Monique; A New Feminine Hairstyle

Joanne and I had been friends for over seven years now, also, my hair stylist for all of those years. I have forgotten what the salon was called when I first met her, it being just a small shop squeezed in among other shops in a not prime time shopping center. I was fresh from college, not having much money, so I was just interested in a cheap haircut to go job hunting. No appointment, I just walked in and she was the only one not busy.

Even though I just wanted a haircut, she shampooed my hair and put a conditioner on it. At the time, I thought she was just doing things so she could charge more for the haircut. She talked me out of a short haircut, her version did look good and my hair was neat and clean. I was surprised when she only charged me eight dollars, right then I decided to use her again in the future. I got the job I was trying for, and as my economic condition improved I was tempted to change where I had my hair cut. In the end, I always came back, we became friends, and have been ever since.

Over the years, I used her for anything related to my hair. The salon changed hands several times, each time Joanne stayed with the new owners; her standing in the salon improved. Then the newest owner bought the salon, moved it to a new location, enlarging it tenfold. Joanne was now the manager of the salon, still handling customers, but only selected ones.

When I first started with her, my appointments were usually six weeks apart. Then once a month and recently every two weeks. She never cuts much off my hair, usually just split ends, but she always applied a multitude of conditioners and hair treatments every time I saw her. My hair was now down to the middle of my back, but I wore it in a low ponytail for my job. A ponytail that is often tucked inside my shirt or sweater. As my hair got longer my position in the company improved, hence I was able to evade any dress code with regards to hair length.

Joanne had a wicked streak in her, after shampooing and conditioning my hair she would always take time and play with it, styling it up in some ultra-feminine style, while watching me squirm and try to get comfortable in her chair. The first time she did it I was in panic mode big time, figuring this is how I would have to leave the salon. When she returned my original style I let out such a sigh of relief. I got a hug when I left, thanking me for letting her play in my hair, hair that would be the envy of every single female.

On my second visit after the feminine style I entered the salon cautiously, looking around for Joanne. She snuck up behind me scaring the poop out of me. Another style this one different from last time. Ever since then a different style, each time I watched in fascination as she turned my longish locks into a delight of femininity. I learned to relax over the years, my three hours spent with her so wonderful, seeing a side of myself that few males ever get a peek at.

Recently I have experienced some good fortune, one of my longtime customers wanted me to quit and join her organization. Ms. Sanderson offered me a lot more than I was making now, my own work schedule, and numerous other incentives. She was into a lot of things having quite a bit of property, some investments, and a fairly large stock portfolio. All Mindy wanted me to do was oversee the holdings, making sure she didn’t lose any money through neglect. I could work from home, or an office, my choice.

If I had any ideas for investments, or property she would entertain hearing them. We got along all right, she was friendly, and straight talking. If she didn’t like something, she would not hesitate to tell you so. I accepted her offer, I was now my own boss. It was a little awkward at first, neither of us knew what to say to the other about rules or limits. Mindy quickly handled that letting me know exactly what she expected from me, anything else is strictly up to me.

I found several things right away, saving her quite a bit in brokerage fees and commissions. Then by paying the property taxes early another huge savings. Two of her banks were ripping her off on account fees, I found her several banks that were glad to welcome her, their fees reasonable and fair. She was very happy at the results that I produced so quickly. Over the next few weeks we established a good working relationship, with me able to anticipate her desires and handling them before she could bring them up in conversation.

Several visits later to Joanne I was asked to come back to her office. This was after she had handled my mop as she called it. Joanne had tea made, so I presumed she wanted a big favor. We chit chatted a little while, then she asked if I would consider being her model in an upcoming cosmetologist’s convention. It was a regional convention having both vendors and competitions for the cosmetologists. Since they expected nearly five thousand attendees, it was quite a big deal.

I asked her some questions, thinking that most models would be female. Indeed, most of the models were female, but not with as nice of hair as mine. She wanted to enter the unlimited competition, long hair division, where any contestant and their model could be asked to do a multitude of things. Since very few models used at the convention had such long lustrous hair, she felt it would give her quite an advantage. Since my hair is so utterly perfect, in her opinion, working with my hair she was sure to win any competition.

She would receive prize money and a trophy, but she was more interested in the bragging rights associated with the contest winner. She would pay me whatever I wanted, if I would be so nice to allow her to work on my hair.

I didn’t see any reason to decline, so I told her I would be glad to allow her to make me glamorous. She did warn me that I might end up with a different color, a permanent, or highlights, but she could reverse all of that after the convention. I trusted her, so that was not a concern of mine. Since she has been taking care of my hair for years, there is no reason for her to do otherwise now. I smiled she will get to do her feminine style on me for real, not having to wash it out afterwards.

She advised me of the date, all I had to do was show up at the convention with the badge she handed me. I smiled she had already registered and obtained badges, figuring that I would help her. The date was a week away, so I had plenty of time to arrange a day off. I knew I didn’t need to with me handling my own schedule, but I wanted no trouble with my new boss. When I approached Mindy, she was eager to allow me the time off, but wanted Joanne to get her a ticket so she could watch me get beautified. That surprised me, but I assured her I would get her a ticket. I learned on that day that Mindy also used Joanne for her hair styling, just had not been a customer of hers as long as I had.

The time went by fast, in the meantime, I told Mindy of a developer that was interested in a couple of her properties, something I learned when he filed plans for a hotel complex. Most developers waited until they had an option on all the properties before announcing anything, this one not that smart. She referred him to me, so I handled the negotiations. He was already committed, so I knew I could get my price. He was not happy about the price he paid, but I am sure he will just pass it on to the customer down the line. Mindy came out seventy thousand more than the properties were valued at.

Two days later it was time for me to make my way to the convention hall, with my badge I had no trouble getting in. It took me a while to find Joanne, she was already set-up and waiting for me to appear. She explained how this worked, each cosmetologist pulling tasks from four glass containers. Each container represented different tasks that a hair stylist would perform on customers. Those tasks were what they had to perform to be able to be judged.

Of the twenty contestants in this division usually less than half of the contestants managed to complete all of the tasks satisfactorily. While we were waiting I looked at the other contestants and their models. Most of the models were female, with good looking long luxurious hair. The cosmetologists were mostly younger than Joanne, some in their early twenties. Several were male, although most likely of the LGBT group, judging from their clothes and behavior.

The contestants were called over, made their selections and got started on their tasks. Joanne smiled as she headed back, apparently her selections were what she had hoped for. I was leaned back, my hair washed and conditioned, then some hair treatments added, this is something Joanne regularly did, so that any chemical processing would not damage the hair. A permanent would be first, she sectioning my hair and winding the long hair on several large rollers. The foul smelling liquid was used to saturate every curler, my nose wrinkled often as I got a whiff of the permanent solution. Warm air was provided by the dryer to aid in the permanent doing its thing. Then after that had processed a neutralizer was applied to set the permanent.

After she washed out the neutralizer another conditioner was added then she started on applying highlights to my hair. She used small strands and way too many pieces of foil. I had over the years observed other females getting highlights, their strands of hair more clumpy than what Joanne was doing to my hair. She applied a strawberry colored dye to the foiled pieces of hair, I realized I would be quite different looking with these two procedures, with two more coming yet.

I looked around as Joanne worked on me seeing Mindy in the second row of the seating ahead of me. I was so wrapped up in what was happening I hadn’t seen her before. I got a big smile from her, as she was watching everything that Joanne did to me intensely.

After the last highlight was added, a dryer was placed over my head and warm air started flowing over my processed locks. I closed my eyes, wondering what else might get done to me today, since my imagination has never been that good, nothing came to mind. I already had realized that a feminine hairdo would be the end result, just not sure how detailed or intricate. Since I had spent so much time in the salon as Joanne handled my hair for years, I should have picked up on some of the other things females did to look beautiful, but apparently none of it made any lasting impression. Oh Joanne had done things to my hair, I was so entranced in what it looked like I never followed the steps she used to get there. Of course, nothing like hair coloring, permanents or highlights were performed since at the end of her play period she had to return me to my masculine image.

The highlights dye was washed out, then she started cutting in the style that she had pulled out of the selection jar. Luckily not much was taken off, I figured that would be the case since this part of the competition was for long hair. I did get some longish bangs that might make my return to a masculine ponytail a little difficult. There are not many males that have bangs long or short. Add in the now permanent curly locks and I doubt any ponytail would result in anything masculine.

Next my hair was set in curlers, small longish curlers running perpendicular to the side of my head. At the salon, on previous appointments, I noticed that the curlers were placed parallel to the side of the head, this style must require something different. The amount she placed in my hair was surprising, over a hundred at my last count. Another stint under the dryer, this time the heat almost hot.

Every once in a while I would look at Mindy, her smile getting bigger every time I looked at her. I think she just enjoyed seeing me get feminized. Joanne checked my head often to see if it was dry enough. The other contestants that I could see were not as far along as Joanne, her experience and skill coming to the forefront.

Out of the dryer and my hair released from the curlers. The hair popped right back into the tight curl, even though the curler had been removed. The hair was brushed lightly as she got the curl to release some. She then started pinning the curls in place, keeping the sides right above my ears smooth, than at the top of my head long dangly curls spilling in all directions. The bangs were curly tendrils, laying across my forehead.

She moved to the back of my head, the curls there brushed more so that the curl relaxed more, leaving the curly tendrils laying on my lower neck and shoulders. Then she picked up a bundle of thin silk ribbons in burgundy and shades of pink. She attached a couple to each curly tendril the ribbons coming down to the middle of my back. It took her a while to get them as she wanted, I released a great big sigh, knowing that to get this back to my normal hairstyle would take lots of time, certainly not something to be done in a day or two. The finished style was fantastic, very feminine, a fact not lost on me.

One of the judges approached Joanne whispering to her, then Joanne squealed in delight. She leaned over to my ear asking if she could slide a blouse on me, they wanted to take pictures of the hairstyle. I agreed, her dragging me back to a dressing room, where she helped me to get the shirt I was wearing off. The blouse buttoned up the front, a scoop neckline in the front with a low plunging neckline in the back showing off the tendrils of curly highlighted hair against my bare skin. I was never cursed with body hair, maybe ten to fifteen hairs on my chest and a light fuzz on my lower legs. In this instance, a great benefit, since a feminine model with gorgeous hair and body hair not a desired combination.

I was taken back to her styling chair, the next twenty minutes of flash bulbs going off a real surprise. As I had set back down she had added some lip gloss on my lips, telling me that I looked absolutely beautiful. I glanced at Mindy, her standing applauding at Joanne’s accomplishment. I did get a wink from her, that smile of hers even more noticeable.

I did hear her tell one of the reporters that my name was Monique, but didn’t want my last name used in any stories about the contest. Finally everyone got all the pictures they wanted, the judges coming around to evaluate each contestant. Only seven stylists were able to complete the tasks in the allotted time. It seemed the judges spent extra time with me, I know I felt self-conscious as they stared at my locks and touched the hair style. Since every judge felt my hair, I knew that Joanne’s commitment to proper conditioning was a big plus for her.

They did leave to concur on the winner, Joanne busy being congratulated and Mindy landing in my lap. She touched the hair in several places fascinated with the feminine look. I was told that I would be dining with her, no excuses. Joanne breaking loose from her fellow stylists, kissing me on the lips for helping her. With Mindy on my lap and Joanne’s passionate kiss I was suddenly confused and lost. Mindy and Joanne conferred on who was taking me out, Joanne settling for a late lunch with Mindy getting the dinner slot.

I felt wanted as the two hugged, kissed and otherwise manipulated me into a bundle of goo. I was led to a stage on the other side of the convention center, lots of females complimenting me on my hairdo. We got there just in time as the winners were announced. They started with the other categories, the long hair group at the very last. It seemed the long hair winner was considered the overall winner due to the skill required to do the more complicated hairstyles.

The winner was announced, Joanne hugging me to death pretty much conveying her thoughts on the matter. I was handed the trophy as she was handed the check. We posed for another round of pictures, this time I squinted some to keep the flashes from blinding me. It did eventually return to normal, everybody going about their business. The convention had a huge vendor area, I was dragged along behind Joanne as she took in all of the booths. The compliments never stopped coming, both stylists and vendors infatuated with my hairstyle. Mindy finally tracked me down, attaching herself to my other arm.

Then, we came to the booth for Joanne’s salon. The trophy was already mounted on the back wall, with a spotlight on it right next to a picture of me. How they could have gotten this all together so fast was amazing. I was hugged, receiving numerous kisses on the cheek from all of her fellow stylists. I lost Joanne for a minute, Mindy keeping me occupied in the meantime. I never have seen this side of Mindy, her show of affection to me, her hanging on me and my every movement. I have always liked her from afar but figured she was out of my league, so no advances on my part. When she hired me, I was thrilled, but again figured she just wanted my advice and help, not anything more. Now that she was close to me I knew it was likely more than just a business relationship.

Maybe it was love, I know that dreaded four letter word that strikes fear and longing in all sorts of individuals. Joanne showed back up, grabbed a hold of my hand and dragged me off to the back of the booth. Into a small dressing room, pulling the curtain closed behind her. I was stripped of my clothes, then a pair of panties was slid up my leg. Several times I tried to slow things down, but with all the attention and things happening so fast I was in over my head. My thingy was pushed back between my legs and the panties pulled up tight to my groin. A bra is wrapped around my chest, the extra flab on my chest pulled up sharply to remain in the cups of the bra.

The blouse again slipped over my body, then a skirt pulled up my legs. I tried to resist the skirt, this is too much, too fast. My hand was swatted, the skirt zipped up in the back and my blouse tugged down into the skirt. As I was trying to see my image in the mirror some lipstick and mascara was added to my face, my male persona now totally gone. Pushed out of the dressing room, my red blush spreading quickly all over my body. I just stood there looking around to see who might be staring at me, fearing ridicule and teasing.

A distinguished lady standing nearby came over giving me a tender hug and cheek kiss. “You are very pretty, everybody jealous of your feminine looks, not making fun of you. I am proud of Joanne’s work, but more proud of your willingness to help her. I think she might have discovered a side of you that has been long hidden behind that male façade that you carry with you. It might be advantageous for you to explore that part of you, no telling what treasures you might unearth. If you need to talk to someone on your journey, I am always available either in person or by phone.” Now give me a hug and let’s find Joanne and congratulate her on her award.

I was later to learn that the lady was Francine, owner of the salons and Joanne’s boss. When Mindy managed to find me again, I was attacked from a far. Once she recognized me, she was airborne landing in my arms, almost knocking the breath out of me. This time, I was kissed, my first time being kissed while wearing lipstick, a most memorable experience indeed. It is definitely something I would like to try again.

We did leave the convention shortly after two, Mindy promising to pick me up at my apartment around eight, wanting me to dress formal. Her and Joanne exchanged glances, whatever that meant. Joanne took me to a fancier restaurant downtown not far from the convention complex. The prices were steep, but the food was so good. I had skipped breakfast this morning, my stomach doing flip flops when I woke up. So food, in general, was on my list, this food made the meal a real treat. She talked about what she did from her standpoint, thanking me several times for agreeing to help her. She did confess that it might be more than a few days before she could reverse things, since the permanent and highlights are quite intrusive on hair.

Since I worked for Mindy I didn’t see a problem other than I had no idea how to maintain the style. Joanne told me to come by the salon every morning and she would teach me until I could handle the style myself. From Mindy’s reaction today I doubt she would have any problem with me in the female mode. From the restaurant, she drove me to the salon, then we walked through to the clothing section. Right to the formal gowns, as she breezed through the racks looking for a special dress.

Apparently she found it, pulled it from the rack then took the dress and me back to her office. I was laid on the couch after removing most of my clothes. A pair of panties the only piece remaining. She glued on some breast forms, quite good sized ones and then a garter belt and stockings were added. The dress was slid over my head, then zipped up the back. Joanne told me to come back tomorrow and they could do a proper job on my female attachments, time today not allowing those procedures. I gave her a funny look, why would I want to have breasts and no telling what else added in a proper manner? Old makeup off, a new application this time in evening mode was added. The she straightened my hair and I was taken home. I might add in a daze, all of this too much to get a grasp on.

Joanne dropped me off in front of my home. I didn’t have my car, I think it is still at the convention center but no longer sure about that. I had just got my door unlocked and Mindy shows up. I was appraised carefully then like a rocket I was pushed into my living room and onto the couch. I screamed about her messing my hair and we both broke out in a giggling fit. I did get groped, then several kisses the lipstick marks clearly visible on my cheeks. So now I had to repair my makeup, a simple repair for a female not so easy for a former male. I managed to get up, her bitching as I tried to retreat from her. I was able, at least, to lessen the smudges from her attack on my lips.

I made sure I had my keys, then we headed to her car. Mindy steered me to it, not sure if I could find it by myself. The door was held for me, she even helped with my seat belt. Each interaction had a grope to go with it. I decided she possessed a one track mind and it was focused on me at the moment.

She drove us to a supper club on the outskirts of town, one of the only places more expensive than where Joanne took me for lunch. She had reservations apparently, since we were seated in a private dining room on the second floor of the establishment. The service was outstanding, Mindy doing all the ordering of drinks and food. I felt treasured as she handled my every wish that night. I even got to dance with her, although she did the leading. It was a magical evening for me.

Returned to my abode, but with kisses, hugs and of course a grope or two for good measure. This is definitely a side of Mindy I have not seen before. I felt cared for, treasured maybe the better term.

I laid in bed that night after removing what I could of my feminine looks savoring what happened today. Surprisingly I managed the time after the convention fairly well, I think most of it was that I was in shock, not knowing what to think or do about any of it. As the evening progressed I began to relax, enjoying the role of a pretty female. Of course, Mindy’s attention to me did nothing but enhance the feminine experience.

The next morning, I got with Joanne about reversing my treatments, she suggested that I come into the salon to talk it over. I knew then that I would be in the female mode for quite some time. I will at least, make her sweat in telling me, I have to have some fun. I taxied to the salon, just my limited exposure to people so far making me feel that I am constantly on display. Something to get used to, I guess. So different to that of a normal male.

I made my way back to her office, knocked and then entered. She pointed me to a chair, her look clearly showing some distress. I patiently waited for her to start, this ought to be interesting. She finally made a start, mentioning that a couple of things she had to do my hair yesterday might take a little longer to relax enough to be reversed. I tried to look crestfallen, I even managed a tear or two. That even surprised me, the tears that is. After she had staggered through her explanation, I asked what I should do.

It was quiet in the office, I could hear the phones ringing up front easily. Even the noise from the hair dryers could not block it out. She swallowed hard several times, finally I told her to just spit it out. Another silent spell then she spoke, “Go all the way and live as a female for the next six months, after that I can get you back to a male in appearance, that is, if you want to return to that gender. I stared at her, she was the first to break eye contact, causing me to giggle a little.

“Okay, that is fine with me.” Her head popped up, her arms came up to her desk top and she cocked her head as if she didn’t hear me very well.

“What did you say?”

“Okay. How many times do I have to repeat myself?”

Again the groping as Joanne tried to show me how thankful she was for my help and understanding in this episode. I moaned and groaned a little, like I was still upset, but actually I was not dreading the next six months. Not enthusiastic, but maybe curious about life as a female. If Mindy keeps treating me this way, it should be an interesting and rewarding time.

Out to her station in the salon and my first lessons in care and maintenance of my hairdo and makeup. It was almost five hours later when I managed to head home. Joanne had sent two of her stylists to the convention center to retrieve my car for me, something I much appreciated. Although I was getting around fairly easily in my female persona, I was still a little leery of being out and about dressed and looking so feminine.

Once back home I got started on my job duties, wanting to make sure I did not disappoint Mindy. Most of it was just checking on things, I had made most of the significant changes when I first took over her accounts. I did stumble across an investment opportunity for her, one that one of my former employers had something to do with it. I checked it out thoroughly, not wanting to recommend something only to have it collapse on me. I made a call to her, she listened then told me she would be at my home in thirty minutes. I didn’t know if she was that interested, or just was looking for an excuse to be with me. I think the latter was a more likely conclusion.

I made my way to the bathroom, to check my appearance, now something I would need to do for quite some time. Joanne had made that fact very plain, a female needs to be aware of her looks at all times, then touching up things when needed. I had barely got back to the living room when Mindy knocked. I answered the door, but thought that maybe I should get her a key, since we were now at least BFF’s, maybe more.

I don’t know why I bothered to check my lipstick in the bathroom, one minute with Mindy and it was an utter disaster. She asked if I ate, offering me another dinner out, this time a basic dinner, no dressing up necessary. I agreed and then we both went to my bathroom to fix our faces. The way that Joanne had fixed my hair it needed very little repair, in the morning after getting out of bed would be the only time I would need to do much. I was escorted to Mindy’s car for the ride to the restaurant, an upscale eatery but not requiring reservations and very affordable. I had eaten there a time or two, but the food seemed so much better this time. I wondered if tasting it with lipstick made such a difference. Whatever the reason I did enjoy my meal that evening.

Mindy talked all through the meal, her ideas on what should change and our relationship. I nodded my head in the appropriate places, received little kisses along the way to make sure I was kept happy and contended. I suggested she move in with me, my house larger and newer. If she did she could rent out her place, adding some more income to her portfolio as if she needed that. She seemed cautious but eventually did nod her head in the affirmative.

I asked her what was her concern about moving in with me, I thought you had some feelings for me, the way you have acted recently kind of pointing to that fact. She muttered a couple of words, so I made her repeat it this time loud enough for both of us to hear what she was saying.

“I am afraid you might go back to the masculine you, I like both facets of you, but am in love with the feminine part. If I move in with you and you go back to being male I am not sure I can handle it. So maybe not moving in with you might be the better approach.”

I reached over and pulled her closer, if that is all you are worried about we can handle that easily. “You can pack up all my male clothes and give them to charity and I will get Joanne to give me some real boobs, problem solved. If junior is also a concern I am sure Joanne can handle that to. I have loved you from the first day we met, but figured I was not even in your league. That is why I kept it business only on my part. I do expect to be cared for like a female, a few gifts, dinner out and some loving from time to time. If you can handle that I am yours, as a female until the end of time.”

I was attacked then, an unprovoked attack on my body, it seemed like hours before the attack eased up. Lots of giggling accompanied the attack. After I regain the ability to think I will tell you all about it, maybe sometime late tomorrow. Parts of my mind are still smoldering from the heat and passion.

We did eventually discuss the investment opportunity, she gave her approval quickly. I was to handle making the investment, just keep her appraised on the progress from time to time.

She did move in with me, my male clothes quickly done away with. Believe me every stitch of anything that resembled what a male might wear was given away or burned. Joanne gave me boobs, it took her all day, but the huge smile she had plastered on her face all day told me how much she was enjoying the task. It was her personally that attached the cups and hoses and switched on the machine, something this important to her not to be handled by some employee. Since they would now be a permanent resident on my chest, she took a lot of pride in how they turned out. The only person happier than Joanne was Mindy, her inspection of Joanne’s work took all night. In fact I missed my next day’s hair appointment, the first time I have missed an appointment with Joanne since she started doing my hair seven years ago.

When I called in to tell her I could not make it, she giggled. “Rough night huh, I will pencil you in for five tomorrow afternoon, that will give you some time to rest.” She was still giggling as she hung up the phone. I am sure glad the females in my life are enjoying all of this. Apparently good entertainment is not easy to come by these days.

Junior did get glued away, out of sight, but still available in case a donation was needed later in life. I stayed at home taking care of our house, a larger house that I got a good deal on. Large enough for a family eventually, but small enough to be cozy and comfortable. Joanne got promoted again, a bigger salon on the other side of town, but still a manager at the smaller salon too. She does not do any beauty services except for me. We are a fixture at any conventions and competitions in the area, Joanne winning every one of them. Of course I am her model, my hair now down to my waist and kept blonde now, Mindy’s preferred hair color for me.

I often think back to the first competition, when my new hair style brought along with it my new gender. A most wonderful time in my life. Who would have thought such a change possible? A change that I endorse over and over, the day my gender became female.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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