Nadia; Disguised As A Female

I have been working for one of the alphabet agencies for just short of six years, one of the myriad different federal agencies in that group. We dealt mainly with situations here in the U.S. but ones that had more unusual circumstances, leaving the FBI to handle most of the rest. A simple bank robbery would fall under the FBI, but if the robbery was through the internet or involved people that worked for the bank we would get called in.

Our agency director made the decisions on what cases we would get involved in after looking at the basic facts. Her name was Sheila Townsend, very smart and very attractive. She managed with an iron hand, never taking crap from any agents or other agencies. Since the agency was very successful under her direction she was hardly questioned or challenged.

Originally hired for the field, I have been pencil pushing for ninety percent of the time with them. I was always good with computers, not fixing them but using them to gather information. Once that was found out, that became my main job from then on. I worked out of the Phoenix office, living in one of the satellite towns nestled around Phoenix.

I resided in my parents’ home, given to me when they up and moved out of the country. For some reason they became infatuated with New Zealand, vacationed there once and moved there to live a year later. They managed to buy a ranch down there, raising some cattle and living off the profits.

I was now twenty-six years of age, still single and quite content to say that way. I loved females, just didn’t communicate with them at all. In a workplace situation that was a different story, but once away from work I was instantly tongue tied and reclusive. I guess if I admitted the truth I was scared to death of them. At work we had our work to distract us, but once that was gone I closed myself off tighter than a clam.

I was somewhat attractive, long hair, five foot eight inches tall and a hundred and forty pounds in weight. I would not consider myself macho, probably exactly the opposite. I never participated in sports, could cook a decent meal, had a cat for a friend, loved to read anything and everything, had a garden to raise my own vegetables, definitely not your typical macho male.

We received regular visits from Ms. Townsend at least once a month. She interacted with everyone, knew our names and what we were working on presently. The last trip she had me come into her office and bring her up to date on a case I had been working on for three months. It involved some vague threats to the sister of the President. The FBI had briefly handled the case, came to the conclusion that it was a hoax and dropped the case. Sheila thought differently and grabbed the case. Myself and several other agents were assigned to the case to get as much information as we could about the threats, the sister and any relatives that might be involved. The secret service kept track of our efforts, but at the moment that was all they were doing.

I had been the most successful of the agents working on the case, tracing back the email threats through several out of the country hubs to a political group located in the southern US. No names yet on who might be involved, there was also a possibility that the political group was being used so that if discovered they would take all the blame, leaving the ones making the threats free and clear. A week later I found the computer the email came from, another agent checked it out, without raising suspicion, finding out that it was in an unlocked office, anyone could sneak in and use it then disappear. The agent did exactly that, the organization not even realizing their computer had been used for nefarious reasons.

As soon as I reported that info I was called to Washington, to meet with Ms. Townsend. I thought it rather unusual since what I found out was really not that important in the scope of things. I was on the next flight, not even having time to go home and pack anything for the trip. To my surprise Ms. Townsend met the flight herself, driving me to her residence instead of the office. I was shown in, and she got me a cola from her refrigerator.

“I am familiar with the group that has on occasion used another group to hide their activities. In fact they have used this same political group several times, but no connections could be made hence no action was taken on either the political group or the group using them. An assault on the President’s sister would give them quite a bit of clout, and help make them a more serious threat to society. Their supposed leader has been trying to do this for years, this may be his best attempt yet.”

“A few in our office here have studied the President’s sister, looking for someone to impersonate her, thus maybe setting a trap to catch the group red handed. We have run a number of photos through the computer looking for possible matches, and guess who has showed up on several search results. That is the reason you are here, unofficially of course at the moment. Your office back home will be notified of you accepting a job overseas to help Interpol, thus explaining your continued absence.”

“A salon in town will do the transformation later today, and if it turns out as expected you will replace the sister in her home during the night. Her name is Nadia, the President and her are quite close, always have been. Her husband has been informed and is okay with the switch. The real Nadia will stay in the White House for a few weeks, out of sight until we see if they will try anything. Your husband will fill you in on what she does, and her normal routine during the day. Nadia does work part-time, a job that I think you will no doubt enjoy. Do you have any questions, if not I will ferry you to the salon for your transformation?”

It seems I had a million questions but none that left my mouth. She took me to a salon, we entered through a back door and was immediately taken to a private room. I got a hug and Sheila left me there, in a strange city, and about to be converted to a member of the female gender. I swallowed hard, this is what I signed up for many years ago, but I didn’t think my first job undercover would be as a female. Two technicians entered, then had me sign a bunch of forms, then scanned my image into their computer. Another female’s picture came up on the screen, right next to mine. I presume it was the President’s sister. I could see some resemblance, but if they could make me look like her they would indeed earn their keep.

They went right to work, within an hour I was hairless, and had realistic breasts glued to my chest. I might add very realistic breasts, after they covered the seams there was no way to tell they weren’t mine. While I was concerned with getting breasts, my penis was tucked away, a perfect vagina replaced it making me for all intents a complete female. I was told it was fully functional, I immediately thought of my new husband, surely he would not expect me to have sex with him. Then they mentioned my breasts were state of the art technology, fusing with my skin allowing touch and feel just like a real breast.

The one gal worked on my hair placing it in a myriad of curlers, spraying each lock of hair with a liquid before winding it on the curler. I received a female haircut before she got to the curlers so my role as a woman is assured for a while. The other tech did my nails, both toes and hands. Incidentally, it was a bright red polish that I ended up with, no one will miss seeing my new nails, especially the longer nails on my hands that I now sported. Then as my hair was drying, I received a full makeup job, using semi-permanent products so I would not have to do it myself every day. The makeup seemed heavier than a female usually uses, the eyes and the lips particularly emphasized. I wonder if this had to do with her part-time job.

After my hair was dry, she removed the curlers, using a comb to urge the hair into the new style. The liquid she used was a long lasting setting gel so that I had now a female hairstyle for quite some time. If the operation ended quickly, I was stuck as a female or I would have to get all my hair cut-off. That and the makeup assured my presentation as a woman for quite some time. No time frame was mentioned, but I doubted it would be less than six months from part of the conversation I had been privy to as they worked their magic on me.

The finished product was almost identical to her picture, my new husband picking me up with a huge grin on his face. The kiss from him sent me into panic, it was on the lips with a little tongue. He could tell the impact on me, he calmly took my hand and dragged me out of the salon, after paying my bill. I had been given some lingerie and a dress to wear, apparently some of her things. They felt funny, but otherwise fit me perfectly. Prior to today I had never worn any items of female clothing, they were sensual but would definitely take some getting used to.

I was helped into the car, he even helped me with my seat belt. I was quiet, a few hours ago I was told of what I was going to be doing, but told and having it happen to me is two different things. We apparently lived in a nice suburban home right over the state line in Virginia. Once home, he got the car door for me and led me inside. We ended up it the master bedroom, he showed me where my clothes were suggesting a nightie that I might wear to bed tonight. Of course, it was brief and almost see through, but it did look good on me.

I used the bathroom, then to my surprise he entered a few minutes later and whispered to me that they found out the house was being watched, and saw evidence of specialty microphones capable of hearing through windows. The bathroom and the basement were the only safe places to talk. We would have to act as a married couple, to keep from giving the game away. He did have a little smirk on his face when he said that. The watchers were in a house a little higher up the hill, with a full view of our house, making it very hard to not be spied upon.

He leaned in for another kiss, then led me to the bedroom. He whispered in my ear that I usually slept on the right side, and liked to be spooned from him after we had intercourse. He kissed my nose, telling me that he will be good, otherwise his real wife might end up seeing to his timely demise. I giggled at that, both of us in a close embrace as we whispered in each other’s ear. He was good, but it is hard to get to sleep with another person’s penis erect and trying to bore a hole in your back. A female agent might not have as much trouble with that, but since I was a male until recently it was something that occupied a good portion of my mental capacity. I did manage to drift off, but his penis definitely had a mind of its own, wanting something to slip inside of and be comfy.

When I woke later in the night to use the bathroom, I had to slip out of his grasp, his one hand had caught and held my right breast and he definitely did not want to let go. His penis was still active, just not as rock hard as before. I performed my deed and then crawled back into bed. Immediately I was pulled back into a hug, his penis now very hard and attempting to spear me. I did manage to get back to sleep eventually, my body sending the new feelings and sensations to my mind definitely not helping any.

As I was lying there the next morning I tried to put some perspective on all that happened in the last day or two. Here I was a somewhat normal male, transformed into a female that was married with a husband that did have a lot of difficulty keeping his sex organ under control. All in the name of checking to see if there was indeed a threat against the President’s sister.

The next morning I received a sensual kiss, abruptly bringing me to full awareness. As he pulled back from the kiss he had this huge smile plastered on his face. I was dragged from the bed into the bathroom and my nightie was slid off my body. He had turned the shower on, I presume to warm up the water. After checking to see if it was right I was pulled in after him, as he proceeded to wash my body with a sponge and fragrant soap. Then I had to wash him, his erection the hardest to handle. When I ran the sponge over it the first time it instantly swelled up more, as I tried to back away from him. I tried to move the sponge over his penis lightly, not wanting it to get any bigger or harder. No such luck, now it was bobbing up and down striving to get additional stimulation and lunging toward me.

I desperately tried to concentrate on my job, but having more than a little trouble remembering what exactly it was. Once I managed to escape the shower I almost ran to her closet to try and find something to wear. Being naked with an overactive penis in the room trying to make points with me does kind of speed things up. I found a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to wear, but hubby nixed that asking me if I forgot I had to work today. He handed me a dress that fit extremely tight in the bust, but flared out into a full skirt. I was also handed a pair of panties and a push up bra. I stared at him trying to use my secret power to melt him right where he stands. He did help me on with the bra, then dragged me to the bathroom.

“You are a bra fitter in an upscale woman’s shop in our little suburb of Washington DC. It is necessary for you to look professional, especially your upper torso. I drop you off at work, then pick you up later this afternoon. Jamie is the shop owner and she will inform you of the proper procedure for fitting a bra on a female. I am sure you will enjoy your work, the real Nadia always had fun at her job. Now finish dressing we will grab a bit to eat as we head into town. With that I was kissed passionately, now standing there with my mouth partially open and trying to get more air into my lungs. Hubby returned and swatted my butt to get me moving, the size of his smile showing how enjoyable he was finding all of this.

I sat in the car as I was driven to work wondering how I was going to handle fitting bras on females all day. Nadia may not have had trouble but she was equipped differently than I was. I know my real gender did not show, but junior was still there and at times I could feel him trying to expand and exert his presence. Luckily for me he was secured out of the way, but when he got frisky I did feel very uncomfortable till he decided to cooperate and pretend to be female. It wasn’t pain, but a disturbing feeling down there that seemed to get worse until the situation eventually resolved itself. After a few occasions of his petulance I noticed a drippage that was oozing out of my vagina. Not something I could do anything about though. I did slip another pair of panties in my purse, just in case I felt the need to change them due to the leaking. At my new job I wondered how often I would be put to the test, maybe I can close my eyes when helping them find the proper bra for their figure.

At work I was introduced to Jamie, but any details other than I looked like the real Nadia were left undisclosed. Jamie was nice and did show me the proper way to measure and fit a bra by using me as an example. For a male it feels weird for a female to hold your breasts, lifting them and positioning them in the new proper size bra. The fact that I could feel every touch and that my nipples had gotten rock hard made it so much more difficult. Then it came time for me to do it to another customer, I was nervous, almost shaking from my nerves being totally shot. I managed but how it was accomplished no one will ever know, because I don’t remember a thing that I did. By quitting time I was performing my job adequately, although I was at times quite uncomfortable. Having a handful of breast at times for a male is unnerving. There are quite a few well-endowed females in the D.C. area, most of them apparently customers of Jamie. I have no idea how I made it through the day, closing my eyes just allowed my mind to go over all the images of breasts that were up there.

When my husband picked me up and greeted me with a kiss, I leaned into it. I needed the reassurance that somehow things will be alright. I was happy to see him, someone to take me away from living in this fantasy world of breasts. He gave me quite a smile, just asking if I enjoyed my work today. I swallowed hard, then let him lead me to the car and eventually home. Not a word spoken, for one thing my mind was still buried in visions of breasts, for another I was dreading the time alone with my husband once we got to our home. I hoped it would not go farther than last night, but was also aware how it could easily escalate.

We stopped and picked up some takeout on the way home saving me from having to prepare a meal for us. He did allow me some time for myself as he went to the living room to listen to the evening news. I cleaned the few dishes and straightened the kitchen. Mainly to keep my mind occupied. I was standing looking out the kitchen window when he walked up behind me. He put his arms around me, whispering in my ear to just relax and enjoy the feelings. I was held for quite some time in his embrace, now obviously enjoying being held by him. There were nibbles to my neck, the goose pimples threatening to cause an emotional meltdown. I think he sensed that and grabbed my hand leading me off to the bedroom.

He undid the zipper on my dress, as he started the shower for me. I was actually allowed to shower by myself, very thankful for not having to wash his overactive penis again. I found a robe on the back of the bathroom door to put on, and went to search for a nightie. In my dresser I found a drawer full of them, every single one far from conservative, all sexy and extremely brief. I looked through them all trying to find one that actually covered up some of my female figure. The one I chose had a full cut panty, but left the breasts almost hanging out of the front of the top. The thought of my husband’s penis made me chose this one, something, at least, to cover my exposed vagina. As I walked over to the bed my temporary husband had the biggest smile on his face, causing an explosion of red on my face.

I was hugged and cuddled very tightly all night, having to plead with him to allow me to use the bathroom during the night. Smiles always greeted me as I returned to bed, and then was quickly engulfed in his embrace once again. Each day I was getting more comfortable being around him. That fact not necessarily good for me. Day to day nothing much changed until about a week later.

Hubby was delayed in picking me up, some kind of car trouble and I was sitting at a nearby cafe in their outdoor dining area. It was partially secluded and pretty much isolated. Another lady entered the area and approached me. She walked by me, then I felt a cloth being held over my nose. When I woke later I was in a room and bound to a chair with a gag inserted in my mouth. So much for my training to be observant of my surroundings, now in the hands of my captors and no telling where. I tried to look around at my surroundings, no windows in the room and the door had a no key lock, requiring a code to be entered to unlock it. My arms and legs had multiple heavy duty zipties binding then to the chair and were quite secure.

I couldn’t hear anything, finally figuring out I had ear plugs inserted cutting off any noises from the outside world. I felt so hopeless and vulnerable. Now disguised as a female, I could be subject to all kinds of things a female has to possibly deal with, something really terrifying for a former male. I was never released from my bindings for long, my food being inserted with a syringe through a hole in my gag. I found out later that I had been fitted with a diaper, so that handled most of my bathroom needs. A young lady, accompanied by two very intimidating males released me from the chair for a few minutes while she changed my diaper, then I was retied again this time minus any clothes that I had on previously. Now naked except for the diaper, not a very comforting position to find myself in.

It had been at least a day or two since my abduction, since I did not have any sense of time passing I was not sure. No clocks in the room and with no windows I could not tell by the light or darkness of day and night. I know my diaper had been changed five times, if that is any indication of the amount of time that had passed.

I was beginning to lose hope I would be rescued, since nothing had changed in the interim. Then that evening I was trussed up to a stand that had been brought into the room. The diaper had been removed leaving me naked, my hands tied to the top of the stand and my feet tied to the legs of the stand. That left them about two feet apart, my female sex quite exposed and vulnerable. The lady returned wearing a mask, as she always does, so she could not be identified carrying several things in her hands. My nipples were played with, making them stand erect and pointy. She attached a clamp to each then tightened them till they were hurting me. I tried to stay silent, but the pain got to me and I screamed. Next she slid a dildo out of her bag of goodies and pushed it up against my vagina. Rubbing it up and down over my tender lips, almost inserting it then withdrawing. She kept this up for quite a while then pushed hard and the dildo disappeared into my vagina. Unfortunately the dildo was rubbing against my buried penis making me climax right there while tied up.

It took me quite a while to regain some semblance of thought, then looking at the door behind the girl I noticed that I had been filmed being defiled. The girl approached me once again intending to do it again, while I twisted and turned trying to evade her intentions. This time she toyed with me longer, than as she inserted the dildo again she grabbed one of the clamps attached to my nipple and tugged hard. This time I passed out, the feelings so intense I couldn’t stand it. When I did come to, I was still hanging from the stand, my legs not able to support me any longer. The clamps were still firmly attached to my nipples, the pain now dull but still throbbing.

I hung there for quite some time, now having to pee, since I couldn’t get anybody’s attention to let me down. Even for a disguised male it is very embarrassing to not be able to control their bladder. I ended up peeing, the liquid running down my leg to the floor. I shed quite a few tears, all of this just too much for me to deal with.

I thought I heard some noises in the other room, but was not sure. The ear plugs making hearing anything very difficult if not impossible. I tried to call out for help, the wrist restraints were beginning to cut off my circulation in my arms, The partial gag allowed some noises from me but nothing discernible.

About ten minutes later the door opened and my hubby was standing there all smiles. He quickly released me, then carried me out of the house. I was placed in the back of an ambulance as two E.R. personnel checked me out. When the clamps were released from my nipples I took in a huge breath and screamed bloody murder. The one gal helping me rubbed some cream onto my abused nipples helping the pain subside some. Hubby was standing just outside the back door of the ambulance and tried to enter to save me. Once he saw what had happened he relented but stayed near to the door. I was pronounced basically healthy a little while later, hubby not wasting any time in removing me from their clutches. Placed in his car I was whisked away. He held my one hand as he drove, squeezing it often to let me know he was there for me. I was awake but so out of it I had no idea where we were going. As he pulled into our garage I let out another sigh, so glad to be home and maybe done with this ordeal.

I was carried into the house and taken right to the bedroom, laid on the bed, then covered with a blanket. He laid next to me, on top of the covers holding me close to him. I drifted off to sleep, now safe and with my love. I don’t remember anything dream wise, the few times I rolled over and opened my eyes he was there with a smile on his face. I remember thinking that I love him, than reality set in, I am just an impostor, and he is already happily married.

When my eyes next opened, it was daylight, the sun streaming through the window, the warmth of the rays feeling good on my exposed arms and face. I rolled over to find the other side of the bed empty, a pathetic moan escaping my mouth. A minute later he appeared with a try of breakfast for me, setting it on the bed next to me and hand feeding me. Once I was full he removed the tray and came to sit next to me again.

“We need to talk about some things. Unbeknownst to you the operation was a little more complicated than you knew about.” I started to say something but he shushed me, telling me my time to ask questions will come later. “Incidentally we got the kidnappers red handed, six of them in the gang, with two of them shot in the gunfight when we raided the house you were being kept in. All of the remaining gang members have been arranged, with no bail allowed.”

“When you were first assigned to the case, I saw you several times in the video of your training. So since I was head of the operation I inserted myself in the operation as your husband. Just something about you made me take notice. We were pretty sure that the kidnappers were not that concerned about Nadia’s husband, since we found no reference or interest in him when we started noticing their interest in Nadia.”

“I loved holding you or seeing you naked. The time when we showered together was so much fun, your facial expression so comical, especially when you had to wash my penis.”

“When we showed up at the restaurant and you were not there, I was devastated. Luckily you had a chip inserted in you at the salon, so we had a way to track down your location. It took us a couple of days to locate you and exactly what house you were being kept in. We watched for a day or two, then made our move. The surveillance showed us they were six members of the gang, five males and one female. I shot two of the gang members, one of them trying to pull a gun on me, the other heading to where you were being kept his gun in his hand. The others surrendered quickly, the other members of the squad removing them from the house quickly.”

“I went to the room you were being held in, once the door was open I took in a deep breath, then cut you down from the stand you were tied to. I was crying as I did so, so concerned for your safety. I carried you outside, insisting that you be looked at immediately. When the ER tech removed your nipple clamps causing you to scream, I was going to hurt her until I saw what she was doing. Let’s face it I am in love with you not wanting to share you with anyone. I know of your background and I flatly don’t care. I love the you I see in my eyes and the you I can hold tight and cuddle. Keep in mind that as soon as things return to some type of normalcy I will ask you to marry me. I expect a yes in return, then I am planning a quick trip to Vegas to make sure you don’t have a chance to change your mind.”

He pulled me closer, then put his arms around me as he leaned in and gave me a sensuous kiss. I returned the kiss, with us exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. I laid my head on his shoulder, repeating over and over the word yes. I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of being held by the one I love, anxious to spend the rest of my life in his loving embrace. Someone I can love and take care of for the rest of my life. The day I was told I had to disguise myself as a female, what a special day, a truly lucky day for me.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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