Barbara; Making The Team

Both Mom and Dad played no favorites, even if I was their son, if I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t make the team. So I was constantly pushing myself to get their approval, an approval that they were very careful about giving out. I am not sure why, I so desperately wanted their approval in school. I was loved at home, we did things together, they spent time with me, and most any material item I desired, was furnished to me, although not immediately. I guess I just wanted to show them I was like them, good at sports, and a team player. Maybe to be included in the things they did, was a factor. Watching Dad with the football team, while I sat in the stands, left a hole in me, a hole I hoped would someday be filled up.

I did well in academics, grade point average close to 4.0. I participated in clubs, student organizations, and helped when any project needed volunteers. I had a lot of friends, most of them very real and grounded, however, there are always a few that just wanted to be near me for whatever might rub off on them. One in particular, wanted to get on the football team so bad, he became my friend just so he could be seen with me, the coach’s son. His sports ability was a negative, so, in the end, it didn’t do him any good.

Athletically, I kind of settled for just being around, not involved like a lot of the other kids. It was hard, but probably my likely future. Then, some unrelated events at another high school started to change things for everybody.

A female wanted to play football at this particular school. She was heavy set, probably quite capable of taking care of herself on the field. Of course, she was denied the right to try out for the team. The football team was boy’s only, so a female on the team could possibly get hurt, making the school district liable. Her Mother, a lawyer sued the school district for discrimination under Title Nine. It went to court, her Mother pushing the court to allow it now. Her daughter just recently a junior, wanted to play at least two seasons before going to college.

She was hoping to get an athletic scholarship, can’t get one unless you are playing. The school district settled out of court, knowing that a trial would cost them thousands in legal fees and court costs, even more if they lost. The agreement was kept quiet, the daughter got to play, and her success at split end helped her school to a district title. I got a chance to see her play against us, her ability quite advanced for a junior. She came quite close to carrying the whole team to victory that game by herself.

The thing that impressed me the most, was that her fellow teammates accepted her as a player, not just a female, but just a good football player. Well that was last year, now the summer practice was coming up for the upcoming football season and Dad requested I attend. I gave him a look, what is he planning? Three seasons being over looked and all of a sudden, I am requested to attend the upcoming tryouts. Would I really get a chance to play this year on the team? I knew better than to ask him, I could always get an answer from Mom, usually more accurate and at least truthful. Dad never lied to me, he just avoided answers he didn’t want to tell me about.

Riding home with her from shopping for groceries, I popped the question, I guess she was expecting it, but decided the answer needed to be delivered in a different environment than the car. She pulled into a burger joint, ordered us two chocolate malts and she answered my questions after seeking refuge in their dining room. Our school district expects more suits this year, on other sports, maybe even another in football. There has been a lot of flak leveled against the district since the agreement last year. They are issuing a new code of conduct for all sports in the district.

It goes into effect the first day of school, essentially any student of any gender can play any sports that they are capable of making the team. It will change a lot of things, not all for the good of the sports. Several parents, after hearing the rumors about this, have decided to withdraw their children from the district, not wanting them to be subject to what may happen on the playing field. For instance, a beefy linebacker tackling a female running back, all kinds of bad things might transpire. Lawsuits against the district and the offending player the most obvious.

Unfortunately, these actions have spurred more rumors, imagination is running wild, but the end result is we have lost many previous players from almost all of the sports. Most of their fears are unfounded, but irrational fears have taken hold, so until we go through a season to work out these problems, we are left severally short of students for the school teams.

So, you’re Father and I have been trying to think how we can abide by the rules and still keep every student safe and injury free. We have ordered some new uniforms to protect any female that wishes to play football, changed some rules in other sports to keep body contact down to a minimum without destroying the sport. We now have to allow males on female teams, can’t discriminate any more. In a couple of sports, we are going to have only one team, combining the two teams into one. Simply put, there is not enough players to make and sustain two separate teams based on gender.

“We will now have quite a few vacancies to fill and you are more than qualified to fill them, so this is where you enter the picture. We want you to try out for all the sports teams, whether they were boys or girls teams in the past that differentiation is no longer valid. I am quite sure you will make all of them, so I expect your best effort all the time, while not allowing your grades to suffer.”

We know you have been disappointed at not being able to make a team, or play a sport that you are good at. From our prospective, if we had chosen you for the team, both you and us, would have been under intense scrutiny. He is not that good, he only made the team because he is the coach’s son. We know better, but that doesn’t mean anything. Do you have any idea how many parent conferences we have each year, where their son or daughter did not make a team, to hear them ridicule us for our actions? I, myself, have had twenty-seven last year alone, your father at least twice that many. Their child always the best, the most talented, and unequivocally should have been on the team in a starting role.

Both your Father and I have seen you sitting in the stands, on the verge of tears, because you have not gotten our approval for any sport. It is totally unfair, but if we had picked you, your ability always made fun of or put down, because you are the coaches son. Maybe we should have explained this to you in detail earlier, we may have made a mistake there. We love you, both as our son, and also as a talented player of all sports. The rules are now changing, now is your chance.

Plan on trying out for all of the high school’s sports teams, whether they were girls or boys in the past. Do your best, as you always do, and we will see where this goes. Keep in the back of your mind that you are going to be at the center of this controversy, and expect a lot of names to be used when they refer to you. There are a couple of considerations after you get into this a little more, but we will discuss them at the proper time.

Now, football tryouts are next week, the week before school starts, followed up by lacrosse, volleyball, and gymnastics. So you will be very busy the next few weeks. I thought about what she was saying, other than football, the other teams were formally girls only. I was familiar with the sports, a few rules reminders, and I should be ready for the tryouts. I hugged her and thanked her for being honest with me. I now understood why I had not been chosen for most of the teams, I was talented, but as the coach’s son, a distinct reason to be challenged as to my skill.

I went into training immediately, running sprints, getting my body back into tip top shape. I hadn’t let myself get too flabby, but it had been a while since I applied myself totally to the task. That week I pushed myself to the limit, it felt good for a change, to be goal motivated, instead of just content to be me.

I showed up for football tryouts, ready to show what I can do. I noticed a lot of players that should be here, last year’s team members, that were not. We did an hour of loosening up, then we were put through our paces. For some reason, I spent the majority of my time as a wide receiver. Dad was an excellent strategist, planning ahead right from the start of the season, how he would attack the season. He had a sophomore that was quite capable at quarterback, but none of his running backs tried out for the team this year. The two of them that had the most talent and skill had moved with their parents to another state, where the craziness of what happened here was not evident yet.

I presumed from his trying me as a wide receiver, that he was planning to press the passing game to the extreme this year in an effort to win some games. We did have one female try out for the team, her skill level not as good as it should be, but her enthusiasm more than made up for it. When Dad broke the group down into separate positions she was placed with me. He had the quarterback toss us passes as we ran certain patterns. Ginger was a quick learner and soon she was matching me stride for stride. We alternated running each pattern, James, the quarterback, throwing to us as we completed the pattern. I was showing Ginger a few pointers in catching the ball, which she quickly adjusted to. Then, we started defending the pattern as a defensive team would do, Ginger would run the pattern and I would defend against her, then we would alternate.

Dad had been keeping an eye on us the whole time, but had been concentrating on the offensive line, an essential, if the quarterback was going to be able to throw passes. Several times when I looked in his direction, I saw a smile plastered on his face. He had never told us to defend against each other, my idea, since Ginger had not played football before, and I knew she would need this practice the most. Most anybody can catch a pass when it is not defended against, but a hand in your face or a bump at the line of scrimmage could really ruin your performance.

By the end of our practice session, Ginger and I were pretty even in ability, even her bumps at the line of scrimmage were noteworthy. Dad gathered everybody around, told everybody to come to the regular practices every afternoon after school, the ones to make the team would be announced next Friday at that practice. I had counted the number of students that showed up today, he would barely have a roster if he kept everybody. As I was leaving the field, I noticed Mom in the stands, her smile saying it all.

Ginger and I talked as we headed home, it turns out we only lived a few blocks apart. Her family had just moved here a few weeks ago, actually her father, filling a position left when one of the past team member’s father transferred out because of his son. She has always been a sport nut, playing every sport she could in her other school. Football was new for her, but she was bored, so decided to tryout. I told her of the other tryouts next week and she decided she would try out for those teams with me as well.

We parted ways in front of her house, vowing to meet tomorrow before football practice. I made my way home, took a shower and then settled in front of my computer for some relaxation therapy. Mom came to see me later, sitting on my bed wanting to know about Ginger. I told her what I knew, that she was a sports nut and very quick to pick up on things. Mom smiled, but asked if there was something else between us. I turned red all over, my blush giving away my feelings for Ginger. Mom just hugged me, you will be fine, it isn’t every day you get a BFF. Be good to her and cherish the feeling, it is rare when two people connect like you two did today.

I got a kiss on the forehead and she left. Then, I thought of how she referred to Ginger, as my new BFF. Don’t you have to be a female to have a BFF, and if so, why is she me telling these things. I went on the internet to look up the definitions of BFF. I found several, Best Friends Forever, Best Female Friend, and Best Foot Forward. The first two the most popular. Now that my curiosity was piqued, I needed to talk to Mom again to see what she had meant. I found her in the kitchen, making some cookies, so to keep from being super obvious, I joined in helping her with them. We had taken two batches out of the oven when she asked me what I wanted to know. Another blush, Mothers can be so evil at times. She knew that I seldom helped her bake, so there had to be something that I wanted to know, causing the sudden interest in baking cookies.

I confessed, asking her what she meant that when she mentioned that Ginger and I were now BFF’s. She got that Motherly smile when she knows she has gotten to me. “I am sure you looked it up on the internet, usually the first thing you do, so you know of the possible meanings. Now consider how you helped her learn what she needs to know to become a better football player. That simple act is not one of a boy, but of a girl sharing her knowledge with another female. How many boys would teach another boy how to be better in sports, knowing that info might cause him to not make the team? The answer is none.

But a female will share info so her BFF can do well also, and be on the team with her. In this case, BFF means Best Female Friend, that honor only shared between two females. Now take a couple of cookies, go back to your room and figure out how you are going to keep this BFF going between the two of you. I did that, but not coming to any conclusion. I liked Ginger, not romantically, but as a friend, someone to share life with. Then it suddenly hit me, I am acting like a female, both my Mom and Ginger think I am one. I could see the signs now, none of my actions the last few days have been masculine, particularly today.

Ginger and I tried out for all the teams in the following weeks, she was a good athlete, in quite good condition. I had prepared myself a little better, and after suggesting it to her she joined me in my training runs. It evened out some since she was a lot better student than me, after two weeks, I did my homework over at her house, her help in explaining things to me, made night and day difference in my comprehension of the material.

We would use her living room, books spread out all over the floor, the latest pop music coming from their stereo system. Her mother would check on us regularly, making sure we had something healthy to drink and the proper snack food to nibble on. Of course, my Mom and her Mom became friends the two families sharing a meal at one or the other houses each week.

The tryouts were over, six teams for the coming semester, the candidates to make the teams were announced at Homeroom Friday morning. Ginger and I did make them all, luckily the practice times were staggered enough so that we could attend all of them without missing out. Now, the problem would be to maintain our grades without sacrificing one of the sports. The first week of practice was a bear, after school for football practice, then shower, and head to the ladies gym for volleyball practice.

A lot of teams had players on several school teams, so we were not the only students affected. Football was every day but longer practices on Friday. Volleyball was on Monday and Friday. Lacrosse was on Tuesday and Thursday. Soccer is Wednesday and Saturday. Tennis had no set times for practice, but our coach, Mom, wanted us to play against each other at least three sets during the week. Gymnastics shared Saturday and any other time we could get a few moments to practice our routines. Essentially, floor gymnastics was the only part of the sport the school participated in this semester.

All in all, a quite disheartening schedule. After the first week, the coaches (Mom and Dad) eased off, knowing that it was too much to handle even for the best of the athletes. We were told to do our best, it was a sport and nothing more. They didn’t expect us to advance to the state championships, just wanted us to play the game and have a little fun. Thereafter, when one of the teams needed a little more practice, the other sport for the day was dropped, allowing the additional time for practice.

We practiced the hardest in football, although we might not win very many games, we knew we would scare the dickens out of several teams. Dad got the offensive line tuned to perfection, they were able to give the quarterback ample protection. Both Ginger and I were fairly fast, so between the two of us, usually one of us was able to break loose for the pass. Once we had the ball in our hands, it was just a matter of turning up the speed. In practice, we would chase each other once we got the ball, going flat out for the goal line. It helped out a lot, our speed, and our ability to stay away from tacklers improved immensely.

The week before our first game, the new uniforms arrived, I was given a female uniform like Ginger, not because I was one, but due to my smallish stature. Actually, it was comical since Ginger filled out her uniform better than I did. The only bad thing about the new uniforms was the pink helmets, a requirement of the district since they wanted everybody to know that they were tackling a female. I got kidded about it, but it did end after a few practices.

We actually won our first game, Ginger scoring five touchdowns. I was so happy for her, her first football game and she was the star. I managed three touchdowns, but the fact that we both were threats and so fast meant that they could not cover us sufficiently. We were hauled off the field by our teammates on their shoulders, their surprise at winning, an unexpected feat. I am sure the other team was depressed, two apparent females totally dominating the game against them.

My nickname started in the school newspaper, a misprint of my name Barber. Most of my friends just called me Ber, but due to the article in the paper, my name was listed as Barbara, right alongside Ginger. If they had left it at that, I might have made it through the season unscathed. But the student that wrote the article referred to us both as females all though the article. I was to find out later, that he knew nothing about football, seeing the pink helmets, he just assumed both of us are females. So from that day forward, everybody referred to me as Barbara, and as a female. Since the high school was so large, very few fellow students had me in a class to learn any different. The few close friends I had, thought it was a hoot and even perpetuated the false hood.

We did well in the other sports too, Ginger was a powerhouse in Lacrosse, although, I managed to assist her quite often. In Gymnastics, I was the star, scoring high in both of my floor routines. Ginger did okay, but she loved to play Lacrosse rather than get femmy doing a floor routine. She kidded me often, even tied a ribbon in my hair one time just before my floor routine. I thought she was just putting my hair in a bun, the first sign of her prank is when one of the ribbons came across my face after a somersault. Of course, that picture was in the school paper with the headline that Barbara wins again in Gymnastics.

Volleyball was pretty good for both of us, we were constantly setting the other one up, or a fellow teammate, for a dunk at the net. As of the last game, we were undefeated in seven games. The community newspaper was following some of our games now, the supposedly terrible teams that were riddled by members leaving the district, were making waves, winning way more games than we were supposed to. The Lacrosse team had no other males other than me. Volleyball had myself and one other male on the team, although his skill level did not allow him to play much. Of course, Mom still played him often, it you were on the team, you got to play. Gymnastics was just Ginger, another female named Brittany and myself. Brittany was improving fast, her last competition she placed third, her highest placing this year.

Mom wanted to meet with Ginger and me after school on Friday. She called both of us into her office, wanting to discuss a few things with us. To our surprise, the school principal was also in attendance. It turns out that Ginger and I had received invitations for the state gymnastics competition later in the month. The state meet is usually for females only, our school district changing rules this year causing a possible problem. Mom checked with the officials, since a male would have no obvious advantage in performing a floor routine I would be allowed to compete.

The school and Mom felt that it being at another venue, away from the district, that my appearance might be a problem. There is also a possible invite for the volleyball team later in the month, depending on how the last games go. Mom cleared her throat suggesting that for the rest of the year, I attend school as a female. I started to protest, but Ginger beat me to it.

“That is a wonderful idea, Barbara is already a natural, all the girls just love her, but can’t understand why she dresses so boyish.” As those last words escaped her mouth, she looks at me and breaks out giggling. Before I can retaliate for her comment, she is hugging me, whispering in my ear, “You need to do this, don’t fight it, just do it.”

I didn’t agree, but I also didn’t poo poo it either. The principal got up, thanking me for agreeing, and gave me a hug and left for her office. My mouth was open, I didn’t agree, and now I am going to school as a female. I looked to Mom for some help, all I received was a smile. Then Dad came in from a meeting with some of the football players, asking if he had a daughter now. My mouth opened further, they can’t do this to me! He informed Ginger and me that we have been invited to a holiday football tournament, three weeks from today, so be sure to make allowances on our schedule.

The gymnastics competition was next week, the week following the volleyball tournament, and the week after, the first of our football tournament games. Ginger reminded me that prom was the weekend after the volleyball tournament, I would need to get my dress soon, to be sure I was able to select an attractive one. Another little giggle, I was hoping to ask Ginger to go to the prom with me, but as my date, not as her girlfriend dressed in a gown. Dad just smiled, telling Mom to take me to get my dress, but I get first dance with her, since she is my daughter.

I presume I am the only sane one in the family now, since both Mom and Dad have made me their daughter. The next day after school, I was taken to a salon to get my hair cut into a more feminine style. Practices had been canceled for today, since we have been invited to three tournaments. The thinking being, that a more lengthy practice would be held twice a week, so as to not over train. I swallowed hard as we entered, my first time in a beauty salon, and I was nervous as a cat in a room of rocking chairs. The image of the salon did not help, the place was huge, just dripping in femininity. I noticed a lot of my fellow students in the salon, although not any of the male gender.

Turnabout Gurl Salon was new to the town, opening about six months ago. They specialized in turning males into gorgeous females, but the word had spread, so the female wanted their services just as bad as the few males. I was taken to the back, set in one of the stylist’s chairs, then leaned back, as my hair was washed and conditioned. Mom and the stylist talked about the style desired, then a picture of it was shown to me. I almost fainted on the spot, Mom squeezing my hand, the only thing keeping me in the present moment. It was definitely girly, shoulder length and curls everywhere.

The lady doing the hairstyle, told me it would be easy to handle every day, just wash and condition my hair and use a pick to fluff the curls. I finally agreed, the easy to duplicate winning me over. I guess Barbara is the real me now; I will certainly look like a young female now. She cut the style in, after removing my split ends. Yeah, that had to be explained to me, no it is not a part of some football formation. Then, my hair was wound on small curlers after being wrapped in a piece of paper. Cotton placed all around my hair line, then the foulest smelling liquid soaked every one of my curlers. Fifty minutes under a dryer with warm air blowing over my locks, then all of it rinsed out of my hair and a neutralizer added to each curl. That left on for a few minutes, and that also rinsed out.

The curlers were removed, long dangly curly tendrils of hair popping out of each curler. Another conditioner applied to my hair, then another stint under the warm drier. Back to the chair, and my hair wrapped in another set of curlers, these larger and in a multitude of colors and sizes. Once all of my hair was in curlers another stint under the dryer, this time the heat almost hot. When the hair was thoroughly dry, the curlers were removed, the springy curls bouncing everywhere. In the mirror, there was no male image left, Barbara was the only image, and she was all girl, at least from the neck up. A pick was run through my hair lifting the individual curls up and separating them some. I figured I could do that at home myself, not sure about looking at the girly image every day though.

Mom was thrilled at my new looks, hugging me and trying to squeeze the stuffing out of me. I am not sure if she wanted a daughter, but judging from her reaction so far, that seems to be a good likely hood. As good as she has been to me, I had no trouble being that daughter for her. As we left the salon, I decided to try the daughter thing out. “Now that I have this gorgeous head of curls, I have nothing to wear with it when I go out, could we do a little shopping for some appropriate clothes.” The squeeze that I received, did squeeze a little of the stuffing out; I have to be careful, asking for some makeup could be my last words on this planet. Oh gawd, did I just think that, well it won’t be long before the men in white coats come to haul me away! Curly hairdo, girly clothes, and now makeup, it is indeed a slippery slope.

Unfortunately, Mom was gung ho about shopping. Four hours later, and way too many stores, we were loaded down with shopping bags as we made our way back to the car. The experience might not have been as bad, if it was just picking out some clothes. But no, I had to try them all on, and then in some cases, more than once, as she decided what looked best on me.

As we went by one of the department store makeup counters, I was kidnapped, a half hour later a female that was not recognizable, left that small part of the store. The image in the mirror, as she finished my makeup, left no doubt as to the gender of that person in that image. In the process, I lost the majority of my eyebrows, now just two highly arched lines above my eyes.

It took me forever to get all of my new clothes hung as instructed, a lot of my male clothes packed up so there would be sufficient room for my girl stuff. Girl stuff wasn’t an exaggeration either, Mom liking the frillier items of the female clothes offered, even though I was pointing out the more neutral items. Like my earlier suggested theory, I think she is enjoying having a daughter more than she lets on.

The next day started my time as a female student, surprisingly nothing was said, everybody already figuring that I was a member of the female sex. I did get moved to Girls P.E. though, again nothing was mentioned by the guys in my old class or the females in my new class. We practiced two or three times a week for our competitions, enough to stay in shape and to hone our skills some.

Ginger and I studied often, our semester finals also approaching, so there was lots to do. Our Mom’s always giggled after seeing us studying, the music blaring, the TV in the background and both of us sprawled out on the floor talking about fashions, makeup and boys. Yes I talked about boys, from a female perspective they are comical, doing their best to attract our attention, even if their antics were stupid and ridiculous. Yes, I said our attention since most of the males considered me a female now anyway. Who am I to deny that fact? I wonder if as a male I acted that crazy, most of my past memory is of times that I was exhibiting some feminine actions and looks.

Due to Ginger’s influence I now wore nail polish, even had extensions added to my fingernails. That included makeup now, lipstick and mascara, at least, all the time. Even at home I donned female apparel, living as a female 24/7.

After my win at the gymnastics tournament, Ginger came in second, now only volleyball and football left for this year. The three of us went shopping for prom gowns. Ginger had already found hers several weeks ago, so I was the needy one. Ginger had a ball helping me select just the right dress for prom. We must have shopped at fifty stores and boutiques before the right dress was found for me. It looked good on me, but I had nixed it right away. It barely covered my body, reaching mid-thigh if you had poor eyesight. Tight in the bust, with a daring neckline plunging almost to my navel. The back was what worried me, as there wasn’t any. One strap running from under one arm to the other was all that held the dress together. It was a bright pink with burgundy trim, very figure hugging and almost see through. Ginger loved it, Mom listened to my bitches but with a sinister smile on her face bought the dress anyway.

Because of all the athletics, I had a trim waist that flared out to some feminine hips. They were not pronounced but still there and in a dress like this they would show. I had no breasts, but Mom had discussed this with the salon where I had my hair done and they had a solution for me that would appear natural and could be reversed later if I so desired. My luck it could be done before the volleyball tournament and with a sports bra I would be ready to play in the tournament. Of course, prom was right after the tournament, so from playing volleyball to dancing at the prom was just a matter of a day or two, depending on how well we did in the tournament.

Ginger was excited for me, wanting to go along to help me pick out the proper size boobs for me. I was wary, even though we were BFF’s she still gets carried away more often than not. What I didn’t find out until right before the salon appointment was she had arranged for both of us to have dates for the prom. One of the football players had asked her to the prom, she agreed if he could also get me a date too. If I couldn’t get a date she was not going, at least that is her reason to her prospective prom date. We both had dresses, planning to go by ourselves, maybe dancing a few dances with each other. She was surprised when her date got right back with her that Jeremy would love to take me to the prom, just afraid to ask me formally.

The next day in the hall between classes Jeremy asked me formally to the prom, I tried to defer but he insisted. I whispered to him that I was male, he just smiled, no you might think you are a male, but everybody else only sees a female. Please be my date. Chad, Ginger’s date, and I have rented a limo to take us to the prom, and to dinner afterwards. I felt a little faint, but managed to tell him yes, a scary but wonderful feeling sweeping over my body.

I saw none of this coming a couple of weeks ago when Mom had confronted us in her office. Ginger was having a ball, her BFF going to the prom with her. Of course, the fact that we both had male dates did muck up the waters some. Mom, however, was enjoying her daughter a lot, helping as much as I would allow her to.

Today is the day, the male part of me taking a beating, maybe enough to end the male version of me. Right after I woke up, Ginger was at our door, bubbly and anxious to get me boobs. I have never seen anyone so intent on a project in my life. I decided right then that she would not have any say in how big my boobs will be, fearing the worst if she could get her two cents worth in.

Luckily Mom had set this up properly, once at the salon all would be explained to me and then the decision on which way to obtain said appendages and how big, are mine, and only mine. Everything was explained to me, in detail. How they were going to be created, how long they would be with me and what it would take to get them removed later if I so wished. I must compliment the salon, they spent over forty minutes answering my questions, even showing my image photo shopped to show the additions to my body. I was given some time to think it over privately, calling them when and if I decided.

I tried to take everything into consideration, but focused on what I might want and what I could live with. Mom wanting a daughter did get considered, she has been my rock since birth, I do owe her something in return. I knew large breasts would interfere in some of the sports I participated in, so that had to be considered. Very few female gymnasts have even medium sized breasts. I just about thought of them as boobies, maybe a little of the old male persona showing up. For some reason I thought of prom and what I would look like in my dress, my cleavage showing in the low neckline.

I did decide on C cup breasts, a kind of compromise between what looked good on my small frame and what I thought I could handle in the different sports I played. I signed the forms, choosing their suction method of obtaining boobies, fairly permanent until I had them removed if I wanted to. I had just about decided it was going to be a permanent installation, I enjoyed my time as Barbara, as my Mom’s daughter and as a BFF to Ginger. I wasn’t sure of anything else yet, no clear opinion of whether I liked males better than females as sexual partners. I figured I had plenty of time to decide that, then make appropriate modifications if necessary.

In sports I had another year of eligibility in my chosen sports, and I wanted to take advantage of that. Mom did tell us that more suits were filed this year, but the district had managed to handle all of them privately, so there would be no public disclosure or outcry. The recent successes of the teams that were fielded this year helped immeasurably in settling the new lawsuits.

So six hours later the machine that had been sucking my breasts from my body had been turned off, now Barbara was here to stay for quite some time. While I was being sucked on, Mom had taken Ginger shopping, she was also aware of how intense Ginger was in getting me boobies, so once I made the decision on what size she kept her distracted. I can imagine sitting there as the machine does its work, with Ginger playing at the controls to see if she could get anything bigger out of the deal. Yeah, she is a BFF but a wicked one when it comes to certain things.

I was unhooked from the machine, the weight now on my chest, something to get used to. Looking down from my perspective I maybe should have opted for a B cup, these babies were huge. Thankfully the suction cups were to stay on, slowly disappearing in the next few days. By the time I was outfitted in a bra, a new necessity for me from now on. I knew I had made a big mistake, since they were already getting frisky, bouncing all over the place, not content to stay in one place for more than a nano-second. When Mom and Ginger re-appeared I was attacked, one BFF all over me, even reaching out to cop a feel. I was now embarrassed, red in the face, and to my astonishment both nipples on my new appendages rock hard. I felt Ginger’s hand on them, even through the cup that formed them. This will definitely taking some getting used to.

Mom assured me that they had bought several sports bras, a necessity to keep my assets under control as I participated in the different sports. In the car those and some lacy bits of nothing were shown to me, making the inevitable well known. Barbara is now a female and well endowed, no longer just an androgynous person involved in some sports. Mom secretly glanced my way quite often, a smile on her face all the time, her daughter a reality, both now and for the near future.

Ginger never left my side, we adjourned to my house for some last minute studying, but school studies never had a chance, boys, dresses and boobies took up all the available time. Ginger was sure Jeremy would be enthralled with my new look, just wait till he has his tongue on your nipple, it is pure heaven. Even though I was blushing every conceivable shade of red, the thought had been planted in my mind, my nipples already showing their eagerness to participate. Damn stupid breasts, don’t they know I am new at this girl thing.

The volleyball tournament though was first on the agenda. In the warm up leading up to the championship game I was reminded often about my sizable breasts, I ended up wearing two sports bras for the actual game to somehow tame the bounciness down to a level that I could concentrate on the game. We did win the game, the other team had a lot of girls that had contracted a version of the flu, so they were not at their best. Since I was so wrapped up with my breasts that was probably for the best. I think the whole game I only scored one point, Ginger and one of the other girls carrying the team to victory.

After the game I was depressed some, all of my training and desire was wasted, but according to Ginger I looked so good in my uniform, especially my bust. She told me that it would all be better at prom, once Jeremy gets a look at you there will be no talk about volleyball any more.

On the day of prom I dressed and undressed many times trying to find just the right dress to wear. I tried on the dress bought me at least five times, looking in the mirror at all of the skin that was showing, then taking it off and wondering why I allowed her to buy it for me. In the end, I gave in wearing it to the living room, when the doorbell rang. Before I could escape, Ginger opened the door and Jeremy saw me in the dress. She stood to the side watching my facial expressions as Jeremy was almost drooling at my image. It was at least fifteen minutes before he spoke a single word. Wow, was the only word that left his mouth, Ginger having to lead him over to me and place my hand is his. As soon as that was handled Ginger was back to her date, hanging around his neck and kissing his ears and neck.

Although Ginger might hold back some in a sport, when it comes to boys she is all in and full speed ahead. Some females act shy and reluctant, not Ginger. The boy does what she wants and when she wants or she soon straightened him out. I watched from afar, settling for Jeremy holding my hand and the occasional dance with him. Prom was fun for me, though my being a wall flower socially, ended that night. I easily held my end of the conversation with other guys and girls, went to the ladies room several times and drank way too much punch. The numerous glasses of punch probably the reason for the ladies room visits.

Afterwards Ginger and I and our two male escorts spent a little time lip locking, but a sudden appearance of our parents ended any further fun and games. In a way I was thankful, I was curious about a male’s attention to my breasts, Ginger again making it sound so delicious, but I doubted I was ready for it mentally.

We re-hashed the prom many times over the next day, but then the football playoff appeared in our sights Monday morning. We were also having our finals, I think I did okay, but not as sure as I was in past years. Dad had us experience a brutal workout after school, getting everybody back in the present and focused on the game. The run around the track after an hour and a half of exercise almost did me in. My breasts were heaving up and down as I tried to get enough air into my lungs. When I briefly looked up at my fellow team members most of the guys were focused on my chest, the up and down movement mesmerizing to them. I am not sure I will ever get used to being stared at, their sole focus is my breasts. I felt proud I had them, even though they did get in the way at times. Any shortfall in that category was handled by how good I looked in my dresses and blouses.

The game was almost anti-climactic. We ran away with the playoff win, Ginger and I scoring a total of eight touchdowns between the two of us. Meanwhile the outbreak of the flu was decimating the other teams. The remaining playoff games were canceled, too many teams with less than fifty percent of their players able to play. I got to play, and excel in what I did, that in itself enough for me.

After a quiet Sunday it was the last day of school today, and also times for grades to be announced. Of course the school waited till the last fifteen minutes of classes to hand out the grades, making the students suffer through the whole day. I took the envelope from the teacher, but didn’t immediately open it. My fear was real and threatening to spill over to my emotional side. Yes I now had an emotional side, a few strong words of disgust and I would break out in tears, sobbing till my water supply dried up.

Ginger had looked at her grades right away, the smile on her face saying it all. She walked along with me to our houses, even offering to go in with me. I knew from the car in the driveway that Mom was home, so putting off the opening of my envelope and my grounding for life was inevitable. I had so worked myself up to this, I hugged Ginger, walked to my door and opened it, Mom right there waiting for me. I handed her the envelope and ran to my bedroom, to drown my fears in buckets of tears.

When Mom did not come to see me, I knew what I feared had happened. Dad would be told of my failure and suitable punishment would be discussed at dinner then I would be locked up never to see daylight until next school year if then. I was not called to dinner, now I knew I had really screwed up, most likely now military school or a boarding school my fate.

It was almost ten P.M. when I was called down to the dining room. Mom and Dad were seated at the dining room table pointing to the empty seat between them. I sat down carefully, a few tears already descending down my cheeks. Mom took a tissue and wiped them away, then held my hand tightly in hers. Dad opened the grade sheet that was in the envelope I had hauled home and spread it out before him.

His first words were that both of us are severally disappointed in you. Up to this year you have been a model student, acing all your classes with very little effort on your part. Then we let you play some sports and you totally come apart at the seams. You have greatly disappointed us, and we have talked for hours trying to formulate a suitable punishment for you. Your mother even called Ginger’s Mom to see what kind of grades she made, since you two have studied together all semester. It seems she is more focused than you since she ended up with a 3.9 grade average. Now before we dole out your punishment do you have anything to say for yourself to justify your actions and lack of focus?

I sat there staring at the table top, not knowing what to say to help my cause. The only thing I came up with is my happiness at being a female now, I knew not enough to save my butt, but I did want them to know how much happier I am as a female. I whispered that comment, hoping it would not be my last words before I was banished. Mom insisted that I repeat myself, this time loud enough to be heard. I did then was squashed between two loving parents, squeezing me to death. I tried to look at them but they had me in a death grip, both of then holding me tight to their bodies, so all I could see was right ahead of me.

This is not what I expected from them, maybe there is some truth to aliens and they have taken over my parent’s bodies. Surely there could be no other reason for their bizarre behavior. I was finally allowed a little space both of them backing off a little ways. I looked at Mom first, trying to see what was going on, her smile the only thing on her face. Then a quick look at dad, his smile even bigger, like I said it has to be aliens. Then Dad held up my grade sheet, it took me a couple of minutes to focus on the numbers, then another moments till those same numbers made it to my brain. I had somehow made a 3.85 grade average, talk about divine intervention, it had to be that since there was no way for me to achieve that on my own.

My Mom pointed out that I would have had a 4.0 grade average except for my P.E. class. My parents had given me a lower grade since they felt I could have done better in the volleyball tournament than I did. Just because I had breasts now is no reason for not trying my best in any sport.

Then Dad mentioned my punishment. I gave him a funny look, I was still going to be punished for not making perfect grades when my own parents are the reason for my poor showing? A huge smile appeared on his face, then he outlined my supposed punishment. I was to pack up all of my male clothes, to be given away to charity. This was to be done tonight, before I go to bed. Then tomorrow a full day of shopping with Mom to get their new daughter a wardrobe suitable for her age. Then next week the first day of summer school, I am already enrolled in four classes, so my time to enjoy summer will be limited. Ginger is enrolled in the same classes, so you will have company if that makes a difference. Two of the classes are after lunch every day, an elective where you will coach girls in the local girls club with their physical education classes. One for grade school kids, one for high school age girls. Most of these girls are unable to attend regular programs since their school does not offer a P.E. class or program.

The final part of your punishment is that you have to love your parents, and your BFF from now on. No exceptions will be made in this requirement. That starts now, as they closed in on me again and tried to squeeze the daylights out of me. I did manage to wiggle loose, attacking both of their faces with lots of kisses, leaving lipstick marks all over. Dad looked the cutest, he probably had more lipstick on him than Mom.

I was so lucky, understanding parents, a BFF that is worth her weight in gold and a chance to make all the teams this year. I did. The most important team being the female team, so proud to be a member now. Looking forward to many more years on that team, a winning team by the way.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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