Charlie Sue; Forever Restrained In Love

Today was my birthday, twenty-six years old, married to the love of my life. The day started with my wife of five years pouncing on my prone figure on the bed. Not unusual for her, her energy and playfulness knowing no bounds. I was aggressively attacked, no part of my body being excluded from her attention. Then it all stopped, my eyes sprang open to see why she had quit. I was pulled to my feet and stood by the side of the bed. A blindfold was secured in place and my arms were placed my by sides. “You are to remain motionless and I will dress you.”

I felt my PJ’s being removed, her breath on my body as she did so, causing a reaction in my nether regions. I started to move my arm to attempt to stop the reaction, but she swatted it hard and told me to stay still. Suitably chastised, I resumed the position. She place something around my middle section and hooked it in the front. Then went behind me and tightened it up some. A flap, apparently attached to the clothing that she just put on me, was brought up between my legs and secured to the back. My thingy was now imprisoned tightly between my legs. I was dressed, pants, socks, shoes and a pullover top. She brushed my hair some, removed my blindfold and dragged me out of the house. I looked down at my body but could see nothing other than clothes that I normally wear quite often.

I was surprised, but then realistically I shouldn’t have been. Tonia is a free spirit doing things as she sees the need, living her life to the fullest. I did feel the garment that she had tightened around my middle, now restricting my movements and breathing quite a bit. I imagine the article of clothing was a corset or girdle.

I was hustled into her car, she holding the back door for me. It was not unusual for her to drive her car, a perk from her work. She was Chief of Police in our little town, duly elected to the position for the second term a month ago. She had two deputies, both female, both no nonsense in their actions, following rules to the letter. As I was ensconced in the back seat, she reminded me to sit still or she would have to apply the restraints required by law. There was a small giggle as usual from her. From the first time I rode in her car, she knew it pushed my buttons, usually something in my pants showing my feelings first. This time, it was no different, but the thing holding my male organ between my legs was preventing any reaction to be seen. I did feel the pain as it tried so hard to get loose and respond.

We rode in silence to the mall, and she opened the door for me. I had ridden with her enough to get used to the looks of getting out of the back seat of a police car. People staring at what was going on, a cop letting some criminal out of the back seat of her patrol car. Since door handles are non-existent in the back seat, I had to wait to get out. I never asked her why I couldn’t ride in the front seat next to her, after the first trip in the back, I wasn’t interested in riding up front any more.

We walked the mall, just window shopping her favorite past time. She would point something out then asked how she would look in the item, then asked, if I wanted to try it on. My red face, the feeling of being light headed, all of it would soon disappear, but when we got to the next store, it would happen all over again. Maybe it was just teasing on her part, that I would never know for sure.

We stopped mid-day at our favorite burger joint at the far end of the mall in an annex. It is quite a trek getting there but their food is so good. She wouldn’t let me feed myself. It ended up with her on my lap feeding me bites of the food, then holding an iced tea cup to my lips so I could take a sip. Normally a twenty minute meal it was over an hour before we returned to our shopping. It was comical to watch other customers watch me being fed. The males in disgust, the female with a longing in their eyes. Of course, a few kisses were mixed in with the food, sloppy ones with tongue utilized to the fullest.

We passed the makeup and perfume counters, suddenly stopping at one of them. She tested some of the scents until she found one she liked, then applying it to her wrists and behind her ears. She leaned closer to me, letting me get a sniff of her new scent, surprising me as she applied it to me in the same spots. I smelled just like her now, a flowery scent that was very feminine in my opinion. I was very nervous now, the perfume seeming in infiltrate my mind somehow. I looked right and left to see who had detected my scent and might be staring at me.

A couple more stops, then Lynn’s lingerie store. One of her friends owned the shop, a lot of Tonia’s lingerie coming from this store. We walked in then perused the merchandise, back and forth up and down every aisle, Tonia not missing anything. She grabbed a couple of items to try on and I was dragged with her to the dressing rooms.

This was not unusual for her, she likes to watch me squirm as she undresses and tries on the various items. A lot of the time, I am sure she has no intention of buying, but loves to see me uncomfortable and excited. I had to watch as she went through each item, frequently having to hold the item as she tried on the next one. She decided on one that she had to have, paid for it and we left the store. As I passed the front door, an alarm rang out and Lynn appeared at my side asking me to come with her.

Back to her office, I was seated in a chair right in front of her desk. I was scolded for stealing right in front of my wife, Lynn telling Tonia that I had stolen an item, the label activating the alarm as we were leaving the store. My mouth was open, I didn’t know what to say or do. Tonia became all business pulling me to my feet and pushing me against the wall. She spread my legs and arms, then patted me down. My wallet and keys were laid on Lynn’s desk, then she undid my belt and let my pants drop. Lynn was right there, pointing to the corset I was wearing with the tag still attached to the back of the item. I started to say something but I was shushed by Tonia.

My hands were pulled behind my back and she handcuffed me. Then, before I could protest, she kissed me hard; when she pulled away and I was trying to get air into my lungs, she slipped something into my mouth and pushed hard on it. It expanded quickly trapping my tongue on the floor of my mouth making any speech slurred and unintelligible. My lips were held closed, only a small slit between my two lips. Attempting any kind of intelligible speech was impossible.

Tonia pulled her phone from her purse and dialed the station, asking for a deputy to transport a suspect to the station. I began to suspect something since when she calls the station the call is put through to the deputy on duty. After the call, she snaps several pictures of my backside wearing the corset, with my pants down at my ankles. She places my wallet and keys in a plastic bag and slips them in her purse. I am helped out of my pants, then taken out the back door of the store to await my transport. Why my pants had to be taken off before I was removed from the store, a big question mark. I thought I heard a giggle or two from Lynn or Tonia, but my mind was distracted, partially naked and outside the store.

I tried to get her attention, but she ignored me as she did everything but look in my direction. Soon her deputy arrived, gave me a smile and dragged me to her patrol car. In the back seat, seat belt fastened and leg irons placed around my ankles.

She asked Tonia a question and soon I was read my rights. When asked if I understood she just smiled, stating for the recorder that the suspect refuses to talk. I was getting frustrated at what was going on, but inside I was so turned on. If it wasn’t for the flap holding my thingy tight to my body I probably could have punched holes in anything I faced or came into contact with, it was that hard. She got back into the driver’s seat and drove off, with me wondering when and if this is going to end.

At the station I was placed in one of the cells, my ankles still secured and my hands locked behind my back. Tonia arrived a few minutes later telling Jessica to fingerprint me and do a cavity search. I turned to stare at her hard, but she was shuffling some papers on her desk and would not look at me. I was removed to another room, my body laid over a table. She slipped on some gloves then reached for some cream. Gawd she is going to stick her fingers or something up my butt and I can do nothing to stop it.

She did search my anus, though not in an intrusive way, I was beet red before she even got her finger in, embarrassed to the hilt. Then I was set in one of the chairs, my naked butt on the cold seat of the chair. My hands were secured in another pair of handcuffs and released from behind me. Before I could regain circulation, one hand was cuffed to the table leg nearest me, while the other one was secured to the opposite table leg. I was able to turn my head some to see where Tonia was. She was standing in the door frame watching the goings on with such a smile. She probably was snickering when I was probed. This time the mouth as my gag was removed and my mouth was thoroughly checked out with her fingers. The gag replaced before I had a chance to verbally protest. Next I was fingerprinted and then released from the table.

Jessica laid a Taser on the table, before she released my wrists, the implication that if I misbehaved, she would Taser me. I was stripped then helped into a pink jumpsuit, the same one used for their female prisoners. No underwear at all was provided, the jumpsuit far from comfortable. Yes, the corset was still on my body and felt tighter somehow. Handcuffed again behind my back, the leg irons applied, then taken back out to Tonia’s patrol car. In the back seat fastened in, waiting for Tonia. She came out, then drove in the direction of the courthouse. My only thoughts, gawd no, she is taking me before a judge.

Sure enough that is where I was taken, made to wait in a small room until the chambers were free, then, right before a judge, another friend of Tonia’s. Another large smile from the judge as the charges were read by the bailiff. My mind was so screwed up, not hearing half of what was said. I did hear him ask what my plea was. I couldn’t speak so no answer to his question. The gavel, as it hit the desk startled me, his words echoing in my empty mind. “The court finds you guilty of grand larceny. I sentence you to ten years’ probation, with a member of law enforcement present at all times to see that you behave yourself. I authorize restraints if the subject is hostile and also treatments to insure the subject sees the error of her ways.” All I heard was ‘her ways’, I am not a female. The gag though keeping any thoughts from becoming vocalized.

He continued, “The treatments are to be carried out immediately, with another court appearance scheduled so that I can see if they were performed in an adequate manner. The treatments to be performed no later than tomorrow noon, at this late hour, a night in jail probably necessary to impress upon the prisoner, the severity of her crime. At no time is she to be allowed out of her restraints until after the treatments have been carried out. At that time, a tracking anklet is to be installed and kept there until her sentence had been served in its entirety. If the prisoner insists on not responding, you have my permission to use appropriate measures to bring this defiance to an end.

If that is all this court is recessed.” Tonia gave the judge a hug and I was dragged out of the courtroom. I stared at her as she hugged the judge, with me in handcuffs and ankle cuffs unable to speak or defend myself. Than a thought crossed my mind, she just hugged the judge, I think there is something going on here. My mind was in shambles. Treatments, night in jail, kept in restraints, tracking bracelet, a member of law enforcement present at all times, way too many things trying to infiltrate my mind. Back at the station, I was led to a cell and locked inside. I set there trying to figure out any of this. I felt like crying, but was also so turned on, that I couldn’t get comfortable. I heard the deputy leave, hoping that Tonia was still here. It was quiet for a while, maybe I was alone. My eyes tried to close several times, wanting to sleep, but afraid of something more happening if I did slip into sleep.

Tonia finally came to the door of the cell. “Well, you have really messed up now. Found guilty and a criminal record, plus ten years’ probation. Maybe it will do you some good and you will straighten out. Get up off the bed and I will attempt to make you more comfortable, remember, any more trouble and you will be facing mandatory jail time. She came in undid my handcuffs and leg irons then pushed me back on the bed. I was given a few sips of water through the gag, then asked if I had to use the bathroom. I nodded no, so she cuffed my wrists to the top of the bed frame and my ankles to the other end of the bed.

She leaned down and kissed me, the most passionate kiss I have ever received from her. Heart fluttering, out of breath, perspiration, and soul shattering shivers permeated my body. Gawd, I love her so much! I still don’t understand today, but maybe this is all for some grand scheme. I closed my eyes, getting a little peck on each eyelid and she left. All alone with my thoughts, scary yet exciting. I dozed off and on during the night, with the lights turned off I heard someone checking on me, but couldn’t see who it was. Early the next morning, I was awoken as the lights were turned back on, Tonia coming into my cell and releasing me from the bed. I was allowed to use the toilet in the corner of the cell. It was just in time, a few more minutes and I probably would have made quite a puddle on the floor.

I was handcuffed again and the leg irons applied and taken to her car. I am sure I looked a total mess, but without a mirror I had no idea. She drove me to a salon on the other side of town the sign on the front sporting the name Turnabout Gurl Salon. I was led inside, embarrassment sweeping over me as I was led in wearing handcuffs and leg irons, the chain dragging on the floor. A lady was waiting for me, signing a piece of paper for Tonia, and my wife disappearing quickly out the door. I was led to a back room, away from the crowd, the place was actually full, a surprise, since the clock on the wall showed it was just a few minutes after eight in the morning.

In the room, I was led over to a stand near the side of the room and my handcuffs were released and re-attached to the bar at the top of the stand. My jumpsuit was removed and suddenly I was naked in front of this lady and the world. The corset was next, as she undid it I realized how tight it had been on my body. Looking down my body still kept the shape the corset had given me, narrow waist and larger in the hips. The leg irons were finally removed as I now was able to move my legs some, a welcome relief.

She reached for a jar of cream and soon I was covered in the white cream, not any areas missed below my chin. It was left on for a while as she gathered her things for my next treatment. Now I understood what the judge meant about my treatments, but was clueless as to why.

I had, at a younger age, played with the gender roles, occasionally dressing as a female. No strong attraction to the dressing, although it was pleasant and relaxing at the time. It had been discussed with Tonia at the time of our marriage, but not dwelt upon. It even got mentioned at a therapy session when I was having trouble sleeping and had been sent to a psychologist. But only briefly, and there again, nothing was said about it after the session.

My technician used some towels to remove the cream, my sparse amount of body hair coming off with the cream. I was moved from my hanging position to a funny looking chair similar to a dentist’s chair. Strapped in and my legs spread far apart. During all of this the gag was still in place guaranteeing no protest or questions. A towel was laid over my eyes after my hands were attached to the armrests of the chair, plunging me into darkness.

During the next time span, they worked on my nails, shampooed and conditioned my hair and fiddled with something on my chest. I had an idea by the time they were finished, I would be female in appearance. Tonia had never hinted at anything like this, so the reasons for the changes remained unknown. The only thing I was sure of, is my excitement at everything that was happening to me. If I had not been so embarrassed at my nudity, I am sure I would be coming all over the place. I was in a state of extreme bliss, severally frustrated and nervous as what was to come.

The restraints added to the excitement, not being able to quench any of my desires making each desire that much more compelling. There was some suction added to my chest, my groin lost all feeling, and I was hungry and thirsty. I did get some water squirted into my mouth from time to time, temporarily satisfying my need for liquid. After hours in the chair, and a stint under a hair dryer things seemed to be wrapping up. The curlers were removed from my hair, a bra was placed on my chest cupping my new developments. The bra felt good, caressing my new assets and making them feel secure. They seemed to be huge, projecting significantly from my chest in a proud way. The weight of my breasts seemed much heavier than I thought they should be, even in the bra there was quite a downward pull on my chest.

My hands were released, as I moved them to my chest to see what was there I encountered two soft mounds, my new longer nails getting there way before my hands arrived. As one of the techs was working on my face, another was adding the tracking bracelet around my ankle. A pair of shoes was slid on to my feet, my toes pointing down in a severe arch as the result of being in the shoe. It was almost too much, sensations, feelings, and restraints all sending messages to my brain overloading every circuit there. My makeup was finished, a coat of lipstick the last to be applied.

Why all of this was happening did try and make it through my mind, but it was just too much. There were brief interludes when Tonia showed me her love for me, scorched into my very soul. The rest of the time, I was just a citizen that had broken the law to her. The fact that I was innocent apparently having no bearing on any of this. I had been set-up by Tonia of all people, but for what reason. A true mystery that I hoped would get solved very shortly before I went crazy.

I stood at the front of the salon waiting for Tonia to pick me up, there was no male left, nothing but a woman stood waiting for her lover. I am not sure if this something Tonia wanted, a male husband and lover no longer needed or wanted. Maybe our marriage is already on the rocks, this just a way to embarrass me ending the relationship. Through the salon door I see her park the car outside, I decided to wait inside to see if I am still wanted or desired.

Tonia enters the salon, eyeing me up as soon as she clears the doors. She walks around me checking out everything. Then, to my disappointment she gets out her handcuffs and my hands are handcuffed behind my back for the umpteenth time in two days. Led back out to her car and placed in the back seat. Leg irons attached and she leans in to kiss me on the lips. I close my eyes, heaven on earth is all I can think of. She drives me toward the courthouse again, if this is a prank why would I be appearing before the judge again.

I had to wait longer for the judge, the small room again my place of residency. I stood there trying desperately to figure out why and if this is real or some elaborate scheme. No conclusions were made, everything still so confusing to me. Tonia came to get me, the judge now free. As I stood in front of the judge, I looked down in shame. Maybe I am guilty of something, although I have no idea what it is. He is looking over some papers, making little noises as he goes through the stack.

He stares at me, I guess waiting for me to say something. Unfortunately, the gag is still in place, although I have gotten used to it somewhat. “Since the defendant is still defiant, I grant all the petitions of the probation officer. Her gender is to be changed to female, I revoke her driver’s license immediately, only a state I.D. is to be issued. We cannot have a defiant criminal on the streets. She is confined to her residence unless accompanied by her probation officer. There are to be no exceptions whatsoever. Additional restraints as needed are allowed and preferred. Now unless the defendant wishes to speak to the court on her behalf, this court is adjourned.” He looked at me, since I could not respond the gavel landed hard on the desk and I was led off by Tonia.

Back to her car, then in another direction. When we pulled up in front of the drivers’ license office I swallowed hard. She is going to carry out my sentence. I shed a tear, as it slid down my face, figuring everything between Tonia and I was over. I was dragged to the counter, the handcuffs and the leg irons were still on limiting my walking to very short steps. Tonia handed the lady a piece of paper and my old driver’s license. The lady cut it up, changed something on her computer, than had me stand in front of a screen. My picture was taken, then processed and soon a new state I.D. was handed to Tonia. It was shown to me, the gender space clearly marked Female.

Back to her car, now tears freely flowing down my cheeks. I was ignored as she drove us home, eventually parking in our garage. She went into the house for a while leaving me in the back seat handcuffed and miserable. Soon, she made her way to the garage carrying some boxes from the house. Clearly marked on the box was Charlie’s clothes. After all of the boxes were stacked in the corner, I was taken out of the back seat and taken into the house. My leg irons were removed, the fact that I could walk more normally a good feeling. Well somewhat normal for a male wearing high heels. Steered toward our bedroom, then set on the side of the bed. She removed my handcuffs, my hands instantly rubbing my wrists.

She sat down next to me making me look directly at her face. My hands were placed in my lap, holding them there for a minute so that I knew to keep them there. My gag was still in place, it no longer bothered me, but it did assure her that I would not interrupt.

“I am sure you have lots of questions. This all started coming together shortly after we were married. When you confided in me your attempts at dressing as the opposite sex. Then reaffirmed when you met with the psychologist. When I discovered your love of being restrained, a crazy idea entered my mind. It has grown over the years, almost taking a life of its own. The idea festered for a while, grew some more, then this final version emerged.

“I wanted this where you had no choice, everything destined for you would happen, nothing you could do affecting or changing a single thing. I arranged all of this myself, once I filled in the people involved, they saw what I saw and joined in willingly. This is your life now, I want this, and am pretty sure you desire the same. That is why we are having this discussion now, where you have one chance to stop all of this.

“Your name has been changed to Charlie Sue Grafton, and the gender to female. This makes you my wife legally. The court order placing you on probation is real. If you are caught out of the house without me you will be taken to jail and I will be summoned, since I am your probation officer. You have quit your job, a convicted felon not able to be in that position. Your new job is as my wife, to take care of me, love me and eventually raise our children. That is your only job from here on out.

“If you don’t want any of this, you can get up and walk out of the bedroom. I will accept your decision and get all the things I have done to you reversed. If you like what has been done, lay back on the bed and I will show you how much I care for you.”

I tilted my head a little to get a better look at her face, my mind on overdrive as all of her words were running through it. I saw the love in her eyes, I have seen it before but it somehow seemed more intense now. I knew my answer before she explained everything to me, but just had not accepted it wholeheartedly. I leaned closer to her, put my arms around her pulling her closer to me and then laid back pulling her with me to the bed. I let out a big sigh, putting my lips on hers and trying to suck her essence into me. It felt right and I could already feel her love flowing into me.

The rest of the day and evening were a blur, kissed, nibbled on, cuddled, held tight in her arms, it was wonderful. Nothing to worry about anymore, I had a new job, my only job to take care of my lover for ever more. It was half way through the next day before I was allowed out of the bed. On wobbly legs I went to the bathroom, sat and did my business. On the throne, I finally realized I was naked, not a stitch of clothing anywhere on my body. As I wandered back to the bedroom, I found a gorgeous robe to slip on, as it encased my body shivers spread everywhere.

I wandered to the kitchen to find Tonia sipping on a cup of coffee. Since the pot was not on, I presumed it was instant. I quickly got to work making a fresh pot and turning it on. Then I walked to the table, pulled her up to her feet and leaned in to kiss her. I applied as much enthusiasm to the job as I could, trying to impress my lover that I loved her so much. I felt a pair of hands sliding my robe open, then finding my nipples caressing them and nipping them. I leaned forward to make sure she could get to them without any trouble, her smile telling me that she appreciated the action. When she sat back down, I parked myself on her lap, my place now that I was her live in lover and wife.

Tonia got up from the table as she helped me to stand, reached behind her back to her belt, grabbed her handcuffs and applied them to my wrists, then dragged me willingly to the bedroom. There was quite a bit of giggling going on, but when she pushed me back on the bed, I moaned in lust. Maybe this isn’t so bad, although I knew I would have to take time later to make dinner for my probation officer. I vowed to squeeze it in somehow.

I quickly found out being a wife is a full time job, from early in the morning until she got home it was cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, and meal preparation. I did find a little time for myself, setting my hair in curlers, doing my makeup, and finding something nice to wear trying to stay on the good side of my probation officer.

Tonia still found ways to play her little games. I sighed when confronted with one of her schemes, but put up with it. It just showed how much she loved me. It also kept me humiliated most of the time, not every wife gets to go grocery shopping in handcuffs with a deputy or probation officer present.

Then there was the time when I was trying to get my very pale skin a little color. I was laying on a towel on the patio in the sun and had just added some sunscreen to my body when I heard sirens approach. I sighed, but when the sirens turned off I let out a sigh of relief. Then almost dozing off, I heard Gemma one of her deputies tell me to lay perfectly still. She was pointing a gun at me, then telling me to put my right hand behind my back. She snapped the cuff on me, then had me place my left hand behind me and attached the other half of the cuffs to that wrist. She helped me up, my bikini top and bottom falling off to the towel. I had untied the strings to keep from getting tan lines.

I was marched to the squad car, stark naked and placed in the back seat. I am sure the neighbors got a good view of me as I was put in her patrol car. To confirm that fact Jennifer our next door neighbor came out to the patrol car and told me she would lock up for me. With a big smile, she told me to say hi to Tonia, she just hopes I don’t have to spend the night in jail. She turned around and walked back to pick up my towel and lock the patio doors as if this happened all the time at my house.

I knew that my cuffs at the grocery store were never commented on anymore. I wonder just how many people are aware of Tonia’s and my relationship. Never mind, it is there and I love it, no matter how many people know about it.

The ride to the police station seemed longer than normal, I have made this trip far more often than I preferred recently. Gemma parked behind the station and led me in. I found out she was off duty, doing this favor for Tonia and me. I was taken to a cell, still in my birthday suit and getting cold. My nipples are hard because of the cold and very erect.

Tonia came in later telling the deputy that I was to be charged with public indecency, fingerprinted and booked. I never did receive any clothes to wear, spending most of the day naked, my nipples constantly hard and about frozen due to the cold cells. Apparently Tonia posted bail for me, when she got off work I would be allowed to go home with her. No clothes, and the damned handcuffs and leg irons applied for the ride home.

Then Tonia had the nerve to tell me that dinner was overdue, so I quickly made her something to eat, still naked and turned on to the hilt. I took the time to undress her and make my attack, I was so horny, wanting her and her mouth on me in the worst way. I was able to control myself, fearing if I acted on my thoughts I might find myself back in jail, my growing criminal record getting longer every day.

She did handle my desires after feeding her face, then I had to get up after being ravished and do the damn dishes before I could go to sleep. I did get cuddled, a position I have learned to love, nestling snugly into her arms every chance I get.

There were many more visits to the salon for me in the following months, my assets were made more permanent, and my femininity enhanced so that there was no doubt about my gender. I now have light blonde hair nearly to my waist, a real pain to take care of, but since my betrothed wants it that way, a necessity for me to make her happy. I never got my driver’s license back, always taken to the store or shopping. On the times that one of my rides is not available I get to ride the bus but have to call every ten minutes and report my location or they send a patrol car looking for me.

Everybody in our little town knows me on sight, often taking the time to talk to me or just gossip with me on what is happening in my life. When I am allowed a few moments at the mall without my probation officer present, my female friends often get the door for me as I am often in some type of restraints and unable to get it myself. Weird maybe, but everyone sees the love between us, especially when Tonia is in one of her affectionate moods, me being kissed passionately on the street or in a store, thought nothing of. Often I am not able to hold her or return the kiss because I am in restraints, but I can and do lean in as close as I can, snuggling into her embrace all the more.

The last few days Tonia has talked about us more and what we might do to up the ante some, a small smile appearing on my face, whatever she decides will be fine with me. As long as I am in her embrace come evening. Forever restrained in love, such a nice feeling.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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