Roxie; A Day At The Women’s Show

My girlfriend had managed to convince me to go with her to the Women’s Show that had taken over the convention center this weekend. She knows I like to people watch, so that is the hook she used to break me down till I finally agreed to go with her. The ads on the TV said there was over one thousand booths with everything for the modern woman. Two hundred forty thousand square feet of things to delight the female. In the TV ads Linda pointed out the gazebos and waterfall areas complete with comfortable benches to while away the hours. Why she likes to go to these things astounds me, huge crowds, vendors hawking their goods in your face, and way over priced food.

Anyway, I got dragged down there so I will just have to find something to do. Maybe a good vantage point to view the mobs of attractive females roaming the place. I did make a couple of rounds with Linda, listening to what she was interested in; if I remembered those points later, it will prove to her that I was mentally there and genuinely interested in what she desired. They had several places to sign up for giveaways, so either Linda or I would fill out the slip and deposit in the boxes spread around the center. Every hour or so, a winner was announced over the PA system and told to go to a certain booth to claim their prize.

One of the busiest places in the convention center was a beauty salon company, I was sitting just down from their booths in a quiet area near a waterfall. The sound of water splashing over the fake rocks into the small pool was relaxing, the surrounding landscape plants keeping the crowds a few feet further away from me. For some reason, people seemed to be drawn to their booths, they had salon chairs set up in front of a wall of mirrors, the lights around the mirrors illuminating up the entire area. I watched for several hours, since my girlfriend was lost somewhere in this mass of humanity.

I was getting a little hungry, we had already decided that we would eat when we needed to, not waiting for the other. Just the fact of finding each other would be a momentous task in this crowd. The only thing we had planned was where to meet up at the close of the show. I found a booth offering stuffed pitas, ordered one with black olives, several different types of beans and a delicious dressing. Since there was room in their small eating area, I found a seat and nibbled on my pita and nursed an iced green tea.

A lady from the salon booths had her selection and was looking for a place to sit. I offered to share my table and she thanked me for being so courteous. We talked a little as we nibbled on our pitas, I was impressed at the level of business they did, and asked what their secret was? She leaned in a little closer almost whispering to me. “Our secret is that we make males look gorgeous, the females are jealous of our skills and now are lined up at the door to get appointments with us.”

My eyebrows went up with that, I didn’t doubt her sincerity, just the fact of making a male look gorgeous was a little hard to swallow. We talked some more, then she had to get back, gave me a hug and returned to her booth. I just stood there, it was a nice gesture, but I don’t often if ever get a hug from a newly acquainted female. I cleaned up my mess and returned to my observation point, maybe the afternoon sights would be more delightful. The sights were not disappointing, the females visiting the show were very attractive, lots and lots of babes to gaze at. It seems that the ladies when they come to these shows dress up a little better, normal pants and plain tops not enough when attending a fancier women’s show. Linda knows I love to look at other females, but makes sure that I understand that looking is alright but touching is strictly forbidden.

Another hour passed by and then the announcer gave the name and booth number of the next prize. Imagine my surprise when it was my name. The booth number was right across the aisle, the beauty salon company that I had been watching all day. I made my way over there to a lady not engaged with someone, and told the lady they had just pulled my name as a prize winner. I was hoping I could win a prize for Linda, something she might like.

Another one of their employees came over, telling her that she would take care of me. When I turned around to face her, it was the lady I shared a table with at lunch. She had her name badge on now, Gina introduced herself and led me to her chair a few feet down the row. I was seated and she placed a cape around me and fastened it behind my neck. All the time I was trying to get through to her that my wife should get the prize. Selective hearing, Gina never heard any of that. She laid the chair back some, pulled her stool closer and swung a tray of cosmetics around to where she could reach them.

Gina said I had won a makeover today, the deluxe package worth five hundred dollars. “Now just lay back and relax and I will have you gorgeous in no time.” I tried to sit up, she just put her hand on my chest and pushed me back down. “This will not kill you, it is all removable, so let me show you what we are famous for. No one will say anything, as soon as you are made up you will look just like a female, even your wife or girlfriend will not recognize you.”

I told her Linda could not be fooled by a little cosmetics, so Gina reached over and grabbed a gift certificate from the stack on her counter. The one she had selected was for a thousand dollars. “Let me do the full makeover and if you’re significant other does not recognize you, I will give you the gift certificate to use for either of you. A few minutes of your time, a new look for you, and maybe a gift certificate to top it off, what do you have to lose?” I hesitatingly agreed, getting makeup applied to me made me nervous but if I could get something for Linda that would be a plus. The next hour and a half was weird, makeup on a male that has never had any applied is certainly different. She did things to my lashes, adding separate lashes then coating them with several coats of mascara. Several things applied to my lips over that time, the first thing she applied seemed to make them puff up some. She worked on my eyebrows a lot, tweezing a few stray hairs is how she phrased it. I seemed much more than a few hairs, but I was turned away from the mirror and could not see what my eyebrows looked like. From the little nips of pain, it was more than a few hairs that got removed that afternoon.

When she was finished, she had me close my eyes and sprayed my face with something to set my makeup, keeping it fresh and smudge free for several hours. When she sat the chair up for me to look at what she had done, my mouth opened, my eyebrows shot up, well what was left of them did, and I froze! Then I heard Linda’s voice come from near the entrance just down from where I was seated. She was asking if anyone had seen a Rich Walker recently. They had told her at the information center that the prize I won was at this booth. Now how do I handle this, I decided to keep quiet, Gina was already headed in that direction and so I waited to see what might happen.

To my horror Gina was walking with her right in my direction. She told Linda that she had waited on me giving me the prize then had lost track of where I had went. Linda was focused on my face, asking Gina if she did this female’s face. Gina smiled. “Yes, I did and I am very proud of my work. Roxie is a very pretty lady, almost regal in her behavior.” That statement from Gina almost cracking me up. I just sat there as they discussed my makeup, my lashes, my puffy lips and my weird haircut. Linda finally left, she had to pick up something from another booth, then wanted to attend a free seminar later at the other end of the convention center.

As she went out of sight Gina giggled, “I told you so, here is your gift certificate. Now what say I fix that weird haircut of yours and you can catch the same seminar as your girlfriend?” I nodded my head, still thinking about my own girlfriend not recognizing me when only inches away from me. Before I realized it, Gina had cut my split ends and was spraying my hair with setting lotion. A minute later she was rolling my hair in curlers. It was something I had never experienced before, the sheer number of curlers inserted staggering. I let out a big sigh, one that Gina acknowledged with a smile. “Just relax. I will make you so pretty, every eye in the convention center will be on you. Even Linda will not be able to take her eyes off you.”

That is what I am afraid of, coming with my girlfriend to a women’s show and going home the prettiest of the two not a good thing to do. A portable dryer is placed over my curlers and I almost dozed off from the warm air blowing over my head. As she was removing the curlers I woke up, soft springy curls bouncing all over the place. My normal shoulder length hair now due to the curls only slightly below my ears. The difference in the length more than compensated with the beautiful hairstyle I now possessed. Gina doused the hairstyle with hairspray, and the cape was removed. She gave me an appraising look from my head to my toes and then dragged me to an area several booths down. After she pushed me inside a changing room she helped me remove my clothes and told me not to go anywhere.

I was not really paying attention to what she was doing until I saw my pants and shirt heading through the curtain in Gina’s hand. Where would I go with no clothes on? A few minutes later she returned with my clothes for the remainder of the day. She handed me a pair of panties, but pointed to my boxers. With a girly hairdo and full makeup, female clothes did not seem out of place.

Needless to say I was soon pulling the panties up my legs, my knees almost buckling at the sensuous feeling of the silk on my bare skin. I was then given a pair of silky pants. They fit tightly around my hips but flared out to immense proportions at the ankle. When I looked down it looked like I was wearing an ankle length skirt. A matching blouse in an almost transparent fabric was slipped over my arms and buttoned down the back. It wasn’t until she was buttoning the last button, that I realized that it would be almost impossible for me to undo the buttons by myself. A pair of low heels were slid on my feet and then another lady was introduced to me, her name is Francine.

Francine took my hand and then led me away. I received a hug from Gina before I was steered out into the crowds and down the aisle. Not many words were being said, due to the crowds, but we kept a steady pace, with me suddenly realizing I am completely dressed as a female and with no male clothes to fall back on. I tried to pull back to keep from making my problem worse. But Francine had the stronger will as I was pulled along behind her. What will Linda think of me this way, I know it is getting late in the day, it can’t be much longer till I have to meet her. I am sure that will be quite a meeting, a shocked girlfriend, humiliated boyfriend and probably a quick end to any further romance between us. Then I realized I did not have my wallet or keys, dressed as a female and being led to another part of the convention center, not a good situation to be in.

We ended up at our destination, a seminar room where one group was just finishing. Oh god, if this is where Linda is going to be, I am so screwed! The current seminar ends and after the other group leaves, Francine leads me to some seats down front and sits right next to another female. They exchange a hug and I realize it is Linda. Then the announcer introduces Francine as the next speaker and she rises to go to the podium. She reached her hand down and takes mine and I am being led there too. I am trying to apply the brakes, but the heels are not cooperating at all. Sheer unadulterated panic sweeps over me. No, this can’t be.

I am helped up to a stool and she applies a small cape to keep my blouse clean. Then to my horror she applies a cream to my face and starts to remove my makeup. I start to tear up, this can’t be happening to me. She does lean in to whisper to me to relax, nothing is going to happen other than her reapplying my makeup. The room is almost full, then Francine starts her talk. I am here to show you makeup techniques to use on your SO, to make them into the gorgeous females they are. Now this is Rich Walker a volunteer to help me with this talk. Give her a round of applause please.

I am suddenly red in the face, nervous, embarrassed, you name it, I am knee deep in it. I look to where Linda is seated and she has this shit eating grin on her face, but mouths the words, ‘I love you’ to me. Okay, what is going on here? I feel like my stomach is about to erupt, Francine has outed me to the whole show as a male, even used my real name. My makeup has been removed showing my masculine face to all. My girlfriend is in the front row watching mouthing ‘I love you to me and I am literally going insane. I need to be hauled away to the funny farm and soon.

Then I hear Francine start her talk and concealer applied to my masculine looking face. I look at the audience again, and there stands Gina a bigger smile I have never seen on a human before. I am trying to look down at the ground, but Francine pulls my chin up and smiles. “Relax this is where things start going right. Now look up,” as she lines my eye with eyeliner and then some eye shadow. I am in another zone, this absolutely can’t be happening to me. I hear her talking but not her words, too much going through my mind for it to focus on anything. I was definitely experiencing a sensory overload.

Much later, I hear her finish thanking the audience for their time and wanting her model to be appropriately thanked. I get a standing ovation from the group, and Linda firmly attached to my lips. I collapse into her arms, trying to apologize for my appearance. She puts both hands on the side of my face and kisses me deeply, not letting me breathe or move an inch. I start to say something, but am silenced. “You need to be quiet and just look beautiful. I will explain later, but if you cry and ruin that makeup job, I will spank you right here in front of everyone, am I understood?” I nod my head and am kissed again, not much you can say or do when someone else’s tongue is jammed down your throat. I taste our two lipsticks as they intermingle, pleasant and somehow so right. I eventually lay my head on her shoulder as she talks with the others, content to be near her and apparently loved by her.

I receive lots of kisses the next hour, for no reason other than she wants to kiss me. I love the taste of lipstick, whether it be mine or hers it doesn’t matter. I find myself fascinated with my lashes all of a sudden, blinking them often to see the fringe of lashes cross my fields of vision. Someone had sprayed a little perfume on me during all of this, my senses just becoming aware of that fact. I realize I am lost in this feminine world, haven’t the slightest idea of what they are talking about. Just becoming aware of my new female existence is enough for now.

The chatting among them ends and we leave the convention center with Linda steering me to her car. I look around for my male clothes, they are apparently not being taken home, I can’t even remember where I saw them last. I guess back at the salon booth, after that I never saw any sign of them. I did hear Linda tell me that she has my wallet and keys, how that transpired I have no idea.

A lot to process, not understanding any of it at the moment so I just follow her to her car. We head home, she is driving and my head is on her shoulder or as close as I can get it there with the seat belt trying to keep us apart. I need her near me to feel comfortable all of a sudden, her presence just making me feel better for some reason. Dressing as a female has taken a little of the masculinity from me, she can lead and make decisions for me. I just want to be near her and love her.

Conflicting emotions that is for sure. Never felt this way about her before, I was always the decision maker, who I thought she looked up to, but now I am so unsure of anything. Once in the garage she helps me out and drags me in the house. My wallet and keys are taken out of her purse and laid on the table. Obviously she knew where my male clothes were since the items were last in the pants pocket as far as I know. She gets us something to drink from the refrigerator and steers me to the kitchen bar.

“If you truly love me you will be quiet and listen to what I have to say. For all the time we have been together you have been sad, miserable and depressed. That ends now, quite a few people think this is the real you, we have seen glimpses this afternoon of someone that has been shy, reclusive, and stubborn, peek out and smile. You may not have noticed it, but your kisses since you have been decked out as a young woman are to die for. Filled with expectation, a longing to experience more, and hope. So to fully bring out this new you, your male existence is dead as of this moment. You will try this for me, till we either get her out and about or you decide this is not what you want. So from now on Roxie and I are in a lesbian relationship, a very loving and tender one. Now pucker up and give me a nice long slow wet kiss right here on the lips.” I did, and it was so good, even after we broke the kiss I could still taste it.

As soon as we finished our drinks, I am led to the bedroom, stripped of my clothes and a nightie slid over my shoulders. It was long and silky, the shivers of excitement as it slid down my body almost causing an accident. Never but for a few moments were my lips left un-carressed. Her tongue often exploring the depths of my throat, while keeping my lips well lubricated. I gave up trying to reciprocate, just laid there letting her ravish me. She was obviously having fun, stopping to get another look at me then attacking another area of my body. For a male, it is a totally different feeling to be sought out and on the receiving end instead of the one to do the pursuing. I twisted and turned, trying to escape some of the more embarrassing actions. A male having his nipples sucked and then nibbled on really made me uncomfortable. But, it turned me on to the point of a certain part of me leaking into my panties.

Junior was now dribbling, way past the leaking stage but still not engorged looking for some place to invade. The thing that was exciting me the most was my nipples. When Linda swirled her tongue around my nipple I almost came, my back arching up to get the tip of the nipple more into her mouth. Linda would just pull back some, grinning and giggling as she started tracing the tongue around the nipple again. Several times I laid back on the bed hard, so frustrated in my need to get her to pay them the attention they so desperately needed.

Roxie did become a permanent fixture in our house. Over the next week, I visited Gina several more times, the few male characteristics I had removed and female ones substituted. Breasts were added, C cup to be specific. That was a fun six hours, the machine sucking my flab deep into the forms glued to my body. A day or two later after the forms had dissolved away, Linda spent the evening welcoming them to our household. It was some welcoming party, believe me.

I got my ears pierced, three holes in each side, and earrings in the ears every day since. I love the feel of the lower pair dangling along my neck. Lessons in makeup and doing my hair until I could perform the necessities myself. I didn’t mind the extra hour every morning needed to get me presentable. I did succumb to twice weekly appointments at the salon, Gina always happy to see me. We talk often about me winning the makeover at the women’s show, more than luck at what eventually happened. I was later to find out that Linda had set it all up, me winning the prize, Gina in transforming me into a female and Francine using me for her seminar. Thanks to Linda, it was indeed my lucky day.

Linda was ecstatic about Roxie moving in. The second day of me dressing all of my male clothes were given away, her driving the boxes of clothing to the Goodwill store herself. I was in the car with her, nervous as hell, as the speed with which all of these changes were happening. When Linda got out to help them take the boxes out of the trunk, I knew that I would never see another article of male clothing in my lifetime. We spent a lot on clothes for me, but since my other clothes had been given away a necessity. I found out I loved to shop, after work almost every day.

We saved some money when we sold our second car. I rode with Linda to work then walked the two blocks to my own job. Then, I would shop until Linda got off work, joining her for the trip home. Since I have this huge closet at home filled with feminine delights, I mainly window shop these days, although I can never pass up a true bargain.

It is amazing that I never regretted the change, I love to dress up now, anxious for any excuse to don my finest dresses for a night on the town. But then the nights at home in bed being ravished by Linda are not too bad either.

Surprisingly, my job had no trouble accepting Roxie, in fact, no mention was ever made as Rich was replaced with Roxie. Since that fateful day, I have been promoted twice. Funny since up to that time I had spent three years in the job and not even been acknowledged. The gals I work with were so happy, someone new to go shopping with, then at lunch to gossip about the guys or about the latest fashions. Looking back I guess I never fitted into the guys group, much happier talking with the gals. For some reason the job seemed easier, no false expectations to try and strive for, just efficient problem solving and then on to the next project.

Looking back on that women’s show, I knew the changes were right. I belonged in dresses, lingerie and next to Linda, to be loved and cared for. A place I was more than happy to occupy from now on. It was a wonderful fateful day, a day at the women’s show.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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