Gina; One Last Chance

I had really screwed up this time. I was in a police station, locked in an interrogation room waiting for an officer to come and question me. I had been out with some buddies of mine, we had skipped classes and were seeing what we could get into. School was boring, I knew it would not change my life, my grades and my situation at home already condemned me to a life as a criminal or homeless, neither option anything for me to look forward to.

My thoughts were interrupted by a lady officer that had come in to question me. I answered truthfully, we were caught red-handed trying to break into a business. Although I hadn’t broke the window or stole the merchandise I helped load it into the car that our leader had hot wired to use as a getaway vehicle. The cops came from every direction, the silent alarm had notified them of what we were doing. A couple of the others had tried to run, but I just stood there, there was five of us and at least ten police officers, running would be futile. We were cuffed, loaded into a police van, and taken to the station. We were separated right away, each of us in a separate room.

The lady officer set down across from me and asked for me to tell her everything. I gave her a dumb stare, but she smiled. “This can go several ways, we have surveillance film of the break in, including audio. All of you were caught red-handed at the scene with stolen merchandise in your hands. Now I will ask again, tell me everything about the group, why you were there, your family situation, everything.”

“I will not rat out my buddies.”

“Funny for you to mention that, they have already told us you were the leader, had planned this all and was the one to steal the car. Some buddies you have.”

I stared at her. Is she telling the truth? I decided it is not worth it, I have been in juvie once already, and two times will make it show up on my record. Since I have just turned eighteen, they might even try me as an adult. Over the next hour, I confessed everything telling her who did the planning, who handled the car theft and what I did at the scene. I told her I was just along with the group, something to do. School sucks, my life sucks and my family that is a big joke.

Then she surprises me. “The others had all confessed, your information just confirmed what we already knew. I have your parent coming to the station, I will talk to them, but most likely you will not be released to their custody. For the moment you are a resident of this room until we can ascertain what is best for you. Is there anyone else we can call, a friend, a distant relative, someone who knows about you and will vouch for you?”

I set there for the longest time, swallowed my pride and gave her the name of a friend that had been close to me before I thought I was better than anybody else and pissed her off. She is the mother of a girlfriend, a girlfriend that I only dated twice. This was back in my freshman year of high school. She took an interest in me, tried to steer me straight, and even came to school a couple of times to talk to me after school let out. I even had a card with her phone number on it, given to me when I told her I didn’t need help. Over six months she tried her best to help me, but stupid male pride, a lack of intelligence, and wanting to be independent ruined it all.

Another officer came into the room, handed her a note and then left. “Might as well get comfortable, your parental unit got arrested when the officers tried to tell him about you, He accosted them and it took two of them to get him handcuffed. So that avenue is closed. I will make a phone call and see what might be left for us to pursue.

They fed me, some nutritious snacks, since to get a full meal I would have to be in Juvie or jail. Three hours later she re-entered with Susan behind her. Susan smiled and gave me a hug. The officer left us, closing the door behind her.

“Well Gene, you seem to have got yourself in quite a bind.” Everything had caught up with me. Sitting in the room for five hours, tends to make reality hit and hit hard. I broke into tears and tried to squeeze her to death. She comforted me, then set me down and explained how bad things are.

“Your father will most likely go to prison, the fight he started was pretty bad, both officers being hurt in the confrontation. After he was arrested they found, four outstanding warrants so he will be in jail until his court appearance and then moved to a prison for at least ten years.”

“Now for you, the items stolen were fairly valuable, so it will be grand larceny. The tapes showed you were there but only handled the merchandise. Your buddies did eventually confess to all the rest, so I might be able to get you out, but in someone’s custody. Now we come to you and me. Remember all the times I tried to show you there is other ways and you ignored me or told me to go to hell. Well that attitude and words just bit you in the butt hard.”

“Being that I have so much time invested in you I might be persuaded to help you, but it will cost you an enormous price.” I smiled a little, but she slapped me right across the face. “This will not be a free ride or a get out of jail free card. Now listen closely, I will only say this once. If you promise to obey me, every word I utter taken as a direct order I will take you to my home tonight and we will have further discussions. If you agree to all that I will present, you will stay with me. If not I take you straight to Juvie, a favor that I had called in the only thing getting you there and not in jail where you were headed since you are legally an adult.

Now you also need to know that I am a certified foster home for troubled youths. What I say goes, as far as the court system is concerned. This reputation has taken me years to develop and you are not going to ruin it for me or the others. Do we go to my home for further discussions or do you go straight to juvie?”

“Please can we talk some more. I will obey everything you tell me to do. I am scared shitless, and now totally alone other than you. I have ruined that also, why you are even here a mystery to me, but one that I am very thankful for.” She had me get up, then put the handcuffs back around my wrists behind my back. A pair of leg irons around my ankles with a foot long chain between the two for walking. I was led out, she stopped at the desk to sign me out then I am taken to her car. I was put in the back seat and my seat belt fastened. I started to complain about my hands behind my back, but one look from Susan and I shut up.

It took about an hour to drive to her house, she pulled into the garage the garage door closing behind us. I was unbuckled and led into the house directly to the downstairs bathroom. She released my cuffs and my leg irons told me to use the bathroom, remove all my clothes and put on the robe behind the door before coming out. Again I thought about a response but decided silence might be better. I did as she asked now shaking a little at what is happening. I put my hand up to my cheek, where she had slapped me hard. I rubbed it, letting out a huge sigh, my macho attitude now gone, meek and submissive a better description of me all of a sudden. Reality had set in hard, Susan’s way or jail.

I left the bathroom, Susan came and took my clothes and locked them in the trunk of her car. I have never seen her like this, all business, but a no crap taken attitude. I felt vulnerable now, no disguise to hide behind, and the tough male now locked up in her trunk. I was escorted to her kitchen, made to sit at her bar and then she locked one wrist to the side of the stool I was sitting on. She stared at me. “That is to remind you that this is serious, I will take no crap from you, no backtalk, no nothing other than your quick and immediate obeying of my every wish. Do we have an understanding?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes, mam I understand perfectly.”

Now what would you like to snack on, you have missed a couple of meals, so something to tide you over till dinner, or until I take you back to Juvie. I knew she always kept fruit so I asked for an apple or orange. She opened the refrigerator and removed one of each. She made no effort to release the other hand so I took the apple. The orange would require two hands to peel it.

As I nibbled she took a file, apparently all of my school and juvenile records in it, and spread it over the counter. She glanced at each sheet as she arranged it on the counter, I kept quiet, all of the things on the sheets of paper further proof of my unworthiness.

“I might have a solution for some of your troubles, you will not like it one bit, but then if it was something good, it might not help to correct your ways. We are going to ease into this tonight over the next couple of hours. Any refusal to do exactly as I say and that is the end of my trying, you will be back at Juvie within an hour. Now unless I give permission, you are not allowed to talk other than Yes mam.”

“We are going to Caroline’s room, you will behave yourself and do just as I and Caroline tell you to.” She unlocked my wrist, slid the robe from my shoulders and led me upstairs. I was beet red as I entered her room, she gave me a quick glance but didn’t say anything to me. Both of them examined me closely, my whole body now a shade of red. My male thing had shrunk from fright, but my legs and arms were their focus.

Caroline grabbed a few things from her vanity and led me into the bathroom. She showed me how to apply the cream, wait fifteen minutes and then take a shower. She helped me with areas I couldn’t reach, then left. I was shaking as I waited for the cream to do its thing. I knew I would be soon hairless, not sure why, but scared of Susan enough to not question her about it. The added humiliation of Caroline seeing me naked, having to apply the cream myself, all of those things making life so complicated right now. I wasn’t sure what Susan had in mind for me, the reality of the arrest, her threats to me did make me extra cooperative. I am sure she knew this, and was taking full advantage of it.

After the fifteen minutes I stepped into the shower, watching as the stream of water took all my hair with it. The tears rolling off my face just added to the misery that I was experiencing. The water suddenly went cold, I couldn’t find the knob to turn it off through my tears. It finally stopped, the door opened and I was handed a towel. Caroline showed me how to wrap it under my arms and led me back to the bedroom. I was beaten, and I knew it. Too much for my mind to think about, no options left for me to embrace. Susan’s way or no way seemed to be the only choice available.

I stood there in front of her, shaking and shivering, bawling like a baby. Susan approached me and held me tightly in her arms. I felt a second set of arms around me, comforting me and squeezing me just as tight as Susan. It was sometime later when I opened my eyes, now laying on Caroline’s bed, a sheet over me to help keep me warm. I don’t remember losing consciousness, my last thoughts were the two of them holding me tightly in their embrace.

I saw Susan sitting in a chair over in the corner watching me. “Awake now? Let’s continue we have lots to accomplish tonight.” I tried to sit up, only to find that I was restrained to the bed. The ties were not tight on my wrists and ankles, but were there none the less. She approached me then pulled the sheet back to reveal a few things laying on the bed next to me. She picked up a large object in one hand and set it on my chest. My head raised a little, she is going to put fake breasts on me. I started to panic, but realized that I really had no choice, so I laid my head back down and closed my eyes.

That wasn’t what Susan had in mind. “Open your eyes right now, I want you to see what is going to be done to you. Every step of the way, you will watch and accept it without doubt or words. You were the one that knew better, and we can see what that got you. Now it is going to be my way, an image that you will look at every day, reminding you of what your way got you.” She added adhesive, and plopped it down in my chest. Soon the second one joined the first, the weight of the forms much more than I anticipated.

“After every addition you will thank me for giving you these female additions. If I don’t hear it and am convinced that you mean it we will make a trip and it is all over.”

“Thank you Susan for the breasts, for the hairless body. I really don’t know what else to say. I am thankful for your help, you came to help when there is no one else. I do appreciate it, just not sure how to express it to you.”

She smiled. “That might get you a continuation of this indoctrination, but we are far from the end, we are just starting. She picked up another item from beside me on the bed, held it up so I could see what it was and then started gluing it over my penis. I closed my eyes just for a second then remembered what Susan said and my eyes sprang open. She was smiling as she saw that I had been listening to her. After she completed giving me a vagina, she waited and I almost choked getting my thanks out of my mouth.

“Thank you for the female sex organ, I couldn’t really say vagina the word would not come out of my mouth.” Susan shook her head, apparently I will have to say it. I stuttered some, swallowed trying to get my throat clear and whispered the word vagina to her. More shaking of her head and then she waited. It seemed to be an eternity, probably only a few minutes. When I saw her gathering her things I panicked.

“Please Susan, thank you so much for my vagina, I was unworthy of my penis, this is so much better.” I was coming apart, so much to accept, and so quick. “Please Susan make me over to your liking, I deserve all of it, just don’t leave me alone.” The tears came again, bucket after bucket until I ran out of water to make them with. She set by my side, holding my hand but withholding any further show of affection. She had told me a long time ago, that I had to earn the right to be loved, it just doesn’t show up. I asked her to release my hands I desperately need to give her a hug. She did and I tried to squash my new breasts against her body. We stayed that way for quite some time, Caroline coming in and asking if it is private thing or can she join in. Susan pulled back some and Caroline squeezed right in between us. It felt so good, something that I had never experienced as a child. To be loved and cherished, for me, a precious thing to be experienced.

Of course, Susan had to break up the hug. “More work to do, she still looks like Gene that is totally unacceptable.” They kissed me on the cheek, both of them proceeding to the next task. Caroline playing with my ears and Susan grabbing some nail polish. I made sure to make the thanks as sincere as I could manage. This was so foreign to me, the things they were doing to me never experienced before, not something a male would ever expect to happen to him.

My ears were pierced, nail polish on my finger nails and toes, my eyebrows almost totally removed, my longish hair put into a high ponytail tied with ribbons. Then came the clothes, panties and a bra first, then a slip was slid over them. A dress was next, full skirt with petticoats slid up under the dress’s skirt. The top of the dress fit me tightly around the chest, making sure my breasts were visible to everyone. Caroline added some mascara and lipstick, then a purse was handed to me. I held my breath, surely she isn’t going to take me out like this.

Wrong again, out to her car, Caroline and I in the backseat. I was shown how to enter a car in a skirt, keeping my skirt proper like a young lady. That was a kick in the stomach, but deserved I presume. A young lady, never in my wildest dreams did I foresee anything like this happening to me. Susan didn’t have to worry about me running away, dressed as I was I was so lost. I was dependent on the two of them for my continued existence, one wrong step and I would be just another statistic.

She pulled up outside a restaurant, one that Caroline and I had visited on one of our dates. It was frequented by a lot of our fellow students, so I was sure that I would be recognized and embarrassed even more. I tried to pull back some but Susan’s hand to the middle of my back guiding me stopped that attempt.

We were seated right out in the middle of the restaurant, where everyone could see the new me. I tried to sit the right way, then Caroline showing me how to do it properly and me having it repeat the maneuver. I had to order myself, my voice giving away my secret. Susan just acted like nothing was special, everything was normal. The waitress brought us our food, even refilled my glass of iced tea. One of Caroline’s friends came to the table, Susan was introduced and then me. They had deemed me to be a Gina, her friend didn’t make a scene, she and Caroline talked a few minutes then she went back to her family.

I was still shaking a little, this was way beyond anything I had done in my life, but somehow I had made it through the meal. Susan paid the bill and then we walked out. Instead of going to the car, we walked along the shops that were near the restaurant looking in the windows. “Well are you convinced yet of your ability to pass in public? Not one person caught on, referring to you as a female the whole evening. Now if you want to stay out of jail, you will live with me as a female until I see a complete turnaround of your attitude. The friend of Caroline is the Judges daughter, the Judge that is overseeing your custody or trial if you don’t want to take advantage of the offer before you.

Now let’s go home and I will fill you in on the rest of the conditions of your rehabilitation. The drive seemed much shorter, for one I was out of the spotlight, for two I was not dreading what might happen when we got home. Thinking back I probably should have.

In the house, a quick trip to the bathroom, then I am hustled to the living room. The bathroom trip would have been quicker, but way too many clothes in the way of doing what I so desperately needed to do. Susan smiled at me when I re-appeared, but no comment was made. I saw that on the coffee table was my damn file again, so there was more matters to be discussed than what I had figured.

It only took her a few moments to get her thoughts together, then she started. “Gina are you a participant in this or do I need to take you back?”

I stumbled for the words, I can tell she is not going to let me forget that one wrong step and I am history. “Yes, so far I am a willing participant. I can’t say that I agree on the punishment, but it is your call and I will obey you faithfully.”

“Okay, now for the rest of the terms of you time with me. Back to school, this time a small private school but as a freshman in high school. If you can show the teachers that you have mastered the material you will be promoted to the next level. I expect a 3.6 grade average minimum, no less. You will have perfect attendance unless you are in the hospital for some reason. No skipping school or the deal is off.”

Of course, attending school as a female, taking the appropriate classes and participating in all school activities. You will be fitted with a chip that will allow me to know where you are at all times. I will not take advantage of that chip unless you show me that you can’t be trusted. I expect some dating or socializing on your part, but nothing other than a movie or dinner out. If you like, Caroline will double date with you, to lend you some moral support. You will act like a normal female and do all the things they regularly participate in. Do we still have a deal or is this too much?

I nodded my head in approval, but Susan would have none of that. “Yes, I think I can handle that. When we get done with this I do have a question that I would like answered if you would be so kind.” I got a smile, even though that was probably the fanciest sentence that I have put together in my entire life. It took everything out of me, I doubted I could put another one together if I tried right now.

“Caroline and I did the basics today, to give you a hint as to what you will look like and the degree of your disguise. If you agree to my terms you will be transformed in a salon, to a female body and shown how to maintain that look. I expect to see my daughter Gina at all times, perfectly coiffed and with makeup, dressed appropriately and acting like the female that she is.”

“Now as to the rewards if you excel at what I want you to do. I will at the appropriate time pay for your college, provide transportation to that school and help you in obtaining a job that will be able to support you in life. If you so desire I will adopt you, making you a part of my family. I have always had a soft spot for you, but could never penetrate your thick skull. It all comes down to you, I have provided a way out of the mess, but at a huge price to you, your masculinity. If you can change your attitude and come out ahead in the next few years with our help, your future is bright and unlimited.”

“You know the alternative, I won’t remind you again. Your room is at the end of the hall, remove your dress, brush your teeth and use the makeup wipe on the vanity to remove your lipstick and mascara. You will find a nightie and matching pantie on the bed to wear tonight and I will be up to tuck you in shortly. Think it over tonight and give me your answer in the morning. Either way, it is up to you, your decision and your life. Now scoot.”

I did as she instructed quickly without thinking about it. I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when she came in to tuck me in. I received a kiss on the forehead as she arranged my sheets around me. I cleared my throat and asked why this way. She set down next to me on the bed, me moving over slightly to allow her more room.

“You have always been head strong, your exposure to some of your male friends the main problem. Having a dad like yours certainly never helped, probably made things worse for you. The lack of any kind of affection seemed to make you withdraw even more from life. Let’s face it you are a loner, you don’t have any friends, I doubt you even know how to act like a friend to someone else. For all of these reasons getting you out of your present rut is essential. You are eighteen, and don’t know how to act like an adult, so drastic measures are necessary. I have taken away your masculinity completely, forcing you to learn a different way of life or be sent to jail. I will keep reminding you of this, it is drastic, probably morally wrong but I will not give up on you. I prefer a loving daughter than a son who I have to identify on a slab in the morgue when he makes more wrong choices. If you prove to me that your attitude has changed by your actions, not words, I may relent and let you resume a male role later in life, but that is a long way off.”

“Another reason for the change is that you will make a pretty girl, a female that can easily make friends, blend in to society and maybe even have a little fun in life. I really doubt you have ever done anything that could considered to be fun, to go with a friend to a movie or dance. When you dated Caroline we both noticed how awkward you were, you had no idea how to treat a girl, or to show affection to her. Now you will be on the receiving end, pay attention and learn from each and every experience.”

“Go to sleep, I need an answer in the morning and then if you are game you have a salon appointment for the rest of the day after I get you chipped. I love you, always have, but you need to change and now.” I got another kiss and she turned out the light and left me.

I laid there for the longest time, she was right, always has been but I couldn’t see it before. Now I had no choice. Well I did have a choice, but I was sure that either Juvie or jail would lead to my eventual demise. I had seen a couple of my so called friends after serving some jail time, they were hardened criminals, only planning on what they could rob or steal to get drugs or worse. They were only out for a short time before they did something and landed right back in jail. One that I had known the longest was killed in an attempted robbery, his mother devastated at his loss.

I slipped off into dreamland, very thankful for Susan’s caring about me, something my father never did in my eighteen years under his care. I had decided, I would be Susan’s daughter and be the best daughter I could be, loving her and obeying her. I was woken early, when I looked at the clock on the nightstand it was only six AM. I tried my damndest to turn over and get a few more winks, but my butt landing on the carpet floor put a halt to that. On the other side of the bed was Susan holding one side of the mattress in her hands, she had lifted that side and deposited me on the floor giggling at my reaction. I remembered the situation immediately and got to my feet. I turned to head to the bathroom, but Susan wanted an answer first. I ducked under her arms and hugged her tightly. “Yes, I want to be your daughter if you will allow it, but first I have to go to the bathroom or I am going to pee in my panties. I got loose to head that way, but my butt did receive a carefully placed swat on the way.

I wiped as I should have, ran a little water on my face to help get me awake and then went to Susan. I walked right up to her, slipped under her arms again and hugged her. “Good Morning Mother, you know I love you. What do you have for me to do today?”

Susan pushed me back a few steps and giggled at me. “Who are you and what have you done with Gene?”

“Why Mother I am right here, but Gina is my name now, surely you remember my name. I am trying to act as your daughter, to please you and make you proud of me.” I am hugged by her, tears flowing quickly from my eyes. It feels so good, hoping that she will never stop hugging and loving me. After a good cry, she helped me get dressed in a sweat suit, and my sneakers from yesterday. Then out to her car and down to the courthouse.

I am led to the court section and immediately in front of a judge. He asked me some questions. Have I been told what Susan wants of me and do I agree to her terms? I answer yes to both, and then down a few doors and to another room. A tech is waiting inside and I am asked to lower my pants. I feel a wet alcohol rub then a pinch and I am apparently chipped now. Pulling up my pants we are back in her car and heading to the salon. All of this and it is only seven thirty in the morning.

Not knowing what to expect next is a little unnerving, but to have Susan near me is so reassuring. I like being her child, made to behave but loved and cared for at the same time. I am presented to a female at their reception desk and whisked away to my doom. I look back over my shoulder at Susan as she giggles at my forlorn look. She smiles, waves at me than disappears out the door.

It turns out to be a long day, the first hour I am waxed, the few remaining hairs on my body that escaped the cream last night are now gone. The fake vagina and breasts are removed before the waxing, every hair on my body below my neck has vanished. I never had to shave much, my facial hair sparse at best. Another cream was applied to my beard area, left on for forty minutes them removed. The faint beard shadow I once had was now gone, the tech telling me I would not have any facial hair in the future. I can’t truthfully say that bothers me.

Another more realistic vagina is glued to my groin, after junior is glued between my legs. My balls were popped back up inside my body where they came from for the duration. A sobering thought, a duration of unknown length. A machine is wheeled in, two cups are glued to my chest above my nipples then hoses are hooked up to the cups and the machine starts sucking the loose flesh on my chest into the cups. I close my eyes, then quickly open them fearing Susan is nearby. I stare at the ceiling, the sight on my chest is not something I want to look at.

I focus on my hands as two ladies start working on my nails. The polish that Susan applied last night is removed, my fingers are soaked in a liquid then filed and cleaned. Extensions are added, jutting way out in front of my original nail. I wonder how I will be able to do anything with these on my fingers. I have seen girls at school with similar nails, but never paid any attention to them. As Susan stated I was a loner, having nothing to do with anyone at school or in the neighborhood. The guys that I got arrested with the only attempt I made at joining in. We now know what that got me.

I feel my toes worked on next, but to look at what they are doing to them requires me to look past the cups on my chest. That is something I rather postpone for a while. An eternity later the machine shuts off, the pulsating that had permeated my mind eventually quits, and the tech removes the hoses from my chest adornments. She leans over me so that I have to look at her face. A smile is there, as she informs me that the cups stay on, dissolving eventually over the next few days. She helps me sit up, the sight of two large breasts situated on my former flat chest takes my breath away. The flesh in the cups wiggles a little, the feelings that causes in my body will definitely take some getting used to. The hardest thing to accept is they are mine, not glued on but an actual part of my body, maybe for longer than I first thought.

I would alternately close my eyes, then open them in a panic fearing Susan is there and watching me, her words have definitely made an impression on me. My hair is washed and conditioned, then I watched in amazement as my image morphed from a normal male to a gorgeous female. As she cut my hair, my former straight hair took on gentle curls framing my face in girlish delights. It was shortened quite a bit so that I could better care for it. Imagine me a former tough male fixing my hair and makeup every morning before I head off to school.

Then in the mirror, I see Susan at the door to the treatment room. The smile she sports is ear to ear, I look down for a minute her clearing of her throat all it takes for me to raise my head instantly. It has only been a short time, but I am already well trained. I look up at her as she approaches me, never losing eye contact with me. I am appraised, her smile indicating her approval of my new looks.

I am given some new clothes to wear. First a bra with cups large enough to handle my new breasts, of course, it has to be lacy and a light pink in color. Matching panties, ones that fit my new nether regions way too good. No lumps or other disruptions to the smooth front of the panties. Than a dress is provided, I look at it, the blush that overtakes my body makes me light headed. When I falter Susan grabs hold of my arm to support me. If there ever was a girly gurl dress, this is it. Lace and bows, a fitted bodice to empathize my breasts and a flared skirt that rivals Cinderella, only way too short. From mid-thigh down my now smooth legs to my toes are on display for all to see.

A pair of heels completes the illusion then Susan whisks me away from the salon. Back to the house, then to my bedroom. It has been changed, now it appears to belong to a young girl; canopy bed, lacy curtains, pastel colored walls and a huge teddy bear sitting right in the middle of the canopy bed. I hesitate, but then remember that I am that young girl and run to the bed grabbing the teddy bear and trying to squeeze it to death. I giggle a lot, laying on the bed with Teddy right next to me. I keep a firm hold on him as I glance around the room looking for more changes. The closet is now full, all dresses, skirts and blouses. A vanity near the closet door, makeup scattered across the top of it.

I swallow hard, get up to my feet and walk over to Susan, Teddy still in my one arm. I use my hands to embrace her, feeling her hands around my body pulling me and Teddy closer. I look up at her, tears running down my cheeks, and stutter a few words. “Thank you Mommy, you have made me so happy, and I will try and be the best daughter I can be. Just don’t leave me, I need your love so bad.” The embrace lasted for quite some time, I for one loved to be held and hugged, something I have never experienced before in my eighteen years of life.

Then Caroline comes in from school. takes a look at me and squeals, more hugs exchanged and then I am sat down on the bed and have to tell them everything that happened to me at the salon and if I like how I look now. From deep inside the little girl in me seemed to come alive, as I told them all about my changes, then had to get help getting out of my dress so that I could show them my breasts. I did stop at showing off my vagina, I was proud of it, but was still a little embarrassed at having one of my own.

Caroline helped me pick a different dress for dinner, then after applying some lipstick we both went down to the kitchen to help Susan make dinner. I was eager to learn how to cook, asking way too many questions, but I could see Susan swell with pride at my enthusiasm in learning something new. Even back when I was just dating Caroline, I think she saw the real me buried under so many layers of male pride, but wanting to break out of her prison. After I had helped her clean up, I walked over to her and gave her a big hug, then a tender kiss on the cheek while telling her how grateful I am for her trust and caring.

The hug lasted for a while, Caroline finally coming to see what was holding us up. She had the movie loaded up, we were going to watch a chick flick, then some hot chocolate before bed. The problem was she was the only one there, so she had to round-up the other participants. The two way hug became a three way hug before we finally headed to the living room and our movie. Before I could watch the movie I ran to my room and grabbed Teddie. With him held tightly in my arms I settled in between Sis and Mommy, wiggling my tush to get closer to them.

I found out my loafing was to be very short lived. The next morning I was dragged to her car and whisked away to my new school. I was wearing another dress, not quite as girly as yesterday but still quite feminine. I was introduced to the principal, given my class schedule and then taken to my first class. Everywhere I looked it was nothing but females. I felt vulnerable, like I was in another world. The teacher introduced me to the rest of the class, then everyone said hello. That was weird, never in all of my attempts at attending school was I greeted like I belonged. I felt like this was right, whatever this was.

No time to think as the teacher handed out a reading assignment, then five short questions on what the assignment was about. Oh Gawd, this is unreal, and Mom is expecting me to get good grades. I started on the assignment right away, not wanting to be the last to finish. I had to really concentrate, to figure out what I was reading, the teacher coming by a couple of times to check on me. I felt like the next time she came by I would be taken out of class, for not knowing what I was doing and unable to figure it out. The teacher, Ms. Stewart though seemed nice stopping and helping several students as they tried to do the assignment.

She looked to see where I was in the reading, then smiled at me and moved on. When the time was up she had everybody close their books and started asking questions. I shrunk down in my seat, not knowing any of the answers, since I barely finished reading the assigned pages. When the bell rang she asked me to stay and after everybody else had left she moved me up front. She wanted me to read aloud to her, I almost choked on the words. The jig is up, she will she how dumb I am and I will be ejected from the school. I didn’t even make it one day, before my past caught up with me.

She spent time with me, helping me sound out the words and asking questions as I went along. The thirty minute break between classes was spent with her helping me. She asked me to come back after my last class and she will help me finish the assignment. I got a hug from her, and she told me where my next class was and sent me on my way. I was so thankful, she seemed so nice and really interested in me, wanting me to learn. I have never had anybody interested in me, well except my new Mom.

The rest of the day was a repeat of this morning, although a couple of classes I managed to make it through the class doing the assignments properly and before the class ended. The other girls were nice, I was taken to a large table for lunch, where a lot of my classmates were seated. I tried to avoid the group, but they would not budge, as I was seated right in the middle of several girls. I played with my food, not because it wasn’t good but because I didn’t know how to act around the girls. By the time lunch was over I had several new friends, talking about things girly and about clothes. I was quieter than usual since I knew very little about what they were talking about, but did pop in here and there with a comment. It felt nice to be included for a change, one of the girls going with me to my next class.

I went back to Ms. Stewart after the day ended and she greeted me with a huge hug. She spent an hour with me giving me some pointers on how to remember what I was reading and comprehending what the author meant. Mom found me there, as she hugged me so tight, but oh it did feel so good. They talked for a few minutes then I was bundled off home.

School was anything but easy, every day I was nervous about my limited ability compared to the other girls in my class. Susan or Caroline would help me with my homework when I had some, explaining things the best they could. About six weeks into my schooling I was even with the others and had learned a lot. I had friends at school, and had been invited to try out for their dance group. The school was too small for cheerleaders, but one of the instructors was a Broadway dancer, so she had an after school class in dancing. Every year they would put on a small recital for parents and fellow schoolmates. Some of the recitals were quite good, even attracting some professional people to see the show.

I was nothing but four left feet in the first few weeks of the class, but vowed to stick it out to see if I could learn something. That is something I had never done in my life, usually any kind of problem and I was walking away from the activity. I got to where I loved the class, bugging Mother for dance shoes or another leotard. Susan always giggling at my enthusiasm and actions. Then somewhere around the second month of the classes I noticed Susan at the back of the dance studio with some of the other parents, a huge smile plastered on her face. From that day on she attended every one of my dance classes, telling me afterward how proud she is of me. Wonderful words to my ears, a loving caring parent that shows interest in her daughter’s interests.

After some help with my homework one evening I asked her if she would still consider adopting me. Susan attacked me squeezing every last breath out of me, while she was kissing my face. I looked up at her, Mommy I love you so much, I want to be your daughter for real. We both collapsed in buckets of tears, Caroline coming in to see what all the commotion is about and joining in not knowing what we were crying about until later.

I did get adopted, when I was taken before a judge to make it official, there was so many tears shed. I was so happy, to be a part of a family that cared for me, a wonderful feeling. On the way home I was as close to my new Mom as I could get, fearful if I didn’t hang on it would all turn out to be a dream. Susan realized what I was doing and stopped and hugged me hard. It felt so good.

As I grow up I hope to be like my Mom, a wonderful caring female that had a soft spot for me and to have been given one last chance in life with her. A chance I will not waste.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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