Audrey; A Model For Femgerie

Silks Satins and Lace was the biggest, well truth be known, the only major business in the area. They originally made fancy lingerie. It had managed to survive in this import driven economy, changing how they did things but still doing the same level of business as they did a few years ago. That is a major accomplishment since most of their American competitors were now no longer in business. Dad started working there when he graduated high school, employed in their shipping department. A couple of years later they hired a few new seamstresses and guess who he found among them, my soon to be Mother. They dated for a very long time, but eventually they tied the knot and became man and wife.

Fast forward many years and now my sister was taking some of her lingerie designs over to the company to see if any of them would be marketable. Truthfully, Mom pulled a few strings with some of the executives she has known for years, arranging the appointment. Sis was very talented, but without a few favors being granted probably would have not made it in the door.

Mom had started her own clothing alteration and custom dress making business when the company was forced to send all of their sewing of the garments overseas. The company knew that decision was inevitable, so had planned ahead, beefing up their marketing and shipping departments to sell the product, even though it was now put together out of the country. They also started selling retail through the internet, one of the first clothing industry companies to do so. Now semi trailers of lingerie arrived daily, unpacked and then re-shipped to their own customers here in the states. A few of the last competitors tried this approach, but it takes time to build up a following so they ultimately failed.

Sis was so excited, packing and unpacking her three cases three or four times trying to decided what to take to show their purchasing agent. I had been drafted to tote the cases, and add moral support to a very nervous sister. The previous evening Mom had given me the dos and do nots of this excursion, so I had already received my orders and was performing as instructed. I was encouraging and trying to keep her calm and less nervous. Finally on the third re-pack of the cases, I added a fourth case and told her to just take one of everything, that way she will be prepared no matter what items they are interested in. I gave her a hug and opened up the case and moved a few items she had laying on her bed nearer the case. It worked and we actually made it out the door well before the time of the appointment.

I was familiar with everything she made intimately, since quite often I was her model for her creations. It was all private and within the home and I dearly loved my sister and considered it time well spent. I am sure any other male would have refused or been humiliated, but as we grew up together we had been very close. Home schooled, well in front of a computer screen, we had no close friends or neighbors to interact with. Too far from a school to be bused to, the school district provided our lessons over the computer. Quite a few kids in our district got their schooling the same way, the distances just too far apart to make it feasible to run a bus to get us to and from school.

So Sis and I became fast friends and did almost everything together. A year between us, I was the runt of the family, the shortest and the cutest in most everybody’s opinion. The cute part used to bother me, but if you get teased about it forever you eventually get used to it. So I am cute, at least, when Sis uses me for a lingerie model I fit the profile. Mom and Dad well aware of my helping Sis with her lingerie designs, Dad just rolling his eyes when faced with me in his vision wearing something totally inappropriate for a young male.

One of Mom’s requirements of me last night was to take a shower and make sure my body was hair free. I normally did so, lingerie looks much better on a body that does not have hair peeking through. I had very little to start with, just some on my arms and legs, both highly visible areas when modeling Sis’s creations. I should have suspected something of her request, but was too busy worrying about her requests of me for the following day’s interaction with Sis.

Dad had let us take his van, so there was plenty of room for all the cases. I was told to drive, even though I had only had my license for just over six months, everybody knew Sis would not be up for it. The fact that I had to return to the house because Sis had forgotten her purse proof of that line of thought. We eventually did make it to the appointment, the receptionist calling the shipping department to get a couple of guys to bring in the cases. Like most other people that see me for the first time, I am presumed to be female, hence needing the help to bring in the cases. I do like I usually do, smile a lot and play with my hair, but this time I was cornered into holding the guy’s hand as he insisted to let him know when I needed to get the cases back to the van. Sis was giggling away, I am sure my face was beet red, along with several other body parts.

It was a female Sis was meeting up with, friendly and very interested. It turns out she was a vice-president with the company in charge of new products. I had to nudge Sis a couple of times as she seemed out of it, but finally after several attempts she seemed to get her act together. Jamie, the vice-president looked at several of the designs then asked Sis if she brought a model to model the designs on a female body. Sis stammered but looked my way, I knew then I was toast. Jamie presuming that I was to be the model, suggesting that I change into the pieces behind the partition, then walk around in front of them. I dug through the cases, searching for the nude body briefer that I wore under her creations. It gave me a basic female shape, pushing the flab on my upper body into the cups of the briefer. It pulled in my waist enough to give me a somewhat hour glass shape, good enough for showing off her designs. As I changed behind the partition my nerves were about to explode, Sis hugging me tightly as she handed me the first item Jamie wanted to see modeled.

I guess it went all right, three hours later I had worn all but three of Sis’s designs. Jamie seemed impressed, making lots of notes and asking a lot of questions on the construction of the garments. I was invited to join them at the table they were sitting at, both of them fully dressed and me in a skimpy baby doll nightie, that barely covered the essential parts of my now female looking anatomy. After Jamie presented the deal the company was prepared to offer to Sis, I had a very excited sister hugging me and yelling in my ear. My mouth was open in awe, at the deal but more concerned about the fact of me being included in the deal.

The company would market her items in their internet catalog, Sis would be responsible to see to their construction and delivery to the companies shipping department where they would send them out to the customer. The items would be considered custom made, with a two week wait for making them and shipping them to the customer. My part in the deal was I was going to be the model for the photographs to be used in their internet catalog. The photos would be taken here at the company in their marketing department that way they could get the photos online as soon as possible.

Jamie suggested that I do a sample photo today, their makeup and hair people would make sure I was photo ready then a sample photo could be done and posted to the internet on their front page, announcing the new line to generate some interest. They talked about what item they wanted to feature and then Jamie hauled me off to their marketing department. As we entered that portion of their company it was like entering a different world. Models in different stages of undress, lingerie laying everywhere and a mini beauty salon over in one corner of the huge room.

I was placed in front of a backdrop and was immediately blinded by strobe lights going off. The resulting photo was displayed on a large screen as two people decided what needed to be done to me to make me photogenic. Then I was whisked back to the salon and three stylists started working on me.

I was happy for Sis but was not sure I was comfortable being the model for her lingerie. I felt like I was inside a tornado, things being done to my face and hair in rapid fire succession. Then after my hair was set in curlers the tech moved to my nails. I tried to withdraw my hands from her, she just pulled harder and soon my hands were soaking in bowls of a liquid. At that point I just sighed and let things happen. I could see my image in the mirror in front of me, but soon quit watching as it changed to a quite feminine image.

It took them about an hour to erase any signs of masculinity, the image now in the mirror a sexy younger version of Sis. I was taken back to where they took the pictures then laid on a bed and posed for the camera. The next few minutes seemed to last forever, as hundreds of pictures were taken of me as they moved me around in different poses. They were displayed on a large screen at the side of the room, my face now blushing a bright red when I saw them appear. Apparently that is what the photographer wanted as the digital camera snapped one after another in rapid fire succession.

Jamie and Sis appeared behind the lady taking the pictures and then I saw Mom looking at me and smiling. I didn’t even think about why she was here and when she arrived, I was so embarrassed and now even a brighter red in the face. The photographer finally finished and several of the marketing departments employees were going over the many pictures. One of the pictures was selected and they added details about the new line of lingerie around the image of me in the sexy nightie. I noticed they called it Femgerie, lingerie for the individual that wants to exude femininity.

I was finally allowed to put my clothes on that I wore here today, but my mind was lost in feminine thoughts. The taste of the lipstick, the mascara coated lashes that seemed impossible to not see, all of that infiltrating my overworked mind. Mom drove the van home since Dad had dropped her off at the company. I am sure our parents knew how much this would affect the two of us, with me getting the majority of the life changes. When we got home I quietly went to my room and stood in front of my mirror. When I got dressed in my clothes after the photo session I never got around to removing the body briefer, so the image reflecting back was of a female. The makeup and hair was done so girlish there would be no doubt by most people that I was a natural born female.

Mom came to get me, dragging me from my room and down to the den, where supposedly Dad was waiting to have a little talk with me. Mom ended up doing most of the talking, with Dad agreeing as she went along. It seems the two had thought that something like this might happen, after Mom’s conversation with Jamie a week ago when she had arranged the appointment. That was the reason I was to be hairless, so that I would not have to face the process in their salon. A picture of me had been shared with Jamie in one of Sis’s designs, with her immediately suggesting using me as a model for sis’s designs.

Mom wanted my thoughts on the job offer, wanting to be sure I was alright with this avenue of approach. I thought about it for a while, staring at the floor in front of me. Finally Dad raised my chin and told me to tell the truth, no matter what you say or decide on we will still love you to bits. The hug I was enveloped in was so comforting, and felt so good. I managed to get out that I wanted to do this for Sis, since her happiness means so much to me.

I was then told the rules for my excursion into this scenario. Except for times in my bedroom I was to dress and act female from now on. This is so that the bad things that might happen if other people find out you are a male underneath the clothes and makeup will not occur.

The company is going to play up the tomboy female image slipping into her Femgerie, with makeup and hairstyle suddenly becoming this goddess of femininity. Mom was sure it would be a great success, conversations with Jamie earlier pointed in this direction. The sample photo of me in one of Sis’s creations shared among a lot of people in the industry, all agreeing with Jamie. Along with the popularity of Sis’s designs was the fact that the model, me, was the perfect one to use as a model for the catalog. When we entered the office that morning our fate, especially mine, was already sealed if I would accept the deal.

Two days later I was scheduled to be at the company for a full day’s photo session, modeling each of her designs in as many different back drops as possible. Mom dropped me off as her and Sis went off to purchase supplies so Sis would be ready when orders started coming in. I felt a little abandoned as they left, but soon I was so busy in the changes of clothes, makeup and hair that I did not have time to worry about myself. Jamie came by to check on me often, then when all of the photos had been taken she told me that the first few photos that had been posted in the Femgerie catalog online had produced five orders and lots of inquiries of what was to come next.

Of course, when Mom and Sis got there and they were told of the orders I was suddenly in the clutches of my sister as she almost squeezed me to death. I tried to act uppity, telling her that she mussed my hair, now I will have to have it repaired before we could proceed home. That done while I was reapplying my lipstick using my compact mirror to see what I was doing. Well, I soon had to redo my lipstick again, as Sis mussed it up real good. Mom just giggled dragging her two daughters to the car and then home.

At home I did get a careful look from Dad, then a smile and a hug for his newest daughter. As the hug broke I could feel a little moisture on my cheek, I am sure a tear shed for his lost son. I just hugged him harder, to try and make up for his loss. I am sure he was not really that pleased with my looks, but knew that I would do anything for my sister, a trait he admired in me. From that moment on he referred to me as Audrey, my male name never to be used again in my presence.

As you can guess it went as predicted, the orders pouring in, even Mom and a few of her friends helping Sis sew the needed garments. I was back for more photographs almost once a week as colors and fabric choices changed on the Femgerie being marketed. One day while I was over at the company doing the latest photos Jamie handed me a stack of mail. I gave her a puzzled look, but she just giggled, your fan mail has arrived, even a couple of love letters for the new Femgerie model.

“Make sure you have a chaperon on any dates with one of your potential boyfriends, a young girl has to be careful these days.” That sentence delivered with quite a few giggles from Jamie.

Of course, I went beet red again, with my head shaking that any male would be interested in me. I glanced at the love letters, then tore them into little pieces then into the trash. I did not want to go there, so out of sight and out of mind.

I noticed that I was treated differently from that day forward, never allowed to go out by myself, always having to have someone with me. Even walking to a friend’s house a half a mile down the road was nixed, either Dad or Mom would drive me and then pick me up later. I was being treated like a female, just like Sis. My wardrobe changed drastically, a lot of dresses, blouses and skirts magically appeared, I think Mom has been planning this for quite some time. All a perfect fit for me, and also extremely feminine. Lace, ribbon trim and silky material dominated the designs, while short skirts and plunging necklines kept all of my best features on show.

Instead of the body briefer, a trip was made to a nearby city about two hours away for a body makeover. After six hours of sucking and gluing my male apparatus was hidden away and I had two pert breasts on my chest that were a part of me. To anyone looking at me naked, they would only see a young female. Mom made sure that would never happen, the seeing me naked part. Lots of hints at the goods, but no actual viewing of the goods.

I did have second thought at all that I had given up to help Sis, but a few days dressed and acting like a girl, doing things that a female would do and most of the doubts faded away. My male clothes had disappeared, packed up first in boxes, then after a couple of weeks those boxes disappeared. Mom constantly adding to my wardrobe, making more things like I liked to wear, but in different colors and fabrics.

Emotionally I received lots of hugs and kisses from Mom, even a few from Dad. Sis was her usual touchy feely self, just like we have always been. I was kept busy as she designed something new, being her model always. Then after the designs were finalized, a trip over to the company for the photos for the catalog.

A few weeks later we had a family meeting, one that neither Sis or I had any idea about. Mom talked about how things were going, then asked if I was still alright with all of this. I answered yes, then she shoved over a stack of papers, making my name Audrey permanently and changing my driver’s license to read female. In a way, I was scared this seemed so final, then I thought to how I have been living for the last few weeks. No regrets about living as Audrey now, even though I had doubts originally. I signed the papers then was told to change my clothes, something nicer since Dad was taking his daughters and wife to dinner.

First it was to help Sis, then came the Femgerie deal now it was living as a female for the rest of my life, nope no regrets, maybe I can find someone to love me like Dad loves Mom. If not I am sure I will not be bored anytime in the foreseeable future. A Femgerie model is always in demand, a cute one I might add.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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