Callie; Mystery Solved

I looked at the phone, the number displayed, not one I recognized. “Hello, Walker Investigations, how may I help you?”

“Is this Cal?” The voice on the other end sounded familiar, but maybe not. It couldn’t be her, it has been years since I saw her last.

“Yeah this is Cal, who may I say is calling?”

“Yep you are still the same Cal I knew in school, formal, prim and proper. I need to talk to you about a problem I am having that you might be able to solve for me. I know you don’t recognize the voice, it has changed over the years. This is Francine, the one you spent two summer camps with and got you into so much trouble.”

“Oh my gawd, it just can’t be! You just fell off the face of the earth, and now you are calling me. Yes, I want to meet you somewhere; you have a lot of explaining to do. Name the place and time and I will be there.”

“Are you free now?”

“Yes, nothing scheduled for the rest of the day. Since it is nearly five, I doubt I will get any more customers.”

“Open your front door and get in the limo parked outside; Jennifer my driver will bring you to me.”

“I have a feeling that I am about to step into shit, but I will do as you want.” I heard giggling from her end of the phone. Then she hung up on me, no good-bye, see you soon just silence. Just like old times, I followed in her wake, not questioning what was suggested or how it would be done.

I opened the front door to my office and let out a low whistle, a BMW was sitting there with a gorgeous female by the open door. She helped me in and handed me a drink, a Vodka Collins, the same drink I have indulged in for many years. She moved quickly into the driver’s seat and we were off. Luckily I remembered to lock the office as I emerged from it, the car and the driver almost taking my breath away. I have always loved BMW’s, maybe one day I will be able to afford one for myself. This one was loaded, leather throughout, with deep plush carpeting. The car was white with an inordinate amount of chrome gracing the trim of the car. The engine must have been modified as the car was much more energetic than your normal BMWs.

Soon, we were on the freeway, doing the legal speed limit with no hesitation. She drove me to the north side of town, and then headed toward Scottsdale, the extreme northern part of Scottsdale to be exact. It was all custom homes out there, on twenty plus acre lots. It was in a gated community that we entered, then drove another five minutes to her house. Since we flew past the guard house, I take it she is an owner here, although I have heard they do rent out some of the houses for short periods of time. We pulled into a garage and the door closed behind us. The lady got my door, and then led me inside. When we got to the office at the end of the hall, she opened the door for me. I took a step in and was hugged from the side by a totally awesome female that was several inches taller than me.

She has changed a lot from the scraggly kid that I used to spend time with. I was dragged to a sofa, pushed down, as she parked her magnificent body right next to me. There was no room between our thighs, the smirk on her face brought back many memories of our school time together. I was still trying to see all the changes, her beauty quite awesome. Whenever I was around her, I was mesmerized by her aura, and in quite a few instances, in trouble with her as she was totally wicked in her thoughts and actions.

She got right down to business, still the same person I knew many years ago. I wanted to hear about her, but she wanted to discuss her problem. Even when we were getting into trouble years ago, she was the focused one, always analyzing and changing the agenda as we rolled through life. I was a follower, eager to join in, but oblivious to the possible consequences. When we did get into trouble, she was always by my side, never abandoning me, although it would have been easy enough those countless times.

“I need your expertise in a matter at one of my salons. The salon is fairly large, employing over a hundred employees. We do over three million a year at this particular salon. I have a feeling there is something going on, not necessarily good. I have not been able to pin it down, everywhere I look, leads to a dead end. I have scrutinized the books several times, and have not found any discrepancies, but I still have a bad feeling. On the surface, everything seems to be normal there; the manager is doing a good job business wise, her profit margin is excellent, but I still have a nagging feeling that something is going on.

“There is nothing standing out, but when in the salon, something just doesn’t feel right. I have over two hundred salons, and this is the only one I have those feelings in. I checked around and found out that you come very highly recommended these days. I must commend you on staying out of trouble after I had corrupted you in your youth” she said with a grin.

“I have a house down the street for you to stay at while you do me this favor. I know you will want to do this for me free of charge, out of the goodness of your heart, however, I will pay all your expenses. My sources say you have no jobs pending at the moment, so you can start tomorrow. I have a fake identity set up for you; Jennifer and the BMW are yours to use. Since we do not know where this will lead, or who is involved, I want to stay out of the picture. Jennifer can get me messages or questions to me as needed, then get the answers back to you.

As of this moment, you are a rich playboy, who wants to experience some of the female side of things. You have set appointments three times a week, where one step towards a female life can be experienced with each appointment; a slow and gradual easing into the female role in life. That should give you plenty of time to explore the salon and its employees to see if you can detect what is amiss. I have given you a job at one of my businesses in town, a cover story for while you are here; but have allowed you a week to get accustomed to the role first before you start your new job.

So do we get started tomorrow?” I looked at her, amazed at what she had told me. Nothing with her had changed, still head strong and full speed ahead.

“I have not said yes yet. Maybe I want to think about it some. You do realize, I do nothing for free anymore; a friend from school many years ago, teaching me to charge what I am worth. I will take it into consideration, and let you know tomorrow sometime.”

She got up, then pulled me up from the sofa. She started unbuttoning my shirt, as I tried to slow her down, she unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor. Yep, she has not changed in the least behavior wise. I just stood there as she finished undressing me; her actions turning me on very easily. I did kick my shoes off, to help out, but the rest, she handled with no trouble. I was given a short lacy robe that came to the top of my thighs, and then, she called out to Jennifer that I was ready. As Jennifer led me to the door, I was handed several files about the salon I would be investigating, plus, a short hug as we left the room heading for the car. I did turn around to see Francine throwing my male clothes in the garbage with a shit eating grin on her face and giggling.

Yep, nothing has changed in the nine years since I had seen her last. I have been with her all of an hour, and obviously I’m in trouble again, this time maybe worse than before. In the past, when I stumbled into the do-do, I was not naked with an almost see through robe on, and being taken to my new home. Jennifer got the door for me and we rode down the street a few blocks then pulled into another garage. Sitting on leather seats naked will be forever etched in my mind now, the lace of the robe trying its best to stir things up, successfully I might add. Surprisingly my male thingy has always been slow to rise to the occasion, this however has him hiding in his brunette thatch. It twitched often, inflated a little, but was apparently scared to death to do much more. I am sure being naked with only a lacy robe on was having a subtle effect on him.

The house was huge, a drawn out ranch style that seemed to go on forever. I was escorted straight to my bedroom, helped out of the robe, and then handed a pair of panties and negligee. I slipped into them as she turned back the covers for me, helped me into bed, and then left for parts unknown. I doubt she saw my facial expression as the nightie slid over my shoulders, pure unadulterated bliss. I just sat there with the pillows behind my back, leaving me in a somewhat upright position. Jennifer returned with a glass of green iced tea, and the files I was given earlier. She suggested an early night since I had my first appointment at seven A.M. the next morning.

As she was heading for the door, I asked her if this is how it is all the time with Francine. “You were her friend in school, answer you own question.” That remark was punctuated by an immense bout of giggling as she passed through the door. She closed the bedroom door and went down the hall. I sipped the iced tea, reading as much as I could about the people running and working for the salon. I laid the files on the nightstand, then realized that I had not seen any of the house except a glimpse of the kitchen, the hall and this bedroom. I noticed two doors at the other end of the bedroom, presumably a bathroom and a closet.

I slipped out of the bed, and checked out the doors, suddenly needing a bathroom fairly quickly. The first door opened into a huge closet lined with dresses, skirts and blouses. The floor was covered with racks of heels, all of them looked to be a challenge to wear. Not a pair of jeans or athletic shoes to be seen anywhere. I closed that door and opened the second. I took in a deep breath, this one opened into the bathroom, and what a bathroom it was. The tub at the far end was in the old style, footed and in pink porcelain. The look was antique, but the size of the tub was what was impressive. Almost eight feet long, and over four feet wide, with jet holes all around the tub. The hoses for the jets were done in stainless steel, bent to follow the shape of the tub on the outside. It truly was a work of art.

I found the toilet, also in pink porcelain, with a fluffy seat cover. I raised the seat and sat down. I quickly rose up, the seat was warm as if it was heated. I checked it with my hand, it indeed was heated. I seated myself again, and did my business. While I was sitting there, I realized how quickly things had changed. My panties around my ankles, and the negligee over my body, the most telltale changes. I looked up to the opposite wall and saw my image in the wall of mirrors. I chuckled, even partially clothed I looked surprisingly female.

Like when we were together in school, I did as she suggested, not thinking of what it might lead to. The meeting today was a prime example. Nine years since I had seen her, one hour in her house, and I am naked and being led to another house, where I will live as a female, at least, in looks for the next few months. Then, the realization that if I don’t find anything out in a short amount of time, I may be quite female before this is over. Oh well, I have never been able to hold my own with her, I doubt I will develop a backbone now, or have any better luck evading her wishes this time around. There is just something about her that makes you want to please her.

I washed my hands and returned to bed, the negligee performing its magic on my body. I eventually drifted off to sleep, memories of our exploits in school running through my mind. I guess I dreamed during the night, my negligee wrapped tightly around my body, requiring me to twist and turn to free myself. Another stint in the bathroom, that warm seat on the toilet so nice. As I made it back to bed, I noticed Jennifer had laid out clothes for me to wear today. Nothing extremely feminine, but still it was a skirt and blouse. The colors were tan and ivory, not overly feminine colors, but those two items did lead my body into a decidedly feminine look.

I was shook awake, Jennifer quite persistent in her actions. She pointed to my clothes on the chair, then proceeded to the door. When I questioned no underwear, Jennifer just smiled. She did help me brush my hair, before I was pushed out of the bedroom.

Jennifer told me that everything else would be handled at the salon. Out to the car, and thirty minutes later, I was being checked in for my first appointment. The salon was huge and filled to capacity even at this ungodly hour in the morning. Everywhere I looked, I saw females in some stage of being made beautiful. If indeed a lot of these are natural males, they are quite good at their trade.

I was taken back to a treatment room, and my clothes removed. A stack of papers were presented to me, I briefly glanced at them, and then signed them all. A mouthpiece was slid into my mouth to whiten my teeth, when I bit down on it, I realized that my teeth were stuck in the whitener. Now naked and with no voice, an interesting start to the day.

Losing my body hair was first on the agenda today. Two ladies came into the room and started preparing things. As I was looking around the room, I noticed a sign above the door with prices for hair removal. There was a choice of a chemical treatment or waxing. I scribbled on a pad that I was given, asking what treatment I would receive? The younger of the two, told me what I would be waxed, a treatment they don’t do much anymore because of the pain and expense. The cream much more effective, and cheaper. I need to ask Jennifer later about this, I think I have been had, on second thought, I am sure of having been severally taken advantage of, translation I am now considered a ditzy blonde, no thinking and a lower IQ. Again Francine, up to her usual tricks.

Another ten minutes, and they started. Between the two of them, they handled the task with great precision. One spreading the wax, the other applying the cloth and ripping it off. I guess I should be thankful for the mouthpiece, my screams were quite muffled before they had a chance to leak from my mouth. I can now attest to the fact that it is painful from personal experience.

It took them almost two hours to totally eliminate all of my body hair. Below the hair on the top of my head, there was not a single hair follicle left. That included my eyebrows, my groin area, even between my ass cheeks. It was certainly a different feeling. Since I was still naked, outbreaks of goose pimples were popping up everywhere. My mouthpiece was eventually removed, the mirror showing how brilliant white my teeth were now. The mirror also showed how smooth and flawless my skin appeared, now that the hair had been disposed of. There was some redness of the skin, but even that was fading some on the areas that were done first.

With speech possible again, I tried to start a conversation with the ladies, Suzie the younger of the two, wanted to know how far I was going to proceed. I told her it was still up in the air, one step at a time, then, maybe on to another step. She confided in me that if I continue, I will be quite pretty, my body and face easily feminized. She treated my body with an amazing cream, rubbed on every part of my body, yes even there. It was scented like hyacinths, now my body smelled the same, definitely not a masculine scent.

I slipped on my clothes, a very different feeling with no hair on my body. Still no underwear, a very unusual feeling with junior swaying underneath the skirt. I signed for the bill, then set up front waiting for Jennifer to pick me up. We had arranged for her to take her time coming to get me that would allow me to look around and maybe talk to some of the other staff.

I was fascinated at what I saw, Francine has quite a gold mine here, the large salon almost full, at least a hundred customers, and no telling how many technicians. Very few customers were recognizable as males or former males. From my view up front, I could pick out maybe fifteen possible males. The rest looked like genuine females. The hard part to grasp is that they all looked beautiful. I know that is a widely underrated word, but most of the salon’s customers would be considered quite beautiful, at least a seven on a scale of ten.

Like Francine, I didn’t see anything questionable going on, most everybody just doing their job to the best of their ability. The customers enjoying the services performed on them, quite often looking to the mirrors at their reflections. Jennifer arrived, and I was helped into the car, and we headed back home. I figured some lunch, and then I could play some computer games for the rest of the afternoon. Wrong, my partner and co-hort in this scenario had other things in mind.

I did get the lunch, some salads that were already prepared in the refrigerator. Jennifer told me that Francine’s cook would be making our meals, and she would pick them up during the day. The hot meals would be warmed in the convection oven, salads and desserts kept in the refrigerator. We finished the salads, and I looked through the rest of the house.

One room was set up with exercise equipment that looked very professional. There was an office in one of the bedrooms, with a computer and some office equipment. My bedroom, Jennifer’s bedroom, a kitchen, dining room and a huge living room. At the end of the last room a huge fireplace taking up the entire wall. That room had outside access to a huge patio, running the whole length of the house. The patio was enclosed, glass for the walls and ceiling. Like being in a greenhouse. Right in the middle of the patio was a brick fire pit, almost six feet across. The patio roof over the pit was open, with only a metal grate to keep out unwanted intruders. I was very impressed.

Jennifer found me, leading me back to my bedroom. I was set on the edge of the bed and my feet were slipped into some heels after having some knee-highs slid up my leg. I tried to protest, but Jennifer was just as stubborn as Francine, and just as focused. Soon, I was prancing around the room in four inch heels. I did stumble at first, but she gave me some pointers, after that, it was much easier. An hour of walking around the house, then a stroll outside through the patio into the back yard. I was surprised to see a flagstone walk that lead through the surrounding landscape, then circling around to come back to the patio.

Unfortunately, another hour was spent making the circuit, every time I slowed down, Jennifer would show up to urge me on. After two and a half hours in the heels, I was allowed to sit in the office, my feet and calves of my legs most appreciative. The files from last night handed back to me, and the door closed as she went to torture someone else. Boy, talk about a task master, she is definitely one of the best in her trade. I wonder if she was trained as a drill sergeant, her behavior and actions just like a few sergeants I have had experience with several years ago.

I managed to get through all the files, nothing notable or standing out. I did have some connections in government and was able to run a security check on all of her employees. It came back with all of them squeaky clean. Two had traffic tickets, and that was from five years ago. Every once in a while, Jennifer would check on me, then go back to what she was doing. When she saw I was through with the files, she handed me a disc to be inserted into the computer. When it loaded, it was a voice training program for transsexuals. So I spent the next three hours, until dinner, practicing my female voice.

Quite often Jennifer would come in and listen for a while to see how I am was doing. When she came to tell me dinner was ready, she had a spray bottle with her. She asked me to open my mouth and she sprayed one pumps’ worth down my throat. It felt cooling, and also seemed to soothe my vocal cords. When I asked her what we were having for dinner, a distinctly feminine voice was heard. I put my hand up to my mouth and tried again, the same result as last time, soft and delicate.

I came to the realization that my three times a week appointments were not the only source of changes for my body. At the end of the first day, walking in heels, a very feminine voice, along with no body hair, spoke of how quick I was progressing towards a female persona. The dinner was good, but obviously, I was thought to be too fat, since a salad with grilled chicken was all I received. Don’t get me wrong, it was scrumptious, just not as filling as I was used to. I tried to get her to pity me some, my best puppy dog look getting me absolutely nothing. Well she did giggle a lot at my facial expressions, but still no more food.

Jennifer apparently was getting used to me some, we talked during dinner and then walked the path outside several times to help work off our meal. She coaxed a little of my history out, giggling at some of the things that Francine and I did, along with the trouble that invariably followed us. She has been working for Francine for six years, taking on projects as needed for her boss. I am the latest project, but she would not tell me any more info about this latest assignment of hers.

When we got back to the house, she suggested a card game, something to while away the hours till bedtime. We ended up playing twenty-one, after several hands, I realized how bad a player I was. Jennifer was confident, decisive and ruthless with her playing, taking almost every hand, even if she had squat for cards. In between hands, we talked a lot, even about the problem at the salon. Jennifer did agree with Francine that something was going on there.

I got a different nightie for bed that night, and a thong for underwear, it was so brief, my penis barely fitting in the small patch of fabric in the crotch. The nightie was long and lacey sweeping the floor with its hem. What surprised me was Jennifer braiding my longish hair and adding a ribbon to secure it. After using the bathroom, one look in the mirror and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer until my image would be all girl. Even I could see the female in me emerging, and this is only after one day.

The next day, she actually let me sleep in till nine. I need to thank the gods for that. Back in the heels, then underwear, consisting of a loose fitting bra with matching panties. According to Jennifer, the bra is just to get me used to the constriction around my chest. Nothing in the cups yet, but I knew it wouldn’t be empty long. The matching panties felt good to slip on; yesterday, without any on, made me appreciate having something to confine junior with. They were bikini cut, but did manage to cover the necessary appendage. A different skirt, this one hugging my thighs tightly, restricting my movements. The blouse was absurd, I didn’t think it possible to get this much lace on a blouse. Long sleeved and a fitted collar with lace hanging from the cuffs and bunched up around my neck. Even though my bra was empty, the blouse gave the illusion that I was very well endowed.

Then, I was shown the heels, I let out a groan as she slipped them on my feet. Two dainty straps to hold them on my feet, and five inches of a slender stiletto like heel. I didn’t say anything to Jennifer, but my stare was trying to burn holes in her face. Just like Francine, she just smirked and buckled up the other heel. Up on my feet, and led to the kitchen, where a shake was to be my only nourishment. Again, another of my looks, her curt reply is that you have twenty pounds to lose, and it will be gone or else. I did not ask about the or ‘else’. Another confirmation that she was an ex DI from one of the armed services. She certainly sounds and acts like one.

Outside again, and back to walking the circuit around the yard. Somehow, Jennifer has missed her calling, I am sure they always need another dominatrix, especially one this well trained and skilled. She had a way about her, just like Francine when we were younger. A whip was not necessary, just her determination, and her stare got me to do as I was told. After my stroll, I had to help her clean the kitchen, the counters and the few dishes we had used all that needed to be done. Once that was handled, back to the office, where I was given a list of the employees of the salon and their area of expertise. My appointment tomorrow was for breasts, then depending on what I felt about the list I’d been given, I would be able to select the best people or person to pursue; I could change my appointments to be around them as they worked on me.

After I had memorized most of the employees, and their area of expertise, the afternoon was spent trying on clothes to see what needed adjustments. We had a small pile, that Jennifer would get altered, and returned to us later in the week. Dinner was actually some food, a pasta dish with broiled sirloin strips and sautéed vegetables. It was so good, but when I saw the portion size that was on my plate, I almost cried. I did get dessert, a banana with chocolate sauce sparingly gracing the top, oh, and one single solitary cherry midst the chocolate.

Tonight, I watched security coverage of the salon, four hours worth to see if anything stood out. I pinpointed one tech that maybe was trying to conceal something, Jennifer telling me that was Wanda, their nail tech. I asked Jennifer to get me an appointment with her as soon as possible and we will go from there.

The next day’s appointment was not at seven, but eight AM, and is still too damn early in my book. The addition of breasts was done in a treatment room at the back of the salon. A large machine was wheeled in, just the size of it intimidated me a little. Two cups were glued to my chest, centered over my nipples. Hoses were hooked up to that and the machine was switched on.

Instantly, some of my flab on my chest was sucked into the cups. As I looked closer, the cups seemed to be huge, way bigger than a normal female would want on her body. There was no one to ask about it, the rhythm of the pulsating pump kind of lulling me into sleep. When I woke later, it was too late, the cups already filled to the brim. I wasn’t sure what to think, imagining any part sucked from my body, would not just go back in when not wanted anymore. When I looked at the clock on the wall, five hours had passed. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

With the machine turned off, the hoses were unhooked and a spray was applied to the forms. A hair dryer was used to treat the forms next, the forms softening some, but still physically intact. I was told in a day or two the forms would dissolve completely leaving only soft breast tissue behind. I was still in awe at the size of them, I had dated some in my life, although encountering very few females with breasts this big.

I was given a bra to wear, its cups very comforting as my new breasts settled in. I wondered as I was situating my new breasts in the cups better, why a breast form glued to my chest might be just as effective for my purposes. Another question for Francine, although I doubt I will get any answer in a timely manner. That question to join the others in que, maybe Jennifer can help obtain an answer this week. Then a thought, it doesn’t make any difference since I already have them and they are now part of me.

Any more thoughts on that subject were interrupted as Wanda came in getting ready to give me long nails. She laid extensions by each of my fingers, then soaked my fingers in a solution in a bowl. I would have thought Jennifer would have just got me a manicure appointment, not long elegant extensions. She and I talked as my nails were prepared, then, the extensions were glued to my nails. A stint under a UV light would make them permanent until my own nails grew out. I am not sure I liked the word permanent used in this manner.

She would wander off when my hands were under the UV light, but I didn’t see anything nefarious being done or talked about. Once the nails had been set, a clear base coat, then three coats of polish, followed by a clear top coat were applied, each one set under the UV light before she continued. I did find out that longer nails severally limited the use of my fingers. After stabbing myself several times, I stopped trying to do things for myself in self-preservation. The color and the shine was what made them unforgettable. I am sure anyone looking in my direction would notice them, well maybe after a glance at my breasts. There was no verdict on Wanda, I saw nothing nefarious during my time with her.

As I was waiting for Jennifer, I talked with the receptionist about the business and the customers. She has been here for three years, loving her job and all the people she gets to meet every day. I did notice she marked her big book on the front counter with an X when something on a list attached to my name was completed. I need to check in on that, the list and what it was for.

Back to my home, since we missed lunch with the double appointments, Jennifer said dinner would be ready earlier, with us eating around four P.M. My stomach growled its disapproval, but it didn’t change anything. Some more walking, while helping with my weight some, I am sure walking in anything but heels would now require some effort on my part. Since this adventure started, I have not been in a pair of heels less than four inches high, now walking as a female just automatic, my back end swaying a little as I make my way around the house and yard.

Dinner was some rice and beans, very good, but after thirty minutes, I swore I had not eaten anything. Entertainment tonight was another card game, Jennifer wanting to play strip poker. I raised my eyebrow at that, well, what was left of them after the waxing. She actually let me win a couple of hands, me getting to see her bra and underwear. It was short lived though, she taking the next five hands with ease. I had my panties left and that was all. I swear it had suddenly turned chilly in the house, I was shivering as we played one more hand. You guessed it, she called my last bid, asking if I wanted to add to the stakes some. Stupid me agreed, she would be naked if I won the pot and a piece of paper representing an item of apparel to be added to my body was placed in the pot, since I had no more items to be removed other than the panties.

I never looked what was on the piece of paper, figuring I was going to win this anyway, since I had two queens in my hand and a deuce, that wild card that would give me three queens, almost guarantying me a winning hand. Well karma is a bitch apparently, as she had a straight and I had lost again, I was dragged to the bedroom, my panties left on my chair at the table.

Standing by the bed, as she removed a lacy garment from my closet. She wrapped it around my chest and stomach hooking the front as she went. Then, around to my back and she started taking in the laces. I had never had any experience with one, not even aware of what it was used for, it did have dainty half cups that nestled underneath my new breasts. As she tightened the laces I found my waist shrinking and my breathing become much more difficult.

She stopped her tightening for a minute. “Don’t you just love your corset?” she said with a teasing smile.

“No, I can’t say that I do.” Then the tightening resumed, and for the next hour she tried to cut me in two. Finally, she stopped and tied off the laces, moving a strip of material that was to the side of the laces over the laces and took two small padlocks and locked the lacing strip up. “All secure and locked up, it will be much easier to stay on your diet now; no room for any food in your stomach always helps with diets,” she stated with a smile. It had been handled so fast, I was still trying to get used to the tightness of the garment. How that lightweight piece of lace could grip me so tight, making breathing almost impossible. I could get breaths, but only small ones, making me extremely light headed for a while.

This definitely shows that I had stopped my schooling after junior college, I walked right into this one, and am now securely locked up for who knows how long. Like I said, Jennifer and Francine are so identical, almost as if they were directly related. It took me quite a while to get used to the tightness of the corset, a little past midnight, I finally fell asleep for a short period of time; then I had to get up, the corset pressing on my kidneys requiring more frequent bathroom visits. I was still hungry some, but was sure there was no room for anything that I might procure.

Morning again, more time in the heels, then I was taught how to do laundry. To be specific Jennifer’s and my lingerie, okay, bras, nighties and panties for the inexperienced. It seems that one pair of panties a day is not sufficient, any reason to change clothes needs fresh panties. With the corset locked on, I won’t be contributing to the number of bras for a while. At least that will help for future laundry days.

After the laundry was handled, teaching me the proper ways to sit, both in a chair and the car was tackled. Other subjects included, how to pick up something from the floor and keep modest, also proper dining room etiquette. After three hours of this practice, I asked Jennifer flat out what any of this had to do with me finding out what was going on at the salon. Her one word answer, ‘nothing’. I stared at her, finally she broke out in giggles, and said, “It does keep your mind occupied and functioning.”

The instruction kept up for the rest of the afternoon, I was almost looking forward to going back to the salon tomorrow so I could rest some. But, then again, that meant another step towards femininity. Looking in the mirror, my image couldn’t stand many more steps without changing the sex on my driver’s license.

Of course, the exercise equipment had to be utilized, you can’t have all of that equipment just sitting there, it needs to be used. For the next three hours that is what I did. Exercising would maybe be tolerable, but in the corset it was pure agony. Of course, using the exercise equipment was not to be done without my heels on. Jennifer was pleased when I completed the time, back in my bedroom, she was able to tighten my corset some, the exercise helping tone down my flab.

I was spared an early morning wake-up call, getting to sleep till almost nine A.M. In a skirt and blouse, of course, some heels and we were off to the salon. This time, I suspected my male apparatus would get hid, but they surprised me again by focusing on my hair. After it was washed and conditioned, a foul smelling paste was spread throughout, making sure the hair roots were covered. From the light color of the paste, I sensed my hair color was to change, most likely to the blonde tones. It took quite a while for the bleach to lighten my brunette hair, then, several conditioners were applied and let set. Then, the hair was sectioned and another paste was applied to selected sections, a pinkish blonde in color and wrapped in a piece of foil. One of my girlfriends had this treatment, her highlights making her so feminine. I guess I will join those ranks, as soon as the paste has done its job.

While waiting for all of this to be done, I had ample opportunity to chat with the girls and a few customers while I was under the dryer, before I was hauled away for another treatment. I did hear DGF mentioned several times, but had not had the opportunity to ask what that stood for yet. About the time an opening came up in the conversation, I was moved or leaned back to have another treatment applied. Maybe that is what is going on behind the scenes.

It was never kept a secret per se, but there were only a few ladies talking about it in the salon. When somebody new was around, I noticed it was not brought up. Finally my hair treatments were apparently done as my hair was now set in curlers, a multitude of them in several sizes. Before the hair was wrapped around the curler, it was saturated in a spray, then wound tightly. I felt like each section of hair was being slowly pulled out by the roots. I am sure it was just the tight rolling, but it sure felt like I was being punished.

I did manage to find a little about what DGF was, something new that only recently came upon the scene. What they did though, evaded me. It seemed that everyone who had heard about it was looking forward to taking advantage of their services, whatever they were. The letters apparently stood for Destination Gender Female.

Under a dryer for almost forty minutes, then my hair checked to see if it was indeed dry. Once it was deemed dry enough, I was taken back to a stylist chair and the curlers removed. I had perfect rolls of hair, the exact same size as the curler all over my head. She took a brush and started loosening the curls some. Immediately, they popped back although not quite as tight a curl as before. She applied some heat from a hand held hair dryer while continuing with the brushing. End result is a new hair style absolutely covered in curls bouncing all over the place. Longer curls over my ears, and the curls at the back of my neck still longer yet. It was a very feminine style, not something you would ever find on a member of the male gender.

As she was adding some hair spray, I was told that the setting lotion used, would keep my curls for months, the only thing necessary to regain the hair style was to brush it lightly and add a little hair spray. Another concerned thought entering my mind, but I dismissed it immediately, she would not even consider doing something like that to me would she? Time will tell, now finished, time to wait until Jennifer comes to pick me up.

I did keep thinking about it though, we were pals back then, sharing all of life’s experiences. Closer than most friends, but never anything more. Even when she started to change, I still treated her the same, for she was still the same person I knew and cared for, just packaging it different than in times past. I often felt the same pull that swept Francine along her path, but for me, it was easy to keep it under control. At least, I thought I was keeping it under control in my mind. But the thought that this was some elaborate scheme to sweep me along, had already seen the light of day; I doubted I could put it back and stop thinking about it.

I was getting friendly with all the technicians now, most of them calling me by name and even with my limited memory, I was remembering their name too. Talk about our hairstyles, some new makeup or color, all were subjects of our conversations. We even talked about Jennifer, my taskmaster. Most of them knew her from previous encounters. She was a trusted employee of Francine’s, very efficient and definitely no nonsense. I concurred on that last statement wholeheartedly.

According to the other techs, she used another one of the company’s salons for her beauty needs, one closer to Francine’s home. It was a slightly smaller salon, but did almost twice the business of this salon. The reason being, that it was closer to the wealthier clientele of Scottsdale; they treasured their private beauty time, and willingly paid for it. Another interesting piece of information I need to check into. If Jennifer is only working for Francine, why is she using the pricier salon for her beauty services, I would think the cheaper salon would help her stretch her salary more?

At times, I think the only mystery here is why I am here? There are rumors abound, but mostly just that. I have not seen anything nefarious going on, her employees are all thrilled to be working for her, willing to do anything she asks them to do.

That reminds me, I am supposed to be working for her in a job after this week, and I have no idea what it is, or what it entails. Jennifer walks in at exactly that point, smiles and leads me out. I have noticed that most of the salon’s customers are led around, her employees taking their hands and leading them to the next service or task. I guess because since we hope to portray a female that makes us slightly submissive. Oh shit, I just included me in that ‘we’, I guess along with everything else, I have slipped further into this feminine trap, probably providing Francine with some chuckles.

We didn’t head back to the house as usual; this time driving into town. I watched out the windows as we traveled through downtown Scottsdale, and toward the clubby area of town. It was half way between Scottsdale and Tempe, a university town, so the area pulled patrons from both areas. A couple of country bars, known for their line dancing, several upscale restaurants, a nightclub or two, and a teenage hangout that did not serve alcoholic drinks, at the far end of the block. Jennifer pulled up in front of one of the nightclubs, and I let out an audible groan. It was called the Turnabout, female impersonators, at their best. Jennifer was giggling at my reactions, even as she came around to my door and helped me out of the car.

All those feelings of insecurity, and those million butterflies in my stomach, were suddenly there. I took a deep breath and followed her into the club. Although they were open, there was no customers. We walked back through the club, to offices that were down a hall to the rear of the club. I was greeted by a stately female, her eyes scanned every inch of my body. She introduced herself, her name was Barbara, but she preferred the name Barbie. I could see why, her generous breasts narrowed to a tiny waist, then out to womanly hips before descending to two long lean shapely legs. She looked to be wearing five inch heels or higher, having no trouble navigating in them. The name fit since she looked a lot like the doll, only a living breathing one.

Her next statement caught me by surprise as she asked me to strip. I considered defying her, but knew, one way or the other, I would be coerced or blackmailed into doing as I was told. I removed my clothes, the red on my face making my makeup look paler than it was. I was given the once over, then, handed a brief pantie looking object, that covered very little. She helped me pull it on, then re-arranged my privates until my balls popped back inside of me. I knew it was possible, but was not aware of it happening to me before. Looking in the mirror, that took one whole wall of her office, I saw an attractive female ready for a place on the stage, maybe a dancer. The corset remained, much to my disappointment.

I was afraid that was where I was headed, letting out a big sigh when I was told I would be the hostess every evening from nine P.M. to three A.M. Considering the other possibility, I was actually happy to be assigned that job. That is, until I saw the skyscraper heels, that I would have to wear. They weren’t ballet boots but damn near. If I had to estimate the heel height, I would say around seven inches. Once on with the locking ankle strap, I would be stuck in them until quitting time. I was able to wobble around on them that was a plus, but soon realized that six hours in them would have my feet in total agony. My endless practice at home made walking in these possible but not comfortable.

Next, was my outfit for the evening, a micro mini skirt that barely covered the pantie, so tight that it took both of us to get it on me. Without the corset it would not have fit, that is for sure. Then, a brief blouse, covered in lace, the neckline scooped low to show off my assets. My breasts were almost falling out of the top. I am sure if I leaned over, they would indeed pop out of the blouse. The bad part was it buttoned up the back, removing it, by myself, would take quite a feat of dexterity. Then, the locks, to add to the decorum of the club, all of their floor help had locks on their clothes. Now my blouse, skirt and shoes, showing obvious signs of being locked on, something for the customers to talk about on their visit to the club.

Not to miss an opportunity, ribbons were added to my curls at the back of my head, black and white to match my outfit. I didn’t notice what the ribbon was made of till later, as a couple of the ribbons swung before my face. The ribbons were lace, making the hairstyle look delicate and extremely feminine.

I made a couple of trips around the office in the heels, finally able to walk in a somewhat normal way, make tht teeter along. I was taken to the lobby of the club, and shown where I will situate myself until a customer comes in. On an elevated stool near the center of the area, was to be where I would sit. I tried it and found the next problem, my whole genital area is on full display. If I kept my legs together to keep modest, I slid off the stool. To stay on the stool, I would have to spread them slightly, letting everyone see that I was not entirely female. Well maybe not that detailed a look, but panty color, or decorations, a definite possibility. The fact that the skirt was so short, made spreading my legs even a little, nearly impossible, thus adding to the clothing problems. I am sure that was the idea, Jennifer sat over in the corner, watching as I figured this out. A smile or smirk always on her face.

Then, the next revelation, since I am doing so good, I can work the shift tonight. My mouth wide open, Jennifer closing it with her finger, then giving me a cheek kiss and hug. “I will be back to pick you up when you get off, be good.” She just turned away, and walked out of the club, never even looking back at me.

Barbie took me to the back and got me some food, since I would miss dinner at home. She did ask me what I would like, I gave her several options, getting the healthier of my choices on the plate that was brought to me. I sat there munching on my dinner, wondering where all of this was going. Essentially a female now, at least in looks, and behavior. Now a job as a female, in a club dressed very provocatively and in seven inch heels. I never saw any of this as a possibility when Francine asked me to help. After the light meal, I headed to the ladies room to do my business before it gets busy. I struggled in getting thew skirt up so that I could pee, then again as I coaxed it back into position, The image in the mirror was all woman, causing me to giggle a little.

I always followed Francine in all of her adventures and pranks, now the image before me shows that I have indeed followed her, also, in what she did with her life. Now a woman, and from the looks of things in my case, a female for quite a while. The breasts, the nails and the curly hair are prime examples of me being a female for quite some time.

There was some time to kill, before the club usually got busy, so I made my way around, watching the place getting set-up, the kitchen getting the food started, and the other girls getting dressed for the evening. I made a lot of friends, welcomed by everyone. We talked about the club, about our lives and anything else girly. My original guess that this was one of Francine’s recent purchases was correct. She bought the club and twelve others about a month ago. She has let them run as before, not making any sweeping changes yet.

The girls wanted to practice their routines, since they had made some changes in their act recently. I sat in the club and watched them strut their stuff. They were all good, no lip synching, their real voices used. One comedian in the group, reminded me of a friend from years ago. She did comedy for the school talent show, her timing was her skill, Glenda the comedian performing before me, shared the same timing. Of course, her looks added much to the act, busty, long legs and a gorgeous ass certainly didn’t do her any harm.

The job wasn’t bad, it was nice to interact with some of the customers as I seated them. There was time to observe what was going on in the club, the performers, the waitresses and the bartenders. It did prove to be a long night however. The heels were as thought, as the night wore on the heels made their presence even more known. I did make it to closing time, Barbie giving the keys to my outfit to Jennifer. She swung the key back and forth, as I scurried after her. Of course, I was stuck in the clothes and shoes until we got home.

As I was removing my body from the outfit, Jennifer told me that Francine wanted a report on the club, my observations and thoughts before I went to bed, since it was fresh in my mind. The fact that my mind was half asleep didn’t seem to matter. I set in front of the computer and made my thoughts known, then sent the email. Now if Francine had been awake to receive it I wouldn’t have felt so bad, but I am sure she was comfy in her bed at four AM in the morning.

I actually got to sleep late that morning, Jennifer removing me from my cozy bed at a little before noon. A salad again, but I did receive small steak chunks on top of this one. They were so good, marinated and melt in your mouth tender. My appointment at the salon wasn’t until five, then, when finished there, right to the club.

More walking, this time the seven inch heels from the club. I did ask Jennifer about me wearing heels all the time, would I ever be able to wear flats or male shoes again? Her answer shocked me. “Never. You are now addicted to heels for the rest of your life.” I waited for an explanation or reason for this, but as usual it never arrived.

For my afternoon task, I had to wash my hair, dry it and brush it back into place. It was real easy after the first couple of tries. I did wonder about later when this job was over with, me with a female hairdo and only able to walk in heels, does not speak well about blending back into my male life. Then, that thought again, would Francine really do that to me, her old pal from childhood? I shook it off again, but each time it lingered in my thoughts for a longer period of time.

A meal is next, really just a bigger snack, then dressed for the club, my heels already donned for the evening. I seems that I could feel the weight disappearing, for one thing my corset was getting looser, but my DI was quick to notice and had me tightened snug and locked in before I could enjoy the freedom. I did notice that my appetite was not as strong as before, my glimpses of my image in the mirror making me smile quite often, the reflection now feminine without much doubt.

Back to the club after a short visit to the salon. This time nothing but getting my ears pierced. Three holes in each ear, lasered in and requiring no time to heal. A pair of studs, a set of hoops and a pair of long dangly earrings that reached all the way to my chest. Talk about getting used to something the earrings were so disconcerting, my focus on them all night long. Another six hour stint as the hostess, now a quite fashionable one no less.

I figured out the best way to handle the stool at the entrance, was to not sit, but just lean against the stool for support. It was heavy enough that it stayed in place without too much trouble. It took several days before the shoes became bearable, the thought of what I would have to do later to return to the male life was depressing. Maybe a private investigator that dressed as a female was my only choice. Every day I seemed one step closer to that possibility.

I did make notes, as the evening progressed, about the club, its employees and performers. Nothing radical, just a couple of things that if implemented would make things more profitable. When it was quiet and I hadn’t any thoughts to record, I began to wonder about the salon tomorrow. Maybe I need to find out more about that sheet the receptionist was marking on about each customer. That way, I might know what might be coming my way. Then again, do I really want to know what is in store for me?

Then a brief thought, I am working seven days at the club, everybody gets at least a day off every once in a while, why not me. If I ask Jennifer, will I get an answer, or will it be ignored? Maybe on the way home, Jennifer and I need to have a discussion on this and several other topics. I actually made a list and in order of their importance to me. Now if I can just have the courage to make her answer me.

We actually had quite a crowd that showed up late, Jennifer had to wait for me to get done and help close the club. It was four AM when I exited the club. When I got in the car, I sat up front with her, reaching over and removing the keys from the ignition. She smiled, then surprised me with her next statement. “Go ahead ask away, it took you long enough to work up to it.”

I swallowed, not expecting her to be so frank. “Okay, is this all planned out to get me to be a female in life?”

‘Yep’, was her one word reply?

“Is this for the short term or for the rest of my life?”

“Think about it, you know the answer to that one and have known it since we started, just have not let it see daylight in your thoughts.”

“Is there really a problem at the salons?”

She reached in to my hands and removed the keys, started the car and we headed home. When she parked in the garage, she looked my way grasping one of my hands in hers. “There is a meeting with Francine next week on Thursday, wait until then and she will explain all of it to you. I think you already know the answer, just want some conformation of what you are thinking. Maybe for once in your life, you should think for yourself, make your own conclusions and act on them as if you know what you want in life. I think you will find yourself quite happy and most likely totally surprised.”

As I entered the house, I was tempted to raid the refrigerator for something to eat, but instead, stood erect letting my breasts jut out into view, and headed to my bedroom. I did hear some giggling from Jennifer. I was tired, walking on my tiptoes is tiring, but at least I am getting better, the heels not bothering me much anymore. After being unlocked I quickly got undressed and slipped into my nightie. A quick visit to the bathroom and I was in bed drifting off into dreamland.

The next day around noon, I was just lying there, staring at the ceiling. What Jennifer said made a lot of sense. I never in my life made a decision on my own, just waited for someone else to make it for me. Even my attempt at a business was not really my idea, a friend suggested it, and made most of the arrangements for me. I just added my name and paid for the first month’s rent on the office. It worked, while not making me a fortune, it paid my bills and kept me out of trouble, well up to now it had.

I thought back to Francine, again more of the same. Even now, she is leading me where I should be, and me just following along doing as she says. Maybe it is time for me to lead myself, it might be interesting at the very least. I got out of bed, did my bathroom thingies, slipped on a robe and headed to the kitchen. Jennifer looked up and smiled, a bigger grin I have never seen on her face.

Good morning Callie, what can I get you? I just looked at her, then broke out in giggles. I need you to make me an appointment at the salon for as much as they can do in the time before I have to go to work. Everything on my list is fair game, the list that the receptionist keeps at her desk. Then, I need to go shopping tomorrow, right after I get back from work, will you go with me, I do need some good advice on clothing and colors. I saw her nodding her head in the affirmative quire energetically.

Now for the hard part, I want you to keep your mouth shut with Francine, this is now between her and I, and you need to butt out. If that is not possible let me know and I will find out a way to get around on my own. Well what will it be?

I was almost knocked over, her all-encompassing hug very firm and unyielding. “No problem Callie, I am happy to help.”

“I have a few questions I need answered.”

“I have been expecting more of them for quite some time, so go ahead and ask away.”

“To get the remainder of my treatments, do I need to pay the salon fees now?”

“Nope all beauty services for employees of Francine are paid for.

“Can we use the other salon for the remainder of my treatments or is that risking running into Francine?”

“No, she uses the larger one in Phoenix for her beauty services.”

“Do I need to get some of my own money for shopping tomorrow or is it somehow covered?”

“I have a credit card in your name, the bills will not appear until the first of the month, so she will not be aware of your purchases. You have a bank account too, your pay from the nightclub is deposited there weekly, and there should be about three thousand in the account now.”

“Is my job as the hostess just that or am I expected to run the clubs?”

“Why don’t you find out yourself, what harm will it do to try your hand at the job, all they can say is, I don’t think so.”

“Well what are you waiting for, I will get dressed, and Callie is now on a mission.”

“Yes mam.” As she is walking to her purse to get her phone, I hear giggling escaping from her mouth. I do feel better, for once I am making the decisions, now, if I can just keep from getting into too much trouble, well more than I am in now. I skipped to my bedroom, quite a feat since I am in my bedroom heels, but never the less accomplishable.

As I was dressing, I realized that I might slip into some trouble on my own, no longer having to wait for Francine to stir it up. A pleasant feeling passed over me, if I continued on this path, I would be making my own decisions, not waiting for someone else to make them for me. Then a scary thought made its presence known. Oh gawd, I am finally growing up, there might not be any hope for the free world anymore! In my late twenties and acting like an adult, surely the men in white coats can’t be far away.

I threw on some clothes, anything will do, since I can find something more appropriate later at the salon. We made the trip there in record time, according to Jennifer enough time to allow them to make more changes. I was hustled back to a treatment room as soon as I stuck my head in the door. Secured in a funny looking chair, my feet were spread wide. Now naked and very vulnerable, the last day of my masculinity was apparent. A numbing spray was applied and junior was glued between my legs. A tech brought in a box and it was laid on the nearby counter top. Surprisingly, it had my name written on it, the Callie name that is, confirming some of my previous thoughts.

I was asked several times if I was sure, my response always yes, I am positive. It was glued over my former male equipment, now only an inviting slit, surrounded with two soft lips, just like a modern female, hair free. The tech made sure it worked properly, as I was penetrated, my response confirmed that it was working quite well. If I can just get my breath back, that was some test ride. Now that the body is one hundred percent female, Callie is a real person. Well ninety-eight per-cent, boobs and a vagina, completing the changeover to the female sex.

As I was taken to a room to get lessons in makeup, my only thought kept bouncing around in my mind. This is really fun, why haven’t I indulged myself before now? The tech did my makeup, then took it all off and made me do it. It was two hours later when I succeeded enough for her to pass on my work. I ended up with an evening look, perfect for the club. I had time to browse their fashions before Jennifer picked me up. I decided on a brief dress, low scooped neckline and skirt ending just below my panties. I already had the heels on, so I was ready to go.

When we got to the club I took in a deep breath, making my breasts stand proud and erect. I got out before Jennifer could get my door and strutted into the club. I walked into Barbara’s office, since she is the manager that is who I need to deal with. I had a list of some improvements that I felt needed to be implemented and made them known to her. No argument, no remarks, other than she would take care of it.

After handing her the list, I walked out to the lobby and assumed my position. She came out later with another girl who would take my place, I kept her out there, but showed her what I wanted done and how I wanted it handled. By the end of the evening she was doing it comfortably with no help from me. I suspected she knew a lot more than she let on, playing dumb for most of the night.

The whole day was a thrill, making up my own mind, acting on the spur of the moment and loving being a female. After the club closed, Barbara pulled me into her office. She thanked me for the direction I supplied earlier and the way I handled it with her. If I wanted to help in the other clubs, she would send my info to them, and let them know that I was friendly and very helpful. Also quite the babe.

I told her she wasn’t getting rid of me that easy, I will still be by daily, to help if needed and gave her my cell phone number in case she needed to call me. We had changed suddenly to a different relationship, her recognizing my job as her boss.

She told me, “I already have your number along with all the other managers. Before you showed up, Francine told us she had someone to oversee the clubs, smart, pretty and very talented. Any problems that we needed help with we were to contact you, and if we were offered suggestions, we were to embrace them quickly and willingly.

Now one of my dancers has had a death in the family and will be out for a couple of days, it would be helpful if you could come by to learn the routine so you can fill in for her. The girls rehearse at four in the afternoon and Julie will be going home tomorrow morning. So be prompt, the other girls can’t wait to rehearse and perform with you.”

Just like that I was hugged and pushed out the door. Before I could run away, Jennifer was there to take my hand and lead me to the car. I knew when I came here the first time that I would be on that damn stage, it just took a couple of weeks for it to happen. Barbara was giggling and no doubt on the phone to Francine as soon as the door closed. I am her boss, yet now I am lined up to fill in as a showgirl in her club. Oh well, trouble seems to find me, nothing new there. But I did wonder why in the heck I was doing this if I am their boss. I never did answer that question, but I didn’t find someone else to fill in for the dancer either.

The next morning we made the two hour plus trip to Tucson, where the second club was located. The manager was waiting for me, I received a hug and then walked around the club with her, being introduced to all of the employees. No missing dancers here, so I was safe I presumed. Barbara had shared my pointers and suggestions and Gail had already implemented most of them. Gail wanted to do some advertising in the local underground paper, since the town is home to a quite good sized university, she wanted to draw some of that younger crowd. I suggested a drag night, karaoke, half price drinks and prizes for the best female impersonator. It was set up for the next Friday and she wanted me to MC the show and contest. Of course, dressed as a female. It is amazing how I can get myself involved in all of this without Francine’s help. I guess all of that time together with her has rubbed off on me more than I thought.

I could have just said no, I am the boss, but it was my idea for a drag night, so I nodded my head and another commitment for me in female attire is now in place. Of course, with all of my changes so far, I am now living as a female, I guess working as one is no big deal any more.

I did sit and watch their show, an idea to switch some of the acts from time to time to different clubs would add to the uniqueness of the clubs. I need to try it in a couple of clubs first to see if I am right. I got hugged by all the girls, already it seemed like we were friends, they were excited for the impromptu drag night, planning how they could alter their act to fit in better.

We made the trip back to Scottsdale in time for my rehearsal as a show gurl, the act was not that difficult, a dance similar to a Can-Can but not as high kicking. Then a rendition of I Feel Like A Woman. For some reason they worked on this song longer making sure I had it memorized and was confidant in my part. Since I was a little taller they had me in the middle of the group, flanked on either side by the other girls. With my new modified voice, I sounded pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

After rehearsal, we sat in the club and talked about the show, about the club and about Barbie. One of the girls let it slip that she was a manager of one of the other clubs, one located in Las Vegas. She was just brought here to fill in until the new manager came on board. Once again, my mind thought the worst, but promptly discounted it surely something like would not even be tried. The patrons started showing up, the gal that I had helped last night doing quite well, like she had been doing the hostess position for weeks. Nah, just a coincidence.

We took our discussion back to the dressing rooms as the customers started showing up. A couple of the girls when not on the stage helped serve drinks, so they made their way to the bar. From the look of things we were going to be packed tonight. I did recognize a few of the gals from the salon as they entered and found seats. The gals helping at the bar were swamped so I joined them trying to get them caught up. Finally just a little before the first show, we managed to get all the drinks served. As I made my way backstage, I saw no empty seats anywhere.

My debut and the place is packed! By this time I was a bundle of nerves, feeling very fortunate that I had skipped any dinner, I doubt any of it would have stayed down. I changed into my costume, what little of it there was and stood to the side of the stage waiting for the music to start. I took a peek at the crowd through the curtain, suddenly my eyes fixated on one person. Gawd, what is she doing her tonight? Then to her right is Jennifer, both of them with huge smiles on their faces. Before I could run for the hills, the music started and I was dragged onto the stage.

I kind of turned off my brain, trying hard to remember what to do in the dancing part. Then the number where I was to sing came on, the girls sang with me for a couple of lines then left me on the stage to sing the rest. I caught them leaving the stage, a sideways glance confirmed my situation, I was now alone on the stage. Miraculously I continued on, somehow not thinking of anything but finishing the number, my mind focused on trying to remember the words to the song.

I received quite a bit of applause, my mind though just wanted me to be anywhere but on that stage. Jennifer caught me about half way down the steps to the floor of the club and dragged me over to the table her and Francine were sharing. Yes, Francine had sat and watched me perform my number before a packed audience. I am sure I was more than red that much blood all congregated in my head sure to cause lots of problems, the color of my face the least of those troubles.

I was helped into a chair between Francine and Jennifer. I did get a hug, one that was held for quite some time. As I was eased down into my seat Francine held onto my hand, not letting it go. “Well, Callie it took quite a while but I can see that it was the right course of action.”

I started to say something, but was instantly shushed. “I need to fill you in on the parts you don’t know about yet. There are thirteen clubs altogether to be overseen. You are the manager here, Barbie was just holding fort until you came to your senses. She is actually the manager at the one in Vegas. I have another purchase lined up, just awaiting my new business partner to get her act together.”

“The hostess, that covered for you is quite capable as a club manager and will look after things while you see to the rest of the clubs. Jennifer is yours to use, she has kind of fallen for you, so you two will have to work something out. The house is yours, I have sold off your business and canceled your apartment lease. You don’t have to thank me that is what friends are for. Oh I forgot, here are your name change papers, and an appointment with the same surgeon I used a few years ago. Don’t miss the appointment.”

“The partnership is fifty-fifty with Destination Gender Female getting ten percent of the profit to pay back the initial purchase price. It is yours to run, I don’t want to be bothered with details, just that it stays solvent and financially secure. I insist on dinner once a week, for one, I am interested in how you will turn out when all the changes are in place. You had better not turn out better looking than me, there will be hell to pay if you do.”

“Now you have work to do, I am quite confident that you can get into plenty of trouble without me, so you better get at it!” I got hugged to death, the hug lasting a long time. The she kissed me directly on the lips, even using a little tongue. That mischievous smirk on her face as she turned and walked away. She was replaced by Jennifer, but she wasn’t just interested in one kiss, over and over, my lips smashed against hers. At the same time, I was literally squeezed to death, her arms around me tightly never easing up.

I was gathered up in Jennifer’s arms and led back to my office, still in a daze, functioning on only part of my brain. I guess the great mystery has now been solved, everything at the salon can return to normal, now that Cal has been transformed into Callie.

Once the club was closed, I was hustled out to the car and home. As we entered the house, there was a trail of clothes right to my bedroom, I was pushed naked into the bed and woman handled for the better part of the night. I looked at Jennifer sleeping next to me, her arms and hands around my body, such an angelic face, but pure wicked in her actions. As her eye popped open, she smiled and kissed me again hard, her tongue making inroads immediately. Then the moment ended, I was pulled from the bed and dragged off to the exercise room and placed on one of the exercise bikes. My butt was swatted and I started to peddle. I got a kiss for every five minutes of exercise, a wet sensuous one, something I could get quite used to. Two hours later, back to the bedroom, undressed and pushed into the shower.

Let’s just say that the hot water gave out before we did, I was pooped but Jennifer had other ideas as we returned to the bedroom for more fun and games. I do so hope that the fun and games go on for the rest of my life, I can’t think of anywhere else I want to be but in her arms, kissing her face and breasts. Maybe, just maybe I can find time to do my new job.

Looking back I was such an idiot, most anybody with some blood flowing through their brain could see where this was all headed. Except one longtime friend of Francine’s, who like in the past, was pulled into the trap, now another member of her ever growing feminine family and so happy to be there. Add in my love, Jennifer, and it doesn’t get any better.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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