Selene; Who Would Have Thought

I was driving my wife Suzi to another of her clinics she puts on for her employer. She works for a chain of beauty salons teaching makeup application. This clinic was being held at a county fair, a couple of hours from us, where they had obtained a booth to do free makeovers and teach proper makeup application. It was something the salon had been experimenting with recently, so far the response has been phenomenal. I went with her to help set up the booth, a portable vanity with lighted mirror and the numerous cases of makeup. The same ones I had transported here in my van. It was an easy job and her employer Francine paid well for my help.

During the fair I would make my way through the other booths and displays just observing what is going on. I was a people watcher, fascinated at what people did and how they acted. This particular fair was quite large, and a three day affair. So we allotted four days for the trip and fair. The first day to setup, get our badges and show information, then the three actual days of the fair. The last day we would break down and head home after the fair ended. In most cases we got home late, but avoided the cost of staying that extra night in a motel.

We had some makeup to sell, the salon’s own line, but the aim of the clinics was to make the customer aware of what the salon’s did and their skill at doing it. At this fair there were four of the salons in nearby towns, so any new customers would be welcome. The salons did fantastic business already, but the owner always wanted to grow the business if possible. I had met her a time or two, a gorgeous blonde that exuded beauty and confidence. She was personable, easy to talk to and very perceptive.

Suzi signed in at registration, got out booth assignment and badges, then we went to check it out and see if anything else would be needed for the setup. It was a good location right on a corner with two large aisles converging on the location. I went to the truck to get some of the setup materials wheeling them in on my dolly. I dropped them off and went back for the rest. When the trips were completed I began to assemble the signs we used, positioned the vanity, then mounted the mirror and plugged it in. The makeup cases mounted on top of one another, the drawers available to be pulled out to find the items she needed. When finished two large cases with twenty-five drawers each filled with makeup were positioned on either side of the vanity.

On a portion of the back wall there was a pegboard section where the makeup we were going to sell was displayed. I would hang the products to sell tomorrow when the show opened. Confident that we had the setup complete, we went looking for somewhere to eat and check in to our motel.

We found a Mexican place that was crowded, usually a telltale sign of the place offering good food. The meal was delicious, our plates clean as a whistle before we left. The motel was just down the street, the room we got was large and the furnishings looked brand new. A feat in itself, the lodgings offered these days mostly just barely adequate although the prices never reflected that fact. We settled in, with me watching some TV and Suzi on her laptop exploring the internet.

The next morning with her getting dressed is one of my favorite times. The outfits they wear at the salon are so cute, extremely feminine and frilly. Suzi knows I like to watch her dress, so the process is stretched out a little for her captive audience. Finally we made a pit stop for some breakfast, then headed to the convention center where the fair was being held. She was carrying her purse and I had a small ice chest with some drinks and nibbles for us. I always followed, her heels clacking on the floor and her butt in perfect sync with the heels. My entertainment for the day. After hanging the makeup we would sell on the pegboard, I made myself comfortable at a chair at the back of the booth, ready to spend a day people watching. It was only a few minutes later when they opened the door and we were inundated with a larger than expected crowd.

Several ladies stopped to talk, asking specific questions of Suzi. A few minutes later she had a crowd gathered in the booth. She asked for a volunteer to come up and she would demonstrate some of the new makeup line. The ladies were reluctant to volunteer, a lady from the back suggested that Suzi use that young man at the back of her booth. I expected Suzi to refuse immediately, but she called my name and asked me to come to the front. I stayed put, so she walked back taking my hand and led me to her vanity. I was whispering no to her, but she just smiled and started cleaning off my face. In reality the salon was started for the male customer that wants to experience his feminine side. I am not one of those, at least I was pretty sure I wasn’t.

When I saw that she was going to carry this through, I relaxed and let her do her thing. I watched in the mirror as my face changed before my eyes. The slightly angular features of my jaw disappeared and my nose seemed much smaller after she set the concealer and foundation with some powder. Then she worked on my eyes, with her explaining everything she was doing it was thirty minutes later when she moved to my lips. I had been watching my image in the mirror and not anything else. I looked beyond the mirror to see if most of the ladies that had crowded into our booth had stayed for the whole presentation. I was shocked to see the aisle jam packed for as far as I could see in both directions. Suzi and I received a standing ovation, my face now much redder that any makeup could make it. The crowd gradually dispersed leaving the booth mostly empty. We did sell quite a bit of makeup, and Suzi answered a lot of questions about the salon.

One of the organizers of the show came and talked to her, asking if she wanted to do her presentation on the stage of the convention center. I was standing behind him shaking my head no, but Suzi thought it would be great. Then the bad part, once every three hours for remaining days of the show. After he left Suzi dragged me to the back of our booth, thanking me for helping her. I kept quiet, her husband in full makeup looking sexy and very feminine. But to do this all the rest of today, all day tomorrow and the next maybe too much, at least for me.

Suzi was turning on the charm, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I cooperated willingly. Ever since we married I have been a pushover for Suzi, the few times I thought I was in control only a faint wish of mine. Her skills at getting me to do what she wanted were legendary. I was led to the back of the booth, so she could use the makeup wipes to remove my current array of cosmetics.

To make me feel more comfortable, she suggested that I wear her blouse, she had her smock to wear instead. She would introduce me as Selene, an employee from the salon to help her in her presentation. Behind a curtain she reached under her blouse, removing her bra and pulling it out of her sleeves. She raised my shirt, slipping the still warm bra around my chest and hooking it behind my back. Then quickly my shirt was raised above my head and her blouse was slid down covering the bra. She slipped her arms into the sleeves of her smock and did up the buttons. Both of us nearly naked from the waist up right in the middle of the convention floor. She found some tissues to wad up, giving me some small breasts, making the blouse lay right.

A few touches of some mascara and a lip gloss made the female appear, not a beauty by any means but never the less a member of that gender. I pushed the makeup cases up toward the stage, then two guys did the rest for me, as I stood there in awe. They had accepted that I was female and wanted to help me. I was not sure whether I should be grateful for the help and accepted as a female or upset that I was so easily transformed and accepted as the other gender by two husky guys.

They set up the lighting focusing on a chair I was to be seated in, then I became aware of the camera and the two huge screens in the background. As Suzi did my makeup, my image would be televised to the huge screens and the whole convention area could see my transformation. Then if that wasn’t bad enough Suzi’s boss approached her on the stage. As they talked her boss looked my way and gave me such a look. I blushed deeper, if that was even possible. After their conversation ended she made her way to me, sitting on a stool right next to me.

“I like you better this way, you are very pretty, when you blush your whole face lights up. I talked with Suzi and she will buy you a more adequate wardrobe tonight, we can’t have one of my employees looking so dowdy. I will pay you for your effort, but I think the true reward will come from Suzi, I doubt if you will get much sleep tonight according to her. Thank you again for all you are doing, and I will see you at the salon on Monday.” I received a serious hug and a tender kiss on my cheek. I almost felt like touching the area where she kissed my cheek, it still felt like it was tingling. To be truthful I have always been in awe of Francine, femininity personified, but her way with people is what makes her special. After an encounter with her, you feel that you can do the impossible, just move away and let me at it.

The first demonstration on the stage was unreal, as she worked on my face I could see my image on the big screen change to this luscious female image. When I managed a look at the crowd, all I could see was a sea of faces all watching the stage or one of the big screens. When she finished there was a cacophony of applause. Then we were swamped with people wanting to purchase some of the cosmetics or get what they needed written on a note they could take to the salon. Suzi sold out all her extra cosmetics that first demonstration, her purse suddenly much fuller than before.

Three more demos that afternoon, by now I was getting accustomed to wearing makeup, the lack of it making my face seem empty and barren. She left on the last application as we headed out of the convention center, then to the same restaurant we ate at yesterday. As before the food was good, our plates clean again. From there we headed to one of the salons that was not far away. She gathered up some more makeup to sell, also two outfits for me to wear tomorrow.

She had way too much fun with the outfits, picking lacy, short dresses that would show off my legs. I got some breast forms glued to my chest, not time for anything more realistic. There is a lot of difference between some tissues shoved in a bra and the weight of a set of natural looking breast forms in the same bra. When she put me in five inch heels, I tried to protest. Her finger to my mouth quieted me down, her only comment is that she didn’t want her model running off. I had a hard time standing in the heels, much less running anywhere.

Finally back to the motel where she had me naked and on the bed within minutes of us passing through the door. Her body right on top of me, caressing anything she could grab a hold of, all the while giggling uncontrollably. Don’t get me wrong I was enjoying it, but so different than anything I have ever experienced before. I was typical of most males, used to initiating the sex, not on the receiving end. I managed very little sleep that night, even after the wild sex we had first after entering the room, she continued all through the night. I would be close to dropping off only to have her play with my nipples or squeeze junior. For temporary breast forms these were exceptional, somebody playing with the nipple would be felt on my own nipple under the form.

One advantage of being married to a makeup specialist is her ability to cover up dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep. I had them and she made sure they did not show. The difference between yesterday with the blouse over my pants and the dress today was miles apart. I tugged on it, I pulled on it, but my legs from mid-thigh down was visible. Suzi had used a cream on them this morning, now they were hair free and very sensitive. Any touch or air current sending shivers all over my body.

Today as we headed to the convention center I was in the lead, trying to maneuver in the heels that I was wearing. Suzi didn’t miss any chance to get even making swishing noises as I walked. I turned and stared at her, her giggling and laughing turning my face red instantly. We finally made it to the stage, my apparent home for today. I looked around, they had enhanced the setup adding additional lights and cameras to the mix. They moved a few booths down front to make more space for the audience. I am sure those people that were moved maybe not as happy for the development. I saw boxes of makeup near the chair I would be setting on, apparently a shipment of makeup for us to sell that Francine had arranged for. That meant I would have to help Suzi with the sales, not something I minded doing, but more interaction with the public dressed as a female was not something I was looking forward to.

It was only a few moments after they opened the fair that we had a crowd waiting for Suzi to start. I was introduced to the crowd and she started the transformation, the first of the day. The lights they added were warm after a while, also quite blinding when you looked that way. Half way through the day a photographer appeared and for the next five demonstrations she snapped picture after picture of my journey into femaleness. We were to learn the next day that my picture would appear in the local newspaper on the front page, causing the crowds for the last day of the show to mushroom beyond any of our expectations.

It was bizarre, even a couple of women asking me for an autograph. I can’t say I was disappointed when the last demo concluded. It had been a long three days, instead of me being able to watch people they had been watching me turn into this female goddess. I guess an added benefit was the guys that saw to it that our materials got loaded into my van. I didn’t have to lift a finger, we were just two helpless females needing big strong hands to help us. I felt so different being catered to, a feeling that I have never experienced before.

I drove back to our home Suzi on the phone with her boss the whole trip. We had sold everything they had shipped us, with still more requests that we could not handle. The neighboring salons had also sold out, making this fair quite profitable for the company. I just wanted to get home and out of this makeup. When we arrived at our home, Suzi told me that our exploits were put on social media, my one picture that had appeared in the paper had over one hundred thousand likes so far. She did help me get the makeup off, but then wanted me to wear some lipstick for her tonight. I sighed but gave in, I was too tired to argue with her.

Suzi was still wound up, it was three A.M. before I got any sleep. Then to compound things I was told I had to be up at seven to meet Francine at the salon. I gave Suzi my death stare, why am I meeting her at the salon? I just want to sleep all day, the heck with anything else. The early morning came, with it a pesky wife eager to get her beautiful husband out to the salon. I finally gave in, Suzi having to add some concealer to cover up the dark circles under my eyes again. I made her drive though, maybe I can sneak in a few winks on the trip there.

Dragged into the salon and right to Francine’s office. I got a smile from her, but she is all business, so quickly we re-hashed the entire weekend. As of now I would be put on her payroll, while they figure out how to best take advantage of my success and popularity. Several times I tried to decline any offer of employment but nobody listened. There had been several other people involved in the discussions earlier, but they went their way to do whatever they do. That just left Suzi, Francine and me in the office.

I really wanted nothing to do with this, my makeup wearing days are over as far as I am concerned. I told them both that, Francine coming to set next to me and Suzi squatting on my empty lap. I firmed my lips, I am going to hold out for what I want, not give in to this soon to be assault on my person. Well that lasted for all of ten minutes before I succumbed to the wishes of these two ladies. Suzi played with me while Francine plied me with monetary benefits. I nearly came twice as Suzi was relentless in her attack, the final blow was her kissing me on the nose as she squeezed my nipples hard.

Then Francine had the nerve to offer me a partnership in the makeup business as her last ditch effort to get me to join on. That and my climax did me in, I was shot and agreed to everything. I made a call to my former employer later that day, telling him that I quit. I was due a check for previous work, I told him to just keep it that would make up for me not giving notice. I couldn’t see me working two weeks’ notice, fully made-up with breasts and wearing a dress. But then again maybe the gals at the office would buy some makeup from me.

Unfortunately, it was several days before I found just how bad I had screwed myself. I was now the public face of Turnabout Cosmetics in all advertising and promotions. Instead of assisting Suzi in her demos I would be doing my own demos applying my own cosmetics as I performed the task. That included TV and public appearances for social gatherings and charity affairs. To handle this new career I would need training. The next day at seven A.M. I was at the salon to be transformed and taught to do makeup professionally. It was a long day, Selene was the female that left the salon that night, my male persona not visible anywhere.

My ears were pierced, although what that had to do with makeup lost on me. But when they moved this large machine next to me with cups and hoses hanging everywhere, my mind shut down and I slipped into unconsciousness. Unfortunately, before I rejoined the living, I was hooked up to it and flab from my chest was being sucked into the cups. I realized that breasts formed that way would not be easily removed later. Several times Suzi came by me to give me a passionate kiss and moved on. I had been secured to the chair I was in, so her random attacks were unstoppable. I tried to plead with her, I begged, but soon she tired of my pleas and inserted a teeth whitener that stopped all vocalization since my teeth were now stuck in it..

The pump working on my chest is relentless, a little more skin slipping into the cups every few minutes. I could see months and months of me being female, since getting tissue that is sucked from the body back into a male configuration not likely to happen anytime soon.

I had bad thoughts regarding that, but the tingles coming from my nipples were a little hard to ignore. I know Suzi’s nipples are very sensitive, if mine turn out that way no telling what may happen when we make love. Just them I felt a tingle of electricity escape from my left nipple, leaving me a slobbering mess on the table. Nobody had touched me, just thinking about the breasts had caused the tingle and the emission from junior below. It was like my whole body seized with that action, a feeling of bliss sweeping from my toes to my hair follicles. I laid there forever, it seemed like. The reverberations bouncing through my body even felt good. The machine is turned off and the hoses are disconnected.

I realize I have not checked out my breasts, one look and I take in a lot of air quickly. The forms they used are full, these are just as big as the breast forms they had glued on if not a little bit larger. The big difference is these are mine a part of my body. The drone of the hair dryer keeping me from yelling or screaming. All that escaped was a little whimper, a weak female’s pathetic whimper.

I guess I was alright with what they were doing to me, the money I would receive from the deal was staggering. The jury was still out on me being a female from now on, with Suzi’s enthusiasm of me being sex changed I knew it was only a matter of time before I would willingly add my approval to the mix.

Francine was more than accommodating with me, making sure in the end that this is something I wanted to do. The part that scared me the most was living as a female. Francine told me that difference was really not that much, just a matter of letting your mind accept the change in behavior and dress. To prove her point she took me out to a late lunch, once my breasts had been sucked from me. I was even allowed to wear jeans and a cute floral print top.

Not even a second glance from anyone as we made our way to the restaurant. Well, there was one second glance and a few cat calls, but Francine assured me they always flirted with her when she walked past their construction site. I did relax some after that, letting my male persona be put away for a while.

I just hoped the newness would wear off soon, I was severally sleep deprived. Maybe an hour or two a night is not enough to be able to function appropriately. For some reason Suzi never tired of holding and fondling me. Maybe I should get her a stuffed animal for her to hold at night.

Later that afternoon my nails were worked on, after an hour I had ten long extended talons painted a bright pink. Now along with learning how to do makeup, I also had to learn how to do it with beautiful nails and not stab some part of me in the process. Of course, toenails to match, thankfully with no extensions.

They had worked on my hair for hours, washed, conditioned, and a chemical treatment of some kind, with foil pieces applied to the treated locks. I was later to learn that the process is called highlighting, I would soon be the owner of strawberry highlights to my medium golden blonde hair.

Someone moving junior out of the way brought me back to the present real fast. My legs had been splayed wide, in stirrups at the end of the table. A strap held them there firmly, as the tech moved junior out of the way. I felt some cool liquid, I presume he is now glued back between my legs. The costume I will wear so short, that anything sticking out would be quite noticeable. It isn’t enough to do the shows I have to wear some brief little costume so that I will be sure and draw enough attention to myself and my makeup instruction. Then a fake vagina was shown to me, it looked just like Suzi’s female sex, a glimpse that I was allowed as she was getting ready yesterday. It then hit me, this is not just a costume any more, and I will be living as a female in every way for the future. I will have breasts, good sized ones and a female sex, probably one that can accommodate her husband’s new penis/dildo. With that thought I again checked out for a while. The cool cloth on my forehead and covering my eyes keeping any more concerns confined strictly to my overworked mind.

Back to the present as my hair is rolled on curlers after it is saturated in some type of spray. Then after all of the curlers are placed it is sprayed again. I am then led to a hair dryer. The heat is turned on and I am left to contemplate my changes so far. It is so different walking with Junior not present, a void now, my thighs now touching all the way to my groin. I presume this new look is for quite some time in the future.

It was on the sheet of changes for me, but on paper it is not as bewildering as on my own body. Like the song I Am Woman, it appears that I am now a member of the female sex, hear me roar may be a little premature but the I am woman part is quite real.

The hair turned out so gurly, released out of the curlers big bouncy curls bobbing all around my head. Never will I be mistaken for a male anymore. Nothing but female any way you look at me. The image in the mirror just confirming that fact. I did not have any makeup on, but still looked a hundred percent female.

Suzi coming by to check on my progress, actually did a double take. Then I was grabbed and hauled off to the office. As soon as we cleared the door I was attacked, kissing and groping as she made her way up and down my body. Francine cleared her throat, but that didn’t stop Suzi. I was red in the face being seen like this, but it didn’t seem to bother the other two. Francine came over and took in my appearance, then smiled and moved Suzi over so she could hug me.

“You turned out beautiful, I might just have to add to your contract to take advantage of your beauty.” I backed up putting my hands up in defense, no you can’t do that, but all I got in return was lots of giggling.

Two more weeks of training and I was deemed to be ready. By now the clothes felt normal, even the heels I had been wearing were easy to get around in. The cute little uniform I had to wear for the demonstrations was still a sore spot with me, there was just not enough of it to make me feel comfortable.

My debut was scheduled for the state fair, ten booths of makeup along with pictures of what the salon did making quite a show. I was doing my demonstration on a raised dais, with a special vanity with three mirrors. There were cameras there, projecting my image to a screen hung from the back wall. Suzi and five other technicians were there to sell makeup, pass out brochures and answer questions. I was left by myself, to do the demonstration and as Francine told me to look beautiful.

With six females in cute little outfits we had all the help we needed in setting up the booth, each helper got a hug and cheek kiss from one of the girls. Yes, I participated, by now I considered myself female, very few differences separated me from a real female. It was decided that I would do the makeup on me, the cameras easily showing the gathered throng what I was doing. The first demo was awesome, before I got to the concealer part I had a capacity crowd surrounding the booths. By the time I finished there were lined up and down the aisle for as far as you could see. Even the surrounding booths were happy for the crowd, they received more attention since the customers couldn’t move anywhere.

The fair was two weeks long, we ended up selling everything the salons had in cosmetics, even having shipped in items from her salons half way across the country. According to Francine my social media page had almost a million likes, a goal very few people reached in their lifetime. I was still ravaged nightly by Suzi, I don’t think that will ever change. I at least learned how to wear her down so that I can get my beauty sleep. It was simple once I figured it out, when she is attacking my breasts and nipples I lean in and suck on hers, if I move my tongue right I can have her in an earth shattering orgasm in minutes. Two or three of these and I can go to sleep.

Of course, she has adopted that technique for me, so I am not spared any orgasms. I have never missed my male part, he is safely tucked away, but what I get to experience now is so much better that any male release. As a male it was one shot and I am done, as a female the initial orgasm is so intense, then the wonderful feelings keep coming and coming.

This last year has been so special, forty-five shows in fifteen states each one better than the last one. I have been on talk shows, even a national syndicated morning show. I am often recognized as I do normal things as Selene, often giving autographs to those who request them.

The makeup line has been extended, a lot of specialty items have been added, along with false eyelashes named after me. I run the cosmetic part of Francine’s business, have been for at least six months. Sales are exceeding previous years by eight percent, a fact that I am quite proud of. Suzi worked her way up to salon manger, in our home town, although she still does travel with me when I go to do a show out of state.

I have asked her if she misses doing the demos, her smile and grabbing a hold of me answers that question. “I have the leading expert in the field as my wife, why would I miss doing the demos. I can get a free demo anytime I need one. That reminds me, I need a demo right now, so pucker up those lips and let’s see what you can do for me.” It was quite a while later when I was able to resume what I was doing, well it will be when I can remember exactly what I was doing before the kiss.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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