Missy; Rising Above The Humiliation

I had been away at college, just finishing my senior year. My major was business management since my parents wanted me to eventually take over and run the family business. Most of my life and studies had been in preparation for this job, my mother particularly wanting me to follow in her footsteps.

Granddad started the business years ago after he came back from WWII. He applied and received a small VA loan to start a business. Granddad and his wife were planning to make work clothes, for manufacturing companies, since there was still a lot of plants making goods for the economy. These plants had been making tanks, jeeps, things for the defense industry. They were switching over to cars, tractors, things to get America back on their feet after the war. Their idea worked well for the first year, but competition and the faltering economy made things tough.

Gramps couldn’t see how they were going to make it work, got disillusioned and died a year later mainly from heartbreak. His dream was failing and he couldn’t salvage it. Grandma was tougher than that, she had worked the entire war in one of the manufacturing plants making uniforms. She still made the work uniforms but branched out into female fashions. Just comfortable clothes, predominantly dresses and skirts. No high fashion stuff, reasonably priced and made in a colorful array of patterns and colors. It was the right thing for the time, so soon, the whole plant was turning them out. She branched out some more, making women’s pants, the female of the war years had gotten used to wearing them as they made the war supplies, and were hooked on their comfort and practicality. Well the rest is history, the company emerged as one of the top ten in the clothing industry in the next few years.

Mom was proud of their efforts, joining Grandma in running the company when she turned eighteen. Mom had me while she helped run the company, often keeping me in her office as she did her work. Dad was an engineer in the oil industry, traveling all over the world in his job. I maybe saw him once a year, if I was lucky, twice. We got along, but never was together enough to connect or do anything father/son wise. He died when I was in high school, a victim of a rebellion in one of the countries he was working in. That particular country had suffered through four rebellions already, this one the most violent and deadly.

Mom and I mourned a while, since he was seldom home we both had learned not to expect much from the relationship, so his death was sad, but not life altering. He did have enough life insurance that I was guaranteed a college education at most any university. Mom wanted that for me, insisting that I get my degree at any cost.

During my college years, Mom’s health deteriorated significantly, her sister coming in to help her run the company. From the start my path was guaranteed to the CEO position no matter what, Mom had hired attorneys to make sure agreements were in place to guarantee that. After college, I would be installed in each facet of the business for a short time to see how it functioned, then, moved to the next section. It was all spelled out clearly, Mom knew she had experienced people underneath her wanting to climb the ladder, no matter whatever cost to anybody in their way, thus, the legal agreements trying to insure a smooth path for me.

I had met Mom’s attorney several times over my schooling, Marilyn was fun to be around and did her job to perfection. The T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted in everything she did. After graduation, I took a week off to visit my girlfriend at her home, she was planning to seek employment in my area, but had not found anything yet. We had talked about her working for the company, but that idea was scraped quickly as too much possible trouble for both of us. Peggy was my soulmate, I was sure we would eventually marry, raising a family of our own one day.

After the visit, I went to the attorney’s to find out where I would start and how things looked like now financially. I had to wait a few minutes while Marilyn was on a phone call, then I entered her office. I was given a hug and we sat on her sofa to discuss the current situation. She looked concerned, something I didn’t usually see with her. We talked for a while, but I could tell she was holding something back.

“Okay out with it, you have danced around this for over an hour. Now what is the problem?” She giggled a little, then grabbed one of my hands holding it in hers.

“Your Aunt is trying to make waves in the company about you. From my spies, I have learned she is trying to gain support for you to be denied the CEO position. You have enough stock to stop this, but she has been going at this for quite some time. I have only just heard about it recently. She can’t deny you the position, but she can make your life a living hell in the meantime. I think she will just try and humiliate you, hoping to cause you to pass on the position. She has already changed what some of the employees think about you in a short amount of time.

She paused a minute to get my reaction, but continued, “You start in production on Monday, that is sewing the actual garment. Most of your fellow employees are female, so you might encounter some reluctance in making friends. Blend in, and don’t ever use your relationship card to get ahead. If that happens, they will only see you as some male trying to gain control of a company that he knows nothing about. You will have to work your way up, excelling in all your tasks, eager to advance to the next step in learning what the company does and how it is done.

I am sure your Aunt will try and intervene, making rules and regulations that will affect how you dress and act. If she makes it bad enough, maybe she can get you to quit or give up. So be prepared to be humiliated some; if you go along and stay focused the employees will see you for a real person and join behind you as you move up the ladder. It will not be easy, some of her cronies are in supervisory positions so they will be on you for any infraction they might find. She has some of them convinced if you quit, she will reward them with better positions and salaries.”

I had a couple of ideas how I might survive; I will have to see what my aunt throws at me and when. I got hugs and Marilyn’s private phone number, I was to call her regularly with what is tried so she could manage the side effects to keep them minimal. I got hugs and we parted. I went to the plant on Sunday as I knew we were closed then, and walked around, seeing where everything was located and what was currently being worked on. I have been here before, but not for a month or two. I passed the security guard several times, he acknowledged me but seemed distant. I had known him for years, so I confronted him.

“Okay Jimmy, what is going on?” He looked down and blushed a little. I picked up his chin, with my finger, looked him right in the eye and told him to spit it out. He reached into his pocket and handed me an ID card, one we used to identify our workers. I looked at it, then smiled. She has already started with the crap. I am not even working and she has made her first move. My name is Missy Evan Walker, named after my grandma. Up to now, nobody has made a big deal out of it, but it seems my aunt has decided this is a good place to start. The picture is one that had been photo-shopped to look like a female and the sex is checked female. Everybody has used Evan in the past, including my aunt at times, so the games have begun.

To get into work, I will have to dress as a female to gain access to the factory. If I fight it, she will be gaining more support and deny me the work experience to be able to take over later. That might have been the one weak point in my Mother’s plan. If I don’t get the experience in each section of the plant, she will have a legal challenge to me taking over the CEO’s position. Mom’s plan clearly stated that I get experience in each section before I take over. No experience, no position, at least as far as my aunt is concerned.

I told Jimmy not to worry, I will be back tomorrow, but no wise cracks about my appearance, he smiled, I shook his hand and I headed for my car. I called Marilyn right away, she was giggling after I finished, then told me an address to go to today. She would call and get things set up. It seems Marilyn had anticipated something similar, so had a contingency plan of sorts put together.

I drove to a salon that matched the address that she gave me and entered. They were waiting for me, had me sign some papers and started work on me. The salon was only open for five hours more; it was explained they would make me female, then later in the week, make the changes more permanent and realistic.

I was shaved, boobed, vaginaed, pierced, and given a feminine hairstyle. A wardrobe sufficient for several days was furnished, and I was shown some basic skills to get me by for a couple of days. The Missy that left the salon looked female, maybe too good of a job. I made it home, hung my clothes up and looked at my phone for any messages. Marilyn was thrilled at my appearance, the salon had sent a couple of pictures and she was quite impressed at their ability with such a short time to work with.

She wanted me to use my phone to record any conversations with any management personnel, especially my Aunt, if that was to happen. The next morning I made my female self ready to the best of my ability and went to work. I walked by Jimmy, his smile about blinded me. I went right to my department, presented my ID and found out what sewing machine I would be working on. Janey, the supervisor was caught flat footed, never anticipating I would show up much less as a female. She acted friendly showing me where I would work and left me to get started. I am sure her first stop was to report my behavior to my Aunt.

During my high school years, I had been taught to sew, how can you expect to run something if you can’t do any part of it. Into my first garment and my machine broke down, I suspected something like this might happen, so I took off the head of the machine, found some cloth jammed into the foot feed. I cleaned it out and resumed sewing. If I didn’t make minimum production, there would be grounds for my inability to do the job, much less supervise the work. It has been a while since I had sewed anything, so it took me several garments to get the hang of it again. I did make sure what I did finish was perfect, no use in giving anyone the grounds to discipline me or disregard my production.

It was coming up on break and I was gaining in speed and confidence. I worked through break, by lunch I was even with the rest of the girls in number of items sewed. I nibbled on a sandwich I bought from one of the vending machines, then used the ladies room. When I returned to my table there were several females there waiting for me. I introduced myself using the Missy name and gave them a hug. I asked how long they had been employed here and about their families. The buzzer sounded and we returned to work.

I felt better, making a few inroads where no one expected me to, by quitting time, I was the second best producer in ladies skirts, the module I was working in today. I never did see any management, even my immediate supervisor Janey was absent for most of the day. I had a nice evening at home, still trying to get used to the new body, the sensations that were being sent to my brain were overwhelming the system. Getting used to the breasts was the hardest, two significant protrusions always in the way and seemingly with a mind of their own.

Another morning, some cereal, dressed in some pants and a blouse, ready for another day at the sewing machine. It was far easier today, the lost skills were there right from the start, by break time I was the lead producer in my area. To spur production, as each garment is finished, a scoreboard on the wall is activated and each girl’s figures are shown on this display. As we get materials, for the next garment, the board results are changed.

I had lots of company at lunch, all of the girls wanting to know who taught me to sew. When it came out who I really was, I received hugs from all the girls. The fact that I was working next to them doing the same job made them feel good, no bossing around by me, just getting the job done. I was asked about me dressing as a female, when I explained about my ID, it changed a lot of their opinions about my Aunt.

I never did see my Aunt that first week, even Janey my supervisor was not to be found. Then when Friday rolled around, everybody got called to the warehouse for an impromptu meeting. In the plant it was the only place big enough to accommodate all of the employees. They had brought in some chairs so that most of females could sit and they set up a small stage with a lectern on it. Standing there waiting for everyone to be seated, and the guys to gather at the back was my Aunt. Suddenly I had bad feelings about what may happen next.

Sure enough, I was caught soon after I made my way to a seat and taken to the front. Janey was apparently assigned that task. My Aunt called me up on to the stage, smiling at me all the time. There were seats behind her on the stage and I was shown one of them. I sat down watching to see what might transpire. I did remember to turn my phone on and dialed Marilyn. I slipped the phone back into my purse. My Aunt started off complimenting several ladies for their production of late. She had never done anything like this in the past, then I figured out what she might be doing.

Sure enough, I was called up next to her and, as she extolled my achievements this last week. All the time, I was referred to in the feminine gender, but she wanted me to say a few words to the other female employees. She was putting me on the spot, stressing to the other employees that I was female and about my achievements as a seamstress. I approached the podium acting nervous and shy. She handed me a gift certificate for a ladies clothing store in town, then told me, “Get a nice new dress to wear, maybe you will be lucky and attract some male attention, a young shy female like you always needs a big strong man to take care of her.”

I was humiliated, in front of the whole plant and all my co-workers, a mere female that had made some production goals just wanting clothes, she had made me look weak, and ineffective as a possible manager. For some reason, what I decided to do just popped into my head. I thanked her for the gift certificate, but handed it back to her. I told her to use the money for the employees fund instead, a much better use of the funds. Besides, I prefer the fashions we make here to any others, maybe if everybody practiced this tactic, the company would be in a much better financial position. That last statement made as I looked at how she was dressed. I returned to my seat with the employees, I could see the scowl on my Aunt’s face. This was not the outcome she had in mind for today. As I returned to my seat I saw a lot of smiles on my fellow workers faces.

I spent another week sewing, this time every piece I completed was inspected to the nth degree. They never did find a single thing to complain about, all of my garments passing their inspection. I kept up my production, still the lead producer in my section. On Friday I was called into the main office and my aunt told me where I would be assigned next. I had my phone turned on and Marilyn on the other end as she detailed where I would be working. My next assignment was going to be in cutting out the garments. Not a strenuous job but more so than sewing the garment. Since it was not quite quitting time I went to that section to introduce myself to the supervisor. One of my aunt’s cronies apparently had been assigned here just yesterday.

She showed me around, then gave me my work schedule. They had me coming in at three AM so that production would have materials waiting for them when they started at eight AM. I was the only employee scheduled to start this early. I thanked her for giving me that shift and left. I found one of the girls that worked in that department regularly and asked her for some advice. The word had already started to spread so she was glad to advise me. I invited her over for dinner and then we could talk. I made the meal myself, wanting to convey to her that I was just another female trying to do well and advance.

When she knocked on the door and I opened it I was surprised to see her and five other ladies. They each had covered dishes so there would be adequate food for everybody. Sylvia introduced me to everybody as we consumed the offered food. Sitting around the dining room table they gave me hints as to how to speed up the operation and still insure perfect results. Three hours later they all left, with me getting hugs from everybody. On Monday I showed up at two-thirty in the morning wanting to get everything set up properly before I started.

It was as the girls feared, my equipment had been tampered with so that it would only work for a short period of time. The girls had told me where the spares were kept, knowing that the new supervisor probably was unaware they even existed. By the time everyone else came in I had finished the entire day’s requirement and was packing them up to be sent to sewing. The girls and I started on the next day’s requirement telling the supervisor we would need more material to stay busy. When she scurried from the room to talk to my Aunt we giggled. Now the tables are turned. That afternoon at quitting time I was told to report at the regular time since production is way ahead of schedule.

I was only there for a week, that Friday I was moved again to another department. This time the design and pattern department. There new designs were made, tried and then if approved a pattern was made to put the item into production. I spent the first three days modeling clothes for the designers, down to my bra and panties quite often. I didn’t think that my Aunt was aware of how thorough my transformation was, several times I was gazed at for quite some time as she scanned my body to note all the changes. I seemed to be quite popular, my Aunt and several of her cronies in upper level management appearing regularly all through the day. Lots of remarks about my undies were made, plus countless pictures of me in the various new designs being touted.

Again she did not receive her anticipated results and on Friday I was moved again to another department. This time it seemed she was getting desperate. I was transferred to the cleaning department, and predictability put in charge of cleaning bathrooms. I was not particularly excited about the job but Marilyn was overjoyed. I couldn’t get her to tell me what made her so happy, but Monday it became quite apparent. A subpoena was served to my Aunt, to appear in court to explain why terms of my agreement were being blatantly violated. Cleaning bathrooms had nothing to do with experiencing the different facets of the clothing business. I wasn’t two hours later that I was taken from my work, and taken upstairs to the executive offices. I never did see my Aunt that day, just her assistant who apologized for the scheduling error and informed me of my new assignment.

My Mother had opened a company store, in an unused portion of the warehouse. There the general public could buy our creations at reasonable prices. Apparently I would now be a sales associate there. I knew we did considerable business there, at least three to four females needed to staff the store. When I got to the store, I was handed keys and shown where the safe and supplies were and then they all left. I would be the only sales associate there. If I had problems my Aunt could point to me and say it was my fault. The store didn’t open until one P.M. so I was allowed a few minutes to check things out. I found a schedule on the front counter, other names were listed to work there, but none of them were here.

I could sense my Aunt getting more panicky, nothing so far has worked like she envisioned. So stick me here, then remove any possibility of help, a sure way to insure success for her. I set up the register, not much had changed since I helped Mom when she had just started the store. I opened at one, then stayed busy on the sales floor. Soon I was inundated with customers, quite a few with items to check out and the dressing rooms full. I knew better than to enter a dressing room while a female customer was trying on clothes, leaving me vulnerable if anyone was to make the connection that I was a male. I certainly didn’t look male, but maybe one of her cronies could be used to make the insinuation anyway.

I did manage to handle the crowd, although a few had to wait five minutes before I could get to them. About four when the rest of the plant closed down five ladies came to join me to handle any remaining customers. A supervisor showed up telling the ladies they are not scheduled here. The ladies all responded they are here to help me, since management had left me here by myself. A couple of the customers heard this and got out their phones and called the company offices asking to speak to the CEO. We finished with all the customers and straightened up ready for business tomorrow. The ladies and I left, as I asked them to dinner my treat. They all accepted, calling home and notifying their spouses of their plans.

We ate at a little restaurant down the street from the plant, a very enjoyable meal and very interesting conversation. A lot of what my Aunt was trying came out, the girls fed up with the lies and manipulation going on behind the scenes. I excused myself a little later and arranged for the restaurant to make a carry out package for each lady, so she could feed her family without having to cook. When the waitress placed the boxes of food before them I could see some tears being shed, I was hugged to death as they thanked me and left for their homes.

The next day at the plant I had plenty of help, another failed plan of my Aunt’s had bit the dust. One of the girls who has a friend in the main office told me that there were forty-two phone calls about the scheduling error made in the store, the callers suggesting that whoever made the schedule needs to be fired. I finished out the week there before I was moved again, this time to the shipping department.

I did notice on the garments being purchased that a tag was attached showing me in the garment in full color. The bottom of the tag read that the garment was a genuine Walker clothing creation. I now knew what a lot of the pictures taken earlier were for. I didn’t think much about it at the time, since I couldn’t see any disadvantage to it or how it could be used against me.

We had only males in the shipping department, since there was sometimes heavy lifting involved as they packed the cases of clothing to be shipped out. Again the office scheduled light in help. Making me have to join in to keep from falling behind. Another call to Marilyn and soon the missing employees were back to work. I did my share, as I packed the clothing into the shipping boxes. Although I did leave most of the lifting to the guys. Again every item of clothing had the picture tag of me wearing that particular design.

I wonder where she will place me next, since none of her schemes so far have had the desired effect. Mentally I figured there were only three departments I had not had exposure too. One was garment inspection, where every piece made is looked over for any defects or workmanship defaults. Placing me in this department might make it difficult to make me look bad.

Personnel was another option, but I couldn’t see her putting me there, since they were responsible for hiring and scheduling the employees. Maybe if she could get enough employees to call in sick, the blame for improper scheduling could be placed in my lap.

The last department that I had not experienced yet was finance. I figured that may be a possibility since she thought if I mishandled things I could be fired, a quicker solution for getting rid of me.

It turned out to be finance for two days, I was to process all of the invoices that we received recently and issue checks to pay them. Again almost no help, several of the girls calling in sick for those two days. I did notice as I processed the invoices several new suppliers, the items they were billing for ones that we bought from other suppliers, ones that we have been doing business with for ages. I did make out the checks, but kept those invoices separate and not mailed with the others. Maybe Marilyn can check them out before they are sent.

The next morning another summons to the main offices, this time another of my Aunt’s cronies informing me that I will be doing presentations for the businesses that we sell to for a few weeks. I questioned her statement, my phone had been on the whole time and connected to Marilyn’s office. She explained that when a business agrees to buy from us they sign an agreement that states the terms of the purchase and promises them a fashion show of our designs modeled by our CEO in their store once every ten weeks. My stomach was now rumbling loudly, knowing how many different customers and stores we sold to that task seemed impossible. I excused myself to go to the ladies bathroom and promptly threw up. I finally gathered my wits enough to talk to Marilyn.

She told me to find somewhere to hold up at and give her an hour to see what has transpired. She did call, wanting to know where I was at. I told her the employee lounge at the production department. She came and dragged me to the main offices, as my Aunt was being led away by security and several police officers. As they passed I told her to have a nice day, with a larger than normal smile on my face. She attempted to break loose wanting to do me bodily harm. I did receive several phrases shouted at me, that will not be repeated here, that only making my smile that much more intense.

Marilyn led me to my Aunt’s office and we sat on the sofa while she filled me in on the recent happenings. Aunty was siphoning money from the company, through these fake suppliers and several more that came to light. Hence her arrest on embezzlement charges. Since the fake companies were owned by her, no further proof was necessary. Not too smart on her behalf, thinking that she would get away with it.

With regards to the new contracts signed with every buyer of our products, there was not much she could do but try and buy my part of the contract from them. She then booted up her laptop and showed me several internet ads that my Aunt has been running for quite some time. The ads started running shortly after she heard of my plan to assume the CEO position. The ad showed the new labels, telling people to not buy any clothing from Walker Fashions without the label with my picture on it wearing the same garment the label was on. Do not accept any substitutes, only the genuine article.

I asked her how many current businesses do we currently sell to. She paused and then told me a number, and I promptly fainted. I was laying with my head in her lap when I managed to become aware of my feelings once again. Giggling you are such a girl, but you do need to face up to your fate. You will definitely be a busy CEO, no time for fooling around anymore.

We did discuss the contracts, her feeling if I did the fashion shows, sales will benefit and as I am out and about I can see what needed to be changed or added to the line. Talking with your customers will do the company a world of good. I do suggest another visit to the salon, I don’t see the male you appearing at all in the following months.

As for you duties here as CEO your Mom’s old secretary still works here, your Aunt just moving her out of the executive offices. Use her to run the day to day, she is most capable and can consult you on important matters as needed. Now are your ready to be the CEO or are you going to be doing the girly thing again.

I am ready, Mom will turn over in her grave if I pass it by. Thinking back I had passed the hard part, rising above all of the humiliation dumped on me in the last few weeks. Missy is definitely here to say, and I can say I am quite happy about that. Still a lot to learn and experience in life, Missy’s new life.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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