Chelsea; Surviving Corporate Politics

Corporate politics, don’t ever let anyone tell you they don’t exist. The degree of their existence and the depths of their actions are grossly misinterpreted. I am a perfect example of how carried away they can become and how invasive they can be in someone’s life.

I started at the company right out of college. Fresh out of school and full of piss and vinegar I rapidly climbed the ladders into upper level management entering their executive training program. There were several of us hired at the same time, all with the same goal in mind. I quickly learned that the others did what they felt necessary to make it to the next rung on the ladder without regard for who they stepped on to get there. Of the seven candidates in the management training program, six were males with one lone female. Two of the males had dropped out quickly, the level of play apparently too intense for them.

I tried to handle myself with some integrity, treating the other candidates as I would want to be treated myself. I participated in all of the group bonding exercises, trying to work with the others on the problems we were given to solve. Pattie the female trainee pretty much handled herself in the same way. The other three males quickly formed an alliance, Larry their self appointed leader.

Unfortunately, Larry and his heavy handed tactics prevailed, Pattie and my opinions were totally ignored. After the first evaluation we were still in the running, but obviously neither one of us among the top contenders any more.

During one of the training exercises Pattie made a mistake, the other guys tried to team up against her and tried to force her out of the exercise. Larry, the most obnoxious one of the group assigned her to a secretary position, according to him the only position she is capable of handling. I defended her squaring off against Larry. Well that irked Larry immensely, and from that day forward he and I were bitter adversaries. Pattie made a comeback in the next two training scenarios, but Larry assigned her secretarial duties whenever possible. Larry pretty much ran the group at this stage, his actions forced upon the others whether we all agreed on the decision or not. The two other guys pretty much yielded to Larry, his stubbornness and heavy handed actions hard to overcome.

The corporate people overseeing the management training group were watching all the goings on, but stayed out of playing any favorites, wanting to see who would end up on top after the program concluded. At the end of our training period we were to come up with a plan to handle some of the current problems of the company. The problems were minor compared to the overall running of the company, but significant enough to be used in this training program.

They gave us some guidelines, some financial figures to help make our decisions, but left the implementation of actions up to us. The majority of the time it was the three of the guys against Pattie and me as far as what to do. There was never any compromise in the decisions, strictly what Larry felt was the right choice with no input from anyone else.

I had already decided to quit after the training program was over, the wrong decisions were being made consistently, with no input from anyone other than our illustrious leader and his cronies. Pattie agreed with me, both of us going to seek employment somewhere else. The fact that corporate seemed to be backing Larry or at least letting him do as he wishes not speaking very well of the company. Due to the contract we had signed when hired we were committed to the program until it was over, sixteen weeks after it started. There was an out before two weeks evolved, that out taken by the two missing trainees.

That was one of the stipulations of the contract, to receive all of our wages, the full term of the contract had to be worked. If we left early we would have to pay back any draw we had received on our salary. I am not sure the reason for that clause, it sounded good when we started, now Pattie and I were having severe doubts as to its usefulness, especially for us.

We had two weeks to go, with several important decisions to be made. Both Pattie and I tried to influence the others to a more middle of the road approach but with no luck. It seemed that Larry saw that I was his main adversary, his every action meant to demean my ideas and actions. We quite often used secretarial help from the corporation to get decisions and ideas ready for presentation. In the wrap up exercise we had to present our decisions to our supervisors that were running the training program. In other words everything had to be put to paper, and properly worded for presentation.

Larry insisted that Pattie handle the secretarial work, I went to defend her with Larry putting me in that position too. You want to defend her, why don’t you join her in her efforts. Since we were outnumbered we really didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. Both of us hoped to catch one of our supervisor’s attention and get this straightened out. But we were ignored and told to proceed.

Both Pattie and I got to work, a lot of typing and organizing to get all of this ready for presentation. Then Larry decided to up the stakes in the game, telling me that I didn’t meet the company dress code for a secretary. He had somehow managed to change both of our employment files showing that we were now just a secretary, not manager trainees as hired. Pattie and I were going to go over his head, but decided that it would not do us any good. I ignored the dress code for several days, then was called into Larry’s office. He had several of the people that oversaw the training program with him, I knew that he was going to make his big move to ridicule me in front of everyone.

I was formally written up for not following the company dress code for secretaries, made to sign the complaint and it was placed in my file. Since I had signed a contract for the program, I had to comply with the dress code or I would forfeit any wages earned during the program. Too many things were being manipulated for his benefit. Classified as a secretary, told to adhere to the dress code, but because of the contract I was forced to comply, a contract that a secretary never would be subject to in the first place.

I looked around the room, I could tell from the snickers on their faces that he had coerced them into backing him up on this. Too many things changed conveniently to make any of this possible. I left the office, with no comment from me. I was warned that I needed to report to Larry tomorrow before work, to make sure I was in compliance with the dress code. To say I was pissed would be the understatement of the century.

I made it as far as the hall when a secretary grabbed a hold of me and steered me into another office. Then out of that office through a back door and down to another one several doors farther down another hall. I wondered about all the intrigue as I was moved from one office to another. I was left in front of a desk, a young woman behind the desk. The office was quite large, must be one of their upper level executives. During my time there I had never met her or been introduced. I was ushered into the room so quick that I failed to notice the name on the office when I entered. I was offered a seat, than a sheet of paper was handed to me.

The young woman was soft spoken, suggesting that I use the business listed on the sheet of paper to meet the requirements of the dress code. She has arranged for all of the services needed to be paid for, and time set aside this afternoon for all to be completed. When I return to work tomorrow, she suggested that Pattie and I work on producing two reports, one being our ideas and decisions with reasons to back them up. Then when the time to present the reports, present ours to the committee instead of theirs. She gave me a huge smile, asking if I had any other questions.

I somehow figured she was much more than an executive, deciding to trust her and do as she suggests. I rose from my seat and shook her hand and left the office. I did get a look at her name plate on the office door as I left, a Barbara Smithfield was inscribed on the brass name plate. The possible connection to the corporation now obvious, since the company went under the name of Smithfield Enterprises. I returned to Pattie, told her I had to get presentable and for her to call me tonight. Pattie sported that bewildered look as I left her to see to my new look.

I made my way to my car, where I took the first close look at the sheet of paper given to me. I was to go to the Turnabout Gurl Salon, on the other side of town. I was to ask for Donna and she would handle my services so that I would then conform to the company dress code for secretaries. I drove over there, the size and opulence of the salon very surprising. I stopped at reception to ask for Donna, she was right to my side handling a phone call. Once she finished I was whisked to a treatment room at the back of the salon. As we walked through the salon, I was surprised at what I saw, the number of males getting beauty services far outnumbered any females in the salon.

I was briefed on what was set up for me, all of the treatments could be reversed, but a female body and looks would be the end result. I was exercising a lot of faith in what had happened this afternoon, not sure what any motives were and who was on my side, if any. I wavered a little, I had less than two weeks left of my contract, but if Larry persisted in his efforts, I might be denied any wages for the contract since I did not comply with the training requirements. A lot of what ifs existed, in a weak moment I told Donna to proceed, at least the next few days might prove to be quite interesting. If I quit and had to pay back the wages it would be rather significant.

I doubted the changes made to me would be that realistic, I have always thought of myself as a normal male that is handsome, so to be transformed into a female secretary in looks quite impossible. I was asked to take off my clothes, with cheeks blushing I complied. As my shorts hit the floor, I suddenly had six females attacking my body. I was helped up onto a table and my body covered in a cream. There was no spots missed, even my male organ was slathered in the cream. I was just lying there taking this all in, when two of the ladies started on my hands and feet. As I leaned my head up to see what they were doing another lady started plucking my eyebrows. At the same time I felt my shoulder length hair being brushed. She had slid a pillow under my neck so she could access the top and back of my head. All of this making me nervous and edgy.

I had doubts now that any male image could survive their onslaught. They worked quickly, my nails showing the first signs of femininity as the red color reflected back from the tips of my fingers. As soon as my eyebrows were eliminated I was turned over so my back side could have the small amount of hair that had managed to grow there in my twenty-three years removed. The lady working on my hair had brushed all the tangles out of it and pinned it in small ringlets on my head. Once the cream was removed from my backside I was moved to a salon station and seated in a chair. No sooner that I got my butt on the chair it was tilted back so she could further work on my hair. She added pieces of foils to the separated bunches of my hair then coated them with a liquid. After she had treated the bunches of my hair, a plastic cap was placed over my head and I was moved under a dryer.

There was no rest, as another technician came and marked my ears then using a laser I soon had pierced ears. A long dangle earring in the lower hole and a stud in the top hole were inserted and in no time I was sporting two pair of attractive earrings. The dangle earring was quite noticeable, since I had never had anything swaying from my ears onto my neck. I touched them a couple of times, definitely a distinct change from before. My long nails making even that task rather difficult.

Not much chance to get used to it as the dryer is turned off and the plastic cap is removed from my head. Leaned back and the dyed sections of my hair are rinsed, then the foil is removed from them. As the chair was set back up, I got my first glance at my appearance. Gone was my male image, Charley Lynn was history, not one thing other than my male bits making any masculine statement. Those had retreated from the onslaught in fear, so small now they were hardly noticeable.

My hair was washed and conditioned, then set in curlers. A brief glimpse of my curler covered head made me giggle, the multi-colored curlers making me look more like a clown than a female. I am sure when they are removed the resulting curly do will eliminate any clownish look to my appearance. Instead of being taken to a dryer, I was placed on a table again with my feet in stirrups. They were spread wide and a tech made quick work of my only masculine feature that was left. My male organ was slid into a tube, a part of a covering that looked just like a female vulva. It was glued over my groin, now a slit framed by two puffy lips the only thing visible in that area.

Onward and upward as she moved to my chest. Two silicone breasts were glued to my chest, the seams covered in makeup, making them look like they were mine. The size is intimidating, much more than a handful. The biggest noticeable difference was the weight of my new breasts, much more than I thought they would weigh. Back in a stylists chair and makeup being applied to my face. The tech was between me and the mirror but the few glances I managed showed nothing but the image of the new female secretary. I finally made it to a hair dryer, left to bake for a while. When my hair was finally dry I was moved back to a chair and my feminine hairdo was revealed. I now sported a cute layered type of hairstyle, with blonde highlights now framing my face. The style screamed feminine, no male ever would have hair this color, then add in the curls and there is no doubt about my apparent gender now.

Some clothes were brought into the room and I experienced dressing as a female for the first time in my life. I needed help with the bra, the rest was similar to what I wore every day. The pants were thinner, and so soft. The blouse was loaded with ruffles, making my new assets look larger than they were. I was shown my image in the mirror, Charley nowhere to be seen. I signed at reception for the services, the total of the bill was staggering. Very glad I was not expected to pay for it. I now wondered what the deal was, the company paying this much for my transformation. With several bags of clothes for the next two weeks I made my way back to my car.

The reality of what had just happened to me was beginning to sink in, a brief glimpse in the rear view mirror confirmed the extent of the changes. In less than five hours my twenty-three years as a member of the male gender was completely wiped out. I shook my head several times, maybe all of this was a dream, a bad dream for a male. The only thing that happened was the earrings that swung against my neck, now caused a wave of shivers to descend over my body.

As I sat behind the wheel in the parking lot, Pattie called me. I asked her if she had plans for tonight. She didn’t so I invited her to dinner. We made plans and I headed for the restaurant. Pattie was closer to the restaurant so she was waiting for me when I arrived.

I walked past her, then turned around and asked her is if she was coming. The squeal could be heard two or three towns over, but her attack on me as I was hugged and further inspected was comical. She managed to calm down enough for us to be seated at a table and after our drink orders were taken I asked if she thought Larry would approve of my secretarial look. Well, that set off another round of giggling, her wanting to come with me when I presented myself to be inspected by Larry. I agreed, now we just might be able to turn the tables. If he makes advances or harassment type statements we might be able to do away with him. At least it was a chance that had not been available a couple of days ago. The price of that chance was staggering, my male life gone for no telling how long.

We talked as we decided on what to eat, Pattie almost bouncing in her chair. I was still trying to come to terms with my new feminine accessories, the breasts and lack of anything between my legs the most disconcerting. Then one of my dangle earrings would swing against my neck and goose pimples would pop up. I never realized that so many feminine things directly affected your feelings and thoughts. The dab of perfume that they applied to my wrists at the salon, infiltrated my senses, causing me to be more aware of my surroundings. The earrings on my neck, the stockings on my hairless legs, the tightness of the bra around my chest and the tingle in my nipples as they rubbed against the cups of the bra. All of this causing a sensory overload.

Pattie was giggling as I sat there taking all of this in. She knew what was happening when I brought my wrist up to my face to get another whiff of the perfume or when I touched my ears, or rubbed my stockings together under the table. She assured me that eventually the sensations would become normal, but when I dressed up special all of this and more would come back with a vengeance. A female’s life is one of sensations and feelings, the heightened experiences making a female’s life enjoyable.

The inspection with Larry was a non-event. He took one look at me, telling us that we had work to do. I did have an audience for the meeting, but a visit from Barbara sent all the other company executives scurrying back to their offices. Before Barbara left the office I received a smile that made all of this almost worth it.

Pattie and I worked on their version of the report during normal business hours and our report after everybody left. Larry did keep an eye on what we were doing checking quite often as to our progress and what was getting put in the report. Three two hour sessions after closing got our report typed up and ready for presentation. Pattie and I had hand written the report at home, so that we would not be stuck at the office for long periods of time.

The company meeting for presentation of our reports was on Friday. As Pattie and I entered the room there were a few snickers, then Larry used my male name as he introduced everyone and the snickers became laughter. Besides our group and the same company executives that supposedly oversaw the training group, Barbara and two other ladies were present in the back of the room.

Larry went first, the executives seem impressed. Larry was asked a few questions about the report, but could not respond with a sensible answer. Then Barbara asks us for our presentation. Larry is shocked and tries to interrupt. Pattie presented the first part as Larry seethed in anger. After hitting the desk several times with his hand, a security guard is summoned and he is escorted from the conference room. After I presented the second half of our report there was dead silence.

Barbara asking the assembled members for a vote on the better approach to the existing company problems. Our version is voted the most logical and well thought out approach. Even the people who supported Larry voted for our approach to the company problems. She then squared off against the executives that allowed Larry to intimidate us, the poor supervision of the training group, and the support they gave Larry when it came to his dealings with me. She walked around the room, laying a piece of paper in front of each executive. They looked at it, and were suddenly quiet. I would suggest that you sign the bottom of the resignation, clean out your offices and leave the premises.

“If we don’t get sued you will be sent your last checks. If a suit is filed by Chelsea against the company, I suggest you find an attorney to represent you. The company will not back you up in any case, your behavior intolerable. You are definitely on your own.” Larry and his cronies were fired with cause, their last check held until the incident was settled legally.

Barbara pulled Pattie and I back to her office. Presented with new jobs, essentially the ones to put the new approach into place. I was offered my choice of identity, but decided to stay as a female. Pattie smiled at my choice, now quite sure her female partner will be hanging around. New offices and our own secretaries, we set about to make the necessary changes.

I never regretted my choice to remain as a female, the short time I was mandated to stay as one had grown on me, everything about it seemed to be right for me, the clothes, the actions, the camaraderie with other females all of it making me happy for once, contented to be Chelsea at work and at home. Within a few months all my male clothes were given away, I never even considered wearing them even on lazy weekends. When I get up in the morning I feel almost naked until I get a little makeup on, something to make me feel more feminine.

The glue on breast forms have been replaced with my own, sucked from my body, jiggling and constantly reminding me of their presence. For the time being junior is still there, hidden always behind two luscious lips, a favorite spot of my significant other. Maybe after we see about some children for me to raise I might have it removed, it can be so troublesome at times.

A year later, with the company doing better financially than in years past, Pattie and I received another promotion. Pattie to COO and I was made her assistant. I was offered a higher promotion, but was quite content as an assistant to Pattie. The corporate struggle was not what I envisioned in my life, working with Pattie to implement her ideas was fine, but when I headed out the door at quitting time, I wanted to relax with my love and take care of her.

Barbara left to handle some of her other businesses, but I did see her on a regular basis. Getting off work and heading to our new ranch house just out of town is so much better. I had helped design the house along with my love, having a contractor build it for us, watching as it all came together. The face I see every night as I come through the front door of the house is Barbara, soon to be my betrothed. I am so glad that I survived the corporate politics, a better life and a wonderful partner. Can’t get any better than this. Well there is a couple of things, but I will save that for another story.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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