Kayla; What My Wife Wants

I had awaken from another night’s sleep. A normal occurrence for most people but for me something that I do not take for granted. Ever since childhood I have had trouble sleeping, hence a sleeping pill is required to get me under in the first place. The sleep it produced is so sound I never remembered what if anything that happened during those nocturnal times. I usually sleep for only eight or nine hours, then awake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. A far cry from my earlier years.

I had so much trouble sleeping during my teen years that I failed one year of high school, having to take the whole year over. I was only able to take brief rests, not really a true sleep, more of exhaustion taking over for a while. I was taken to many doctors, experienced several different types of sleep tests, even spent a week in a hospital as they monitored my nocturnal activities to see what might be causing my problem. They never did find a reason for me not being able to sleep, but were able to confirm that it was not imaginary, something real and a serious health threat.

One doctor who had tried many different sleeping pills finally found the magical pill for me. It was stronger than most, and after a month long trial deemed to be safe for me. It was a European formula, not widely used in the U.S. In fact my parents had to go through all kinds of hurdles just to get me a year’s supply of the drug.

Life returned to a more normal affair after that, finishing school and graduating college. I met the love of my life in my last year of college, dated her for almost a year and then we married. She is a dental technician, working for the leading dentist in the area. Other than the lack of a degree she could do most anything that he did, but her real skill was in how she handled patients. Angela had the ability to meet someone and have them instantly feel at ease with her. If they were nervous a few words from her and they relaxed, ready for whatever came their way. Her way with people was also beneficial to me, in her arms and cuddled against her I could relax almost to the point of sleeping.

After college I became a technical writer, taking information that a company wanted converted to something that was easily understood and made discernible to the general public. I would get the basic information from the customer, then do a lot of research to find out more about the subject. Than take all of the parts and make it readable, putting it in simpler terms that the general public could understand. I was fairly good at what I do, starting with a few people I had met from college, who needed the kind of help I could provide. Soon the referrals from others added to my business, now I seldom have any free time for myself. I mainly worked from home, my computer and me quite often interacting for ten to twelve hours a day. I tried to do more, since I already had the business, but Angela, my wife, soon put a stop to that.

She started early in the day, often to work before seven each morning but was home by four in the afternoon. She would change clothes, then fix us something to eat. We both preferred light meals, then a snack later in the evening. Once the evening meal was over my work stopped, it was time to give my wife the attention she thought she deserved. Even for one of my deadlines, she was stubborn, telling me that I needed to plan better to avoid any conflicts with her personal time.

I really couldn’t complain about her personal time since she gave as good as she received, quite often when it was time to take my magic elixir I was panting and short of breath, eager for a little respite from the nightly activities. We had a TV but it was never turned on, her idea of personal time was cuddling, kissing, and unbridled sex. Never able to be fully satisfied she was more than a handful for me, not that I will ever complain. I just hope my heart will hold out. I have heard of a lot of couples who had sex once a week, for us it was a viable option every night. It was not indulged in every day, more spontaneous when the desire hit us. Definitely something to look forward to while I was writing my technical papers. In fact, I found it difficult to concentrate a lot of times thinking of some of the things we ended up doing in our nightly activities.

All of that changed after we took our last yearly vacation. It was two weeks out west, sightseeing and enjoying the weather and the sights. We both seemed to enjoy the change of scenery, excellent food and beautiful vistas to savor in the upcoming years. But after we were back everything seemed to change, subtle at first then more pronounced as time went by.

I had no idea what caused the change in her, but from the time we got back home things seemed so different. Work was the same, I had a huge pile of work put aside so we could take a vacation, now I had to hustle to get it all caught up. Her work was the same until her boss suggested they become partners in his practice. He was looking to cut back some, his significant other wanting more of his time for herself. They settled on each taking the appointments they wanted, while referring the others to other dentists. Now Angela was home earlier, allowing me the same hours I was used to, but eyeing me up constantly. I knew in my heart that there would soon be cutbacks in my work, just not sure when they would be imposed.

Sure enough she started making little hints about me cutting back to less customers. We never were hurting for money, both of us getting some inheritance from family. Since we both had good paying jobs, none of the inheritance money was spent, banked and earning us interest for the future. I was reluctant to cut back, I had worked hard to build up the business, now she wanted me to give some of it up. There was no logical reason not to cut back, just pure stubbornness on my part.

Another couple of weeks, my frustration getting more each day, her reminding me of her wish constantly. Then all of a sudden no more mention of her desires. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for her to demand something else in return, but it never happened. It was about a week later, right after I woke when I felt something different about my appearance. I couldn’t pinpoint it at first, just a different feeling from my body. Angela had already gone to work, I was just finishing in the bathroom and slipping into some shorts when I felt something different as they slid up my legs. Maybe she got me some new shorts, that causing the distinct pleasant feeling I was experiencing.

I looked at them to see if they were different and noticed my legs were perfectly smooth, my normal leg hair nowhere to be seen. I ran my hands over the smooth skin, goose bumps sprouting everywhere. I took off the underwear again and looked at my groin, yep no hair there too. I plopped myself down on the bed, how did it just disappear overnight. I had taken a shower last night, I was sure it was there when I took the shower, but now had some doubts. I checked the bathroom to make sure the soap I used was not some of her depilatory, finding just her normal body wash. I remembered the flowery smell when I used it last night, so I was sure that was not the culprit.

I had to get to my work, so the mystery would remain until later today. I had set as a goal to get ten projects done each day. That would get me caught up in two weeks, hopefully my wife would not impose any restrictions before then. My usual output six a day. I worked right through lunch, eager to reach my goal. I had not forgotten my new smoothness, far from it. Every time I moved my legs some I could feel the smoothness and the extra sensitivity my hairless legs produced. Then I would sigh and try to regain my concentration.

Angela was a little later this afternoon, arriving home clutching many different shopping bags. Normally I would receive a little show, with her wearing her favorites from the shopping trip. Not today apparently. She put her things up, then went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. To Angela cooking was not a chore, but something delightful and soothing. Soon I was summoned to dinner, startled when our good china was out and the table loaded with lots of goodies. I sat down with Angela as she moved her chair right next to mine. As usual I was wearing shorts in the house, so when she sat next to me and started rubbing her leg against mine I lost all focus. It felt so good, and she was keeping it up, mixed in with a few giggles.

“I want to thank you for removing the hair on your legs, now I have something to look forward to each evening. They are so smooth, I don’t know why you didn’t indulge in this much sooner in life.” Surprisingly I did not respond to her statement.

I did manage to eat some, in between her ministrations with her legs and mine. I helped to clean up, my usual contribution for the evening. We retired to the bedroom, where she soon had me naked, this time her hands running up and down my legs taking in the new smoothness. I doubted I was able to take a normal breath for hours, her actions causing irregular breathing and often left me panting in lust. At a few minutes before eleven she had to go the bathroom, so I took my opportunity to remove my t-shirt, slip on my pajamas and take my pill and crawl into bed. She was in the bathroom a lot longer than usual, I never did hear her come out since I was already in dreamland.

I woke to her kissing me on the lips, a smirky smile on her face. I had to pee real bad so I made it to the bathroom just in time, before the flood gates opened up. That in itself was unusual, I usually don’t drink that much liquid during the day, add one glass of tea at dinner, definitely not enough to cause such a flood this morning. I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror when I saw what I was wearing. Through the redness of my face I saw the baby doll nightie that hung on my shoulders, its hem right at the top of my thighs. I lifted the hem to see what else was there, sure enough I had a matching pair of panties on, absolutely covered in lace and frills.

I heard the door slam, Angela now on her way to work and me dressed as a young sexy female. I went to my dresser, the drawer where I keep my pajamas, to find more of the sexy outfits, no male pajamas left anywhere. All of the nighties were brief, all carefully designed to show off my hairless legs. As I removed the nightie, laying it on the bed, I discovered another small difference, no hair between my waist and my neck. What caused me to look again at my chest was the feelings I received as the nightie slid up and over my shoulders. I sat down hard on the edge of the bed, wondering what was going on, two nights in a row, the changes quite disturbing, while being totally enjoyable. I was sure it was Angela responsible for the changes, but since I sleep so soundly I had no proof of anything.

It was almost an hour later when I managed to re-focus my mind and get back to work. For some reason I never took off the nightie, where I normally would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, now just a delicious feeling nightie and panty set. Everything I did, whether it was moving my arms or legs sent little thrills through my body as the clothes moved over the smooth skin. I couldn’t stay focused, the slightest movement sending my mind into spasms of unbelievable joy.

I nibbled on a few crackers at lunch, but nothing more since I was falling further behind by the minute. When Angela returned a little after three, I decided for my own sanity that I had to confront her. Well that was a thought but not what she had in mind. I was dragged to the bedroom, helped out of my nightie, then one of my new nighties slid over my shoulders as she laid me back on the bed. This one a little longer, all silky and lacy. Before I could get a word out her tongue was in my throat, as she rubbed my nipples through the nightie. Any thoughts I had were gone, now all I could do was react to her playfulness as I moaned, twisted and tried valiantly to escape her groping. I was allowed a short rest as she slipped out of her clothes and into a pair of pajamas. A pair of my old pajamas, although they never looked as good since she filled them out as never before.

Back to her assault, it seemed like hours before I was allowed bathroom time and to take my pill. I wanted to not take the pill, but if I did I would get nothing done tomorrow, although I might catch her performing her deeds during the night. She gave me that smirky smile again, no doubt having something planned for tonight. As I got into bed she was right behind me, her nipples pressed right against my back. That in itself wasn’t bad it was where her hands were that made it uncomfortable. She had one around my body from both sides, a nipple firmly grasped in each hand. The pill did its job, otherwise I would have never been able to get to sleep, her playing with my nipples most disconcerting. The last I remember is her using a finger to trace around the nipple, then squeeze it to let me know that she was still there.

Somehow I found myself instantly awake, like I had been ejected from a sound sleep to fully awake in one swift motion. I noticed Angela was already gone, presumably to work since I didn’t hear any noise from the rest of the house. I moved my hands around my body checking for any changes, I noticed I was still in the nightie, the lacy parts tickling my smooth skin. I decided I needed to use the bathroom, causing me to remove myself from the comfortable bed and trek to the bathroom. By the time I got there, the feeling was more urgent, sitting quickly on the toilet and letting the flood leave my body. I realized another subtle change that had occurred, I was now setting to go to the bathroom, something a male seldom does.

I had to brush the hair from my eyes, a normal occurrence when my scrunchie came loose during the night. To be able to see clearly, all of that hair needed to be moved off my face. It did seem like much more than I usually have, maybe it is just growing faster.

I wiped and got up, moving to the vanity to stand in front of the mirror. My mouth opened in surprise, my eyebrows were totally gone, not just trimmed but not there on my face anymore. As that shock subsided some, the sparkle of light from my earrings caught my attention. Then as I moved my head, the huge hoop in the lower hole swung against my neck, making it most apparent that I had two sets of earrings in my ears. I knew that my earlier fear was becoming true, she was methodically turning me into a female, one small step at a time.

Back to the lack of eyebrows, my whole face looked different, nothing above my eyes to differentiate my forehead from my eyes and lower face. Why they were totally gone escaped me, if she was wanting to make me look like a female a thin high arched brow might have been a wiser choice. I gave up trying to figure out why, maybe if I can stay focused enough tonight I can quiz here to find out what is going on.

I dressed in my shorts and t-shirt, and started right in on my projects for the day. It was almost lunch when I realized I had nothing to eat for breakfast, my usual pop tart not even entering my mind. In fact I didn’t have my usual orange juice either. I wonder if I will lose my mind before the changes turn me to the female she seems to have in mind.

Since I had skipped breakfast, my little male gut was shrinking away. Crackers again for lunch, as I did everything I could to focus on getting caught up. Still moving my leg or arm against something caused delightful shivers to attack me. Tonight for sure, I have to find out what is going on.

Maybe if I am dressed when she gets home, I can take her out to eat, thus delaying any playfulness for a couple of hours. While out I can interrogate her to find out what she is doing and why. I dressed in my better slacks and a nice Polo shirt that she had got me several Christmas’s ago. I was sitting at our kitchen bar when she came in, got up and welcomed her with lips and tongue. She probed back, then rushed to our bedroom to change. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes when she re-appeared dressed to the nines. She looked at her watch then at me. “Good we have enough time for your appointment, then we can still make our reservations at the restaurant.”

Huh what reservations, what appointment are you talking about? This was spit out as she led me to her car. I was helped into the passenger seat, with her taking way too much time to get my seat belt fastened for me. I am sure it is not that hard to get a seat belt fastened these days, but she was having so much fun doing it. She headed off to the vicinity of the mall, pulling into a strip mall a few blocks from the big mall. Stopped at the curb of a beauty salon, came around and got me out then took me inside and right back to a private room. Two minutes more and I was naked her clothes in her hands as she kissed me on the lips and then told me to be good. She walked right out, presumably to her car and drove off.

A technician dressed in a feminine but brief costume came in, leaned the chair back and was soon washing and conditioning my hair. She was chatting about something, my mind however, was in total panic mode. I was alone, naked and no telling where Angela was. I shed a tear or two, I couldn’t think of anything else to do. What are they going to do to me, and is Angela even coming back for me. The panic was getting worse, so I took a deep breath, actually several of them and kept my eyes closed tight. If I can’t see it, I can’t worry about it. It was quite a few minutes when the cute tech finished and set the chair back up. I squinted through one eye to see if I could figure out what she was going to do to me. I was so scared of what was happening to me that trying to say something would sound so pathetic. So I kept quiet, peeking out every once in a while to see what was happening.

Julie after introducing herself to me, told me she was going to set my hair in curlers, then under a dryer for a while. Then she would brush my hair into the style I requested, a little makeup and I would be done for the day. The style I requested, maybe I am losing it, all of these things seemed planned, but I could not remember doing any of them. Then you have to take into consideration that I was still naked, leaving me feeling very vulnerable and confused. I was offered a robe, a little piece of nothing more lace then fabric. I quickly put it on, something is better than nothing.

With my hair in curlers I was put under a dryer until my hair was dry, the style I requested very feminine, lots of big curls at the back, with shorter dangle curls over my ears. One look in the mirror, now all of it coming together, the final part necessary to change my face to that of a female, a quite attractive female. My brows were penciled in, mascara added to my eyes and a bright pink lipstick added to my lips.

All during this I never said a word, I had thoughts, but was scared to vocalize them. I did see Angela coming through the front doors, a most welcome sight. She came up to me, looked me over real well, then started pulling out clothes from a bag. A pair of pantyhose was first, along with instructions on the proper way to put them on. Next she handed me a pair of panties, just the sight of them making me red in the face. They did feel good as they covered the top part of my pantyhose and nestled snugly around my waist.

Then a dress came out of the bag, a stretchy number, in pink of course that conformed to my body like a second skin. I looked in the mirror to see my image fearing the worse. I did not have the female figure, but otherwise I looked like a young woman. What my figure lacked was more than offset by my hair and face.

Before I could put together any more thoughts I was hustled out to the car, again the seat belt thingy and driven to the restaurant where I had allegedly made reservations for dinner. The valet got our doors for us, after I had finally managed to get the seat belt undone.

Angela took my arm and we walked in, did I forget to mention I was wearing three inch heels, her arm much appreciated as I teetered along. The Maitre’D helped us with our chairs, the waiter soon there with our wine. I had apparently ordered everything ahead of time, he would bring out the dishes as we finished the previous items.

Angela thanked me for arranging everything, a most considerate lady that she so adores. Did she just call me a lady, I have got to find out what is happening here. Every time I started to say something the waiter or the Maitre’D checking on us appeared stopping any further words. We finished dinner, it was truly enjoyable, each course prepared to perfection. I had also apparently paid in advance since when asked I was told the bill had already been handled as per my instructions.

Out to the car, now due to a little too much wine I needed Angela’s support more than ever. A quiet drive home, my mind trying to process all the feelings and sensations that my body was producing. The earrings swinging against my neck, along with the curls of hair above my ears. The taste of the lipstick we had refreshed in the ladies room before we left the restaurant all of those things had me savoring the feelings, lost in thoughts of delight. I didn’t even realize when we pulled into the garage, I was so lost in myself.

As she helped me out of the car and into the house I headed for the living room, tonight I need to find out what she has in mind for me. If the things happening the last few days are any indication, a day or two more might be too late. Angela helped me on to the couch, excusing herself to go and change clothes. I tried to grab her, now before she does something more and turns my mind to mush. I got a sensuous kiss, but she scampered off giggling before I could reach her. The alcohol was getting to me, a few more minutes and I doubt I could tell you my name.

She reappeared dressed in my pajamas, with way too many buttons left undone down her front. Oh gawd, focus or the next time you awake you might be giving birth, I shivered at the thought though. What is happening to me, I need answers?

She did park herself right next to me on the couch, laid my head in her lap and started running her hands through my hair. It felt so good, I tried to sit up, to regain some focus and get out the words. I finally managed to say what I had been thinking for days. “Honey, are you turning me into a girl, if so why?”

They say everything is in the timing, I guess that is truer than you can imagine. As the last words left my mouth I fell asleep. It was the next morning when I realized I had went to sleep without my pill, I was still on the couch, but in my recent baby doll nightie attire. Angela was asleep in the chair next to me, her legs curled up underneath her, her head laying back against the back of the chair. She had the biggest smile on her face, I started feeling around for more changes, if she is this happy she must have done something else to me during the night.

I didn’t feel any changes, so I quietly headed to the bathroom to check the mirror for evidence. By the time I got there I had to pee real bad, again a flood before I was able to wipe and get up. I walked to the mirror, took one look and cried out. I had pouty lips, way bigger than before and long lush lashes. There was no doubt now, my face is feminine, every last vestige of any masculinity there is gone. I turned to and fro to check for any more changes. Then my eyes lowered, noticing the nightie I was wearing last night, but stopped abruptly when I saw the two small bumps protruding from the front of the nightie. One hand went to one of the bumps, the other hand went to my groin. I sighed, cried out and fell to the floor sobbing. It was gone, nothing there anymore. Angela appeared, lifting me up and leading me back to our bedroom. She laid me down on the bed and spooned behind me. She made little noises, kissing my ear often and rubbing my puffy nipples with her hands.

I eventually calmed down, finding myself back asleep. She was still holding me when I awoke, turned me so I was facing her and told me to, listen carefully to what she has to say. “Due to all the changes you have not realized that for the last three nights you have not had to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep. Now let’s talk about your changes. Unknown to you in the last few years you have talked a lot in your sleep. The recurring subject is your wish to be a female, your true inner self. I imagine a lot of your sleep problems was your inner self trying to get out of the prison you have had it in since childhood.”

“Each days change made it easier for her to express herself, your male personality retreating in haste. You never brought up the changes in conversation, I am sure you might have wanted to, but the fact that you were enjoying them won out. Now about our future together. I love Kayla even more than your old self, she is open, enthusiastic, and fun to be around. We can shop together, flirt with the men and then come home and make mad passionate love together. Who could want better than that, certainly not me?”

“Tomorrow we get rid of all your male clothes, I will not have one stitch of male clothes in this house. You have an appointment with the salon that has done most of this work on you, this time you will have to go to the salon for the beauty treatment. Nothing that has been done to you is permanent, although I will be pissed if you try and get anything reversed. I love the new you and that is who I want in my life, period end of discussion. Now pucker up those delicious lips and kiss me, then it is time for me to ravage you again.”

Believe me I was ravaged and not just for a few minutes. I saw the sun coming up in the bedroom window, then realized we had been at it for almost seven hours. I was tired but energized. I hopped out of bed made a dash for the bathroom, making it just before I had an accident. I wiped, then brushed my hair and headed to the kitchen. I heard Angela in the bathroom, so thought I might make us some breakfast. I found some fruit, then made us some French toast. We ate it with preserves instead of syrup, a lot more diet friendly choice. Coffee of course, can’t start the day without it.

We had a delightful breakfast, with Angela sitting on my lap while we took turns stuffing each other with fruit or French toast. That was staggered with us giggling on and off, for once we seemed to be more in tune with each other. To think this all started with what my wife wants, who knew she was so wise.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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