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How I got into this beauty blog business is really a study in coincidence. I had been enrolled in beauty school, thinking that a career as a cosmetologist, was my ticket to fame and fortune. Picturing myself as a hairdresser to some Hollywood starlet, owning my own salon and never worrying about money. I never made it past the cosmetics portion of the schooling. I was alright at it, but far from a natural. Several of the other male students were better, even helping some of the female students with their makeup quite often.

I have been a member of the male sex for as long as I can remember, translation, I was born male. Reasonably handsome, mirrors don’t shatter when I look at my image in them, and a typical young male physique. Five foot nine, one hundred forty pounds, longish hair, a dirty blonde in color and a face that fits nicely between the genders. A lack of a square jaw, cheekbones not prominent, and a nondescript nose made me favor neither one gender nor the other.

I could picture myself as a hair stylist, maybe it was more of a dream than an actual possibility. It is something I had strived for, but recently it looked like my dream would never come true. I guess the main reason why I dropped out is the instructor. He is highly talented, a well-known hairstylist for several actresses in TV and Hollywood years ago, but also very opinionated. We never got along, even day one of the course he is separating me out from the rest of the students. When he needed a model for something he was instructing he would choose me, quite often I would be subjected to frequent very feminine hairstyles or extreme makeup. Simply stated he wanted me out of the school.

The other students would not kid me as much as he did, but it still made me feel left out, not a member of the group. A couple of times I was left with pencil thin brows or curly hair that took quite some time to return to a more normal male appearance. One day I decided I had enough, and walked out, rather than spending any more money on the course. I guess I could have went to a different school, but knew that where you graduated from greatly influenced how you obtained employment in the field.

After a few weeks, searching for an alternative, I decided to try something in the computer field, ending up taking an eight week course in running a blog for profit. It was offered at a community college, fairly inexpensive and maybe a fun course. The lady professor was a blast, challenging us from day one. We had to pick what we were going to blog about, since I had been a beauty school dropout, I decided to do a blog about makeup and cosmetics. I got a raised eyebrow look from her when I stated my choice of blog topics, but after the third class, she seemed to think I might have a chance with my choice.

We met three times a week for four hours, most of it very practical instruction. She had us get a blogger account, set up the blog, and start daily posting as if we were doing it as a living. We learned as we did the daily posts, how to insert pictures, how to make the comment sections work for us, and how to write interesting posts that would capture attention.

I noticed that I was getting a few visits, each day a few more. The instructor suggested some pictures to back up my postings. I scanned several of the free picture sites looking for something that would work. No luck there. When one of my classmates and I were discussing it she suggested that I do my own makeup, come into class that way and she would take some pictures of me that way. She was a photography major and had the equipment and cameras necessary to take some professional pictures. We told the instructor our idea, she thought it was great and scheduled a special class about taking pictures and their use in a blog.

I practiced for several days trying to get the makeup just right. I had quite a bit left from the cosmetology course, so having something to work with is not a problem. I had decided after the first week with the blog, to be honest in my approach. I was male who often wore makeup, sometimes dressed as a female and often dressed as a male. I don’t use the makeup to attract partners for sex or anything else. It is just me and what I enjoy.

The day of the pictures came, Juliette got some terrific pics, and we posted some of them right to my blog. I had written a post describing the steps in applying the makeup, and had it saved as a draft. I brought up the draft added the pictures and posted it to my blog. During the rest of the class we discussed other uses of the pictures, then adjourned. I checked my laptop before leaving the class, and set down hard in one of the classroom desks. Juliette stared at me for a few seconds then walked over to look over my shoulder at my screen.

It took her a few minutes to find what held my interest, then yelled for the teacher. Jenn came up, took a look at the screen and smiled. “Well, Claire I think your blog just went viral. I suggest you start planning your next posts, that way you can take advantage of the traffic to get more followers.” I looked at the screen again, the stats chart now showing eight thousand visitors for today. When I looked at the audience the world map was almost all colored in, only a few countries in Southeast Asia and Africa were nor represented.

I just sat there, three separate pictures and now I have people from all over the world following what I say and do. I flipped back to the blog, to look at the pictures that caused it all. Except for the hair I looked like a runway model, a female runway model, maybe a little heavier makeup than for day use but still quite attractive. Taking the hair into consideration most would be able to see that I was male, although a very pretty one. I was flabbergasted, the blog I had been working on actually turning into something good.

I took the pictures that Juliette had taken and isolated the eyes, the mouth, the eyebrows, to make separate posts on those subjects. The web traffic slacked off some, but still in the thousands. I described how to get that look easily and the products I used. I had a couple of other ideas, but would need Juliette to take more pictures of me.

Two days later I received an email from one of the cosmetic manufactures wanting to know if I would take some advertising on my website. I told them it was in the works, just nothing yet in print for me to send them. I asked Jenn at the next class, she handing me some suggested rates for ads from newer upstart blogs. “Since you have such a following already, you might hike those prices some, plus ask for sample cosmetics, so that you can try them out and do an online evaluation for the blog.”

I sent them an email, and within an hour I had response from them. Two ads to start with, both ads attached to the email I just received. They just needed an address to send payment and also my cosmetics. I sat there totally numb to the world, they not only accepted the higher rates, for the ads, but are going to send me free cosmetics. I did pinch myself, just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. It really hurt, so I presume that this is not a dream.

Juliette was eager to take more pictures, her only request was that she be able to use a couple of the pictures at her next gallery presentation. We agreed on a weekend, so there would be more time to go through the different makeup styles that I wanted to cover. When she came over I had to help her with all of her equipment. Lots of lights and some reflectors, plus several cameras and her laptop. She used digital cameras, uploading the discs to her laptop.

I had most everything set up, so I started doing my first face. When I first signed up for the beauty school I had bought a vanity with a lighted mirror planning to use it as I practiced for the class. She took pictures all during the application of the makeup, then lots more at the finished face. This went on for several hours as I did daytime makeup, evening makeup and even makeup for stage or TV. We called a break at one o’clock, ordered a pizza and consumed some diet coke for a beverage.

She wanted to do a video of an entire makeup application. A picture could be not used if it was bad or out of focus, but video is another thing entirely. I was nervous about it but she assured me she could edit out any mistakes or errors. She did, however, want to do it with sound, so we practiced some without the camera running.

My voice was somewhere in between the two genders, so when I had my makeup completed they saw and heard a female. Juliette got me to vary my voice a little, up and down as I made a point or pointed out something that was essential to a good makeup job.

I somehow got enough confidence to start the video, me doing the makeup and explaining what I was doing. She had three cameras running during the video, so she would check each one often to make sure I was centered in the picture. It was her idea to choose one of the three different angles that would best highlight what I was doing. I gradually lost my nervousness as the video progressed, I joked a little, blinked my long mascara laden eyelashes often, even made like a kiss a time or two. As I got into the video more, I noticed my voice naturally raising, now definitely in the female range. After the video it stayed there, not falling back into its normal range. When it was finished she sat at the kitchen table and edited the video. Then we posted it to YouTube, linking from the blog to the video.

We sat there talking about our blogs, about why I was doing makeup and if I dressed as a female too. I told her I haven’t dressed, the makeup just because I had the recent training in cosmetology, maybe a way to take some advantage of the tuition that I had paid for the course. Funny, in cosmetology school, I barely completed the assignments, but here I am doing a beauty blog and is attracting attention from all over the world. She suggested we try a few shots with me in female clothing.

I told her I had none, she looked at me for a minute or two, then told me to strip. As I was reluctantly taking off my shirt she was undressing right in front of me. She did turn away from me as she removed her panties, then asked for my shorts in return. I exchanged the items, her panties warm and slightly damp. I hurried getting them up my legs, not wanting her to see me naked. Soon all the rest of her clothes made it on my body, her just staring at me. “Gawd I wish I looked that good in those clothes.”

She immediately grabbed her camera, and took a zillion pictures of me from every angle she could figure out. It was comical to watch her take a picture, then fuss with my clothes, since they were obviously irritating her. How do you stand these things, rough, itchy and well icky? Her breasts were straining to pop out of my shirt, without a bra, they looked a lot bigger than with one. When she had to reach inside my jeans to unwedge a part of my boxers from her crack I finally lost it. Well that was an excuse for an all-out assault on me, feeling me up, and popping my bra straps just a couple of her attempts to get me back.

As we undressed again to change back I watched her eyes settle on my groin. Most of the time there is not much there, I have to be really stimulated for it to amount to much. That did not happen often unfortunately. I have always been aware of my smallish appendage, it being pointed out to me all through high school. Every PE class another lesson in humiliation for me. Since we had open showers, there was no place to hide or even minimize the view. After a while the comments were less obtrusive, but still humiliating to me.

The most often comment was do I want to date one of them, they had never dated a female with such a large clit. About that time the name I was called changed, Clark now becoming Claire to my fellow classmates and soon to the rest of my high school class. In fact, it got so ingrained at the time of my high school graduation I was called Claire when the diplomas were handed out. That was such a shock, one that would stay with me for several years. Then when I looked at the actual diploma Claire Walker was the name printed on it.

I didn’t fight it, for the rest of my schooling I used the name Claire. Usually it was just a smirk, or cute name when I was introduced, then after that no more mention of my obviously female name. That might have been some of the problem with the cosmetology instructor, he did visibly react at the first class when he called my name and I stood up.

Life was about to become bizarre, the video took off like a rocket, then the blog suddenly had lots of new visitors as they visited after seeing the video. It was unreal, here I was a single male that had a viral video and blog about applying and wearing makeup. Juliette was a driving force, as soon as she saw what was happening she decided we need to shop for me. It was talked about for a couple of hours, then a quick trip out to some thrift stores, before it was time to go to our class.

The quick trip turned out to be almost four hours long, we just barely made it to class on time. Now faced with being late for class might have caused some concern on my part, but how I ended up attending class was far more of a concern. At the last shop we hit, Juliette found a huge pile of freshly donated female clothes all in my size. She was selective I guess, but we ended up buying all but three of the items, ten bags full of female clothes for Claire. I wore the last outfit I tried on, thinking we were going to stop at my place to change. Instead Juliette drove right to the school and dragged me inside. I still had on the makeup from the video, probably the reason I was not hassled at the store when I tried on some of the clothes.

As we walked in, sudden silence. Everybody’s eyes riveted to the new Claire. Juliette introduce me again, telling everyone this is my new look, so get used to it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was out there before I could say a word. Jenn walked up, carefully scrutinized me, and then hugged me. “Very pretty, Claire, it suits you.”

No other mention was made about how I was dressed, but several fellow students told me after class that I looked much prettier dressed in female clothes. For this particular day we had to report on our blog, traffic, comments and if we had gained any financial support. Of all the students I was far in the lead on all accounts.

Several of the students approached me after class asking for help in getting there blogs jump started. Jenn suggested that we exchange a post with each other, thereby getting some exposure to new readers. We would treat it like a guest post, like what my friend is doing now. It worked their blogs getting more hits and new visitors for mine.

I started writing reviews on the free cosmetics I had received, the company that supplied them so pleased that I got more ads to run in my blog. Several more suppliers approached me, wanting to do a couple of ads with me too. I made sure that there was no competing products, not wanting to piss off my present advertisers. Now I was starting to show a profit, not enough to get rich with, but more than enough to handle my basic expenses, rent, food, and utilities.

I was trying to figure out what topics I should cover next when I received several emails from male readers asking for help with makeup for them. They all wore makeup often, but never as good as what mine was. I asked them to send a picture, that way I could advise them on specific things to help them out. Well the next few weeks was like an avalanche. The three males I had originally asking for help turned into fifty-three, each one I helped referring me to others. My advertisers saw what was happening, deciding to introduce a line of cosmetics for Gurls, a male that is portraying a female.

It only took them three weeks to get the line produced, my ten ads morphed to twenty-five and my readership went off the charts. It was decided to market the line only through my blog, I agreed, not realizing what that would do to my readership and my financial status. I was getting around ten thousand hits a day, a few days that amount nearly doubled. Juliette decided to help out, processing orders and helping me pack for shipping. I split the profit with her, for which I received many kisses and hugs. She still did her photography, but confined that to the evenings and weekends.

The class had ended several weeks ago, Jenn wanting me to help with her next class, for which I would get paid by the community college. She already had more students signed up than before, a fact that she was very excited about.

I am not really sure how I ended up dressing as a female full time, but the clothes seemed to be more comfortable and Juliette liked me dressed as her girly gurl. When I realized I was no longer wearing any of my male clothes, I decided to pack up what I was not using. Juliette did me one better and hauled them all to Goodwill. Not my intention, but I only found out what she had done when she returned giving me the donation slip so that I could take it off my taxes. I started to say something but her smirk and giggling convinced me to hold back. This was what she wanted and I was not going to deny her.

A couple of weeks later I was getting dressed in the morning and I was trying to find an outfit for the day. No shopping or time away from the house today, something casual and comfortable will do nice. As I opened the closet doors I noticed that the closet was full, maybe room for an outfit or two but that would be all that would fit. Just three weeks ago it was less than half full of female items once my male clothes had been purged.

I stood there and stared, the female side of Claire had totally taken over my life. Then with a shrug of my shoulders I turned and sat at my vanity. It also was covered in different cosmetics, the top of the vanity almost full, that not counting what was in the drawers. Yep, Claire and the beauty blog is firmly in control, a smile now appearing on my face. My face that is totally feminine, reflecting back from the mirror, a pretty face I might add.

Story Complete For Now

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