Joy; Halloween Princess

I was looking forward to our annual Halloween Ball, the chance to dress up in costume, and mingle with the people that work for us is always enjoyable. The business in question is actually my wife’s, passed down from her Mother to her a couple of years ago. I help in the business, mainly in public relations as Ginger my wife concentrates on the actual day to day decisions of the company. It is a quite good sized business with almost two thousand employees. In our area of the state we are the primary source of jobs and income, so we are respected and catered to often.

The Halloween festivities are especially looked forward to by Ginger, with her doing something special every year. This year she chose two charities to raise funds for, something she had done in the past but not at the Halloween Ball. Ginger always handled our costumes, usually with me finding what I was going as it was set out for me to wear. She preferred a big fancy ball gown, usually of some extravagant fabric with most of her bosom on display. It was always tasteful, but as far as I am concerned so erotic. It was not uncommon for me to spend the entire ball with a hard-on, one that would not relent. Every glance at her causing a drop of moisture to escape the tip of my male organ.

In years past I have been a pirate, a policeman, even a cute pussycat, with whiskers over a foot long. Every year I pester her to find out what she has in mind for me, each year I am teased with lots of responses, of which none of them turn out to be what I end up as. I think she enjoys that part as much as actually dressing in the costumes.

Every year she makes sure there is plenty to eat, several bands for dancing and lots of beverages, albeit non with alcohol. The employees were encouraged to bring their spouses, leaving their kids at the local school that was set up to baby sit the children, staffed by volunteers. She had a smaller costume contest for the kids the actual day of Halloween where every child received a prize and, of course, lots of candy.

For the ball itself prizes were available for best costume, best furry critter, best cartoon character and scads more. The prizes were substantial, usually ranging around the thousand dollar mark. To make it fair management and supervisors were excluded from the contest prizes, they having their own contest held privately.

This year she spent a lot of time preparing her surprise, a lot of phone conversations were involved as she planned this all out. I kind of thought it had to do with the two charities, but it was only a guess on my part.

We used our shipping warehouse to hold the ball in, the items usually in the warehouse housed temporarily in semi-trailers in an adjacent parking lot. Not a minor task since it took sixty-one semi-trailers to empty the warehouse. The decorations she had arranged for were better than most years, with a huge dais right in the middle of the warehouse spiraling fifteen feet above the warehouse floor. It had taken them three days to build it, the talk now all over the company about its use for the ball. Lots of lights, ribbons, hanging ghosts and goblins, everything that might have some connection to the Halloween theme adorned the rest of the warehouse.

Every year I arranged press coverage of the Ball, the publicity good for the company. Of the reporters that were invited to see the preparations for the ball, the dais seemed to attract the most attention. Everyone that saw it was curious wanting to know what it was for. Unfortunately, Ginger was the only one who knew and she was tight lipped. Her suggestion to anyone that asked her was to come back the night of the ball and find out for themselves. In a way that was good publicity for us, sure to get us favorable press coverage, possibly a front page story.

Privately I asked Ginger what she had in mind, wanting to know a little more so I could slant the press coverage the right way. I hoped to get a straight answer from her before she realized what I had asked, but like usual all I got was a huge smile whispering in my ear that I will be one of the first to know the night of the ball.

I knew better than to ask any more, she was going to keep her secret no matter what. It was coming down to the wire, everything in place, as people were talking about the ball both employees and the area residents, the interest seemed off the chart. At the last minute, she arranged for some more semi-trailers making the space twice as large as an adjacent warehouse was also emptied. The decorations were spread out, still making quite a show even though they were less of them in an area. She upped the food orders and arranged for the local sheriff’s office to provide security for the ball. I raised my eyebrows at her latest actions, but she had proven in the past her ability to make correct judgments in anything she attempts, so I let it ride. I was now super curious about the dais and her surprise for the ball. I even ease dropped on a couple of her phone conversations trying to get some info on what she was planning but learned absolutely nothing.

The day before the ball I was told to plan on staying home, my fitting for the costume would be handled at home and then I would be transported to the ball. Another raising of the eyebrows, but again that is all she said, discussion over with. She often handles things this way, since her record is almost flawless in any endeavor she attempts, who am I to question her actions. That did not stop me from being curious, a whole day to be fitted for a costume? No answers forthcoming, so keep quiet and wait for my fate.

The day of the ball came way too soon, I had gone to bed around midnight, Ginger still up handling things when I slipped under the covers. The next morning I was kissed on the lips to wake me, something she often does, something I am most happy to endure. She popped a pill in my mouth and made me drink some water from a bottle that she had with her. A vitamin I was told to make sure I made it through the day without falling asleep. I made it as far as the bathroom and sat on the toilet and that is the last thing I remember.

If only I knew what she was planning? Unbeknownst to me my day was going to be filled as quite a few ladies descended on me to transform me into what Ginger had arranged. I was given the pill shortly after nine AM and would not wake from my induced sleep until a little after six PM.

When I started to come around my vision was blurred, I could see objects but not what they were. It was like my head was in a fog. Slowly my mind started to function a little and I tried to ask a question. I found something in my mouth, my tongue not moving and then realized I was gagged. I tried to move my hands to my mouth to remove the gag, but they were unable to help, since they never left the side of my body. I tried to move my feet and the same thing was happening there. I was able to move them a few inches, but then something stopped any further movement.

As I lay there I tried to figure out what had happened to me. The pill I think I remember her giving me must have knocked me out, I felt weight on my chest, and a tight restriction on my waist. Whatever I was wearing was fitted close to my body above the waist and had many layers below the waist since I was laying on quite a few layers of material. My feet were arched, my legs sliding against each other sending waves of pleasure through my body, even though they were restricted some. Oh my gawd I am dressed as a female. That sudden realization making me nervous as my heart started beating wildly.

I breathed in some trying to get enough air to ease my apparent panic. I smelled a sweet perfume, for some reason it just became apparent to my senses. I quickly wondered how far she had went in my costume choice, the perfume that I smelled most likely from my body. I moved my head a little, feeling earrings swinging from my earlobes. I also felt longer hair against my neck, some of it I was apparently laying on since I felt it restricted some, as if it was caught under me.

I became aware of someone holding their head above mine, a fuzzy image most likely a woman from the image. She leaned closer and started talking to me.

“I see you have awoken, now listen carefully as I have only time to tell you this once. Blink your eyes if you understand.”

I blinked twice and felt the longer lashes touching each other. Gawd I seem to be immersed in this feminine sea, I sure hope the lifeboat doesn’t capsize heck I hope there is a lifeboat.

“You are the centerpiece of my Halloween surprise. Dressed in a beautiful ball gown, one of my previous gowns that I wore just last year and every inch a female. That includes real breasts and a cute slit that I am dying to take advantage of. The purpose you will hear a little later when I introduce you to the crowd. Incidentally we have a full house almost six thousand tickets have been sold, both ball rooms full and a line standing outside waiting to come in later. You have done well, all of your press buddies are here, waiting to take pictures of the occupant of the dais, which is going to be you. Since you will be standing the whole time your feet might get a little sore, I will make sure they are soothed later after the ball.”

“I knew you would want to help me in this way, since a little birdie whispered in my ear about your interest in feminine lingerie while in high school. You should not keep secrets like this from your wife, no telling where it will lead. Well tonight you are in some sexy silk lingerie, your breasts and cute slit nestled in two exceptional examples of imported silk lingerie from France. Time for you to take your place of honor, princess of the ball. Be good for me, the rewards after will more than be worth the sacrifice you have made for me.”

I felt her kiss me, then I was lifted by others and taken out to my home for the evening. I felt strong arms carry me somewhere, the noise getting quite loud and the nearby people gasping as I came into view. I was placed on to a metal platform and was soon lifted to my perch. I was moved off the platform and attached to the dais at my ankles and to a pole rising from the back of the dais at my wrists. I was hoping to be untied, or at least the gag removed but neither happened. Somebody arranged my dress around me and I heard the lift lower. I sighed, alone on my royal perch. I could lean against the metal pole for support, my feet could move a few inches in either direction but my wrists attached to the pole kept me in place.

A few minutes later I heard Ginger’s voice welcoming everyone to the annual Halloween Ball. She mentioned about the food and dancing then told everyone that the hours of the ball had been extended for this special evening, the festivities will conclude at two AM that is eight hours from now. I groaned into the gag, although I doubt anyone could hear me for the noise from the crowd.

She mentioned to be sure to pick up your ballots at the base of the dais, vote for your choice of options and then deposit them in the box found in the same location. Our princess needs your input to help her decide her fate. During the evening I will make people aware of the results of the voting so far. If you want a more direct say in what options are offered for our princess, a donation to either of our charities will get you a special ballot, allowing you to vote for specific options to be applied to our princess. A donation of five hundred dollars will get you a dance with our princess after midnight. Time for the dance is limited so be sure to get your donation in early.

“Now a little bit about our gorgeous princess. You all know her, an upstanding member of the community who participates in everything worthwhile. She is a friend to most of you, helping when necessary and donating time and money to any worthwhile cause. She is a member of most every civic organization in the area, and past president of the chamber of commerce. She has volunteered herself tonight, to be a part of this Halloween ball, hoping to encourage you to support these two worthwhile charities as she feels so strong about them. Maybe guide her in her options for the future, something she will be eternally grateful for.”

“Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce my husband and soul mate Joel, who for the near future will be known as Joy.”

I heard a roar of applause, my face turning bright red instantly. The applause went on and on for longer than I thought possible. I guess me dressed as a female was something for them to be excited about. I heard my new name called out often from the crowd below that alone kept my face on the pink side for most of the evening. I tried to figure out why me, my time in high school wearing a piece of lingerie lasted for maybe five minutes before my sister caught me. She threatened me with public exposure if I ever did it again, a threat I took seriously. I am not even sure if I enjoyed the five minutes in her panties, since it was so short. I did fantasize about it for months afterward, but the threat of exposing me to my high school classmates pretty much eliminated any desire to do it again.

I wondered if my marriage to Ginger was slipping away. For her to put me through this without advance warning might be the first sign. The music did help pass away the time, for some reason they played all of my favorites from the fifties and sixties. A little while later Ginger came back on the PA asking if everybody was having fun. The amount of cheering and shouting kind of pointed to that conclusion.

“Now it is time to give you the latest results of our election of options for Joy. First is the option to allow her to return to the role of a male. That option received fifteen votes. Second option is to continue in the role of a female for at least a year. That option received thirty-two votes. Third and last option is for Joy to live and work as a female for the rest of her life. That option received one hundred and fifty-one votes. It is not looking good for Joel here. Be sure you get your vote in, only three more hours before the ballot box is sealed. I know there is plenty of room in the ballot box for lots of votes, so do not disappoint Joy tonight. She really needs your guidance here. Oh, don’t forget to make a contribution to one of her charities and pick out some options for her new appearance. I am sure she will appreciate your input.”

I heard her give the vote totals, the last option would have made my legs collapse if not for me being secured to the damn pole. I wonder what would happen if I fainted, a distinct possibility if this continues on. Even if I could somehow get loose, the height of the dais would keep me confined here unless I wanted to risk a broken neck, fifteen feet is pretty high for a swan dive. Then as suddenly as those thoughts appeared I couldn’t hear anything. Silence, total silence. I looked at the crowd, still seeing people talking but I couldn’t hear anything. Than another minute later I heard the music come back on, but no other sounds. There must be something in my ears preventing me from hearing only what she wants me to hear. Shit after hearing about what people were voting on and now to be shut off from any more information that is so cruel. It was like those options were now embedded in my mind, unable to escape, but occupying every square inch of my thought processes.

Time seemed to crawl along, I had no idea if it was an hour later or just a minute. Images of me as a female kept popping up, getting dressed, doing my makeup, fixing my hair, dancing in my heels, each minute saw more images appear to tease me, frustrate me and drive me nuts. I closed my eyes trying to slip off to some kind of restless sleep to help make the time pass, but even that was denied me. After an eternity the lift was brought back in, I only realized it when someone touched my arm. I was undone and carried to the lift and lowered to the floor.

I was taken to a room not far away and untied. Everything but the damn gag. Some water was squirted into my mouth around the gag, with me swallowing it as fast as I could. Whoever was squirting the water was giving it to me slowly, a few squirts at a time. That water tasted so good, I guess thinking and fear make you extremely thirsty. Even though I was unfettered it took some time before feeling returned to my hands and feet. Then Ginger helped me remove the contact lenses, the source of my fuzzy vision. Finally I felt something removed from my ears, two quite good sized ear plugs, quite capable of rendering me unable to hear anything, but containing small speakers so I could hear when turned on.

She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “You have been so good, now some time dancing and then I will see to your care and explain what has happened tonight. Please be gracious all of these dance partners have paid handsomely for the privilege. She touched up my makeup, spritzed some more perfume on me and I was led to my first dance partner for the evening.

I smiled it was George, the reporter for the local newspaper and contributor for the state paper when called for. I opened up my mouth some so he could see the gag, he smirked but still took me in his arms, as we danced out to the center of the floor. I was still trying to lead, an old habit when he gave me a peck on the lips and just like that I was a female following his every step. He pulled me in a little closer to him and I relaxed in his arms. Apparently anybody who had paid to dance with me got two songs worth of time, the next partner coming to me as my previous partner gave me a kiss and left. I was told by George I would be front page tomorrow in several newspapers, my image on the dais magical.

I will have to admit I did enjoy the dancing, not realizing till later how many had paid for the privilege. Truth be known I enjoyed the kisses as well. I am sure Ginger noticed that fact, as she was watching me every time I raised my head to see where she was at. As the last dance partner left me on the floor, Ginger showed up taking me in her arms and kissing me passionately. I will have to admit her kiss was the best, also the longest lasting. As we broke the kiss I used my tongue to slide over my lips, wanting to be sure I savored every drop of her essence for later. We didn’t dance, just stood there enjoying the lip lock.

I guess the ball was over as I got hugged, kissed and even a few gropes as quite a few people said goodbye and left. I was still out in the middle of the dance floor when I looked up and saw the sign with my options listed and the vote total next to each option. When I got down to option three I fainted, my legs giving away. Apparently a few males that worked for us came to help Ginger get me to our offices that were located in the adjoining building. When I came to I was laying on the couch in my office, lost in thought and staring at the ceiling.

Ginger smiled at me, you are such a girl, flirting with everybody and then fainting right out on the dance floor. “Now before you go and faint on me again I need to tell you a few things more about tonight. Incidentally the gag stays in until I get you home and undressed, it will make you listen to me and not ask forty million questions. The vote total that you saw and fainted from seeing is really how people see you these days including me.”

“Now we raised twice what I had in mind for the charities, due solely to your efforts on their behalf. The real reason for all of this was hinted at by one of our employees a few weeks ago. I was talking about you with several employees when the remark was made. “Joel is so nice, always asking about our families, our jobs and listening to us bitch about something of little consequence. The fact that we can vent our frustration to her makes the problems seem minor, allowing us to get on with our jobs. I said she because I think most of the employees see her as she is, a caring member of the female gender. I know when I saw her on the dais dressed so elegantly I was so happy for her, a chance for her to appear as her true self.”

That comment made by one of our male employees I might add. I did a little more digging finding what he said to be true, you are a female to them and they look up to you for guidance and support. When I was digging I was told of another more poignant instance of your influence and caring. You had been out walking the floor when you came upon a group of several employees gathered around a machine that had obviously quit on them. You asked the problem then used your cell phone to call maintenance, a task that they had already done. Instead you asked how long before repairs could be accomplished, after receiving the information you suggested that they make sure their area was picked up, and supplies lined up for after maintenance gets the machine back up and running. Then you took them all to the canteen and bought them several appetizers to munch on and something to drink while they waited. You stayed with them the whole time talking with them and making them feel that they were an integral part of the business.

After maintenance called telling you the machine was fixed you went with them and watched as they resumed production. What you didn’t know was they stayed after normal quitting time making up the time lost to the machine failure. Their supervisor catching them and reminding them it was quitting time. They explained what they were doing and told her as soon as the lost production was completed they would head home. The supervisor called me, explaining what had just happened wanting to know if I wanted her to make them quit. I smiled, no leave them alone, just make sure they leave the area ready for production tomorrow. They worked another forty minutes, cleaned the area after setting it up for the shift tomorrow. They wrote in their normal quitting time asking the supervisor to sign their time cards, hugged her and left, smiles on all of their faces. I was shown the time cards, the supervisor astonished at their behavior, and their commitment to their job.

“All of the employees are aware of Joy, they might not show it at times, but you are highly regarded and thought of quite often. I am not blind, so as I was observing and learning about you and your interaction with the employees I started noticing things about you myself. The way you approach a group of people, not the way a male would but more like a female. Not aggressive, but wanting to know if you could help, after listening to the problem you then make suggestions that might work. Never do this or that, but maybe this might be worth looking into. In short they love you, I may be the owner and manager but you are the driving force behind our success.”

“So all of this to show you what they think of you, which happens to coincide with my thoughts on the subject. I think the opinions of our employees are pretty indicative of how things should be. Therefore I am asking you to shed the male persona, embrace being Joy and be my princess for the rest of your life. The employees have suggested many options for your transformation, actually forty-three options they would like to see embraced by you. I have a short list also, so you will have a lot to choose from. On the ride home I want you to think over everything I have suggested and what has happened tonight. Then after I get you naked, we will discuss your wishes for the rest of the night. I can’t wait to play with your new assets, I have been dripping wet all evening causing me to insert a tampon to keep from dripping all over the floor. Now let me remove the gag and we will head home.”

I shook my head no then held up the rope that had held my wrists together, wrapping the rope around my wrists to show her what I wanted. She gave me such a smirk, then turned me away from her and tied my forearms together behind my back ending the knots at my wrists. I was now trussed up real good as I stepped up close to her and laid my head on her shoulder. I was whisked away, having to almost run to keep up with her. I was thrown in the back seat of her car as she managed to somehow get me belted in. Getting the dress in the car was the main problem, the back seat was full when she started driving us home.

She made the trip in record time, then yanked me out of the back seat as she tried to get me loose from the seat belt. Luckily for me it came undone before she decided to sever an arm to get me in the house and into bed.

Once in our bedroom she was like a female possessed as she tore my clothes off me, because of my arms being tied behind me a couple pieces of clothes ended up hanging on one arm or another. Then she worked on getting her clothes off. A quick look in the mirror before I was pushed onto the bed revealed a quite feminine figure on my previously male body, my hairless slit and two impressive breasts the most noticeable. I was still looking at my image in the mirror as she was trying to get me on the bed. I still was trussed up the clothing pieces still hanging from one of my arms. She laid on top of me sliding one of my nipples in her mouth. I almost came at that moment, the feelings that were penetrating every nook and cranny of my body were so intense. I tried to take in more air to get my breathing back to normal, but her fingers in my new slit and her moving her mouth over to my other nipple were not making it any easier. My heart was racing, as she worked me over real good. If this is any indication of how my life in the female gender will be, sign me up now for a lifetime membership.

Somehow I survived the night, don’t ask me how since everything that evening was just a big blur. She had gotten up before me, I was awake but still letting the memories of last night process in my mind. I was served breakfast in bed, then kissed, pushed into the bathroom for a shower then dressed in a robe and taken to the front room. On the sofa she took one of my hands and held it tightly, wanting to know of my decision. I toyed with her a little, hemming and hawing but not saying anything about my decision. Well that didn’t last long as she figured out what I was doing and I was turned over on her lap and spanked. That did surprise me, the blows I was receiving were felt, believe me. I soon gave in yelling yes over and over. I had to make a complete sentence of it stating my feminine name before I told her yes.

When I was allowed up I figured out why, she had her phone out and was recording my response. My butt was red, and she was staring at me waiting for me to say something. She repeated this is your last chance to deny my wish, kiss me if you will do as I ask. I cleared my throat, yes I want to be your princess Joy to be loved and cared for by you for the rest of my life. I will try my best to take care of you, to love you and cherish you for all time. I leaned in to kiss her, a most wonderful and sensual kiss, when we broke the kiss sometime later, I was tingling all over. Even though I had initiated the kiss, she took over, holding my head firmly with her hands allowing me no escape. Why would I want to escape?

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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