Maggie; A Little More Cleavage

It was a mid afternoon appointment, two-thirty for a waxing and addition of breasts. Mary, the stylist at Turnabout Gurl Salon had everything set up for me. All I had to do is show-up and the deed would be done. Since Mary is a friend of Melody’s, I had been squeezed in, a dinner date for me with my wife at our favorite restaurant the reason for the appointment. One that I couldn’t miss, I needed to apologize and try to reason with Melody for a stupid statement made without using any part of my limited intellect. The fact that the statement should have never seen the light of day seemed irrelevant now, the irrational statement voiced and her reaction to it implemented.Bre

With the first rip of the cloth I was in agony, the warm wax felt good, but when the cloth had been pushed into it and then ripped off I was ready to leave the table I was on. “OMG what are you doing to me.” Her no words answer, is a towel pushed into my mouth to quiet my protests.

The waxing hurt, every last hair ripped from its follicle quickly, not painlessly. The cloth strips were pushed into the hot wax, then jerked off in rapid succession. I never got a chance to even get a breath before the next cloth was ripped away. The cream rubbed into the skin after the process is completed, helped, but did not alleviate the tingles and pain the process created. I did get a chance to rub the smooth creamy skin, the feelings that radiated through my body made me pause and wonder what it would be like to have smooth hair free skin all the time.

“That feels so good, you can keep doing that to me all day if you want. The cream that is, not the waxing.”

“Yeah, I could but if you want breasts before tonight I need to get started.” Quipped Mary.

I really didn’t want breasts, the stupid remark again and Melody’s reply the reason I am getting waxed and a pair of breasts added to my chest. I am relatively happy with my life as a male, up until my remark Melody and I got along pretty good. There have been arguments, but we always managed to solve them to our mutual satisfaction, until now. This time I think I have pushed her too hard, the reaction from Melody not what I had anticipated.

We have been married for three years now, again mainly due to the persistence of Melody, I had dated her in college, but never followed through. I was basically unsure of myself in everything I did, whether it was a decision on something pertaining to college or something simple like asking her for another date. When in doubt do nothing had been my motto, so any romancing was all due to Melody. Melody did step up to the plate, thankfully, inviting me out to dinner or a show. I was aware I should be handling these things, but those actions never materialized. After many quite pleasant dates she cornered me in the restaurant that we ate at that night, wanting to know when I was going to develop a backbone and ask her to marry me. Just like before I stumbled, words muttered but none of them made any sense.

She got pissed, pulled a ladies engagement ring out of her purse and slid in on my finger. I stared at the ring and swallowed hard. With some giggling she whispered in my ear to say yes. I did get out the word, now she was outright laughing at my facial expression. She did comment that if I kept this up, I might be the one walking down the aisle in the wedding dress, in fact you would probably look prettier in it than me. I tried to remove the ring, some sanity returning to my poor overworked mind, hoping to get the ring off and slide it on to her finger. I did get down on one knee asking her to marry me, she replied yes and then kissed me. Unfortunately the ring would not come off, so she paid the check, dragged me to the car and made sure I was handled as you would handle a prospective bride. A few hours at her apartment, wonderful sexy hours, and I managed a retreat to my own home. When I did eventually get home, my nipples were sore, I had lipstick all over my face from her kissing and junior was totally pooped. It was a night to remember, that is for sure.

Even though I was basically unsure of myself in my dealings with life, I did manage a decent grade point average during college, graduated and was soon working for a company in town. Not upper level management, but also not an hourly worker. I was proud of the fact I was male, just four inches under six feet tall and fairly skinny, weighing a little over a hundred and forty pounds.

While Melody had only her Mother as family, I still had both Mom and Dad. Melody and her Mother were close, while I saw very little of my family, Dad being the main reason for a standoffish relationship. He had been disappointed in me, I was not the athlete he desired me to be. His son Barry not following in his footsteps forever causing a breech in our relationship. I saw Mom often, but Dad was always busy or had to go somewhere when I arrived. Maybe that lack of something between us caused some of my unsure behavior, a guess on my part, but nothing more.

Back to the present the requirement that I have breasts, however, is a different matter completely. The machine for sucking a pair of breasts out of the body is intimidating, a cup or form, way too large in my opinion, hooked to hoses hanging from the overhead arm positioned above my body ready for their victim. All of this attached to a vacuum pump intent on making mountains out of molehills. According to Mary I had to state that I wanted the procedure, plus sign a release, a must for the salon to avoid problems later. I didn’t think about it that much, I just wanted the relationship between Melody and myself back to where it was a couple of days ago. That desire clouded my thoughts, what I ended up with much more than I bargained for. Mary had offered several choices, but my mind was not on what she said, just give me some breasts so that I can get back into Melody’s good graces.

When the stupid remark first left my mouth I tried to apologize, but Melody was insistent that I show her the error of her ways. The sooner I get this done the sooner that I might enjoy the benefits of her loving and caressing again.

I did sign the forms required, Mary giving me a copy for my records. The cups are lowered to my chest and a paste is applied around the edges sealing them to my chest. The pump is turned on and the tissue starts filling the cups. Mary did inject some fatty tissue into the cups before the pump started. It is a slow process taking four to five hours for the cup to fill. My eyesight is limited some, the size of the suction forms blocking some of the view of my lower extremities.

Way too many hours later the hoses were unhooked and the machine rolled away to its place in the corner. The pulsating of the pump had made me drowsy, I felt Mary working on my body during this time period but I was basically out of it. With the pump off I laid there staring at the ceiling wondering how long it would take for my new breasts to go down to a manageable size. Something that I might conceal under a baggy sweater or a sweatshirt.

After waiting for an hour, Mary reappeared with a bra and some clothes in her hands. She laid them on a counter and approached my new amendments. She touched the cups, they seem to be less rigid now than when this started. She announced the forms would stay on, dissolving over the next two to three days. They were already bouncing around, the slightest movement causing some jiggling activity with my new appendages. In her hands she had two syringes, to stabilize the new breast tissue, and quickly injected one each into the appropriate breasts right through the nipple. I felt the syringe enter the nipple, but there was no overt pain involved.

A concern did materialize as to how I would be able to maintain a male image at work next week. Probably should have thought of that sooner, but a lot of things should have happened that didn’t including the control of my mouth. My overwhelming desire to smooth out things with Melody prevented me thinking matters through, now I was sure to face many more problems before this was over.

Mary grabbed the bra and helped me position it over my breasts, a new and unknown feeling radiated through my breasts and chest. It took me several times to fasten the thing correctly. Mary making suggestions, but otherwise leaving it up to me. The feeling of the material in the cups of the bra caressing my new tissue hard to ignore. The bra did stop some of the jiggling activity, allowing my mind to concentrate on how in the hell did I get myself in this predicament. Even though some of the cup remained, I could feel the movement and touch of the bra. With the bra holding my new breasts securely, a blouse is handed to me.

I simple pullover design with a plunging neckline, my stupid remark getting its first lesson in what it feels like to experience a plunging neckline. The smaller cups of the bra barely holding my breasts in their confines. I feared they would fall out of their support at any moment. Looking down at my cleavage it seemed that all of my assets were on display, the gap between the two pieces of fabric of the blouse seemed to be immense. With the minimal material connecting the two cups on the bra there is nothing hiding the vast expanse between the two cups, the deep cleavage between the two orbs very noticeable, especially to me.

Mary took a couple of minutes to brush my hair till it fell around my shoulders, not in its usual ponytail. It felt good as it brushed my shoulders and settled around my face and ears.

The light burgundy color of the blouse and the silky fabric barely covered the outline of the bra. I was indeed covered, but it seems that what I am wearing would be no secret from anyone looking at me. With the blouse settled on my body, the Docker’s pants I had worn to the salon became the piece of clothing that looked out of place.

Mary suggested the capris that she had brought me might be a better choice. The tan color looked better than the yellow Dockers, with the burgundy trim on the cuffs of the capris matching the blouse perfectly. Now the waxing seemed prudent, the hair below the capris would have been a no-no in fashion circles. To be able to wear the capris something had to be done with my male shorts. A light pink pair of panties found their way into my hand, and eventually on my body. As they settled in place on my hips I noticed how they fit between my legs. I closed my eyes and sighed, the feeling almost too much. I wonder how Melody handles all of these sensations affecting her body. There was no thoughts about the smooth groin that was now on display, it was kind of numb down there, maybe the waxing and cream had affected the area.

Of course, you change the pants you have to make adjustments to the footwear. The clunky athletic shoes not blending in well, their black color all the more revolting. The best Mary could do is a pair of tan heels, blending with my outfit perfectly, but not the best for walking in. The three-inch height of the heel adding to my statuesque looking body, but it also caused some stability problems. Several trips around the salon, and I could manage to walk unaided, although shorter strides and walking more in a line made it manageable not easier. I did notice a sway to my rear as I walked around, something that was not there before. It seemed easier to walk now, my thighs easily rubbing against each other. Still no connection to a problem that was not noticed at all yet by my feeble mind.

She handed me a purse that matched the heels, I refused till I found that the capris had no pockets to use. My wallet and keys deposited therein and I am ready to go. I did pay Mary for her work, and tipped her for bearing with me. I did get a smirk from her, as I was settling up, maybe my desire to please Melody was funny to her. The image in the mirror at the front of the salon showed that the male idiot that had mouthed those words got his just desserts. I just hope Melody is happy with the replacement.

Since Melody is picking me up here, I sat down in one of the love seats at the front of the salon to await her arrival. As I sat I crossed my legs at the knees, similar to what Melody does all the time. It was comfortable sitting that way. My mind kept going back to the discussion that started all of this. I have been encouraging Melody to wear a little more revealing clothing. She is a beautiful woman, confident in her appearance and her actions.

The stupid part came about when I am trying to convince her of the need for her to be more daring in her dress.

“If I had such a gorgeous pair of breasts I would always be wanting to show them off, to entice my lover to fondle them and to make other women jealous.” Sadly these were my words on that fateful day. A male who is so unsure of himself that he can’t even propose to his fiance, but yet open his mouth and stick both feet firmly inside.

“Well let’s get you a pair and you can show me how it’s done.” The biggest smile appeared on Melody’s face, as I sweated a response that wouldn’t make things worse than they were. An hour later the call is made to Mary and my appointment is made. That response never came, silence the better part of valor in this case. I didn’t expect Melody to go through with the appointment for me, I thought she was bluffing.

My thoughts are back to now as Melody enters the salon. She takes in my appearance and attacks me. Her kisses, groping hands and a tongue that is clearing my throat make her reaction to me pleasant. Yeah, all I have to do now is get my heart back beating and refill my lungs with air. Normalcy returns somewhat, she uses a tissue to remove her lipstick from my face then hands me my lipstick so that I can fix my lips before going to dinner.

As I slide a coat of color on my lips, I had forgotten what I originally came into the salon for. Yes, I came into the salon for something else, I just can’t remember what it was. I am led to her car and seated in the passenger side. The ride to the restaurant is brief, the walk from the parking lot still a little unsteady, but Melody has her hand on my lower back to help guide me and support me. We are quickly seated, a corner booth private and dimly lit. She orders for me, a white wine and vegetarian lasagna, my usual order. She also gets a white wine, and her usual calzone with pepperoni and provolone cheese. I sit there staring at her and trying not to breathe much. Every breath causing my breasts to move up and down distracting the hell out of me.

She slips a little closer to me, ending up with her hand on my thigh. She moves it back and forth slowly. Her caresses did cover the groin area, a raising of her eyebrows when she runs her hand over my smooth front. The sensation of the silky material over my hairless skin almost too much for me.

“Please stop, I see the error of my ways, I am wrong in what I foolishly stated yesterday, please stop or I am going to make a fool out of myself right here in the restaurant.” She removes her hand, smiles and asks if I want to be screwed tonight. That statement and her hand brushing over my nipples sent me over the top and I climaxed right there in the booth. Luckily I managed to keep my mouth closed so the low moan that emerged was not able to be heard by all. She giggled and asked if I needed her help in cleaning up my little mess. I nodded my head and she pulled me out of the booth and we headed for the ladies room.

It was a sticky gooey mess, I don’t remember cumming that much before, the amount in my panties and all over my groin quite a record for me. My mind suddenly sprang into action, my penis is gone, now nothing but a slit framed by two lips. The cum still oozing out of my slit. I wavered a little, then Melody saw what was missing, her giggling was infectious but also embarrassing. She told me we had to talk once we got home, there are things that need explaining. Apparently I also need to get you some tampons to carry in your purse from now on.

With my face still a deep red it took more than several paper towels to clean up the mess. Melody did show me a couple of tricks in how to remove the stickiness, mainly warm water with the panties off then wrapped in a towel to soak up some of the moisture. When they went back on they were still wet, but at least not sticky. She gave me one of her sanitary pads to wear to soak up any more leakage, but the resulting red from the embarrassment probably more telling than the wet panties would have been.

We finished dinner in a relative normal manner, at least, she managed to keep her hands to herself. I ate a little of my entree, but it was not from a lack of hunger but nervousness. We split a decadent chocolate cake/mousse concoction that probably added five pounds to our figures. She paid the check then steered me to her car. I got myself situated in the passenger seat then she headed away from our house towards the foothills. I let out a big sigh, apparently lots more to come of this evening before we head home.

She pulled into a state park with a view of the valley we lived in. The stars were out, the evening temperature in the seventies, a very pleasant evening. She slid over next to me, laying my head on her shoulder. That felt so good, a soft place to lay and try to forget the mess that I am in. “You did show me what I have been missing being so uptight and conservative. When I first saw you at the salon I wanted to do you right there on the love seat. It took tremendous self-control for me to let that chance slide by. You made your point, about the clothing, I will try and wear more provocative clothing for you.”

“Now I think you need to tell me what you had done at the salon. I had arranged with Mary for you to be waxed and then some breast forms applied to your chest. She did tell me that she was going to kid you about making it more permanent, but we both knew that you wouldn’t go for it. What I am feeling when I hug you is not breast forms, the movement of them when you walk and breathe deeply more like real breasts. So an explanation is in order. While you are at it, you might tell me what happened to your male organ. That slit and two cute lips not very masculine dear. I am not complaining though, I am sure we can take advantage of what is now available.”

I am almost in tears, so wrapped up in making things right with Melody, I apparently missed half of the conversation today at the salon. Melody had made it simple and temporary, I had signed my male life away, at least for quite some time. I recounted what I remembered from our discussions at the salon, Melody giggling first, then outright laughter. I had did it to myself, all by myself with no help from anyone else. No one to blame or accuse of dirty tricks, just me.

“Will my stupidity cause any change in our relationship? I know you married a male, now I have larger assets then you, please say you still love me and will not throw me out for this idiotic foul-up.”

She was quiet for some time, rubbing my new breasts, causing me a lot of discomfort. Her other hand rubbing my new vagina through the capris. Believe me my male apparatus under the vagina needed no more stimulation. Since some of the feeling had returned I knew I still had one, just tucked away for the moment. I twisted and turned trying to keep from creaming my panties again. I cleared my throat finally getting her attention.

“I might be persuaded to put up with you, I will have to have my breasts enlarged, can’t have my hubby’s larger than mine. Then there is the problem with sharing clothes with you, you will no doubt want to wear my sexier outfits so we will have to buy more clothes. With more clothes we will have to have more lingerie, shoes, makeup, cosmetics, and accessories. Two salon appointments every week, my SO will always have to be pretty and beautiful for her spouse. There is one advantage though, now that you are female you can help with the housework, cooking and laundry.”

She leaned in close to me, taking my head in both of her hands and tilting it back a little, her lips meeting mine and her tongue slipping in between my lips. It felt like she was going to push her tongue all the way down my throat. I was breathing through my nose but still having a hard time getting sufficient air to breathe in my lungs. I closed my eyes, the feelings saturating my mind with endorphins. She moved her lips from my lips to my ears and I did cream my panties again. She was giggling as I was beet red from embarrassment. I better take you home before the cum dries, otherwise we may never get you out of your lingerie. I set low in the seat, humiliated to the extreme, her male husband with real breasts, coming twice just from external stimulation of my ears and body.

When we got home I was helped into the house, taken directly to our bedroom and stood by the side of the bed. She undressed me removing each garment and laying it on the bed. I tried to help but my hands were swatted and placed by my side. I was almost in tears, I had fouled up everything now I couldn’t even act like a male, every touch causing me to react more like a female, spurting my male seed all over my lingerie.

Real breasts, a vagina, lingerie, female clothes, the list goes on and on. Her former husband more of a female than his wife. At least in our loving she could control herself somewhat, not coming at the slightest provocation.

She laid me on the bed, retrieved a wet warm towel and cleaned me up both front and back. Junior was loving every minute of it, straining hard under his cover to show his enthusiasm. Unfortunately he was securely glued in place, he could get excited but swelling up to his former size was not happening, not for quite some time.

My nipples were red and raw by the time she stopped playing, I was moaning and squirming all over the bed. I pleaded with her to do something, anything to make me come. Instead she switched to the other breast and played with it for a while. I was crying pleading with her to finish me off, but instead she would kiss me on the lips, lick my face or ears and then go back to my breasts. My eyes were closed trying to ignore some of the feelings that were attacking my mind, then I felt her breath on my new female appliance. Oh gawd no, I wiggled viciously trying to escape her clutches. She looked up often, smiling as her fingers stroked my new sex. In between times she would tenderly kiss the two lips surrounding my moist slit, then blow her breath down the slit with a tongue inserted every once in a while. I heard a drawer open and close, but too much was happening and my eyes were shut trying to deal with all the feelings.

Then something larger than her finger was slid up and down my slit, the new sensations almost causing me to black out. I opened my eyes when I realized what she had taken out of the drawer. I raised my head to see what she was doing at the same time she pushed the dildo deep into my new vagina. I screamed in ecstasy, arched my back and fainted. When I regained consciousness I was shaking the reverberations of my orgasm still affecting me. In fact, it was at least twenty minutes later before my body stopped shaking. Melody had moved up to where she was laying on my chest, her lips on one of my nipples and my heart rate starting to climb again. I pleaded for her to stop, if she continues there is a good chance of me dying from orgasmic bliss.

This time the clean-up was accomplished under the shower head. Of course, she helped wash me, and with my new play toys that was another lesson in frustration. I was able to get clean, into one of her nighties and in bed as she was finishing slipping on her nightie. I was worrying how I was going to get any sleep, when I succumbed to it without even knowing it. The next thing I remember is the alarm clock the next morning.

Then my head shot up, oh gawd I have got go to work and how am I going to hide these breasts of mine. I ran to the bathroom, did my morning business and stared at my feminine image in the mirror. Male hair, no makeup, but a huge pair of hooters on my chest. I doubted a large shirt would cover them up, probably just make them look that much more feminine. Yeah a pair of sizable breasts, how can they be construed as anything but feminine.

At that time Melody waltzed into the bathroom with a smile from ear to ear. “I have called your boss Donna, she can’t wait to see you with your new assets. For today, till we can get you femmed up a little more she will keep you in her office to do some special projects for her. Tomorrow though you will be back to your previous job, boobs and all. I will not allow you to hide or shirk your responsibilities, you are a female now, and can work your job dressed as one. I have made another appointment for you to finish the transformation you have started, remember this is what you started, I am just helping you get to the point that you can live and do your job as one.

At least I was spared a dress, cute panties, a pair of slacks and a blouse that buttoned up the back was the fare instead. That was slid on me after the bra was fastened around my chest, cradling my new breasts. Some lipstick, hair in a ponytail and I was delivered to work. I presume Melody did not trust me to make the trip myself. She even went in with me, to see Donna. As I stood before her desk, she raised her eyes to take in my appearance, then a huge smile spread across her face. Do we have a name yet, something feminine that suits your new appearance?

I suddenly lost my voice, not even having a thought on that subject. Melody spoke up for me suggesting Maggie as my new moniker. Well the two of them voted, Maggie won hands down and I was led over to another desk in her office and given a project to do. I received a kiss from Melody, with her telling me that she would be back at three to pick me up, my salon appointment was for three-thirty. I tried to voice an opinion, wanting to not take this any further, but when I tried to speak there were no words forthcoming.

I started on the project that Donna had assigned me, it was mainly busy work, but the way I was dressed I was appreciative for the work out of the public eye. I wondered how I would hold up tomorrow, back at my regular job and dressed totally as a female. For some reason I could see myself in a dress tomorrow and probably heels, full makeup and some sort of curly hairstyle. I wonder if that was what I thought would happen or something I hoped would happen. I could smell my brain overworking, probably emitting puffs of smoke as it tried to explore all of the possibilities.

The time went surprisingly fast, I completed that particular job and four others before it was time to cleanup my desk and wait for Melody to pick me up. Donna confronted me asking if I liked what I was doing today.

“It was fun, even though a lot of it was mind numbing I enjoyed the work, quite happy when I completed one project and asked you for another. The time went quickly and soon it was time to finish and wait for Melody.”

Donna suggested that I see her first thing tomorrow morning before I head back to my old job. I suggest you wear something nicer, a cute hairstyle and some makeup would be nice too. If you can handle them a pair of heels add so much to the appearance of my staff. Now be good, and I will see you promptly at eight A.M. As I rose from the desk Melody peeked in the door and I walked with her out to the car. I repeated Donna’s conversation, Melody getting quite a smirk on her face afterward.

She drove me straight to the salon, where Mary was eagerly awaiting for my arrival. I got a hug from Melody and was left alone to be worked on by Mary. I started to complain about having nothing to eat all day, but Melody just smiled. “You need to lose a few pounds anyway, I am sure you will survive.”

Mary made sure that all facets of my masculine appearance were done away with. A feminine hairstyle, curls courtesy of some curlers and a liberal dousing of setting lotion. Some semi-permanent makeup, mainly lipstick and mascara, and two fresh piercings in each ear along with some cute earrings. Then over to their clothing store, where I was fitted with six very feminine outfits for work. Unfortunately all utilizing skirts and lacy blouses. I indeed looked feminine, no one would ever look at me and suggest I had ever been a member of the male gender.

I did see Donna early the next morning and now worked in her office, a kind of secretary doing little odd jobs for her as she saw fit. That lasted for a week before I was promoted to her P.A. a position I have held ever since.

Melody and I stayed with the lesbian arrangement, I get plenty of pleasure, and she adores her full size plaything. A lot of night time activity lasts until the early morning hours, usually requiring me to take a nap as soon as I get home from work so that I can function the next day at work. We did get lots of clothes, lingerie and shoes for the both of us, my male clothing sent to Goodwill.

Surprisingly my Dad took to Maggie, on one of their visits I was hugged from behind, and addressed as Princess. Mom smiled as he performed that maneuver, so I knew she had something to do with it. I was thrilled, to be loved as a daughter even better than as a son. From that day on we had a regular Father/Daughter relationship, me asking him for help and advice and he doting on me.

The biggest plus to all of this is how much closer Melody and I became. We shared everything in life, shopping, going out, chores around the house, and a vigorous romantic life. Getting a little more cleavage was the best thing to happen to me, I constantly thank Mary for her help in my foolish mistakes made that day, I do owe her a lot. Now to pick my evening gown for tonight, we are celebrating our anniversary, a special occasion. I wonder if the blue one will be the best or should I go with the green one. So many decisions all starting with the stupid comments made to Melody about her getting a little more cleavage. I ended up with the cleavage, a fact that I am pleased about. I guess I will go with the green dress, being strapless a perfect match for my impressive cleavage.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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