Katherine; Female Alterations

I am on my way back home after a grueling thirteen-day road trip out west to handle some of my customers. I am a public relation specialist, getting regular people recognized and keeping them in the limelight. Most of my customers are authors, nobody famous, just good authors that write fiction that tells a story and is enjoyable to read. With the advent of digital publishing (kindle) it is easy to get a story published, but to get people to find that story and purchase it is where some skill and luck have to become part of the picture.

I promote my authors stories, mainly by word of mouth, a time-tested method of promotion. I don’t use press releases, press conferences, or any mainstream method of promotion. I promote from a different angle, using blogs, Facebook, and other social media to start getting the word of mouth out to the masses.

If an author writes about being a mother, raising children, I go to the blogs about parenting, being a new mother, and send a free book to them, or snippets of the story so they can read about it. Most of the time they then blog about how good it is, and it should be a must read. Then the ones to read their comments purchase the book and from there it mushrooms.

On the social media sites, I create the author a Facebook account and then post snippets of the book, the thought processes in writing the book, information about the author, his or her qualifications to write a book. Then list favorite blogs, the inspiration for the book, anything to lead them back around to a possible purchase. It has been quite successful, word of mouth from authors growing steadily and my customer base almost doubling.

I had made a trip to get additional info from my authors, to meet a couple of the blog authors that I use a lot, and to squeeze in a little vacation time between the meetings. I am driving the final leg, about fifty miles from home. Home these days is a small cabin and acreage outside of Payson Arizona. It is isolated, quiet, and the scenery is quite breathtaking.

As I rounded one of the curves of the road, I am suddenly confronted with a very large truck, trying to pass a slow motorist. Unfortunately for me, his attention is on the car he is trying to pass and does not see me at all. I try to stay out of the way, but the road is not that wide at this point, so I try and squeeze my car in between the truck and the side of the mountain. The last I remember is the impact of the bumper of the truck on the driver’s side of the car, pinning my car hard against the side of the mountain. Lots of noise and the sound of metal scraping the rocks along the side of the road.

Then nothing, absolutely nothing. I wake suddenly, the pain shooting through parts of my body, but it is short lived, and I am unconscious again. The next time I open my eyes, it is a bright light that is threatening to bore thru my skull. I close my eyes, but I can hear people talking about me, doing things to me, then again that peaceful quiet.

Again with the bright light, but this time it seems to be to my side and not directly overhead. I squint a couple of times, then try again to see where I am at. It seems that I am in a hospital room, with a machine to my right beeping incessantly and lots of tubes and hoses leading to my body. I try to ask for some water, but the nurse nearby changes the drip on one of the bottles that are connected to my body, and I again blank out.

In a semi-conscious state, I think I saw my Aunt Julia behind the nurse if that is so I must be in pretty bad shape. She is listed as my next of kin, someone to be notified if I am unable to make decisions for myself. My mind also shuts down, that short thought process giving me a major headache.

It is dark when I next wake up, trying to see where I am and to get somebody’s attention, I am so thirsty; I feel I can drink forever and still be thirsty. A hand places a wet washcloth over my eyes and another one in my mouth and squeezes placing a little moisture in my mouth. I hungrily lap it all up, licking my lips to get any remaining moisture down my throat. The hand then places a spout from a water bottle in my mouth and gently squeezes to add another few drops of water to my dry parched mouth.

I raise my head a little, after more water, but Aunt Julia’s voice tells me to take it easy, too much is not good for you. Another sip of the water and she tells me to relax, maybe some more in a while. I lay there, obviously, I have survived the crash somehow, but how will always be a mystery to me. The image of that truck in my windshield still burned into my mind, no place to go to avoid the crash, other than to go over the other edge and suffer a five hundred foot drop to the canyon floor.

I felt a little better, nothing seemed to be broken or missing, but I am seriously sore from my head to my toes. I look around the small room to see Aunt Julia staring at me. She is glad I have finally come around, the doctors fearing a possible coma due to the extent of my injuries. I look up at her, kind of in a questioning stare, wanting some more info about my injuries and accident.

She sits on the edge of the bed and tells me what she knows. The accident fairly serious, it took the paramedics half an hour to get you out of the car. Then another few minutes to get you stabilized enough to transport. Since it was quite far out from any major hospital, a medevac helicopter flew you to the hospital. You apparently stayed in the E.R. for quite some time as they feared a concussion or stroke. They finally managed to get your heartbeat settled down and most of your

cuts bandaged. She was summoned when it passed the twenty-four-hour mark since I was brought in and I was still unconscious.

She talked to the doctors and asked if I could be transferred to her clinic. She is a doctor, a specialist in plastic surgery and one of the top ten doctors in the country in that field. They agreed as soon as the threat of a concussion or coma could be ruled out. Since I am now awake and fairly lucid, that threat should be behind me.

She has arranged an ambulance for transport, and they should be here in a few minutes to take you to my clinic. There she will see to my cuts and lacerations properly, and anything else I might need to effect a full recovery. She turns up the drip again, and I soon fall back into a restful sleep.

Once again I wake this time apparently in my aunt’s clinic. The noise level is quite a bit less and the softer lights and décor more pleasing to the eye. A nurse is there almost instantly, checking my vital signs and helping me to sit up a little. I am given some juice, a welcome treat that really hits the spot. I ask about my Aunt, the nurse telling me that she went to collect my personal effects from my car at the junk yard.

Then I remembered my briefcase and laptop, not my normal public relation things, these two full of my stories that I write on the side. I have an interest in things feminine, I occasionally desire to dress as a female, but most of that interest and desire gets channeled into my writing. The writing allows me to experience my desires without the actual physical dressing up part. I sure hope Julia doesn’t get too nosy and discovers this particular feminine side of mine.

I feel a little better since I now have some hunger pains. The nurse told me I couldn’t have solids, maybe a little soup and some jello, but those bland items even sound good, so she leaves to get me some. When she gets back, my aunt is with her and asks how I feel. “I feel pretty good right now, even a little hungry.” I nibble on the food that the nurse has brought me as Julia tells me about my car and the insurance settlement.

The car is a total loss; there wasn’t much left of it as the debris was spread over five hundred feet of that particular mountain. The police report and findings from the accident placed all the blame on the trucker. His insurance company wanted to settle right away to keep the losses minimal, but my insurance company sued for damages and medical costs. They offered to add any personal suit I wanted to their lawsuit since the blame is clearly the truckers.

Julia on my behalf asked for a half million in damages, loss of income, and mental anguish. Their insurance tried to deal that amount down, so Julia filed another separate lawsuit against them for one million dollars. Today they settled for one million dollars total and any medical costs now and in the future. They also replaced your car with a brand new one, albeit a fancier model with more equipment and add-ons.

She smiled at me, wanting to know if that is okay, she didn’t want me to have to deal with the problems until I am feeling better. I smiled and told her she did well; I am very happy. She told me that she would start to repair all of the cuts and lacerations tomorrow. Her techniques will ensure no scarring, something the other doctors couldn’t guarantee.

Then she wanted to know how far I wanted to go towards my dream desires. Damn, she found the files and stories. I blushed a bright red, how do you explain something like this to your family. Seeming to read my mind, she suggested that I start at the beginning and tell her everything. Nothing is going to change my opinion of you or cause me to treat you any different. Though if you will embrace this side of yourself we can have fun shopping and going out on dates. She is giggling as she said that.

Since my aunt was the youngest sister of my mother, and I was the oldest child of my mother’s there is only a few years difference between us. Seven years actually if the truth is known. Aunt Julia has always been the driven one in the family. Graduated high school in three years, college in three, and medical school in four years, but that is because she specialized in two different fields. Plastic surgery and Urology are her chosen fields of study, earning her board certification in both specialties within a year of her graduation from medical school. During her residency, she was advising her peers on how to do things and was operating on patients from all over the US before the completion of her residency.

She has since developed several surgical procedures that have minimized scarring from wounds and cuts drastically. One of her specialties is doing boob jobs that show no scar or suture marks. On the other end, if a female develops breast cancer her technique can minimize damage in the affected area allowing for reinsertion of breast implants that look quite realistic after the cancer has been dealt with.

For the last year, her clinic has been booked solid, a tribute to her skill and caring. A lot of her surgeries are done at no cost to patients that would have difficulty paying her fees normally. That part of her practice a given as she feels she owes something back in return for her skills and knowledge that she has learned through the years. If you take and take and never give a little back, one day there won’t be anything to take any more. It has been her motto for years, one she believes in and one that she will continue to indulge in for her remaining years of practice.

I am surprised to find out that I have been out of it for a lot longer than I thought. I learned this morning that I spent a week in the ER, then moved to the clinic and have been here for four days now. Later that evening Julia came in and told me she would start repairing my cuts and lacerations early tomorrow morning, performing her specialized techniques. She had the doctors put an antibiotic salve on them, keeping them under bandages at the ER until Julia could get me to her clinic.

She once again asked if my stories really reflected how I felt about my gender. I stammered a response, I am not sure how I feel, the stories did help me cope with life, a fantasy world that I could retreat to when I am feeling low and depressed. She gave me a kiss on the forehead, telling me that things will get better and soon.

I slipped into sleep quickly, and then it seemed only an hour later I am being given a shot to prepare me for surgery. I do remember going down a corridor, then nothing after that. When I next had a conscious thought, I am back in my room. From the angle of the sun through my window I am guessing that it is early afternoon. I surprisingly don’t hurt but notice quite a few new bandages in areas that I suffered cuts and lacerations.

Then when my eyes focus a little better, I notice that my nose is bandaged. Now in the crash, my nose had somehow survived intact, so this is something that Julia has chosen to do. My hands are secured to the side of the bed, so I can’t feel if there are any other new areas of interest on my face. As I move my body a little trying to get more comfortable, I notice that my lower legs are in a cast. I think I remember not having them broken because of the crash, so I figure more of Julia’s improvements. I can’t figure what she has done that would require a cast on my lower legs.

Several more hours passed with me in and out of consciousness, although otherwise, I felt rather good. There was some soreness still, both where the cuts had been, also where Julia had decided improvements needed to be made. When I finally came around the last time, I was more alert, the shots to put me out for the operation apparently wearing off now. Sitting in a chair next to the bed, Julia held my still restrained hand and asked how I felt. I told her a little better, but I was curious about my other surgery. She smiled, I just made some changes to ensure that you are happy in your life, for once.

I twitched my nose a little, moving the bandage that she had placed over her work. She noticed my movement and responded. You now have a cute little button nose, with a small upturn near the tip. Your waist has been liposuctioned, and the fat redistributed to your hips. Feeling will return down there in a day or two. I noticed when reading your stories that you always stressed wearing high heels. Now that will no longer be a problem since you will have to wear heels to be able to walk. I have shortened your tendons, the same as if you wore heels for years and they shortened naturally.

Your hands are still restrained because I don’t want you rubbing your cut areas. My technique heals the tissue without scarring, but there is considerable itching until the tissue finishes healing. In the next few days you and I will talk, about your soon to be breast augmentation surgery, and how well-endowed you wish to be.

I know that if I had asked you would have refused all treatments, but there is no need to live your life in misery because you can’t or won’t admit the truth. You are in my care, and when you leave it will be as the female, you should have been years ago. Your mother saw it many times as you were growing up, but you refused any help on her part to make the first step. I look at your accident as a wake-up call; you are so lucky to come out of it alive, and I will not allow you to waste another day in your life. Now, young lady, do you have any more questions?

I shook my head no, the tears streaming from my eyes making my face wet. She took a washcloth and blotted them all and kissed me on the forehead. I will see you later and walked to the door. Incidentally, your name now is Katherine, you records and licenses have been updated, your former male self no longer exists. We have sent out emails telling your customers of the accident and the changes, telling them that it will be a couple of weeks before you can resume your dealings with them.

Becky and Suzie are your nurses, and they will be teaching you how to be female and assisting in makeup and hair care until we can get you to a salon. Now be a good girl and get some sleep. Almost on command, I closed my eyes and was lost to dreamland.

The itching she talked about did occur, and I am glad my hands were restrained. It felt like my skin is crawling with little creatures, the resulting sensations almost driving me insane. When I fussed and writhed to get away from the intense feeling they did administer some pain relief, but it only lasted for three to four hours before the itching returned.

I somehow managed to get through this period, the cuts and lacerations miraculously disappeared down to the last little ridge or scratch. I guess the itching was alright considering that my body now was unblemished. I even noticed a few skin abrasions from when I was younger had disappeared totally. My aunt apparently is as gifted as the other doctors have said.

My calves did respond as she stated, I now had to have heels to walk anywhere, unless I wanted to walk the distance on my tip toes, a pain at first, finding a pair of shoes before I could go to the bathroom. I have worn heels before for short times, but with the surgery, I had no trouble anymore getting around in the three inch and higher heels.

Two weeks into the stay at her clinic she approached me about my breasts and other elective surgery. Point blank I am asked what sized breasts did I want. I hemmed and hawed, so Aunt Julia told me that the subject is closed, she would pick my breast size for me, and I would live with it for the rest of my life. I tried to back paddle on this, but she just tuned me out. That night I was given another shot, and as I drifted off, I am relatively sure I would soon be of the feminine gender at least with regards to mammary tissue.

Surprisingly I did awake still in my room, but there were lots of changes. A large machine was positioned above my bed, with two hoses leading to cups secured to my chest. The cups looked similar to good sized breasts, and a liquid was sloshing around inside the cup like form. The technician flipped on the machine and I could instantly feel a suction on the tissue inside the forms. The liquid stayed inside the forms, the loose tissue on my chest though being sucked into the cups. The pump went to a cyclic stage, pulling then relaxing then pulling again. The tissue that had been sucked from my body never returned to its origin, staying in the cups miraculously due to the vacuum.

Then two more ladies entered the room with a cart loaded down with cosmetics and nail polish. One went to work on my face and the other started on my nails. I could feel eyebrows being yanked out, as she shaped my new feminine eyebrows. Then she started applying different crèmes and lotions on my face. I must have been given something earlier to dull my senses some. It was like I was in a slight fog, aware of what was happening, but maybe unreal. The other tech had new long extensions on each of my fingernails and was getting ready to apply polish. Now with both of them supplying new sensations to my body and the blasted pump still making mountains out of molehills on my chest, it turned out to be too much to handle and I fainted.

I woke briefly several times, looked at the ever increasing size of my breasts, and then drifted back into dreamland. I doubted I really fainted the first time, more likely the medication they gave me kicking in some and me drifting off. On one of the excursions to being somewhat aware I had lifted my hand to look at it, planning to place it on my breast cup to stop the suction. I only got it a few inches off the bed before the restraint that was attached stopped any further movement. The brightly polished nails in a deep reddish color caught my attention immediately. The hand now was attractive, the long nails making it look more dainty and feminine. The deep color made it impossible to miss this new body feature.

When I awoke the last time, the fog seemed to have dissipated, my thinking was less confused and I could focus better. The machine was quiet, in fact it was not in the room any more. The cups were still on my chest, though now packed with tissue from my body. I moved one of my hands to the new breast, the red nails sparkling in the light of the overhead fluorescent fixture. The cups seemed stuck to the tissue, although somewhat flexible and pliable. I lifted my head a little further and noticed ten bright red toenails at the end of my bed. Then a mirror beyond that, with a gorgeous female image reflecting back at me. I moved my hand a little the image doing the same.

I took a deep breath, my heart raced a little and I plopped my head back down on the pillow hard. I was now ever inch a female, a pretty one no less. What am I going to do now, how will I make a living, although I have dressed often, this was real and scary. I had never achieved this realistic an image before, from a male in a dress to a gorgeous female, I managed a few thoughts then I did faint.

Another awakening, hopefully this will reveal my previous image. I raised my head slowly, peeking out over the two large mounds on my chest. Oh shit, this is not going to be a good day. I had closed my eyes tightly, what I can’t see I won’t have to face. Julia reached over and pinched my breast hard, my eyes shot open and I stared at her. Her big smile trying to encompass her entire face. Well Katherine, you need to stay with me this time or I will be forced to dole out a few more enhancements.

“Now let’s go over where we stand at this point. You are truly a gorgeous woman now, 38D breasts, a 28 inch waist at the moment and a 36 inch hip. All of your body hair has been permanently removed except the hair on top of your head and two delicate arches over your eyes. You are committed to heels for the rest of your life, with the junction of your body and legs now sporting a gorgeous cute female pussy to top off your lower torso. Your basic makeup is tattooed on, so you will not have trouble making yourself quite attractive to your spouse. You have one inch nail extensions, a bit much for most ladies, but appropriate for your persona. All of the lacerations have healed totally, leaving not a mark on your body anywhere. Your hair has been highlighted and cut into a female style, with a permanent to hold the cute curls.”

Since you are totally healed I am kicking you out of the clinic. We have taken the liberty of making appointments with all of your customers over the next week, some of them you will be visiting at their home others will come here to talk with you. For a while I have one of my people to go with you and drive, a companion of sorts till you adapt more. You will be out and socially functioning in the future, not holed up somewhere.

Welcome to your new life, sexy, popular, and charismatic. There is no other choice for you. The old male life you had is gone, we have redone your house, now dainty and feminine. With your new car, there is nothing left of your old existence. All of your customers have been fully informed of your new gender, anxious to meet you and continue their relationship with you. You have twice weekly salon appointments to help maintain your feminine image in the appropriate manner. Now give me a hug and get out of here. I need the bed for paying patients. Your clothes are in the closet, Dana is your companion and driver and she is finishing up your paperwork so that you can leave.

When Dana came to help me get dressed I was still in a daze. Bra and panties were first, also the hardest to justify in my mind. As the bra cupped my new chest enhancements I realized the need for it, but the feeling of it around my chest and my nipples rubbing the inside of the cups made life very interesting. The you have the silky panties sliding up my smooth legs, sending reverberations to the rest of my body. How can you have goose pimples and shortness of breath at the same time. Dana did allow me a few minutes to calm down before the dress was slipped over my head. I started to say something about pants instead, Dana reminding me that I did not own any pants, only dresses and skirts. A big sigh and a wish to get even with Julia for what she has done to me appeared if only briefly. I know deep down that I owed her a lot, but why did she have to take it so far.

Finally dressed and some lip gloss on my lips Dana helped me out of the clinic and to my new life. I could walk okay, but the height of my heels did add some instability to my meanderings. When we stopped next to a car parked at the entrance to the clinic it took me a couple of minutes to realize the white Mustang was now my new car. Decked out with a leather interior and way too many rhinestones on the dash and console it was definitely a car for a feminine individual. It was about an hour to my house, not sure if I wanted to see the new décor, but yet anxious to see what was done.

Dana parked in the garage, and helped me out of the car, the heels again my problem. Why Julia had to go to the extreme I will never figure her out. These were five inch heels, the base of the stiletto heel only a quarter inch across. Dana assured me I would adapt quickly since I will be on my feet for the majority of the day, everyday. As we cleared the kitchen, I stopped and took in a deep breath. Julia again and I vowed to get even somehow. There was lace everywhere form the curtains to the upholstery on the furniture. Lavender and pink the predominate colors, with a little apple green and light yellow for contrast. Even Dana giggled at the sight before us. The rest of the house was as bad as the living room if not worse. The huge canopy bed in my bedroom was a sight to behold, covered with miniature dolls all dressed in fancy negligees with hair in ringlets down to their waists. Dana broke out in laughter, with me soon following. I looked at her and told her I am not sleeping in that bed alone, you will be right next to me all through the night.

We did make it through the first night, giggling often at what Julia had done to my house, Dana told me we could change things back I had quite a hefty bank account now due to the settlement. I thought about it, but in a way it felt good to be immersed in this super feminine world. So no I will leave it the way it is, besides any guests to my house will have something to talk about for months.

My former customers were no problem all of them quite happy to have me in my new persona, most of them telling me they preferred me this way. A few telling me it was long overdue, now what they see is the real me. In fact I gained several new customers due to word of mouth.

When it was time for Dana to return to the clinic, her help not needed anymore in my care, I made her an offer. It was after a nice dinner out as a restaurant we both favored. I handed her a box that I kept in my purse. Inside was an envelope containing an application for a marriage license and a ring box. She gasped when she saw the ring box, so I lifted the lid of the box and slid the ring on her finger. I would like you to be my soulmate, to share my life with me and let me show you my love for you. Besides I need someone to cuddle in that huge canopy bed, and I have grown used to my partner so far. I will be the wife, take care of you, cook for you and love you for all eternity, please say yes. Well we never did finish our meals, more important things needed to be handled. I think the restaurant gave up on us the waitress picking up our unfinished meals and bringing back to go boxes in their place. We did finally leave finding out that the owner had picked up the tab for our dinner.

Dana did say yes, and we were married in Vegas a few weeks later. I am so lucky all of this because Julia figured I needed some female alterations. A decision to treasure forever.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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