JoJo Fem It Up

I work in a help center for a major computer software developer. In fact, just recently I was promoted to be the head of this department. We answered questions of our customers and helped them work out any problems they were having with our software. Most problems were easy and quick to handle, but there were also ones that tried our patience. I have seven females working under me, we used to number nine, Kayla our previous boss deciding that her first child needed her undivided attention. Now we were eight in number, the company wanting to wait to replace Kayla to see if the call level still required more employees to handle the load. We still had some heavy days, but in general our days had slacked off some allowing the existing crew to handle the call level.

At one time the department was mainly male, but after several years of losing the males to higher paying jobs, females were found to be more stable and content to stay put. Thus the almost totally female staff. I was the lone exception, although I had been offered better paying jobs I was content to stay here.

When I showed up to work on Monday there was a flyer on my desk, a bright pink one that could not be missed. I logged into my computer, brought up our database so I could begin work, and then looked at the flyer. It was an advertisement for Fem It Up, a contest sponsored by a national company. What caught my eye was the prize section. First prize was twenty-five thousand dollars, plus an equal amount donated to a charity of your choice. In addition the winner and his spouse would receive free beauty services for ten years. The reference to his spouse did stop me in my tracks some, this contest obviously for a male, not a female.

I kept reading since I knew my wife Ann would love that prize. Then I ran into the real reason why this contest was not for me. To win a male had to experience the female looks, clothing, and life. Each treatment, clothing choice and feminine part of life experienced was awarded points. The one that accumulates the most points over the month long period wins the contest.

The contest allowing many different ways to accumulate the needed points to win. I moved the flyer over to the edge of my desk, just inches from a waste basket, not wanting to actually put it in the basket till I find out who laid the flyer on my desk. The phones and the computers were quiet, so I got up and made my way to the other employee’s cubicles to say good morning and to check how they were doing.

When a call came in it was answered automatically, then depending on what services were required the call was sent to the right department. When we had a call, a light would come on our computer, then the call was put on hold. If we were not in our little cubicles, a flashing light overhead in the office would let us know we had a call. If we were already on a call a recording would play letting them know that we would get to them as soon as possible.

I made my way around talking to all the women, waiting to see if one of them was the one to place the flyer on my desk. If I had to make a guess it would be Sarah, the most outspoken one of the group and the one usually responsible for any mischief that happened during the day. A classy lady that was not at all inhibited by any rules or regulations. It was always done with taste and respect, but she would have her fun one way or the other. She got along with everyone, and also the first one to give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Kayla and she had a wonderful relationship, but Sarah had not completely figured me out yet. So things were handled cautiously till she learned more about me and my thoughts.

We started getting busy so I made my way back to my home away from home and put on my head set, answering my first call a few moments later. We stayed busy right up to lunch. We rotated through the group, everyone getting thirty minutes to get something to eat. Luckily we worked for a company that had set up a small cafeteria so that something hot and fresh could be had. They didn’t do any cooking but had arranged for our food to be catered. The key benefit was it was not from a vending machine and tasty, a real treat for our lunches. The gals always picked one of their salads, I opted for one of their burgers most days. Their Swiss burger always delicious and tasty.

The day ended at a little after five, the last call handled at five fifteen. Although not required to do so, I always stayed till everyone was finished with their calls. The computer stopping any more incoming calls at fifteen till five, allowing us time to handle the customer during regular working hours.

No one showed their hand that day, not even any mention of the contest in their conversations during the day. I left the flyer on my desk, maybe it will just disappear during the night. I made my way home to my wife, anticipating a delicious meal or something from a restaurant if she had to work longer than expected. She was a manager of an insurance claims office, supervising fifty employees handling the claims for the whole Southeastern region. They started at eight each morning, finishing sometime between four and five in the evening depending on their workload.

As I entered the house luck was with me, the smells coming from the kitchen were heavenly. Although Ann was good at her job, I always thought she should have been a chef, her skills in the kitchen were unmatched. I could smell the food and started drooling immediately. I found out we were having cube steaks in a wonderful smelling gravy with asparagus in a cheese sauce and homemade mashed potatoes. The potatoes not from any box, but slow cooked and then mashed, with sour cream, milk, butter, and the required seasonings. I could take a spoonful of them and eat them right out of the pan, the butter oozing from each bite. This is real butter, not some margarine crap. Of course, you put her gravy over the mashed potatoes and you have achieved total bliss. The cube steaks were always tender, a bite of them and they would melt in your mouth, minimal chewing required.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and then headed to the table. Right on top of my plate is the same pink flyer that I found at work. I know who put this one here, and also knew what caught her attention on the flyer. It was the unlimited free beauty services. Ann worked hard at her job but she adored her pampering at the beauty salon. She had appointments twice a week, not much done, but she loved her time being pampered and made beautiful. With the kind of money she was making I had no trouble with her beauty time, if it made her happy, it made me happy. It did so make her gleeful, after a trip to the beauty salon she was walking on air, her feet never even coming close to the ground. When she got home I always got a spin or two, to show off what they had done to her.

I carefully set off the flyer to the side of my plate, then helped her bring the food to the table. During the meal I needed to refill my glass of iced tea, going to the refrigerator to do so. When I returned the flyer was again on my plate where I could not miss it. I have been married long enough to know that refusing to participate right from the start is risking everything. So my simple reply was that I had to see if the company would allow me to participate. It seemed to appease her, she kept the flyer for future reference and I helped her clean up. I noticed she handled the flyer reverently, making sure it was not wrinkled or anything spilled on it.

I usually did the dishes and she dried them, we had a dishwasher but never used it. Most of her pans she used to cook with she would never allow them to be put into a dishwasher. With both of us working on the dishes it only took about twenty minutes to get them done and put up. It was time the two of us enjoyed, a time to share life together so I was reluctant to suggest any changes.

We adjourned to the living room, tonight’s entertainment was a DVD on our home entertainment system. This DVD was one of her favorites, definitely a chick flick. After the movie was over we adjourned to our bedroom, did our bathroom thingy then got into bed. Both of us put in long days, so a good night’s sleep was fairly important to both of us. My favorite part was to lay behind her and cuddle her close to my body. If I was able to slip my hands around her I usually was able to play with her breasts for a while, most definitely a bonus. Any time I was able to spend with her in my arms was pure heaven and not to be missed at any cost.

I did try to think of how I was going to evade this contest, using the company as an excuse might not be the best idea in the world. It was a brief thought though, and I was soon nodding off into dreamland. I don’t remember any of my dreams the next morning, but knew that I did dream some, an anxious sleep because of the state of my covers the following morning. Twisted and wrapped around my body, it was not a deep restful sleep.

I got ready and headed to work, making an early start every day sometimes quite depressing. Most days my wife was able to slip out the door before me, a feat that left me in awe. I was a reluctant participant any morning, dragging my feet from the time I woke up till I was heading out the door. Most mornings I was driving to work while it was still dark, getting to work about the time the sun was making its first appearance. A necessity I guess, but not my favorite early morning activity.

At work still no one mentioning the contest though there was a new flyer on my desk, this one in a light yellow colored background. I started my computer and logged in, ready for a new day. For a change it was a very light day, customer wise, so I sent home two of the girls around three o’clock. The girls loved the free time, allowing them to shop or catch up on things that had to be done. I rotated through the girls so everybody got some time off over a period of two to three weeks.

A brief influx of calls shortly thereafter but we managed to get through them with a minimum of delay. All of us were out the door a few minutes before five though. As I was heading down the hall to the exit, the HR department head stopped me. That was not unusual, she usually consulted me on requests for time off from any of my employees before she approved them. Mary was super nice, outgoing and well liked among the company.

She told me that several requests had been made to her about me entering the contest, a copy of that damned flyer in her hands. It was the pink one that had gone missing last night. Before I could say anything she told me the company would welcome my entry into the contest, allowing me as much time as needed to do the contest justice. If I entered, they would like to take advantage of some favorable publicity, making sure that my attempt is well publicized as I progressed through the contest. In fact she has already contacted the sponsors, mentioning that I might be interested and making an appointment for me to see them.

“You know you have to be approved first as an entrant, it is not just fill out an entry blank and you are in. The lady at the sponsors was excited to hear that you are interested, already hearing some good things about you from someone else.” I was handed a sheet of paper, with a time written on it and directions to the salon sponsors below it. Unfortunately for me the appointment is tomorrow morning at eight A.M. the salon not too far from where we live. Mary gave me a hug and left smiling heading off in another direction, ready to ruin someone else’s day.

Oh gawd, now I am almost representing the company, making it even harder to keep from getting signed up. Maybe just maybe they will turn me down as not the type of entrant they are looking for. Yeah sure, my luck is just not that good, I will go, sign up and they will welcome me into the contest with open arms.

I made my way home, do I tell Ann about this latest development or do I hope to be totally rejected and not have to face her? Tonight Ann is not home yet, so I set the table knowing she will stop and get some takeout for us. I make some fresh tea, both of us preferring tea to coffee anymore, a lot easier on the stomach. About the time I finish she arrives dropping the containers of food on the table and assaulting me. Before I can blink twice she had her legs wrapped around my waist and her mouth fused to mine. My arms are trying to keep her from sliding down my body pulling her warm body closer to me. Meanwhile her tongue is exploring my oral cavity, not missing anything.

I wonder why she is so wound up, then I suddenly had a bad feeling. Somehow she has found out that I have an appointment to sign up for the contest. Now what am I going to do. To deny everything now would disappoint her, but if I can’t get out of it, then I will have to explain why I lied to her. I am doomed, no doubt about it. It seems everyone is determined to get me into this damn contest. I have always been nice to others, helping when I can, yet this proves my karma is apparently nil. It definitely seems like someone has it in for me, all of these coincidences don’t just come together without someone’s help.

I finally get her down on her own two feet, then have to endure a huge hug. I don’t mind the hug, it is her roving hands that are under my shirt pinching my nipples and pulling on them that are hard to take. We finally got around to dinner, some Chinese from one of our favorite places. She even got me my favorite, their beef and broccoli. All during dinner she is bouncing around, even scooted her chair closer to mine and started feeding me bites of food between what I was managing on my own. I remember eating, but I couldn’t tell you if it was good or not, my mind solely riveted on the contest and the upcoming appointment in the morning.

Cleanup was always easier when she got take out, just a few plates and some silverware. I did the few dishes quickly then dragged my sweetheart out to the living room. Too early for our bedroom, so the living room will have to do. I need to find out what she knows, so that I can plan better for tomorrow morning. I sat right next to her on the couch, for one thing I wanted to hide some of my reactions to her statements, if I am sitting next to her she will not be able to see my face as well. Before I could get anything out of my mouth, she was kissing me and thanking me for joining the contest. A big sigh from me, worse than I expected.

I told her I just had an appointment, I still needed to be approved before I was in the contest. That was when she dropped her other bombshell. She uses the same salon that is sponsoring the contest, her stylist that handles her appointments called her at lunch time, telling her that someone from my work had called and got me an appointment for in the morning. They needed a picture of me and basic height and weight figures before they would allow just anyone to enter the contest. The idea was to live the female life, to experience what a natural born female goes through in life, not be some huge macho male in a dress subject to ridicule and demeaning the purpose of the contest.

Ann told me she supplied the picture off her phone, my height and weight in an email and also sent three personal references from our friends as to my caring and loving personality. Just wait till I find out who the three friends are, I will get revenge somehow. Can’t anyone leave things alone, maybe the one involved doesn’t want to be in the contest?

One look at the email and picture and I was accepted into the contest, tomorrow in the morning they will explain everything to you and give you the rules of the contest. There is a one week delay in starting the contest as applicants still need to be approved and given the rules of the contest.

Oh gawd what am I going to do now, I tried to look happy, but it felt like I had been sentenced to the electric chair, but had to wait a week before the execution as the chair needed to be repaired. I managed to not get myself into trouble, telling her my true thoughts would surely cause our marriage to suffer. Ann was a true romantic, wanting both of us to experience each other’s life so that our love of each other will grow. For me to throw cold water on this before it starts, might also demean my marriage vows to her.

The bedroom activates that evening were spontaneous but intense, I was treated with kid gloves, and every fantasy I could think of was given to me within the next few hours. She finally wore herself out and curled up next to me. I was still wide awake, staring at the ceiling hoping that a meteor might hit tonight saving me from tomorrow morning, I wasn’t sure what would happen in the morning, but finding out more about the contest couldn’t be beneficial to my cause.

I finally succumbed to sleep, but since it was halfway through the night before I managed it I only received about five hours sleep. I dressed as usual and made my escape from the house, deciding to show up earlier at the salon and try to talk them out of accepting me. That right there showed my mental state, but I was desperate and grabbing at any straws I could. I don’t remember the drive, my mind was in panic mode, glimpses of me in lipstick and wearing a dress making an appearance from time to time.

The salon was huge, and even at seven in the morning I had a hard time finding a spot to park my car. I walked in and told them my name, the gal that I was speaking to, gladly telling everyone around me that I was this salon’s Fem It Up contestant. Well that brought out the red face and a sudden interest in my feet. Somebody took my hand and I was led away towards the back of the salon, then into an office and offered a seat in front of her desk.

“I am so glad you came in earlier today, I so wanted to meet you and be able to chat some with you. My name is Francine, the owner of the salons that are sponsoring this contest. Now how about you tell me a little about you, where you work, your hobbies and your wife. I think I have met her on previous visits but am not sure. Her name sounds so familiar.”

I managed to get out a few words, then broke down in tears. All of this scaring me to death. I felt arms around me pulling me into a tender hug that she kept up, every time I tried to pull away some she would pull me closer to her. Eventually the tears stopped and she moved me to a couch where she could sit right next to me. She started on the questions again, and soon I had told her everything she was wanting to know.

“You are scared of doing something you have never experienced before. Am I right?”

I nodded then slumped my head towards my lap. She put her hand under my chin and raised it until I was looking into her eyes.

“I see something in you that needs to be developed. I am not going to let you out of the contest, in fact I am going to feature you in all of our ads in this region. You are loving and caring, even I can see that and we have only just met. What you are going to be doing is already shared by half of the population and they live with it every day. I think you will be an excellent contestant, learn a lot about the fairer sex and help a lot of others to understand the female gender a little better.”

“Now are we going to stop moping and whining and join in on the fun or do I need to get your wife down here to oversee the process.” I shook my head violently, Ann’s input would end up with me total female and primped into some radical persona of a girly girl and in record time.

Francine smiled, I thought that would do the trick. Let me get one of my stylists back here and we will make this official.

She made a call and soon one of her stylists appeared with something in her hand. I was stood up and Francine lowered my pants, then my shorts. My mouth was open not knowing what was going on. I was bent over and something applied to my right hip right at the fleshy part. It was held there for a minute or two, then removed. Francine held up a mirror so that I could see what had been done to my hip turning my back to the wall mirror in her office. Looking in the mirror was an image stamped on my hip showing I was a Fem It Up contestant for this salon. I looked at her waiting for an explanation, but she just smiled. “Now you do not have to worry, it is official and you are entered in the contest. Incidentally the stamp will be with you for a little over six months so no need to worry it won’t wash off or wear off and if all the lights are off it will emit a soft glow.”

I let out the biggest sigh of my life, tried to get my underwear back up and my pants zipped up. I was given the rules and info, but I doubt if anything registered in my mind. The next few weeks will be interesting, that is for sure.

Now let’s go over your paperwork and get you the rules and points for each task so that you can win this contest. I sat there and listened to her, but doubted very little of what she said soaked in. I was in brain overload, way too much info to process and even if I did get it processed what the hell was I going to do with it. It took her three times to get me awake enough to pick a new name for myself in the contest. John will not do, the consensus opinion of everybody involved. Mary at work suggested Johana, Kayla thought Yvonne would be cute, Patty favored J.J. but Ann came up with the winning name, JoJo. So my official paperwork showed JoJo Yvonne Walker. Somehow all my co-workers had been consulted on this, even Kayla my old boss.

I guess Francine could see that I was out of it, so she told the stylist to take me out to the salon, wash and condition my hair and give me a curly hairdo that could easily be changed when I decided what I wanted for a style. Patty took my hand and led me to her station, after I managed to get my shorts and pants back up. She was friendly, telling me what she was doing at each step, the head massage was particularly nice, I could now see one of the reasons why Ann loved to come to the salon.

My hair was washed and conditioned, then she cut off a few split ends. As she was winding curlers into my hair she kept up a steady stream of chatter, not anything in particular, but it did keep my mind off the obvious. I was then placed under a dryer so that my hair could dry, Patty still talking to me showing me styles in a book that would look good on me. As she was taking out the curlers I suddenly realized that I would face the rest of the day with a curly feminine hairdo.

For some reason it did not make me go crazy, the style she had picked for me looked good, maybe too good but definitely feminine. A generous application of hairspray was applied and I was given a hug as I got up to leave. Patty made me another appointment for whatever later in the week after I had a little chance to figure out what I wanted to tackle first.

I walked out to my car with my head held high, that even surprising me. I had the rules and point awards in my hand, now an official participant. I made the trip to my work and entered with confidence. I decided to approach HR first, making them aware that I was official and trying to arrange some time when I could be off to tend to my beauty needs. Those last few words made me chuckle, my beauty needs. I entered the office giggling, I know it can’t be much longer till the people with white coats come to get me.

Mary was all smiles as she greeted me, I even received a hug instead of a handshake. I informed her of the new status of her department head and then asked when I could take time off to see to my beauty needs. I got even a bigger smile her informing me that Kayla had heard of my entry and wanted to come back part time to fill in for me, but insisted she get to see the changes first. That was to be in person no photos will do. I giggled again, maybe it is already too late for help. I was given a list of times that would be great for Kayla, but she would make sure that any other time could be accommodated also.

Then I made it back to my department. Everybody was on a call, so I was able to get to my cubicle before they had a chance to see the new me. I booted up my computer and logged in, getting my first call a few minutes later. During the next hour as the girls got a free minute I was hugged from behind, since I was usually on a call at the time. Sarah was especially impressed as she turned my head so she could see my hair better, then moved my head set to the side and kissed me on the lips. She suddenly remembered I was married and held her hand over her mouth, then left me a note that she was calling Ann to apologize and get permission for future lip locks. I had to stop and think a minute before I could resume my conversation with my customer. When I wiped my lips later her lipstick remains were still there. Gawd can this get any crazier?

I don’t think Ann is jealous, but if she is I may end up with a permanent chaperone. The calls pretty much stopped about four thirty so all the girls crowded into my cubicle letting me know their approval of my entry in the contest and of my new hairstyle. They all wanted to know what I was planning to do first, Sarah in particular telling me that she can’t wait to see me in a dress. I was truthful with them I needed to have a few days to get used to this idea, so nothing is planned till I spend a few days getting accustomed to the idea.

Then there is the matter of Ann. As I pulled into the driveway she was out the front door, approaching the car before it stopped moving, had my door open and was glued to my mouth before I could find the seat belt thingy. In fact failure to find that thingy kept me there way to long, I knew I would not have to go to the dentist to have my teeth checked, Ann had that under control and more. She got impatient and undid my seat belt dragging me into the house. My pants belt buckle was undone and the zipper all the way down before I cleared the front door. This was Ann’s doing, my hands trying to keep my pants up while she wanted them down around my ankles. Finally she got upset, swatted my hands and jerked my pants off in one swift motion, almost tripping me as the pants came over my ankles.

I just stood there till she dragged me to the bed, I was on my back and she was on top of me in a heartbeat. Both of her hands in my curly hairdo, pulling the curls out then letting them pop back. I have never seen her like this, not that I was complaining right now. I had goose bumps on goose bumps, that feeling making my brain turn to pure goo. So I closed my eyes and let her have her way with me. It felt so good, even when she slid my shirt up and started sucking on my nipples. Sometime during the next half hour I came three times, with Ann coming just as many times if not more. We never did eat anything that night, after breathing returned to a regular rate, a shower to clean up the gooey mess that was all over our underwear became a necessity.

Then a sharp squeal and a hard slap on my right buttock. She pinned me up against the wall with me facing it, wanting to know why she was not told of my official entry stamp on my butt. She was seriously pissed, having to find it herself, then changing directions in mid-stream wanting to know how many others have seen it before her. It took me a while to convince her that I don’t strip just for anyone, she is the first one to see it and the only one to see it if I have any say in it. She told me to stay and was back in a few moments with her phone taking a picture of it for posterity. I was not happy about it, but with the look on Ann’s face I was not going to voice my opinion on the subject. She was dead serious, smirking a little and a few giggles getting ready to escape her mouth, all at the same time.

We laid in bed, cuddling each other closer than we normally did, the heat from our bodies keeping both of us comfortably warm. We both dozed off, another night with only five or six hours sleep, but boy what a night it turned out to be.

The next day or two was just normal days, we were pretty busy all of the day at work. Too busy to be able to converse much with each other. Ann was home early both nights fixing me fantastic meals, but heavy on vegetables and leaving out most meat and any desserts. When asked she was doing it for my figure, can’t have the winner appear anything less than gorgeous and lean. I really doubted that I would win, but I now knew that everybody I came into contact with was hoping for me to do well in the contest. At work I was in the company newsletter, a picture of my curly locks on the front page of the newsletter. As I made my way to lunch and back I was stopped and given hugs, and wished well. The girls made sure I only ate salads, burgers my favorite no longer allowed. Instead of me being allowed to go to lunch one of them picked up my food and placed it on my desk. I tried on more than one occasion to sneak out to get my own food, only to be cornered before I got out of our office door. They would grab my hand and lead me back to my desk, telling me that I was a bad girl, then erupting in a giggle fit.

Surprisingly my hair remained extremely curly, a pick fluffing up the curls all that was necessary every morning. I passed on the follow-up appointment Patty had made for me, still unsure of how involved I wanted to get into this contest. She understood, but still reserved time slots for me in case I wanted to jump in feet first. I also noted my male underwear slowly disappearing, a few pieces less every day in my drawer.

It was the official starting day of the contest when I came to the realization that I need to do something to get my feet wet in this. I called and confirmed the use of one of her time slots, now my first appointment with regards to the contest. Patty would be my technician for all of the desired changes, no matter what was involved in the change. The selected time slot was chosen so that Kayla could fill in for me, and I could get back to the office so she could see the results. Kayla had come in since my entry in the contest and we had sat and talked for quite a while. She was anxious to see my changes, feeling that they were long overdue, even telling the girls of her suspicions right after I was hired.

She bought her daughter with her, even allowed me to hold her for a while. I could see why she wanted to be there more for her, a cute little girl that would grow up to break many a male’s hearts. It is funny how her daughter April and I connected so easily, making me wish for a little girl of our own. As Kayla took some of my calls April and I played with one of her toys, her squealing showing her love of somebody to play with.

I left it up to Patty as to what I should have done first, I had some ideas but was not sure if they should be done first or saved till later. After arriving at the salon, Patty and I discussed her ideas, deciding on getting rid of my body hair and adding breasts to my body. That would make a profound statement, plus the points for those two treatments were quite generous. I decided a few days ago to pick the more permanent of the treatments, I am sure the company will prefer the longer lasting treatments since they are promoting my involvement so heavily.

Actually, there was another reason for going the more permanent route. I was kind of liking the idea of me as a female now. Ann now in our make out times was treating me more like a female, taking the lead and doing delicious things to me. I was just expected to lay there and moan at the appropriate times, a task that I could easily handle. Boy did I moan a lot, Ann was a world class lover, and enjoyed doing it too. I tried to give as good as I received, doing to her what she was doing to me. I could tell though that Ann was getting her enjoyment and even an orgasm or two by treating me like a woman.

In her cowgirl mood, I was ridden with such excitement and joy her vocal encouragement I am sure was heard all through the neighborhood. I did put my dainty foot down when she wanted to buy spurs for her high heels. In truth, if she wanted them that bad I would concede, she was enriching my life so much, our love for each other just seeming to grow and grow.

It didn’t take Patty long to remove all of my body hair, a white cream applied and left on for thirty minutes. In most cases there would be no hair regrowth, a towel after the required time removing said body hair. The breasts were a different matter. Clear forms glued to my chest, then hoses attached to the forms. A switch flipped and a pump started sucking my tissue into the forms. We had decided on a C cup sized breast, supposedly perfect for my size and weight. As the pump did its job I just laid there thinking of what having breasts will mean to me. I am sure Ann will appreciate the new play toys, that is a given. After the cups filled, I received a syringe of solution in each nipple, then a bra to wear. The lacy blouse was next, allowing the bra to be clearly seen through the fabric. The blouse became a necessity since my shirt would no longer fit over them. I was told the cups would eventually dissolve, in a couple of days, each hour they would become softer and more flexible. To me they were already too flexible, any movement sent my breasts bouncing all over the place.

I suspected that my clothes will not fit comfortable anymore, requiring new ones especially blouses and if I am brave enough to wear a dress in the future. I wasn’t scared, just aware of some major changes coming in my life now. Of course, entered into a contest where the goal is to Fem It Up pretty much implies changes, lots of them.

I did manage to get back in time so Kayla could appraise my changes, she was more excited about my breasts than I was. Because it took six long hours for the breasts she had brought in her daughter, April playing with her dolls in the corner of my office. Then a few minutes later all the girls swamped the office, me getting hugs from everybody. It was quitting time so I had to spend the next thirty minutes explaining what was done and how it was accomplished. Sarah listened intently, a smile coming to her face. When she hugged me, her right hand brushed up against my nipple as she whispered they are permanent aren’t they? I nodded, unnoticed by the others only Sarah and Kayla knowing what it was in answer to.

Then we have the real problem, Ann. Somebody from the office had called her, and before everybody left she appeared and like a lightning bolt was across the room and handling my new assets. The girls hugged her, but she had eyes for only me, well actually my breasts. They all wandered off, so Ann gathered me up and took me down to her car. I tried to tell her that my car was parked over there, but she was not listening. I was seated on the passenger side and my seat belt fastened quite securely. She drove off, but not in the direction of our home. We pulled up in front of a boutique, incidentally the same one attached to the salon.

I was dragged out of the car and into the boutique, then right to a booth at the side of the store. My male clothes were ripped off me, deposited in a trash can and then she left in search of new clothes for me. I had only the bra on, nothing else helping to keep me warm and modest. She would poke her head in every few moments to hand me a piece of clothing then right back to picking out something more. The panties came first, then a garter belt, followed by stockings. Then a slip, although it seemed awfully brief for a slip. Then a brief pause followed by her returning with a gorgeous dress.

The dress was ivory in color, a silky satin underlay with a lace overlay. It had a plunging neckline, although not extreme. Never the less my cleavage would now be on display. With the hem of the dress several inches above my knees, there was also lots of bare leg to look at. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my new image, not seeing anything of my old male sex in the image. The heels were the finishing touch, luckily for me only three inches high, probably on purpose to keep me from running away.

Patty cleared her throat as she entered, enough looking at how good you look, I need to fix your makeup for this evening. In a few minutes she had the few male characteristics covered up, now nothing but a beautiful woman reflected in the image in front of me.

It suddenly occurred to me that Ann was dressing me up to take me out somewhere. Panicsville settled in, I am not ready for this, she can’t do this to me. Well as most husbands know once a wife gets an idea they pretty much succeed in what they desire. Ann desired me out to dinner with her and that is where I am headed. She did hang on to me, making sure I was headed in the right direction, her hand on my arm or the center of my back steering me in the desired direction. With the heels it felt good to be steadied. Her leading me is just like what I used to do to her when we went out. I presume those days are gone forever.

We arrived at the restaurant and the valets got our doors and helped us out of the car. Again I was steered to the door of the restaurant, then inside. The Maitre’D seated us getting our chairs for us. Promptly we were handed menus and our drink orders were taken, Ann ordering white wine for both of us. I decided on a dinner sized chicken salad, the salads I had been eating at work making me an avid convert. Meanwhile Ann was just staring at me from across the table. I could see she was contended, a wistful smile on her face.

I knew she had her sights on the unlimited free beauty services if I won, but her look hinted at much more, something deeper and much more intense. Our entrees arrived and we had a pleasant meal, followed by some hot herbal tea, something I have never had before, this particular flavor quite flavorful and delicious.

We sat and talked for quite some time, she managing to get me to admit that I liked dressing and acting like a female, something she could see in how I behaved. Like her I adored my salon time, every trip now looked forward to. That alone worth all the fuss and bother.

A quiet drive home, both of us lost in our thoughts. I got a lot of help getting undressed and into a nightie, one that I had never seen Ann wear. I presume it was now one of my nighties. We cuddled closer than we normally did, her body right up against mine with my arms around her hugging her tightly. Soon both of us were sound asleep. Another day tomorrow, full of adventures and discoveries.

The next morning started abruptly, with me suddenly realizing I had to go to the bathroom and now. Problem was Ann had switched positions around last night, now she was cuddling me in a death grip. I twisted and turned, but she just grabbed me tighter. I finally screamed I have got to go to the bathroom and she finally released me, I was out of the bed and made the few steps to the bathroom in record time, my new breasts swinging wildly as I closed the distance. I sat down to pee, not because I had to, but because I had a nightie to deal with and two bouncing breasts that compounded everything. The crisis averted I wiped and returned to bed, Ann propped up on one elbow and giggling away. “You have to do that again, so I can record it, a treasured moment to remember forever.

I did get a long lingering kiss, maybe I will do it again, the kiss well worth the humiliation. I tried to get back into her arms, the feeling of being held so tightly is so good. The stars were against me, it was already time to get up, Ann heading to the bathroom to do her morning ritual and get a shower. I soon followed, my breasts bouncing along. Then when I used my hands to cup them to minimize the bouncing my nipples would get hard announcing another problem. It did make me wonder how females dealt with all of this sensory overload. Dressed in my male pants and a blouse over my bra, I made my way to work. As soon as I entered several of the girls made comments about how I was dressed. The blouse did not go with the pants, the colors were all wrong. Plus the blouse I was wearing was meant to be tucked in, not left hanging out. I received several lectures that day, all of them trying to instill a little fashion sense in me.

I stopped by the salon that night to talk to Patty some, asking her for more advice. It turns out she knew what I was troubled about. She did weigh her words carefully before speaking. Maybe the best way for you to get into this and survive is to bite the bullet make the necessary changes to look totally female and then live the life. Stop dreading everything, I know you worry a lot about what is coming up. If you make the change, then it just boils down to clothing choices and doing your makeup and hair. We can coordinate your clothes for you giving your different outfits for most every day. Hair and makeup can be addressed so that it only takes a few moments a day to accomplish. Then you can concentrate on your job and enjoy some female activities to get you more in the running for the contest.

It sounded better than what was happening now, so I nodded my approval and we made another appointment. I told Patty I really didn’t want to know in advance what was coming, just surprise me. I got the biggest smile, then a smirk, then outright giggling. At least I seem to have made Patty happy with my decision. After getting home I called Kayla letting her know of my appointment, her wanting to know what I was going to have done next. I told her I didn’t know, I left everything up to Patty. “Well that won’t work, I will call Patty now and help arrange your transformation. The girls and I will not settle for some mediocre showing, it will be as a winner period.” Then she hung up on me.

I sat there in the chair staring at the wall that is where Ann found me. I was pushed back on the chair, my head on the back of the chair with her almost laying on me, her hands groping my breasts and her lips and tongue probing my mouth. That was it, no more brain function. The moans didn’t take long to appear, then when she started playing with my nipples I started to scream in pure bliss. Of course, the scream was muffled, with her tongue that far down my throat.

It was over an hour later when we cleaned up a little and made our way to the kitchen and the cold food in the take out containers. Ann didn’t take much time to clean up, however I had to change panties and wash my groin twice to remove all the stickiness. I am not complaining though, although my voice is almost hoarse from all the recent vocal activity.

I did have to explain to Ann what I had decided her smile and giggling showing her approval of my actions. Then when I mentioned Kayla calling the salon to talk to Patty, Ann broke into outright laughter. Her comment surprised me. “I guess it will have to be lesbian sex now, after they get through with you, junior will be history.” That remark worried me a little, would they really cut if off if somebody requested it, all in the name of winning a contest, but then again that should be worth a lot of points. The worst part was the huge smile on Ann’s face, maybe she was looking forward to lesbian sex all the time. I shivered, my emotions causing all kinds of goose bumps to appear, my stomach doing some limited flip flops at the same time.

I made it to the next morning safely, both of us were too pooped to engage in any more activities, so cuddling in bed was the extent of our interaction. I had to get up early, the appointment was for eight A.M. way too early for any sane person. The time was agreed to by Kayla and Patty, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter. When I arrived at the salon Patty was waiting and two minutes later my hair was being washed and conditioned.

I was dressed in a skirt suit with five inch heels when I left the salon to go to work. With me was three garment bags full of clothes for the upcoming weeks. Among the changes that were performed was the elimination of my eyebrows, pierced earrings three in each ear, false eyelashes, a lip plumper making my lips full and pouty, a treatment to my calves to make a high heel mandatory for walking anywhere. That did not include the biggie, a cute vagina with junior glued away securely underneath. I was not sure how I felt about that last treatment, but time and Ann’s take on it would be the deciding factor.

When I showed up back at work, there was an eerie silence when they first saw me. Kayla had her mouth open in awe, her daughter in her arms. The gals not on calls were unusually quiet, then all of a sudden I was in the middle of a group hug. Kayla took time to call Mary in Personnel after handing her daughter to me. Her daughter stared at me, then leaned in and laid her head on my chest. Her little hands kneading my new breasts. I kissed her nose and she giggled, but would not stop kneading me.

Sarah being the trouble maker she was known for snapped a picture of me on her phone, then sent it to my wife Ann. I heard the squeal as she called right back, Sarah holding the phone away from her ear to keep from losing her hearing permanently. They talked for a few minutes then she hung up. I had a good idea Ann was already on her way to view the merchandise, so I sighed bracing myself for more attention in the near future. Mary came into the room, with several people behind her, eager to see the new me. Quickly pictures were being taken of me, knowing that very soon my looks will be discussed throughout the company.

Mary pulled me aside and introduced me to the CEO of the company and her assistant. I was thanked for entering the contest and assured that with my looks I would be a winner easily. By the time Ann had made it to my office things had calmed down some, Kayla reaching over to take her daughter as Ann was making her attack. We were left alone as Ann was checking out my body and looks.

To my utter surprise and humiliation I was laid back on my desk and my blouse and skirt pushed out of the way. Her mouth was attacking my nipples, while her fingers were already deep in my new vagina. Then she hit a certain spot and I almost left the desk squealing in a very vocal way. I heard some music from the overhead speakers, someone turning up the volume to mask my cries of ecstasy. Ann finally sated her desires and helped me rearrange myself so I looked somewhat respectable. As I was dragged out of my office I was given a round of applause, my face now so red I could probably pass as a fire truck. Ann kissed me leaving me to face my employees after what I had just done. She did have such a smirk on her face as she walked out.

Kayla handed her daughter back to me telling me to go sit in my office and play with her daughter. It did have a calming effect on me, soon I was somewhat back to normal, my face now a more normal color. Most of the time we just exchanged finger holds, her giggling and drooling at the faces I tried to make to get her to smile. Her daughter was so cute, several times I found myself wishing Ann and I had a child. Maybe some day.

I still could not look any of my girls in the eyes, males just don’t act like that, especially in the workplace. Even females have a little more control of their emotions than I had shown recently. I got a passionate kiss from Kayla, her whispering that she had permission from Ann to lay one on me. Then she left, telling me that I was baby sitting her daughter Friday night, don’t be late. Now my mouth was open, wondering when that was arranged.

Thankfully the rest of the day was quiet. All of the girls crowding into my office at quitting time, wanting to let me know that they had sent emails telling the contest organizers of my exploits, my caring personality and my concern for the company and its objectives. It turned out that was also part of the way points could be accumulated. I was given lots of hugs that evening, then they all laid one on me, with Ann’s permission. Sarah’s was the most intense, but her giggling at what she got to do was infectious and soon everybody was laughing at the goings on.

As I was heading home I hoped Ann had gotten most of her desire out of her system, I am not sure I could handle another romantic encounter like I experienced midday. The house was quiet when I got home, very few lights on and only some soft music drifting for the upstairs bedroom. I slipped off my heels and climbed the stairs trying to be extra quiet. I didn’t smell anything from the kitchen so I presumed dinner will be later if at all. As I entered the open door to our bedroom I smelled the aroma of scented candles, and through the candlelight I noticed Ann’s naked body displayed on our bed. It looked like she was asleep since I was a little later than usual. As I neared the bed, and leaned over to give her a kiss she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed. The little minx was faking being asleep, now that I was in her clutches I knew it was going to be a long drawn out night. In a matter of minutes I was stripped and pulled tighter to her body. Her mouth now fused to my nipple. I relented, gave in to her wishes and moaned and squealed most of the night.

The phone rang a little after three the next day. It was the salon telling me that I had to come in for an update to the contest, they were keeping three technicians to work on me as soon as I could get there. I moaned but Ann had heard the conversation and was already dragging me out of the warm and comfy bed. Dressed in pants and a blouse with the appropriate underwear she drove me to the salon and made sure I made it inside. As I entered the salon I was whisked back to a private room and they started on me anxious to complete the needed work. Ann had been taken away as soon as the techs grabbed a hold of me, I guess she was bring told what was going on, while I was left in the dark.

Several times I tried to get them to slow down, but Paula just smiled ignoring any comments from me. What little masculinity that I might have had left was done away with, my image in the mirror now strictly feminine. Three hours later, with a fresh manicure, new makeup and a more updo hairstyle I was led out of the room. I had been encased in an evening gown, corset and stockings underneath and five inch heels. Diamond looking earrings and necklace with a bracelet and several rings for my fingers completed the look. As I made it to the center of the salon I noticed a lot of people gathered around me. Several were taking pictures of me as I tried to find someone to tell me what was going on.

Then the lady that I had talked to when trying to keep from being in the contest came forward, followed by Ann. I had a bad feeling about all of this, but as they took my hand in theirs it was too late to run for the hills. I dropped my eyes to the floor, not wanting to see or hear what was being said. Francine raised my chin, smiled at me and told me that I was the Fem it Up winner for the entire nation. I wavered a little, suddenly my knees were having trouble keeping me in an upright position.

I was given the different prizes and lots more pictures were taken of me. I was fairly quite during all of this, not knowing what to say other than thanks. I did hear when the prizes were handed out that I would have a year long tour of the businesses that sponsored the contest making personal appearances all across the nation. Ann managed to get me out of the limelight for awhile as she got me to Francine’s office. I almost broke down in tears, all of this so unexpected. Then I remembered ten years of free beauty services for the winner and his wife. Ten years of being a female and dressing as one. I did cry some then, dressing and acting as a female not that bad, but so different than what I had experienced in the past. Some intensive therapy from Ann and I was better, one of their techs coming in to fix my makeup for me.

Back out for more pictures, then everything eventually winding down. Kayla and Sarah had found out and made trip to the salon to congratulate me both giving me warm hugs and encouragement. Both of them telling me they would come to see me tomorrow at home. After two hours of the hoopla it was down to Francine, Ann and me.

I think Francine summed it up best. I know this is out of your comfort zone, but a one in a million chance to see what life is like as the female gender. Let your past go, enjoy the present and live your life to the fullest. Then later reevaluate if this is what you want for the future. In other words Fem It Up.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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