Chantilly; Flowers For A Southern Belle

I was working in one of the Florida theme parks, not the big D world but still one that attracted a lot of tourists. The concept was mainly centered on water skiing and fast boats. For some of the other tourists we had beautiful gardens, with acres of flowers on display at all times, spread among some natural Florida landscape. The attraction that held the most interest for me was the Southern Belles, attired in their gorgeous dresses a pleasant sight for tourist or visitor as they walked through the gardens. Of course, especially for this particular park employee.

I was employed as a gardener, about five acres of gardens for me to watch over. My job was to keep all the old flowers picked off, keep the flowering shrubs trimmed and neat and replant a small portion of my acreage every day to insure future blooms for the tourists. It was not a hard job, sometimes sweaty but never physically taxing. Watering was automatic, thank goodness or I would have never been able to keep up.

I did find time to admire the real scenery of the park, the girls attired in the gorgeous Southern Belle dresses my main interest. Although my flowers looked beautiful, there was no contest when paired against the delightful belles. One gal in particular always attracted my attention, a tallish blonde that was well endowed. She always wore pink or ivory dresses, her skirts over five foot wide from side to side. She had been at the park for quite a while starting just a few weeks prior to when I started. She was nice always saying hi to me as she wandered the park. I especially liked it when a tourist would stop her to take a picture near my area. A special treat for me, allowing a longer glance and a chance to watch her interact with the tourists.

It actually took me weeks before I found out her name, one of the other belles calling her name the only way I found out. Her name was Colette, at least as far as the park is concerned. I found out later that a lot of the girls used a fake name in the park trying to keep their personal life private from the few males that were determined to abuse the privilege. One such male had traced one of the girl’s real name to an address and even visited her there. A neighbor called the police on him and he was removed from the scene. It was obvious he was inebriated, causing the slurred words and his pawing at the girl. Shortly after that incident the park issued new ID for all the girls, their fake name now on the park ID, next to their picture. As an added safeguard, the ID picture was taken while in costume with full makeup and hair do.

It was approaching the end of another week, when my boss came by asking me to stop and go see Evelyn in personnel. I tried to find out what it was about, fearing that I was going to be let go. Hopefully, it was just my overactive imagination since the crowds have been fairly good recently. I washed up a little, not good to show up in the offices looking muddy and unkempt. I even ran a brush through my hair getting out the tangles then redoing it in my usual low ponytail. I left the employee dressing rooms and headed to the office. I was shown right in, Evelyn obviously waiting for me. After greeting me I was asked to sit and she returned back to the chair behind her desk.

She made some small talk, then paused. I figured here it comes, we no longer need you, please clean out your locker and we will send your last check. Instead she asked if I was willing to explore something new in my employment with them. I look puzzled, but she just smiled and continued on. We are doing some new things with the Southern Belles, and you happen to fit the parameters we are looking for. Again the puzzled look, then I managed an intellectual huh in response. She smiled again and then asked if I had met Colette in the park yet. I managed to nod my head yes, telling her we often exchange greetings as she walks around the park.

“Colette is heading this new concept, an idea she had come up with a little over a year ago. The executives have worked on the idea, finally presenting it to the CEO for approval. Last week it was approved, five employees to be picked to be part of this new concept. We have run all of the employee’s profiles through the computer trying to find suitable matches to the requirements of the new program. It is not only looks we are looking for but also knowledge of the park. The selected ones will be essentially tour guides, handling large groups of tourists visiting from other countries or part of a special group vacationing in the area.

We found four nearly perfect matches, but the fifth spot is still not filled. Repeated searches with the computer came up with the same results, your name the fifth employee qualified for the job. If this sounds like something you might be interested in I will refer you to Colette, for her to tell you what part you might hesitate agreeing to. I was about to say something, working with Colette would be a dream come true. Instead Evelyn suggested I wait to say anymore, then head down to Belle costuming where Colette will be waiting for you.

I thanked her for considering me, then left to head down to costuming. I did catch a smirk on her face as I left the office. Since I have been here working in gardening I have never been in the costuming warehouse, I knew where it was and have seen the results of their efforts, the belles the most obvious of that group. In the park it was known as Belle HQ. They also did the bathing suits for the skiers and a few costumes for a skit that was part of the water ski show, but their main function was dressing and handling the Southern Belles. As I entered I was astounded at the thousands of dresses housed therein. I asked for Colette at the front desk and was shown to a room at the side of the warehouse. I was passed by several young ladies all in costumes their dresses brushing up against me as they maneuvered through the aisle. Quite a feat since their dresses were so wide.

I knocked on the door and was told to enter. Colette welcomed me and had me sit down on a couch at the back of the room. It was a cozy grouping with her sitting right next to me. I was thrilled, not having been this close to her since I first saw her. She smiled and told me that she needed to be serious for a few minutes, for me to listen to all she has to say before I say anything.

“I know you are attracted to me, it is obvious how you stare at me and follow everything I do. For the next few moments that needs to be set aside and you need to focus on what I have to say. I came up with this idea to have some specially trained tour guides for large groups of tourists that can show the features of the park to its best advantage. Along with a translator most foreign groups would be the best served by this service. They will take the groups through the park, answer questions about the park, gardens and about the ski shows we put on. Because the park has some notoriety with the Southern Belles, each tour guide will be dressed as one.”

She paused to let me work out what she just said. My mind was trying to put the pieces together, but being so close to Colette was affecting my thought processes. Then it hit me, they wanted me to dress as a Southern Belle. I opened my mouth, tried to say something but the only thing that emerged was what. She reached over to hold my hand, I looked at her hand holding mine, but my vocal cords were still not functioning, frozen in time. I leaned back against the back of the sofa and closed my eyes. She squeezed my hand again to get me to open my eyes, then started explaining why I was selected out of the two thousand plus employees of the park.

“We were looking for someone between five foot eight and six feet, weighing less than one hundred and forty pounds, essentially someone thin and fairly tall. They have to have longer hair, softer facial features including a thin nose and no prominent jaw line. That was it for the looks requirements. But the essential thing was knowledge of the park. They had to have been working here for at least four years, and out in the park, not in support behind the scenes. The other four chosen were former or present belles, but the fifth one was not to be among that group. We had some close to the qualifications but they were missing some important facet of the requirements, mainly knowledge about the park. So we ran everybody through the computer again. Each time you name came up as the most logical choice. Your knowledge of the plant life especially valuable since we have many groups coming for the gardens only. Finally I met with the head of costuming and we pulled a picture from you personnel file and ran it through a program we have here to show a person dressed and made up as a Belle. Due to how that picture turned out we have found our fifth person.”

“Evelyn and I have went over your personnel file looking for some reason you might turn us down, like being married or living with your parents. We didn’t want to offer the job to you if there was some extenuating circumstances other than you just don’t want to dress as a female. The fifth Belle is necessary since we have announced the program a few weeks back and have now commitments for all five individuals plus me for the next year. A great start but now a major problem. I had you meet me here in the costuming warehouse because I want you to experience being dressed as a Belle before you turn us down. Please give it a try, myself and the park will be forever in your debt if you will help us out.”

“Nobody will know but myself and your dresser, Cathy is discreet and has been a friend of mine since I started working here. Can I get you to give it a try? Please.”

I set there in shock, trying to process all she has told me. I am not even sure I heard everything she said. She squeezed my hand again and pulled me to my feet. I followed her to a changing room towards the back of the warehouse, stumbling along since my mind was still not with the program. We entered the room and she helped me remove my clothes except for my boxers. I should be thrilled that she is doing it, but the dress behind her hanging there was very intimidating and had all of my limited brain function focused on it. Cathy came in with a garment in her hand and it was unfolded and placed around my waist.

They hooked it together in front, then tightened the laces in the back. Soon I was gasping for some air, it restricted my air intake severally. Colette told me to relax, take a deep breath and calm down. About the third time she told me I managed to get enough air to keep from fainting. My boxers were removed and replaced with a white pantie, for which I had to firmly bite my tongue to keep from doing something I definitely would be embarrassed about. Luckily I was facing away from them when the boxers slid down my legs, the red in my face also distracting them. As soon as I stepped in to the panty I reached down and pulled them up as fast as I could, trying desperately to get junior confined before I erupted. The corset didn’t help any, making it almost impossible to reach the panty, to get it up my legs.

Then the two of them laid the dress on the floor and had me step inside it. The dress was pulled up sliding over my hips and nestled around my chest. I looked down and saw some small breasts lying in the cups of the corset, now the top of those small breasts peeking out from the bodice of the dress. As I was zipped up in the back I immediately noticed the weight of the dress and how the skirt swirled around me with the slightest movement of my body. I was moved a few feet so I was standing in front of a mirror, the image reflecting back feminine and pretty. My head looked out of place on top of this gorgeous dress, but other than that I looked like a Southern Belle. While I was still trying to avoid this action, Colette leaned in and briefly kissed me right on the lips. Well that short circuited everything, leaving me in a daze and essentially brain dead.

I just stood there, lost in my thoughts, actually considering myself in the role. I think Colette saw that, since I was sat at a large vanity and Cathy started on my makeup and hair style. I had to lift my skirt over the vanity stool as the skirt spread out all around me. Even though I was sitting on something that could not be seen.

Some curlers were placed in my hair, while she applied some makeup to my face. It took her about forty minutes to convert me, now my head looked like it belonged on this body. The curlers removed and a brush used to shape the hairstyle. Then before I could figure out what to do or say, Colette pulled me up and led my outside. I had been given some low heels what all the girls wore in the park. About two inches high and with a block heel making it easier to walk the trails through the park.

I tried to resist, but Colette had one goal in mine and she was determined to succeed. Then the next thing I remembered was walking among some of the park’s guests with Colette. Before I knew it we were out in the tourist part of the park strolling along waving to the visitors and posing for pictures. I was reluctant to do any waving, but Colette’s elbow in my side quickly gained the desired results. I was surprised how many times I was asked to have my picture taken, to me Colette much more attractive as a beautiful belle.

As I was asked often to pose for pictures, the first few times I looked behind me thinking they were asking someone else. I can still close my eyes and see the flashbulbs of the many cameras that captured my image on film. The time seemed to pass quickly, then we returned to the warehouse to use the bathroom and grab something to drink. Going to the bathroom in the dress was a major task, Colette having to help me at several points. Then back out to the gardens for several more hours. No chance to question her about any of this, she just grabbed my hand and led me off. She kept me out there for almost three hours, then we headed back to Belle HQ. She finally told me we were through for the day.

At the warehouse Cathy helped me undress, then handed me a skirt and blouse. I looked at the two items then at Cathy, then at Colette trying to figure out what I was to do with the clothes. Colette leaned in closer, put them on, your clothes got lost and if you want to leave the park you have to wear them. Well with no functioning brain to see the fallacy there, I slipped on the skirt, then the blouse and Colette quickly led me out of costuming. I was taken to her car and told to get in. I had my mouth open, with not a single word escaping. She repeated her request and I did finally get in her car. She drove me to her house, a nice ranch house about twelve miles from the park, Definitely in an area that I would never be able to afford to live in, much less visit.

I was lost, totally lost. I was in a skirt and blouse after working the majority of the day as a costumed Southern Belle. Now to be taken to Colette’s house, my mind could not figure out what was going on. When we got to her house, she parked in the garage and pointed to the door right in front of me. I got out of her car, the skirt I was given making it more difficult than it should be. As I approached the door, I hesitated not sure if I could handle being with Colette alone. Well she handled that quickly as she walked through the door dragging me right behind her. I was led to a living room, then pushed down on the sofa. She went off to the kitchen, returning with some drinks for us. She sat right next to me, only a few inches between our legs. I quickly took a drink, needing something to help clear my parched and silent throat. Something for my nerves would be appreciated too, but that was not to be offered.

She started the conversation, much to my relief. I didn’t really know what to say anyway. “Did you enjoy the day as a Southern Belle?”

I nodded my head, words still not able to escape my mouth.

“Good then you will be our fifth and final Belle.”

I raised my hand to say something, then quickly put it down and stared at the floor. I felt a hand under my chin, then her eyes focused on mine. “Look it is obvious you did not hate what I had you do today. With a little more practice I am sure you will learn to enjoy it. The money is good, some free clothes in the deal and lots of exposure to people that could lead to better things for you. Just think of it as an acting job, a part that you have to play every day to be able to support yourself.”

Now that is handled, let’s talk about you and me. I have always had an interest in you from the first day I saw you working in the park. I always slowed down so that I was in view for a longer period of time. I thought I would get some reaction from you, but you stayed with your work and just stared at me. I found out from your boss and several co-workers that is just how you are, very reclusive and shy.

Then this project got the green light and I had my hands full trying to find suitable employees for the positions. I smiled inwardly when your name came up on the first search through the employee’s profiles. At the time I did not even consider you for one of the positions. We ran everybody’s profiles through several times, your name always there for the fifth spot. I ran a picture of you through our software, a cute candidate for the fifth Belle always the outcome.

I talked to my boss and we decided a one day run through might be the best way to proceed. That way we could see your interaction with the tourists, and also how convincing you would be in costume. Well the results are in and I have found my fifth Southern Belle. Now are you going to resist or do I need to persuade you some more. I scooted back on the sofa as far as I could but she just moved even closer. I started to say that I was scared, this just too much for me to handle. Before I could finish the sentence I was kissed on the lips, her hands on either side of my face making me look her in the eyes. A few seconds into the kiss, I closed my eyes enjoying the feelings coursing through my body.

I was still scared to death about doing this, but didn’t want to let Colette down. At least that is what I was telling myself. I never did get to express my concerns that afternoon and evening, every time I would start I would be hugged, kissed or fondled, making me lose my concentration. When she undressed me and slipped a nightie over my head, I gave up. I was dragged off to bed, hugged and spooned all night long. The next morning I was greeted with a sensuous kiss and called Chantilly, my new park name. Oh well, life as a gardener now apparently over for me.

I spent a day at a salon that did makeovers for the park, not knowing when I showed up how drastic the makeover would be. I was to find out it would be an all day appointment, Chantilly in all of her feminine charms the end product. No half measures here, Chantilly now a 24/7 reality.

My body hair was removed, including my eyebrows then a moisturizing cream applied to help make my skin soft and supple. A false vagina glued over my male appendage, giving me the classic female camel toe look. Then a set of breast forms to balance the look. The techs did some other things, but lets face it with the pair of breasts that were now on my chest, I was not paying any attention to anything else they were doing. Suffice to say by three o’clock that afternoon I was ready to join the belle workforce as a natural female. Back to Belle headquarters and into one of my gowns, then shod in a pair of heels and taken to a waiting group of Japanese tourists waiting for a tour. I had a translator, and spent the next four hours guiding them around the park pointing out the gardens and flowers we used. The only thing that kept the tour from continuing was the sun setting. They talked with the translator, then with the park executive in charge of the tours when we got back. I had been requested to do the same tomorrow, going over the areas we had already seen and the parts we had missed. I had not been assigned anything for tomorrow so their request was granted. A full day escorted tour would make the park a ton of money a fact I know they would be happy about.

After I had started on the tour I never even thought of my disguise, I was just a female helping some tourists see the natural beauty of the park. I did take them to spots that the tourist seldom saw, in particular a huge orchid affixed to a Magnolia showing over a hundred flowers in all of their splendor. Then right next to the Magnolia a squirrel nursing a couple of new babies. It was in my old area of responsibility and the squirrel was used to seeing me. My new female looks not bothering it any.

I succumbed to the role full time, one more visit to the salon for more realistic enhancements to my body. I enjoyed my work, even learning some foreign languages so that I could communicate with my guests easier. Now I do the tours, but only for the garden portions of the park. Past experiences have made me quite popular, now often the groups when signing up for the tours requesting me.

I never did get back to my apartment, that one night with Colette turning into a regular occurrence. I even sold my car, the two of us often going into work together. A year into my new job I attended a private wedding ceremony, next to the big Magnolia, the huge orchid plant offering up hundreds of blooms to honor the two blushing brides. We were dressed in our fanciest Belle dresses, with the several other Belles as bridesmaids. A truly magical moment, one that I will treasure forever.

Colette has moved up in management, but I have stayed as a belle, my first love. Six days a week for at least three hours a day depending on the size and number of the groups. A wonderful job, a loving boss and a life I want to live forever. It all started with flowers for a Southern Belle.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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