Darla; Fast Pitch Female Softball

We had just moved to the town, Dad getting transferred here to head his company’s local manufacturing plant. It was quite a promotion for him, this particular plant has over five thousand employees, the biggest in the company. The company furnished a home, and of course a company car. Mom was okay with the move, since her sister only lived a few miles to the north. They were already planning side trips and family excursions one we got moved. Sis and I were not that thrilled, we were happy for Dad, but all of our friends were back at our old home, plus we had been on most of the high school sports teams. Now we would have to start all over from scratch, joining and then trying to make a team.

At least, it was the start of summer, so we would have a few months to get acclimated before we had to start school again. The next door neighbors had two girls about our age, so at least Sis had someone to do things with. Through them we heard of a fast pitch softball league that would start in a couple of weeks. Sis had played some softball, but I was a baseball nut. I loved the game and played it, but never was very good at it. But rather than doing nothing softball would be acceptable. I was asked to join them, rather than being bored all summer I relented and joined them.

It was a mixed gender league, boys or girls or a mix was allowed. Jenny and Janey, the next door neighbors had a few friends who wanted to play, the two of us would make the ten required to form a team. That way we would not be forced into a team where we knew very few of the players.

On the first day of registration we all signed up, now we would be known as the Sixth Avenue Dolls, not a name I was thrilled about, but with nine females I was kind of out voted. I guess it could have been worse, but at the time I decided I could live with the name. We practiced quite a bit over the following week, finding what position we could play the best and getting in some experience too. It became fun, playing with nine girls was not what I thought it would be, they were fun but very dedicated to being the best at their position. My sister Kay ended up being the pitcher, after a few days she was striking us all out, her speed and accuracy almost impossible to hit.

We had our first game on the following Friday at six P.M. I was particularly nervous, I could field pretty well, and ended up playing center field, but my hitting was not as good as I would have liked. Okay, let’s be honest here, I couldn’t hit anything that was thrown at me, probably why I was batting ninth, even my sis could do better than me at the plate. The actual tenth member of the team was Bee, she was the alternate pitcher filling in for sis when we had two games only a day or two apart. She was almost as good as my sister Kay, but tired easily, having not pitched as much before this summer.

Two days prior to the game they all descended on our house to try on the shorts and t-shirts that they had ordered. Much to my surprise I was included in the session. I had planned to just wear a pair of cut-offs and one of my cleaner t-shirts. After the girls were all dressed in the brief shorts and the t-shirt, it was my turn. I was reluctant, the color of the shorts was teal and the t-shirt, although white had emblazoned on the back Sixth Avenue Dolls in teal with a burgundy outline. I tried to decline, but soon was attacked by my fellow teammates and the new shirt was being slid over my shoulders. Beth held the shorts in front of me, and raised her eyebrows. I took the hint, if I didn’t put the shorts on they would do it for me. Females in general can be very persuasive and definitely stubborn. I returned to the living room with a lot less clothes on and a bright red face. The t-shirt was tight on me as it was on all of the girls, they planned it that way, but since I had never developed the broad shoulders and arm muscles that most males have, it really accented my lack of a masculine figure. I did run a lot so I was fairly trim in the waist and hips.

All the girls appraised my look, then several grabbed a hold of my arms. I stood there for a minute wandering what they had in mind, when Kay appeared with an electric shaver I knew I had to escape. The rest of the girls joined in either holding me or otherwise keeping me occupied. I was kissed on the ear, the neck and on the lips, while one female grabbed my nipples and twisted some. I moaned but finally gave up, Kay soon had my legs hair free. There was not a lot there to start with, but felt so different without any at all. I seemed to pass inspection then, the girls returned to the subject of our first game, while I just sat to the side and pouted.

I set there listening, realizing how intense these young females were. One of the girls had visited where the other team practiced, and made the rest of us aware of their strengths and weaknesses. As most of their discussions in the past it lasted quite a while. I awoke with a start as Mom was trying to get me awake so I could go to bed. I heard Kay return from the front door, apparently all had left just a few minutes ago. As Mom helped me to stand she complimented me on my smooth legs causing an even brighter red to appear on my cheeks. Kay was standing at the stairs giggling away. “Come on sis I will help you out of your clothes.”

I declined until I looked back down at my body and found I was wearing a sports bra underneath the t-shirt. I felt the restriction around my chest after I saw the two breast looking objects it was encasing. When I got to the top of the stairs Kay took my hand and led me to my bedroom. I was helped off with my t-shirt, then Sis unhooked my bra and laid it on the bed. My breasts plopped down on the bed, looking rather larger then on my chest. I rubbed my chest, with the bra off it felt so good. Sis gave me a tender hug, thanking me for letting them play with me today, I know you were embarrassed, but the girls all like you and just consider you one of us.

I had no idea how they managed to get me into a bra, I don’t remember when or how it was accomplished. I escaped to the bathroom, not knowing what to say to her. I liked all my teammates, one in particular I was in awe of. She was everything I wanted in a girlfriend, but it seemed she had no interest in me. Maybe if I played with them all summer Beth might realize I existed. I brushed my teeth and my shoulder length hair, then slipped into my pajamas and crawled into bed. I laid there staring at the ceiling, thinking of all that had went on the last few weeks. Sometime in that interval I slipped into a restless sleep. The next morning I remembered a few of my dreams, making me turn red instantly. Breasts, Beth and kissing figured prominently in those dreams.

The next day was a repeat of yesterday, we practiced then instead of descending on our house we went to a burger joint, ordering some burgers and lots of fries. I have never seen fries disappear so fast. I was lucky to get five for myself before the plate was empty. The burgers disappeared also, but not near as fast. We agreed to meet at the park an hour before game time, so we could warm up. All the girls were sure their parents would be there, to watch out efforts on the diamond. That was the first time I thought of Dad seeing me in my shorts and t-shirt, my face turning bright red again. Then I thought of my lack of being able to hit anything, I am sure he will be disappointed at his only son before the day is over. In the past being disappointed had become a regular occurrence, never was anything said, but I could tell from his face he wished I would be more like him. Dad was also a sport enthusiast during school, even played minor league baseball for two seasons.

As Kay and I drove back home, she asked what was wrong. I mentioned Dad, she sighed, she had those same feelings with Mom. Her daughter was all sports and academics, never the daughter in dresses and makeup wanting to go shopping with her mother. “Just do your best, I am sure they will not disown you after just one bad performance. But after the season, we might have to run away together to find some new parents.” I looked at her, she was kidding, at least, I hope she was.

After we got home I don’t remember much. Kay talked to Dad about the game time, it was confirmed they both were coming to the game. Another sigh and I laid on my bed and apparently zonked out. Kay was shaking me to get up, she wanted me ready and dressed in thirty minutes. I was dreading the day, taking too long in the shower, then when Kay appeared in the bathroom door I knew I was late. She took my brush and put my hair in a ponytail and stood over me as I fumbled with the shorts and t-shirt. The teal color today looked so feminine, but a swat on my butt and I was headed out the door.

All the team was waiting for us, anxious to play the first game of the season. An hour later the game started, it was a pitcher’s duel for most of the game. I did make one super catch, diving to stop a line drive and coming up with it in my mitt. When we made it back to the dugout, I was hugged by Kay, for saving her butt. I hope they remember the catch because the first two times I was up I struck out. My bat never was even close to the ball. Each time I returned to the dugout with my head down and almost in tears.

In the sixth inning, we managed to start to get some hits, several of our players getting on base. Then the realization that I was next after Beth. Oh gawd, if she gets on base, I will probably strike out and our chances of a win will evaporate. Why does it always come down to me? Bee had already pinch hit for one of the girls, her period starting unexpectedly. So it was down to me, I silently hoped that Beth would strike out or hit a fly ball, making my appearance in the batter’s box unnecessary.

She got a solid hit, moving the runners up one base each with her on first. I was holding my head in my hands moaning about how unfair life is as Kay and one of the other girls came and pried me up from the bench. I picked up my bat and started the walk to the plate. Dad and Mom were yelling from the stands, not letting me forget they were here. Beth called a timeout and came running over, took my head in her hands and kissed me hard, making sure we had total contact from one side of my lips to another. Of course I was in shock, she turned me around and gave me a push towards the plate. I was in a trance as she returned to first base giggling away.

I stood in the batter’s box, trying to focus on the pitcher. The first pitch seemed faster than the earlier pitches, strike one. The next two were outside the zone, now it was two balls and one strike. I stepped back for a minute, to try and compose myself. I wiped the back of my hand across my mouth, when I looked at the back of my hand it was a nice shade of pink. The blood rushing to my face seemed to make me focus some, the next pitch I managed to get a bat on it, fouling it off. Did I just hit a ball, oh gawd what am I going to do now. Kay came out handing me a new bat, I took it not knowing what I was supposed to do. She took something from her hand and cleaned off my lips, then to my horror applied a fresh coat of lipstick.

The catcher for the team we were playing, a young male, made a remark about females and their makeup, causing even more blood to move upwards. The next pitch was right down the middle I placed my bat in front of it and to my surprise the ball headed to center field. They were playing me in tight, a big mistake as the ball went over the center fielder’s head. I took off running, I was so happy that I even hit the damn ball. I was rounding first before I even realized where I had hit the ball. I slowed down the ball coming back into the infield and returned to second base. We had scored two runs, with Beth on third base now.

I couldn’t believe I had actually hit the ball, my guardian angel must have used all my karma for a life time to accomplish that feat. I was giddy with excitement, bouncing up and down on the base.

The next batter ended up hitting a fly ball, so the two runs were all we got. Now it was up to Kay to retire them in order. She struck out the first two, but now faced their clean-up hitter. The count went full before he got his bat on the ball and it headed my way. It was hit hard I had to back pedal quickly to even get close to where it was going to land. Luckily it was hit high, giving me a few more moments to get near it. I was still not back far enough, so I jumped up getting my mitt on the ball.

Unlike last time I was not able to hold it, the ball bouncing out of my mitt. I reached down with my ungloved hand and caught it in midair, then threw it as hard as I could to the second baseman. My throw was dead on, she caught the throw as the runner approached her and tagged him out. Since I did come up with the ball before it touched the ground that should have been enough, but Beth tagging him out made it a sure out. I jumped for joy, as I saw my whole team heading my way. I tried to stand still, but with Kay and Beth both tackling me I was soon buried under a sea of female bodies.

I was finally helped up and led back to the dugout. All of the parents were there waiting for us smiles on all of their faces. I know I was hugged often, but other than that I was oblivious until Mom grabbed me and pulled me close. She held me tenderly, and would not let me go. We ended up walking together to Dad’s car, then I sat in the back seat right next to Mom as Dad had opened the door for me. I got a huge hug from him, it turns out he had invited the whole team and all of the parents to the burger joint his treat. Mom not to be outdone pulled me close to her, holding me tightly against her.

When we got there we were the first ones, Kay taking a makeup wipe to my face removing all of the lip prints from everybody kissing me. Then she took her lipstick and applied a fresh coat to my lips. I tried to protest, but she would have none of it. “Darla is the star of the game and she is the one that we are going to celebrate with.” I had no idea where the name Darla came from, Kay mentioning it a few seconds ago is the first time I had heard the name.

I was pushed towards the restaurant door then Mom showed up taking my arm and leading me inside. They had to do some re-arranging to fit everybody into the place but soon we were all chowing down on some delicious food. I knew we had eaten here before but somehow today the food tasted so much better. Even the taste of the lipstick didn’t interfere with the food.

To my utter embarrassment one of the parents had videotaped the game, showing me with my high ponytail and lipsticked lips as I batted for the last time. I am sure the red in my face was there for quite some time. Everybody finally broke up, I rode with my parents back home as Kay took a couple of the other players to their part time jobs. As I settled myself in the back seat I became more aware of the fact that I still had lipstick on my lips and my hair was still high on my head. Mom was very jubilant, almost bouncing in the front seat.

At home I retreated to my room, then to my bathroom to see what I looked like. My legs turned into jello as I saw the very feminine image in the mirror. On initial looks I was female, a very girly one at that. I was expecting mom to come in shortly, but when dad knocked on the door I was greatly surprised. I ran to him and hugged him tightly, more to keep him from saying anything about how I looked than for the affection. He guided me to the bed and set next to me.

“I am so proud of you today, doing something with others and enjoying life for a change. I know it is hard on you and Kay being uprooted and forced into something you had no interest in. But today you showed me what you are made of. I know the girls got carried away, a fact you will become painfully aware of in the upcoming years. You did your best and didn’t let something different freak you out. That is a good trait to have, life can be so wonderful but you have to embrace it all, both the good and the bad.”

“Now let’s discuss your Mother for a minute. Kay has been a wonderful daughter, but she is not a girly girl. Your Mother misses that interaction a lot, so if she drafts you into one of her bonding sessions, if you can stand to be a participant you will make her real happy. I don’t think anything done will not be reversible, but you will make your Mom very pleased. It will also make your sister happy, you taking a little of the heat off her. When your Mother saw you with lipstick on she just glowed, maybe Darla can be my girly daughter. If things get out of hand tell me and I can maybe save your male sex before it gets taken away.”

A look of pure horror came across my face, Dad chuckled, you know I am just kidding. The size of my sigh, made him chuckle some more. I did get a tender hug, in fact I was worried for a minute he was going to squeeze my insides out. Dad had to leave, he needed to check in at work, he had left somebody else in charge so he could watch his children’s softball game. For that I am most appreciative. At the game today there were a lot of mothers but only a few dads in attendance, apparently the dads too busy to take the time for their children.

As predicted Mom came in a little later, smiling from ear to ear. I could see the longing in her eyes, I got up and reached for my hairbrush and asked her if she would brush my hair. The smile that lit up her face definitely one to remember. She chatted with me, taking over an hour to do the simple job of brushing my hair. Kay came by the bedroom door, smiled at me but kept going to her own bedroom. I got another tender hug from Mom when she finished, more of those I could learn to live with. Then she disappeared to pester Dad some, since he had made it back home. I enjoyed Mom’s attention on me, but was still unsure on how to respond to it..

I managed to get changed for bed, reluctantly washing my lips to get the lipstick off. That is where sis found me, taking the washcloth from me and handing me a makeup wipe. It worked so much better, soon I was back in male mode at least as far as makeup goes. A look in the bathroom mirror showed way more of Darla still present than I would have wished. Mom had brushed my hair into a very feminine style even placing a barrette on each side of my head. I guess I need to pay attention more, or either just embrace my feminine side. Did I just think that, whoa how did that thought manage to wiggle its way into my head?

Sis followed me to my bedroom, I need to start charging admission if this keeps up. I told her she now owes me big time, keeping Mom off her back is going to cost her. She just smiled in that way all females learn from birth. She may owe me, but the chances of me collecting are minimal to none. She did tell me that Darla is the team member now, Darren quit and left for parts unknown. The girls really had fun today, the fact that you didn’t stop them from playing a little made quite an impression on them. They don’t want the male player to show up for the next game, only Darla. I nodded my head not realizing what that nod meant to Kay and the other girls. Kay helped me into bed, then got in behind me and spooned me. I was putty in her hands, soon fast asleep dreaming of making the big play, then meeting my boyfriend for a date after the game.

I expected the dream to be just that and the next morning I would have no recollection of it. Wrong, it was embedded in my mind, even brushing my teeth I was thinking of him and how he holds me close to him to protect me. I shook my head several times trying to get that image replaced with something more normal. We had practice this morning, so we headed over to the park with all our gear. I did not escape the house untouched, as Kay managed to get lipstick and some mascara on me, according to her the minimal necessary to leave the house for a young female.

When we arrived at the park it was like I had been girlfriends with the rest of the team forever. I was hugged, received some compliments on my makeup, then we went about our regular practice, all the time talk was about girly things like clothes, the boys they liked and their part-time jobs. Unlike Kay and me their families did not have as much money, so the girls had to get a job to buy the extra clothes they wanted. Their parents supplied school clothes, the girls had to come up with the money if they wanted something special. Unwittingly I found myself agreeing to go shopping with them this afternoon before several of them had to go to work.

The practice went well, we were getting to know how the other reacted, so our throws were more accurate, without the other teammate having to stretch to catch it. I was made to be the batter, for almost the whole practice, one of the girls telling me if I didn’t go two for three in tomorrow’s game I would be wearing curls for a month. Talk about pressure, not only did I have to help them win I needed to excel to keep from being made any more feminine. I did do better against Kay, actually able to hit three of her pitches. With Bee pitching I managed to hit four line drives, Bee making a sour face, the girls mobbing me in excitement.

That afternoon I did survive the shopping trip to the mall, it was actually fun at times. The girls did most of the clothes shopping, although I did try on one dress at one of the teen shops. I showed them what I looked like in the dress, then quickly changed back. I managed to somehow get by with that one foray in a dressing room. I knew there would be other shopping trips, when not in a store shopping I was being held by one of the girls, I guess to make sure I didn’t wander off, maybe escape might be a better choice of words.

The next day did arrive, Kay eager to get to the park early. I knew she had something planned, a number of hushed conversations happening last night, when I entered the room the conversation would stop. I had already resigned myself to whatever they planned, the girls meant well and if my masculinity suffered a little so what. Secretly I liked the closeness between us now, especially Beth and I. We have had some long talks recently, with me finding out things about her I never imagined. Maybe things will work out, a date with her would be seriously wonderful.

When we arrived the girls were all waiting over at the dugout. Beth was holding a new t-shirt out for me, emblazoned on the front breast area was the name Darla. They looked to see if I was going to throw a fit, when that didn’t happen I was mobbed and soon was wearing the new shirt. We warmed up as usual, then since we batted first today I looked to see who the first batter was going to be. Everybody was staring at me, as Beth and Kay came over to freshen my makeup.

We were playing a mixed team today, mainly females with three boys. The pitcher was a female, and if the first pitch was anything to judge her by, a force to be reckoned with. The pitch aimed right for my head sent me right to the dirt, as I laid there for a minute trying to regain some confidence. The male catcher whispered, what’s a matter little girl did that scare you. I dusted myself off, and took way too long before I stepped back into the batter’s box. Another high and inside pitch made me step back, luckily this one was not aimed at my head. It was close though, if I would have stood my ground there would have been a good chance of getting hit. The count went to three balls and two strikes as she had to keep the next pitches closer to the strike zone.

I stepped out of the box one more time, then decided two could play at the game she was playing. I re-entered the box and hugged the plate. I was almost standing on one edge of the plate, I knew I was taking a chance she would either have to hit me or the next pitch would probably be called a ball. Either way I would end up on base. She wound up and the pitch was way outside, but a lot slower than her normal pitch. I stepped over in that direction and swung at the pitch. It was outside but otherwise perfect for hitting. The ball popped over the second baseman’s head and I was magically on base. Hey I could get used to this, getting on base is nice, actually being able to hit the ball is fantastic.

Unfortunately, no one else was able to hit her pitching, leaving me stranded as the inning ended. It was three innings later when their pitcher seemed to be getting tired. She had made a lot of pitches, the count going full on most of our batters. I figured her trying to hit me on my first at bat was an attempt to scare us off, keeping us a little afraid to hug the plate. We managed to get a couple on base, one on a bunt and the other on a line drive to left field. Then when I realized I was the next up, the anxiety raised its ugly head again. I grabbed my bat and slowly made my way to the plate. I assumed my normal position in the batter’s box, but was watching her closely to see what she might try this time.

The next three pitches were all far outside, too much so for me to reach out and make an attempt on hitting them. Like before they were slower than normal. The next one would have to be down the middle, or she would end up walking me. That would leave the bases loaded and one of our better hitters up. I looked over to our bench to see if there was any advice, the only thing I saw was Kay looking like she was fixing her lipstick. I stepped back out of the box, reached into my pocket with one hand, sure enough the lipstick they had used on me was there. I put my bat on the ground, leaning it up against me and rolled out the lipstick. I didn’t have a mirror, but applied it to my lips the best that I could. Put the lipstick back in my pocket of my shorts and stepped back into the batter’s box. Another comment about stupid girls from the catcher was voiced and then the next pitch was delivered. It was a little low but she had kept the speed down to insure she could hit the strike zone. I managed to get my bat on it, and hit a line drive right over the shortstop’s head. The result is one run scored, the other runner on third base and me standing on first.

I had a big smile plastered on my face, but wondering if it was the lipstick or my new found ability at batting. They changed pitchers, and our next two batters struck out. Kay was really on her game today, retiring everyone in order. I came up to the plate one more time, but since we had a one run lead I decided to test my theory. I removed the lipstick, borrowing one of the girls makeup wipes and approached the plate. This new pitcher was a lot faster than the other one, causing me all kinds of problems. I struck out in four consecutive pitches, wildly swinging at two of them. We did win that game, Kay able to retire the last three batters in order.

Again our parents were in attendance, though Dad had to go to work right after the game ended. Mom made sure her newest daughter was wearing makeup. Then escorted me to Kay’s car.

I wasn’t sure I had learned anything, was it the new pitcher or was it me not wearing anything feminine. I guess more research needed to be conducted. We had several days before the next game, the girls dragging me shopping on two of those days. I didn’t escape untouched, since I found myself having my ears pierced and a cute ruby stud in each. It wasn’t entirely voluntary, two girls were holding my hands while Beth was sitting on my lap. By the time I saw the lady with the piercing gun it was too late. I did get a kiss from Beth to make up for it.

When we got back home Mom saw the earrings and smiled, her girly daughter was progressing along nicely. The next day Mom had me dress in some sweats and I was hauled off with her to her salon. I had bad feelings about this, in the past when Mom returned from the salon she was always femininity personified. Her hair cut and styled in a most feminine way, her makeup perfect. On those occasions Dad usually took her out to eat, a treat for a beautiful lady.

As we entered the salon, I was amazed at the total feminine look of the salon. From the pink color of the walls to the chrome accessories. On the walls were huge pictures of some of their clients, all at least a twelve on a scale of ten. My head was still swiveling to see all of the sights, as a technician came and took my hand to lead me away. I turned back to see Mom smile, and give me a little wave.

I was set in one of their styling chairs, laid back and within a few minutes my hair was washed and conditioned. Another harsher smelling product was spread throughout, then a plastic bag put over everything. I was told to lay back, the processing was to take thirty minutes then she will wash it out. I tried to think what the processing was for, but quit before I got a headache. I am sure another step towards being her daughter, I hope she gets this all out of her system before school starts in September. I almost dozed off, the chair was way too comfortable. I got washed out, the few strands of my hair that came into eyesight now a light blonde in color. A big sigh escaped, Darla was now getting a stronger hold, I sure hope it doesn’t go much further than a blonde hair color and some makeup.

I guess the gods were with me that day, I managed to escape with only the new hair color and a shorter curly feminine hair style. I did have to suffer under the dryer for a while, my hair set in curlers requiring at least thirty minutes to set the style. I knew my stylist had used something before wrapping my hair in curlers, but I was not sure what. I was to find out later it was their liquid permanent, guaranteed to keep my curls for six months. I guess what Kay had joked about might become necessary, new parents that will allow me to return to being a male.

Mom was bouncing up and down when she first saw me, although we were near each other as they worked on us, she apparently was busy talking to her stylist and new friend. Since Mom gets her hair done twice a week, they had already became friends. On the ride back home I was mesmerized by my image in the visor mirror. For someone that wanted to return to being a male, I was fascinated by my feminine image. Even without lipstick and mascara there would be no doubt as to my gender. Maybe Darren is gone, the image in the mirror shows no sign of him being there. It was late when we arrived home, Dad’s car already in the garage.

As we pulled into the drive I swallowed hard, a red blush coming over me. I sucked up what little confidence I had left and walked into the house. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for us. He was already dressed to take Mom out, something they usually did. He took one look at me and smiled. I ran over to him and hugged him before he could make a comment about my new looks. Sis was just coming down from her room, saw me and squealed. It was her happy squeal that she saves for special occasions. Before anything could be said Dad suggested that Kay take me upstairs and find something for both of us to wear, he is taking all his females to dinner. He pulled out his cell phone, presumably to make some reservations somewhere. Kay dragged me upstairs in a run, while texting my status to her friends on her phone. She is multi-talented, her finger flying over the keys. At her bedroom door she stopped, turned me towards her and snapped a picture, then hit send.

Back to her first task as she had me stand by her bed and helped me undress. In a few moments I was stark naked, too shocked to even cover myself. At her dresser she found a pair of panties and threw them my way as she dug in her bra drawer. I started to tell her no, but the feeling as I pulled the panties up my legs stopped any protest instantly. As I was recovering from that sensation I felt the straps of the bra sliding up my arms. She fastened it behind me then reached into the cups and pulled some of my flesh upwards. She placed a couple of pads underneath the flesh she had pulled up and I now looked like I had small breasts. In her closet now she was looking for a dress for me, I noticed she pulled out her red dress, a favorite of hers. She laid it on the bed then went looking again for another dress. Soon she emerged with a blue dress, a very form fitting dress that seems obscenely short. She shed her clothes, then slipped into her red dress, while I was doing goldfish impressions. The sexy blue dress was apparently for me. “I can’t wear that, half of my body will be exposed in that little dress.”

Sis smiled, Daddy’s little girl and Mom’s new daughter needs to show off tonight. I am sure this dress will do the trick. I was helped into it, the first thing I did was try to pull it down some, so that less of my leg was exposed. I swear it barely covered my panties as it was now. Then as I leaned forward I noticed the plunging neckline, my breasts now coming into view. I ran to the bathroom to look at my image in the mirror on the back of the door. Oh gawd, I looked hot, now what am I going to do? Before I could work on a plan Kay applied some lipstick and several coats of mascara. I could actually see my lengthened lashes, I blinked my lashes a couple of times, the lashes briefly crossing my field of vision. I was dragged downstairs and to a set of waiting parents. Dad smiled and winked at me, Mom just beamed, her new daughter a prime example of girly girlness.

Dad held the door for Kay and me. Since I was new at this with such a short skirt, I watched Kay and tried to duplicate her movements. I think I managed to get myself situated on the back seat with a minimum of panty exposure. Believe me my knees were fused together to keep any views of my underwear to a minimum. I didn’t know what to do with my hands other than try and keep my skirt covering something. Kay reached over and placed my hands in my lap, then smiled at me. She was happy to share the spotlight with me, while I was scared to death of being discovered. What will Dad think of me in the future, his only male son just as pretty as his daughter? At least, I was confident Mom would be happy.

It was indeed a fancy restaurant, we had to wait for twenty minutes before we were seated, even though Dad had made reservations. My chair got held for me, a new experience for me. We ordered while Kay was reading the texts about me on her phone, that the girls were sending her. Dad winked at me a couple of times, quite often after Mom had looked at me with wistful eyes and maybe even a tear or two. Kay just giggled, her one problem with Mom apparently being handled by her new baby sister. I guess I am alright with it, I have gotten more hugs from Mom in the last few days than I have in my previous years as a male. Since it is only for the summer, I guess I can make a sacrifice and be her girly girl daughter.

Dinner went off without a hitch, although I did have to slow down and eat more gracefully. I was still hungry after the meal was finished, but when I started to say something Kay took my hand and we headed to the ladies room. By the time I got there and waited in line to use the toilet I did have to go and bad. All the clothes I had to shed to get to be able to use the toilet, just reinforced my new position in life. In front of the mirrors to fix our makeup Kay told me that if I wanted to fit into my clothes, my appetite had to be curbed drastically. Further thinking was halted as I tried to touch up my mascara and lipstick. I use to color pretty well as a child, but keeping within the lines now seemed much harder. I did get there eventually, then we made it back to our table. I was a good girl for the rest of the meal, even going as far as declining dessert. But it was so hard, thinking of the ice cream with a delicious chocolate sauce over the top and maybe a cute cherry right on the very top, my mouth watering just at the thought of that heavenly delight.

Dad again with the wink, Mom still staring at me with a vacant look on her face, tears seeming only a few moments away. As we left the restaurant Mom had her hand around my shoulder, so I leaned into her and cuddled her. Kay gave me a smirk, knowing what I was doing, but glad it was me and not her. Kay sat up front with Dad, while Mom and I shared the backseat on the way home. I did feel closer to Mom somehow, a feeling that I treasured, knowing full well what that would probably mean for me this summer. Later in my bedroom Kay and I talked long into the night, about everything, Mom quite prominent in our discussions.

We did have practice the next morning so reluctantly we headed to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was a goner. Kay came to wake me, complimenting me on my choice of nightwear. I really didn’t remember picking it out, an apple green baby doll nightie, with frilly panties peaking from underneath. I am not even sure where it came from, since prior to last night I didn’t own any nighties. As I was looking in my dresser for some shorts I realized what had happened. All of my male underwear was missing, now panties, bras, slips and nighties occupying the space. That is where Kay found me, staring at my drawer full of frilly undies. She giggled, picking out a cute pair of panties for me to wear today. While I slipped them on she found a bra for me, a push me up style that indeed pushed me up. Now in feminine underwear we looked identical, sisters in fact.

Kay was already dressed for practice, her panties more utilitarian and her sports bra practical, not emphasizing her assets. I complained, so she dug in my new underwear drawer and pulled out another set of pads and inserted them in the cups of my bra. Now I was even more outstanding, I decided to accept my present size, not risking any more inflations to my bust. Of course, I had to have minimal makeup, then we made our way to the ball field. A female can’t leave the house bare faced, an unwritten rule apparently.

We did pretty well the rest of the summer, even making it to the playoffs. I did further testing on the theory concerning makeup on me and my hitting skills, they turned out to be directly correlated. I never was without makeup during the rest of our games. We got zonked in the playoffs though, but we were happy, had a lot of fun and our figures staying in shape was well worth the effort.

My figure also developed along the lines of a female, wearing a bra all the time did have its effect on my chest, by the end of the season I had small breasts, ones that I was not totally unhappy to have. In fact, for the last six weeks I have not worn any clothes belonging to the male sex. A week before school was to start we had a family meeting, the subject of course being me. I think Dad had figured out everything since he asked a lot of questions but pretty much pushed his agenda during the meeting.

The company had a doctor and several nurses on staff, to handle problems that might arise during the operation of the manufacturing plant. I met with the doctor, a lady who is quite intelligent. We spent a couple of days together, on the pretense of me learning a little about what she does for a school report. On my last day she presented me with a letter allowing me to attend school as a female, but excused from any Physical Education classes. I would miss the sports, but my interests had changed quite a bit during the summer, now clothes and my future becoming my focus.

I visited the salon Mom had taken me to several times over the summer, they had treatments that would further my female appearance and I took advantage of most of them. The balance was tipped when I signed up for their breast creation procedure, now I never have to wear forms or pads, my breasts are all mine. At the same time junior was glued back between my legs, now I was a normal looking female down there, making me a lot more confident in my appearance. Kay taught me all she knew about makeup, and then the salon taught me how to do the girly gurl look, something that Kay was inexperienced at.

Kay made almost every girls sports team, even got a four year scholarship for college from her efforts. We played in the fast pitch league the next summer, the girls not even recognizing me when we showed up to practice. I did alright, mainly I played so that I could be near Beth. We had a lot of the same classes in school, often studying at each other’s house together. We all three graduated with honors, Kay going to college, Beth to a technical school to become a IT person and little old me took a job helping students who were having difficulty adopting to their gender roles.

During my senior year I had taken a lot of college courses in psychology, preparing me for this type of career. I had the experience, the desire to help and the passion to make sure they succeeded. I worked with several psychologists who specialized in gender problems, my real life experience and the way I have adapted to the female gender allowing me to help others.

Beth and I found an apartment together, living with each other so much fun. Anything relationship wise has been put on hold, till I decide whether to have the surgery to become a female. At the moment, I am happy as I am, there is no doubt of my gender either clothed or naked, so not much to gain by having the surgery. Beth and I do everything together, shopping our favorite activity. She has already done some work for a friend on his computers, receiving a quite substantial payment for her services. I also get paid for my work, just recently I acquired my sixth psychologist that I help with her patients, word spreading quite fast about my abilities.

Oh, we are coaches in the fast pitch league now, this being our second year doing so. So far no Darla’s have appeared, but you never know when one might come along. Then we have my Mom, I did become her girly gurl daughter, taking most of the pressure off Kay. We go out at least once a week, usually to have our hair done, a nice lunch and some shopping before heading back home. Beth has also been adopted into the family, when she isn’t working she joins us, but tends to pick more middle of the road clothing than me. Lace, frills, and clothes in shades of pink are a requirement for the girly gurl daughter though. Would you expect anything else?

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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