Babs; A Bimbo For Angie

My wife and I had taken over the business from her parents when they retired. Her Mom still looked in occasionally on how we were doing but her husband loved golf, so he was on some course playing with his clubs and his balls. Yes it has always been a joke that he did play with his balls when out golfing. He didn’t find it funny, so the little he was around us he was either watching TV or on his computer playing a game.

Of course, he joined a country club, one of the most prestigious in the area, the fact that it took an hour to get there made no difference to him. Their golf course was one of the most highly rated courses in the state, thus the reason for joining the country club. Belonging to that country club came with a price, ten thousand dollars for a one year membership. He did try to get his wife to move closer to the country club but that idea died an instant death, his wife wanting nothing to do with that premise.

The terms of the takeover stated that on our twenty-first birthday we would take over the running of the business. We had married when we were eighteen and in our freshman year of college. Both of us quite intelligent finishing high school a year early and then graduated from college in three years. Angie my wife majored in psychology and business management mainly personnel management. I chose business management also but took courses in accounting. We knew what we would be doing when we graduated so tried to plan accordingly.

We held equal positions in the company, any major decision had to have both of our approvals. Otherwise Angie handled personnel and sales and I handled shipping and accounting. The few positions not in those departments were handled by both of us. Surprisingly we did well right from the start, the decisions we made seemed to be right for the time and circumstances, the business flourishing under our leadership. Her Mom still kept an eye on us, it turns out she was the one that had built the company up to what it was when we took over, although to hear her husband tell the story it would have went to hell without his leadership. Anybody that knew him very well considered that statement ludicrous.

Angie and I set up a time every day for us to discuss what was going on and what things we needed to do to handle the specific situation. Usually we agreed without any debate but when Angie wanted to hire her BFF as a salesperson I voiced my opinion. It is her decision, but from my exposure to Becky I could not see her as a salesperson ever. She was good looking, dressed sharply but otherwise was your typical Bimbo. I figured she had an IQ of eighty, if that high. She skipped around as she talked in any conversation, very often in a valley girl accent. Quite often she would change topics right in the middle of a conversation, no reason for doing it and definitely not anything relevant to the earlier part of the discussion.

I kept it up, my campaign to exclude her, for the next four weeks as Becky was given a job as a secretary to acquaint herself with the company and who some of the employees were. Every time I was around here, that bimbo like behavior was evident, so I made a few comments to others, most of them agreed with me, the others remaining quiet about the whole situation. Looking back that should have been my approach, but Becky was just so blatant about her behavior, convincing me that our company was not the place for her ever. Angie listened to me often spout my distaste for her decision to hire her, always playing with her phone when I was doing so. The reports back from her supervisor as a secretary were favorable, Becky doing an adequate job and performing all that was asked of her quietly and in a satisfactory manner. Next was a week of sales orientation for Becky, then after that was completed she would be unleashed as a full pledged salesperson.

Of course, I kept up my assault on Angie’s decision, for some reason Becky was like a thorn in my side, the only satisfactory solution would be to remove the thorn. Again from the sales instructor Becky received passing marks. Again a logical point for me to cease and desist my attack and see how she does out in the real world. But no I was on a mission, one way or another I was going to succeed somehow.

The day before Becky joined the sales force Angie had me summoned from a meeting I had with several financial people for a meeting with her. As soon as my meeting was over I went to see what she wanted. It was in our joint office, a work table over to the side of our desks laid out with all matter of papers and reports. She asked me to sit next to her at the head of that table. She turned on a tape recorder that was next to her, a tool we used often to record exactly what was said, eliminating any misunderstandings on what was actually said between us in subsequent meetings.

She placed a proposed agreement directly in front of us, telling me to read it aloud and then sign it. “It concerns Becky and your willful disrespect for her as an employee. It is a bet between us, concerning how she does in the next four weeks. The winner of that bet will take over the running of this company solely, the loser stepping aside to allow this.” I quickly turned to look at her, to see if she was joking. For either of us this would be a major step.

“I have a recording of most of your insults and concerns concerning Becky. As far as I know she has never done anything to you to cause this kind of attitude from you. As far as the business is concerned this kind of talk and attitude is very counterproductive to the operation of the business. Several employees have come to me to voice their opinion, filing a complaint about your behavior. Most fear if you are not stopped they may fall prey to your next attack on an employee. Those requests are written and signed by the employees in that pile, fifteen complaints so far.”

“So with the voice recordings of your objections to her hiring and the ones from other employees I have fifty-one instances of you stepping out of line with regards to an employee. I must remind you that personnel is not in your jurisdiction, and that Becky failing points a finger at me not you. Therefore the bet. Read the agreement out loud for the tape recording and then we will discuss it.”

I swallowed hard a couple of times finally finding my voice and started reading the agreement. “The following is an agreement (bet) between Angie Walker and Jean Walker, co-CEO’s of this company. The bet concerns the progress of Becky Sutherland, an employee with this company, as an outside salesperson. The duration is for four weeks, twenty-eight days to be specific. In her position as a salesperson she is to be furnished no leads that are generated within the company, only ones that she comes up with on her own. If she meets her sales goals her continued employment is to be assured. For the purpose of this bet if she exceeds that weekly goal then Jean Walker will consent to changes necessary for him to resemble a bimbo his apparent favorite type of person. Simply put a twenty percent increase above goals will result in two changes, a thirty percent increase three changes and so on. The changes will be freely accepted and arranged for by Jean Walker, himself. One instance of disregard of company policies and rules will be canceled out when a change has been submitted to.”

“If Becky Sutherland does not meet her goals, that will be noted and three recurring instances will result in her dismissal from employment. Angie Walker will lose one week’s pay for each instance of Becky not meeting her goals.”

“At the end of the four week period the winner of the bet, will become sole CEO of the company and the loser will step down from any managerial position. It will be done of their own free will with no coercion or outside influences involved.”

After reading the agreement I just sat there, kind of numb to anything going on around me. There is definitely a lot at stake here, I could see me winning easily, not that I wanted Angie out of the company, but if I lost I am sure she would be relieved to see me go. Angie never stated it out loud, but I am sure the thought was there just below the surface all along. I am sure her Mother would be glad to drive me home that day, when I had to resign. The deal with both of us as CEO’s was done to accommodate our marriage, not because her Mother had any faith in me helping Angie run her company.

I couldn’t find anything wrong with the agreement, although I did have a few questions about the changes to become a bimbo. After voicing them Angie just pointed to a picture of Becky in her employment file, my ideal bimbo. “The changes necessary to make you resemble Becky as far as modern science and beauty treatments can provide. Remember you have to willingly embrace the changes as if you want them for yourself, not because you have to have them done.”

“I will take any refusal to embrace what comes about as failure to uphold your part of the agreement and will then ask for your resignation from the company. If you will not own up to an agreement you willingly sign and enter into, you have no place here. I would imagine at that time it will also cause a rift in our marriage, the later to suffer failure. I have been greatly disturbed by your behavior lately, the person I married and loved before seems to have vanished into something I do not recognize.”

“So if you agree sign on the dotted line, if you want no part of this I suggest we seek the proper attorneys and explore divorce before it gets any worse between us. I am sure we can divide things amicably between us, or at least I hope so.”

I picked up a pen, signed and dated the agreements and passed them over to Angie, she did the same and it was done. Now we both had signed copies of this new part of our life, I got up from the chair and pulled her into a hug, then kissed her on the lips. Before she could say anything I apologized for getting carried away, with my previous track record she should not be surprised. Then as she cuddled under my arm and put her arms around my chest, she whispered that I will look cute as a Becky lookalike, you know I have never had a play toy before, a life size toy to dress and play with, I can’t wait. I gave her a look, but chose to ignore her statement. I am sure I will win hands down, maybe making the gesture to keep Angie as co-CEO to mend a damaged fence. Thinking back I had got careless and damaged a bunch of those fences, not even realizing I had done so at the time.

I followed Becky’s progress each day, in fact the first thing every morning that was the first place I headed to. Angie caught me looking at the sales figures several mornings, just smiled wanting to know if I had decided what hair color I wanted in my portrayal as a Bimbo. She was doing alright, nearing her sales goals but with only a few days left in the week I doubted she would make it. Then Friday evening the last sales had been posted and I checked on Becky’s figures. She had beat her sales goal by a thousand dollars, quite a feat for a new sales person. Then Angie told me Becky had an appointment with another prospective client Saturday morning, so that figure might get even better. I wanted to know why she was working Saturday, Angie just smiled, for a bimbo she is quite motivated, wanting to excel and show others my choice of her as an employee was not wrong. I put my head down in shame, most likely I was that employee.

I sweated all weekend, I would not find out her final sales figure until Monday morning, when she brought in her paperwork from the weekend. I knew I would experience one change already but how many more were to come? Maybe she would fail to get them as customers and I would be saved from even more embarrassment.

Well Monday morning was pure hell from the time I got up until I made it to the office. I accessed the figures for all of the salespeople and instantly the day went from bad to horrible. At the top of the list was Becky, now our top salesperson for the week. I looked at the figures and let out a moan. Yes a male can moan like a female when faced with very disturbing news. A sixty percent increase over her sales goals and now my week suddenly went to pot. To top it off, Angie told me Becky was already calling on prospective customers this morning, at a little after nine AM. I tried to get focused on my job, but nothing seemed to matter anymore. I was on a slippery slope and someone had turned on the water making it even harder to keep from sliding in.

I asked Angie where I needed to go to get the changes for the week. She smiled but did not tease me about it. I was handed a card, the information I needed on it. I was to see Julia, my technician to administer the changes. I made the call, getting an appointment for later today. From Angie I learned that Julia had been given a list of my favorite bimbo traits, my changes to be taken from that list. The first week nothing obvious would be done to me that would show, but in later weeks nothing was to be withheld. I did get a little work done, but it was very little. Angie was there to give me a kiss as I headed off to my appointment, her smirk quite obvious.

I was amazed at my first view of the salon. Not anything like I had imagined when making the appointment. I was quickly led by Julia back to her styling area, then seated in her chair. The chair was leaned back and my hair washed and conditioned. I had allowed my hair to get longer than usual, the length now approaching the bottom of my neck. The chair was set back up and I was handed a set of earbuds like you see on a Walkman. The cord led to a unit setting on her counter and the soft sound of music filled my ears. My hair was cut in a feminine style, causing me to panic some till she brushed it back into a unisex type of haircut. My eyebrows were thinned some but other than being less noticeable it did not change my appearance that much.

She then had me stand, as she undid my belt buckle and let my pants drop to my ankles. My boxers followed suit as she had me lean forward. I felt something pushed against my left cheek and then she used a blow dryer to treat the same area. I wondered what she had done till she held a mirror so that I could see the tattoo like word she had applied to my ass. In a very feminine script it stated Bimbo. The word not being the worst part, the size of the letters was, the B in Bimbo almost four inches high. I was told it is permanent, I would not have to worry about it coming off in the shower or bath. She had me step out of my pants taking my boxers and throwing them in her wastebasket. I was handed a frilly pair of panties, satin no less and she helped get them up my legs and into position. I was helped back into my pants, the pants sliding over the panties not to be ignored. I was short of breath, having a difficult time to keep my heart from beating so hard. It also affected junior, my jeans being quite baggy the only thing keeping his reaction to the panties from being seen.

I counted four things so far, knowing I still had two more to go. I knew my fate when I entered the salon, so I kept quiet the whole time, really not much can be said when suffering these treatments. I know I was still shocked about the tattoo, something forever identifying me as a bimbo. Maybe not seen by others but still there. I know I will forever be aware of its presence. I am already wishing I had kept quiet about Angie hiring Becky, a thought I will be pondering many times in the following weeks.

The chair leaned back once again and I received a facial, including a facial mask to improve the looks of my skin. An hour later my face was velvety smooth, and surprisingly clear and lighter in color. The facial mask will stop any further hair growth, now the only hair on my face and neck is my thinner eyebrows. She next moved my hands into two bowls of liquid, I was going to receive a manicure, the sixth item of change. It took her two hours to remove any cuticle, file my nails into neat ovals and apply four coats of polish. In those coats of polish was a base coat, two coats of a clear polish, and a clear sealer over everything else. The clear sealer will keep the polish from chipping, and keep me from removing it until my next visit to the salon. My nails looked shiny, but other than that I thought it would not be noticed that much.

I had to sign at the front for what was done to me and carry a note back to Angie letting her know exactly what changes had been performed on my body. I presume that was done to make sure Angie knew exactly what Bimbo traits had been given me, so there would be no hiding or disguising of any of the changes by me.

When I got back to the office Angie was waiting for me her hand held out in front of her waiting for the note. I handed it over, blushing bright red, knowing she would soon be aware of my tattoo. Sure enough she took my hand and led me into our private office, undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. Her hand caressing the panties as she slid them down my legs. Then a squeal as she bent me over the desk and examined my tramp stamp. She ran her hand over it many times, tracing the letters with a little extra emphasis when she got to the letter B of Bimbo. She finally let me up telling me that tonight there will be further exploration down there so not to plan anything different. I backed away, this is a side of Angie I had never experienced. She made sure my pants got up and buckled running her hand over my swollen penis through the material, then grabbing it and squeezing it just for fun.

Well getting anything else done today was out, for one thing my erection was tenting my pants out obscenely and would not go down. I sat at my desk trying to think pure thoughts but an hour later I was till rock hard. To be able to get to the car and eventually home I needed to do something, so I went to our private bathroom dropped my pants again for the third time today and jerked off. Of course just as I was spurting into the sink Angie walked in, swatted my hands away and milked me empty. One hand on my penis and the other hand tracing my tramp stamp with her finger. I was left to clean myself up, then made my way back to my desk. I don’t think I will be able to handle many days like this, and remain sane. As I sat there I closed my eyes, picturing my lips coated in a shiny pink lipstick, the taste of it as I ran my tongue over my lips delightful. I turned my head and the sway of my soon to be earrings brushing against my neck added to the feelings, and I shivered and let out another low moan.

My eyes shot open, wondering if that moan was heard by anybody. Yep it was, as Angie came in reached down and kissed me on the lips and then licked hers as if she tasted something. I got up and ran to the bathroom mirror to see if I was wearing lipstick, letting out a huge sigh when I noticed my lips were the same as always. I did manage to escape the office without further difficulty. Angie picked up some take out on the way home, while I was just lucky to make it home. She found me in our bedroom naked and trying to see how bad the tattoo made me look. I was almost in tears, forever marked as a bimbo all because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and let things work themselves out.

Of course, Angie clearing her throat and smiling increased the redness in my cheeks, then scurrying for something to wear to hide the source of my embarrassment. As Angie walked up to me my lacy panties dangling from her finger, a huge smile plastered on her face. I grabbed them and pulled them up my legs as fast as I could my hard as a rock erection preventing them laying right. Angie placed her hand around my penis and led me back to the bathroom, squirting some hand lotion on her palm as she passed the vanity. A few pumps and I emptied my load into the bathroom sink. She hugged me, then dragged me by my male organ back downstairs informing me that I needed some food to keep up my strength for later tonight.

I was hand fed dinner bite by bite, then hauled up to our bed and told to stay. I stuck out my tongue in defiance but her kissing me and almost swallowing my tongue at the same time left me speechless. For the next four hours that is where I stayed, just like an obedient pet. Half way through the bedroom activities I was laid face down on the bed and my anus lubed up real good. Then I felt something large and hard pressing against my rosebud. Oh gawd was all I managed as she pushed it gently into my rear hole, then back out and then back in, I was lost in moans and tears as she fucked me with her dildo, while rubbing her hand over my tramp stamp. I guess from that moment on I was her bimbo, literally.

Sometime later I slipped off into dreamland, dreaming of being filled by my lover. My morning I was slightly recovered, getting dressed and making my way to the office. I think I managed to get my new hairstyle to look unisex, but several of the guys whistling at my appearance squashed that notion. I hurried to get to the safety of my office only to find her mother there sitting in my chair. She got up and came to me intending to do a thorough inspection of my new appearance. After fifteen minutes she smiled and took my hand and dragged me to the secretary’s desk outside our offices. She sat me down in the chair, suggesting that here would be a better use of my talents what little I had. I started to say something in return, then swallowed hard, the words never leaving my throat. She made a phone call and soon someone from personnel was there having me sign an application for a job. I looked at her Mom, the look I received had me signing it and then she left with the lady from personnel. That is where Angie found me, my head in my hands sobbing quietly in my misery.

Well Babs it seems you have finally found your rightful spot here at Walker Enterprises. Get you note pad and a pencil and come into my office. I looked at her in puzzlement, Babs where did that come from. I found a pad and a pencil and followed her into her office. She sat in her chair while I was made to stand. I tried twice to sit in the other chair in front of her desk, both times she shook her head and told me to remain standing.

Memo to all employees, as of today my husband has taken a well-deserved three week vacation from his duties. Later today a new employee Babs will handle some of those duties temporarily. Please make her feel welcome, and give her your fullest cooperation in all matters. Write that up and send it to all employees. I opened my mouth twice but again no words escaped. Go back to the salon have them assist in picking some work outfits appropriate for a secretary. Heels as well as I know you would want to look your best at all times. Everything else stays the same, no makeup with your hair as it is now. If when you get back any employee that guesses who you really are you are to admit it openly and then go on about your job as my secretary as if everything else is normal. Remember Becky your idol received quite satisfactory remarks as my secretary. I hope you can do the same. This position is until the bet is concluded one way or the other. Now I want to see that memo in my inbox within ten minutes, then off to the salon for you. I typed it up on my computer then selected how it was to be distributed and hit send. I was not sure whether to break down in tears or head to the salon.

I ended up at the salon, Julia waiting for me with open arms. I got hugged her holding me for quite some time in her embrace. Then she helped me pick fifteen outfits appropriate for a young secretary. I even got a couple pair of pants to wear, although the color and style not anything that a male would wear. I was dressed in one of the blazers with a white blouse underneath it, then the matching pants to the blazer. I did receive a lot of underwear, no bras yet though. The assortment of panties and the slips to go with the skirts constituted much of the lingerie. Two girdles to wear with the skirts since the skirts were very tight through the ass and thighs. I returned to work, my car loaded down with clothes and three pairs of shoes. The shoes were all heels, in basic colors to go with my outfits. Luckily for me the heels were blocky, so walking in them was not that difficult, although the heel height was nearing three inches.

I made it as far as the secretary’s desk I was to work at before Angie saw me. I was dragged back to her office and kissed so hard. She apologized for her Mom getting involved in this, but considering how I looked right now, she thinks it was a wise decision. At this point I should have just gave in, let Angie win the bet and step down from any management position. Peace in the family and a viable marriage the rewards for doing this. I still had this idea that I would win eventually, so the stakes stayed the same, but now I was working as a secretary. If Becky could succeed at this position I am sure that I can too. The male mind is so stubborn, even faced with unquestionable facts it persists as if everything will correct itself. Now with me dressed as a female, tattooed and a hairless face, you would think that some brain activity might kick in. I guess along with the six changes, my mind got a dose of acute Bimboitis.

I ended up being so busy as her secretary that I completely forgot about Becky. Most of my duties were fetching things for people, coffee, or a file for them to look at, or delivering a message to someone else in the company even though we have a quite good email system. I imagine they just wanted to see me dressed as a female and doing their bidding. It was Monday of the next week when I got called into Angie’s office. She told me that I am excused from work today as a secretary, since I needed to be at the salon for most of today and part of tomorrow. Still no light coming on upstairs, I guess I am getting this bimbo behavior down pat. Angie having to repeat herself several times to finally get my attention. Becky’s sales were up one hundred and thirty percent over her goal, so I had thirteen more steps to experience. I looked at her with a blank expression, so what has that got to do with me. So Angie repeated her statement again, explaining carefully that I was going to the salon and have thirteen more things done to me so that I will appear more feminine in my looks, further steps on my goal to become a bimbo like I imagined Becky to be.

That didn’t sound right somehow, I was not trying to become a bimbo like Becky, but now that I am thinking about it I am not sure exactly what my goal was. Angie had one of the male sales people drive me to the salon, then she would pick me up there tonight when she got off work. I haven’t felt comfortable driving anymore, the whole thing with a car just seems too complicated.

Once at the salon I was whisked back to a treatment room, lots of things to do on my list for the next couple of days. One of the first things was the headphones, the music played on them so soothing and relaxing. I eagerly took them from the lady swiftly slipping them over my ears and letting out a sigh. The music so relaxing, I just let my mind wander.

I was kind of out of it for some reason, although I felt it when two cups were glued to my chest and hoses hooked up to the cups. A pump staring pulling tissue from my chest into the cups, Oh goody I am getting breasts. Quite sizable ones according to the cup size. The lady said something about D’s, whatever that means.

Next they moved between my legs, moving my feet wide apart so they could work on my little fella. I know he was excited as they fondled him, until they sprayed something on him and I lost all feeling down there. I hope he is happy wherever they have put him. The music was so soothing, making me lose track of what is going on, but so comforting too. When the lady held up a mirror so that I could see what was done there was nothing but a slit left, just like what Angie has. It looked so neat and clean not a hair to be seen just two luscious lips surrounding an inviting slit.

When I was moved to another chair to get my hair washed and conditioned, there was nothing to get in my way for putting my thighs together, I squealed a little, that is so cool. I slipped off into dreamland several times as she was fussing with my hair, the one time I remembered a little my hair was filled with pieces of foil, wow I look like an alien this way. It seemed like she worked on my hair forever, I really didn’t care I had my music, it is so soothing. The last time my eyes opened and were able to focus on something my hair seems almost pink in color and was now almost to my waist. It seemed heavier, making me hold my head differently because of the weight.

My fingernails were next to be worked on, as half inch extensions were added to each nail. I received a pale pink polish, the color going well with my new hair color. My toenails were made to match as each toe sported the cute vibrant color. I was so excited the polish so cool, and me being able to wear it to work a real treat.

My eyebrows were eliminated, the wax strip being yanked off made me aware of this change. I batted my eyelashes at the mirror, the lack of eyebrows making my eyes look bigger. Then she added hundreds of individual eyelashes to my own, making my eyes stand out even more. I wanted to say pop, but maybe that was a bad choice of words.

My ears were pierced, the tech using a gun like thingy pointing at my ears to make the holes. She added three pair of earrings to the new holes, with me going berserk at the cute earrings that I now get to wear. The long dangle earring at the bottom of the ear lobe was fun to play with, hitting it with my finger and then watching it sway back and forth.

She used a lipstick on my lips three times, letting it sink in before applying another coat. My lips tingled at each application of the lipstick, but each time she added a coat they looked fatter and much sexier. Yeah, now when I get kissed it will be so much fun.

Right before she worked on my lips she put the calf of my leg in a form, strapping it tightly to the form. If the form was not there it would be like I was standing on my tip toes. I wiggled my toes, the pink polish looking so cute on my toes, maybe the forms will shape my calves to look sexier.

As my hair was being taken out of the curlers, the lady was talking to me, listening to what I had to say and stopping to spray something down my throat every once in a while. My voice seemed different, higher and almost squeaky. I loved it trying to drag the lady closer so I could give her a hug for making me sound so good.

Once the forms were removed from my legs, a pair of sexy high heels were slipped on my feet and buckled. The heel was almost six inches tall, with only a thin strap around my ankle holding them on my feet. I squealed when I saw how my feet looked in the heels, hoping I could get more heels like this in other colors. I looked at the tiny buckles, wondering how my new fingernails would ever get them undone. But then why would I want to take them off, looking as good as they do on my feet. I looked in the mirror my stockings shiny and silky, the heels a perfect match to the look.

Once my hairstyle was finished, the tape that had been playing the music for me to listen to was removed from the player and slid into my purse, a keepsake for me for later. I got some lipstick to match my nails and then was taken to the front for my ride.

Angie, was there and grabbed my hand leading me out to her car. She helped me get situated in the passenger seat, then drove us home. I was lead into the house and to our bedroom, undressed and pushed back on the bed. She played with me for hours, manipulating my stiff nipples and putting things into my cute slit. I was kissed, groped and otherwise played with like I was a toy.

I had to call a time out, I needed to pee real bad, Angie watching me running to the bathroom, on my tip toes since I couldn’t walk with my feet flat on the floor and giggling away. I sat on the toilet, then felt a release of liquid from between my legs. I had to wipe with toilet paper twice to get it somewhat dry. Back on my toes to get back to the bed, Angie pointing to some heeled bedroom slippers for me to slip on. Once on I was led to the kitchen, still naked, my breasts bouncing wildly as I followed her. She pointed to one of our bar stools, and I tried to get my tush up on it. It took me three attempts, my laughing and giggling at my failed attempts to do such a simple task.

She sat right next to me taking one of my hands in hers and staring me in the face. “You need to listen to me carefully. You are no longer a male, today’s treatments have left you as a bimbo, your life long wish. Most everything done to you is permanent unless I want it reversed. The music you have been listening to has helped reduce your IQ and left you with a lot of mannerisms suited for a bimbo like you. I still love you, but let’s face it your behavior recently has been counterproductive for anyone in management. I need you to sign this paper, stating that you are stepping down as a member of management. I can find a job for you, one that you can handle with your limited IQ or you can elect to be my full time wife and play toy, the choice is yours.”

I squealed, you are going to play with me more? She shook her head but pointed to the paper. I signed taking time to make little hearts on top of several of my letters. She folded up the paper and put it in her purse, then kissed me and hugged me close. I whispered in her ear, I will take the bimbo wife and play toy option thank you. As for your plan to remove me from management it did work, your mother should be happy. I do suggest to maximize profits in the next quarter you need to increase the inventory kept on hand, trends show an increase in customer’s disposable income. It might also be wise to add that extra sales person now, their salary easily offset by the increase in sales.

Now can you give me one of your charge cards, I need some new colors of lipstick ones that will match with my platinum blonde hair. Later when you quit for the day could you stop and pick up some take out for us, you know how hopeless I am at cooking anything. Now where is Shawn, my driver, I need to get to the mall before the stores get crowded with the evening rush. Ciao Angie.

As I turned around to see if she understood me I saw her mouth open and little noises coming from within. Yep it is really fun being a bimbo, my life long desire and now full time occupation. Let me at the stores, I need clothes, cosmetics and jewelry

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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