Babette; Hiding In Plain Sight

It was during my fourth period English class when the principal’s secretary entered the classroom and talked to the teacher. I was summoned to go with her, immediately I wondered what I had done wrong, my guilty conscious really getting to me. In the principal’s office I met another lady who looked vaguely familiar. She hugged me while putting her finger to my lips. It was Lizabeth, a friend of Dad’s from a few years ago. Although still recognizable she looked so much different than the last time I saw her. Her long hair the first difference, the light blonde hair color and the makeup adding to the differences. In my previous encounters with her she hardly wore any makeup, possessing a head of brunette hair. Now she looked like she had just stepped off the runway.

“Your Mom got held up in traffic, I am here to take you to your Doctor’s appointment. They called your Mom earlier, wanting to see you right away, something to do with the blood tests they took last week.” She shook hands with the principal thanked him and we were on our way. Her fingers brushing my lips, telling me to keep quiet until we were alone. I wonder what dear old Dad did this time to necessitate the cloak and dagger routine. She pointed to an empty desk as we left, so I put my books there, now I knew it was serious, I will most likely not be back to this school ever.

Once in the car she remained quiet, driving down the street to a gas station where she stopped, parking to the side and went in to get something to drink. She pointed to a bag mouthed get changed, look for bugs and left me. I grabbed the bag, went into the restroom, locked the door and changed outfits. I was surprised to find panties and a dress. Not what I was expecting, but knew better than to protest. It did make me wonder though at what lay ahead for me.

As I removed my clothes I felt the seams and any material thicker than one layer on my clothes that I was taking off. Since Lizabeth was here to take me away I checked for tracking devices or any other planted bugs. Sure enough I found a tracking device in the shoulder seam of the sweat shirt I was wearing. I took the shirt, bundled it up some and stuffed it in a box then set it by the door. The rest of my clothes went into the garbage can, along with my sneakers and socks. I buried them deep in the pile of garbage, it would take someone quite determined to find the clothes.

I slipped the panties on, then the dress. I got some delightful shivers as the dress slid down my body. The dress was a simple shift dress, but made from some silky material. A perfect fit, it hugged my chest and hips and tapered slightly at my waist. I released the scrunchie on my ponytail finger combing my hair until it was spread out over my shoulders, the scrunchie going on my wrist. The shoes in the bag were a pair of flip flops, although very feminine as they were adorned with flowers. So on they went, then I unlocked the door and exited. I took the box with me finding a pickup truck parked nearby and placed the box in the back. Whoever was trying to keep track of me might be in for quite a lengthy trip.

I walked back to the car but saw it parked to the side of the station. As I walked that way another car pulled up and lowered the passenger side window. It was Lizabeth so I quickly entered the car and she drove off, back in the direction we came from.

She asked if I had found any bugs in the restroom, I smiled and pointed to the truck that was leaving the station now, heading away from us. She explained the first car she had borrowed for half an hour from a friend, this one is hers. We drove about a mile then entered a Wally World parking lot. She parked way away from the store and filled me in on what had happened.

Dad is an independent contractor, doing various jobs for some governmental agencies or very large corporations. In plain terms spying on people or other companies to get information the parties would rather stayed private. He was good at his job, never lacking any number of job offers, the only problem was selecting ones that paid well and he could walk away from afterward. Ones regarding the drug trade were especially dangerous, those people were not above murdering someone to keep their business profitable and secure.

At some point in time Lizabeth was paired with him and they became friends. When her daughter got older she retired from the business, preferring to be a full time Mother to her daughter. On several occasions when Dad miscalculated in his choice of jobs she appeared and withdrew me from the equation till things calmed down. Today, just one more instance. Dad and I have moved many times, in fact I lost count when we approached twenty. New house, new school and new friends were not foreign to me, almost an everyday occurrence. Then we have the many varied names I have gone by over the years. It is real hard to remember your current name when you have used more than one during the last few months. I ended up writing the current name on my notebook, when role was called I always looked at my notebook before answering.

Lizabeth caught me mid-thought wanting me to listen to her carefully. Dad’s latest assignment turned out to be a fake, some people who wanted to eliminate him had set up the fake assignment, hoping he would choose this particular job. Once he showed up, they gave him fake information to pursue, acting on what they gave him Dad found himself in a strange house, his avenues of escape non-existent. Due to his considerable expertise he slipped through an air conditioning vent to an outside exit, then vanished. A short while later while he was still in the area he heard a loud explosion, the house he was in now reduced to rubble. He made tracks, hoping no one would see him, but instead presume he was killed in the explosion.

He slipped out of the country, to another friend’s house in Europe and is held up there till he can ascertain if they think he is dead before he does anything further. He did not want to come home, in case he was being followed. He is presuming that there is a watch out for me, the same people not wanting to leave any loose ends. Maybe I have been told some of what he has done, so to find me and eliminate me is the preferred means of handling a potential problem. Lizabeth thinks the bug was planted by one of my school friends, in exchange for some small favor from persons unknown, probably during a PE class.

“So daughter of mine, what would you like for dinner, we can pick up some takeout, then head home to share it with Cynthia.” The daughter of mine delivered with quite a smirk on her face. I let out a huge sigh, oh to be a daughter to Lizabeth for real what a treat. “She will be glad to see you again, especially dressed the way you are now.”

I groaned, but knew it was for the best. I wonder how long it will be this time before I can see Dad again, the last time we had to be split up it was almost six months before we were reunited. A very long six months for me. Again I was with Lizabeth, she was like a mom to me treating me as a son with me never wanting anything except her love. I got that in spades.

When we pulled up to a Chinese place Lizabeth gave me money to go in and get the food, a bigger grin I seldom have seen on her face. I decided to be the dutiful daughter and get Mom, Cynthia and I our dinner. I was waited on, remembering the choices that everybody liked in their Chinese food. It isn’t that we have not lived together before, so remembering what everyone liked was not hard. Back to the car, laying the food on the seat and then smoothing my skirt and sliding my butt into the car. I got a look from Lizabeth, for which I stuck out my tongue in response, then I started giggling.

At the door to their house I was attacked by Cynthia, wanting to see what I was wearing then hugged like I had been gone for years. With two teenagers the food didn’t last long, to hell with feminine diets. Cynthia wanted me in her bedroom to catch up on our lives, Lizabeth wanted me with her as we decide what to do to keep me out of sight. Needless to say Lizabeth won the discussion this time.

Cynthia wanted to stay and listen, but to do so she had to promise to keep her mouth shut, something very hard for a teenage girl. As things were discussed I could see her mouth twitching, then when we got to my possible choices for disguise, it was more of a matter of controlling the giggling. Finally Lizabeth had enough of her antics, so sent her to her room, I would be available to be interrogated after a decision had been made. Of course, on the way out the door Cynthia pouted like she had been treated so wrong.

Once Lizabeth and I were alone she asked about my Spanish. Right then I knew another move was in the works, this time south of the border. I did well in Spanish, maybe needing to spend a little time using it every day, to iron out any problems. It was decided we would speak it exclusively around the house, until it was time to move. Lizabeth wanted me to keep quiet about the move to Cynthia until we were getting packed. She is not as clued in as to possible scenarios as I was, and Lizabeth wanted to keep it that way. I presumed Lizabeth and daughter was going to be moving in with us, or us with them, a fact that I was quite pleased with. I always thought Dad and her had something between them, Dad just never allowing anything to develop because of the risk in his job. Maybe Dad is going to quit, I myself would love to have a full time parent of either sex, a wish of mine for years, but to have two parents again, be still my heart.

Lizabeth showed me a website, a beauty salon business showing all the things that they could do to make a male look like a female in looks and actions. Since it is not involved with the government but out there for public use, a confirmation that Dad is leaving the system behind, everything done sans agencies and connections. I asked her when my appointment is for, and if a name has been thought of for her new daughter, me. A huge smile and then Babette is whispered. I said it aloud, it had a nice ring to it, I could see myself being a Babette, yep I like it.

It turns out my appointment is the next morning at the unheard of hour of seven o’clock. I got to talk to Cynthia a little, but was scooted off to bed knowing that I would have to be up early. Cynthia had school tomorrow, apparently I would not be enrolled since we would be moving soon. Lizabeth did inform me it would just be the three of us, Dad will not show up for quite some time. She had managed to transfer to her company’s branch in Mexico, they were desperately in need of someone with her talents.

Lizabeth was always a decision maker, studying the details quickly then making the appropriate decision when needed. The manager of that branch had screwed up things badly, so she was being sent down to straighten it all out. That was why it was decided to move south of the border, a convenient opening that would handle keeping things low key and allowing me to disappear for a while. If everything settled down some, Dad could join us easily not having to re-enter the states to do so.

I laid in my bed that night reflecting on the day’s activities, it was certainly a day to remember. I hoped Dad might be getting out of the business, although these little disruptions added to the excitement of life, I could certainly deal with a little less disruption. I wonder if I will even be put back in school, I am old enough to not have to go, usually the fact of me attending school just to give me something to do and keep me among others and not isolated. I just celebrated a birthday a month ago, officially eighteen years of age. Cynthia is a year behind me at the age of seventeen.

The last time I was with Lizabeth during one of Dad’s disappearing acts Cynthia and I spent our sophomore year in high school together. I was my male self that time, but was sporting bleached hair and colored contacts. The threat then was just for Dad, no mention of him having a family was ever brought up.

Life with Dad was unusual, I cared for myself, did the cooking, shopping including maintaining the residence we were staying in. On an average week I got to see him maybe three times, almost never overnight. I know Dad did a lot of that for my safety, what other people did not know couldn’t be used against him or me. I loved him, but grew accustomed to only little signs of affection from him. Maybe this time it will be different. Sometime during my introspection my mind conked out, Lizabeth shaking me awake bought me back to the present situation.

She ferried me to the salon, then went in with me. I was give this huge stack of forms to go over then sign. I scanned them, then raised an eyebrow or two toward Lizabeth. I wonder if this is Dad’s idea, or if it is Lizabeth wanting another daughter. Either way I was ready to give it a try, Lizabeth has been so good to me over the years, treating me just like I was her child. Since my true Mom died during childbirth, it was really nice to have a Mom for a while, even if it is a pretend Mom and not under the best of circumstances.

I got a hug and kiss from my new Mom, then she left giggling as she exited the salon. Did I mention that Lizabeth is wicked in her dealings with other people, always getting what she wants in the end? When I had signed the last form required, another lady entered the room. She talked to me for quite a while, part way through the conversation I figured she knew a lot more than I first suspected, so was on guard waiting for the other shoe to drop. It turns out her and Lizabeth had been friends for years, in fact when Lizabeth quit the spy game this lady helped make some changes in her and her daughter’s looks to throw off any interested parties. Lizabeth’s first job was with her till she could make some other contacts and eventually find the job she is currently involved with.

The lady wanted to be sure I knew what was going to be done to me today, and that I didn’t have any hesitation on going this route. I still had the forms in front of me, I paged through them looking for one specific one that I wanted to change. On each form other similar options were listed along with the one that I would be receiving. I removed the page from the stack and took the pen and changed the option that had been chosen for me. I pushed it back towards her, then told her I wanted this option instead of the other. She raised an eyebrow, but then started explaining that it was long term. I interrupted her putting my hand on hers. “Yes I know it is almost permanent, that is one reason why I want it. I now have a Mom and with a lot of luck possibly a Dad. If a family situation evolves from this I will be eternally grateful to the gods. My new Mom has rescued me more than a few times, maybe doing this will show her how much I appreciate the time and effort she has invested in me. Besides she has a daughter that desperately needs a sister to confide in, to love and to share life with. Please I want this so bad, make it happen.”

I got a nod, she gathered up the forms spoke to the technicians entering the room then winked at me heading back to her office. One of the girls that would be doing the work turned and left, re-appearing with a large machine behind her. It was put to the side as my body hair was removed, both front and back. I never was very hairy, more peach fuss, then body hair. Now I had neither.

The machine was moved next to the table I was laying on and two good sized cups were glued to my chest right above the nipples. Liquid was inserted into the cups from a syringe, then hoses were attached, a switch was thrown and my skin and surrounding tissue was gently pulled into the cup. It was a gradual pull, but the sucked in tissue was never allowed to fall back to its original location. After a little while when I was just getting used to the suction the pump started to pulsate, pulling hard on the skin dragging more of it into the cup. When the pump was not sucking the tissue remained there, the vacuum not releasing the tissue holding what was sucked into the cup securely.

My attention was suddenly focused elsewhere as my feet were put into stirrups and then spread wide. It took me a moment to figure out what was next, my male organ was to be hid, I guess Lizabeth will have her daughter now, there certainly will not be anything looking like a male around anymore. On the forms that I had signed it had been listed as receiving a vulva, a term that I was not familiar with. It took her about an hour to make the change, my male organ glued to my groin and a very realistic vagina (vulva) glued over the top. Looking down between my breast cups I saw nothing but a cute slit, surrounded by two almost perfect lips. They looked slightly swollen, like they had just recently been invaded by some male’s exploratory device. That thought was quickly put aside, something to be concerned with later, my mind not ready for that avenue of thought yet.

The techs moved to my nails, both fingernails and toenails. I was apparently going to be a lady of leisure, extensions that extended a half an inch past my fingertips would not allow me to do much with my hands. Many coats of polish were added, now I sported twenty bright red digits, shiny and very noticeable. The machine and I were moved to a stylist chair, where my hair was washed and conditioned. The machine working on my chest was relentless in its sucking, I am sure I will have quite a rack before it is turned off.

A feminine style was cut into my long locks, then curlers were added, apparently I will be high maintenance. Good, I can make salon appointments to have my hair done. That is if where we are moving to is not out in the countryside. I hope with Lizabeth’s job working for her company, she will be located in one of the major cities. One that might have salons for me to use. My hair was dried underneath a warm dryer, then the curlers were removed and the style brushed out. It was very feminine, I guess I could learn to duplicate it, but having my hair done weekly sounded so much better.

My makeup was done next right after they pierced my ears, two new holes in each ear. I noticed they were very careful where the makeup was applied, making me wonder if the makeup was semi-permanent in nature. A female friend had semi-permanent makeup done once, she looked good, and it was so much less work to maintain. Essentially just some lip gloss and maybe mascara if the eyes lashes needed darkening was all she had to do to look good.

I did notice Lizabeth come into the salon to pick me up, but I was still hooked up to the breast machine. I got a stare from her, a Mom’s you are in so much trouble stare. She went to talk to her friend, then returned later when the machine was being unhooked from my new boobs. In her hands she had a handful of clothes, presumably for me to wear. She helped me into the bra after getting a too brief pair of panties up to my new smooth groin. The single strap wedging itself in my rear crack quite deeply. The bra was very flimsy, mainly some lace with a few straps to go over my shoulders and around my chest. With the size of my new endowments there was extraneous tissue spilling out everywhere. I gave her a quizzical look, but she just smiled, you picked this option live with it.

The dress I was given was just as brief, very lightweight and almost see through. My lacey bra could easily be seen through the fabric, not distinctly, but there would be no doubt that I was wearing one under the dress. The bra did nothing to minimize the size of my new boobs, so they were pushing the neckline out way more than I would feel comfortable with normally. I think Mom was having her fun with me, so I gulped down any comments I might have had and stood proud, my chest jutting out that much more. Lizabeth saw my reaction and I got a huge hug, actually several of them and she paid my bill and we left.

Nothing was said on the trip home, Cynthia still at school for an hour before she would be able to see the new me. Lizabeth took me to my room and helped me undress, she wanted to see what I had done to my chest, handling each breast carefully and tenderly. She reminded me that they were there for the long term, not something I could change on a whim. I carefully slid up to her and grasped her in a powerful hug, leaning my head on her shoulder. “Mom why would I want to change my breasts, they are a reminder of me being your daughter. If I must remind you a loving and caring daughter that is so proud you are my Mommy.” With tears flowing from both of us we hugged for quite some time. The front door slamming alerting us to the fact that Cynthia was home. I dressed quickly while Lizabeth went to delay the sister express for a few minutes.

I indeed was examined closely by Cynthia, squealing and jumping up and down often as she did so. I did get a serious look from her when she touched my breast and I flinched a little from the contact. Luckily Lizabeth called us to help fix dinner and that is all that was said by either of us for the time being. A lengthy interrogation session was sure to follow once dinner was over. Dinner was potato salad and burgers, but without the bun. They were cooked under the broiler, smothered with onions and peppers and then basted with barbecue Sauce. The bun was left off to ease the calorie intake for three females, although I had just started dressing as a female, the clothes I had been given to wear had very little slack in them for future expansion.

The interrogation was lengthy, Cynthia wanting to know all about the additions to my body. She snuck in a couple of gropes, making sure that what stuck out was real and not something that was glued on. Then she pouted because my breasts were larger than hers.

Lizabeth came into my room later, sat down on the side of the bed and told me there would be another change of plans. At her workplace there were several inquiries about her and her family, a co-worker calling and telling her about the inquiries. Since somebody was looking into where she worked and asking about family, she presumed it was not good. So tomorrow we will pack and slip out of town, not sure where yet, but I need you to be calm and keep your wits during the day. After we get out of town, I will fill Cynthia in on what is going on, so I am sure some sisterly support might be necessary later in the day.

I did not have much to pack, being new to the female gender, but Lizabeth packed some things of hers, then moved some other cases she kept in the garage into her car. It was just like Lizabeth, no matter the situation always prepared for the unexpected.

The idea was to send Cynthia to school, then finish up around the house. After all was handled swing by the school and pick up Cynthia. Lizabeth made sure all personal things were either packed or disposed of. Then she set a trap on the front and back doors, if anybody broke in she would be notified on her burner phone, confirming that someone was after them. The trap also would release a dye on anyone who entered, one that would stay visible for months and would not wash off.

We did pick up Cynthia, she had left everything in her desk when summoned, then as she sat in the car, asked her Mom if she was going to finally level with her. Then she surprised her Mother by filling in a lot of blanks that Lizabeth thought she knew nothing about. The practical teenager did appear briefly asking her Mother if she packed her favorite skirt and her beige heels. Liz giggled yes daughter dear I packed both.

“So if we aren’t going to Mexico where are we headed Mom? I saw where you were browsing on the internet yesterday about the Pacific Northwest. Personally I vote for Vancouver, same weather and out of the country, making it easier for Babs Dad to connect with us.” I had my mouth open in awe, then looked to Lizabeth to see her mouth in the same position as mine. Well so much for filling in the daughter about what was going on, she apparently knew as much as anybody, ready, eager and energized to delve into this head first.

It was about two hours into the trip that Liz’s phone rang, she picked up the burner phone, looked at the messages and then had me take out the sim card and battery. They had indeed broke into the house, now Liz knew for sure someone was very interested in her whereabouts, also most likely coated in a bright yellow dye. According to Liz after the alarm is tripped the dye package explodes sending dye in every direction even penetrating clothes. We talked as we put quite a bit of distance between us and whoever was pursuing us. At the next rest stop Liz stopped, telling me to leave the phone in the garbage and flush the sim card down the toilet. When Cynthia and I returned to the car Liz had just made a sweep of the car looking for tracking devices. She had found something suspicious and attached it to a wheel of a car heading in the opposite direction.

We did stop at a restaurant for nourishment, then continued in our journey. When we pulled into a salon with a name similar to the one I had went to, I knew it was time to change our looks to something entirely different. Since very few people had seen me in public, my changes were minimal, but after they were worked on I hardly recognized Cynthia or Liz.

My hair was washed, conditioned, and then set in curlers. The curlers were huge, my style I presume was to be lots of soft curls. A stint under the hair dryer, then the style brushed out. Yep, lots of soft curls, a perfect match for the brighter makeup that was applied. Now the rose blush on my cheeks and the bright pink lipstick were more noticeable. I was finished before Cynthia and Liz, spending the time looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I was new to all of this, but somehow it didn’t seem foreign or wrong. Even though I had opted for the more permanent breasts, they never seemed foreign to this body. It was like I had always had them, progressing through puberty as they grew and became a part of me. Even makeup seemed to just be a basic essential that I needed to look my best as a girl.

For a male these were very difficult concepts to embrace. To have breasts, full and weighty attached to your chest suddenly making their presence known to any person looking at me, a definite unusual experience for a male. The fact that the nipple would respond to all kinds of stimulation also unnerving and embarrassing. So a bra was then necessary to not only support the breasts but also to minimize the swollen nipple when excited. I found it impossible to predict when my erstwhile nipples decided to make themselves known, it was always at an inconvenient time and place.

Cynthia only had her hair color changed, then a permanent to change her straight hairstyle to a mass of curls. It did change her appearance quite a bit though, making her look a little older. A fact that I am sure she was pleased about. She was now a light brunette, still looking like her Mother some, but without the highlights. Her makeup much darker and more pronounced as befits a brunette.

Lizabeth‘s appearance was totally changed. A brunette with blonde highlights, now sporting huge loose curls similar to mine. Her eyebrows were almost eliminated, and her ears now sported three more holes in each. She had brought in one of her cases when we entered the salon, each of us receiving something different to wear when leaving the salon. We did end up being dressed similar, our dresses nearly identical except for hem length. Mine the shortest of them all, a fact that Cynthia was pissed about. Liz, now Bethany just responded that I had the cutest legs. Cynthia’s new name was Bianca, another sore spot with her daughter. I remained Babette since nobody had seen me out of the house.

Back in the car, Bethany handed us each an envelope with our new ID enclosed. Our old ID was cut up and disposed of in the garbage bag from breakfast. My ID was different, although utilizing the same name. I was amazed even the pictures on Bianca’s and Bethany’s ID looked a lot like how we appeared now, although I am sure it was done weeks prior to the change. I presume another one of her contacts from earlier in life was the source of the new ID.

We headed north, arriving at the Canadian border two days later. No problem getting through the border, a quick look at our ID and we were waved through. Bethany apparently had somewhere specific in mind as a destination as she drove straight there. It was a cute house nestled in the suburbs of Vancouver. I say the suburbs but it was more like the outskirts of the suburb. She parked in the drive, handing me a set of keys and telling me to unlock the front door. Bianca and her quickly each brought in a suitcase, taking it to the bedrooms at the end of the hall. I went out to help, managing a suitcase and our purses. There was two bedrooms, one a little larger than the other. Since the larger had two twin beds Bianca and I presumed that room was ours. We hung our clothes, then walked the house to see what other features it held. It turned out to be quite nice, a living room, den, kitchen, two bathrooms and a basement. Bethany used her cell phone to order something to eat, while we checked the cabinets in the kitchen to see what dishes and silverware were available.

It turns out that Mom had rented the house fully furnished, basic furniture, appliances and some kitchen things including dishes, silverware, pots and pans and some small kitchen appliances. I then realized how competent she was, running from who knows what, she was still able to function finding us somewhere to live comfortably, amidst all the confusion and stress. All of this seemingly appeared at just the right time.

We consumed the food soon after it was delivered. Worry and stress can make you quite hungry. Another family meeting, discussing what we are going to do now. Bethany was going to do some work for her old company, but by internet. She was going through a dummy computer located in Europe, to minimize any chance of being traced. Both of us were expected to get part time jobs, not for the money, but to keep us occupied. We were each handed a list of places that had advertised for help recently and their contact information. We were not to get jobs at the same place, just to be on the safe side. As soon as we found employment we were to call her letting her know where and when we would be working. She had utilized a friendship from long ago and called in some previous favors owed her, we each would have someone following us from time to time, never to be acknowledged if detected.

She went to her room and signed on to her company, to do a little work for a while. I presume her way to unwind some. We went to our room, hung a few clothes, then crashed on the beds for a nap. My nap wasn’t long, too worked up to sleep long. On the top of my list was info on the area, apparently bus service was excellent here, almost anywhere in town accessible easily and in a minimum of time.

I found that I was looking forward to going out job hunting, the fact that it would be as a female did occur to me, but wasn’t enough to deter me. After some fruit for breakfast I set off, anxious to get my feet wet in being a female out and about. I was still a little leery, watched the reactions of others and quickly moved away from anyone staring at me for more than a few minutes. I left a resume at several places they had already had numerous applicants and were not taking any more applications.

The next place on the list was a lingerie shoppe, I was doubtful about applying here, seeing women naked trying on lingerie maybe not the best job for me, a former male. I did step in to see what it was all about, the manager seeing my resume in my hand asking me if I was applying for the job. I nodded my head, not able to get out any words. Her straight forwardness surprising me as she reached out and took the copy of my resume to look at. She looked it over carefully, then invited me back to her office to ask some more questions. She introduced herself as Katherine, everybody usually just calling her Kat.

She told me a little more about the job, the hours she needed me to work and what I would make in wages. I was shocked, she was going to offer me a job. I was excited, only a few places checked and I was going to have a job. I agreed to a trial, one week so she could see if I can handle the job. That would also allow me to see if this type of job was what I desired. She did tell me that working with the public was at times trying, their attitude often demanding and uncaring. I filled out the employment forms she required, then she showed me around. I often had to consult my I.D. as I filled out the forms, since all of this info was new to me. She did inform me on how to use the register, and run a sale through on a credit card. She had a smock that I would wear over my clothing while I worked, identifying me as one of her sales associates.

I will start Tuesday at three PM, working until nine PM Monday thru Thursday and then all day Saturday, her busiest day. After I had completed what she wanted, I wondered the shop looking at all the things she offered for sale, more than an item or two something I might want to try. She got busy and I wondered back out to the main part of the mall. As I left her other employee came in, signed in at the register and began ringing up sales. She was a younger girl about my age, a red head and quite attractive.

I managed to call Bethany from the mall, informing her of my success at finding a job and where I will be working at. She was happy for me, but wanted me to keep the info quiet until I found out if Bianca had any luck in finding a job. Bianca is quite jealous of you already, you having a job and her still without one would make matters worse. I suddenly had an idea, back to the lingerie store, and to the back counter where she kept breast enhancement devices. I had noticed earlier a set of pads to be worn under the breast in most any bra, lifting up the existing tissue making it look fuller and larger. Maybe a solution to one of Bianca’s jealousy concerns. I bought them, even getting an employee discount in the purchase but I had to ring the sale up myself, with Kat showing me how to do the employee discount. I also got to say hi to Heather, her other employee.

With my purchases I headed home, switching buses twice on my way home That sounded so good, maybe this will work out, I would love to have a Mom and Dad, a sister and a house that I lived in for more than a month or two. Once home, I put my purchase in my room, then found a note from Liz…. Bethany. The names were getting easier to remember, but I was still having some difficulty. She was going to pick up Bianca, her choice of a job requiring a parental consent form. She was a year younger than me, so that is not unusual.

I was glad for Bianca, now she might feel more equal, maybe my present might even up the rest of her alleged downfalls. I will have to be sure and let her go first, then tell them about my job later, if I downplayed it, Bianca will be on top of the world, being my little Sis something she deserves.

I decided to make dinner, noticing as I came through the kitchen that Bethany had bought groceries. I decided to make a casserole, finding those ingredients first. Fifteen minutes later I was sliding it in the oven, hoping that they would not be too late. I made some tea, then looked to see what I could make up for dessert, that was female figure friendly. There was some sherbet, also some canned mixed fruit. I put the can of fruit in the freezer, planning on opening it right before I served the sherbet, it would be cold, but not frozen solid, the sherbet a perfect compliment. I would add some sugar to the natural juice in the can making a thick cold sauce to put over the treat.

Twenty minutes later the both of them came through the door, the smile on Bianca’s face lighting up the whole room. She ran to me screaming that she got a job, telling me all about it. Meanwhile she was jumping up and down and talking a mile a minute. I congratulated here, asked the appropriate questions at the right time and otherwise being the dutiful sister. On more than one occasion Bethany looked my way, her smile about as big as Bianca’s. The timer went off on the oven, both of them staring in my direction. I handed them plates, told them to set the table and get what they wanted to drink. By the time they had all of that accomplished I had the casserole on the table. Needless to say, they were was no more talk about jobs, or work, just a lot of forks clanging. Once I explained about dessert it was also consumed, a whole quart of sherbet and all of the fruit and sauce.

Then Bianca went off to our room, to plan what she was going to wear to work tomorrow. I was hugged by Bethany, and thanked, you are such a good sister, I just may have to officially adopt you. That got a severe hug from me, yes that would be wonderful, my lipstick ending up all over her face. I hoped Dad was still alive and well, but years waiting alone for him to show up did make me a little cynical. One misstep and he would be history. I need to say a few prayers tonight, just maybe I will end up with a family one day, a whole family, Mom, Dad, Sister and me.

Bianca was thrilled with my little gift, putting them in her bra as soon as she realized what they were for. She ran back out to find Bethany, her chest swelled up as far as she could get it her face showing her happiness at getting larger boobs. I did tell her later that night about my job, she was happy for me and thanked me for not telling her till later. I really appreciate you treating me like an equal, even though you are so much more a female than I am. We hugged then slipped into bed, I did notice that she kept her enhancers in her bra that night.

The next few weeks were fairly normal, jobs and chores around the house our main concerns. I got the cooking tasks, making the meal before I headed into work. Bianca was responsible for cleaning the house, mainly laundry and vacuuming the floors. Bethany hired a maid service to come in and clean the bathrooms once a week, something both sis and I were grateful for. I never did hear from Dad those first few months. I suspected Bethany did, but chose to keep it to herself. I did ask often, she just smiled saying that no news is good news.

My part time employment at the lingerie shop was changed to full time, quite a few more hours and of course more money. I seemed to be able to handle the few difficult customers with ease, something the owner and other sales associates were quite pleased about.

The house we were renting came up on the market, something Bethany knew about when she rented it. Bianca and I were worried about having to move again, but Bethany announced one day that she had bought the house, now it is ours. She hired a few contractors and had some renovations done, changing a former den to another bedroom and adding a bath to the master bedroom. Bianca got the new bedroom, her smile lighting up the evening sky when she was told.

I noticed Bethany each day was a little happier, her smiling and outlook on life more outgoing and contagious. I suspected some news about my Dad was somehow involved. In the evening when I came to say good night I often found her on the computer chatting with another female. She never tried to hide what she was doing, so I figured it was maybe someone from her work.

Then one weekend she had told us to make sure we arranged for the time off. We dressed in some casual clothes and drove over to the Alaskan border. She found a quaint restaurant and we had lunch. Just before we were served our lunch another lady joined us at the table. It was the same lady I saw Bethany chatting with on the computer. We were introduced and I suddenly knew who the lady was. I got up from my chair and went to her, making her scoot her chair back from the table. I sat down on her lap, placed my arms around her neck and hugged her hard. She leaned forward a little kissing me on the forehead. I sat there the entire meal, not wanting to leave her embrace. Finally after all of this time I have a complete family. In this case two Moms, and a bratty little sister.

From my hugging her she is like me, it will be Mom and Mom instead of Mom and Dad. All I care about is that we are together at last, forever.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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