Karla; A Gender Predicament

The situation I found myself in was catastrophic owing money to the government and probably not able to meet payroll this week. If I can make it out of this mess in the next few weeks I will be extremely lucky. I had started the company three years ago. I didn’t plan enough, a month into the startup I was faced with overwhelming problems, mainly a lack of cash to handle day to day operations. A friend talked me into issuing some stock, not publicly traded but for sale to interested parties. The stock went fast, now I had two hundred stockholders besides me and a fistful of money. I should have thought the proposition through more carefully, but when in a bind things get done that sometimes don’t make sense.

The influx of cash was what the doctor ordered and from then on the business boomed. We made circuit boards for electronic appliances, in all sizes and in varying capacities as to what they could control. With lots of new hi-tech appliances we were assured of a steady market for a while. I ended up with about seventy-five employees, at the height of our success. The employees were mostly female since their smaller hands and dexterity were necessary to assemble the circuit boards.

As in all things these days the competition became stiffer, more companies entering the market, even imports from China. We were still able to compete, but the margins were much less, yet the standards of our products had to be much higher. I downsized some hoping to save enough cash to keep the company solvent.

Then to add to the problems I heard from several of the stockholders that they were being approached by a company wanting to buy their stock. The amount they were offered was quite generous, most of them selling their stock to the interested company taking a profit on their investment. I notified my lawyer, her telling me that she would look into who owned the company and how much stock had been bought.

A week later we were notified of the stockholders wanting a meeting to discuss the condition of the company by the lawyers for the stockholders. Not a good time for such a meeting. Again I was suffering from a cash flow problem, just barely making payroll. This time it was just a number of things that popped up unexpectedly. One thing concerned new rules about our employee’s safety, causing me to spend an inordinate amount of money for vent hoods in the work area. We already had quite a few installed, but according to the new rules they were not large enough.

The second problem was a lot of the female employees wanted some kind of daycare for their small children. By the time they paid for daycare they were essentially only working to pay their daycare provider, nothing left over for themselves. If I lost many of my skilled workers that would hurt the business severally. We had some space in our building that was not being utilized so I made a few calls and set up a basic daycare operation. Several of my present workers asked to be able to take care of the children, so I didn’t have to hire anyone new.

The expense was in the permits and licenses required by the different governments. Almost sixteen thousand dollars in permits for an operation that only took a thousand to set-up. When I had first inquired about setting it up none of these permits or licenses were mentioned by anyone that I had consulted. In fact the first I had heard anything about the fees was when an inspector from the county came to the business and inquired about the daycare operation. As far as I knew there should be no one even aware of its existence, after asking the initial questions I had told no one of my intentions or what I had done.

To make matters worse I suddenly found out that my personal loan from three years ago, that I used to start the company was being called in. How I found out was a little weird. A friend from the bank that issued the loan suggested that I call the loan officer and inquire about the loan, maybe using the excuse about making an extra payment. The female friend had noticed a lot of activity with regards to the loan, but was unable to find out any more. I made the call a few minutes later and was told the loan was being called in. No reason given, but I had ninety days to either pay it off, or they would take my interest in the company since I had used it as collateral. That interest being my fifty-one percent controlling interest in the company.

I kind of suspected that all of this was not just bad luck, but that someone was manipulating things to gain an advantage, probably control of the company. At the moment I still had the majority of the stock, but there seemed to be an inordinate amount of pressure being applied to the situation.

Nancy, my lawyer got back with me, with what she found out. The news was not good. The mysterious company had managed to buy all the stock from the earlier investors, now only myself and this company owning stock. They were the ones asking for a stockholders meeting to discuss the condition of the company. Nancy scheduled the meeting, the rules setup when the stock was sold allowed for a meeting when forty percent of the stockholders requested it. They now had forty-nine percent of the stock, so they were within their legal rights to do so.

I had a bad feeling about all of this, too many things going awry all of a sudden and not immediately fixable. Although Nancy scheduled it for ten days out, nothing changed in those ten days. Money was still tight, and business was stable but not increasing. Luckily no new rules or ordinances requiring any more money outlay popped up.

On the day of the meeting a team of their lawyers entered our meeting room, introduced themselves and handed Nancy a stack of requests for specific information. From the wording of the requests they knew about the condition of the company, just looking for proof of their evaluations. Nancy was prepared as usual, unfortunately what she had to hand over made the condition of the company look pretty bleak.

After they received the requested information they left the room for a private conference. Then returned an hour later smiles on all of their faces. They submitted a written request to Nancy asking me to step down as CEO of the company immediately, to allow for a replacement. Their reasons were mismanagement, the cash flow problem the most blatant. That was it for the meeting, I had two days to consider their request, then if I didn’t step down they would file a suit to force my resignation. Just like that they filed out and I was sitting there with Nancy looking at their written request.

Nancy was on the phone immediately, on the latest paper was the exact name of the company that had bought all of the stock. Up to now we had only heard a name of what they called themselves, so with the exact name she was trying to find out who the owner was. As she concluded her call she was writing a name on a piece of paper. I looked over her shoulder and did a double take. Jeffrey Smithfield was the name, a previous schoolmate of mine in college. We had a lot of classes together, got along I guess, but never were what you could call close friends. In our junior year we even roomed together in a rented house with five other students.

I wonder why he wants to take over the company. While the company is struggling some, it is still worth quite a bit of money if the proper buyers could be found. That might be what I have to do, selling my controlling interest would let me pay off my personal loan and maybe some of my other personal debts. Like most executives I kind of over spent on a car and a condo that I had purchased. Now those decisions most likely to cause me a lot of grief in the upcoming months.

I had Nancy quietly look around for an interested buyer, if she could find one that could meet my break even point I just might escape with a minimal of damage to my personal finances. It was approaching decision time, I had to either resign or figure how I was going to fight this. To succeed in the fight I would need to spend a lot on legal fees, Nancy already doing a lot of work for me that she was not getting paid for. No buyer materialized for my share of the company, so my options were very limited. If I resigned I would still have fifty-one percent of the stock, but with someone else in charge with no control on what the company is doing or the direction in which it was headed.

I decided to resign, had Nancy prepare the letter and I was getting ready to sign it late on the second day. Then to my utter surprise Jeffrey showed up wanting to talk to me. He was shown in and we sat opposite each other, both of us sizing the other up. He started the conversation off, with a proposal for me. First he admitted to buying all of the stock, also my starter loan from years ago. He also has purchased my condo loan, my car loan and all of my credit card debt. As this was being told to me my mouth was wide open, nothing coming from it but never the less totally bewildered by his actions.

“You are looking at a person who owns you in most every way. Now all of this was done for a single purpose. I want control over you, to be able to convince you to do something that I have always wanted. That something is to be my wife and spouse. Now before you go off the deep end, I have always cared for you, actually loved you all through college. We did a few things together but you always had something else going on and never spent any time with me. You never saw what most of our friends clearly saw, every time we were together. Even Madison, one of your best friends, saw it, and told you about it, but you just blew her off. If you will remember her exact words she told you that Jeffrey will marry you in a heartbeat if you will just wake up.”

Now to keep yourself from total financial ruin I want you to try life as a female, then as my girlfriend. If you try and embrace this to see if you can adapt at the end of a month I will take time and talk with you about your thoughts and possible solutions other than what has been mentioned so far. If you want nothing to do with this, I am taking the CEO position and will run the company without any input from you. As of your decision to not participate in this I am calling in all your debts, if not paid off I will foreclose on the condo and repossess the car. As of now your credit cards are closed off, no further purchases will be allowed on them. Resigning as CEO will eliminate any income for you, any money related to your stock ownership has to be okayed by the new CEO. I am sure you could sell your stock, but with the rumors about the condition of the company, I doubt you will find anyone dumb enough to purchase it.

I am sure you will check with Nancy on this I have forwarded papers to her showing that I do control what I have stated and have purchased all of your debts. I suggest that you think this over carefully, I will ask for a decision first thing tomorrow morning. I will be here in the office, so you will have no trouble finding me. I need all your keys for the building, since you no longer work here. The letter of resignation in your hand will be fine, just sign it and leave it laying on my desk. I handed him the keys, signed the letter and walked out in a total daze. I did call Nancy from my cell phone, as soon as I got to the car.

She told me he does have what he claims, copies of all the paperwork are laying on my desk as we speak. I don’t see any way out for you, if you don’t cooperate willingly you are penniless. He has indeed boxed you in, his way or total ruin for you. I thanked her for her time, and hung up. I drove around town for a while, then back to the condo. I made my way inside, then to the den and sat behind my computer. For the next couple of hours I just stared at the screen, a black screen since I hadn’t even turned the computer on. My mind was not functioning, no thoughts at all, just emptiness.

I woke up later, I had fallen asleep in the chair, leaning to one side my neck stiff. When I looked at the clock it was already five in the morning, so I dragged myself to the bathroom and took a hot shower. I never even thought of the meeting this morning, I just kept my mind blank, when I get there I will make a decision. I dressed and left for the office, an office I no longer had any right to.

Things were already changed when I got there my name was off the office door and a new secretary was sitting outside. I had done without a secretary for the last three months after she moved to California. A way to save some cash outlay. I told her who I was and she told me take a seat Mr. Smithfield will be with you shortly. About fifteen minutes later her intercom buzzed and she got up and opened the office door. Karla Walker is here to see you Mr. Smithfield. She did empathize the Karla part making me blush red all over. Since my given name had been Karl, I guess Karla is my new name in this charade.

I walked in and Jeffrey greeted me and showed me to the couch. He sat right next to me holding my right hand in his. I looked up at him his smile and smirk totally unnerving me. Then he leaned in closer, his face just inches from mine. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what he was planning to do. I felt his lips on mine, a very sensuous kiss, but somewhat subdued. I let out the breath I was holding as he squeezed my hand asking me if I was going to take his offer. I nodded, not really wanting to, but felt I was not left with many options.

He insisted that I verbalize my answer, nodding my head not sufficient for him. I did manage to get the words out, luckily not choking on them. I lowered my head, ashamed of my answer and giving in to his request. He reached over to the coffee table in front of us and retrieved a stack of papers. I was handed a pen and told to sign each of the documents. I was about in tears, the first paper about me accepting his offer of feminizing me in exchange for a place to live. I didn’t even look at the rest, just signed each one and then laid the pen down. My life was in shambles, and this was my only choice. I went from a few tears to outright sobbing, his arms holding me as I broke down mentally.

He helped me up hugging me very tenderly. He called out to his secretary, asking her to call the salon and have them send their car for me. I looked up at him questioning his request.

I got the you are just a female look, as he explained that I no longer have a car and a place to stay. The limo will take you to the salon, then to your new apartment after they finish with you. There you will find your new clothes, makeup and the appropriate shoes. I will pick you up for dinner, then we will go dancing tonight. I was crying now, all of this just too much to comprehend. He was still hugging me pulling me a little closer and forcing my head on his shoulder. I gave in, it did feel good to be held like this. Quite awhile later someone walking into the room caught my attention, a quite attractive female telling me that she was ready to take me to the salon.

She grabbed my hand and led me away, I just followed along, not knowing what to do if anything. The limo was quite plush and I was soon seated in the back. I felt like I was on a runaway roller coaster, leaving my car and all my keys with Jeffrey. Officially I had nothing now, no car, not even a place to live. With all of my credit cards stopped, I had absolutely nothing. I did have a couple hundred dollars in my checking account, but I doubted that will stay there, his thoroughness in controlling everything I once had quite remarkable.

We pulled into the salon about thirty minutes later, two females coming to the limo door to escort me into the salon. I was led right through the salon to a treatment room in the back and quickly divorced of my clothes. As I sat there naked another female entered and gave me a hug. It felt so good, like being stranded on a high dry spot in a flood. She explained everything that was going to happen in the next few days making sure I understood how it was going to affect me. Jeffrey had used his power of attorney for me to sign all the authorizations for the treatments, all I had to do was let them proceed. My mind did make the connection of a power of attorney for me in his possession, too late to do anything about it now. His control of me now total.

The fact that to survive I had to follow along kind of changed all of that. If I didn’t do as requested I would be homeless and without any income or way to feed myself. The lady knew my circumstances, we even talked about it for a while. I had no choice, it was either Jeffrey’s way or nothing. I even contemplated suicide, but didn’t even have the nerve to plan something like that much less do the deed. I was indeed depressed, the worst I have ever experienced.

It turned out they had talked at length with Jeffrey, making sure he understood their position that no one was being forced to do this against their will. Jeffrey assured her that it was my wish, he was just acting in my behalf. From what Sheila said Jeffrey seemed to be a caring person, just wanting his lifelong love beside him for the future. I still couldn’t believe that he was in love with me.

I was shown the authorizations signed by Jeffrey with a copy of my power of attorney attached. It was my signature, I have no idea when and how that was accomplished. I guess that was one of the papers he had me sign. Copies were given to me and then the techs started on converting me to the female gender. By the way all the forms were in my apparent new name, Karla Walker. In a way I felt better, the decision made for me relieving me of making the decision myself. It wasn’t what I wanted, it was a decision I would have to live with. Make that I hoped to be able to live with, a more accurate statement.

Up on a table and some cream smeared over every inch of my body, front side first including my groin. Left on for thirty minutes then wiped off, my body hair coming with it. During the thirty minutes my nails were worked on, shaped and extensions added to them making my fingers seem longer and very feminine. The back side was handled the same way, my hair free front side giving me goose bumps when any air current blew over it. My body seemed much more sensitive, little things like a touch of a hand sending waves of emotions and feelings to my brain.

As soon as the hair removal was completed my feet were place in stirrups and junior was glued back between my legs. She had sprayed something on the entire area making it numb so there was no feeling coming from down there. The appliance that they glued over the area was made out of silicone, very realistic and certainly noticeable. I was assured that I could have normal sex as a female, with penetration except for the largest male organs. The receptors would transmit feeling to my male organ so that I could have a release just like a female would have. After the glue had set and the seams blended away she used a dildo to penetrate me, as it slid in part way I almost fainted as the sensations overcame me. Luckily she didn’t go any farther, or I would be covered in juices. Even now as she withdrew the dildo I could feel my former male sex twitching with the feelings that were being fed to it. But alas he was hid away for the foreseeable future.

From a vulva to breasts was the next progression. Large cups were glued to my chest, one each centered right above a nipple. A hose was attached to each cup and a pump was turned on, immediately sucking some loose tissue into the cup. The pump alternated off and on, the vacuum pressure still keeping the tissue in the cups. I was to learn that this process was fairly lengthy, six to seven hours necessary to give me adequate sized breasts. As I looked at the cups adequate in whose eyes. I had a feeling the size was more Jeffrey’s idea than someone else. I would be well endowed if these cups filled out, that is for sure.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity. My nails were done, coated in a pink polish making the extensions look almost real. I now had very feminine nails, helping to make my hands look smaller and my arms less masculine. I was quick to learn that it also made my hands almost useless, the simplest task now almost impossible to complete. When I tried to scratch the itch on my nose I almost poked my eye out, so I reluctantly let the itch alone.

My eyebrows were arched, any extraneous hair removed for good. That and the cream on my body was permanent, I no longer would have to worry about body hair, my eyebrows now set for the rest of my life. My facial hair or what little I had managed to grow was handled the same way smoothly and permanently.

I received two piercings in each ear, a stud and a dangle earring placed in them. The dangle earring swung against my neck often reminding me of my now female gender. The piercings were lasered in, eliminating the time needed to heal up.

Sometime in the afternoon a corset was brought in and wrapped around my waist. As it was tightened up a shapely female figure now appeared. The excess tissue around my waist was pushed up to my breasts or down to my hips leaving my waist slim and womanly. Breathing for a while was iffy, only short breaths were possible, the corset not allowing for any large intake of air.

I guess it was almost the end of my salon time today as my makeup was applied. Nothing was left out, every possible cosmetic was applied transforming my face from an ambiguous person to a female, a sexy female. I blushed when I looked in the mirror, such a change, not realizing this persona was hidden inside me. The hoses were detached from the cups and I was soon being dressed in evening wear that is female evening wear. Stockings that attached to the corset, then a pair of panties, brief as I expected them to be. A slip that was so silky the feeling of it sliding over my corset and body almost doing me in. Then the dress, floor length with a kick pleat that allowed my legs to move some. A pair of shoes with five inch heels allowed the dress to just clear the floor.

Now we need to talk about the top of the dress. The bodice of the dress fit so tight that I had to stretch my arms above my head for her to make the necessary adjustments to the corset allowing the dress to be buttoned up. The buttons ran from the top of the dress to my upper thighs right down the middle of my back. Since there was no zipper on this dress I would most likely be in this dress till someone helped me out of it. The dress conforming to my body explicitly, not a wrinkle or fold anywhere. It was strapless, the front of the dress just barley covering the cups of the corset and my nipples. I am now apparently eye candy for Jeffrey, I am sure one of his original intents in this matter.

My hair was coaxed into a high curly ponytail with a curling iron, a multitude of silky ribbons used to hold it place. The fact that I had let my hair grow down to my shoulders not helping me at the moment, now nothing but a sexy female was seen in the mirror in front of me.

Speaking of the devil he enters the salon walking up to me and holding me in his embrace. He knows I belong to him and is very confident in his actions. I am escorted out to his car and helped into the passenger seat. So far very cordial to me, not pushing himself on me. He drove us to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. The valets got my door and then Jeffrey led me inside. The Maitre’D recognized him and we were showed to a table in their private part of the restaurant. The tables here were spread wide, plants and a few partitions allowing for some privacy. The waiter in attendance got my chair for me, with me trying to act appropriately. Nobody screamed or made faces so I presume I was acting somewhat like one of their female customers.

I know I was nervous, all of this so out of my comfort zone. Meanwhile Jeffrey had this shit eating smirk on his face, enjoying my actions, and apparently somewhat lost in thought. The tables were small, allowing for him to hold my hand, in fact I don’t think he released it until the food was served. He did all the ordering for us, his memory of our college days quite good. The meal was delicious, but the corset kept me from enjoying as much as I would have preferred. Well the corset and my nerves, it seemed so unreal but looking down at my breasts it indeed was real. After we finished the dishes were removed and two more glasses of wine were served.

He scooted his chair closer, now our thighs are touching. He takes my hand again and asks if I have enjoyed the evening. I nod my head, my mouth suddenly dry and having trouble forming any kind of words. He leaned into me, kissing my cheek and pulling me even closer to him. My head rested on his shoulder naturally, and I let out a big sigh. I guess there might be something between us, I am comfortable in his arms and at peace with the world and life. Then there was the kiss. It started out like most kisses, a touch of lips between two people. Then he pushed his lips against mine a little more, I responded allowing my lips to part some, his tongue slipping immediately into the gap. My tongue met his, a little battle ensuing before his tongue won and started probing my throat. I had to break the kiss twice to get some more air, the passion so great that breathing through my nose was not doing it for me. Since the corset had me tightly in its grip, the lack of air from his kisses just made it worse.

As he pulled away later, I had my eyes closed savoring the feelings that were radiating through my body. If only sex was as good as that kiss. My eyes were wide open instantly, did I just say that verbally, if so what will he say. I looked him in the eyes, his smile and smirk telling me what I wanted to know. I had said it out loud, my face turning instant red. I doubted any more blood could get into my upper regions, most of the red stuff already up there. Probably the reason why my legs are weak, not enough blood to keep them functioning or me standing up.

I was taken home, then manhandled in his car for quite a while. I can’t say I objected to his actions, I definitely like being in his arms and being kissed by him is just icing on the cake. My new home turned out to be an expensive apartment, in a small complex. He walked me to my door, then opened the door with his keys. Another rather tame kiss, and he told me he would pick me up at ten the next morning. I was handed my set of keys to the apartment and one more peck on the cheek and he was gone. I entered and closed the door, falling back against the closed door. I took a few deep breaths, my eyes closed savoring all the wonderful things that had happened tonight.

Then I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the apartment. My eyebrows went up, this place is fantastic. A large living room, with a sectional couch dominating the majority of the room. Off to the right a kitchen, sparkling with chrome appliances and granite counter tops. On the other side of the apartment was a door leading to a bedroom that was breathtaking. Lots of mirrors, fancy bedspreads and this huge king sized bed right in the middle of the room. A couple of dressers along the one wall, a walk-in closet next to them and a door partially open leading into a bathroom done with the same chrome motif. A vanity next to the entrance to the bathroom, with mirrors and obviously lighted. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it sinking in a little with delight. I bounced once or twice, giggling like a school girl.

After surveying my new home for a while I attempted to wiggle out of my dress. I twisted and turned trying to reach the last few buttons that would let the dress fall off of me. I finally had to get the dress below my breasts, a painful and difficult task then twist it around. With the dress now around my stomach and the buttons in the front I was able to get to the last buttons and emerge from the dress.

Then we come to my first time using the bathroom as a female. Standing in front of the commode I just looked at it, then down at my body, finally deciding that I had to sit to be able to pee. My panties were slid down my legs and I situated my body carefully on the seat. Then I had to sit there waiting for the urge to go. I felt a release of liquid, not anything like when I used the bathroom as a male. It seemed like it sprayed everywhere but where it should, so I took toilet paper and cleaned it the best I could. After getting up I decided to use a washcloth to clean further, not wanting to try and take a shower tonight. I wonder how I will get back in the corset after a shower, if I can even get out of it on my own. Problems for another day, life was so much simpler as a male.

I looked through the drawers of the dresser, for something to wear tonight to bed. Hoping for a pair of pajamas I feared that would not be there. I finally found a nightie I could maybe live with. Oh there were other nighties, but I doubted I wanted to be that brave on the first night, The one I decided on was cotton, but with more lace and frills on it. It was a far better choice than the silky numbers I rejected, doubting that any of them would cover even a portion of my body. At least who ever picked my wardrobe allowed me something part way modest. I looked at the vanity seeing a package of makeup wipes and figured out that removing my makeup might be my next task I needed to accomplish.

Dressed for bed I wondered the apartment, looking at everything more closely. I had to pinch myself a couple of times, amazed at all of this and it is intended for me. I found a comfy chair in the living room, settled into it and tried to think back to when Jeffrey and I were sharing a house in college. We interacted very little, but thinking back on that time period he did seem to hang around the house more than the others. I thought it was because he was shy and didn’t have many friends. Now I realized it may have been because I was always there doing homework or reports or papers for my classes. At the time I was way too wrapped up in my studies to see much of anything else in life.

I was so excited, tonight I had enjoyed some feelings that I never thought I would get the chance to enjoy. My mind went over the kisses again and again savoring each set of feelings that the kisses provided. I thought of my head lying on his shoulder, hearing his heart beating in his chest. I felt secure in his arms for once, the last few weeks of insecurity gradually fading away. I did make it to my new bed, when I turned down the comforter I discovered satin sheets, so silky and cool to the touch. I slipped inside of their embrace, the feelings almost causing an eruption down below. I did manage to control myself, but it was iffy for a few moments as wave after wave of new feelings assaulted my body.

The fact that I was not pushed to do anything made me relax some. I was dropped off at my new apartment, no groping or him coming in to continue the romantic evening. A wonderful kiss and he went back to his place. It seemed that I was being courted some, dating, hugging but no mention of sex or anything more than kissing and hugging. His actions did sway my thoughts some, he seemed to care for me greatly, wanting the best for me, while not asking a lot in return. At least so far.

After a very restless night some of the wanderlust wore off. He had manipulated me into this, now controlling everything I did. I was partially feminized at his insistence not because I wanted it. I had lost my company, my position as CEO and everything I had tried to accumulate in my years on this planet. I was now just Jeffrey’s plaything, to be used as he saw fit. With the power of attorney he now seemed to possess, nothing is beyond his reach for me. I tried to put that all out of my mind, no matter how I got to this point I was stuck. I doubted I would ever be allowed to return to my former life, even if I started all over again from nothing. In this day and time it is quite impossible.

I found myself waiting for his call every day, anxious to hear his voice and find out where we will spend the day together. I was taken to work a couple of times, but was just there to watch. He was very confident in his thoughts and actions, it wasn’t but a couple of weeks and he had turned the company around. He did ask questions of me, but never about what should be done, just basic information on what had been done in the past. When I was not at the office with him we would eat lunch out, then spend some time shopping. If I showed some interest in an outfit I saw he would have me try it on, then if I liked it he would buy it for me.

I was taken to movies, a few dance clubs after a romantic dinner out, even a weekend at the beach was indulged. I had lost track of the time, it was just one wonderful day after another. I quickly got used to the clothes, for one thing with a narrow waist, C cup breasts and womanly hips male clothes looked quite ridiculous on me. I managed to learn to do my own makeup and hair, although I loved my twice a week salon appointments.

Further treatments were indulged at the salon, my few masculine traits that had not been handled in the past were eliminated. I now had womanly hips courtesy of the machine that had created my breasts. My hair was added to, the extensions now ending near my waist. Of course, dyed a platinum blonde and with the permanent, now curly all the time. My leg tendons were shortened, now high heels would be required at any time I was on my feet.

Along with the further feminization came a complete new identity, birth certificate, social security card and state ID. I would never be allowed to have a driver’s license, according to Jeffrey, he would arrange for my transportation if needed. Maybe all of that was not bad, but when he told me that he had wiped out my old male identity completely I took pause. I was trapped in this female body and now any reverting back to the previous male version is impossible. I literally didn’t exist as a male in this world any more.

It was a cloudy rainy day when Jeffrey showed up at my door. He usually called ahead of time, a high point for me every morning. I reached up to kiss him my usual greeting for my boyfriend. That is how I saw him now, a boyfriend that I was falling in love with. In reality what choice did I have, a female dependent on him for my continued existence. His apartment, his money paying for anything that I did with my life, from clothes, to food to my beauty salon time, he had succeeded in totally controlling my life.

I was dragged to the sofa and he helped me get settled on it. He seemed serious this morning, not like the other mornings. He knelled down in front of me and reached for my hand. As he slid a ring on my finger he asked me to marry him, I was stunned, as any words in response were stuck in my throat.

I guess to encourage a positive answer he put his hand on either side of my face and kissed me. The kiss was filled with passion, not throat probing but an intense locking of lips as he leaned into me even more. I totally melted, my heart rate spiked, I suddenly felt warm all over and my mind was a total blank. He started to pull away but I pursued his lips, not wanting the kiss to end. I did finally manage a yes, but it was at least fifteen minutes later when that one word made it out of my mouth.

We never did leave the apartment that day, I am not sure if the rain went away, since I had someone special to take care of. I am not even sure if the sun came out eventually, kissing and cuddling much more important. Jeffrey fell asleep late that evening, with me as tight as I could get to his side.

I pondered my life up to now. I wonder if along with everything else he had brain washed me a little, I have never been this cuddly or lovable with anyone, even the few girlfriends I had in college. Since he has changed everything else about me, I wonder if he went as far as molding my mind to his desires. Did I really want to marry him, or was this his programming at work again.

I eventually drifted off, too much thought and a headache to boot. Over the next few days I did a lot of soul searching and a little investigation of my own. I asked that he let me invite Madison for a girl’s day out, telling him that I wanted her as my bridesmaid. I arranged appointments at the salon for both of us, a place I felt safe and looked after. It turned out he had to go out of town for a couple of days suggesting that I let Madison stay with me to keep me from being lonely. A phone call handled all of this, apparently Madison already knowing of my gender change.

When she arrived we spent hours catching up on each other’s lives, of course it was mainly about me and my gender change. She had done well for herself, now heading her own company that imported female fashions and accessories. It was after I had ordered in some takeout and we had finished that she asked if I was happy. I never did answer her explicitly, just kind of let the question flounder for a while.

In the next couple of hours she told a different story of our college days when we shared the house for six months. It turned out Madison was the one interested in me, Jeffrey just an interested party that watched with a lot of interest.

For the next few days we talked and talked, finally Madison asking me to see a friend of hers. The friend turned out to be a psychologist who quickly found out that I had been hypnotized at some point, that the reason for me going along with everything he had asked of me. It was countered by her, now at least anything I agreed to would be because it is what I wanted.

Madison had a couple of ideas on how to reverse my financial misfortune, with my lawyers help she started the process. A week later I moved out of the apartment that Jeffrey furnished and in with Madison. Jeffrey was not happy when he found out, trying all kinds of things to make me come back into the fold. Then when the letter arrived asking for a stockholders meeting again, he went ballistic. Since I had the controlling amount of stock and he was the new CEO it would be up to him to provide the present condition of the company. He had already used up all of his trump cards in getting control of me, so there was nothing left to wedge me with now.

Then we filed fifteen different lawsuits against him, for misconduct as a CEO, illegal use of a power of attorney, failure to notify a majority stockholder of funds transfer and everything else we could find where he was trying to further his control over me. I never showed up at the stockholder’s meeting but my attorney and Madison’s legal team did delivering a thirty page request for answers to his misdeeds. He was not prepared never seeing any of this coming to light. Then they asked for his immediate resignation, for misuse of his position as CEO. He was told as my lawyers left that a suit would be filed tomorrow morning demanding he step down immediately.

Madison through some friends spread some rumors about the company going bankrupt, hoping to force him to do something or lose his shirt literally. Then she had a friend approach him about buying his shares of the company. I guess he was overwhelmed with all the attention his actions were drawing and in a surprise move to us he accepted the offer. His resigned the next morning and I never saw him again.

Madison and I started to rebuild what he had torn down, finding out that he had siphoned off almost a hundred thousand dollars of company funds, presumably the funds he was using to feminize me. It was also found out that he did not purchase any of my personal debt, just called in some favors at the bank and other places to make me think he had control. The papers furnished my lawyer looked authentic, but when the bank and credit card companies were checked, the debt was still there and in my name.

It took Madison and I over a year to straighten things out, but eventually it was accomplished. I never did assume the CEO position since I had other matters to concentrate on. Madison and I slipped off to Vegas for a quickie marriage ceremony, only she was the groom in this wedding not the bridesmaid. I got to wear white, not the huge wedding dress I had envisioned, but a white form fitting sheath dress that fit me like a second skin. Since I wasn’t in it for long it doesn’t make much difference. She had hired a private jet for the trip, so I ended up on my back all the way back to town.

Madison has promised me a fairy tale wedding later to make her honeykins happy. Believe me her honeykins is happy, a thoughtful and caring lover who makes me tingle at the slightest touch and spoils me rotten with anything I might desire.

I was savoring the feelings that I had experienced the last few days, so thankful that I ended up in a gender predicament so long ago. We are both thankful for Jeffrey getting me in the right gender, but that is all we are happy about as far as he is concerned. Might I add a delightful predicament it was, as Madison slips her dildo into my wet vagina. Oh, gawd that feels so good.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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