Drew; A Gift Of Love From Mom

I closed and locked the door, picked up my suitcase and headed to the waiting cab. I turned once more in the drive and looked back at the house. My parent’s house, where I had been raised along with my older sister. After my parent’s death in an accident several weeks ago, my sister and I had decided that I would stay with her for a while, as soon as my school let out for the summer.

I was a freshman in college, no major yet, our parent’s death really upsetting me. Dad was a salesman, so I only saw him on the weekends, Mom, however, I dealt with every day. I lived at home, the college only a thirty-minute drive from the house. When not in school I tried to help her all I could around the house. I guess an adequate description of me would be a Momma’s boy. I respected her, knowing what she had put up with over the years for her children.

Dad was alright I guess, but tended to make life difficult for Mom when things didn’t go well for him in sales. I don’t think he ever hit her, but the arguments were loud and often, Dad blaming all his troubles on her. That is one reason Sis moved out early; she tried to get our Mom to leave him; since she had also seen how Dad’s actions hurt our Mom.

Sis and I had frequent talks about it, but Mom was determined to keep us as a family, so she put up with it. So to compensate a little I spent as much time with her as possible trying to make her life a little simpler. When Sis came back for the funeral, as soon as I saw her I came to pieces. Without Mom, I didn’t know what to do. I cried for days, the funeral was simple, both of my parents wanting nothing elaborate or expensive. After returning from the funeral Sis put me to bed, and I instantly fell asleep.

When I did wake up it was late the next day, I went to the bathroom, then went to find Sis. She is in the kitchen talking on her cell phone with someone. I got a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator and sat down opposite her. From her end of the conversation, I presumed it is a lawyer, we found out that the driver of the other car was drunk, so our insurance company suggested that we also file a suit for damages and wrongful death. She finally hung up and came and hugged me. The tears started again; I have never cried so much in my life.

She just held me, hugging me and kissing my face, making soothing noises. Just exactly what my Mother used to do when I am stressed or disturbed about something. I finally got it all out; Sis returned to her chair, and we talked for quite some time. She wanted me to finish out the semester, four weeks to go, then come and live with her for a while. I agreed, not wanting to stay in the house any longer than necessary. In fact, she called one of the only friends I had and talked to his mother. Greg’s mother offered to let me stay with my friend until the semester is out.

Greg and I were neighbors; only a block separated the houses we were raised in. Friends since grade school we often played together when young, then during school, we often had the same classes. He never liked school, so when he graduated from high school, that was the extent of his education. He had got a job as a mechanic, something he had played around with since his classes in auto mechanics. We were still friends, now just with different interests.

While I never found a girl that was special to me he found one in his freshman year of high school, and they have been a couple ever since. In fact, they were planning on getting married this summer if all went as planned. Sis had to get back to her business out west, so I gathered a few items and went over to Greg’s house. His Mom welcomed me and showed me the guest room where I would be staying. We talked for a while, and she told me that she would help in any way she could.

I resumed school, having taken several days off because of my parent’s death and funeral. I performed the tasks needed but in reality, my mind is not with the program. After a week at Greg’s, I returned home, with his girlfriend around, there is not much between us anymore. The first night back home is hard; everywhere I looked memories of my Mom flooded my mind.

Luckily there were several projects at school that required my undivided attention, so I made it through the next couple of weeks without much distress. When I did have moments with nothing to do, I cleaned house, much like my mother did when things worried her. I gave away all of Dad’s clothes to charity, not wanting any reminders of him left around. For some reason, I kept all of my Mother’s clothes, not sure why, but the thought of giving them away just too hard to accept.

School ended, and I closed the house up, both Sis and I thought we would keep the house, but the memories were still too fresh to deal with at the moment. I got into the cab and headed into town. We lived a mile and a half out of town, on a small acreage with very few neighbors. Greg’s house and three others all within a block or two from our house, the only other ones in the area. Sis wanted me to fly out to stay with her, but I always feared flying, so I decided to take the bus out. It would be a two and a half day trip, but I needed the time to think what I am going to do with my life.

I wasn’t sure college was the path I wanted anymore, since my mother’s death I am not sure what I wanted with my life. I boarded the bus for the long trip, found a seat and quickly fell asleep. When I woke, we were a couple of hundred miles from home, the farthest I ever been in my life. I watched the scenery pass by the window, letting my mind wander along with the changing landscape.

Two bus changes later, I am on the final leg of my journey. Sis owns an employment agency in a medium sized town in northern Arizona. She bought the business after she had worked for them for a year. Sis was always the level headed one of the family, saving her money for the important things in life. When the agency she worked for got into trouble financially, she was there to offer them a deal. They handled the financing themselves, and within five months she had paid off the loan to them. She ran the agency herself for six months, saving in wages and making a lot of friends in the interim. Most of the people she placed were quite happy with their new job, and word of mouth quickly spread. The companies she had placed people with were also happy, getting qualified applicants for their positions.

The bus pulled into Flagstaff, a booming town on the high plains of Arizona. Sis is waiting as I step down from the bus. I walked over to the baggage area under the bus and waited for my suitcase. After getting everybody else’s luggage to them, I ask what happened to mine. He asked for my ticket and then walked into his office to call the station where I had changed buses the last time. They looked around and said it was on their dock; they would put it on the next bus; I should have it tomorrow.

I wasn’t happy; this is no way to start a new life away from my Mom. Sis led me to her car, and we drove the ten miles to her agency. We went in, and since she had an applicant waiting for her, she led me into the adjoining office while she waited on them. I looked out of the window; the San Francisco Peaks silhouetted in the background. Flagstaff is a long and skinny town, built along the old Route 66 highway. That has since turned into Interstate 40, with Interstate 17 from Phoenix, meeting on the outskirts of town. A lot of service companies reside in the town, the only major town in Northern Arizona.

The winter brings the skiers to town, the peaks offering great skiing for the residents of Phoenix and Tucson. The rest of the year you have the Grand Canyon a few miles to the North, and of course the hunting season for deer in the fall on the north rim.

Since Sis has the only employment agency in town, she gets a lot of business. Her reputation with both applicants and hiring companies has made her business really take off. Just this last month she has purchased a home south of Flagstaff, ten acres with a two story house, a bank repossession that had been abused by the previous owners. She had a lot of work done on it, but the little she paid for it made it a real steal.

She locked up the agency and decided we needed to eat out tonight. She knew of a little out of the way restaurant to the south of town, actually on her way home and we stopped there. I was introduced since she seemed to be a regular there. Everybody knew her, calling her by name. She told me what was good, and I ordered. The food is delicious and way more than I could eat. Sis kidded me; you don’t eat enough to keep a bird alive, much less a young brother.

She told me she planned for me just to lay around the house for a few days; then she had a couple of side trips planned so that I could see the sights. Maybe Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and Oak Creek Canyon just to name a few. I told her that sounded great; we got some carryout trays and headed home. Her house is impressive, the lights in the front lighting up both floors quite a sight. Decks both front and back, and the whole place surrounded by Pines and Junipers. Very mountain cabin like, but the house far exceeded the size of many cabins.

We made our way in, me carrying the bag that I had carried on the bus with me. In actuality one of Mom’s old shoulder bags, although not as feminine as some modern day purses. She showed me around, then made us some hot chocolate, and we set in the living room talking way into the night. She wanted me to relax, walk around the acreage, watch TV, anything to relax and try to forget why you are out here. We both loved Mom, you a lot more than me, but she is gone, probably to a happier place than here, since she doesn’t have Dad yelling at her anymore, so concentrate on you for a change. Get connected with the inner you and try to be happy for a while.

Mom and I have talked a lot about you; she knew you were hanging around to make her feel better and make her life easier. She appreciated it but felt you were denying a big part of yourself in doing so. So no more of that, this time, is for you, whatever is inside needs to be let out.

Since I didn’t have any clothes, Sis loaned me a sleep shirt of hers to sleep in. Not really girly the only clue that it was not intended for a male is the cute Teddy Bear on the front. Sis had to be up early; she had three appointments before nine A.M. I made my way downstairs a little after ten, made some toast then set on the front deck staring at the landscape. Two hours had passed before I knew it, my tummy growling a little the only clue I had that the time had elapsed. One piece of toast does not do much to nourish the body.

I made a sandwich then set in the kitchen and called the bus station about my missing luggage. Luckily I got the same guy, he remembered my luggage but told me it had not arrived yet. He would call the station again and call me back. An hour later he called back, suggesting that I turn in a claim for the items in the suitcase since it is obviously lost now. I asked him what I needed to do; he asked me what was in the suitcase, and I told him what I had packed. He filled out the claim form over the phone and sent it in. A check for the items would be issued, and I should have it within a week. He apologized for the problem and thanked me for my patience.

With no clothes to wear, what am I going to do? I scanned Sis’s closet, looking for anything that didn’t scream female. Not much there, she is definitely a girly-girl, dresses, skirts and blouses, most with bright, feminine colors and lace. I closed my eyes about to choose something to wear. I blushed when I saw what I pulled out, a dark blue mini skirt, with a chain belt. I pulled a light blue t-shirt to go with it and laid them on the bed. I picked out some panties, slipped them on and then put the skirt and t-shirt on. I looked good; the skirt accented my longer than normal legs, and the shirt gave the hint of something on top, although I was fairly flat. Now with some clothes on I looked for something to do. Like our Mom, I decided to start cleaning. Sis was okay as a housekeeper, but there were spots she obviously forgot about when she cleaned. Well forgot about or ignored. One is the upstairs bathroom, three hours later I had it spotless and appropriately sanitized.

Continuing through the day, I made my way through the house, making sure all was neat and clean. I did fix myself another sandwich for a snack, eating more than I usually do. I checked the contents of the refrigerator for ingredients to fix for dinner, finding some mashed potatoes, some gravy, a few pieces of meat. I decided to make Shepherd’s pie, something Mom often made to stretch the food budget. I opened a can of green beans and peas to use in the mix, layered it in the dish with the meat and potatoes, then placed it in the oven to bake.

Sis is on time, arriving a little after five. She took one look at me and then giggled. “You do look nice; maybe those clothes should be utilized instead of buying you new ones. I take it your luggage is lost since you have raided my closet.” I looked down at my feet, but she would have none of that. She raised my chin making me look into her eyes. I love my sibling, no matter what clothes are worn by him/her. Personally, I think that the outfit is adorable, much nicer than you have worn in the past.

I told her to change; dinner is ready. I got the look, but she skipped off to change anyway. A few moments later she entered the kitchen, dressed more casual and sat down at the table. “I see you have been busy, the house has never looked better; I now understand why Mom liked your help around the house. Just remember you are not out here to clean my house, you are to take some time for yourself, to figure out what you want to do.”

She took a bite of the shepherd’s Pie and let out a low moan. “I could get used to this, a clean house and the best food I have had since I left Mom. I see you have been taught well, can you cook other things also?” I nodded my head yes, and we were quiet as she annihilated a good portion of the pie. I had hoped to make two meals maybe out of the pie, but now that was not possible. I ate a little more than usual for me; I enjoyed being around Sis, not realizing till now how much I missed her.

I did the dishes quickly, then got out the pan of brownies I had mixed up. When Sis saw them, she groaned but made a beeline for the pan. Another moan as she took her first bite, then she hauled off and hit me on the shoulder. I asked what that was for; she giggled you are going to make me fat at this rate. “I am going to have to join the gym to keep my shape.”

I had made some iced tea, and we each took a glass of it into the living room, of course, Sis had another square of the brownies in her other hand. We set on the love seat overlooking the front deck, a beautiful panorama of the setting sun through the trees in front of us. We talked for a while, she asked if I know how to do anything but clean? She is giggling as the last of that left her mouth. I told her I was fairly good on the computer, was literate in Office and Word. She asked if I could type, I told her yes, but only about forty words a minute.

I asked her how her business is going; she is proud of it, but she knows in this town it will never be a stable thing. Once you fill the open jobs, there are very few new ones popping up, the town growing, but never to the degree of Phoenix or Tucson. It will always be a tourist town, a ski resort town in the winter. A one person operation except for a few letters of reference or resumes typed up on occasion.

She has had another idea in her mind for quite some time; maybe she will look into it more in the near future. Since I had the house cleaned what am I planning to do for the next few days? I didn’t know, really hadn’t thought about it. She asked if I was ready to buy some male clothes since mine were no longer. I hesitated, she smiled, you can wear some of mine, you look better in them than I do. I tried to protest some, but she hushed me. Mom has mentioned to me that you often wore some of hers, a fact that I am sure you didn’t think Mom knew about.

She asked if I kept Mom’s clothes, my face turning red an answer I am sure she already knew. She told me to call Mildred, Greg’s Mom and tell her to pack all of them up and she will arrange for a trucking company to pick them up. I made an attempt to tell her, no, but I really wanted her clothes, so I just turned a brighter red and never made eye contact with her. Sis told me since we were all about the same size we could share the clothes. She told me to tell her no underwear; it is not good to share underwear among other females, so that could be thrown away. I will send her a check for her trouble and then ask her for the spare key back.

I know you are still in love with the house, but I think too many sad memories still exist for either of us to eventually go back there. I think we ought to sell it, take the money and start a future for you out here. Think about it; no decision has to be made now, maybe in a few weeks.

The next day I made the call, Mildred glad to do the deed, I told her if there were some things that she particularly liked for her to take them. I told her the underwear gets trashed, and that we are going to try and sell the house. She told me that her sister is looking in the area for a house and if I didn’t mind she would show her the house later today. I told that is fine if she is interested for her to call my sister and gave her the number to the agency.

I called the trucking lines that Sis had given me the names of and asked for the rates to ship the boxes out here. I made a guess about the number of the boxes, but I am sure I came fairly close to the actual number. I arranged for one to pick up the boxes the first of next week, they would be in transit for five days, so we should have them Friday or Saturday. The one I ended up selecting had the best rates and offered the fastest turnaround of the companies I called.

With that handled I decided to do some exploring of the property, maybe do a little day dreaming if I could find the right spot. The land dropped off from the little plateau that the cabin was built on, the woods pretty thick back there. I found a small twisting trail that led into a clearing that had a small pond setting in the middle of it. The stream that fed it was small, winding down from the other side of the small canyon, then into the small pond. From the edge of the pond, the stream reemerged and wandered further down the canyon.

I called it a stream, in reality, it is only three to four feet wide, maybe only running during the rainy season. There are several trees growing along the edge of the pond, making the scene peaceful and beautiful. I found a rock outcropping near the entrance of the stream, parked myself and scanned the scenery. This is all hidden from the cabin, although only three hundred feet from the back door. I set there for several hours watching the birds and squirrels playing at the water’s edge.

Reluctantly I headed back to the cabin, figuring that it is time to start dinner. I had seen some frozen hamburger patties in the freezer, envisioning a tall juicy hamburger tonight along with some French Fries. Sis had some bakery rolls, so I cut them and buttered them, planning to toast them later in the oven. I cooked the patties in a skillet, while I cut up the onion, tomato, and lettuce to place on them. I found some Swiss cheese in the refrigerator, along with all the accouterments necessary to make the burger taste good. The oil for the French fries was hot, and I lowered the fries into it. I turned on the broiler to toast the buns and as the fries finished Sis made it through the door.

She sniffed the air, embraced me, telling me the smell is heavenly. I told her to change; dinner is ready, but apparently, the smell is too overpowering, so she just sat down and started digging in. She told me that she got a call this afternoon, from Mildred’s sister and they loved the house. They made us an offer on the house, but you know what sealed the deal is how clean the house was. She and Mildred walked the entire house and found not a speck of dirt or dust anywhere in the house. Anyway, the offer is quite generous, and I have accepted it. My lawyer here is drawing up the papers, and we complete the deal at the end of next week.

I know you are reluctant to sell the house, it is Mom’s prized possession, but Mom is gone, and she wants both of us to be happy, especially you. When her stuff gets here there is something in her jewelry box she wanted you to have, I think it will convince you how much she loved you, your caring and attention appreciated so much by her.

I cleaned up after dinner, washed the dishes, then Sis, and I set down on the rear deck. I told her of the little pond, behind the house, the squirrels and the birds playing there all afternoon. She had never walked back there, too busy and too lazy to check into things. Now that I am here maybe we can find some time to enjoy things more.

She had brought home a large file from her office of correspondence, letters of reference, and job specification sheets from the employers. She also had brought a new computer home; she wanted me to set it up in the room she used for an office and retype all of the letters and correspondence in the file. If all goes well, she wants to start a secretarial service here in town. I could work from home, emailing or faxing the processed documents to them. She thinks there is enough small businesses in town that need the service every once in a while, to make it profitable.

After I try it, she will run an ad in the local paper to drum up some business, if I am interested. It sounded good, something to occupy my time, but also maybe earning me a few dollars. It took me most of the evening to set up the new computer including internet access and some virus protection. I typed the first letter, making a mistake or two, but it looked good after they were corrected and printed on the printer she had purchased to go with the computer.

I kind of lost track of time as I typed away, my sister finally coming to get me to go to bed. It was fifteen minutes after midnight, and I had been busy at it for over three hours. As I was getting into some pajamas, Sis was looking at the items that I had typed up. She saw where I had typed up all the items but two, those last two fairly lengthy. When I returned ready for bed, she asked if I liked the work. I told her it was easy to get involved, much like cleaning a house. You started and soon time has sped by. I told her I thought it would work if she could drum up some business.

We went to bed after she made sure that I could deal with selling Mom’s house. I liked it out here much better, so even though I still had some attachment to it, it would be for the better. I laid in bed for a while just staring out the window at the shadows of the landscape. The moon is up, and the pine needled shadows of a few branches were casting themselves on the bedroom wall. It indeed is a more peaceful place, a connection to something more significant than lost memories.

The next morning I had made some toast and sausage patties for her, and of course coffee. She asked me to set up email accounts for my work, one for the public and one for her to use to contact me at home. Then if I was ambitious, maybe a simple website listing what things I would be able to do for customers. She would do some research on what I could charge for performing the services, and we could decide tonight on the prices I would charge.

I again raided my sister’s closet for something to wear, even though the male clothes I wore here had been cleaned and hanging in my closet. I selected an outfit, trying to pick something that would look coordinated, but comfy to wear. It ended up being a pair of pants, almost bell bottoms, and a tank top, both in muted shades of peach. I found a scarf that had peach colors in it but was quite colorful and bright with bold colors. That tied around my neck made the outfit perfect. I even tried some of her lipstick; it did require me several applications before I got it looking right. I used to be good at coloring when I was a kid but now the simple task of staying within the lines of my lips seemed difficult.

The day progressed quickly; email accounts the easiest to obtain. I used Gmail accounts; widely used and easy to set-up. The website was a little more difficult since I had never done one. I got the domain name from one of the major providers, purchased it and followed their instructions on how to put it together. It wouldn’t be active until later tonight, but I had the basics together. Tonight the only thing I could find for dinner was some frozen everything in one bag, one skillet meals. Mom on occasion had used some of these, her secret to making it taste like something is the spices. She had taught me well, sampling it as I added the different spices until it tasted decent.

Tomorrow would require a trip to the grocery store; there was just not anything left to make any meals out of. Her spices were limited and most out of date. I throughout three bottles full as I had prepared tonight’s dish, the spice obviously spoiled. Sis was impressed, she ate more than half of it herself, promising me that we would join the gym on Saturday, her to keep trim and me as a punishment for being too good a cook.

I was getting ready to go with Sis to work so that I could borrow the car to grocery shop. I had on some of my male clothes, but just the few days that I had been wearing my sister’s things I got spoiled. I yanked my male things off and put on what I had picked last night from her closet. Some lipstick and I was ready. I never thought of me being a male that I should not be dressing in her clothes. They fit me, were comfortable and I looked good in them so I continued to wear her clothing.

We drove to her work and went in. There had been several people outside waiting to see her, so as she was handling her first customer, I tried to help the others. Both had never been to the agency, so I had then fill out the proper forms. Sis kept a list of available jobs on the office computers, so I looked through them trying to match the applicant’s qualifications with the available employment. I had gotten them each a soft drink when they came in and had them waiting for when she was through.

When her first customer left, I took the completed form into her office, along with the job most likely to fit their qualifications. I could see Sis staring at me, but before she could say anything I showed the applicant into her office. Another forty minutes Sis was through with that one, and I did the same with the last applicant. This one had two job listings that she qualified for, so I laid the appropriate paperwork down on her desk. I told her that I had called both of those employers to make sure the positions are still open. I got a big smile, then I closed her office door and went back to cleaning the office.

The applicant apparently got one of the jobs, leaving the office all excited and a huge smile on her face. Sis came out and hugged me, where have you been all my life. Tomorrow we are moving your computer here, and you are now my secretary, no make that my PA. I giggled a little but knew deep down that I now had fit in with something, no longer an outcast, and a misfit. Maybe this will all work out, after all.

The rest of the day is similar to this morning, several applicants appearing, even a couple of college students needing a part time job. I searched her job listings, matching up prospective jobs with the applicant. One of the applicants had no job listing matches, so I called a couple of the firms that had listed other jobs, telling them I had an applicant with her qualifications. One had no openings, but liked her qualifications. The other wanted to talk to her, an employee that was leaving later in the month, needed to be replaced. When I told Sis of what I had done I got an eager hug, then a cheek kiss. The applicant was behind me so she couldn’t show me any more signs of her appreciation.

At the end of the day she had placed five of the six applicants, even getting one of the college students a part-time job. I had called a bunch of places, and several of them had not got back with me, they were appreciative that I had called and told them of my applicants and their qualifications. They would let me know if there was any vacancies. I set up a separate file listing the student and their experience, so that when I got a call I could match one of them up.

That night I ordered some pizza to be delivered, a place that one of the applicants had told me about. They had worked there briefly, said the pizza was excellent, which ones were the best and what not to order. After Sis and I had annihilated the pizza I would have to agree with them, the empty box a sure sign of a delicious pizza. I mean not even a crumb was left in the box.

I managed to take the computer down, the one that I had just set up the night before. I loaded it in her car ready to take it to the office tomorrow and reassemble it. We decided I would only work until three, do my grocery shopping, then swing back by the office to pick her up. We had several more applicants from the local college, word spreading about her getting one of them a part time job. Apparently jobs in this town for a student were very scarce. I made a lot more cold calls that afternoon advertising that we had many experienced students needing employment and that we could match their needs to the proper applicant.

I managed to find three more students jobs, a fact for which Sis is very grateful for. The fees she got even for a part-time job would help pay the bills. The employers were happy because they didn’t have to interview or worry if the applicant they chose could perform the work.

For the day I had dressed again in my sister’s clothes. They felt right and I liked how I looked in them. Today was a light rose shirtwaist dress, some stockings and a pair of her heels. Of course some light makeup, my hair in a ponytail. The grocery shopping went quicker than I had intended, so I managed to get the food home and put away. I put a roast on to bake, added potatoes and onions, plus some fresh celery stems. Although the celery would cook down to nothing the flavor it added more than worth the addition of it.

When I got back the office was full, my sister very glad to see me. I took each applicant, had then fill out the proper forms, matched jobs to their qualifications and then handed them over to Sis. I found three more college students part-time jobs on my own, Sis too busy helping ones to find full time jobs. It turned out to be almost six-thirty before we were able to head home. The roast was done, so I served it up and Sis almost finished it off by herself. After she was done she hit me on the arm, I looked at her, “Why did you hit me again?”

“Cause you are going to make me fat, we are stopping at the gym tomorrow at lunch, if I don’t you might be the only one that can fit into my clothes.” True to her word we did stop and both of us joined the gym. I had not thought it through very well, my dress that day very feminine, plus the lipstick that I wore, the gal at the gym presumed me to be female. I had not checked the gender box, but as she was looking over my application she did it for me. The realization hit me when we headed to the car, I was signed up as a female, now only able to use the female side of the gym.

Sis had watched the proceedings, never saying a word to me, as we left she told me that what happened was the best option. I will look into getting you a gender change, you might just as well be female and be happy, then suffer as a male. I turned and looked at her, fear in my face. “You can get somebody to cut it off, what if I want to keep it.”

“Let’s face it even if you could keep it, I doubt it would ever be used. I have never seen anyone more attuned to the female gender then you. Let’s take the next step, a set of breasts might be nice, helping to fill out your dresses and blouses better. After Mom’s clothes get here, we need to see what might be appropriate for you to wear, then shop to fill in your wardrobe. I can’t have a dumpy looking PA in my employ, can I?”

Two days later the boxes of clothes showed up, I tried them all on and made my selections of what looked best on me. I made sure they were all washed and hung them in my closet. Mom’s jewelry box was included in the boxes, something I forgot about but Sis remembered and had Mildred pack it among the clothes. I opened the drawers carefully, her jewelry was her prized possession. In one of the drawers was her diamond earrings, a gift from her Mother. Along with the earrings was a note, addressed to me.


For all of the things you have done for me over the years, take these earrings as a gift from me. Wear them proudly and often, thinking of me as you do so. I know you had your ears pierced in high school, so they will look gorgeous on you. A gift from a Mother to her youngest daughter, who have made my last few years so enjoyable.

Love Mom

After I quit crying I put on the earrings, looking in the mirror at my reflection. A huge smile lit up my face, then I finished going through her clothes. My one set of male clothes found their way to the trash can, I was sure I would never need or desire them again. I ended up keeping all but three of Mom’s dresses and all but two of her skirts.

Sis’s business continued to improve, even a few people from the surrounding towns were using her services. When we got the first ones from out of town I made calls to the companies in those towns offering our services and finding out if they needed immediate help. References were given so that they could check us out, to see that we only supplied well qualified applicants for any job. It was only a few days later when we placed our first applicants in those towns, now Sis was supplying employment help along I-40, eighty miles in each direction.

My job became routine, even a few of the locals recognizing me on the street and saying hi. Her business continued to grow both in placing employees in jobs and as a secretarial service. During most days I was constantly busy, either trying to place employees or typing up something for someone.

Sis and I did get out and do some shopping, her P.A, never looking better in her new ensembles. Sis usually closed the business around Christmas for a couple of weeks, a time to squeeze in a vacation or take a trip somewhere. This time it was used for her P.A. to get a set of breasts. The salon did the work, six hours of a pump sucking the breasts from my chest. I was so proud of them walking around with my chest pushed out as far as I could manage. Sis seeing me and breaking out in uncontrollable giggles. I did join her, I was acting like a child proud of her new toys. The thing was I was proud of them, the last missing part of the puzzle. I thought back to Mom, she would be thrilled to see me happy, such a simple thing as getting breasts making me complete. Since sis used some of the money from selling the house, it was truly a gift of love from Mom.

Story Complete For Now

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