affection around the others. When all are present if you kiss one you have to kiss the others in the same manner as the first. Hugs get the same rules.

Fifth on the list is your appearance on each scheduled day. If you are with one you will dress as he or she desires you to dress at all times. If for a group outing a consensus of opinion will be furnished on your appropriate attire.

Sixth and this is a big one to enter into the deal you have to relinquish all financial control to your spouses namely Melody, Pete and David. You will be able to handle the farming parts of the deal, seed fertilizer and equipment but personally you will have no funds that are solely yours. Essentially you will be a farmer’s wife, dependent on your spouses decision on what any money coming your way is spent on. That means you will no longer be employed in any way at any job other that what this agreement sets forth. Before you ask there is no wage for being a farmer’s wife.

Seventh is your duties as the farmer’s wife. You will provide for the care and maintenance of the house, handling any needs that your spouse’s desire and keeping then in clean clothes, tasty home cooked meals, including the shopping necessary for such a venture, among other things. That includes your children, if you sign David’s kids are yours to raise and take care of. Each of the spouses has agreed to allow you time to handle your motherly duties as necessary.

As far as the farming and crop part of the agreement the three have agreed to merge all of their property into joint ownership, that making the end result the largest farm in the state. The three will decide on the crop or crops for the year, and the timing of said crops. You will coordinate and furnish the rest, plus any cultural tips as needed. In the planning you will be like a farmer’s wife having no say so until the decision has been made, then expected to pitch in and make it work.

One last amendment to the agreement and it is a deal breaker, each and every day you will have and experience a two hour beauty salon appointment, necessary to keep you looks suitable for your spouses. To fit this into your schedule the appointments are at seven each morning. Since the base salon is quite a ways from here, a tech will come to your home each day to make sure there is nothing that would displease your spouses. Since Nora lives in the area she has been retained to be your personal stylist. Again any wish from your spouse’s beauty wise will be accommodated.

I have inserted a marriage agreement into the overall agreement. In a quick trip to Vegas you will be married to all three of your spouses. Not legally but still a marriage. The agreement pertaining to this marriage will be legally binding, and will apply to you now and in the future. You will then be a wife to all three parties, responsible to them for all of the above tasks and subject to their wishes and desires. Think this over carefully, this is for the rest of your life, no attorney will be able to extricate you from this scenario since you are surrendering all of your rights to them There will be no divorce attainable or granted, the marriage agreement for all time. In exchange they will take care of you, provide for you and see to your basal sexual needs. I will step out for a minute so that the three principals can state their reasons for such an agreement, then when you are ready to sign let me know and we will wrap this up. She got up and went to the office next door.

Melody came and set on my lap, while Pete and David each held on to one of my arms. I looked up at the three starting to say something, but was not sure what exactly to say. This is not what I had envisioned and definitely not what I would agree to. Her lips on mine stopped the protest and I quickly returned the kiss with vigor.

“When Kay first brought this up we all smiled. We have had a couple of conversations about you along these same lines. Now that the groundwork had been done we each went through our wishes for sharing you. We knew you wouldn’t just pick one of us and that would be it. So we talked and talked settling on a few things then Kay entered the picture and things got serious. We all feel that unless we put a load of restrictions on you, you will make this into a huge corporation, wheeling and dealing until you have control of most everything. To put it bluntly we are in love with you and want you to experience the loving and caring your three spouses can show you. We also want you to show your love for us in simple things a wife can do to show her love for her family. If you can share your love among us we are ready to sign. But one last warning, no business meetings, no last minute deals to save a few dollars, nothing but a lovely wife taking care of her three lovers for eternity.”

Along with your signing of the agreement Kay will take all of your credit cards, your driver’s license and any cash you have on you and confiscate them. Your significant others will see to your needs, your transportation and most importantly any sexual need you might have. Now one last kiss from each of us, then it will be time for you to decide on your future.”

Pete pulled me up grabbed both sides of my face and pulled me to him. He leaned in as his lips touched mine, passionately and aggressively. It lasted for quite some time as his tongue invaded my mouth while I was trying to take in enough breath to maintain life. As he pulled away my lips were following his wanting more of that kiss.

Then with no rest David grabbed me around the waist lifting me off the ground twirling me around making me squeal with delight. He placed me on my back on Kay’s desk pinning me there with his arms. His mouth approached as he gently kissed my eyes making me close them. The he moved down until he was kissing the tip of my nose, and finally getting to my mouth. He grabbed my lower lip and pulled on it while his tongue was moistening the target zone. Then an intense kiss as he pushed hard with his lips, my head forced back against the desk top unable to move it as his lips and tongue delved into my mouth with passion. I was almost to pass out, the intensity of the kiss robbing me of much needed oxygen. As he pulled away I was gasping for breath, my arms around his chest trying to stop his withdrawal.

I had my eyes closed hoping for some respite, when Melody touched my lips with her finger. She ran her finger over my lipsticked lips, every once in a while inserting it in my mouth. The she started on me her lips and tongue invading my ears, I had goose pimples on goose pimples as her tongue checked out every crevice and hole in that particular facial feature. Then a deep throbbing thrust into my mouth, her tongue I could feel at the back of my throat. In and out like a penis in a vagina, my moaning and groaning the only sounds in the room. She wrapped up her assault by wrapping her tongue around mine and trying to suck it from its happy home. At the end her lips were glued to mine as she tried to explore every tooth in my mouth. I lay there on the desk eyes closed and trying to process the last few delightful minutes.

Pete had gotten Kay, her look at me sprawled out on her desk made her giggle. “Somebody will have to pay for re-typing those papers, the amount of drool on them is ridiculous. So have we reached an agreement or do we have to have another session trying to convince the instigator in this scenario to sign on.”

I raised my hand. “If someone will help me up and give me a pen I will gladly sign, but then I am not sure what my name is right now. Maybe someone can help me with that too.”

I did sign, my ID and credit cards were confiscated and my car keys taken away. One of the documents I signed was a letter of resignation for my work. In less than twenty minutes I was just a farmer’s wife, waiting for my spouse to take me away, my stomach growling causing everybody to laugh. David spoke up we probably need to feed her first, you know how grouchy they get when they are hungry. I smiled as Melody punched him in the ribs. Of course David moaned and groaned acting like she had broken his rib. Pete was preparing a rebuttal till I pointed at him suggesting that he could pay for dinner tonight for all of us.

After everyone received copies of our agreements, Pete took one hand, David the other and Melody walking behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist. It took a couple of steps before we got in step, comical yes as we headed out of the office. I felt so treasured all of my spouses hanging on to a part of me. They had all arrived in Pete’s pickup, so that is how we left. Melody making a call to someone having my truck picked up.

As we got to his pickup the three gathered around each other and played rock, paper scissors as to who got to ride in the back with me. I bust out laughing until David threatened to put me in the pickup bed and let me ride back there by myself. I hesitated a little still a giggle or two escaping till Pete grabbed one arm, David the other and dragged me to the tailgate of the truck. They were going to throw me in the back, I pleaded with them even kissing them on the mouth to get them to relent. Of course, I was reminded of the agreement each of them to receive an equal kiss for the same amount of time. That necessitated several more kisses as they tried to agree on the amount of time in the kiss and how it was performed. I could see that I will be doing a lot of kissing in this scenario, I can’t honestly say I will object too much.

I did eventually get dinner, although at times it seemed doubtful. I found out they were playing with me, stretching everything out to force a situation where I had to kiss all of them and then into an argument so it had to be done all over again about the length of the kiss, who got more lip and if my tongue was fair to each of them in the amount of time spent in each of their mouths. Then after a nice dinner I was taken home, my home now. My kids came running out to greet me, the neighbor who had been watching them for David heading home.

David and I got them bathed, then dressed in pajamas and tucked into bed. Luckily they had been so wound up at getting a full time Mother they succumbed to sleep right away. Most of their things were here already, a large bedroom of Melody’s had been split giving the girls a separate room for themselves, a cute smaller room for the boy. David and I went back downstairs to meet the others.

Then they played the rock paper scissors game as to who would get me tonight. I stopped that right away, grabbing a hold of them with my hands and herding Melody a head of me to the biggest bedroom. I stood there peeling off my clothes leaving them in a pile on the floor. I looked at them, all of them sporting smiles on their faces as they took in my naked appearance. I cleared my throat, telling them to get out of their clothes now. I pulled Melody in the bed with me, as tight to my body as I could get her, then grabbed a hold of my two male lovers. David behind Melody and Pete behind me, I made them get closer three times until there was no room between any of the warm naked bodies on the bed. I pulled Pete’s and David’s arms over Melody and me, then wiggled a little getting comfortable between my lovers. I raised my head and kissed each of them on the lips, telling them how much I loved them, then closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. There was no need for blankets that night, the four of us quite cozy nestled together on the bed.

You would think with such an unusual arrangement we would be doomed trying to keep it going. We found out we were quite compatible with each other, sharing me seemed to not be a problem. During the day my three aspiring farmers had work to do, after getting my kids ready for school I had my salon appointment and then had to handle my wifely duties. On any given day I could be found grocery shopping, doing laundry, dishes or cleaning the house. Rather than look at it as drudgery, I really enjoyed it, taking care of my three spouses.

Then we have my nights, that alone making up for all I might have to endure during my life. Each night was a surprise, no one telling me anything until I was experiencing it. I got taken to movies, dancing, nice romantic meals and then six to eight hours of pure bliss. After a few weeks the male that was not with me cuddled up with Melody, the only bad times for the guys was when Melody was with me, and they were left alone with no one to cuddle. David handled that easily, the ever resourceful member of the group. He decided to get into car restoration and the two of them purchased a 57 Chevy that was straight stock. It needed a lot of tender loving care, the two guys providing that. Once that car was finished they bought a Corvette that was delivered in pieces.

They got so involved in working on the cars that I had to put my foot down, since I felt I was being ignored. Well the first time I did that out in their garage I was picked up, bound wrists and ankles and tied to the hood ornament on the car. They took turns polishing the ornament all night long, my nipples getting quite a workout. Melody came to see what all the yelling and screaming was about, took one look and broke out in laughter. She found a clean polishing rag and crammed in into my mouth, telling me that I was going to wake the kids. I eventually was taken into the house Pete getting my front end and David bring up my feet, Melody to be not out done had one arm around my waist her fingers inside my panties seeing what they could find. I was deposited on the kitchen table as they wrote down on a piece of paper what I had to do to make everything equal and fair to the others. Let’s just say I was late getting to bed that evening. I doubt I will be putting my foot down much in the future.

After the last of the crops were harvested that year we all sat down and discussed how we did and what improvements we could make. I was shown the figures on what they made after selling the crop, astounded at what they managed to get for the crop. Then they discussed my end of it including the equipment purchases, and the deals on the seed and fertilizer. In my new status as a farmer’s wife I was allowed to put the deals together, but then I was excluded from any more information or details. I was shown one last piece of paper, a summary of the year‘s finances. My eyes almost bugged out at the figures.

The money that I had before the agreement had been invested for me, the proceeds paying off all of the equipment I had co-signed for, plus a lot more. The place I used to work for now was in my name, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarissa Inc. Then we have the fertilizer supplier in the area, another one of my assets apparently. I soon found out that David was the mastermind here, putting all of this together with apparent ease.

Melody along with Pete had been busy too, buying up another five hundred plus or minus acres near their existing acreage. All of it now under the banner of Clarissa Inc. Pete saw my expression and wagged his finger at me. Don’t be getting a big head, we used your name but you only own twenty-five percent of Clarissa Inc. I doubt you will be let out of the house anytime soon, since we are doing so well each of us has hired some help, your loving horny spouses will be around more during the day to make sure you are kept satisfied and busy.

I had such a smile on my face, thinking of many trysts to come, many hours being held, hugged, kissed and fondled. All of this started with some curls, such wonderful gurl curls.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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