June; Life Of A Female

My girlfriend and I had been together for almost a year now. We weren’t officially living together, we each had an apartment, but most of the time her apartment is the home for us. We each had fairly good jobs, a real advantage in this depressed economy. Our hometown of choice is Phoenix, Az. I should clarify that, Scottsdale is the town, although a suburb of the larger town it is still separate and unique. From close college friends who lived in other towns, they all complimented us on our choice of where to live, their choices not working out as well for them as ours did for us. The economy here had a lot of electronics based industry, which tended to keep things here a little more stable.

We had made gestures towards becoming a couple, we shared a checking account, a safe deposit box, and we each had keys to the other’s apartment and vehicles. We had talked about marriage, but both deciding that it could wait for a while, our careers and life in general needed further exploration. We were comfortable with each other, neither of us worried about wandering eyes or affairs with others. No close relatives that needed marriage to make our relationship right in their eyes. We spent as much time together as possible, lots of romantic things transpired, but actual sex was able to be avoided. At times that was a real task, the heat of the moment and our love for each other made abstaining extremely difficult.

Yvonne is a senior executive assistant for the CEO of her company. She was hired for another position but moved up through the ranks fairly quickly. She is good at her job, almost able to anticipate her boss’s next request, having everything ready before he requests it. Her salary is sixty thousand a year, but her fringe benefits make the job enticing, really enticing. There are lots of different benefits offered these days, Yvonne has most of them in her employment package including three weeks’ vacation, medical and dental coverage, stock options and profit sharing, just to name a few.

I work as a salesperson for a software company, located in one of the satellite towns surrounding the metropolitan Phoenix area. Usually, I do quite well, bringing in about seventy thousand a year. Recently sales are getting harder, the depressed economy not allowing companies the luxury of updating software on their computer systems as often as they used to do. They love our product, but it is expensive. I had invested in the company from day one, buying shares whenever I had an opportunity. I felt confident that the investment would eventually pay off, our product used by the majority of businesses today. If it got to where sales were too hard to come by, I would sell my stock in the company, maybe providing me with a comfortable living for a few years.

My part of the perfect life started to come apart a few weeks later. A Chinese company bought a majority of our stock in a hostile takeover. They wanted our software, not the company itself. The restructuring of the company came over the next week or two, several hundred people were laid off, and a couple of the branches were closed. It didn’t look good, we knew what they wanted, it was only a matter of time before I wouldn’t have a job. Luckily, the stock did go up in value, since the company is now owned by a foreign business, the analysts figuring that they would soon be selling our software worldwide, something we had not done in the past.

I wanted to catch it at its height if I could time it right, I figured this would be my only chance to secure a reasonable future. Jobs were scarce, especially for mid and upper-level positions, my chances of finding something soon would be almost nil. Add in to that equation that my experience is as a salesperson and the reality of not working for a while is imminent.

Two weeks later I am called into my boss’s office and given a couple of options. If I resigned, I would be offered some additional shares of stock, a kind of financial bribe to get me to quit. If I turned that down, they would let me work six weeks, the minimum time they had for notice; then that would be it. Personnel files would show that I was let go, due to financial reasons. I would be issued a letter of recommendation either way, but if I resigned it would be more favorable in its wording. The end of my employment had come, not totally unexpected, but still quite a blow to my ego.

I bargained with him for more shares; I knew he would have some latitude in his offers, determined to get the best I could talk him into. After an hour of going back and forth, he upped the offer one more time, and I accepted. It would be the next morning before the shares would be transferred to my name, so I made a point to be at my stockbrokers early the next day. That night I kept from telling Yvonne what had happened, I wanted to be sure that I got the deal concluded before I told her. When I arrived at the brokers in the morning, he checked the ownership of the last shares; then I cashed in all of my shares with him giving me a cashier’s check for the full amount. Later that day the company announced closing down of all of our branches over the next six weeks, in the future, their people would do all of the selling and maintenance of the product.

As I made my way home I considered myself very lucky, if I hadn’t gone straight to my stockbroker, I would have lost almost a hundred thousand dollars. I did stop at our bank and put the money in our checking account with a good sized portion in our safe deposit box. I stopped and picked up some Mexican food for supper since my cooking skills end with boiling water. I placed it in the oven with the heat barely on to keep warm and then made my way upstairs to change. I put on a set of sweats, my normal attire for around the house.

As I came into the living room, Yvonne was just coming in the door. I got hugged, her first question is do I still have a job. She had been on a two-day business trip with some of her bosses, and we had not talked since she had left, other than a short phone conversation. I told her what happened, her sigh of relief when I told her what I had accomplished made her feel much better.

We ate and talked, mainly about the company and what I was going to do now. I told her I would spend a couple of weeks to see if there is anything there to be had in the job market, but thought that unless I changed careers, or where I lived, I doubted I would be employed for the next few years. Moving to another locale was out of the question because of Yvonne’s job, you don’t walk away from that type of job to start over at the bottom.

The next two weeks passed quickly; I managed to hand out over a hundred resumes, but not a single response came back. I had hoped to at least get a phone call, maybe an interview. One of my friends who worked in the same field sent out over a thousand resumes, to companies all over the U.S. and received only three responses to his intensive job search. I wasn’t interested in moving out of state, so I limited my search to the metro Phoenix area. Not an unreasonable desire since Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun was an electronics hub, similar to Silicon Valley earlier in the decade.

Yvonne and I decided it wouldn’t warrant wasting any more resources in the pursuit of a job, gas and car maintenance adding up quite quickly. I tried finding something to do around the apartments to keep busy, but my lack of training in household chores is a definite deterrent. We did decide to move in together, cutting the expense of the second apartment. That kept me busy for a couple of weeks moving my stuff and cleaning my old apartment. Her living quarters are larger and in a better part of town. When that is completed, the question still remained as to what to do with my time again.

I started going to afternoon movies; then that progressed to reading at the library. If you have seen four or five movies these days, you have seen most of everything they have to offer now, one movie and a multitude of takeoffs on the same subject. Reading being my other interest to wile away the hours, I had always been an avid reader in school, reading almost anything I could get my hands on. I didn’t trust myself to check out the books, figuring I would forget to bring them back and made to pay a fine. So I spent the afternoons reading at one of the city library branches, most of the libraries had areas for reading, where it was quiet and peaceful.

I still searched the classifieds every day, hoping for something to pop up, but other than fast food and retail there is nothing. If I hadn’t had the money I made on selling the stock I would have pursued a job in retail, it being a much better choice than a fast food career.

The last few nights I noticed Yvonne working on something in the living room, while I watched TV. There really isn’t anything good to watch, but when there is not anything else to do you settle for anything. On Saturday morning she appeared at breakfast with a pad of notes, most likely what she had been working on. Our breakfasts usually consisted of cereal and some type of juice, easy and not complicated. We ate in silence, then after doing the dishes, she asked me to sit down.

She didn’t like me wasting away doing nothing, we had plenty of money, so the financial aspects of this were not important. She thought she knew me well enough that I wouldn’t take on something voluntarily without being pushed to do it. I smiled, she does know me pretty well. Now she has put together a plan that will ease me into something worthwhile, but my performance will be the sole determining factor as to what I end up doing.

“What I have done is assign a point value to everything that needs to be done around the house. For instance, doing the dishes will give you a set number of positive points, however, if you don’t do the dishes you receive the same number of negative points. At the end of each week, you get to use your positive points in something you want to do with me. At the same time if you have attained some negative points I can use those points to change you in some way.”

If you are good you get rewarded, if you are bad, I get to change something about you, my choice. Once we start this, you must comply with all aspects of this. She shoved the pad before me where she had listed common household chores and the point value of each. Then they were optional chores and their point values, the next list had things relating to our relationship, and the final list had things relating to our families and relatives. I could tell that she had put a lot of thought into this, it did attract my attention, how she had worded each list of tasks quite in depth. She flipped the page showing where I would be starting out with two basic chores for each weekday. Weekends would remain free of chores, except for where I missed a weekday due to sickness or we were out of town for a day.

If I ended with a negative point total for the week, I would be assigned another chore to be done until all the chores were assigned. Then any further failure would result in chores related to the other lists being assigned to me. Then the clincher, the part that made me agree to this silly proposition. Positive point totals would allow me to have sex with Yvonne any way I wanted it; negative point totals would deny me the privilege of sex plus she could make a change to me, her choice.

She thought it is fair, maybe keeping me interested during the week knowing that I am working towards something. When I am first assigned a task, she will educate me in doing it properly, but thereafter if I didn’t perform it right, I would be issued negative points.

I set there thinking it over, complicated in a way, but maybe interesting enough to keep the boredom from getting to me. Not doing anything most days is getting to me, you think when you are employed that having nothing to do is the goal in life, but that changes drastically when the reality of life becomes clear. I pondered the decision to be made, why Yvonne has to make everything so complicated is beyond me, but there is enough intrigue there to entice me.

Nothing more is brought up that evening, but in the morning, Yvonne asks if I am in or out. “I’m in, maybe not such a good idea, but I am really bored out of my mind, this is better than what I am doing now.” I get a big smile, and she leaves for work.

That evening she instructs me in the proper way to do dishes, the temperature of the water, the amount of soap used and the correct way to rinse and dry them. I also learned that the job is not complete until the dishes are put away. Yvonne never used a dishwasher, to her dishes got washed in a sink, rinsed and put in a strainer to dry. Including instruction time it took about thirty minutes to complete. The next chore she gave me instructions in is vacuuming. One room a day, except for the living room, that had to be done twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.

It seemed simple, so I was ready for the first day of my new daily activities. Since this is Friday, I received a two-day reprieve; there is a Home and Garden Show in town, so we spent an afternoon and the next morning browsing the exhibits. I forgot all about the scheme until late Sunday night when Yvonne brought it up again. She just wanted to ensure that I hadn’t forgot the deal. Monday would start my accumulation of points; I hoped all would be positive.

When Monday rolled around, I dressed quickly, ate some breakfast, and then tackled the vacuuming. I made a point to do a thorough job, even moving a few smaller pieces of furniture to get under them. I even got on my hands and knees to make sure it is done right looking under furniture and in the corners of the room. I put the vacuum back in the closet, feeling confident in my actions, already counting my points in my head.

The dishes were to be done in the evening after dinner, so that had to wait. I picked up around the apartment, not wanting anything obvious to influence my supervisor when she got home from work. I decided to go to the library and read for a while, then come home in time to place some frozen meals we had purchased in the oven for dinner.

The afternoon worked out as I wanted, I got the meals in the oven and was waiting for Yvonne to get home. She asked how things had gone, I told her of my efforts, then told her I went to the library to read after doing my new chore. The frozen meals were not that good, but still food, and since I couldn’t cook anything a simple solution to dinner.

We planned two nights a week to eat out, those we would enjoy much more than the TV dinners the rest of the nights. She helped me get the dishes to the sink, and I got to work. I filled the sink, placed the dishes to soak, then washed them and rinsed them, placing them in the dish strainer to get the excess moisture off. I then took a towel and wiped each dish carefully and put it in the appropriate cupboard.

I again made sure that I had accomplished the task as shown and joined Yvonne in the living room. She complimented me on doing a good job of vacuuming; she had checked some of the same spots as I had, then headed to the closet. I remembered then that I had to empty the bag before I put the vacuum up. She looked in the closet, noticing the full bag, but didn’t say anything. Her next stop is the kitchen, checking the dishes to see if I had gotten them clean and that I had put everything away. She smiled as she went through the cabinets, till she got to the cups we used for our tea. I had failed to get the moisture out of the cups, I had wiped the outside of the cup, but didn’t wipe the inside of the cup dry. She gave me a hug, I will overlook these two things today, but if there are more mistakes this week, I will have to double any negative point total.

Of course, she is smiling ear to ear; I think this exercise is more for her benefit than mine. I asked her if I ended up with a negative point total, what changes she would make to me. She walked to the bedroom and brought back her lists of chores and flipped to the back page. She showed it to me, and as I read it my legs became weak, my knees began to buckle, and I fainted. When I started to regain consciousness, she is holding a wet washcloth over my eyes, wiping my forehead with it. When I started to move, she removed the washcloth and leaned over and gave me a rather passionate kiss on the lips. I looked up at her, my face reflecting the distress and unanswered questions that were filling my mind. She caressed the sides of my face, running her fingers through my hair.

As I started to say something, she suggested that I wait a while, think about what you saw that caused the distress, but hold any comments. Tonight when we get ready for bed, I will tell you my reasons for the changes, and we will talk about what is coming up in your life. Believe me; I did a lot of thinking on what I saw on that sheet of paper.

When we first met, Yvonne had been at a Halloween party that I also attended. I ended up dancing with her before the night was over, even though my costume was very feminine and girly. One of my female roommates had dressed me as a cheerleader; she had gone way over what I had in mind, more than a few people thinking that I was an actual female. My reasonably small build and long blonde hair didn’t help matters any; then you take into consideration my cute face (her words), and you can see why I had no trouble looking the part.

Yvonne while dancing with me told me repeatedly that I made a very pretty female, and that she is glad to be able to secure a dance with me. We did exchange phone numbers that night, called each other several times, eventually leading to a date, then to a relationship.

From what I saw on the list she intends to carry this much farther than my Halloween masquerade. I know that from now on I will be paying a lot more attention to my chores, negative points will cause my life to become difficult. The items on the list would make me quite feminine, and not just for a few days. This is a side of Yvonne I have never seen, making me wonder where all of this is headed.

That evening I did correct my shortfalls, getting the vacuum bag empty, then made sure all of the cups, in fact, all of the dishes were dry and put away properly. The chores I had been assigned gained quite a bit more significance, the consequences of doing poorly suddenly making a huge difference in my thinking. Yvonne had gone to get ready for bed first with me only twenty minutes behind her. As I slid into the bed next to her, she laid her head on my chest and told me why this meant so much to her.

“She had exposure to several lesbian encounters during her school years, never participated in any, but watching others had caused an effect on her. She had talked with a few girlfriends over the years, done a little kissing and body exploration with some girlfriends but nothing more. Then she met me and the fascination with two loving females faded. It has sparked a few memories over the years, but nothing that lasted.”

“Then when you resigned, and we became financially secure, my imagination went into overdrive. I remembered how we met, you in your cheerleader costume; that night at the party I was constantly wet thinking about you. I had daydreams with you wearing lipstick, or a cute miniskirt, even going to the salon with me.” Several times I tried to interrupt, but she silenced me telling me just to shut up and listen to her. It is said with such conviction I did as she wanted, not something she has done before, at least, not to me.

“These dreams, visions, or whatever you want to call them have happened more frequently, to the point I want to explore them with you. I think I know you well enough you would not want to participate in this unless you are forced to. So the chores, the points, the whole setup designed to allow you some control over your life. If you do well, you can avoid the perils that you have seen a glimpse of, if you don’t, you get a chance to enter into my world. It is all up to you, I am not forcing anything on you, you can avoid all of the perils, but you will have to work at it.”

“I have to confess that just setting this all up has made me wet with anticipation, maybe if you relax a little, trying to keep your masculinity might also affect you in much the same way.” She reached out and grabbed at my crotch, her hand finding my rock hard penis trying to bore a hole out of my pants. A big smile found its way to her face, a wink and then a squeeze almost made me squirt my load.

Since my organ had betrayed me, I couldn’t deny that the proposition had no effect on me. I swallowed hard a couple of times before I found a voice and could get out a word or two. I asked how far she intends to carry this, some of the things that I got a glimpse of were quite severe, almost separating myself from my masculinity? “To keep the premise viable, not just some words, I am going to take it all the way to completion. You will either end up a satisfied male, with all the sex he can handle or I will have a female lover for the rest of my life. One of us is going to be quite happy, but just maybe both of us will find a side of us we didn’t know existed, a side we can live with and enjoy.”

When I was allowed to speak I tried to get her to change her mind, this whole idea is crazy, but all she would say is you agreed to it, the game is on, let the better person win. I knew I had lost that part of the argument, one; she is enjoying this too much, two; she has never changed her mind after she has come to a decision. The possible outcome sent shivers through my whole body, a lot to lose if I failed to do well at my tasks. She turned out the light; the discussion is over; she did hug me tight, and we fell asleep that way.

I stayed in bed until she left for work, partly because I didn’t want to face her until I could think some things through. Everything now took on a new significance, there is suddenly much more at stake than before, mainly my masculinity. I eventually got up and went to the bathroom, then went to the kitchen and had some cereal. I returned to the bedroom, and dressed in some of my sweats, then vacuumed the bedroom and the hall. I even moved all of the furniture, to vacuum underneath, not wanting to risk the chance of getting negative points. As I put the vacuum back, I emptied the bag, even washing the filter for the vacuum. After closing the closet door, I re-opened it to make sure the vacuum is sitting there properly and that the bag is empty, not trusting myself to do as required without double checking.

I again returned to the library to read some, but my mind is still going over some of the things I saw on that damned list. A thought came to me; maybe I could do something extra from the list to possibly gain some cushion in my quest for positive points. I put the book back and hurried home. I went right to the bedroom and looked for the list of chores. I found it in her nightstand drawer and perused the list for something that I might do; that would not require her to show me how to first. The only thing that might be a possibility is doing laundry. I had done some laundry for myself when I was still single, so it is not a totally foreign entity to me.

I gathered up our laundry basket and went to the laundry room. Each apartment had its own washing machine and dryer, one of the things that had endeared the place to her in the first place. I sorted the colors from the whites, then partially filled the washer with clothes. It turned out to be a mixed load, some of hers and some of mine. I added the detergent according to the directions, then the fabric softener. I sat the size and type of load, then started the machine. When it had finished, I moved the items to the dryer and turned it on.

I am so pleased with myself, doing something on my own, and hoping to gain some extra points in doing so. When the dryer beeped, I removed the clothes and folded them on our bed, wanting them to be visible so she would notice that I had done them. Tonight we are going to eat out, so no dinner preparation is necessary. Yvonne is a little bit late but heads to the bedroom right away to get changed to go out. I had already dressed in some chinos and a golf shirt, so I stayed in the living room waiting for her. She appears dressed to the nines, in an LBD that appears to have been painted on her body.

My interest is suddenly very obvious, my pants getting to be too tight for comfort. Yvonne notices and as she walks by, brushes up against me, making things much worse. We do eventually get to the restaurant she has picked out, ordered some wine and our meals. We talk about everything and nothing, but the time passes quickly and soon we are headed home. I walk straight to the bedroom, the clothes I had laundered earlier still laying on the bedspread.

I change into my pajamas, then turn on the TV in the bedroom. She takes quite a while in the bathroom, coming out in this next to nothing nightie. She heads out to the kitchen to get a drink, then returns to the bedroom. She sits in the other chair next to me and watches what I have on the TV. I finally lose what little interest I had in it and switch it off. I turn to look at her and notice she has her list with her. I hope it means I will receive some positive points, but her look unnerves me. When she is sure, she has my attention she starts. “The vacuuming job is very well done, I get positive points for it.” I notice she has a space for each task, the point total assigned and comments on what is right and what is wrong.

Each day is listed separately and then a space for the weekly total. Then she comments on the dishes; I looked puzzled; we ate out there are no dishes in the sink. Like a child she takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen, there in the sink are my lunch dishes and three glasses that we used to get water. I receive a negative point total for this, and then she marks yesterday’s results as negative and doubles it like she said she would do if I goofed up during the week.

Then she dealt with me doing the laundry. She applauded me doing something extra without being asked so she will give me some positive points for initiative, incidentally she had that on a line on her list, so I received fifty points. Now as to the quality of the job and its completeness. Several of my items are faded, requiring the item to be replaced. Another of my items has been shrunk in the high heat of the dryer, and it will also need replacing. Two of your items that used to be white are now faded, though they are still wearable. I will have to give you negative points for this chore; you also did not complete the task, half of the laundry still needs to be done.

I saw her give me the negative points, but then I realized that the laundry chore was worth quite a bit more than the other chores. I received five hundred negative points, my head dropped down, my heart stopped, and I think I even quit breathing for a minute.

Judgment day seemed to be quickly approaching, and I had a very impressive negative point total. I got a hug for trying to do something extra, but she then explained once I started a chore I had it added to my daily chores. To empathize the point she showed me where it is spelled out in the agreement between us. She then showed me where it stated that if clothing was destroyed beyond be usable, that I had to replace that clothing with identical items or suffer a three hundred point penalty for each item.

She quietly handed me the three items, told me where I could probably find a replacement and then marked it on her sheet. I apparently have three days to replace the item before I am awarded the negative points.

I sat hard on the sofa in the living room; she has spent too much time fine tuning this agreement; I see now that it will take desperate measures to keep me from falling into her clutches, two days into it, and I am already near the edge of the cliff. I keep thinking of some of the things that I saw on the list, then shuddering as the goose pimples come up on my arms and legs. I had been sitting there for an hour when she comes to grab my hand and drag me back to the bedroom. She hugs me; “you might as well get used to the idea, a female you is in your future, months and years as my lover and plaything. I know you are scared, I can feel it when I touch you, but once you see the real you, you will embrace it wholeheartedly.”

I am not sure I shared her enthusiasm in that I would welcome it and embrace the female lifestyle. To be honest, I am progressing towards that femaleness faster than I had ever thought possible. The next day, I practiced a kind of preciseness that is unheard of these days. I moved every piece of furniture in the room that is on today’s agenda to be vacuumed, carefully ran the machine over the carpeting, then thoroughly cleaned the vacuum before putting it back in the closet, I actually took the machine apart cleaning every last nook and cranny of its being.

I did the remainder of the laundry, separating every last class of clothes making sure that all items matched in care and temperature use. After all had been washed and dried, I folded them and carefully put them away. I walked the whole house looking for any laundry that had escaped the laundry basket, determined not to allow any negativity to come into play tonight. Dinner is a couple of frozen entrees, better than some of them, but still lacking in actual taste. I did the same careful screening of the kitchen as I had done for the laundry and vacuuming, making sure that nothing is missed. Satisfied in my endeavors, I went to the living room.

Yvonne is finishing some paperwork she had brought home from the office, as I enter. She places it back in her briefcase and then gives me a giant hug. We sit on the couch and cuddle a little, her the first to start off the conversation. She asked if I had double checked everything I had done today, making sure that all is done to her standards. I blushed she knows me to well, I replied that I had, and I am sure all will be to her satisfaction. She looked at me and asked if I had replaced her things yet, I swallowed hard, I really forgot that little tidbit since I was so busy trying to keep from getting any deeper in negativity. She suggested that I work on that now, the malls are still open, and I had only two days left to get it done.

I quickly got dressed and headed out the door, when I arrived at the mall, I still had an hour and a half to find her replacements. I checked the stores where she had bought them originally, but the items are something they no longer carry. I had taken the items with me, causing me to get quite a few looks, carrying around a bra, a panty, and a garter belt. The first associate that I had talked to did give me a bag to put them in to ease my embarrassment in carrying them around. At the last mega lingerie store that I had stopped at, the assistant manager told me they still carried it, but only in an antique ivory color. It is a set, with a price tag of over a hundred dollars. I did buy it, walking out of the store a lot lighter in the wallet than when I came in.

I felt good, at my accomplishment, no more negative points to deal with, maybe things are turning around for me. The drive home seems quicker; I am looking forward to Yvonne seeing that I am a responsible and caring person replacing her things that I had damaged. I entered the house telling her that I am home. I got an enthusiastic hug; then she led me to the bedroom, where she had laid out some of the things that I had laundered today. Next to the bed is the vacuum, and I had a sudden ill feeling come over me.

She told me to plug in the vacuum and turn it on. I complied, but when I turned on the switch, there is no response. After I had taken it apart to clean it, I never made sure it still ran. My shoulders drooped down; things were not looking good. She pointed to the items on the bed, asking me to pick them up and feel them. I did, they felt alright, maybe a little stiffer than they usually were. The thought suddenly hit me; that is why the fabric softener is on the shelf next to the detergent, why I had forgotten that today is unreal. She mentioned that the dishes are clean, a very good job, but several of the plates were in the wrong stack, and the silverware is mixed up now, the better silver now mixed with the everyday silver.

Another disastrous day, I got up and told her I had to use the restroom, then went down the hall to the guest bathroom. I needed to be alone for a while, to figure out what I am going to do. I now realize that no matter what I do and how I do it there is always a way to find some fault in the completion of the task. I sat on the toilet after locking the door, going over what few options I might still have in this. There turned out to be not many available, then realized why Yvonne is so good at her job. She had anticipated my every reaction and had planned a way to force me to her objective. From the first time I had signed the agreement, my fate was sealed, and the objective she wanted is assured. I set there for quite some time, looking at the situation with a new perspective and a greater appreciation of her skills and devious planning.

I eventually left the bathroom, walking back to the bedroom, an idea in my head of a way to get to the crux of the matter without all of the games. As I entered, she is sitting on the bed watching what I am going to do. I asked to see the list again; I need to check on some things and how they are worded. She opened her nightstand drawer and removed the list, handing it to me. I took it over to her vanity, set down and read it from cover to cover. Whenever I looked up to see her expression, she had a smile on her face.

When I finished, I laid the list down and contemplated my next move. I wanted peace with her, nothing that she could do to me would lessen my love for her, but I also wanted a little control of my life. I recognized I would soon be all female, that is spelled out in every line and word on the pages she had written. I just didn’t realize her intent and glossed over everything seeing only what I wanted to see in the deal. I got up and moved over to the bed, laying down beside her, taking hold of one of her hands. She pointed to the bag of replacements that I had purchased.

“I cut her off; I know they are the wrong color, probably the wrong size, and yes I realize that I have nine hundred more negative points added to my total. I want the agreement torn up, in its place I offer the following compromise. I will subject myself to one of your wishes every week willingly, your choice, but let’s not go through all of this drama to get what you want. I want to find a school that teaches cooking and doing household chores and enroll myself. In exchange, you will treat me like a cherished wife, affording me money for clothes, makeup, lingerie, and of course appointments for a beauty salon to make me pretty and feminine. I can’t have you babies, but I will gladly raise our children if you desire.”

“Like my namesake of the fifties, I want to be called June, loved like a wife, cherished as a lover and treasured as a companion. Now do I get a kiss and my own credit card so I can get beautiful for you, or do you have something else in mind?”

She rolled over on top of me, pinning my arms above my head and latched onto one of my nipples. My t-shirt is wadded up around my neck, my shorts are tented quite a bit, and I am sweating. Before she did much else, she reached over to her drawer once again and pulled out a jewelry box. She removed the ring from it and slid it on my finger, then the second ring placing it next to the other. I raised my hand to look at the rings, a perfect match to the set I had given her earlier in life. When we first started dating and living together I had given her an engagement ring and wedding band, even though we were not married, I wanted any possible Lotharios to know she is off the market.

As we laid there she asked if I am sure that I wanted to give in so easily, she is enjoying the game, and the anticipation of me becoming her female lover and wife keeps her wet all the time. I giggled, yes. I know a female giggle from a former staunch male, a gesture that emphasized my submissiveness recently. I somehow didn’t feel like much of a male, and I knew it wouldn’t take her long to change my appearance to her ideal woman.

“I am as sure that I can be, I love you immensely, and if this will make you happy, I will do my best to comply. I do ask one thing, leave me with my manhood until we are sure that this is what you want. I do want the lessons in becoming a housewife and cook if I am going to do this I want to do it right. I want to be able to show you how much I care for you by taking care of you and our home the way a wife would take care of her husband and home.”

I got a big hug; then she asked one more time if I am sure. I told her I am sure; I love her with all that I possess and want to take care of her for the rest of my life. She got the biggest smile on her face, then retreated to the kitchen.

I am left alone on the bed for a few minutes as she made a few calls in the kitchen. When she returned to the bedroom, she told me I had an appointment in the morning at her salon to become her woman. Then after dinner, I had my first lesson with a teacher to learn to cook and take care of a house. The teacher is a friend of mine, who takes students to learn to be a better wife. She knows all about you, and will give you the knowledge you desire. Then she approached me and gently lifted my head till I am looking directly into her eyes. “I love you with all my heart and soul after you have made the transformation I want to get married for real, to make an honest woman out of you. I also want to buy a house for you, a beautiful woman needs a house of her own, to make a real home out of it, a home for the two of us.”

I wasn’t allowed to say much after that, every time I opened my mouth, she kissed me, using her tongue to probe my open mouth. I got the hint after the third time I tried some type of communication. She cuddled me closely, and I drifted off to sleep in her arms. She helped me out of bed the next morning, keeping me moving along as I dressed in some clothes she had laid on the bed. She brushed my hair for me, then applied some lipstick to my lips and then I am pushed out the door.

She drove me to the salon, a nice gesture on her part until I realized I had no way home other than her picking me up. She dragged me into the salon and right to a room at the back of the salon. She helped me get undressed, then grabbed my clothes and left after giving me an erotic kiss. So much for me making a break for it later, I quickly came to the conclusion I am in over my head, Yvonne is smarter than I am, having successfully outwitted me in every facet of this deal. I resigned myself to becoming the female she wants, maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

The stylist entered the room and giggled at my state of undress. The first words out of her mouth, you must be Yvonne’s new wife, glad to meet you, I am Celeste, your stylist and guide into the wonderful world of femininity. Get up on the table and we will begin your journey. She looked at the cards that she brought in with her, making small comments as she read them. You are scheduled for the basic sex change, tits, ass, and hair. Over the next few weeks, we have you down for almost every service we offer, and then after that a weekly maintenance appointment to keep you at your feminine best. Your appointments are always at this time and day; you should expect to be here for at least six hours, sometimes more.

Today will be a little longer since the procedure for breast creation is a minimum of eight hours. Now lay back and let’s get this show on the road. She applied the cream to my entire body, including my eyebrows and beard area. The cream on my body is removed after thirty minutes, what little hair I had disappearing with it. Included in the areas covered were my groin and between the crack of my butt. The cream on my face and eyebrows is left on for an hour, when she removed it my face looked clear, not even a shadow of beard remained. After a repeated application at a future appointment, my body hair would be completely dead, unable to grow again.

Then she concentrated on my groin, spraying a numbing agent to keep everything calm and unfeeling. She worked down there for a while, then used glue to anchor her efforts, when I raised my head to look, an image of a male is not there, my male organ no longer visible. When she finished down there, I had an exact match to Yvonne’s female sex, two small puffy areas with a slit in between. Even the lack of pubic hair matched Yvonne.

Celeste then moved to my chest, measuring and marking two areas on my smooth hair free chest. A machine is wheeled in, and two fairly good sized cups are centered over the marked areas. The breast cups are glued to my chest making for a secure connection, then a syringe of fatty substance is inserted into each cup. The hoses are attached to the cups and the machine starts. The cups start filling as the suction starts pulling flesh into them. Then after ten minutes of sucking extra tissue into the cups, the cups start to vibrate, causing the tissue in the cups to bounce up and down in response to the vibration.

The feeling is erotic; I want to hold the cups with my hands to stop the vibrations, but my hands on the cups do not stop the pulsations of the tissue in the cups. I look up at Celeste, the smile on her face says she is enjoying my discomfort. She whispers in my ear, there is a price for beauty, and you are paying for having boobs now.

The bouncing up and down of my tissue is also causing my mind to turn to mush, I can’t think straight, then I look at the slowly filling cups and wonder how that is possible. Shortly the cups will be full, and I will have a set of breasts that will rival most females. I am sorry, but my mind can’t handle that thought, just a few hours ago I was a normal looking male, and now I have a vagina and two voluptuous breasts.

Then I realized that I had agreed to accept one item from her list each week, in her salon at the present and scheduled to complete a lengthy list before she picks me up tonight. I have certainly underestimated her, her thinking and planning easily able to outsmart me at every turn. Heck, this is not even a fair contest, I had lost before we even started, just not aware of the eventual outcome.

With the vibrations still permeating my body, she moves her attention to my nails. I contemplate stopping this here but realize that she will just do something else that I won’t be aware of till it is too late. Might as well get this over with now, she will have her female, and I will have some peace, at least, for a few days. The manicure left me with long elegant nails, three coats of polish topped off with a glossy topcoat. I stared at them, an obvious statement of my new found femininity.

Next on the agenda for today is my hair. I have fairly long hair for a male, the ends of my locks nearly reaching my shoulders. She washed and conditioned my hair, then wrapped my head in a towel to get the excess moisture out of it. The forms were still on my chest, even though the vibrations had ceased and the machine had been turned off. The hoses and cables from the forms were still connected, leaving me with two cups filled to capacity with tissue that I did not know existed. The source of the vibrations had ceased, though I could still feel the tissue in the forms vibrating. It was obvious that the suction was still keeping the flesh in the cups, the pump just not pulling any more in.

I found out the forms stay on, eventually dissolving, leaving only soft breast tissue in its place. I knew then that the female part of me would be with me for quite some time. Since the tissue was sucked from my body, it would not be just a matter of it returning to its previous state. June was a fact, and apparently for the long term.

I am helped to her styling chair, from the sinks and the towel removed. She ran a coarse comb through the hair getting out any snags or knots, then sectioned it off and secured the sections in tiny pin curls all over my head. The curls were sprayed with a setting gel and then each section is wound on several curlers of different sizes, depending on where on my head they resided. After all of my hair is in the curlers I am moved under a dryer, the warm heat of the dryer making me extremely sleepy.

Even though my hair is in curlers, it still gives the illusion of a female, only my lack of makeup still keeping the looks female, although not goddess like. Celeste figured that, so her next area of attack is my face, concealer to hide any blemishes, then a foundation to even the skin tones on my face. She penciled in some eyebrows, although the fine line that she drew there not much wider than a fine point magic marker. The placement of the line is much higher than my natural brow line and arched drastically high above my eyes, tapering to a point beyond the end of my eye. Then eyeliner to both the top and bottom lids of my eye, framing my eye perfectly. Some bright pink eye shadow, with ivory highlights right under my brows. Some rouge on my cheeks feathering up towards my ears to emphasize my cheekbones, then several coats of mascara to make my eyelashes stand out. Finally, she lined my lips with a pencil, a dark pink/burgundy color, filled in with some lipstick in the dark pink color matching my fingernails.

She told me to follow her to another door, leading to their clothes area. The store is larger than the salon, filled with all types of women’s clothes. The cape I had been wearing is removed, and Celeste took my measurements including my shoe size. Then she headed out to the racks to select some appropriate things for me. She returned a couple of minutes later with an arm full and hung them on the hooks of a changing room. Then she went back out to get me some lingerie to wear, that being found on the shelves on the far side of the store.

She returned and laid them on a table at the side of the room. Panties and bra first, the sensations of slipping into the panties and them being pulled up my hair free legs almost made me do something very unladylike. The bra felt surprisingly comfortable, helping to support my breasts. The forms were already softening, the weight pulling down, making me aware of the weight of my new appendages. The bra did make all the difference, the breast neatly ensconced in the cup of the bra, caressing the nipple as I made small movements causing the breast to shift in the cup. I could already feel the nipple at the end of the cup as it is encased in the bra.

Then a skirt is slid up my legs and fastened behind me. The fit in the thighs is tight, a little more room at the knees, but not enough to walk comfortably, the skirt restricting my steps and stride. The blouse is next, a very sheer material, in an off white color, going perfectly with the color of the skirt. A contrast existed between the two, but the colors did go together. A pair of four-inch pumps in the same off white color now adorned my feet, making me feel suddenly unstable.

Celeste told me to take short steps, keeping one foot in front of the other as if I was walking a tightrope. She had me walk around the salon several times, getting used to my footwear and the restriction of the skirt. As I passed the mirrors on the wall, I noticed that my bra clearly showed through the blouse, the lace trim even noticeable. I looked every bit the female, only my hair still in curlers ruining the effect.

That problem is handled next; the curlers removed, and my hair brushed into a pageboy style, the ends curling under at my neck and sides. The last vestige of my male appearance now removed, from head to toe, I looked like a woman. Sure enough, with my realization that I am indeed a female now in looks Yvonne comes walking into the salon, then I lower my head staring at the floor ahead of me. I am ashamed of my sudden femininity, in a few hours my male self has been obliterated completely, that doesn’t speak much about my masculine image before this, if it could be done away with so easily.

Yvonne walks right up to me, lifts my chin and kisses me passionately. I stare into her eyes, trying to see what her intent is with me. I know I had made some demands on her asking her to take care of me, to love me, but that is before I have been changed into this total feminine being. How can she still love me, after seeing me being changed so easily into a gorgeous female? She had originally intended to marry a male, but he doesn’t exist anymore, maybe gone for a long, long time, from the looks of my new body.

She leads me to her car, getting the door for me, even helping me fasten my seat belt. She returns to the driver’s seat and drives us home. The trip is in silence, with me not knowing what to say to her. Do I try to act female to her, is that what she wants from me? Since I am so indecisive, I do nothing. She parks in the garage and comes to help me out of the car, then leads me into the apartment. I am led directly to the living room and sat down on the couch. She heads to the kitchen to get us something to drink, and returns sitting our drinks on the coffee table directly in front of us.

“I think you have come to the wrong conclusion today about everything. That is what happens when you think too much, worry about everything, and generally make a mess out of any situation. I want you to listen to me, with both ears. I am deeply in love with you; I want nothing else in life but to share my life with you till we die. Whether you are female or male in appearance makes no difference to me in my love for you.”

“How we enjoy that time together is up to us, I have always seen a side to you that is buried, never seeing the light of day. It is a part of you that I want to share some of my life with, a part that upon looking at you, has been repressed for far too long. I want no more negative feelings about the person I see sitting beside me, a beautiful woman that I love even more than your former male self. Her beauty brightens up this room, makes my heart race, and causes my body to tingle all over. This is you, it has always been you, but you never allowed it to come out and play. We are going to do that now, and for the rest of our lives.”

“I have found us a couple of houses to look at, both of them are what I picture you living in, making them our home. I will take care of you, treasure you, and make love to you until you kick me out the door.” She then leaned in and kissed me so deep that I felt my toes tingling when she allowed me to get a breath. The doorbell rang, she looked at me, then asked if I am going to answer it. I gave her a look but did make my way to the door. It is a pizza delivery boy, with two boxes for us. I turned to get some money from my purse, but Yvonne is standing behind me, handing him the money and telling him to keep the change. Yvonne took the pizzas to the kitchen while I went to the living room to retrieve our drinks.

We sat at the bar, nibbling at the pizza, and taking sips of our drinks. It felt good, being able to relax with her more than I usually managed to accomplish. I received frequent kisses, her hand not involved in eating rubbing my thigh, keeping me in constant turmoil. We only ate one of the pizza’s the other put in the refrigerator for snacking later on.

We made our way to the bedroom, a new nightie, presumably for me laying on my side of the bed. I made my way to the bathroom, taking the nightie with me, changed into it and sighed. It showed all of my new assets in all their glory, my nipples betraying my feelings before I even got back to the bedroom, the forms that shaped them almost faded away. I brushed my hair, my teeth, even removed my makeup trying everything I could to delay the inevitable. With my pert nipples leading the way I ventured back to the bedroom, Yvonne waiting at the edge of the bed for my return. She is dressed similarly to me, her nipples as excited as mine.

It turned out to be a long night, I do wish I could remember what happened that night, but since my mind was closed down for repairs, I doubt that would be possible. Two days later we did look at the houses, the second one perfect as far as I was concerned. Since it was going to be my house to fix up, maintain, and care for, I was the one that got to choose. A month later we were moved in, she got me a mover to pack everything and get it to our new house. It took me several weeks to get it decorated the way I wanted it, my new teacher helping me make the correct decisions for colors and fabrics.

It took a little longer for me to master the cooking part, but soon Yvonne was rushing home to experience what I had come up with for dinner every night. I learned the proper way to do household chores, even made a schedule to keep them evenly distributed during the week. A modern housewife has to have time for her beauty regime, mine consisted of two salon appointments every week. I loved the salon time, the gals at the salon now my friends.

My teacher Ms. Abernathy has been invaluable. It only took her a couple of visits to ascertain my skill level. Since I love to cook now, I can’t wait for the next class, eager to learn another recipe to make my lover eager to rush home to me. We even take time to go grocery shopping together.

Several of the gurls from the salon have become friends and we take a day or two a week to shop for feminine necessities and clothing.

Now after a visit to the sperm bank to make a withdrawal, I started my carefully planned attack to get Yvonne pregnant. When we had started dating each other she had convinced me to make a deposit at the sperm bank, her reasoning long forgotten by now. She had even spent the time to have a couple of her eggs harvested for possible future use. If necessary and my other plan fails to get the desired results I have a backup plan already in place.

I have learned a lot from her, my plan will guarantee what I want. As she had laid out her plan for me a while back, I have mine setup, rewards and penalties in place, the end result is her with child, so that my last part in this scenario can be carried out.

June loving wife and caring Mother will finally be realized. A wonderful life to look forward to, caring for my Yvonne, her every need seen to by her wife and lover. The life of a female a dream come true for both of us.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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