Tatum; Earrings And Beyond

We were out shopping at the mall again, my wife Molly looking for some clothes for work while I was looking at earrings. Long dangling earrings has always been a weakness of mine, not for myself but for Molly. Lets face it Molly looks really hot with long earrings hanging from her earlobes, caressing her neck as she moves her head. I get turned on just thinking about her in long earrings. I presume I am not a normal husband, what male fantasizes about his wife’s earrings, totally disregarding her choice of clothes, underwear or her makeup and hairstyle.

Molly came up to me, kisses me on the cheek, then tells me to go ahead and pick out one pair. I am sure if I don’t let you buy me a pair you are going to sulk all afternoon, like you have done in the past. She went back to her clothes shopping shaking her head at me, while I eagerly started going through the selection of earrings looking for the perfect pair for her ears.

Since she has a long narrow neck and cute elegant ears, the longer earrings look so good on her. I looked through the rack for almost a half hour, Molly coming to collect me with her clothing choices laid over her arm. I picked up my favorite of the group and walked with her to the register. Like usual I paid for all of the purchases, a dutiful husband pampering his wife and lover. Just like clockwork I was given a sensuous kiss in thanks, having to hold on to her until my erection subsided enough to be able to be seen without a tent in my pants. Of course, Molly was giggling away, knowing what her sensuous kisses were capable of.

Since we were out, a nice dinner at one of our favorite establishments made the day even better. Hernando’s Hideaway served Mexican food, but unlike others this was true Mexican food, not some Americanized facsimile thereof. We have been coming here often enough so that the waitresses knew us by name. Today we were served by Juanita, the wife of the owner of the restaurant who works alongside her other waitresses on most days. Our favorite is the combination plate, featuring burritos, tacos, chile rellenos, and a tamale. So good, with a choice of hot sauces to spice it up just the way we like it available for us to choose from.

Our appetite satisfied food wise, we returned home as she went to the bedroom to hang up her new clothes, I usually do not pay that much attention to her clothes, but one dress in particular had caught my fancy at the store. A lavender dress similar to a LBD in style, but made of a silky material, hugging every feminine nuance of her body. When she had tried it on at the store, I visibly gulped, that dress sure to make my heart rate soar and my mouth hang open in lust. My mind still had that image of her in the dress front and center over an hour later. I started thinking of where we could go, so that particular dress would be appropriate.

I meanwhile had parked myself in front of my computer deciding to do a little work, to make up for the five hours we had spent at the mall and restaurant. I work from home most of the time, proofing technical reports and papers for correct punctuation and technical data. An easy job, sometimes boring but also never ending.

You would be surprised at the level of inaccuracies that are present in papers written from college professors and scientific types. I can’t complain though, my living for the past few years is solely derived from straightening out these writings. I make a comfortable living, never will become rich, but will be able to afford most things I desire in life.

Molly is the head of a charitable organization, raising funds for disadvantaged youth. She solely deals with raising the funds, while there are several professional healthcare people to dole out the money to those deemed worthy. Since her family has considerable money she donates her time, a fact that the charity is very grateful for.

She is quite good at what she does, but has to make appearances at almost any type of gathering to represent the charity. I am usually asked to accompany her, someone for her to hang on to as she makes the rounds and talks to everybody. I don’t mind, I get to meet a lot of people, but accompanying such a beautiful woman such as my wife is pay enough for me.

Hopefully there will be another event soon, my chance to see her in that dress, maybe with a pair of earrings to match. That would be an added bonus. Maybe the newest pair I had bought her today, the color of the dangling stones will match the dress I want to see her in perfectly. I can picture her wearing the earrings, the stones on thin wires tickling her lower neck, swinging and swaying as she moves her head. If only something like this could happen soon.

Of all the earrings I have bought her over the years, I have only seen her wear maybe a dozen pair, when I mention she has so many to choose from maybe wearing one of them more often would be nice. She just smirks a little, maybe the next time we go out I will wear a pair and that is where it ends until brought up again weeks later. Any attempt to engage her in conversation about the earrings usually dies quickly, as Molly just changes the subject to something else.

I did manage to get most of my work caught up, taking about three hours to accomplish that fact. In the meantime Molly had made up a batch of cookies, a treat she knows I am very fond of. With a cold glass of milk, nothing could be better. After I finish my delicious snack, she cuddles next to me on the couch, getting herself under my arm and her head on my shoulder. Before long I hear her breathing slow, she has went to sleep laying next to me, a frequent happening late at night. I lean back, not wanting to disturb her, maybe I can drift off to with her cuddled up against me.

The need to use the bathroom woke both of us later, since we were so intertwined one getting loose woke the other. After emptying our bladders we headed off to bed, with me sliding in after her. I was immediately pulled into a hug, her head lying on my chest as she stared into my eyes while her fingers played with my ears. I detected a smile every once in a while, but I was soon back asleep. I know my romantic side is severally lacking, a wife in the mood and her husband just goes back to sleep.

The next morning Molly had to do some errands charity wise, so I was left to do my work while she headed off. I finished a little earlier than expected deciding to make us some sandwiches for lunch, a feat I performed very seldom, but I thought Molly deserved a treat today. The sandwiches were a hit, especially since Molly didn’t have to make them. I got my reward, several kisses and again her fingers playing with my ears. That smile was back along with a devious smirk, but when I mentioned the smirk and her playing with my ears she just shrugged her shoulders and ignored the question, as is her usual habit.

She spent most of that afternoon on the phone, talking with members of her charity group. When she does that I make myself scarce, not wanting to have to listen to all of the crap she has to dish out to make them feel they are an integral part of the fund raising efforts. There are some who do help her with her efforts, but also a lot who ride the bus but do nothing to earn the free ride. Molly has to cater to all though, since one bad apple can ruin the whole barrel. A phrase she uses often, incidentally.

She came into my study later dressed to the hilt, wanting me to change clothes and take her out to dinner. I didn’t notice what dress she wore, but the chandelier earrings she had on were one of my favorites, and one of the first pair of long earrings I had bought her.

I ran to the bedroom to change clothes, Molly laughing her head off at my actions. I guess you could call it enthusiasm, but tripping on the throw rug by our bed made it hilarious, Molly coming into the room her husband sprawled out on the bed face down. I tried to recover quickly before she could change her mind about going out. I threw on a pair of pants, then a pull over shirt. Into the bathroom and ran a brush through my hair refreshing the ponytail I usually wore. I used some mouthwash in case some kisses might come my way and headed to the living room where Molly awaited me.

I grabbed her arm and we were out the door, as she was giggling away. I got a kiss at her car door, with her putting her face close to mine and swayed a little. That causing her earrings to swing against my neck, causing all kinds of eruptions on my body. As I attempted to close her door she put her hand on one of my swellings and squeezed, my legs suddenly having a hard time holding me up. I stood against the car for a few minutes while my legs stabilized then staggered to the driver’s side to get in. Molly reached her hand out to rub me again, I looked her in the eyes and told her no, if she expected to get fed in this century. More giggling as she pouted at my refusal of her offer of help.

This time I chose an Italian place, the food prepared while you wait. It did require a longer time before you were served, but more than worth the wait. Luckily the crowd was minimal tonight, as we were seated right away. We ordered and then snacked on some complimentary bread sticks that were offered. Molly talked about a lot of things, but my undivided interest was solely on her earrings. She would stop and ask me a question on what she had said, then giggle uncontrollably when I had no idea how to respond.

She would put her hand up to her ears and play with her earrings watching my eyes follow her every move as she made them sway back and forth. My erection was back, something so simple as her playing with her earrings making me crazy with lust.

Finally the food was served, her lasagna and my spaghetti with meatballs out of this world. I was full but Molly wanted some dessert, I don’t think she was still hungry, but was having too much fun toying with me. Twenty minutes later we finished the ice cream, with me eating most of it. I hoped eating the cold ice cream would help reduce the erection in my pants before I had to stand up to go. Molly was aware of my problem, hugging me tightly as we stood, then squeezing me hard in the groin to make junior deflate. It worked as I was able to pay the bill and escort her to the car. I did detect some spasms of uncontrolled giggling as she tried to keep composed, but was failing to do so miserably.

I was red in the face, and most likely elsewhere as we headed home. As I opened her car door in the garage I received another brushing of her earrings against my neck and face. I am sure on purpose, that smirk on her face getting much bigger and the giggling almost turning into outright laughter. I had to hold on to the car again while my legs stabilized a little. I eventually followed her into the house and then up to our bedroom, her butt swaying so seductively and her awesome earrings matching her movements.

I did get some sleep that night, Molly apparently too tired to keep up the assault on my body. I felt someone climb on top of me early the next morning and let out a groan, gawd she is going to start this all over again. This morning she played a little with my ears, but her main concern was the hair on my chest. I did not have a lot there as a lot of males do, but what little I had was about a little over a half inch long grouped together near the center of my chest. Molly would wrap her finger around a few hairs then pull some. She kept this up, every once in a while mentioning it would be so much nicer if the hair was gone. Then she could rub her hands over my smooth chest and possibly stimulate a nipple if she could find one. At this point in time I think I would have agreed to anything she said, my mind trying desperately trying to balance the feelings from her playing with my ears with her yanking on my chest hair. She did rub over my nipples a time or two, as they instantly grew hard and pointy savoring the rub.

Then as if she threw a switch, she got up and walked to the bathroom ending all her actions immediately. She looked over her shoulder as she walked away, asking if I would drive her to her beauty salon for her appointment. I nodded my head, not really realizing just what I had agreed to. Several minutes later she reminded me to get dressed, her appointment was at nine A.M and she didn’t want to be late. I dressed quickly and we were off to the salon. I briefly wondered why she didn’t drive herself, but it was only a fleeting thought. Once at the salon she wanted me to come in with her, I could set nearby and we could talk as they made her beautiful.

I didn’t see the obvious fallacy here, but followed her in and sat near her as they washed and conditioned her hair. One of the other ladies came by offering some free drinks, I selected a glass of wine, although not my usual drink, this wine much better that ones I had had in the past. I dozed off a little while later, although I felt some hands leading me to a table in an adjoining room some time after that. This room was warmer, and very cozy. I felt some hands remove my clothes from my body, kind of a half awake state but with my eyes firmly closed. I felt them attach something around my wrists and ankles, but nothing more after that. It was like I was in a dream, knowing what I was dreaming about but with no since of reality.

When I awoke I felt the cool air on my body, their air conditioning must have came on covering my body in wave after wave of cool air. I tried to move my arms but felt the restraints and just laid back staring at the ceiling. Another lady approached with a gun like object, cleansed my ear lobe and aimed the gun at a spot on my lobe. My ear got warm as the laser created a hole, one that I would learn would never close up. The other ear handled in the same manner and I now had pierced ears. I raised my head to look at my body, laying it back suddenly as I now realized there was not a single hair left on my body. I felt my hair from my ponytail laying on my shoulder, so it was apparently just my body that was now hair free. One more look, yep even junior was in a hair free zone, looking quite pathetic without his usual camouflage.

I was left there to stare at the ceiling as the room was quiet and the lights had been dimmed somewhat. Molly appeared, giving me an earth shattering kiss, then while I tried to regain some type of sense of what was going on she attached something to each ear, presumably an earring in my newly pierced ears. She added something behind the ear and I heard a click. I was released from the table, as I set up the earrings swayed against my neck causing me to moan in delight. Molly smiled, her husband now knew one of the disadvantages of wearing earrings that are long and sexy.

I put my hand up to feel the earring, lots of tiny wires each with several beads along the length. As I moved my head the wires danced along my exposed neck, the beads making contact with my skin, the inevitable goose pimples sprouting every where. She leaned closer telling me that the earrings are locked on, so I will not have to worry about losing one. Thus you will be able to fully enjoy their looks and feel.

Then she moved her attention to my hair free body, rubbing her fingers over my already aroused nipples. That action only made things worse as I moved my body to avoid her palpitations, my earrings attacking my neck causing me to lose any train of thought I might have had. I was still out of it as Molly dressed me in some clothes, and then led me from the salon.

I was in the car before I realized I was wearing some of her clothes. I did get some pants to wear instead of a dress, but apparently panties instead of shorts. The silky feeling of the panties not helping keep junior under control. The blouse was simple, white in color to go with the light green pants, but almost see through and also made out of the same silky fabric as my panties. I tried to start a conversation several times, but failed as only a word or two escaped before my mind went blank. With the silky feeling of the clothes and the wires of the earrings assaulting my body and neck I couldn’t think straight. Well lets make that I couldn’t think at all, brain functions ceased, most likely for quite a while from the feel of things.

We did make it home, although I don’t remember a thing about the trip. I knew Molly was talking to me, but what she was saying was lost somewhere in the process. I was led into the house, while she went to change clothes, I went to the hall mirror and stared at my new image. I saw a female now, the earrings and the clothes encouraging my image to that of a female. My head still showing a male image, except for the earrings. I held my hands up to block the view of my ears and their dangling adornment, the image reflecting back still that of a male, not of the macho persuasion, but still a normal male. Once I moved my hands so as to not cover my ears, the female me was ever present.

Molly appeared a camera in her hands wanting a photo to remember this occasion by. She took the time to release my ponytail, finger combing my tresses to lay on my shoulders. Camera again in her hands and the shutter rapidly clicking as she took way too many pictures. I tried to evade the lens, turning to and fro trying to keep my face away from the scrutiny of the lens. As she finished taking pictures I tried to grab the camera from her, but in an effort to catch her my body had swayed back and forth several times causing my earrings to go wild, assaulting my mind with thousands of new sensations. I had to stop, fall back in the chair and try and compose myself. Eyes closed, my mind still trying to process all of the new sensations that had assaulted it only a moment ago.

Meanwhile Molly had disappeared, to transfer the pictures to our computer. A normal occurrence after the pictures are transferred would be her sending them to relatives and posting them on our social media sites. Since she is quick on a computer I knew I would be too late to stop her, better to use the time and try to figure out how to deal with the fallout. I knew my Mother would be the hardest to deal with, since she has always wanted a daughter, now the pictures letting her know that one was now available to be assimilated into the family. I pictured her showing up at our door any moment now, hugs and kisses delivered to her new daughter and discussing a possible shopping trip in the future. Gawd why did Molly have to take pictures?

I shook my head in frustration and almost peed my panties as my ears and neck felt they were being caressed by thousands of feathers. I had been trying to stand up, but slumped back into the chair and waited for normal brain functions to return. I couldn’t even think straight, way too many sensations rambling around in that space.

I decided I needed a rest from the earrings for a while, asking Molly to help me get them off. I had tried to unfasten them, but my fingers could not find anything to undo. Molly smiled at me, that smirk returning to her face.

“You just got your ears pierced and you already want to take your earrings out. I am afraid that won’t happen anytime soon. For years you have wanted me to wear long earrings, now you have the chance to show me the advantages of this action, so for the next month those earrings stay in, maybe if you are good I will let you change to a different pair several times during the month. Incidentally, wearing the earrings is 24/7 for the entire month.”

“Now pucker up those lips and give me a kiss, to show your thanks for me letting you get your ears pierced.”

I leaned in towards her, my earrings brushing against my neck, but she was already holding my head in her hands, trying to suck the limited amount of air in my mouth out of it. While she was at it, she checked my tonsils, and ran her tongue over my teeth, with my tongue trying to caress hers. When she pulled back it was all I could do to resume breathing, my eyes closed and my heart beat racing. As she released my head, my new earrings swept against my neck setting off another round of goose pimples. Gawd I will never make it to the end of the month. I doubt I will make in another hour if this keeps up.

I heard the front doorbell as Molly smiled and headed in that direction. I heard talking and sure enough Mom was now here wanting to see and talk to her new daughter. That was quick, only a half hour from receiving the pictures and she was already here. I let out a low moan, put a smile on my face and held my breath for a minute. As she approached her smile stretched from ear to ear. I was hugged enthusiastically, as she took in my appearance and played with my earrings. The first words out of her mouth were now all of those earrings that he has bought for you can be utilized. I gave her such a stare, but it was wasted, Mom’s are immune to stares from their children. Molly and her headed to the kitchen, plans needed to be made and resources checked.

None of this boding well for me, the husband of the main conspirator, bedecked in dangly earrings and his body now hair free. They took in my appearance as I made my way to the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator. My throat was parched, the first sip tasting so good, although leaning my head back to drink the water caused my earrings to sway against my neck, oh gawd here we go again.

Mom after a careful observation of my appearance stated to Molly that my male clothes will just no do, long feminine earrings do not go with pants and a blouse. What Tatum needs is a few cute dresses, the hem way above her knees, to show off those gorgeous legs of hers.

They left for a minute or two then reappeared with their purses on their shoulder. Each took one of my arms and I was soon being led out the front door. Molly drove, her destination the local mall. Up and down the mall trying on dresses in every ladies boutique there. I didn’t get many stares, most everyone thinking I was just another female looking for the perfect dress. Even the ladies helping us at the stores, eager to help me, finding other dresses for me to try while I was there.

Somewhere in the afternoon’s shopping spree, I also received a bra, some breast forms glued to my chest, and of course stockings and a garter belt. Can’t wear a dress with bare legs, at least that was what Mom used as a reason for me getting the hosiery. Molly in the meantime had found a pair of heels that would go with most of the dresses that were chosen for me. When we finally decided to head home, I now owned six dresses, not one single dress coming below mid-thigh. Dressed in the last dress that I had tried on, my fellow shoppers telling me it was just perfect, we adjourned to Molly’s car for the ride home. The earrings were still causing all kinds of havoc with my feelings, every touch of the earrings against my neck making me blissfully aware of their existence. The dress felt funny after wearing it for a few minutes, it was like I had nothing on below the waist. Although it came down to mid thigh, my legs felt like they were totally bare, attempts to pull down the skirt not changing anything. The skirt on the dress was tight, causing me to walk a little differently, impossible to take a full stride as I walked along. I thought about asking to switch to another of the dresses we purchased, but doubted they would be any better.

Mom decided she was hungry, so a side trip to a restaurant across town further delayed my appearance at home. We were seated by the Maitre D, as he pulled out my chair for me, then Molly and Mom had the same thing done for them. Molly had been watching me closely, the smile on my face as he performed that act for me telling her what she wanted to know. As I looked at the menu, I played with my earrings with my free hand, another smirk now showing on Molly’s face. It wasn’t until I looked over to her that I realized what I was doing, the blush coming to my cheeks, a sure sign of being caught red-handed. I was enjoying the earrings now, and most likely dressing as a female, although that final decision was maybe a few days off.

I decided to drop the pretense of being upset at wearing the earrings and dresses, I am sure everyone will come to that

conclusion soon themselves. By the time we had finished dinner, we were just three females out for a day of shopping, although the one female looking particularly feminine and pretty with the long earrings swaying against her neck.

Once back home I got a huge hug from Mom, and a date for another shopping trip later in the week. Molly dragged me to the bedroom, pushed me back on the bed and quickly removed her clothes. She slowly inched her way towards me, a look of pure lust on her face. I closed my eyes then felt her slide my skirt up revealing my garter belt and panties. The panties were moved aside, allowing junior to pop out. She climbed on top of me, while guiding junior to the proper spot. Then in one swift motion lowered herself on him, engulfing him in his entirety. I took in a deep breath, then tried to hug Molly to keep her from pulling away. It was a few moments before a normal heart beat resumed, then I blacked out.

I awoke later, being held tightly in Molly’s arms, her tongue playing in my ear, and every once in a while jerking on the earring. I let out a huge sigh, I now know what my future life will be like, now just to make it day to day the task facing me. It all started with earrings and has went way beyond, I am so lucky.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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