Celene; Waking Up Female

My head hurt, eyes felt they were hanging out in the air and my mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton. I blinked several times, the image before me was still blurry and I realized I had no idea where I ended up last night. I was in someone’s bed, I don’t think it is mine since it seemed much softer. It also smelled better, almost like flowers.

The damn light from the window though was way too bright, it seeming to be boring a hole in my head. I tried to get loose from the covers, they seemed to be wrapped around me somehow, but the more I struggled the more my head hurt. It was a deep pulsating throb that seemed to be getting worse by the second. Finally, I managed to get a hand free; the blurry image of that hand that focused in my head suddenly had me wide awake. The throbbing was still there, but the image that briefly made its appearance was definitely taking priority.

Long bright red talons extended from my fingertips, five of them bright and shiny almost blinding me with their brilliance as their image came into intermittent focus. They seemed to go on forever, real looking daggers that were at least a half inch past my fingertips, the red polish so deep and shiny.

Oh gawd, why did I have to go out drinking last night! Every time I survived one of these excursions, I promised myself never again. Then when my friend’s girlfriends wanted me to join them last night, I quickly agreed. Last night was highly unusual because it was not my usual male friends that coerced me out drinking but their girlfriends. The guys were at a basketball game, the girls did not want to stay home so, I was asked to accompany them on a girl’s night out plus one. I had begged off on the basketball game with the guys, I had a test to study for tomorrow, so was trying to be a good student for once. However, when three gorgeous females show up dressed provocatively, my resistance quickly melted away. The test now seeming very insignificant.

I think I remember the first club we went to, I was watching my alcohol consumption carefully, and trying to remain sober long enough to enjoy the company. There was a lot of hugging going on, quite often we were in each other’s arms, nothing romantic, just four females trying to remain upright and on two feet. Yes, it seemed like four females, it was like I was one of the girls last night. After the second night spot, I remembered nothing for the rest of the evening. Apparently I made it back, I am in someone’s bed, although looking around the room I have no idea whose. The pulsating throbs were getting a little better, not so intense and a few more seconds between each one. I managed to get my other hand out from the covers, the exact same deep red adorning each fingernail. My only possible conclusion, it must have been some night.

I closed my eyes again, and tried to focus on what I could remember from last night. Then a voice, way to cheery for such an awful morning was heard. I was not sure where the voice was coming from but it was way too jubilant and booming for me to handle in this condition. The throbbing continued as my eyes shot open again. Standing over me was Beth, at least it looked like Beth. Beth is Jason’s girlfriend, a pert and capricious female that so enjoys life. She was fussing with my covers, trying to extricate me from them. Finally she managed to get them loose and threw them down to the foot of the bed. A sudden chill came over me, it was cold in the bedroom and I apparently had very few clothes on. It also felt like my nipples were getting hard, trying to poke a hole in whatever I was wearing.

My mind sort of stopped, a pause and then I emitted a loud scream, at least I think it was me, the voice high and breathy. My hands went to my chest and I grabbed what were two perfectly sized breasts with nipples erect and pointy. I promptly fainted, way too many feelings and emotions to process, definitely not something I wanted to deal with while I was in this state of mind.

As I re-entered this crazy world, Beth was looking concerned, wanting to know what I was screaming about. I grabbed my breasts again and squeezed them the erotic feelings almost sending me over the top again. I tried to explain to her that I am a male, surely you remember Cat, it was Cat of the male gender that went with you drinking last night and he didn’t have breasts when we went out. Beth smiled, you maybe did drink a little too much, your name is Celene and yes you have breasts and a cute pussy to match. I dropped my breasts and reached for my groin, screamed again, all I found was a moist slit, my male organ no longer there. Well all of this was too much for my poor little brain to handle and I checked out again. I sure hope when I come to again that things revert back to what they should be.

I kept my eyes closed although I had rejoined the living. Maybe if I concentrate real hard on my male image, it will somehow re-appear leaving this foreign image that seemed to be seared in my mind behind. I opened one eyelid cautiously, looking down at my chest to see if my boobs were no longer there. Well, so much for that idea, not only were they still there but the cold room was keeping my nipples hard and very obvious. I didn’t look any further, if the breasts are still there most likely the warm moist slit is also. Closing my eyes again I tried to remember anything from last night that might explain what the hell happened to me. Nothing beyond the first club, and the four of us hugging and kissing while we waited for a cab. From there on my memory is a total blank.

Beth stood by the side of the bed, staring at me trying to figure out what was going through my mind. Not much, since my new body is sending all kinds of communications to my brain, few if any should be originating from a male. My breasts were excited, the nipples so hard they almost hurt. Then the moistness in my new vagina seemed to be getting worse, I wonder if it becomes too much will it leak out and down my legs. Yep, it might be too late for me.

Finally Beth had enough of my dallying and grabbed an arm and helped me to stand up. My hands went to my breasts, the motion of the two new orbs was very disconcerting. Instead of just cupping them from underneath I grabbed them and squeezed them a little. Now another shock wave was making its way to my head, to add to all the others trying to gain some attention. Beth pulled my hands away, slipped a robe over my arms and buttoned up the few buttons. “If you want to fiddle with your titties, wait at least until after breakfast.”

Now along with bewildered look, I was also bright red from embarrassment. At least my nails will match in color. Where that thought came into being, I have no idea. Such a ridiculous statement, coming from a former male with lots bigger problems to deal with this morning than my nail color matching my face.

When we entered the kitchen, the other two girls were filling their plates from a platter on the table. “Well there is our Celene, finally decided to join the living today, huh?” Of course, Beth had to tell them about me playing with my breasts, the blush from earlier getting redder. Janice, Steve’s girlfriend wanted to know if I might need some help later, she would be glad to assist if I wanted to play doctor and nurse after breakfast. Jennifer, Hal’s girlfriend, was just smiling and giggling every once in a while. A plate of food was put before me, I really didn’t have much of an appetite, so I pushed it around a little, trying to figure out what I was going to do now. My appetite the least of my worries right now.

I tried asking questions of them, somewhere there had to be some answers that made some sense. None of the girls remembered Cat, I was always Celene and a roommate of theirs. The room I woke up in is my room apparently. The closet filled with clothes that fit me, way too girly as they described them, but they assured me all had been picked out by myself on numerous shopping trips. Then the real shocker, I had a boyfriend, we had been dating for over a year and it was only a matter of time until he proposed to me. He had attended the basketball game with the other males that was why I was out with the girl’s.

I am getting a worse headache, this can’t be happening to me. In one night, I had apparently become a fully functional female with a boyfriend, rooming with three other females. I almost pleaded with them to level with me, surely this is some weird joke on me, a male just can’t turn into a female overnight. I could see some concern coming to the girls’ faces, they actually thought I was losing it; this absurd idea seeming to occupy way too much of my thought processes. I decided to play it cool, before I find myself committed to some mental health facility. Then again that might be better for me, far less stressful.

After everyone finished breakfast, Janice went with me to help me pick out something to wear for today. As I made it to my closet, I picked out a blouse, then a pair of shorts, to which I added a mini-skirt to make me not stand out so much. Janice helped me with my hair as I did my makeup. Yes, I sat there and added the appropriate cosmetics to make me look quite attractive all by myself. Some perfume on my wrists and I grabbed my books and headed out to my car. For some reason I remembered driving a ford pickup, yet my keys that I took out of my purse were for a VW hatchback. I quickly had a brainstorm and rooted through my purse looking for my wallet. In a ladies wallet I found what I was looking for, but disappointment again as the name on the driver’s license was Celene and the sex marked as female. I also found a student ID stating exactly the same thing.

I was, at least, still a college student in this new reality, but when I looked at my schedule that I kept glued to the cover of my notebook, all my classes were different. Now I am a home economics major, my desire for an engineering degree vanishing into thin air. In fact, my first class this morning was household budgeting and planning.

In the past, I never put any faith in the whole alien thing, but maybe it has some merit now. The degree of my changes and the fact that it was done overnight, seemed to add some credibility to this whole scenario. Driving the VW was a blast, with the windows down the fresh air felt so invigorating. My hair blowing in the breeze.

I did make the drive to the proper building, making it to class on the third floor right on time. My teacher was Prof. Sinclair, a widely admired Professor and also my counselor. Opening my notebook I found my household budget homework for today and handed it to her graduate assistant when she came around to collect it. I don’t remember doing it, heck I don’t even know how to do it. I was beginning to really have doubts about my sanity, too many things meshing with this new reality. The male life I thought I had, seemed now to be a fantasy dreamed up by someone not having all their faculties about them.

I took notes on the lecture, given by one of her graduate assistants while Prof. Sinclair graded our proposed household budgets. At the end of the class they were handed back, an A+ on the top of my paper. For some insane reason I was more than pleased, the old Cat would have laughed himself silly at me being excited to get an A on such a silly topic as household budgets. Celene though was well pleased, a skill now learned for her future life as an educator, wife and mother.

Oh gawd, I am really crazy! Thinking about being a wife and mother, surely they will take me away and make sure I can’t hurt anyone as I live the rest of my life. I proceeded to my next class, almost on autopilot. All I remember is walking through the classroom door as the bell rang. I had to look at my notebook to see that this was a class in raising children to take advantage of their natural born skills. I couldn’t believe it, one that I was in such a class and two I was fascinated at what was being taught. At the end of that class, I had four pages of notes, plus the required homework assignment so that I could work on it tonight.

My schedule showed I had a couple of free periods, I made my way to the student union, maybe drinking some iced tea might help me function better. Unlike most other students coffee upset my stomach, tea gave me the caffeine I needed while being a lot easier on the stomach. I obtained the beverage, then found a quiet corner to contemplate all of these changes. As I sat down, I glanced at the college newspaper laying on the table. My eyes got as big as saucers, it was today’s paper and dated the fifteenth of October. In my mind it should be only the thirteenth of October, two days apparently missing from my memory. That partially explains how so much got changed so fast. But why did I have no recollection of the two missing days.

More mysteries to solve. I reached for my purse to see if any clues were hidden inside. I laid everything out on the table, handling a couple of things gingerly since I didn’t even want to think of me using them. The tampon and sanitary napkin were stuffed back in my purse, if they were not visible, I did not have to think about them. The cosmetics were slid back in the purse too, although I did check my lipstick in the compact mirror and added another coat to my lips. It was done so automatically, I was putting it in my purse before I even thought of what I had done.

I found a packet of birth control pills, missing four pills from the slots. A receipt for a beauty salon on the other side of town and an address book with lots of numbers listed, apparently my contacts and friends as Celene. None of the names were familiar, although I had heard a couple of the names in conversation when I was Cat. That is if I was ever Cat for real.

Nothing more was found, then as I was putting everything back I looked at the beauty salon receipt again. The date was for the twelfth of the month, the time was marked at ten fifteen P.M. Whoa, that was when I blanked out, then another look at the address, and it is in the area of where we were visiting the clubs. I doubt all my problems could be a result of this beauty salon, but it was a place to start.

I decided to skip the rest of my classes for the day, finding out anything about these changes took precedent over learning to be a good wife and mother. I googled the salon address, then made my way to the establishment. The building did look familiar, the bright pink color and the size of it would make an impression on anyone that saw it. I walked in to their reception desk, and was unexpectedly called by name. The receptionist told me she would get my stylist for me, asking me to take a seat to the right of the desk. A gorgeous blonde with a hair style from the fifties approached me, hugged me and led me toward the back. She was taller than me, very self-assured and confident. I was seated in her styling chair as she asked me what I needed today.

“I need some information on what was done to me and why. I woke up this morning in this totally foreign body and haven’t a clue how and why it happened. Please can you help me? I am going crazy trying to figure how all of this can happen and I can’t remember a thing about any of it.”

She told me to sit still, she needed to get her boss and they will help me fill in my memory. She left quickly, and within a few minutes she and another lady re-entered the room pulling up chairs next to me. First, they introduced themselves to me, the stylist’s name is Veronica, and her boss is Stephanie, the salon manager. They wanted me to explain what I remembered, then they will fill me in on what they know. I told them about going out with the girls, visiting the first club, then waiting for a cab to take us to the next club. I told them it was approximately ten P.M. at that time. After that I don’t remember a thing.

Veronica told me that myself and three other females came in about ten-thirty wanting a complete makeover for me. The complete makeover at the salon included faux breasts and a realistic vagina. Hair extensions, semi-permanent makeup, pierced ears, female voice and several other extras were added and then permission slips were furnished for me to sign. Stephanie brought up the slips on her computer, all with my signature on them, Celene the name used. The girls left me there for the five hours that the changes required, paying the extra fees for work done after normal closing time.

You were quiet during your treatments, not saying much to me or the other technicians doing the required changes on you. The girls re-appeared to pick you up, ooh and aaahhd over you, paid the bill and that is the last we saw of you until now. That was three days ago, we were sure we would have a follow up appointment from you, most customers taking advantage of the salon makeover take the classes to learn how to act like a female, free with the salon makeover. I now had my answer on what happened to me, now the bigger question is why.

We talked for some time, about what changes were made and that most would not be reversible for a couple of months. That is why the signed permission slips were obtained, clearly stated on the slip the time involved before changes could be made to reverse the effects. I asked about the classes, maybe if I couldn’t change back I needed to learn to act the part better. I was given the times for the next classes and made arrangements to attend. I also made appointments to have my hairstyle and makeup refreshed twice a week.

I spent the next two hours in a nearby restaurant eating a delicious salad and sipping some green tea. The place was not crowded, it being past the normal lunch rush. So my new found girlfriends were the likely instigators of my sex change. Now, were they the only ones involved or were there other accomplices. After considerable deliberation, I doubted their boyfriends were involved, but why me was still the biggest question mark? Then there was my new boyfriend, I knew of him, had met him a time or two, but no opinion of what he was like. The fact that we were supposedly a couple in a relationship for over a year, did raise several questions.

Then out of the blue, I remembered that Jennifer was a psychology major, hypnosis one of her special interests. Maybe that is how they got me to sign the releases, I was there but just not aware of what I was doing. Slowly the pieces seem to be coming together, now if I can just prove any of this. Yet, I suddenly realized it doesn’t make any difference if I can prove any of it. I am in this body for several months, with my enhancements I would look ridiculous in male clothes.

I decided the next thing I needed to do was to get with my boyfriend, and see if he is involved in this or is just along for the ride. I looked through my address book, finding his number and gave him a call. For the first time since the change, I noticed my phone was girly, in a pink case with rhinestones glued to the cover. He answered in the third ring, referring to me as his babe. I asked him if he had plans for tonight, I needed to talk to him for a bit. He agreed to meet me at the house at six, he would treat me to dinner, and then we could go to our favorite spot and talk. I immediately wondered where our favorite spot was, but decided to just wait and see when we got there. We made kissee noises to each other as we hung up, I don’t remember planning to do that, it just happened. I wonder how far the programming went, doing my own makeup, kissee noises with my boyfriend, and no telling what else, yet to be discovered.

I made my way back to the apartment, went to my closet and looked for something to wear. The restaurant he talked about taking me to was not real fancy, so I decided on a short skirt and a fuzzy sweater for the evening. I wanted to be sure to keep his attention on me, not let him overthink his responses to my questions. I indeed have some questions for him, going over in my mind how I can ask them and not let on I know something about my change.

The girls arrived back from their afternoon classes, checking on me, surprised that I was going out with Jeff, and even more surprised that I had called him. I think I might have stumbled on a weak link here. Apparently Jeff called one of them, I am not sure which one, but I am getting some idea that maybe I really surprised them. I never did tell them I had called Jeff that info would have to come from Jeff when he talked to one of them. I told them I had to hurry to get ready, it is a big night and I want to look my best. Three solemn females made their way to the living room, probably planning an emergency conference as soon as I leave to assess what has happened to their plan.

I used a little too much perfume, may as well pull out all the big guns tonight, along with the bright red lipstick and heavy mascaraed eyelashes I was ready for a confrontation. I set prim and proper in the living room waiting for Jeff. As he rang the doorbell, I was up immediately and opened the door, launching myself at him with my arms around his neck my lips glued to his. Surprisingly I enjoyed the kiss, even prolonging it more than I should have. I never once felt like I was a male as I was kissing Jeff, nope nothing but pure female lust.

As we broke off the embrace, I noticed an audience had formed, all three girls glued to our romantic encounter. When they devised this plan, I wonder if this was one of the desired outcomes. By the look on their faces, I don’t think this was part of the grand plan.

I grabbed Jeff’s arm as led him out of the house that should give the girls something to talk about for a while. As he walked me to his car, I was hanging on his arm, like a dutiful girlfriend would. I found myself liking to be around him, actually feeling safe and cared for in his presence. I was helped into the car, after he got my door for me. I showed my thanks my giving him a brief reward kiss on the lips. Again, I enjoyed the kiss way too much, never wanting it to end. He drove me to the restaurant, treating me like a princess. Believe me, I was soaking it up, I could easily get used to being treated this way.

We were seated in a cozy little booth, as I pulled him in next to me, making him sit next to me rather across the table from me. We looked at the menu together, I just pointed out what I wanted and he ordered for me. The whole time I had my head lying on his shoulder, my face only inches from his ear. As the waiter walked away to place our orders, I leaned closer and pecked him on the ear. As he turned to face me, I managed a wet kiss directly on his lips. I could feel a little reluctance, but also a sigh of total enjoyment. Time for my first question for the evening.

“So Jeff, how did you get dragged into this scenario?” He had just taken a sip of water, it caught in his throat, causing him to swallow and choke at the same time. I got a stare as he tried to figure how much I knew and how to answer my question. I leaned closer and used my hands to pull his head closer to me, then placed my lips on his, pushing in a little to make better contact. It was a wonderful kiss, I even managed a little tongue action.

I am sure he was torn, stay true to the plan, whatever that was, or surrender to his emotions and enjoy the feelings. When I leaned back, then licked my lips he started laughing. “Gawd, you are one beautiful, gorgeous, flirtatious, evil female.” Before he could say anymore I told him I wanted to get married soon, I don’t think I can wait much longer. You do things to me, causing me to lay awake at night dreaming about you. I think a small ceremony, just our close friends and our parents would be nice, saving as much money as we can for our dream house.

I thought sure that would send him running, but instead I got a toe curling kiss as his tongue probed my throat. He broke that off, suggesting that we visit his parents this weekend, maybe mine the following weekend. Since school was going to be over in four weeks, a good time to have the wedding, then the honeymoon soon thereafter. Now I was pulling back, he seemed ready to marry me, a former male that had been transformed into his apparent wet dream.

Our drinks arrived, cooling off the discussion for a few minutes. He wanted to be sure I was alright with everything, not just reacting to the circumstances. He let it slip that Janice had coerced him into this little scenario, but after the first kiss at the house, he was smitten, ready to do anything to please me.

With our guards down, we talked about what we each knew about what had happened to me. Janice had not told him much, just that he was needed to play my boyfriend, pretending to be in love with me, about to propose. He had seen a picture of me after the change, as far as he was concerned I looked the part, being my boyfriend would be no problem on his part. Once he met me in person, the interaction changed drastically. You kissing me changed everything. Instead of faking the relationship, he wanted it to be real, to encourage me to be his real girlfriend. Being a former male meant nothing to him, all he saw was the female me, in fact he wondered if the girls were paying tricks on him, substituting a real female instead of the male I was supposed to be.

“Every time I look at you, I can’t see any male either in looks or in actions. One hundred percent female is all I see. As far as the two of us as a couple, I am all for it, if you want to spend some time to get to know each other, I am ready and will do anything I can to convince you that I am your soulmate. If you want to get married, I am ready for that too. I am sure of my feelings, you are everything I have ever wanted in a girlfriend, and soon to be wife.”

Dinner was soon placed in front of us, we both took some time to devour our entrees while thinking about the situation that we are faced with. I am sure whoever is the mastermind of this plot didn’t have any idea that it would take on a life of its own. It appears it has done that now, romantic feelings are mixed in with my new feelings of being female. I like Jeff, maybe enough to spend my life with him. I feel comfortable around him, when I see his face, I immediately want to kiss it, then continue my explorations further down. That is something I have never had any desire to do, to have sex with another person, male or female. Oh I love to kiss, to cuddle, but the actual act of sex has never been a focus of my efforts. I did wonder how much of the attraction was genuine and how much was whatever they had used to bend me to their ways.

After the dishes were cleared from the table, the discussion resumed over my changed status. Jeff wanted to know if I am going to stay female if I have a choice. That thought alone made me shiver. Surely the girls would not have done anything permanent to me, from what I gathered at the salon, all of it is reversible, but only at a later date. Then again, what I have felt so far has been very enjoyable, maybe the life of a female wouldn’t be that bad. No, I just can’t abandon my masculinity so easily, twenty-four years as a male deserves some loyalty, doesn’t it? I never did answer him, suggesting that we wait and see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

He thought the best approach to see what might develop was to date some more, take time to learn about each other, and spend some time doing things a couple would do. His first suggestion was a movie right after dinner, then spend a little time in a nearby dance club, before we call it a night. I agreed, then made a trip to the ladies room, did my business, then repaired my lipstick. As soon as I got back, Jeff tried to muss it up again, requiring me to freshen it yet one more time.

The movie was so-so, but the company more than made up for the lackluster movie. I got held closely all during the film, a few cheek kisses to remind me that he was there. I ended up with my head on his shoulder, his arm holding me tightly to his body. A most pleasant feeling. I tried to decline on the dance club, but he insisted. I have never been much of a dancer, now probably a more daunting task since I had to dance the female part. I surprised myself and Jeff, I was actually able to do justice to most of the dances. I was taken home, received a deeply prolonged kiss at the door, leaving me almost breathless. I walked to my bedroom, right past my housemates and collapsed on my bed. I was still in a wonderful state, warm romantic feelings washing over me, making me tingle that much more.

I was left alone that night, although I was expecting an inquisition about what happened and where we went. At breakfast the next morning, they were all seated at the table waiting for me to get my breakfast. I was already dressed for classes, so I told them all good morning, took a glass of juice and made my exit. I am sure they will have plenty to talk about in my absence. Jeff and I had already agreed on divulging nothing to them about our dates, a little mystery always good to keep people’s attention longer.

Classes were interesting, I was eager to learn as much as I could, took copious notes and asked lots of questions of the teachers. I wonder if whatever was done to me mentally caused the interest in this curriculum or was I secretly always attracted to this subject. Maybe this curriculum wouldn’t be that bad, engineering is so hard and difficult at times.

During a free period at the Student Union, I contemplated my changes again. Although they had initially upset me greatly, I was warming up to the idea of staying as a female. It no longer scared me, in fact I was looking forward to being pampered at the salon, and my next date with Jeff. On that note I called the salon, moving up my appointment to tomorrow, Jeff and I planning on going ice skating after getting burgers and fries at a drive-in. I have to look my best for Jeff.

Tonight though was homework, lots of reports and a couple of projects to complete before the weekend. I stopped on the way home to get some Chinese takeout, a way to keep the girls guessing on what is happening. I never had participated in anything like that as a male, I am sure it will not be expected of me. True to my thought, when I placed it on the table there were three open mouths, trying desperately to think of something to say. I told them I had a ton of homework so I figured I would supply dinner tonight, then secluded myself in my bedroom to get the assignments done. Before leaving I told them, “Tomorrow Jeff and I are going ice skating, then the next day, he is taking me to meet his family for the weekend. So you guys will have the run of the place for the weekend.”

Beth was the first one to recover enough to ask a question, wanting to know how Jeff and I are getting along. I just smiled, a bigger cheesier smile had never appeared on my face.

“I imagine that within a week he will ask me to marry him, I have every intention of doing so, being Mrs. Celene Walker will please me immensely. I can’t wait to find a house and take care of my husband. Of course, I would like all of you in my wedding party, that is a given.”

Janice was the next to ask if I was going to continue my education. “I doubt it, being a good wife and Mother is more important to me than a degree, so I will finish out this year then quit.” That quieted everyone down, just as I intended, so I made my way to my room and started my homework. I do wish I was a fly on the wall, hearing their discussion on what went wrong with their plan, and how to fix it might be very interesting.

I did complete all my assignments before ten, then wandered to the kitchen to see if there was anything to snack on. I found some ice cream hid in a corner of the freezer, so I figured it was fair game. As I was finishing it up, Beth showed up in her nightie. In the past, a vision like that would have me drooling immediately, but now it was just my roommate. She was happy someone finished the ice cream, it has been a distraction for so long, now that it is gone, all can relax some. She tried to get me talking about Jeff, even about my studies, about anything that was happening right now. I can tell they are desperate for information about what I am doing and thinking. All I told her was I was really looking forward to this weekend, to finally meet his parents. I just hope they approve of me.

Beth tried to get me to slow down a little, “Getting married is a big thing, maybe you should wait a while to learn more about Jeff and his family before you run off and get married. You should definitely stay in school, it is always better to have something to fall back on if necessary.”

I changed the topic to what type of dress I should get for my wedding. While I wanted to look good for Jeff, I didn’t want to be the traditional bride in the big white wedding dress with all the petticoats. Maybe a white sheath dress, with a plunging neckline, and a pencil skirt. Plenty to keep the groom interested until we got to the hotel. I smiled a little, I could tell Beth was so frustrated, nothing she was suggesting was being taken seriously.

Beth finally walked away, back towards the other girl’s rooms, another conference maybe? I headed to bed, full and content, ready for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I get to go ice skating, plus get pampered at the salon again. Yep, this female life is looking better all the time. I hunted through my clothes for a nightie like Beth’s. Found one and after undressing slipped it on. The image in the mirror didn’t disappoint me, I looked as good as Beth, my breasts a little larger and perkier than hers. For some reason that thought made me feel good, to be as pretty as my roommates.

Another question for the gals at the salon, how much of my figure is fake. I know it all feels like it is a genuine part of me, but one might be fooled these days.

I was up the next morning real early. Dressed and make-up, then cooking some breakfast before seven A.M. The girls all showed up, blurry eyed and sniffing the air. I placed plates of pancakes and bacon in front of them, then a cup of coffee to go with it. I gave them each a hug and grabbed my books and made my way out. Conference time again, I am sure of it.

I sat in the student union doing the last of my homework, then made my way to my first class. A class in female studies, as it relates to a modern day female. I took lots of notes, my studies seemed so important to me now, much more than when I was an engineering student. Another free period, then a class in cooking. I thought I would dislike it, but was totally engrossed in what was being taught within minutes. That turned out to be my last class for the day, next is my salon appointment, something I am totally looking forward to.

I almost bounced into the salon, was welcomed at reception and skipped my way back to Veronica’s station. I gave her a hug, then set in her chair telling her to make me gorgeous. Don’t hold anything back, if it will make me prettier, then do it. I have never seen a smile that big on anyone before. She started right in, leaning me back to wash and condition my hair. Three hours later she was done with me, believe me she had not held anything back. I had highlights in my hair, another piercing in my ears, eyebrows that screamed female, and a totally different makeup color palette.

My nails had been lengthened again, this time almost three quarters of an inch past my fingertips, it had taken me a couple of days to get used to the others, I had no doubt these would not present much of a problem. The look with the longer nails was so exotic, a little oriental look thrown in for good measure. The burgundy polish with pinkish nail art looked so good, maybe a light pink wedding dress, with burgundy trim might be just what I need for my wedding. The delicate pinkish flowers, so added to the beautiful nails, making the burgundy polish seem even deeper in color.

I did ask my question, Veronica going over everything telling me how it was created, and how long before I could reverse it if I wanted. My breasts were actually sucked from my body, then augmented with some fat that was absorbed into them making them plumper. If left alone they will become a realistic looking breast that will be with me for the rest of my life. My slim waist was helped along with a corset, apparently the girls had removed it just before I woke up.

I returned home, anxious to change clothes, I was so looking forward to ice skating with Jeff, just to be held in his arms again would be wonderful. I realized then I had to confront the girls and find out just what had been done to me mentally wise. I slipped on a pink flowing little dress, barely long enough to cover the bottom of my panties. Looking in the mirror I decided to tone that look down some, otherwise I may never make it to the ice. I found some tennis panties, ruffles and lace everywhere, a wise choice for the little skater dress.

Looking at the clock I still had over an hour, maybe now would be a good time to approach the guilty ones, to see just exactly how much had been done to me. As I made my way to the living room, I was in luck, all of my roommates were gathered around the dining room table doing their homework. I found an unoccupied chair, set down and cleared my throat. I held up my hand, to stop any comments or the conversation heading other than where I wanted it to.

“I am aware of some of the things that have been done to me. I am not mad or upset, maybe by the time that this all sinks in I will be an enthusiastic supporter of Celene, female student and girlfriend. What I need to know in short sentences and directly to the point is why it was done and exactly what was done, at least, mentally. I am aware of the salon and what was done, have talked to them at length, and have even furthered there efforts just today. Jeff and I have discussed all of this, including the fact that I am a male underneath this outer shell. He still wants to be my boyfriend, and I am not opposed to that part either.”

“I have an idea it was Janice that helped me along this path, so that is who I would like to hear from first. Remember short and to the point.”

Janice’s eyes became huge, I saw her swallowing often trying to figure out what to say and how. I didn’t have all day so I made a few educated guesses, asking her to nod her head if what I guessed was true.

“I figured you hypnotized me or at least made me very susceptible to suggestions made from you.” I got several nods quickly in succession, then she whispered suggestions. “As for the reason my best guess is that you three saw something in me that did not fit into my masculine image and mindset. Being young and not thinking everything through as thoroughly as you should have, a plan was devised and implemented. Leaving me to be the subject, just hoping to survive somehow with nothing to help me cope with the drastic changes.” Now all three girls were nodding their head vigorously, Beth first, then the other two mobbing me with hugs and kisses. Over the next ten minutes I was covered in kisses and the phrase I am so sorry repeated many more times than I could keep track of.

Janice finally found her voice, telling me she would try and undo all she had helped create. While she was telling me this she had a death grip on my hand, both of her hands holding me like I was super fragile and would break if left unaided. I let my full feminine smile appear. “You will do no such thing. I asked for what and why, I did not ask to be changed back. Now can I still live here until I get married or was that just so you could keep an eye on me?” Attacked again, I have got to learn to duck and weave, both Beth and Janice had me sandwiched between them squeezing me to death. Jennifer was trying to pry them apart so she could squeeze in, but the going was rough. I did have a free hand somehow, Jennifer grabbing it and trying to drag me from their clutches.

After lots of heartfelt emotions were shared, I noticed the time. “I can’t leave my boyfriend unattended, some floozy will grab him and then where will I be. We will talk more later, I have kind of adopted my new life, so any ideas of changing back has to wait for quite some time. Maybe if I fall on my butt enough while ice skating I can get a few extra kisses from my hunk Jeff. So I have work to do, don’t wait up for me.”

I was mobbed again, and sent off with lots of hugs and kisses. I had to stop in the hall at the mirror, to clean off several lipstick smudges before I eventually answered the door. There in all his glory was my hunk, I eagerly closed the distance between us, anxious to share my joy with him. I was indeed filled with joy, knowing some more about what happened made me feel a lot better. They meant well, just did not allow for the shock on my end finding myself a female suddenly.

It was a dreamy night, my butt hurt by the time I was helped back to his car, but my lips were ecstatic at the amount of time spent in contact with his luscious lips. Several times I pictured myself being able to enjoy those sensations for the rest of my life. I guess the female part of me has now gained the upper hand for good. No more masculine me, ever. The idea of marriage was firmly planted in my head, time will tell if it gets pushed aside.

I did get the third degree the next morning, all three wanting to know what happened. I gave them the short version, then smiled as I told them my butt hurt, but my lips were so happy. I had to keep moving, I did have classes today, four of them to be specific. I did manage to finish my homework in between classes, so my evening was clear. Jeff and I had talked on the phone several times today, deciding to visit his parents this weekend, just not make any future plans evident. From what Jeff had told me they were eager to meet his latest girlfriend, his ability to not tell them a lot about me kind of went up in smoke. His mother in particular wanted to spend some time with me, something I was looking forward to.

Of course, I had to do some last minute shopping, then a salon visit to make sure I looked my best. Jeff laughed at my antics, he was impressed that I wanted to make a good impression on his family, but did not feel that a visit to the salon was necessary. According to him I looked ravishing as I was, no further beauty treatments needed. I decided to not take a chance, besides I so enjoyed my time being pampered. Other than a wet set on my hair there was not much they could do that had not already been done. I did receive some lash extensions, each individual lash glued to my own, leaving me looking exotic and glamorous. It was like looking out through a curtain, a curtain of mascaraed lashes.

The drive up to his parents’ home took almost an hour, Jeff spending the time to tell me as much as he could about his parents and what they did. His Dad owned an insurance agency, quite large and quite profitable. His Mom was into all kinds of community affairs, belonging to almost every women’s club and civic association possible. If we married I would be expected to do likewise.

The house was quite impressive, on some acreage that was fenced giving them some space from nosy neighbors. At first it seemed huge, but not pretentious. Then when Jeff pulled into the six car garage, I had other thoughts. From the garage at the back of the house, I could see much more of the house, then from the front. I was a little nervous as we walked up to the house, these people were definitely out of my league. Once we entered the house I quickly felt at ease. I got a hug from his Dad, and then a serious hug from his Mom. I was quickly led off to her study, so that she could find out about this new female in her son’s life. We talked for over an hour, she was so easy going, probing but not in an obtrusive way. That was interrupted when the two males came to collect us for dinner. His Dad said we would eat out tonight, a nice restaurant that was out of the way and served very tasty food.

His Mom and I excused ourselves to repair our makeup, a task that I was getting good at. In ten minutes I had refreshed my makeup, and touched up my lipstick. A lot of my makeup was semi-permanent, but looked faded after a while unless retouched. I used the bathroom, still not quite used to the actions needed to simply pee. We re-joined the males, then was driven to the restaurant in their limo. Jeff is apparently from a well to do family, a fact that he conveniently forgotten to inform me of. I need to do some probing, to make sure there are no other secrets that he has withheld.

The restaurant was definitely out of the way, it took us about thirty minutes to get there. As we pulled up we were let out at the door, a valet there to assist the females and hold the front door for all to enter. We were led directly to a table, apparently the Maitre’D recognized them right away. The table was in a small room overlooking a beautiful landscape of azaleas and rhododendrons in full bloom. The place settings were china, with gold plated silverware. I counted ten different pieces of silverware and five different pieces of china at each setting. I tried to focus on what little I could remember about what fork to use and what went into each bowl and plate, for fear of getting sent home as being unworthy of even being with their son much less marrying him.

The food was delicious, I so wanted to ask for a doggy bag to take as much home with me as I could carry, but behaved myself, and enjoyed the feast while I could. My selection was stuffed pork chops, with sauerkraut and lima beans. For dessert Jeff and I split a chocolate mousse, served in a large goblet, enough there for three people. It was so good, I was so stuffed I could barely walk back to the limo. I managed to hang on to Jeff’s arm and just followed him to the car. Once back at the house, we were put in the same bedroom, our luggage already unpacked and the clothes hung in the closet. That surprised me, I guess I was approved of to share a bed with my lover.

I was not sure what to make of that fact, either he had laid it on pretty thick about our relationship or a lot was being assumed on the part of his parents. The bedroom was almost a suite, a small sitting room as you enter, then a lavish bed, canopy and all. A vanity for the female and of course an en-suite bathroom. That room defied description, so lavish and absolutely gorgeous. I hated to use it and spoil the beauty of it. I dressed in my nightie after performing my new female necessities. As I left the bathroom Jeff came in, taking a shower in anticipation of what he might get to experience tonight.

I had news for him, until I was surer of myself, some cuddling and tonsil hockey was all he was going to receive. If he was good he could sleep next to me, otherwise the sofa in the setting room was his. I was lying in bed when he came in and laid down next to me, I turned his way and gave him a this is how it is going to be look, he smiled then turned me on my side and cuddled me. We both fell asleep, him holding me tight as if I might leave him. As tight as I was being held there was no chance of me escaping. In his arms, I didn’t want to escape even if I could.

The next morning the guys left to play some golf, his Mom and I spent the day at several of her charitable endeavors. I helped some, my newer curriculum the perfect match for a lot of what they were doing. Without exception I was invited to join their organizations, they would be proud to have me as a member of their group. Jeff and I spent the evening together as he showed me around town and introduced me to some of his friends. I was accepted by all of them, several of the girls quite happy that I had managed to corral him as mine. They had their chances during school, he was nice but not that interested in them. They could see the love in his eyes now, genuine and intense.

We had a nice drive back, talking about what we wanted in life and if there was indeed something between us. I agreed to quite a few more dates, hoping to confirm what I felt now for him. It was decided to visit my parents this next weekend, but decided he would not arrive till Saturday midday. I had to get them over the shock of having a daughter instead of a son, before I brought up the subject of marriage.

I did email Mom several times making little hints along the way, hoping she would pick up on several of them making my job a little easier. How do you bring up in casual conversation that suddenly you have become a female, dressing and living as one, with a boyfriend and thinking about marriage? Not the easiest subjects to broach at the best of times.

I did manage to get through the week at school without any disasters, even aced a couple of tests. I drove to my parents’ home on Friday afternoon after my last class. With a little luck I would get there before Dad arrived, giving me time to explain to Mom where her new daughter came from. I approached the house, used my key in the door and walked in. I heard Mom approaching so I dropped my luggage and held out my arms for a hug. Surprisingly she gave it to me holding me tightly like I was going to run away if she did not hold on to me. I was dragged to the kitchen, the place where all serious matters are discussed in this house. I was appraised carefully, Mom quite capable in that regard.

I explained the changes, their relative permanence and my reaction to them. I left out the girl’s involvement, just mentioning that I was roomies with three of my girlfriends. I got an arched eyebrow several times, but eventually she saw how relaxed I was and came to the conclusion that everything that happened was for the better. Then I mentioned about my boyfriend, and that marriage was a definite possibility down the road. Well that was something she could embrace wholeheartedly. When I mentioned that he was coming here tomorrow, she launched herself in my direction and hugged the living daylights out of me. Dad came in about half way thought the last hug, looking at me closely to see if he should have recognized me. I turned and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek and called him Daddy. He held me in his arms, as he looked at Mom for an explanation.

Mom gave him the short version, he had a daughter now, his no good for nothing son no longer. Her fiancé is coming tomorrow to meet us, and get our approval. With that she pulled me away from Dad’s embrace telling me to help her fix dinner. Dad wondered off probably trying to figure what in the hell happened here. I had a ball helping Mom with dinner, a lot of my recent schooling becoming useful. I set the table and helped bring out the food as dad re-appeared, a small smile on his face. He asked some basic questions about my boyfriend, amazed that he was from a quite influential family. Mom suggested that he offer to play a round of golf with him, maybe a way to get to know him better. I wasn’t even sure he played golf, I need to send him a text tonight to see if he does.

After dinner Mom helped me unpack amazed at my clothing and choices. She did get around to ask if we had discussed having a family, I hugged her telling her that she will be a grandmother if I can swing it, the child will have to be adopted, but I can then use my knowledge about raising children to the best advantage. I texted Jeff about him playing golf, he responded a few minutes later telling me that he would bring his clubs. I sent him a couple of kissee faces then made it to my room for the evening.

I dressed in my nightie, crawled into bed and soon was sound asleep. The bed I was in was my old bed, but still just as comfortable as I remembered. I was up early the next morning, actually looking forward to the day. For one thing my boyfriend was coming, I was already suffering from kiss withdrawal. I helped Mom make breakfast and even cleaned the kitchen afterward. Several times I found Mom staring at me from the hallway, probably wondering if I was sick or something. When I took the mop and washed the kitchen floor, she came up to me putting her hand on my forehead, checking to see if I was running a fever or delirious.

After satisfying my cleaning urges, I took a walk around my old neighborhood. It hadn’t changed much, although everything looked older and showing some signs of aging. A lot of different people have moved in, hardly anybody I remembered from when I lived here. As I rounded the corner heading back to the house I saw Jeff’s car in the driveway taking off running for the house. It was an experience that is for sure, the new equipment installed bouncing wildly as I covered the distance in record time. Jeff was on the porch talking to my parents as I entered the yard. He stepped off the porch to greet me, while a long haired bouncing female came flying through the air, her boyfriend finally in sight. I landed up against him my lips locking onto his immediately, my legs encircling his waist. My impact almost toppling us over.

Mom was laughing at my antics, Dad was just staring at the scene before him. I was in heaven, Jeff was back and I was in his arms, the way it should be. The kiss went on and on, Mom and Dad leaving us alone and returning to the house. I came up for air a couple of times, but went right back to my lover, puckering up for another assault. Jeff finally put me down on the ground, wanting to know if I missed him. I was dragged inside, where Mom and Dad were waiting in the living room. We talked a little then Dad suggested some golf before it got any later. Of course, Jeff got a few kisses to tide him over till he returns. Mom was giggling as he went out the door, the goodbye kiss lasting at least five minutes. As the door closed she hugged me, you have certainly changed, daughter dear. “Incidentally, Jeff is awesome both Dad and I approve. Anybody who does not see the love between you two is either dead or blind as a bat.”

Now let’s talk about the wedding, about dresses and about where you are going to be married at. That is what we did till the guys re-appeared, then I resumed normal communications with Jeff, kissing him deeply and longingly. I was soon dragged to the kitchen Mom wanting help with fixing dinner. Mom had bought all the parts for a superb dinner, it took us almost two hours to get everything ready. I checked on Jeff several times, him and Dad getting along fine. We ate in the dining room, the good china and the company silverware. I made the trip many times to get everything just perfect, taking pride at the finished table.

The meal went off without a hitch, while I wanted to take Jeff to my room, Mom dragged me to the kitchen to help her clean up. It seemed like the cleanup would never end, but finally Mom declared the job done. As I ran out the kitchen door to find Jeff she was giggling away. Dad and Jeff had just come in the house from outside, I presume Jeff received the ten cent tour of the property. I launched myself in his direction from five feet away, almost knocking him down in the process. Once he regained his footing he broke out in laughter, held my face in his hands and kissed me. That was what I wanted anyway so I was content. Dad just walked back to the house laughing his head off.

We must have stood there for quite some time, when Mom stuck her head out the door and suggested it might be more comfortable for us in the house. Jeff led me in that direction and as we entered the kitchen Mom announced that Dad was taking her to the movies, and they would be back late. I saw the smile that the two of them had on their face, mouthed the words thank you and they were out the door. We headed straight to my bedroom our clothes lining the floor on that route.

It was only kissing and cuddling but it felt so good. I did get up and made my way to the bathroom, gathering up our discarded clothes to minimize the shock to my parents when they returned. Jeff was waiting for me his arms already spread in anticipation of holding me again. That is where I found myself the next morning in his arms, his lips kissing my ears, eyes and neck. I rolled over and intercepted one of his kisses, putting my lips in his line of attack. Success, it feels so good to wake to a tender, probing, and passionate kiss in the morning.

Jeff left later that day, he had an early class on Monday morning, while my first class was not until noon. Of course, I had to give him a proper send off, it did make me re-consider marrying him soon, so that we would never have to be apart. I helped Mom with dinner for the three of us, even cleaned up the kitchen again. Then I went to pack, deciding I had enough time to clean her bathroom too. About an hour later I heard a squeal, I take it she found the clean sanitized bathroom. I left early the next morning, so that I would not have to rush to get back. The majority of the trip was spent thinking of staying female and my love for Jeff. By the time I got back to the house I had decided the female life is for me. I decided to stay in school, getting my degree in home economics, and marrying Jeff after a reasonable amount of time spent together to make sure we were compatible.

I bounced into the house hugging all of my roommates and danced into my bedroom. I opened my suitcase, but suddenly three females stood between me and the suitcase. I was forbidden to touch a piece of clothing until I had divulged all. I tried to tell them I had a class and needed to change, they stood their ground suggesting I could get to my class after I had told them what happened over the weekend and not before. I was finally pushed on the bed, all three of them crowding around each holding on to me until I revealed all.

I did eventually satisfy them, but ended up missing my first class. Jennifer told me she would speak to my professor explaining that I was helping her with an emergency. I headed to my next class, smiling some, all three of my roomies now quite concerned about me and what I will do about college. Well, they also wanted to know about Jeff, since he was quiet and not relaying any info about us to them. I was now the only source of info, so the obvious reason why they had held me captive until I spilled the beans, every last one of them. I filled them in some, but did keep a few secrets to myself.

I attended classes the rest of the day, even made it to the class I missed and acquired my assignments. I had some time before I was to meet Jeff, so on the spur of the moment decided some shopping was called for. I have always been aware of a female’s love of shopping, not understanding the need to shop all the time. Well, only one way to find out what it is about, that is to hit the mall. I made a slow start just walking along browsing the window displays in the stores. I did find a few things that caught my eye, but passed on actually going into the store to find the item and consider trying it on.

By the fifth store, leaving the window without finding the item was pulling hard on my new female heart strings. I took a big breath and entered the store, finding the skirt I saw and fell in love with on a display right in front. Oh shit what size do I wear? I tried to remember the sizes on the clothes I am wearing now, I think it was a twelve, but I am not sure. I grab a couple of sizes and head for the dressing rooms. I could hardly speak, my voice deciding that actually asking to use one of their dressing rooms to try on the skirt was tantamount to suicide. On the third try I managed to get out the words, the sales associate showing me into a vacant room. She did keep an eye on me, my behavior not normal for any female.

I tried on all three sizes deciding the size fourteen was the best fit. With that information I returned the other two sizes and wandered back out to see what else I could find. The sales associate did eventually presume me to be normal, offering help but leaving me alone to search for my treasures. I did find two blouses that were perfect, a shirtwaist dress that I just had to have and another skirt, one that fitted me like paint. I immediately thought of Jeff, as I wiggled around trying to walk in the skirt. I did find that sizes are not representative, one size in a manufacturers offering is not the same as another. So I ended up with a size fourteen, a size sixteen and even a size twelve in my selections. Now I understood some of why shopping for women’s clothes is not just cut and dry.

I did meet with Jeff later, we decided to do the drive-in thingy, then hang out in the student union to get in our romantic interlude seen to. We did talk a lot about our relationship, about possibly marrying and our schooling. It was after eleven when we decided to part, till the next day. It took me twenty minutes to properly send him back to his apartment. The kisses have to be just right, and the mouth explored completely before parting. At least, that was my take on the situation.

We did decide to get an apartment together, it would allow us to try a relationship under the same roof, also give us a little privacy from our roommates. The marrying thing was discussed in depth, we finally decided to wait until we graduated, a more sensible avenue of behavior. We also decided to abstain from actual sex, although a difficult thing to live up to, again something logical and necessary. Everything else was allowed, so we would not be missing much other than some frustration.

It was agreed that whenever we wanted the act of sex, we would stop whatever we were doing and engage in a marathon session of hugging, cuddling and kissing. Touching of my breasts and his penis was allowed, but no penetrative action of any kind. The first time we tried that out, after an hour of some wicked foreplay we both had to take a shower to remove the stickiness and other wise clean ourselves up. I know my nipples were sore, and his penis was very red from our efforts. To my embarrassment my set of lower lips were also sore, Jeff does like to explore things if given a chance. I must admit his tongue is very talented, and quire persuasive.

It was several weeks later when we found a place and moved into the new apartment. During the time we were moving and setting up the new apartment my old life before the girls transformed me was closed out, my male clothes given away with only a few treasured possessions coming with me to our new home.

I was surprised to learn the girls never told their boyfriends of my change, just that it was learned that the male me had withdrawn from school and moved back home. When I was introduced to them over the following weeks there was no recognition of the old me, in fact I doubted they saw any of my face as all of their attention was focused on my breasts. Typical male, now I don’t have to look at other females to see breasts, I have a set of my own just a few inches below my chin. A set I am proud of, by the way. If you have to suffer a rude waking up one day, the best option is to wake up female. I did and I love it.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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